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Dolores: Manuel in ing is supposed to help me with this report, but he called in sick today! I can’t believe my luck. He’s supposed to be training me in and he’s left me holding the bag. Anton: Let me see if I can help. Dolores: I’m supposed to use the inmation from this profit and loss statement to make some projections about the company’s future permance our report, but I’m not sure what I’m doing. I need to plug in some numbers here, but I can’t make heads or tails of this. Anton: Well, if you look at the top of the statement, you’ll see the top line, which shows the revenue the company brought in in the third quarter of this year. Is that what you need? Dolores: Yes, I think so, but I also need to know our net income. Anton: Here is the bottom line. That takes into all of the revenue and expenses during the third quarter. Dolores: That’s great, but I also need to know the gross profits and operating expenses. Anton: Those are in this column. See? Dolores: I guess all the inmation is here. I just needed to know where to look. Thanks. I couldn’t have figured it out without you. Anton: It’s not that complicated. Hopefully, Manuel will be back tomorrow. Dolores: Manuel? Who needs him! 685。

Raphael:Sorry to be a buzzkill, but this gravy train weve been on is about to end.拉斐尔:我知道这有些令人扫兴,但我们现在的这份好差事即将到头了Kelly:What do you mean?凯莉:你什么意思?Raphael:There have been a lot of complaints about our department spending on extraneous things, and to quell the masses, the department head is making some major changes.拉斐尔:我们部门的不相干出让人怨声载道,为了平息事端,部门主管正在做出一些重大改革Kelly:Like what?凯莉:比如什么?Raphael:Like no more frivolous and excessive spending on travel and entertainment at conferences.拉斐尔:像是会议期间的旅游和不会再有过多无意义及过度的开销Kelly:But those are the only things that make this job bearable.凯莉:但是那才是唯一让这个工作可以承受的地方Those perks are part and parcel of working a government agency-at least that what I used to think.福利是在政府机构工作的重要的一环吧—至少我以前是这么想的Raphael:Well, once the press got wind of some of our spending practices, they started to question our budget allocations.拉斐尔:嗯,一旦媒体嗅到了我们挥霍的气味,他们可会开始质疑我们的预算分配The long and short of it is that those days are about to end.概括地说,好日子即将到头了Kelly:And I was planning to take you and a few other employees to St. Lucia a retreat in the spring.凯莉:我还正计划带你和一些其他员工春天去圣卢西亚静休呢Raphael:I think youd better change those plans, at least the venue.拉斐尔:我觉得你最好改变这些计划,至少在现在这个节骨眼上Youd have better luck getting it approved if you picked Cleveland!如果你选择克利夫兰没准还能获得批准呢!。

51. pointer,点子(这是比较口语的说法)I'd be grateful if you could give me a few pointers. 如果你能给我作一些指点,我将十分感激. combine,使结合,使联合;把A和B结合起来就是 combine A with BSome films combine education with recreation.有些电影把教育与结合起来We are going to combine the three departments soon.我们很快就要合并这三个部门了3. innovative,创新的. style,(商品等的)种类,型,式样You'll find several different styles of architecture in this street.在这条街上你会发现几种不同类型的建筑5. create,创造,创作,设计An artist should create beautiful things.一个艺术家应该创造美丽的东西 357。

Yoshi: Can you hold my jacket while I try to get my roller bag down the aisle?当我沿着拉拖轮箱时,你能拿下我的外?Tatiana: All right, but I have to roll my own bag down the aisle, you know.好吧,但我也得拉拖轮箱,你知道Yoshi: Fine, give it back to me. All of these overhead bins are full. Where are we supposed to store them?好的,还给我吧所有这些行李架都已经满了我们应该把箱子放哪里?Tatiana: Look, there are two spaces in the back of the plane. You put our big bags in those bins, and Irsquo;ll put our carry-ons under the seats in front of us.看,在飞机后部有两个空地你把这些袋子放到大贮藏箱里,我把随身行李房在我们面前的座位下Yoshi: Fine, but these seats are aly cramped, and now, Irsquo;ll have no legroom the entire flight. Great! Thatrsquo;s what we get not getting seats in the emergency exit row.好的,但这些席位现在已经没地方了,整个飞行期间我都没有伸腿的空间太棒了!这是我们没得到紧急出口旁边座位的后果Tatiana: If we had seats in the emergency exit row, yoursquo;d be complaining about not being able to recline in your seat right now. At least we donrsquo;t have bulkhead seats. Stop grumbling and get moving bee somebody else snags those overhead bins and we have to check those bags.如果我们坐在紧急出口排的座位,你会抱怨不能将座位放倒至少我们不是舱壁座位停止抱怨,往前走,在别人用这些行李架前,我们要检查那些可用Yoshi: Whose idea was it to go on vacation?去度假是谁的主意?Tatiana: It was mine. We both need some time to get away and unwind.我的主意我们都需要一些时间来解脱和放松Yoshi: Yeah, right, I canrsquo;t remember the last time I felt this relaxed!是啊,没错,我都不记得最后一次感到如此轻松的时候了!roller bag 拖轮箱overhead bins 头顶行李架emergency exit row紧急出口旁get moving 移动 8795。

