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marinera skillful marinermakes a skillful marinernever makes a skillful marinerA smooth sea never makes a skillful mariner.水手熟练的水手造就出熟练的水手决不能造就出熟练的水手平静的大海决不能造就出熟练的水手mariner:水手;实用短语:a master mariner 商船船长;实用例句:My brother is a mariner.我兄弟是一个水手 5The Duck and The Kangaroo by Edward Lear《鸭子和袋鼠,爱德华·利尔(著)Said the Duck to the Kangaroo, Good gracious! how you hop! Over the fields and the water too, as if you never would stop!鸭子对袋鼠说,“天哪!你竟然可以跳着走路!跳过田野,跳过河流,好像你从来也不会停下来!My life is a bore in this nasty pond, and I long to go out in the world beyond! I wish I could hop like you!我的生活就是在这脏兮兮池塘中的一个小旮旯,我太想去外面的世界看一看!我真希望自己也能像你这样跳起来!”Said the duck to the Kangaroo ,Please give me a ride on your back!鸭子对袋鼠说,“请让我坐在你的背上,带我一程吧!”Said the Duck to the Kangaroo, I would sit quite still, and say nothing but ;Quack,; The whole of the long day through!鸭子对袋鼠说,“我会安静地坐着,一动也不动,除了嘎嘎叫,什么也不说一整天我都会这样子!And wed go to the Dee, and the Jelly Bo Lee, over the land and over the sea; Please take me a ride! O do! Said the Duck to the Kangaroo.我们一起去迪河,去Jelly Bo Lee,越过陆地,跨过海洋;请带上我吧!求你了!”鸭子对袋鼠说Said the Kangaroo to the Duck, This requires some little reflection;袋鼠对鸭子说,“请让我想一想;Perhaps on the whole it might bring me luck, and there seems but one objection,也许,这样的旅程会给我带来好运,但是似乎有一点点小问题,which is, if youll let me speak so bold, your feet are unpleasantly wet and cold, and would probably give me the roo Matiz! said the Kangaroo.那就是,请允许我直说,你的脚太湿太冷了,这样我会很不舒我还可能会患上风湿病!”袋鼠说Said the Duck ,As I sate on the rocks, I have thought over that completely, and I bought four pairs of worsted socks which fit my web-feet neatly.鸭子说,“我坐在石头上的时候,就很仔细地想过这个问题我买了四双绒线袜子,它们会把我的鸭蹼包裹得干干净净And to keep out the cold Ive bought a cloak, and every day a cigar Ill smoke, all to follow my own dear true love of a Kangaroo!为了抵御严寒,我还买了斗篷大衣我每天都会抽一雪茄我做的这一切都是为了追随我的袋鼠你是我的真爱Said the Kangaroo,Im y! All in the moonlight pale;袋鼠说,“我准备好了!等到月光皎洁时,我们就出发But to balance me well, dear Duck, sit steady! And quite at the end of my tail!但是亲爱的鸭鸭,为了平稳,你要坐得稳稳的,不要乱动哦在我的尾巴后面,安安静静的So away they went with a hop and a bound, and they hopped the whole world three times round;一蹦一跳的,它们就这样出发了它们绕着地球跳了足足有三圈;And who so happy, O who, as the duck and the Kangaroo?世界上谁最快乐 噢,有谁,像鸭子和袋鼠那样快乐? 371. untunately,遗憾地,可惜地Untunately he won't be here tomorrow evening.可惜的是他明晚不在这儿. behind the times,落在时代后面,也就是跟不上时代3. call up, 打电话,打电话给(某人) 870

1835年,爱默生在美国马萨诸塞州康科特买了一所屋子,很快就成为城中最重要的市民之一他在那里亦娶了第二任妻子利迪亚·杰克逊他称她为利迪亚人而她称他为爱默生先生,俩人生下的孩子是华都、艾伦、伊蒂丝和爱德华·爱默生艾伦是以他前妻的名字命名,这是利迪亚的建议Song of Nature自然之歌by Ralph Waldo Emerson拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生What without him is summer pomp,没有他,怎一番夏日的盛景,Or winter frozen shade?怎一番冬日冰冷的暗影?I travail in pain him,我为他陷入劳苦伤痛,My creatures travail and wait;我的创造物苦苦等待;His couriers come by squadrons,他的信使纷纷而来,He comes not to the gate.