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Thank you, and good morning. everyone.谢谢大家,早上好!It is always an honor and a pleasure to speak here at PC Expo.能够在PCExpo展览期间在这里演讲,我感到十分荣幸,而且非常高兴。An honor because this is the premier PC show in the industry ...我之所以感到荣幸是因为PC-Expo是业界最重要的电脑展览。And a pleasure because it gives me an opportunity to thank all of the Compaq customers in this audience for your business.我之所以感到高兴是因为它给我提供了一个机会,使我得以在这里向所有的康柏客户表示感谢,谢谢他们给予康柏的大力持。We at Compaq know that our success comes from one source - our customers. We also know that in this highly competitive business, we must continuously earn your trust and confidence.所有的康柏员工都非常明白,我们成功的唯一源泉就是您--我们的客户。我们也明白在这个竞争极其激烈的业务领域里,我们必须不断地赢得您的信任和信心。To that end, we are committed to provide you with innovative products like the ones you will see on display at our booth here at the Javits Center to deliver the most rewarding buying experience and to constantly improve our ability to meet your computing needs.为了实现这个目的,我们致力于为您提供具有创新特性的产品,就像您将在Javits中心康柏展台所看到的展品。我们还将努力使您享受到最佳的购买体验,并获得最丰厚的回报。同时,我们将不断提高我们自己的能力,以充分满足您的计算需求。It is this last point that is really at the heart of what I want to talk about today - how Compaq is evolving to meet your rapidly changing needs.我所说的最后一点其实就是我今天将要重点讨论的问题,也就是康柏将如何发展以满足您快速变化的需求。I want to discuss our vision of a new world of computing our decision to acquire Digital and what the combined company will be able to do for you.我想与大家探讨一下未来计算的蓝图,康柏收购DEC的决定,以及康柏能够为您所做的一切。Success in our industry is a constant process of invention and re-invention.在我们的行业里成功就是一个不断创造、再创造的过程。How could it be any other way in a world that is changing so rapidly - where the market rules that seemed clear one day appear to be out of date the next?除此以外,难道还有别的方式吗?要知道,这是一个变化如闪电般的市场:在这里,今天似乎市场规则已经非常明朗,而明天一切却已经陈旧过时;Where product lifecycles continue to shrink from years to months and even to weeks?在这里,产品的生命周期一缩再缩--从几年到几个月进而到几周;Where computing has moved from the small scale of local area networks to the planetary scale of the Internet?在这里,计算已经从小规模的本地区网络扩展到整个星球规模的Internet。In this interconnected world, customer expectations have never been higher.在这个网络的世界里,客户的期望值正变得越来越高。You expect to be able to access the information you need quickly and easily, from any place at any time using virtually any computing device.他们希望能够随时随地使用任何计算设备轻松快捷地访问所需的信息;You expect vendors to deliver more power at a lower cost and to make it easier to buy operate integrate and service their products.他们希望厂商以更低廉的价格提供更强大的功能,并且希望厂商使产品的购买、运行、集成和务更加简单方便。You expect the information infrastructure to be reliable and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - whether youre talking about the network itself or the systems that support your on-line bank on-line bookstore or on-line grocery.他们还希望信息基础设施一年365天每天24小时均保持可靠和可用--无论是网络本身,还是持其在线、在线书店或在线商店的系统。201311/264010