My Hero我心目中的英雄My father was my hero,throughout my life.我父亲是我的英雄,在我一生从未改变The father of eight children,he saw his share of strife.身为八个孩子的父亲,他清楚自己的重任When I was very little,he appeared to be so large.但我还是小不点,他显得是如此高大He was a man of great strength both physically and in the mind,他的身心都蕴藏着无穷的力量,but in him there was gentleness,he found ways to be outgoing and kind.但他也温柔,能让人感到他友善直爽Many days of childhood were greeted with a kiss,儿时的许多清晨,我都被他的亲吻and songs to me as I awoke,those days I surely miss.和歌声唤醒,那些日子令我怀念万分I knew I had my father love.It gave me courage to do anything.我知道我拥有父亲的爱这爱给我勇气去做,去闯From him I learned to stand up tall, to be proud of who I am.从他那里我学会了昂首挺胸,为自己骄傲Strength and deter- mination were the qualities of this fine man.力量和决心大造出了这位优秀的男人As the years of his life dwindled that strength kept him alive.虽然日渐衰老,但他的力量使我活力依然Plus the unfailing determination还有他坚决的决心,to help my ailing mother have the care she needed to survive.让我体弱多病的母亲得到她需要的关爱继续留在人间Day and night he struggled years with her disease.为了她的疾病,多少年的日日夜夜他都在奋力抗争With illness of his own,虽然他有自己的病痛he still stood by her side caring her and loving her但他一直守在她的身边关照她,爱她,until the day she died.直到她永远和上了眼Twenty days later his own time was at an end.二十天后他的生命也走到了尽头I lost my hero,my father, a man who was my friend.我失去了我的英雄,我的朋友A few years have passed, and life just isnt the same.几年过去了,生活已是另一番风景But as Father Day approaches, I will celebrate his name.但随着父亲节的来临,我要颂扬他的美名 I am my father daughter, one day we will meet again.因为我是我父亲的女儿总有一天我们会重逢But until them I will remember, and the love will never end.但在此以前我会怀念他,会永远爱他 9。

Andy: What did you do last weekend?安迪:你上周末干什么去了?Yuka: I went to Jamal wedding.由香:我去参加贾马尔的婚礼了Andy: Jamal?! Your ex Jamal?安迪:贾马尔?!你的前男友贾马尔?Yuka: Yes, that Jamal.由香:是的,就是他Andy: He had the nerve to invite you to his wedding?安迪:他居然有胆量邀请你去参加他的婚礼?Yuka: I actually thought it was nice of him to invite me. Whatever happened between us years ago is water under the bridge. There are no hard feelings on either side.由香:实际上,对于他的邀请我感到很欣慰以前我们之间发生的事就像桥下的流水,已经过去了现在我们两边都没有觉得不舒Andy: You told me that the breakup was mutual, but I always thought you still had a soft place in your heart him.安迪:你告诉过我分手是相互的,但我总觉得他仍然占据你心中一个柔软的地方Yuka: The truth is, when we first broke up, I did harbor some hopes of the two of us getting back together, but that never came to pass. We both moved on and I wish him well.由香:实际上,当我们第一次分手时,我的确对我们两人的复合心怀希望,但从来都没有实现我们都开始了新的生活,我希望他一切顺利Andy: Well, how was the wedding?安迪:好吧,婚礼怎么样?Yuka: It was very nice and Jamal new wife seems to be a good match him.由香:婚礼非常温馨,贾马尔的新婚妻子似乎跟他很相配Andy: And you didnt mind seeing them together?安迪:看到他们俩在一起你不介意吗?Yuka: Not at all, especially after I met Lorenzo.由香:一点也不,尤其是遇到洛伦索之后Andy: Lorenzo, huh? Youve been holding out on me. Do tell!安迪:洛伦索,哼? 你一直瞒着我快告诉我!原文译文属! 01。