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郴州东方皮肤科医院北湖区不孕不育收费好不好Samsung Electronics said Monday it has made a breakthrough in developing mobile technology for fifth-generation networks, though it expects it will take years until the service is brought online for subscribers.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)周一表示,该公司在研发第五代移动通信技术上已取得突破性进展。但该公司预计运营商开始启用这项技术还需几年的时间。The South Korean company said it has found a way to transmit large volumes of data using a much higher frequency band than conventional ones in use, which would eventually allow users to send massive data files at a much faster speeds through their mobile devices, ;practically without limitation.;三星电子表示,该公司已经找到一种利用比目前使用的传统频段更高的频段传输大量数据的方法。这种方法最终允许用户通过移动设备以比以往快得多的速度传输大量数据,几乎不受速度限制。The technology could easily gain fans among phone users routinely sending and receiving large amounts of data. With 5G networks, for example, users would be able to send super-high-definition movie files in a matter of seconds, according to Samsung.这项技术可能轻松获得那些经常发送和接收大量数据的手机用户的青睐。三星说,比如在5G网络下,用户仅用几秒时间就可以传输一部超高清电影文件。The fastest wireless technology in operation -- 4G or long-term evolution -- has yet to be widely adopted world-wide, and the next immediate phase for the standard is likely to be a shift to ;4.5G; networks, analysts say. Many networks still employ 3G.目前投入运营的速度最快的4G无线技术(也称“长期演进技术”)尚未在全球范围内广泛采用。分析师说,4G标准的下一步可能是向4.5G网络转变。目前很多网络仍然采用3G技术。Samsung has eyes on commercializing 5G technology by 2020, matching a recently set target by the European Union. The EU announced earlier this year a plan to invest 50 million euros in research to deliver 5G mobile technology by 2020.三星计划到2020年前实现5G技术的商用,这和欧盟最近设定的标准相一致。欧盟今年早些时候宣布了一项计划,即投入5,000万欧元的研发资金,以便到2020年能够拿出5G移动技术。Many mobile operators are still transitioning to 4G wireless technology and they would have to be as swift in deploying the next-generation wireless data networks for the transition to 5G to materialize as planned, analysts note.分析师指出,很多移动运营商还处于向4G无线技术过渡的过程中,它们必须像计划的那样迅速部署下一代无线数据网络,以便此后能实现向5G过渡。;The competition for technology leadership in next-generation mobile communications development is getting increasingly fierce,; and Samsung;believes it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services,; the company said.三星表示,下一代移动通信研发中有关技术领先地位的竞争越来越激烈。三星相信竞争将触发各种国际联盟的诞生,并带来相关移动宽带务的及时商业化。 /201305/239599郴州包皮包茎的治疗费用 It has been a rough week for Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant, known for its televisions and tablet computers, acknowledged Monday that it expects its quarterly profits to be its lowest in three years. The world’s leading smartphone maker finds itself increasingly weighed down by a dual-front war in which its lucrative phones are losing ground to Apple’s iPhone at the high end of the market and an array of Chinese models at the low end.过去一周对于三星公司(Samsung)而言并不太平。这家以电视机和平板电脑著称的韩国电子巨头于周一承认,上季度盈利预计将处于三年来最低水平。这家全球领先的智能手机制造商发现自己越来越陷入双线作战的泥潭——其利润丰厚的手机业务在高端市场上正在不断输给苹果公司(Apple)的 iPhone ,而在低端市场上则正被中国的一大批手机品牌攻城掠地。“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” the company seems to be singing to its flagship Galaxy S5 phone. “Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”“我左边有小丑,右边有大小王,”该公司似乎在为自己的旗舰手机Galaxy S5 而唱,“我正被困在中间动弹不得。”A Reuters report is more damning: “Many analysts and investors believe the best days are behind Samsung’s mobile division as it will need to sacrifice margins to keep cheaper Chinese handsets grabbing more of its turf, even though new products like the Galaxy Note 4 will help nudge profits higher in the current quarter.”