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Musharraf Praises 'New Era of Democracy' for Pakistan穆沙拉夫称巴基斯坦走向民主时代Pakistan's president says his country, is ushering in a new era of democracy following years of his autocratic rule. Pervez Musharraf, in his Pakistan Day address, also credited his regime with paving the way for the return to civilian government. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫说,巴基斯坦在经历了他多年的专制统治后,正走向一个新的民主时代。穆沙拉夫在巴基斯坦国庆日的讲话中还赞扬了他的政府为巴基斯坦重返文官政府铺平了道路。Members of the armed forces - from the mechanized infantry to nurses - paraded past President Pervez Musharraf and other dignitaries, while fighter jets screeched by overhead, as the country celebrated Pakistan Day. 从机械化步兵到护士,巴基斯坦武装部队的成员们游行经过穆沙拉夫总统和其他巴基斯坦政要。同时,喷气式战斗机在空中呼啸而过,这是巴基斯坦庆祝“巴基斯坦日”的场面。The unpopular president, who came to power in a 1999 military coup, appeared in civilian clothing after yielding to pressure last November to give up the powerful post as Army chief.  不得人心的穆沙拉夫总统在1999年的一次军事政变中夺取了政权。迫于压力,穆沙拉夫于去年11月放弃了掌握实权的陆军参谋长职务。他身穿文官装出席“巴基斯坦日”的庆祝仪式。In his address at the national stadium in the capital Sunday, Mr. Musharraf hailed a "new real era of democracy" for Pakistan. 穆沙拉夫在巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡的国家体育场发表了讲话。他宣称巴基斯坦进入“一个新的民主时代”。While making reference to the incoming civilian government resulting from democratic elections he permitted this year, the president also defended his nine years of strong-armed rule as a journey "toward democracy and development." 穆沙拉夫说,即将上任的文官政府是他今年允许实行民主选举的结果。穆沙拉夫还为他为期九年的铁腕统治作辩护,称他的统治是“朝着民主和发展”的方向前进。It is uncertain whether this president will ever again preside over such a ceremony. The caretaker government he appointed is in its last hours. Mr. Musharraf will swear-in a democratically-elected prime minister on Tuesday replacing the figurehead he had appointed. 目前不能确定穆沙拉夫将来是否还会主持这样的庆典仪式。穆沙拉夫任命的临时政府很快就将期满。穆沙拉夫星期二将主持一位经过民主投票选举的总理的就职仪式,以取代他指定的傀儡领导人。The new prime minister is certain to be Yousuf Raza Gilani of the Pakistan People's Party, or PPP. Gilani on Sunday was asked by reporters whether he is certain to serve a full five-year term. He responded, "We are not here to count how many days we have remaining in the Assembly. People are not concerned whether we are here completing five years or not completing. They are only concerned whether we have delivered to the nation or not."Pakistan has a history of military coups and of presidents dismissing prime ministers. Gilani aly faces the perception that he will serve at the whim of party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Speculation is intense here that Zardari seeks to install himself as prime minister, perhaps within a matter of months.The Pakistan Peoples Party has agreed to a coalition government with a long-time rival, the Muslim League faction of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. During the campaign both parties expressed opposition to the president's autocratic rule. Many members of the new coalition want Mr. Musharraf to exit quickly as head of state, either by resignation or through impeachment.  巴基斯坦人民党同意与它的长期竞争对手、巴基斯坦前总理谢里夫领导的穆斯林联盟谢里夫派组成联合政府。两党在竞选活动中都表示反对穆沙拉夫总统的专制统治。新联合政府的许多成员要求穆沙拉夫尽快地退出巴基斯坦总统的职务,他们要穆沙拉夫辞职,否则就要采取弹劾他的方式让他下台。Another showdown is looming between legislators and the president. The PPP and Mr. Sharif's party have agreed to reinstate the top layer of the country's judiciary which Mr. Musharraf removed last year.  巴基斯坦议员们和穆沙拉夫总统之间还有一场摊牌式的较量。巴基斯坦人民党和谢里夫的政党都同意恢复去年被穆沙拉夫罢免的巴基斯坦首席大法官的职务。The embattled head of state on Sunday also called on the new government to maintain peace and socio-economic development. The president added that he hopes Pakistan's civilian leaders will continue the struggle with the same force that he has applied against terrorism and extremism.  备受抨击的穆沙拉夫总统星期天还呼吁新政府保持巴基斯坦的和平和社会经济的发展。穆沙拉夫还说,他希望巴基斯坦的文职领导人能像他一样,继续坚持与恐怖主义和极端主义力量做斗争。Mr. Musharraf has been Washington's staunch ally in the U.S.-led international war against terrorism. It is unclear whether the democratically-elected government leaders will have the same stance or take a different approach to the security threats facing the country. 穆沙拉夫在美国领导的国际反恐战争中,一直是美国的亲密盟友。目前还不清楚,经过民主选举的新政府是会采取相同的立场还是会采取一条不同的方式来对付巴基斯坦所面临的安全威胁。200803/31895Hello, welcome back to Tip Top Trading where everyone is gossiping about Paul’s announcement.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,大家都在议论保罗的通知。Anna is to lead the company’s new stock management system for the new laser-curved fruit.安娜将领导公司新型激光曲线水果的库存管理系统。Yes Anna…the new girl…she’s done really well although I don’t know what experience she’s got….是的,安娜,新来的那个女孩,她做得很好,尽管我不知道她有什么经验……anyway, about the hairdresser you mentioned, oh I loved his aftershave…总之你提到的那个美发师,我喜欢他修脸后的样子。I can’t understand it. I’ve got all the experience and all the ideas…she’s just such a…Tom. Sorry to interrupt,我搞不懂,我很有经验而且又有想法,她只是一个……汤姆,抱歉打扰了,I just wanted to check you’re ok with me leading this strategy for stock management.我只是想确认你对于我来领导库存管理计划没问题。Oh of course. Yeah, you deserve it.当然,这是你应得的。That was a nice touch Anna.说得不错,安娜。But Tom, now you must help me.但是汤姆,你必须得帮我。Anna! That’s not the best way to ask for help.安娜,这不是求人帮忙的好态度。Remember what I’ve always told you about politeness?记得我一直告诉你得礼貌呢?Be polite – yes you keep telling me that.礼貌点,是的,你一直这么告诉我。And if you want someone to help you, ask them, don’t tell them – even if it is Tom!如果你想让人帮你,去请求他们,不是命令他们。即使是对待汤姆!Oh right. I’m in a bit of a panic.好的,我有点慌了。I’ve never done this before. I don’t know where to begin.我从来没做过这个,我不知道从何开始。Well start by asking your colleagues for help like this: I would be most grateful if you could give me some help.首先像这样请求你的同事帮忙:如果你能帮我,我会非常感激。Please could I ask you for some advice?我可以请你对我提些建议吗?I know you’re busy but could you spare me a few minutes of your time please?我知道你很忙,但是能占用你几分钟时间吗? /201702/483865