他却没有来到门外Twice I have moulded an image,我两度造出一个形象,And thrice outstretched my hand,又三次把我的手展开,Made one of day, and one of night,造一个用白昼,另一个用夜晚,And one of the salt sea-sand.还有一个用那盐渍的海滩One in a Judaean manger,一个在犹大的马槽,And one by Avon stream,还有一个在埃文河畔,One over against the mouths of Nile,一个对着尼罗河口,And one in the Academe.还有一个在“学苑”I moulded kings and saviours,我造出国王与救世主,And bards oer kings to rule;——还有王权莫及的游吟诗仙;——But fell the starry influence short,却未能降下灿如群星的感化,The cup was never full.那杯子从未充满Yet whirl the glowing wheels once more,再次将那些光辉的轮子旋转,And mix the bowl again;再度混合起杯中诸物;Seethe, fate! the ancient elements,沸腾吧,命运!远古的元素,Heat, cold, wet, dry, and peace, and pain.热,冷,湿,干,还有和平,还有痛苦Let war and trade and creeds and song让战争、贸易、教义、歌曲Blend, ripen race on race,结合,并日臻成熟,The sunburnt world a man shall breed人要抚育被太阳炙灼的世界Of all the zones, and countless days.每一寸土地,和不可穷尽的年数No ray is dimmed, no atom worn,光线不再黯淡,原子不再衰竭,My oldest ce is good as new,我亘古的力量完好如新,And the fresh rose on yonder thorn鲜艳的玫瑰在远处的荆丛Gives back the bending heavens in dew用露珠透映弯曲的苍穹 9

When you find friends like this, hold on to them, treasure them, spend time with them, be kind to them, love them当你寻找到像这样的朋友,就一定要坚守这份友谊,珍惜他们,花些时间和他们在一起,友善的对待他们并爱他们There will be times when you are met with disappointment instead of success. Life wont always turn out the way you want. This is just another thing youll have to learn to deal with. But instead of letting these things get you down, push on. Accept disappointment and learn to persevere, to pursue your dreams despite pitfalls. Learn to turn negatives into positives, and youll do much better in life有时你会遭遇挫折而非成功生活并不总会如你所愿这是另一件你需要学会处理的事情但你要挺住向前,而不是让这些事让你陷入低谷接受挫败并学会坚持,不畏风险地追求你的梦想学会把消极转化为积极,之后你就能做的好得多You will also face heartbreak and abandonment by those you love. I hope you dont have to face this too much, but it happens.你同样会面临心碎时刻以及你深爱的人的抛弃我希望你无须经历太多此类事件,但如果不幸发生了Again, not much you can do but to heal, and to move on with your life. Let these pains become stepping stones to better things in life, and learn to use them to make you stronger再一次,除了慢慢愈合心中的创伤并继续下去你的生活,你别无选择让这些痛苦成为你通向更美好生活的垫脚石,并学会利用它们让自己更坚强But Be Open to life Anyway但无论如何,都要张开双臂拥抱生活Yes, youll find cruelty and suffering in your journey through life … but dont let that close you to new things. Dont retreat from life, dont hide or wall yourself off. Be open to new things, new experiences, new people是的,在你的生命历程中你会遇到残酷,煎熬……但不要让这些让你拒绝接受新鲜事物不要逃避生活,不要躲藏,抑或封闭自己拥抱新鲜事物,经历全新体验,接触新的人You might get your heart broken times, but find the most wonderful woman the th time. If you shut yourself off from love, youll miss out on that woman, and the happiest times of your life你或许心碎了次,但是在第十一次找到至爱如果你把自己关在爱的门外,你就会错过这个女子,和你生命中最快乐的时光You might get teased and bullied and hurt by people you meet … and then after meeting dozens of jerks, find a true friend. If you close yourself off to new people, and dont open your heart to them, youll avoid pain … but also lose out on meeting some incredible people, who will be there during the toughest