路透社(Reuters)发表的一篇报道更加言之凿凿:“许多分析师和投资者都认为,三星旗下的手机业务部门已经告别了自己最美好的时光,就算Galaxy Note 4这样的新产品将会有助于推高该公司本季度的盈利,它也依然需要牺牲利润率,才能阻止价位更低的中国手机抢走更多的地盘。”As that war wages on, Samsung seeks to start another as it looks to new revenue streams for growth—namely, by serving large businesses. On Tuesday, the company’s mobile division introduced a portfolio of business services that it believes will help it appeal to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. The package, called Samsung 360 Services for Business, includes software, services, and technical support. It’s intended to be a one-stop shop for businesses that seek to manage mobile devices in the workplace.随着手机市场的竞争在继续,三星试图发动另一场竞争。为了提振业绩增长态势,该公司把目光转向新的收入来源——也就是向企业提供务。周二,该公司的手机部门发布了一组企业务,它认为这组务将有助于吸引全球各地的财富1000强企业的注意。这套解决方案被称为“三星360企业务”(Samsung 360 Services for Business),内容包括软件、 务和技术持,目标客户是那些想要对职场内部使用的移动设备加以管理的公司,旨在为他们提供一套一站式的务。For Samsung, which has long had enterprise-focused services but lacked a cohesive strategy, the effort is significant. In January, it hired Robin Bienfait, the former chief information officer of BlackBerry, to lead a newly formed team. “Samsung has been in the enterprise business for well over 15 years,” she told me. “In the past four-plus years, mobility as part of their portfolio has really gotten bigger and bigger. They’ve got a lot of partners and capability, but they really wanted a closer relationship with the enterprise customer.”三星在很久以前就推出了主要面向企业级客户的多项务,但一直缺乏一套统一的战略,对它来说,这一次的举动具有重要意义。今年1月份,该公司聘请曾任黑莓公司(BlackBerry)首席信息官的罗宾o比恩菲特来领导一新组建的团队。“三星在已经在企业级业务市场上耕耘了15 年,”她告诉我说,“最近这四年多来,移动性在他们的产品组合中所占的分量实在已经变得越来越重。他们拥有大量的合作伙伴和相关能力,但他们真的还想与企业客户建立起一种更加密切的关系。”Most businesses are at an “inflection point of transformation,” Bienfait said. They know they need technology to move into the future; they just don’t know where to begin or how to manage it.比恩菲特说,大多数的企业都正处于“转型的拐点”上。他们知道他们需要技术来帮助自己迈入未来;他们只是不知道该从何处着手或者如何加以管理。For a long time, BlackBerry BBRY -3.15% —the former Research In Motion—and its ultra-secure services were the answer to this. But the company’s own mismanagement left it unable to capitalize on the trend. Samsung was one of the early winners in the rise of the modern smartphone; now that its devices are ubiquitous at home and in the office, it hopes to develop a more formal relationship with large organizations.很长时间以来,黑莓(公司原名为Research In Motion)及其超安全的务一直是应对这项问题的解决办法。但该公司本身管理不善,导致无法充分借力于这一趋势。在现代智能手机的崛起过程中,三星曾经是早期获益者中的一员;该公司的电子产品在日常生活和职场中均随处可见,因而希望进一步与那些大型机构建立起一种更加正式的关系。Of course, so do other companies. IBM’s IBM -1.76% announcement of a partnership with Apple AAPL -0.87% —for many industry veterans, hell frozen over—in July signaled Cupertino’s interest in fostering a similar relationship (despite a lack of enterprise experience) and Armonk’s affirmation that it’s not in the business of making consumer hardware. BlackBerry CEO John Chen has since acknowledged that his now-small company was in search of partnerships for the same purpose. Microsoft MSFT -1.22% CEO Satya Nadella has been unequivocal in his embrace of the same target customer. On a quarterly earnings call in January, Google GOOG -2.36% CFO Patrick Pichette called its Enterprise group a strategic growth opportunity.当然,其他公司也有同样企图。今年7月份,IBM宣布与苹果公司建立合作关系(在许多业内资深人士看来,这项合作关系已经“完全封冻”)。