G8 Leaders to Discuss Africa, Climate八国峰会讨论援助非洲、气候问题  Leaders from the world's biggest industrial nations meet in Japan on Monday for the annual Group of Eight summit. 世界主要工业化国家领导人星期一在日本出席八大工业发达国家高峰会议。U.S. President George Bush says he will use this year's G8 summit to press other leaders to honor previous commitments to help Africa.  美国总统布什说,他将利用今年八大国峰会的机会,敦促其他国家领导人履行先前作出的对非洲的援助承诺。"We need people who not only make promises, but write checks for the sake of human rights and human dignity and for the sake of peace. Accountability is really important when it comes to our work on the continent of Africa," President Bush said. 他说:“我们需要那些不仅能够作出承诺、而且能够兑现承诺的人,能为人权和人的尊严以及和平努力提供资金。在我们为非洲大陆所作的努力中,我们必须能承担责任,这很重要。”Two years ago, G8 leaders promised to double financial assistance to Africa to billion by the year 2010. But the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered. 两年前,八大工业国领导人承诺,到2010年时,要把对非洲的经济援助提高一倍,达到220亿美元。但是,从事艾滋病和贫困工作的无党派组织“统一行动”说,到目前为止,只发放了14%的资金。Julianne Smith directs the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a bipartisan public policy research group in Washington. 朱利安娜.史密斯是战略和国际研究中心欧洲项目部主任,这个研究机构是华盛顿的一个跨党派的政策研究机构。"I think one thing Bush can say to the other G8 leaders is, look, the data that's out in terms of compliance, with the commitments that were made at the last - you know, they always check countries' compliance with the commitments that are made at the last summit," she said. "And the U.S. is really at the top of the list if you look at that data. And so, I think President Bush can come to the summit and say, I would like to see other countries increase their compliance with the commitments, whether it is aid to Africa or other economic commitments we have made." 史密斯说:“我想布什在八大工业国会议上可能会对其他国家领导人说的一件事是:看,我们在上一次峰会上所作承诺的兑现情况的数据在这里。要知道他们总是会审查这些国家对在上一次峰会中的承诺的执行情况。如果你看一下这些数据,你会发现美国真的是最信守承诺的国家。因此我想,布什总统可以在会议上说,我希望看到其它国家不论在对非洲的援助、还是在其它的经济承诺方面,都更为努力地履行诺言。”Global climate change is also on the agenda. At last year's G8 meeting in Germany, President Bush blocked binding limits on greenhouse gases because they did not apply to other big polluters, including China and India. 全球气候变化问题也是这次峰会的议程之一。去年八国集团峰会期间,布什总统阻止对温室气体排放设定限制,因为这些规定并不应用于其它污染大国,包括中国和印度。This year's summit will include China and India in a separate meeting of 16 major economies responsible for 80 percent of world carbon-dioxide emissions. 今年的峰会将让中国和印度参加另行举行的16个主要经济体会议,这16个经济体的二氧化碳排放量占全球的80%。Michael Levi is the Senior Fellow for energy and environment at the nonpartisan private research group the Council on Foreign Relations. He says summit host Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda wants to keep the ed States in the process ahead of what many world leaders expect to be a different approach to climate change from the next American president. 迈克尔.利瓦伊是另一个无党派私营智囊机构“外交关系协会”的能源和环境问题高级研究员。他说,峰会东道主日本首相福田康夫希望赶在美国下一任总统上台前把美国纳入气候变化问题的进程。许多世界领导人预计,美国下一任总统在气候变化问题上会有不同的做法。"I think you will see a similar thing at this meeting: the Japanese trying to balance a desire to have the strongest-possible outcome with an even larger interest in making sure that whatever path this meeting sets the group on for the future, the ed States can be part of it and a new U.S. administration can steer it in a direction that they will be pleased with," he said. 利瓦伊说:“我想,在这次会议上你会看到类似的情况:即日本想努力平衡希望尽可能达到最强效果的愿望。他们更感兴趣的是无论这次会议为这个集团的未来设定什么样的目标和方向,都要确保美国参与其中。新的美国总统的政府能朝他们所乐意的方向前进。”Prime Minister Fukuda wants a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. White House officials say that is a worthy goal, but they are focused more on each nation setting its own mid-term targets. 福田康夫首相希望在2050年时,把温室气体的排放量减少50%。白宫官员说,这是很有价值的目标。但是,他们更关注的是每一个国家都设定自己的中期目标。Michael Green was senior director for Asian affairs at the U.S. National Security Council in 2004 and 2005. He is now an associate professor of international relations at Georgetown University. 迈克尔.格林曾经在2004年到2005年期间担任美国国家安全委员会亚洲事务的高级负责人。他现在是乔治敦大学国际关系副教授。"The other leaders know there is an election in November. And they are looking very, very closely at the positions that Senators McCain and Obama are taking on issues like climate change, non-proliferation, North Korea, Iran, and so forth," Green noted. "But I do not think that the president's potential leadership role or stature is as diminished as you might expect in this forum, in part because he knows them all quite well. They have a working relationship. They have a common interest in demonstrating that this forum can do something." 格林说:“其他国家领导人知道今年11月美国要举行大选。因此,他们都在非常密切地注视参议员麦凯恩和奥巴马在气候变化、核不扩散、北韩、伊朗等问题上的立场。但是,我认为,布什总统在这次论坛上的领导人角色或是领导地位不会像你可能预想的那样会弱化。部分原因是,他很了解这些领导人,他们之间有工作关系。他们有共同的利益,那就是,他们需要向世界展示这是一个可以有所作为的论坛。”In addition to China and India, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa are invited to this summit as are South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia. Reflecting the meeting's focus on African issues, the head of the African Union is expected to attend as are the leaders of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania. 除了中国、印度、墨西哥、巴西和南非外,韩国、印度尼西亚和澳大利亚也被邀请参加这次峰会。为了展示非洲问题是这次峰会的主要议题,预计非洲联盟领导人、埃塞俄比亚、加纳、尼日利亚、塞内加尔以及坦桑尼亚领导人都会出席会议。200807/43501