For most suicidal folks,or those contemplating suicide,they wouldnt think of hurting another person. 对于大多数试图自杀者,或考虑自杀的人,他们不会想到会伤害到另一个人,They just want their own pain to end.他们就是想结束自己的痛苦。Typically, this is accomplished in just three ways:通常,只有三种方法可以实现:sleep, drugs or alcohol, or death.睡觉,毒品或酒精,或是死亡。In my career, Ive responded to and been involved in hundreds of mental illness and suicide calls around the bridge.在我的职业生涯中,我参与了数百起大桥附近的精神疾病和自杀报案。大桥附近的精神疾病和自杀报案。Of those incidents Ive been directly involved with,Ive only lost two,but thats two too many.其中我直接参与的事件里,我只失去了两个,但两个实在太多了。One was Jason.一个是杰森。The other was a man I spoke to for about an hour.另外一个是名男子,我和他谈了大约一个小时。During that time, he shook my hand on three occasions.在那一小时里,他三次与我握手。On that final handshake,he looked at me, and he said,Kevin, Im sorry, but I have to go. 最后一次握手时,他看着我说,凯文,我很抱歉,我得走了。And he leapt.他一跃而下。Horrible, absolutely horrible.太可怕了,真的太可怕了。I do want to tell you, though,the vast majority of folks that we do get to contact on that bridge do not commit suicide.但我真的想告诉你们,绝大多数我们在桥上与之有过接触的人都没有自杀。Additionally, that very few who have jumped off the bridge and lived and can talk about it,that one to two percent,most of those folks have said that the second that they let go of that rail,they knew that they had made a mistake and they wanted to live. 另外,那些跳下桥并且幸存的极少数,那些能说起这件事的人,那百分之一、二的人,其中多数人都说,他们放开护栏的一瞬间,他们知道了自己犯下了一个错误,他们想活。I tell people, the bridge not only connects Marin to San Francisco,but people together also.我告诉人们,金门大桥连接的不仅是马林县与旧金山,也连接着人与人之间。That connection, or bridge that we make,is something that each and every one of us should strive to do.这种连接,或者我们所建的这座桥,代表着我们每一个人应当为之而努力的东西。Suicide is preventable.自杀是可以避免的。There is help. There is hope.有帮助,也有希望。Thank you very much.非常感谢大家。201506/380831

The worlds largest and most devastating世上最大、最具破坏性的environmental and industrial project环境及工业计划is situated in the heart发生于of the largest and most intact forest in the world,世上最大、保存最完整的森林当中Canadas boreal forest.加拿大北方森林It stretches right across northern Canada, in Labrador,它横跨加拿大北部的拉布拉多省its home to the largest remaining wild caribou herd为现存最大的野生驯鹿群家园in the world, the George River caribou herd,乔治河驯鹿群numbering approximately 400,000 animals.数量大约40万只Unfortunately, when I was there I couldnt find one of them,不幸的是 我前往当地时,并未见到任何一只but you have the antlers as proof.但有鹿角为All across the boreal, were blessed with this纵观整个北方森林,我们幸运地拥有incredible abundance of wetlands.丰富的湿地资源Wetlands globally are one of the most endangered ecosystems.湿地是全球濒临最严重危机的生态系统之一Theyre absolutely critical ecosystems,它们是十分重要的生态系统they clean air, they clean water,它们能净化空气和水源they sequester large amounts of greenhouse gases,它们能吸收大量温室气体and theyre home to a huge diversity of species.它们是许多物种的家园In the boreal, they are also the home where北方森林也是almost 50 percent of the 800 bird species北美所发现的800种鸟类中found in North America migrate north to breed and raise their young.半数为了抚育后代而北迁的鸟类家园In Ontario, the boreal marches down south在安大略省,北方森林向南延伸to the north shore of Lake Superior.直抵苏必利尔湖北岸And these incredibly beautiful boreal forests这片美不胜收的北方森林were the inspiration for some of the most famous art是加拿大历史中 某些著名艺术作品的灵感源泉in Canadian history, the Group of Seven were very inspired七人画派深受by this landscape,这片景观影响and so the boreal is not just a really key part of our因此,北方森林不仅是natural heritage,自然遗产的重要组成but also an important part of our cultural heritage.