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  a lost cause 注定失败者英文释义A person, group, idea, or situation without any hope of success or improvement.例句My favorite basketball team has lost every game so far this year, and Im starting to think that its a lost cause.今年,我最喜欢的篮球队输掉了到目前为止的所有比赛,我开始相信,这队伍肯定没戏了。 /201310/258456。


  Had you thought of leaving your present position before?If yes,what do you think held you there?你曾经考虑过辞掉现在的工作吗?如果有,为何迟迟没有行动?Yes,I thought of leaving before and in fact,I did look for opportunities elsewhere.是的,我以前曾经考虑过辞职。事实上,我确实找过其他机会,However,I did not find anything interesting or worth my move.但是没有找到感兴趣的,或是值得换的工作。Now Ive found this opportunity,which can utilize my skills and experience and is exactly what Ive been looking for.现在,我找到了这个机会。它可以让我应用我的技术和经验,并且正是我一直想找的工作。It was worth the wait.等待是值得的。 /201310/260234

  Could I speak to someone in the sales department,please?我想接通销售部。Ill put you through.我这就帮你接。Sales.Can I help you?销售部。我能帮忙吗?Yes,please.Ive just received your last report and theres an error in it.是的,我刚收到你们的报单,里面有一个错误。Whats the name of your company,please?请告诉我你们公司的名字?K.K Company.K.K公司。K.K Company.Is that in the town nearby?K.K公司?是在附近的镇上吗?Yes thats right.You sent us a bill for 12 computers but we only ordered 10.对的,你们送来了12台计算机的帐单,但我们只订了10台。Let me check a moment,please.Yes,Im very sorry.Theres clearly been a mistake.让我查一下。对不起,出错了。What should I do?我该怎么办?Please return the report,and well send you a new one.The total amount will now be 00 instead of 00.请送还报单,我们将寄来新的。费用是1000美金而不是1200美金。Could I speak to your manager,please?我能和你们的经理讲话吗?Thats Mr.Li.,Im afraid hes out at the moment.Could anyone else help?找李先生?他不在。其他人行吗?Im afraid not.He asked me to ring him about the exhibition.恐怕不行。他叫我打电话谈展览的事。Well,he should be back very soon.他应该很快回来。Have you any idea when?你知道什么时候吗?Let me see.Hes supposed to be back by three thirty and its aly twenty past three.让我想想,应该是三点半,但现在三点二十了。Would you like to ring back in,say,fifteen minutes?Or,better still,Ill ask him to give you a call.你能十五分钟后打回来吗?或者我叫他打回给你更好。Thanks.That would probably be better.Theres no great urgency.Im on seven-eight-double two-five-zero-one.谢谢,那更好了。不急,我的号码是7822501。Thats seven-eight-two-five-o-one.7822501。Thats right.Ill be in my office all afternoon until 7:00.对,7点前我在办公室。Good,Ill ask him to give you a ring.好,我会叫他打给你的。Good morning.Snow Trading Company.How can I help you?早上好,小雪商贸公司。有什么能帮忙的吗?This is Shell Limited.这里是壳牌有限公司。How do you spell your company name,sir?怎样拼你公司的名称,先生?S-h-e-l-l.I want to ask about an order,which we made.s-h-e-l-l。我想询问我们定单的事情。This was over three weeks ago,and we havent received anything at all yet.它在三星期前发出了,但我们还什么都没收到。Im sorry,sir.When did you send in your order?对不起,您什么时候寄出的?October 11th.10月11号。What was the order for?订购的内容是什么?Three computers.三台电脑。Didnt you receive any acknowledgement from us?您收到我们的确认信吗?Yes,we got a letter but the computers havent arrived.是的,但计算机没到。 /201502/355303

  Today’s Business English Podcast ESL lesson is the first in a two-part series that follows job applicant William Chow through his first interview at an international bank.今天的商务英语播客是2节课中的第一部分,将要设计工作申请人William Chow经理一家国际的面试。In this podcast you’ll learn how to deal with some typical first round job interview questions. Along the way you’ll also practice some great new vocabulary and useful phrases for job interviews.在这节商务客中,你将会学习如何应对第一轮面试中的问题。同时你得练习下用于面试时的新词汇和有用的短语。In the dialogue we’ll listen as William gets interviewed for a position in the business development department of the main Hong Kong branch of Mercantile International. Mike Warner, a HR manager at Mercantile International Hong Kong, is conducting the interview.我们将听到 William应聘 Mercantile International香港总部商务发展部的职位。Mike Warner, Mercantile International香港总部人事经理正在进行面试。 /201101/123934

  大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: Give an example of a successful project you were part of. What was your role? Why was the project successful? 举个你们做过的一个成功项目。你在那个项目里,担当什么角色?这个项目成功的原因在哪里? /05/71910。

  1 开场白May I coming?我可以进来吗?My name is Mike Anderson, the personal manager.我叫迈克安德森,是人事部经理。Miss Zhao,I presume?你是赵吧?Come in and sit down.进来,坐吧。May I help you?有什么事吗?How are you doing , madam.你好,夫人.Excuse me ,may I see Miss Smith?对不起,我可以见史密斯女士吗?Coming,please.请进。May I see the manager?我可以见经理吗?May I introduce myself?我可以做自我介绍吗?Excuse me,but arent you Marry?对不起,你是玛丽吗?I have come for interview.我是来面试的。I have receive your letter and your resume.我已经收了您的求职信和履历表。Lets have a chat,shall we?我们随便谈谈好吗?Its great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for the interview.非常高兴能有这次机会能参加面试。Im coming to your company for the interview as quested.我应邀来贵公司面试的。 /201412/351250

  I wish someone would invite me to a costume party. 真希望有人能邀请我参加化妆舞会。I wish someone would invite me to a costume party.真希望有人能邀请我参加化妆舞会。Thats my dream party.那是我梦想中的舞会。All kinds of masks are there on masquerade.在化妆舞会上会有各种各样的面具。She masks the mask to mask her face in the mask.在化妆舞会上,她戴上面具来遮掩她的脸。I want to dress up as a vampire.我想装扮成吸血鬼。I want to dress up as a vampire.我想装扮成吸血鬼。Thats too scary.那太恐怖了。I will go to the fancy dress ball as a dwarf.化妆舞会上我要扮成小矮人。We will be dressed as Kungfu pandas.我们都扮成功夫熊猫。 /201502/357640

  What makes a good manager?怎样才算是一位好的管理者?A good manager should have a clear understanding of company goals and be dedicated to them while being able to communicate them to the subordinates.一个优秀的管理者应明确了解公司的目标,并且朝着目标专心工作,同时也应能够将这个目标传达给下属。And he or she should be able to motivate and guide the subordinates to achieve those goals.他她应该能够激励并引导下属去实现那些目标。Excellent communication skills as well as good planning,organizing and interpersonal skills are musts for a manager.优秀的策划能力,组织能力,人际交往能力以及良好的沟通能力,都是管理者必须具备的素质。 /201309/258767

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