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading markets for jewelry.  香港是世界主要珠宝市场之一。In Hall Seven of Hong Kong's Convention and Exhibition Center, table after table is stacked with strings of pearls, looking more like a rummage sale than a display of luxury and elegance. Most of the pearls are from one country: China. 香港会展中心7号展厅内珍珠连排摆放,看似清仓拍卖而不象是奢华品展示。大部分珍珠都来自中国。Didier Brodbeck, a French pearl expert, says Chinese fresh water pearls now account for about 95 percent of the world's total pearl production. 布罗德贝克是法国珍珠出口商人。他说,中国淡水珍珠现在占据世界珍珠生产总量的大约95%。"The boom is very recent, maybe 10 years ago, but the pearls are getting better and better, bigger and bigger, and more attractive, you know," said Brodbeck. "In the early days, they were not very good quality pearls. They are still very, very cheap, because the production is so big." 布罗德贝克说:“珍珠生产暴涨是不久之前的事情,可能就是10年前,但是珍珠现在变得越来越好、越来越大、越来越有吸引力。他们在早期的时候质量并不是很好。他们现在依然非常廉价,因为产量是如此巨大。”While mass cultivation has caused the price of pearls to drop dramatically in the past few years, South Sea pearls from countries such as Polynesia and Australia remain expensive. This is because they are more rare, because they develop naturally in oysters in the sea. 尽管大规模养殖导致珍珠价格过去几年中巨幅下降,但是来自波利尼西亚和澳大利亚的南海珍珠的价格继续居高不下,因为它们在海水牡蛎中自然生成。Brodbeck says Hong Kong has become the center of the pearl business in the past decade, after taking over from the previous pearl capital, Kobe, Japan. But Brodbeck says Hong Kong may lose its position to a newly created city in mainland China. Pearl City, in Zhuji, on the Yangtze River is set to open later this year. It aims at becoming the world's leading center for the cultivation and trade of pearls. 布罗德贝克说,香港过去10年中取代珍珠之都的日本神户,成为珍珠商业中心。但是他说,中国大陆一个新建的城市可能会取代香港的地位。长江流域的诸暨珍珠城计划今年晚些时候开张,目的是成为世界上最主要的珍珠养殖与交易中心。"They want to take the business away from Kobe and Hong Kong and have a world pearl market open every day of the week, all year round, so people can buy any kind of pearls, and they want the Chinese, the Japanese, Polynesians - everybody to come who has interest in dealing with pearls," he said. "And, when the project will be done they expect to have like 4500 firms established there that will be open seven days a week." 布罗德贝克说:“他们希望从神户和香港手中把生意抢走,并且一年四季每天都有一个世界珍珠市场在那里开张。这样人们可以购买任何珍珠。他们也希望中国人、日本人、波利尼西亚人,每位希望珍珠交易的人都前往珍珠城。项目完成之后,他们预计会有大约4千5公司在那里立足,每周7天营业。”Hong Kong's International Jewelry Show is the world's third largest fair of its kind. More than 2300 exhibitors participated in the latest fair, setting a record. 香港国际珠宝展览会是世界上第三大珠宝展,参展商超过2千3,创下新的记录。Hong Kong is the world's fourth-largest exporter of precious jewelry. The city is also the world's biggest exporter of imitation jewelry and a leading producer of gold items. 香港是世界上第四大稀有珠宝的出口地,也是世界上仿造珠宝最大的出口地和黄金产品的主要生产地。Many producers have been affected by rising gold prices. The price surged more than 30 percent in the past year, reaching a historic high of almost ,000 an ounce this month.  很多制造商都受到黄金价格上涨的影响。黄金价格去年飙升超过30%,本月几乎达到一盎司售价1千美元的历史新高。This Hong Kong producer of gold jewelry, who mainly sells to the ed States, says his profit has shrunk because now customers buy cheaper items. 一位主要向美国出口的香港黄金珠宝制造商说,现在顾客都购买廉价商品,让他的利润缩水。"Looking at Valentine's Day sales' turnover, for example, was the units haven't really gone down in America - the sales value has definitely gone down," he said. "Also, the buyers ask for a lot more silver products which we don't specialize in, and silver and gold." 他说:“比如说,看看情人节的销售额,就可以发现商品数量在美国并没有下降,而是销售额下降。而且买家对银质产品的需求增加,而我们并不是银质产品的行家。”Some parts of the world have remained relatively unaffected by higher gold prices. Simon Yau, with the World Gold Council, says in China, demand remains high. 世界上有些地区相比之下没有受到黄金价格升高的影响。"For example the last year, in 2007, the gold demand in China is aly (up) over something 20 percent," Yau noted. "Also in the first two months of this year - that means January and February - demand is still growing up comparing to last year. It is about 20-something percent growth compared to last year. We believe that retail and the consumer demand is still there. They have money." 世界黄金委员会的邱西蒙说,中国对黄金的需求量依然很高。邱西蒙说:“比如说,中国对黄金的需求去年2007年已经增加了大约20%。今年的头两个月,也就是1月和2月,对黄金的需求与去年同期相比依然上涨了大约20%。我们相信黄金零售和消费需求依然存在。他们有钱。”China became the world's second biggest gold buyer, last year, overtaking the ed States. The world's biggest buyer remains India, where gifts of gold jewelry play an important part in weddings and other celebrations. 