这表明,总部位于美国加州库比蒂诺的苹果也有兴趣培养类似关系(尽管它缺乏务企业级客户的经验),而总部位于纽约州阿蒙克的IBM则实,自己不会从事制造消费电子类产品件的业务。在那之后,黑莓首席执行官(CEO)程守宗也已承认,他掌管的这间如今已规模不再的公司正在出于同样的目的寻求合作伙伴。微软(Microsoft)CEO 萨蒂亚o纳德拉也已明确表明,他也在热切锁定同样的目标客户。今年1月份的一次季度财报电话会议上,谷歌(Google)首席财务官(CFO)帕特里克o皮切特也将公司的企业级业务部门称作是战略性的增长机遇。In other words, the war has only just begun.换句话说,企业级市场上的这场竞争才刚刚开始。Samsung will launch its 360 Services in “early 2015,” starting in the U.S. It plans to expand to Europe and Asia in short order. Until then, it will be engaged in a pilot program with financial services, health care, and government organizations that will last through the end of the year. Bienfait said the company comes to the negotiating table with three assets: first, the Samsung brand reputation; second, a cross-platform approach; and third, a promise to be entirely turnkey—no extra contracts necessary.三星将在“2015年初”推出这项360企业务,第一站先定在了美国。该公司计划将此项务迅速扩展到欧洲和亚洲地区。在那之前,三星将与金融务机构、 医疗保健机构以及政府机构开展一个试点项目,该项目将一直持续到今年年底。比恩菲特说:三星在谈判桌上拥有三大优势: 第一,三星的品牌口碑;第二,跨平台的合作方式 ;第三,包圆式解决方案的承诺——不需要客户签署额外的合同。“We don’t want to do all this ourselves,” Bienfait said, “but we want to be the hand to shake.”“我们并不想靠自己来提供所有的这些务,”比恩菲特说,“但我们希望客户的直接对接对象是我们。” /201410/334021Appleintroduced an updated suite of Mac computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco, as it made a renewed push to use the iPhone and iPad ;halo effect; to convert more PC users to its higher-priced hardware. 苹果(Apple)在旧金山举办的年度开发者大会上,发布了升级后的Mac系列电脑。这家公司正加大力度,利用iPhone和iPad带来的;光环效应;,吸引PC用户转而使用它更昂贵的电脑硬件产品。A new MacBook Pro notebook, touting thinner casing and the same ;Retina Display; screen used in the latest iPhones and iPad, led a series of upgrades.新款MacBook Pro笔记本电脑的一系列升级最为耀眼。它拥有更加纤薄的机身,还配备了最新版iPhone和iPad上使用的;Retina Display;显示屏。;Surfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality,; said Phil Schiller, head of product marketing, describing the new MacBook Pro, which he said was thinner than his finger. The device will cost ,200, suggesting it was aimed at the professional market which Apple has been accused of moving away from as it goes more mass-market.苹果产品营销主管菲利普·席勒(Philip Schiller)在描述新MacBook Pro时称:;使用该产品上网冲浪,能够体验到杂志一样的质感。;他说,Macbook Pro比他的手指还薄。这款电脑售价2200美元,表明它面向的是专业市场。一直以来,有人指责苹果把更多精力放在大众市场,抛弃了专业市场。 Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple#39;s recently knighted head of design, said: ;It#39;s without doubt the very best computer we#39;ve ever built.;最近获得爵士头衔的苹果设计主管乔纳森·艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)说:;毫无疑问,这是我们有史以来设计得最棒的电脑。; Existing models of other MacBooks were also given upgraded Intelprocessors, extra storage and more memory.MacBook现有的其他型号也配备了升级的英特尔(Intel)处理器,拥有更大的存储空间和内存。 Apple more commonly makes incremental updates to its laptops without the fanfare of a keynote speech. By making a push around the new devices Apple hopes to sell more of its ,000-plus computers to new converts to the Mac operating system, ahead of the release of Microsoft#39;s Windows 8 software.苹果公司对笔记本产品进行渐进式升级时,通常不会请高管大张旗鼓地发表主题演讲。苹果这次大力宣传新设备,是希望能够在微软发布Windows 8之前,向有意转向Mac操作系统的用户出售更多价格在1000美元以上的电脑。Customers who buy a new Mac will be eligible for an upgrade to the new Mountain Lion operating system when it is released later this year. At the annual Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco, Apple detailed the capabilities of the desktop software and iOS6, the next-generation software for its iPad and iPhone.