times of your life and create some of the best times of your life你可能会被你遇到的人耻笑欺负伤害…而在见了一打这种稀奇古怪的人后,你会找到一个真正的朋友如果你拒绝接触新人群,并不向他们敞开心扉,你会避免受伤……但是同时也失去了认识这些不可思议的人的机会,他们会在你生命最困难的时刻陪伴着你,并带给你人生当中最美好的时光You will fail many times but if you allow that to stop you from trying, you will miss out on the amazing feeling of success once you reach new heights with your accomplishments. Failure is a stepping stone to success你会失败多次但是如果你让失败打到了你,不再努力,你就会错过那种当你达到成就新高度的难以言喻的成就感失败是成功之母Love Should Be Your Rule爱应该成为你的生活准则If there a single word you should live your life by, it should be this Love. It might sound corny, I know … but trust me, there no better rule in life如果让一个词成为你的生活撑的话,那它应该是爱也许这听来已是老生常谈,我也清楚… 但是请信任我,再没有更好的生活准则了Some would live by the rule of success. Their lives will be stressful, unhappy and shallow一些人以成功作为生活准则他们的生活会很紧张,不开心并且很浅薄Others would live by the rule of selfishness — putting their needs above those of others. They will live lonely lives, and will also be unhappy另一些人的生活准则是个人利益---他们将个人需要置于他人需要之上他们孤独一生,终究也不会快乐Still others will live by the rule of righteousness — trying to show the right path, and admonishing anyone who doesnt live by that path. They are concerned with others, but in a negative way, and in the end will only have their own righteousness to live with, and that a horrible companion还有一些人他们为正义而生---努力展示其道路的正确性,并试图劝任何一个不以正义为生活准则的人他们关心他人,却以一种消极的方式,最终怀抱追寻一生的正义而终,而正却是一个糟糕的伴侣Live your life by the rule of love. Love your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, with all of your heart. Give to them what they need, and show them not cruelty nor disapproval nor coldness nor disappointment, but only love. Open your soul to them用爱撑你的生命爱你的妻子,你的孩子,你的父母亲,你的朋友,全心全意地去爱给与他们你所需要的,不要流露出任何残忍,不赞同,冷漠或者失望,只有爱向他们敞开灵魂Love not only your loved ones, but your neighbors … your coworkers … strangers … your brothers and sisters in humanity. Offer anyone you meet a smile, a kind word, a kind gesture, a helping hand不仅仅爱你深爱的人,也要爱你的邻居.你的同事…甚至陌生人…他们是你广义上的兄弟给你遇到的任何一个人一个微笑,一句善语一个友好的姿势,一只援助之手Love not only neighbors and strangers … but your enemy. The person who is cruelest to you, who has been unkind to you … love him. He is a tortured soul, and most in need of your love不仅仅爱邻居和陌生人…也要爱你的敌人对你最残酷的人,对曾经对你不善的人…爱他他是一个备受折磨的灵魂,最需要你的爱And most of all, love yourself. While others may criticize you, learn not to be so hard on yourself, to think that you’re ugly or dumb or unworthy of love … but to think instead that you are a wonderful human being, worthy of Happiness and love … and learn to love yourself who you are最重要的是爱你自己当别人批评你时,学着不要强加自己,去认为自己丑,笨或者不值得去爱…而要想着自己是一个很完美的人,值得拥有幸福和真爱…并学会爱现在的自己Finally, know that I love you and always will. You are starting out on a weird, scary, daunting, but ultimately incredibly wonderful journey, and I will be there you when I can. Godspeed.最后,要知道我爱你并且永远都会,你即将开启一段有点奇怪,令人害怕,令人心悸但最终很不可思议的巧妙旅程,我永远会持你祝万事如意 376531

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