中国去年超越美国成为世界第二大黄金购买国,仅次于印度。印度黄金珠宝礼物在婚礼和其它庆祝活动中扮演主要角色。In both India and China, there is a growing interest in diamonds, as a symbol of newly acquired wealth. This employee of an Israeli diamond firm says that as sales in the ed States have fallen, because of the economic downturn there. Her company increasingly focuses on India and China. 印度和中国都对钻石的兴趣不减,而钻石是暴富的象征。以色列钻石公司一位雇员说,钻石在美国的销售因为经济下滑而减少了。她的公司越来越将注意力集中到印度和中国。"At one time, it was just China was buying for production and exporting. Now, they are buying for their own consumption," she said. "And, the same with India. India used to buy and export - just for manufacturing and then export it and now the Indian population, 10 percent of the Indian population is very, very wealthy and that 10 percent people have now become very interested in diamonds and the money they have is phenomenal." 她说:“中国一度只为生产和出口而购买钻石,现在却是为自身消费而购买钻石。印度也是这样。印度过去为加工然后出口而购买钻石,现在印度10%的人口非常富有,这10%的人现在对钻石非常感兴趣,而且他们有很多的钱。”It is India's fashionable youth who are driving diamond sales. They see diamonds as more trendy than traditional gold. With a large population of educated young adults entering the job market in India, traders at the Hong Kong fair expect to see a strong market there for years.  驱动钻石销售的是印度时尚的年轻一族。在他们的眼中,钻石要比传统黄金更为时尚。随着受过教育的年轻一代进入印度就业市场,香港展览会里的商人们预计会看到印度钻石市场的未来无限商机。200803/30507

  McCain, Obama Clash Over Iraq Troop Surge美国总统候选人辩论对伊增兵战略 The presumed Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, continues to accuse his Democratic rival of advocating a defeatist U.S. policy for Iraq. The verbal salvo follows the conclusion of Senator Barack Obama's weeklong foreign trip that included stops in Iraq and Afghanistan. 即将获得美国共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员继续指责他的民主党对手宣扬美国在伊拉克的失败主义政策。在麦凯恩发起这场口头攻击前,奥巴马参议员刚刚结束了为期一周的海外之行,包括对伊拉克和阿富汗的访问。Senator Obama has long advocated a timetable for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, as well as a boost in American forces deployed to Afghanistan.  奥巴马参议员一直主张为美军从伊拉克撤退制定时间表,并且在阿富汗部署更多的美国部队。During his trip, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee was clearly heartened by Iraqi government statements endorsing the concept of withdrawing U.S. troops by 2010, as well as statements by the Bush administration on the need to focus more attention on the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. 在奥巴马出国访问期间,伊拉克政府发表声明,持美国在2010年之前撤军的想法,而布什政府也说,需要把更多注意力集中在阿富汗日益恶化的安全局势上。显然,这些发展都令奥巴马感到鼓舞。But if events of the last week appeared to favor the Obama message on Iraq and Afghanistan, his likely Republican opponent is drawing attention to Obama's opposition to last year's troop surge in Iraq, believed by many to have contributed greatly to the current low levels of violence in the country. 不过,如果说上周发生的事情似乎对奥巴马在伊拉克和阿富汗问题上的立场有利,那么奥巴马的共和党对手麦凯恩则让人们注意到,奥巴马曾反对去年施行的伊拉克增兵战略。许多人认为,这一战略在很大程度上导致了伊拉克目前较低的暴力水平。Speaking on A's This Week program, McCain accused Obama of taking a politically expedient position on Iraq that would have put America's entire mission in jeopardy. 麦凯恩在美国广播公司“本周”节目上指责奥巴马在伊拉克问题上采取的立场是出于政治利弊的权宜之计,并说这将会危及美国在伊拉克的整个使命。"He [Obama] does not understand what is at stake here," said John McCain. "And he chose to take a political path that helped him get the nomination of his party. I took a path [in backing the surge] that I knew was unpopular, because I knew we had to win in Iraq. And we are winning in Iraq. And if we had done what Senator Obama wanted done, it would have been chaos, genocide, increased Iranian influence, and perhaps al-Qaida establishing a base again [in Iraq]." 他说:“奥巴马并不明白这里的利益关系。他选择的政治途径是为了帮助他获得民主党提名。而我走了一条不受欢迎的路,那就是持增兵战略,因为我知道我们必须在伊拉克取得胜利。我们也正在取得胜利。如果我们按照奥巴马参议员所希望的那么做,那么伊拉克早就陷入混乱、种族清洗之中了,伊朗在那里的影响力也会加大,可能连基地组织都已经在伊拉克重新建立了基地。”For Obama, the important question is not whether the surge was a good idea, but how best to deploy America's limited military and financial resources going forward, given what he considers an ill-advised U.S. decision to invade Iraq in 2003. The senator spoke on N's Meet The Press program. 对于奥巴马来说,问题的关键不在于增兵战略是不是一个好主意。他认为,美国在2003年入侵伊拉克是一个错误的决定,因此最重要的问题是如何才能最好地部署美国有限的兵力和财力。奥巴马在美国全国广播公司“面对媒体”节目上说:"There is no doubt, and I have said this repeatedly, that our troops [in Iraq] make a difference," said Barack Obama. "My job as the next commander-in-chief is going to be [to] make a decision: what is the right war to fight and how do we fight it? And I think we should have been focused on Afghanistan from the start. We should have finished that job. We have not. But we now have the opportunity, moving forward, to begin a phased redeployment [from Iraq] and make sure we are finishing the job in Afghanistan." “我已经说过很多次了,毫无疑问,我们的部队在伊拉克是发挥了作用的。而作为下一任军队统帅,我的任务是作出一个决定,那就是:什么样的战争是该打的,以及我们要怎样去打?我认为,我们从一开始的时候就应该集中精力处理阿富汗问题。我们应当先完成在阿富汗的任务。然而我们并没有完成。不过,我们现在有这个机会继续前进,开始逐步把在在伊拉克的军力重新部署,以确保我们完成在阿富汗的作战任务。”U.S. public opinion surveys show a tight race between the two presidential contenders, with most Americans rating economic issues as their top concerns. 美国的民意调查结果显示,这两位总统候选人实力接近,难分伯仲,而大多数美国人把经济问题列为他们最关心的问题。200807/44981