名为;山狮;(Mountain Lion)的新操作系统将于今年晚些时候开始发售,现在购买新款Mac的顾客届时可以升级到新系统。在这场于旧金山举办的年度全球开发者大会上,苹果详细介绍了这款桌面操作系统,以及应用于iPad和iPhone的新一代移动操作系统iOS 6。 Apple also issued new figures for the App Store which suggested the rate of growth is accelerating, as more iPads and iPhones are sold and the store is extended internationally to 155 countries. More than bn in revenue – which is split 70 per cent to developers and 30 per cent to Apple – has been paid out to developers in total since the download store launched in mid-2008.苹果还发布了App Store商店的最新数据。数据表明,随着iPad和iPhone销量增长,App Store进一步国际化,目前已覆盖到155个国家,而且这个应用下载商店的发展速度还在加快。自App Store于2008年中上线以来,用户总计已经向开发者付了逾50亿美元(其中开发者分得70%,苹果分得30%)。 There are 650,000 apps available in the App Store, up from 600,000 in April, of which 225,000 are dedicated to the iPad.App Store现有65万款应用,4月份时为60万款。其中22.5万款应用专为iPad开发。 Apple unveiled the new technology to whoops and cheers from adoring developers. Ahead of the keynote, Apple poked fun at rival Samsung with its voice control service Siri, saying it was looking forward to the Korean manufacturer#39;s new fridge.苹果在开发者们现场的尖叫喝声中发布了这些新技术。在主题演讲之前,苹果用其声音控制务Siri,打趣了竞争对手三星(Samsung)一番。Siri称,它正在翘首期盼这家韩国厂商的新款电冰箱。 /201206/187083郴州市有治疗尖锐湿疣的专业医院吗

郴州无疼包皮要多少钱syfr.PGOh@gt*zlu]_3Y(W0!Apr7ZTQB~oQFJ1RVhzXIn terms of specs, performance, and features, the iPhone 5 is Apple#39;s best to date. This doesn#39;t mean it#39;s as good as it could be, however. If Apple wants to truly offer a ;superior; phone, here#39;s a look at what competing phones aly offer.说到规格、性能和功能,iPhone 5是苹果迄今为止最好的手机了sh1oC5Hk)Kw。但这并不意味着它已经足够好了Wd7)COhiF[bCMi|J4。如果苹果想真正提供“更好”的手机,看看这里手机竞争对手已经提供的功能吧v3PnDr1jy(axBXSb^。t6]b1!noj|ap60pPay for your coffee.给咖啡付费Instead of building NFC into the iPhone, Apple would rather have you use its Passbook system, which lets users store tickets, gift cards, boarding passes, and the like.苹果没有大力开发NFC(近场通信)技术,它反而推出了Passbook票据务系统,Passbook可以让用户存电影票,礼物卡,登记等票据~@#xOzD%+hls)1Tw@drM。It can handle some (but definitely not all) of the tasks that NFC can handle. For example, you can#39;t use Passbook to wirelessly send money to a friend via PayPal.它可以处理NFC所能处理的一些任务,但并非全部vHyn5i6Aq8*6g84o2NiU。例如,用户无法利用Passbook来通过PayPal向朋友汇钱oj7(N(6(MCT2。NFC also lets you beam content between devices just by tapping them together. Samsung#39;s Galaxy S III takes advantage of this feature.NFC还可以让你通过触碰手机传输内容c,HO5GY[CZ.Li,9*。三星Galaxy S3已经在该功能上占了优势2(_r.@-;Xq。^A~WuQd[I~fcvcNa+~.@em!NNiFY@yfYM;gmyG*g3^dNw(8Gq) /201306/243611郴州东方生殖器 Nokia Corp.#39;s decision to sell its handset business to Microsoft Corp. and focus on wireless-network equipment is the Finnish company#39;s latest attempt in its 148-year history to reinvent itself during a crisis. It also marks the effective end of a national champion and onetime global tech giant. 诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)决定将手机业务卖给微软公司(Microsoft Corp.),转而聚焦无线网络设备。这不仅是这家拥有148年历史的芬兰公司在危机中重塑自我形象的最新尝试,也标志着诺基亚作为芬兰企业领袖和全球科技巨头生涯的终结。 #39;This is end of an era in Finland,#39; Jan Vapaavuori, the country#39;s minister of economic affairs said Tuesday. The deal with Microsoft will have a #39;mental effect,#39; he said, since Nokia long has been an important international brand with Finnish roots. 芬兰经济事务部部长瓦帕沃里(Jan Vapaavuori)周二说,这是芬兰一个时代的终结。他说,诺基亚与微软的这笔交易将产生“心理影响”,因为长期以来诺基亚一直是带有芬兰血统的国际重要品牌。 Founded in 1865, when engineer Fredrik Idestam set up a wood-pulp mill in southwestern Finland, Nokia has had a history of radical shifts in its business. The first was at the turn of the 20th century, when the company moved into making rubber boots and other products. 