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郴州东方泌尿专科医院泌尿科咨询郴州做包皮手术哪家好郴州市第一人民医院南院前列腺炎多少钱 The world installed more new renewable energy last year than coal, as countries attempt to shift away from fossil fuels and take advantage of massive cost reductions in wind and solar technology.随着世界各国努力摆脱对化石燃料的依赖并大量利用风能和太阳能技术,全世界去年使用的可再生能源超过了煤炭的使用量。More than half of all energy generation capacity added in 2015 came from renewable sources, as the world installed more than half a million solar panels a day and two wind turbines every hour, the International Energy Agency announced last Tuesday.国际能源总署上周二宣布,随着全世界每天安装50万太阳能电池板、每小时安装两个风力涡轮,在2015年新增的发电产能中,有一半以上都是来自可再生能源。;We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables and, as is the case with other fields, the center of gravity for renewable growth is moving to emerging markets,; IEA executive director Fatih Birol said in a statement.国际能源总署执行主任法提赫·毕罗尔在一份声明中说道:;我们正在目睹世界能源市场向可再生能源的转变,在其他领域也是如此,现在可再生能源的增长的中心正在移向新兴市场国家。;Those statistics only reflect the total amount now able to be produced, not the energy that was actually generated.这些数据只反映出了现在能够生产的能源总量,而不是已经生产出的能源总量。The agency said renewables would be the fastest-growing source of electricity production over the next five years and would ;rapidly close the gap with coal.;国际能源总署表示,在未来五年内,可再生能源将是增长最快的发电来源,将会;迅速赶上和煤炭之间的差距;。The cost of renewable energy has fallen dramatically in recent years as funding for new technology has skyrocketed.近年来,可再生能源的成本大幅下降,对这种新技术的投资也直线上升。Investment in clean energy capacity beat that of fossil fuels 2 to 1 between 2008 and 2015, according to the ed Nations Environment Program.根据联合国环境规划署的数据显示,在2008年到2015年期间,对清洁能源的投资是化石燃料的二倍。Leaders in the environmental community praised the statistics. Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, hailed the move as a ;historic milestone,; but he called on leaders to ;maintain our focus to keep up the momentum; behind the clean energy transition.环保团体的领导人对此数据赞许有加。山峦俱乐部的执行董事迈克尔·布伦称赞此举是;历史性的里程碑;,但也呼吁各国领导人;集中精力;,在向清洁能源的转换过程汇总保持住;良好势头;。;The international community has reached a turning point as we hit the accelerator on the transition to a clean energy economy,; Brune said in a statement.布伦在一份声明中表示:;随着我们加快向清洁能源经济转变,国际社会已经到了一个转折点。;;This news doesn#39;t just mean the world installed more renewable energy than dirty coal ― it means cleaner air, new jobs, and a more stable climate.;;这个消息不仅仅意味着全世界使用的可再生能源比煤炭多——还意味着干净的空气、新的工作机会以及更加稳定的气候。; /201611/478505郴州第三人民医院阳痿早泄价格

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郴州哪家医院治疗性病比较好 If you thought pineapple was the worst thing to put on a pizza, you were very wrong. A restaurant in Japan is offering pizza topped with cotton candy and seasoned with honey sauce. Sounds “devine”!如果你认为菠萝和披萨是最糟糕的搭配,那你就大错特错了。日本一家餐厅现推出一款上面放有棉花糖,并浇上蜂蜜酱的披萨。听上去“美味极了”!Schmatz Beer Dining, a German-themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, is changing pizza as we know it. Instead of classic ingredients like prosciutto, peppers or tomato sauce, it uses spun sugar as the main ingredient for one of its pies. And if you’re thinking that this is probably just a pizza-shaped dessert, you’re wrong again. The bizarre dish consists of a thin-crust pizza dough pie, cheese and cotton candy. The ketchup is replaced by a special honey-based ginger sauce that is poured over the cotton candy, melting the candy floss and allowing the sugar to really get into the pizza.日本东京一家德国主题的餐厅Schmatz Beer Dining正在改变我们所熟知的披萨。这家餐厅没有使用传统的材料,比如意大利熏火腿、胡椒或番茄酱,它使用棉花糖作为店里一款披萨的主要材料。如果你以为这可能只是个披萨形状的甜品,那你就又错了。这款奇怪的披萨由薄脆披萨底、奶酪和棉花糖构成。番茄酱由一款特制的以蜂蜜为主的姜蓉酱替代,这种酱浇在棉花糖上,可以让棉花糖融化,从而让甜味渗入披萨中。Cotton candy pizza recently made news headlines in Japan, after Schmatz advertised it as a way of celebrating cherry blossom season. They added pink coloring and cherry blossom flavoring to both the cotton candy and the ginger sauce. This special pizza is only a temporary item on the , and can only be ordered until April 2nd.棉花糖披萨近日登上了日本的新闻头条,此前Schmatz利用日本的樱花季来宣传这款披萨。他们在棉花糖和姜蓉酱中添加了粉红着色剂和樱花香精。这款特制樱花披萨只限时供应,到4月2日截止。I can almost see conservative pizza fans breathing a sigh of relief at the news that this travesty is only a promotional gimmick, but it’s actually not. While the special cherry blossom variant is just a one-off thing, plain cotton candy pizza is here to stay. In fact, RocketNews24 reports that Schmatz has been serving the unusual dish for a while now, so it must be pretty popular.我几乎可以想象出传统披萨的粉丝在看到这个拙劣作品只是宣传噱头的新闻时大松一口气的样子,但事实并非如此。尽管这款特制樱花披萨只此一次,但棉花糖披萨会一直保留下去。事实上,据RocketNews24报道,Schmatz已经供应这款不同寻常的披萨有段时间了,可想而知必然是大受欢迎的。So if you ever find yourself in the Kanda district of Tokyo and get a craving for cheese pizza and cotton candy, stop by Schmatz Beer Dining. They’ll hook you up!所以如果你有机会到东京的神田区,并且想吃奶酪披萨和棉花糖,那就到Schmatz Beer Dining看看吧。他们会对你胃口的!Or you could spend ,000 on this gold-covered pizza, instead.或者你也可以花2000美元买个这样上面布满金子的披萨。 /201704/503122郴州泌尿医院简介郴州中医男科医院男科预约



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