  US Negotiator Reports Some Progress in N. Korean Nuclear Talks 希尔说与北韩的核谈判有一些进展  The chief U.S. negotiator in six-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear crisis says talks with his North Korean counterpart in Singapore were good and may yield progress.  北韩核问题六方会谈的美国首席谈判代表希尔表示,他在新加坡和北韩谈判代表的会谈进行顺利,可能取得进展。 Ambassador Chris Hill spoke to journalists in Beijing, after a day of meetings with his North Korean counterpart Kim Kye-gwan in Singapore. 美国助理国务卿希尔在新加坡和北韩副外务相金桂冠会谈一天后,在北京对媒体说:"I would say these are good discussions, that I think allowed us to make some progress, as we try to get through what has turned out to be this difficult second phase," he said. “我认为会谈是顺利的,我认为,在我们努力克这个艰难的第二阶段的时候,会谈让我们取得了一些进展。”The main sticking point is disagreement over a detailed declaration of North Korea's nuclear programs, which it was to have provided before an end of 2007 deadline. 主要的症结是各方在北韩公布核项目清单的问题上意见不一致。北韩本应该在2007年底的最后期限以前提供所有的核设施细节。Pyongyang says it has aly provided the declaration. Washington says it has not yet received what it calls a full and correct accounting. 平壤说已经提供了这份清单,而华盛顿表示,还没有收到美国所说的全面准确的清单。Hill was optimistic about his talks with the representative from North Korea, which he referred to by its official initials, DPRK, for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  希尔对与北韩代表的谈判感到乐观,他以正式名称的缩写称北韩为朝鲜民主主义人民共和国。"We are talking about a declaration that has several elements," said Hill. "The key ones will be the amount of plutonium that the DPRK declares. But we have been able to have very good discussions with some of the other key factors that has allowed us to go forward." 希尔说:“我们讨论了这份清单应该包括几个部分。关键的部分是朝鲜民主主义人民共和国所公布的金属钸的数量。不过,我们能在其它主要问题上一直保持良好的谈判,这些使谈判能够向前发展。”Hill said any agreements between Washington and Pyongyang also must be vetted by the other four nations in the six-party grouping on the North Korean nuclear issue: China, South Korea, Japan and Russia. 希尔说,华盛顿和平壤的任何协议都必须经过六方会谈的其它4个国家的认可,这些国家是中国、韩国、日本、俄罗斯。Hill met separately in Beijing with his Chinese, South Korean and Japanese counterparts. 希尔在北京分别会见了来自日本、中国和韩国代表团的首席谈判代表。He said although he has nothing concrete to announce this trip, he hinted more information will be forthcoming in the near future, after he consults with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington.  希尔说,尽管他这次访问没有具体成果可以宣布,但是他暗示,在回到华盛顿同国务卿赖斯磋商以后,今后不远的将来会有更多的消息发表。 200804/34143。

  She was always listening in to other peoples conversations and shes always changing jobs.她总是偷听别人的谈话而且不停的换工作。Thats why they call her Rachel Rabbit – you know, big ears, always jumping from one job to another.所以他们都叫她兔子瑞秋,大耳朵,总是从一个工作换到另一个。Rachel Rabbit! Thats funny.兔子瑞秋!有意思。So she isnt that good then?所以她并没有那么好?Oh, useless!无用之人!She only worked for Mr Socrates because her father threatened to sue the company, after one of our plastic pineapples fell off a shelf and broke his toe.她为苏格拉底工作是因为她的父亲威胁要告我们,之前我们的一个塑料菠萝从架子上掉下来砸坏了他的脚趾。But, better keep that under your hat.但最好要保密。My hat?我的帽子?I mean, keep it secret.我是说要保密。Oh right, I see.好的。我明白了。Well, now shes ordered loads of second-hand oranges to send to our new customer in France.现在她定了大量的二手橙子发给我们法国的新客户。But they wanted Imperial Lemons.但他们想要皇家柠檬。I know. Im not sure what to do, so Im going to have to speak to Paul about this.我知道。我不知该怎么办了,所以我得和保罗谈谈这些。Yes its a good idea to refer up sometimes – ask the boss for advice.是的,有时上报是一个好主意,问问老板的意见。Say to him ;Im concerned that Rachel has made a mistake that might affect the business;.对他说“我担心瑞秋犯了一个错误,这可能会影响生意。”You might also say ;shes not pulling her weight;, meaning shes not doing the work she is supposed to do.你也可以说“她没有做好份内的工作”,意思是她没有干她该干的活。 /201705/507595

  A new report by a consortium of British aid agencies says the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is the worst in forty years. VOA's Jim Teeple reports the report blames Israel for the crisis, but Israeli officials say Hamas militants are to blame.  几个英国救援组织联合发表的一份新报告说,加沙地区出现了40年来最差的人道主义状况。这份报告指责以色列造成了目前的危机,但以色列官员说,哈马斯激进分子要为此承担责任。Eight British aid organizations say the humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated to the worst point in 40 years and that it will likely get worse unless Israel eases its blockade of the territory.  8个英国救援组织说,加沙的人道主义状况已经恶化到了40年来的最差水平,而且,如果以色列不放松对加沙地区的封锁,目前的人道危机还会进一步加剧。According to the report, more than one million people or 80 percent of Gaza's population is now dependent on food aid and that Gaza's power, water and sewage systems have collapsed.  这份报告说,有超过100万的加沙居民目前靠食品援助生活,这相当于这一地区总人口的80%。此外,加沙的电力、供水和污水处理系统也都已经瘫痪。Michael Bailey of the Jerusalem OXFAM office says life in Gaza has always been a struggle, but after Israel closed Gaza's borders last year following the Hamas takeover of the territory, things got dramatically worse.  救援组织乐施会耶路撒冷办公室的贝利说,加沙的生活一直都很艰辛。但是,去年哈马斯取得加沙地区的控制权之后,以色列就关闭了加沙边境。此后,加沙地区的情况急剧恶化。"In four weeks, 65,000 jobs were lost. Ninety percent of the manufacturing industry was shut down," Bailey said. "Forty thousand people in the agricultural industry are finding it very hard to maintain their jobs and eight out of ten families in Gaza are dependent on food aid."  他说:“在4个星期里有6万5千人失业。90%的制造业企业关门。在农业方面工作的4万人发现很难维持他们的工作,而每10个加沙家庭中就有8个要靠食品援助过活。”