诺基亚1865年由工程师伊德斯坦(Fredrik Idestam)在芬兰西南部创立,最初是一家纸浆生产厂,之后经历了一系列业务上的剧变。第一个剧变发生在20世纪初,该公司开始生产橡胶靴和其它产品。 In 1967 the company merged with partner Finnish Cable Works, which had been developing radio telephones for the country#39;s army. Nokia in the early 1980s went on to become one of the first players in the cellphone industry 1967年,诺基亚与合作伙伴芬兰电缆厂(Finnish Cable Works)合并,后者为芬兰军队研发无线电话。上世纪80年代初,诺基亚开始成为手机业最早的生产厂家之一。 It introduced the Mobira Senator car phone in 1982, only a year after the creation of the Nordic Mobile Telephone service, the world#39;s first international cellular network. 1982年,诺基亚发布了车载电话Mobira Senator。在此之前,北欧移动电话(Nordic Mobile Telephone)务问世仅一年时间,这也是世界上首个国际蜂窝网络。 Nokia unveiled its first hand-held phone in 1987, the Mobira Cityman, the same year that GSM was adopted as the European standard for mobile networks. 1987年,诺基亚推出了该公司第一部手持电话Mobira Cityman。同年,欧洲启用全球移动通讯系统(GSM)作为手机网络标准。 But Nokia ran into financial trouble at the end of the 1980s after acquiring unprofitable television-set factories in Europe. 但在收购了欧洲不赚钱的电视机生产厂后,诺基亚于上世纪80年底末陷入了财务困境。 In 1992 Jorma Ollila, a former Citibank executive, became chief executive and decided to focus on telecommunications. That worked-for a while. Nokia#39;s success boosted its share price, and at its peak in 2000, the company was valued at 303 billion euros(0 billion at today#39;s exchange rate). 1992年,花旗(Citibank)前高管奥利拉(Jorma Ollila)成为诺基亚首席执行长,决定带领诺基亚专注于电信业。此举在一段时间内奏效了。诺基亚的成功提振了公司股价。2000年,诺基亚红极一时,其估值曾达到3,030亿欧元(按现在的汇率计算是4,000亿美元)。 But misplaced bets would change Nokia#39;s fortunes. 但错误押注会改变诺基亚的命运。 Nokia executives predicted that producing traditional cellphones would be unprofitable by 2000, so the company in the 1990s started spending billions of dollars to research mobile email, touch screens and faster wireless networks. Nokia introduced its first smartphone, the Nokia 9000, in 1996-more than a decade before the first iPhone was released. 诺基亚高管们预计,生产传统手机在2000年之前将变得无利可图,于是该公司在上世纪90年代开始花费数十亿美元研究手机邮件、触摸屏以及更快的无线网络。诺基亚于1996年推出了其第一款智能手机诺基亚9000(Nokia 9000),比第一款iPhone早了十多年。 U.S. rival Motorola Inc. scored a world-wide hit with the thin Razr flip phones, however, and Nokia faced criticism from investors over its focus on high-end smartphones. 然而诺基亚的美国竞争对手托罗拉(Motorola Inc.)凭借轻薄的Razr翻盖手机在全球大获成功,诺基亚却面临着投资者对其专注于高端智能手机的抨击。 Former Nokia finance chief Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo took the helm from Mr. Ollila and merged Nokia#39;s smartphone and basic-phone operations, with the result that the more-profitable basic-phone business started calling the shots. Returning to a focus on traditional phones, Nokia found itself at a disadvantage when the iPhone was unveiled in 2007. As Apple Inc.#39;s AAPL +0.28% phone gained popularity, Nokia tried to play catch-up. 前诺基亚首席财务长康培凯(Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo)接替奥利拉担任首席执行长,将诺基亚的智能手机与基础手机业务合并,结果是更为有利可图的基础手机业务开始发号施令。重新关注传统手机后,在2007年iPhone推出时,诺基亚发现自己处于不利地位。随着苹果(Apple Inc.)的手机越来越受欢迎,诺基亚试图迎头赶上。 Nokia#39;s relationship with Microsoft began as Canadian Stephen Elop took the reins of the Finnish company in 2010 and decided to scrap the company#39;s effort to revamp its aging Symbian operating system, opting instead for Microsoft#39;s Windows platform. Nokia cut tens of thousands of jobs, sold its elaborate seaside headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and scaled back research and development, the company#39;s onetime jewel. Last year the company closed its last remaining phone factory in Finland. 