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drop in 顺便拜访;顺便进入drop in on somebody 顺便拜访某人drop in at someplace 顺便拜访某地例句:The Wilsons dropped in on us just as we finished dinner.威尔森一家在我们刚吃完晚饭时就突然拜访。Please drop in on us when you happen to be free.如果你碰巧有空,请到我的办公室来。末尾音乐:I Go In更多英语资讯关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/450075A: Cathy, would you like to go to the book store with me tomorrow?A: 凯茜,你明天跟我去书店转转吧?B: Fine, what are you going to buy?B:好的。你有什么想买的吗?A: Well, I want to buy some novels. I heard that my favorite writer has just published a new book.A: 嗯,我想买些小说。我听说我最喜欢的作家刚刚又出了一本新书。B: Thats great. What kind of stories do you like best?B: 不错。你最喜欢读什么类型的故事?A: I think I like the detective stories best. Well, what about you?A: 我最喜欢读侦探故事。你呢?B: I prefer to love story , such as Gone with the Wind.B: 我更喜欢读爱情故事,比如《飘》。A: I know that book. Its really a great book in American literary history.A: 我知道那本书。它可是美国文学史上非常了不起的一本书。B: You are right, it is. Have you any books written by some young writers born in 1980s?B: 没错。你读过那些80后作家写的书吗?A: Do you mean the popular post-1980s literature now?A: 你指的是现在流行的80后文学吗?B: Yes.B: 是的。A: Well , I usually their writings on the Internet.A: 我通常情况下都是在网络上阅读他们的作品。B: Haha, a good way to save money.B: 哈哈,这样倒是很省钱啊。 /201504/370069

Language PointsThis way please.I like the way you talk./ You should change the way you walk.Its way too hot today.Hes way taller than me.get in the way (of sth.)Anger often gets in the way of understanding a situation.go all the way (with someone)If you go all the way, you stand a chance of getting pregnant. /201511/405894

讲解文本:short temper 暴躁脾气,急性子Hes not a bad boss, he just has a short temper.他不是个坏老板,就是性子急了点。The princess is really known for her short temper.公主脾气暴躁可是出了名的。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/466688

1.Can I have a direct overseas call at the hotel?我可以在旅馆直拨国际电话吗?2.Can I telephone to Shanghai?我可以打到上海吗?3.Please tell me what time in Shanghai now.请告诉我现在上海是什么时间。4.Is it midnight now in Shanghai?现在上海是半夜了吗?5.How much does it cost to Shanghai?到上海要多少钱?6.Is it a fixed charge within three minutes?三分钟之内费用固定吗?7.The fee is added every three minutes,isnt it?每过三分钟费用便增加,不是吗?8.The fee is added every one minute after the first three minutes.三分钟过后每一分钟费用便增加。9.Who pays the charge?谁付这费用?10.Till what time can we use an overseas call?我们何时可以打国际电话?11.Shanghai phone number is 021-9957-2370.上海的电话号码是021-9957-2370。12.Can I make an overseas call through public phone?我可以用公用电话打国际长途吗?13.Will you show me how to telephone?请你告诉我如何拨电话好吗?14.An application number is listed in the phone book.各种用途的电话号码都列在电话簿上。15.Is the line busy now?线路很忙吗?16.Shanghai operator,please.上海接线员。17.Can I have a collect call?我可以拨由收话者付费的电话吗?18.Please tell us the name of the person you call.请告诉我你要打给谁。19.Im y to pay coins.我准备付钱。20.Shall I put into coins first?我应先投硬币吗?1.Where can I send an overseas telegram?我可以在哪里拍国际电报?2.Ill get in touch with you by wire because the telephone line is interrupted.我会用电报和你联络,因为电话线中断了。3.Id like to send a wire to Shanghai.我想拍封电报到上海。4.Can I have a telegraph form?我可以拿一张电报纸吗?5.How long does it take to Shanghai?到上海要花多少时间?6.Do you want an urgent telegram?你想要拍加急电报吗?7.What kind of wires do you have?你要拍哪种电报?8.A letter telegram,please.一封电信电报。9.How much is it to Shanghai a word?拍到上海一个字要多少钱?10.Where can I write down a text?我可以在哪里写正文?11.I dont know the cable address of Shanghai.我不晓得上海的电报挂号。12.Do you accept overseas telegrams?你收到国际电报了吗?13.Where is an office of overseas telegram?国际电报局在哪里?14.From what time to what time is a telegram office open?电报局营业时间从何时至何时?15.Id like to send a telegram of congratulation.我想要拍一封贺电。16.Do you have any samples of a telegram?你有没有电报的范本?17.Please deliver this in a form of sympathy.请把这个拍成一封唁电。18.How much is a form?拍一封多少钱?19.Where shall I pay the fee?我该到哪里付款?20.Please send a wire to my father to come at once.请拍封电报给我父亲,请他快点来。 /201502/35982110. Pleading Not Guilty in Court 10.在法庭上辩护无罪A: How do you plea to the charges?A:你如何为你的罪行辩护?B: I plead not guilty.B:我请求无罪。A: There are several witnesses that can testify to you being the robber.A:有几个人可以明你是强盗。B: I understand that, Your Honour. But I did not do it.B:我知道,法官大人。但是我没有这样做。A: There is surveillance that shows you robbing the victim.A:有视频监控,展示你抢劫了受害者。B: I would like to review that evidence, Your Honour.B:我想审查据,法官大人。A: Your attorney can provide you with that evidence.A:你的律师可以为你提供那份据。B: I am sure I can prove my innocence once I see the footage.B:我相信我一看到这段视频我就可以明我的清白。A: Would you like to present any of that evidence now?A:你现在想呈现任何的据吗?B: May I confer with my attorney?B:我可以和我的律师协商吗?A: I can call a half hour recess.A:我可以叫停休息半小时。B: I wont need more time than that, Your Honour.B:我不需要更多的时间了,法官大人。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/423041

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