Bailey says 300,000 people in Gaza do not have regular supplies of water and 60 tons of raw sewage is discharged into the ocean every day because sewage treatment plants no longer work. He says many schools also do not have power. As a result he says Gaza's educational system has broken down, and children there fail basic tests in rudimentary subjects. Bailey and the other groups behind the report say they blame Israel for the situation because it controls Gaza's borders.  贝利说,有30万名加沙居民得不到正常的供水。此外,由于污水处理厂关门,每天有60吨未经处理的污水被直接排入大海。他说,很多学校也停电了,导致教育系统瘫痪,加沙儿童无法通过基本课程的考试。贝利和其它参与编写这份报告的救援组织说,他们把目前的情况归咎于以色列,因为以色列控制着加沙边境。"We are saying that because Israel is still in control, it is still the occupying power even though they (Israel) are not inside Gaza; they control all the borders, the air and the sea space," Bailey said. "Therefore whoever is in charge inside Gaza, they are really powerless to control and economy that depends 90 percent on imports for any manufacturing or productivity."  他说:“我们认为,由于以色列依然有控制权,所以虽然它不在加沙领土内,它依旧是占领国。以色列控制着所有的边境、领空和领海。因此,不论谁在加沙内部作主,实际上都没有真正的控制权,也无法解决经济问题,因为加沙的制造业和生产能力90%依赖进口。”The ed States and the European Union consider Hamas a terrorist organization and have cut off all but humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip since the group seized power there last June. 美国和欧盟认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,自从该组织去年6月掌权以来,美国和欧盟已经切断了除人道主义救援外对加沙地带的所有援助项目。Israeli officials have strongly denounced the report, calling it biased.  以色列有关官员强烈抨击这份报告,说它是不公正的。Major Peter Lerner, the spokesman for Israel's military and civil authorities in the Palestinian territories says Hamas militants who seized power in Gaza last year are to blame for the situation. Lerner says Israel is committed to preventing a humanitarian emergency from developing in Gaza - and does so at considerable risk to itself.  巴勒斯坦领土上的以色列军方和民政当局发言人莱纳少校说,去年取得加沙控制权的哈马斯激进分子才应该为目前的状况负责。莱纳说,以色列致力于阻止加沙的人道主义紧急情况进一步发展,而且这样做是冒了很大风险的。"We, Israel actually, function the crossings under fire from Palestinian snipers and mortar fire, which no other state in the world would do, and for us is very problematic obviously," Lerner said. 他说:“实际上,我们以色列人是在受到巴勒斯坦狙击手和迫击炮攻击的情况下管理过境点的,世界上没有别的国家会像我们这么做。很显然,对我们来说,这是一个很大的问题。”Since the beginning of this year the situation in Gaza has been at a boiling point. In January Hamas militants knocked down Gaza's border wall with Egypt in a bid to break the territory's blockade. Since then, Palestinian militants have stepped up rocket attacks against towns and cities in southern Israel, leading to Israeli retaliatory attacks that killed many Palestinians, which led the moderate Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas to suspend peace talks with Israel. The talks were restored this week after direct intervention from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. There are signs that things may improve in Gaza. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will abstain from attacking militants in Gaza if they stop their rocket attacks. Hamas leaders and other Palestinian militants have begun talks with Egyptian officials about establishing a truce with Israel. For the people of Gaza a truce would be the first good news in many months.  有迹象表明,加沙的情况可能会改善。以色列总理奥尔默特说,如果加沙的激进分子停止火箭袭击,以色列也将放弃对他们的攻击。哈马斯领导人和其他巴勒斯坦激进分子已经开始同埃及官员进行会谈,讨论同以色列建立停火协议的问题。对加沙人民来说,停火协议可能是好几个月以来的第一个好消息。200803/29015Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles. 今年3月20号是美国攻打伊拉克五周年,美国几座城市的抗议者星期六举行反战集会。未来几天美国其它城市也计划举行类似抗议集会。有几千人参加了洛杉矶的反战示威。Marchers chanted and some carried flag-draped coffins as speakers demanded that U.S. troops come home. 集会者高呼口号,有些人还抬着用国旗覆盖的棺木,集会发言人要求美国军队撤离伊拉克回国。集会者高呼,“停止战争......”Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 美国-伊斯兰关系协会的谢拉夫.莫吉奥德表示,美国军队继续驻扎伊拉克,正在恶化那里的局势,并且会转移人们对重建新奥尔良等美国国内问题的注意力。新奥尔良市在2005年的卡特里娜飓风中受到严重破坏。"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first." 谢拉夫.莫吉奥德说:“我们需要立即从伊拉克撤军。这是目前我们需要做的首要事情。这本来就是一道难题。因此,目前情况下最佳可行选择就是撤军,理由是,国内现在有大量问题急待解决,比如医疗保健,次级房屋抵押贷款危机,卡特里娜飓风后的重建等等。我们需要首先解决这些问题。”Members of religious, labor and community groups joined the Los Angeles demonstration. Madelyn MacKay, a Quaker, says the protests are sending a message to the candidates in the November 4 presidential election. 宗教组织、劳工组织以及一些社团的成员加入了洛杉矶反战示威。贵格会教徒马德琳.麦凯说,抗议示威活动是向参加11月4号总统选举的候选人传递一个信息。"And I think this sort of unity among groups for this one cause in the country is a big message to all of the candidates running that there is a lot of support through all kinds of organizations and all kinds of communities, people that do want us to get out of the war quickly," she said. 马德琳.麦凯说:“我认为,在这个国家,各个组织和团体因为这样一个原因而如此心齐,是向所有总统参选人传递一条重要信息,那就是希望我们国家尽快结束伊拉克战争,这得到各个组织和各个社团以及全体民众的大力持。”Protests were also scheduled Saturday for Albuquerque, Austin, and other U.S. cities. 阿尔伯克基、奥斯汀等美国其它城市星期六也曾计划要举行抗议示威。More anti-war events are scheduled in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. on March 19, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. 此外,旧金山、芝加哥和华盛顿哥伦比亚特区定于3月19号,也就是美国领导的攻打伊拉克行动的前一天,举行反战活动。200803/30921