也是文化遗产的重要组成In Manitoba, this is an image from the east side of Lake Winnipeg,这是曼尼托巴省温尼伯湖东岸景观and this is the home of the newly designated它是联合国教科文组织新列的UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.世界文化遗产In Saskatchewan, as across all of the boreal,横跨北方森林的萨克其万省home to some of our most famous rivers,拥有一些著名湖泊an incredible network of rivers and lakes形成令人叹为观止的河流及湖泊网络that every school-age child learns about,这是每位学龄儿童都读过的知识the Peace, the Athabasca, the Churchill here, the Mackenzie,和平河、阿萨帕斯卡尔河 丘吉尔河、马更些河and these networks were the historical routes这些网络是具有历史意义的路线for the voyageur and the coureur des bois,对旅客和猎人来说the first non-Aboriginal explorers of northern Canada北加拿大第一位非原住民探险者that, taking from the First Nations people,仿效原住民的做法used canoes and paddled to explore使用独木舟for a trade route, a Northwest Passage for the fur trade.探索贸易路线,即进行毛皮交易的西北航道In the North, the boreal is bordered by the tundra,北方是被冻土带包围的北方森林and just below that, in Yukon,位于下方的育空省we have this incredible valley, the Tombstone Valley.拥有这座壮观的峡谷,墓碑谷And the Tombstone Valley is home to the Porcupine caribou herd.墓碑谷是豪猪驯鹿 (Porcupine caribou herd)的家园Now youve probably heard about the Porcupine caribou herd你或许听说过,豪猪驯鹿的in the context of its breeding ground繁殖地in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.位于北极国家野生动物保护区Well, the wintering ground is also critical事实上这片渡冬地亦十分重要and it also is not protected,却未受到保护and is potentially, could be potentially, exploited它面临一個潜在危机for gas and mineral rights.即天然气和矿物的开采The western border of the boreal in British Columbia位于卑诗省的北方森林西部边界is marked by the Coast Mountains,即海岸山脉and on the other side of those mountains这座山脉的另一侧is the greatest remaining temperate rainforest in the world,是世上现存最大的温带雨林the Great Bear Rainforest,大熊雨林and well discuss that in a few minutes in a bit more detail.我们稍后会做详细介绍All across the boreal, its home for a huge纵观整个北方森林,它是众多incredible range of indigenous peoples,原住民族群荟萃之地and a rich and varied culture.拥有丰富多样的文化And I think that one of the reasons why我认为大多族群so many of these groups have retained a link to the past,依然保有其固有文化的原因之一know their native languages,例如母语the songs, the dances, the traditions,歌曲、舞蹈、传统I think part of that reason is because of the remoteness,我认为部分原因在于它地处偏远the span and the wilderness幅员广大且依旧保持原始面貌of this almost 95 percent intact ecosystem.在这片将近95%生态系统尚未遭受破坏的土地当中。201410/331444

Mel Gibsons Passion Of The Christ not glamorous.Mel Gibson的耶稣受难记不属于这类范畴。Thats glamour:这就是魅力。thats Michelangelos Pieta, where Mary is the same age as Jesus and theyre both awfully happy and pleasant.这是米开朗琪罗的圣母怜子雕像,这里的圣母玛丽与耶稣同龄而且都十分开心,无忧无虑。Glamour invites us to live in a different world.魅力使得我们能够进入另一个世界。It has to simultaneously be mysterious, a little bit distant thats why, often in these glamour shots, the person is not looking at the audience,这同时要求其不得不保持一定的神秘性,一点点的距离。所以你经常可以在这些魅力的摄影中发现画面中的人并非看着观众。its why sunglasses are glamorous but also not so far above us that we cant identify with the person.这也就是太阳镜之所以迷人的原因了,但是也不能高高在上不可靠近。In some sense, there has to be something like us.在某种程度上,必须存在着和我们相似的因素。So as I say, in religious art, you know, God is not glamorous.因此正如我说过,宗教艺术中,你知道,上帝是不富有魅力的。