加拿大人埃洛普(Stephen Elop)于2010年掌控这家芬兰公司,并决定废弃公司试图改进老旧的塞班(Symbian)操作系统的举措,转而选择了微软的Windows平台,诺基亚与微软的合作由此开始。诺基亚削减了数万个职位,卖掉了在芬兰埃斯波(Espoo)精心建造的海滨总部,并缩减了该公司曾经引以为豪的研发。去年,该公司关闭了芬兰最后一家手机工厂。 Meanwhile, the handset business has struggled. 与此同时,其手机业务陷入困境。 While Nokia#39;s flagship Lumia series has received good reviews, the company has failed to make a dent on its main competitors, Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. Nokia#39;s second-quarter revenue from phone sales was less than 25% what it was in the first quarter of 2011, when Nokia#39;s tie-up with Microsoft was announced. 虽然诺基亚的旗舰Lumia系列获得好评,但该公司没能对苹果和三星电子(Samsung Electronics)等主要竞争对手造成冲击。诺基亚第二季度手机销售收入还不到2011年一季度诺基亚宣布与微软合作时的25%。 Now, with the handset operation gone, what remains is network-gear business Nokia Solutions and Networks. Nokia bought Siemens #39;s SIE.XE -0.51% stake in the operation, formerly Nokia Siemens Networks, this summer for about .2 billion. Nokia also has a business that provides maps to Microsoft Windows devices and in-car navigation systems. 现在,失去手机业务之后,剩下的是网络设备业务Nokia Solutions and Networks。诺基亚今年夏天以大约22亿美元收购了西门子(Siemens )在以前的诺基亚西门子通信公司(Nokia Siemens Networks)的股份。诺基亚还有一项业务是为微软的Windows设备和车内导航系统提供地图。 /201309/255237郴州医院在线

郴州市人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱Chinese smartphone users are taking to mobile ecommerce more quickly than they were expected to, creating a boom for mobile internet companies, writes Charles Clover.中国的智能手机用户接受移动端电子商务的速度比预想得更快,使移动互联网公司得到了快速发展。Alibaba, one of the biggest beneficiaries, said on Wednesday that its mobile revenues had climbed 10-fold in the three months to June 30 – from Rmb240m in the second quarter of 2013 to Rmb2.4bn (1m).最大的受益者之一阿里巴巴(Alibaba)周三表示,截至6月30日的3个月内,其移动端收入增长了9倍,从2013年第二季度的2.4亿元人民币增至24亿元人民币(合3.91亿美元)。Almost 500m of Chinese internet users say they have accessed the internet using smartphones, which are very cheap in China, some costing as low as . Experts say this figure is destined to rise rapidly as China has 900m mobile phone users, many of whom still have not entered the 3G or 4G era.中国有几乎5亿网民称自己用智能手机上网。智能手机在中国非常便宜,有些机型的价格低至70美元。专家称,中国有9亿手机用户,其中许多人还没有踏入3G或4G时代,用智能手机上网的人数注定会快速上升。Overall, mobile internet revenues in China doubled year on year in the second quarter of 2014, from Rmb21bn to Rmb44bn, according to a study published by iResearch, a Beijing-based internet consultancy. It said that half of the Rmb44bn was from mobile shopping.根据位于北京的互联网咨询公司艾瑞咨询集团(iResearch)发布的研究报告,总体上,中国2014年第二季度的移动互联网收入同比增长了1倍,从210亿元人民币增至440亿元人民币。报告称,440亿元人民币的收入的一半来自移动端网购。Wang Xiaoxin, a mobile ecommerce expert at Analysys EnfoDesk, said the rapid growth is a sign of the market’s growing maturity. Online retailers are targeting its “immense potential”. He said discounts and promotional activities are drawing in more consumers.易观智库(Analysys EnfoDesk)的移动电子商务专家王小星表示,快速增长是市场日渐成熟的表现。在线零售商正瞄准这个市场的“巨大潜力”。他说,折扣和促销活动吸引了更多消费者。Alibaba declined to comment, but has said it expects “mobile monetisation rates will continue to approach the rates we realise on our personal computer interfaces”.阿里巴巴拒绝置评,但表示其预计“移动商业化比率(译注:移动营收占总成交额的比例)将持续接近我们在个人电脑界面上实现的比率”。 /201409/325005 郴州男科最好的医院郴州市第四人民医院看男科好吗



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