  South Korean Lawmakers Delay US Trade Deal in Beef Scare美牛肉在韩惹争议 殃及自贸协议   South Korean lawmakers from mainly liberal parties say they will block ratification of a major free-trade deal with the ed States amid a panic about American beef imports. The political stalemate ends hopes for a speedy implementation of the pact. 就在美国进口牛肉在韩国引发争议之际,韩国自由派政党的议员们说,他们将阻止国会批准美韩自由贸易协议。韩国国会在这个问题上的僵持局面使美韩自贸协议没有希望快速过关。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met Tuesday with Sohn Hak-kyu, the leader of the country's main opposition party. They failed to break a log jam about voting a major American trade deal into law. 韩国总统李明星期二会见了主要反对党领袖孙鹤圭。两人没有就韩国国会投票批准美韩贸易协议取得共识。Sohn told Mr. Lee his ed New Democratic Party will not back the deal unless the terms for resuming U.S. beef imports were renegotiated separately. He also urged the president to apologize for an ongoing public controversy about American beef. 孙鹤圭对李明总统表示,如果不能就韩国恢复进口美国牛肉的有关条款单独谈判的话,他领导的新民主联合党就不会持两国的贸易协议。孙鹤圭同时呼吁李明总统针对美国牛肉引发的争议作出公开道歉。The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement reached last year could add tens of billions of dollars to the two countries' commerce, in everything from drugs to automobiles. However, UNDP floor leader Kim Hyo-seuk said Tuesday the free trade deal is essentially "on hold" for the parliament session ending later this week. 去年达成的美韩自由贸易协议可以把两国贸易额提升上百亿美元,其涵盖的范围从药品到汽车无所不包。但是新民主联合党发言人金孝硕星期二说,这项自由贸易协议在即将于本星期晚些时候结束的本届国会里实际上处于“搁置”状态。 Kim says, given public sentiment, it is very difficult to even discuss the free trade deal. He says there must be re-negotiating or the topic cannot be discussed. 他说,考虑到公众情绪,目前就连讨论这项协议都很困难。他说,如果不能重新谈判的话,这个问题就无从谈起。Seoul banned the import of American beef in 2003, after a single U.S. animal was found to have the brain disease commonly known as "mad cow disease." Medical experts say it is hypothetically possible, though extremely unlikely, for people to contract a human variant of the disease by consuming tainted meat. 2003年,在美国发现了一头牛患有疯牛病之后,韩国宣布禁止进口美国牛肉。医学专家说,尽管理论上讲人类可以通过食用染病牛肉传染上变异的疯牛病,但实际上这种可能性微乎其微。American officials say no human cases of mad cow disease have ever resulted from consuming U.S. beef and that no infected cow has ever been known to enter the food supply.  美国官员说,尚未有人因为食用美国牛肉而患上疯牛病;而且目前也没有发现染病牛肉进入市场。In April, President Lee fulfilled a promise by his predecessor to agree on resuming U.S. beef imports, once a ed Nations body agreed it was safe. The move was seen as crucial to winning the American Congress's support for the broader trade agreement.  今年四月,在联合国人员宣布美国牛肉安全之后,李明总统履行了其前任的诺言,宣布恢复进口美国牛肉。舆论认为,此举对于换取美国国会持更为广泛的贸易协议至关重要。Thousands of South Koreans, mainly students, have been gathering frequently in downtown Seoul for candlelight vigils against importing U.S. beef. They accuse President Lee of compromising of South Korean sovereignty and public safety. The emotional protests have been fueled, in part, by Internet rumors, questionable South Korean news reports and grassroots sympathy with economically threatened South Korean cattle farmers. 以学生为主的成千上万名韩国人在首尔市中心频繁聚集,举行反对进口美国牛肉的烛光集会。他们指责李明总统在国家主权和公众安全问题上作出妥协。网络传闻、缺乏实的韩国新闻报导、以及民间对本国畜牧业者的同情更加煽动了抗议者的情绪。UNDP floor leader Kim says the protesters should not be seen as anti-American. He says they just want to prevent mad cow disease, also known by its initials BSE. 新民主联合党发言人金孝硕说,这些抗议者并非反美。他说,抗议者只是希望防止疯牛病。"What the Korean people oppose is not the U.S. but BSE-risk beef. The Korean people are not anti-U.S., but anti-BSE," Kim said. 他说,韩国人民反对的不是美国,而是疯牛病。South Korean conservatives won a parliament majority in elections, early this year, and are expected to support both the U.S. trade deal and the resumption of American beef imports in the next legislative session. However, lawmakers say getting the topic to a vote could take months, because of upcoming summer vacations. 韩国保守派今年早些时候在国会选举中胜出。预计,保守派将在下届国会中持美韩自贸协议和恢复进口美国牛肉。但是,议员们说,由于夏季休会即将来临,因此相关议题付诸投票可能要在几个月以后。 200805/39591Tom, could you let go of my hand?汤姆,你能松开我的手吗?Sorry, its just I get nervous flying.对不起,坐飞机让我感到紧张。Well, weve landed in Marseille now so youre safe… oh, I like your passport photo.我们现在已经到马赛了,你安全了。我喜欢你护照的照片。Oh do you?是吗?I didnt know your middle name was Stanley.我还不知道你中间的名字叫斯坦利。After my great-great-grandfather.随我高曾祖父的名字。Really? Come on we need to get a taxi. Taxi! Taxi!是吗?来吧,我们得打辆车。出租车!Hello again. Anna and Tom are on a very important business trip to try and sign a deal to sell their plastic fruit to a company in France.又见面了。安娜和汤姆在做一次非常重要的商务旅行,试着与法国的公司达成卖塑料水果的协议。The company has received a better offer so Anna needs to convince them that Tip Top Tradings lemons are best.该公司收到了更好的报价,所以安娜要说他们Tip Top Trading的柠檬才是最好的。Are you feeling confident Anna?你有信心吗,安娜?Not really.没有。It was OK speaking to them on the phone but seeing them face-to-face is quite scary.电话谈话还好,但是有些害怕面对面与他们交谈。Youll be fine. Stay calm.你没问题的,冷静。Theyll be pleased youve taken the time to fly out and see them – but tell them youre grateful for their time and recap what you told them on the phone.他们会很高兴你能特意飞过去面谈,但要告诉他们很感激他们能腾出时间见你,并且总结一下你在电话中说过的话。 /201705/507576