God cannot be glamorous because God is omnipotent,omniscient too far above us.上帝不能带有这种特质因为他无所不能,无所不知。这一切都使得我们只能敬畏之。And yet you will see in religious art, saints or the Virgin Mary will often be portrayed-not always-in glamorous forms.然而你可以在宗教艺术中经常发现描绘圣人,或者圣母玛利亚的作品-竭力展现出其迷人的一面-虽然并不经常。As I said earlier, glamour does not have to be about people,but it has to have this transcendent quality.就像我之前说的,魅力并非和人沾上关系。但是卓越的品质这一点是不可或缺的。What is it about Superman?试想一下超人。Aside from Alex Rosss style, which is very glamorous, one thing about Superman is he makes you believe that a man can fly.除了Alex Ross非常迷人的造型,超人能深入人心的一个原因就是他使得你相信人是可以飞的。Glamour is all about transcending this world and getting to an idealized, perfect place.魅力的宗旨就是提升这个世界的可能性达到一种理想化,完美的境界。And this is one reason that modes of transportation tend to be extremely glamorous.这也就是为什么当代的交通运输方式如此的吸引人。The less experience we have with them, the more glamorous they are.而且对于我们来说,它们越是陌生,其迷人的色就越浓厚。So you can do a glamorized picture of a car, but you cant do a glamorized picture of traffic.因此你可以制作一张魅力跑车的图片,但是你不能用同样的方式把交通描绘出来。You can do a glamorized picture of an airplane, but not the inside.你可以制作一张彰显飞机的魅力的图片,但对其内部机制却不能。The notion is that its going to transport you,and the story is not about, you know, the guy in front of you in the airplane,who has this nasty little kid, or the big cough.这是因为那种被运载的思想,而且事实并不是像,你知道,飞机前这个家伙和他的讨厌的小孩,或者一阵咳嗽。The story is about where youre arriving, or thinking about where youre arriving.事情是你到达的目的地,或者想到你在哪里到达。And this sense of being transported is one reason that we have glamour styling.而且这种被运载的感觉才是它吸引我们的一个原因。This sort of streamlining styling is not just glamorous because we associate it with movies of that period, but because,in its streamlining, it transports us from the everyday.我们所说的魅力并不在于这种流程化的风格。因为我们将其同相应时期的影片结合起来了,而是因为在这种流线型的体验中,我们日复一日的被它承载者。The same thing-arches are very glamorous.同样的-拱形是非常富有魅力的。Arches with stained glass-even more glamorous.再加上色玻璃-就更加迷人了。Staircases that curve away from you are glamorous.那远远看去弯曲的楼梯十分吸引人。I happen to find that particular staircase picture very glamorous because, to me, it captures the whole promise of the academic contemplative life but maybe thats because I went to Princeton.我恰巧发现某种特定的楼梯图片非常吸引我。因为对我来说,它牢牢的呈现了那种思想者学术生活的风格,或者因为我在普林斯顿大学上过学吧。Anyway, skylines are super glamorous, city streets-not so glamorous.总之,天际线迷人的难以置信,城市街道-却不这样。You know, when you get, actually to this town it has reality.你知道,当你真正的,走进一个真实的小城。The horizon, the open road, is very, very glamorous.地平线,开阔的公路,如此如此的迷人。There are few things more glamorous than the horizon except, possibly, multiple horizons.还有几样比地平线更富有魅力的事物。除了,那种,多重地平线的可能,而且。Of course, here you dont feel the cold, or the heat you just see the possibilities.当然,这里你不会感到冷,或者是热你看到的只是可能性。In order to pull glamour off, you need this Renaissance quality of sprezzatura, which is a term coined by Castiglione in his book, ;The Book Of The Courtier.为了顺利的呈现出魅力,你需要这种sprezzatura的文艺复兴的特性,这个词语的典故是Castiglione在一本书,廷臣之书。Theres the not-glamorous version of what it looks like today, after a few centuries.经历了几个世纪以后,这个版本以今天的眼光看来已经不再令人印象深刻了。201412/346615

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