  (I/we) wanna urge people who want to volunteer, and who have the ability to be able to come to Louisiana or any of the Gulf Coast states that were affected and volunteer to try to do that. And if you can't do it this week, there will be next week and the next week, and it's gonna go on for a long time. So we want to make sure that volunteers continue all through the months that it's gonna take to let people be able to get back into their own homes, and back into their own city. They are registering children for school all here. They are actually in this center. You can register for school and the children from New Orleans who will go to the Lafayette schools will start on Wednesday, so I think that' s very important. It's very important to get your children in school, give children a sense of normalcy, and so I want to urge people, ah, who wherever you are around, ah, the country if you've left New Orleans or left any of the affected areas on the Gulf Coast to go ahead and enroll your children in schools. It's very important for them. Ah, I heard a great story about a little boy from New Orleans, who, ah, went to school today at the Texas school district and youthin high school but he's sort of thin and small and two great big football players, sort of adopted him and walking him around the campus and welcoming him to their school. So I know school districts everywhere will be welcoming. And I want to thank the people of Texas, and Houston, and Dallas, and San Antonio that have opened their, big arenas like this, to take in, ah, take people in, the people who have been displaced because of the storm, and, and those school districts are also opening up. So it's really important for parents to keep their, let their kids keep going to school, getting them in school, don't let them get behind and also give them a sense of normalcy for their day. I think this is a really wonderful example of what happens when a community comes together. Of the logistics, even, ah, of which, a community has to put together to try to, ah, have this little city within a city over 6,000 people here in one place to meet their needs, their needs for hygiene, their needs for food obviously, and water and in a safe place for people to be, it's really, really amazing those logistics are and now I wanna congratulate the people of Lafayette for being able to do this in such a very quick and such a humane way. I'm really helping people not just giving them the basic needs but also trying to give them the emotional support they need right now at such a very difficult time in their lives. I think what happened is what always happens in this kind of disaster. This is probably the largest disaster our country has ever had, natural disaster we've ever had. And when you have that many people displaced out of their homes, when you have that big urban area flooded where people can't go back into it. You know, it's not like a hurricane whether water washes in and washes out, you know, it's still standing there, then that's what you see. It had, it just, you know, that's just how what happens in a, this terrible of a disaster, and the fact is, many times as we know from watching tornado coverage, or any other natural disaster coverage, the poor people usually are in the neighborhoods that are the lowest, are the most exposed, are the most vulnerable, and their housing is the most vulnerable to a natural disaster. And that's just always what it happens. Well, I know that the federal government is doing every single thing they possibly can, but the president said today, I think that he had (was not with me this morning, that was, he came over from Texas) said that, you know, it's not adequate. This response is not an adequate response. This is not the kind of response the federal government wants. We know that we can do it better and that we can get it, ah, better, and that's what every single person, not just the federal government but the local governments everywhere are working on. And not just the local governments in the affect, in the affected areas, but governments local governments a long way away, Pittsburg, I think, called the mayor today, and Youngstown Ohio was sending trucks, ah, of, of things, and you know, people wanna help in whatever way they can.200807/44137

  6 拒绝索赔3句英文任你选I dont think your claim is reasonable, Im afraid I cant help but decline your claim.我认为你的索赔是没有道理的,恐怕只能拒绝你方索赔。In that case, your claim should be referred to the insurance company for compensation.在这种情况下,你应该向保险公司提出索赔。We are not in a position to entertain your claim.我们不能接受你们提出的索赔要求。半个句型要记牢entertain a claim (受理索赔)Tip:entertain作及物动词时,是;款待,招待;的意思,这里是固定用法 entertain a claim。另外,补充索赔的搭配:withdraw/waive/abandon a claim撤回索赔,avoid/obviate a claim排除索赔。 /201605/434159。

  East Timor President Slams International Troops Over Assassination Attempt东帝汶总统批国际部队抓刺客不力  East Timor's president has criticized Australian-led forces for failing to capture the rebels who shot him outside his home in Dili last month. For the first time, Jose Ramos-Horta has described how he walked into an ambush and watched as a gunman lifted his rifle to shoot him. Mr. Ramos-Horta says that international peacekeepers were too slow in their attempts to catch his attackers.东帝汶的总统批评澳大利亚领导的国际部队没能抓获2月在首都帝力他的住宅外向他开射击的反叛分子。东帝汶总统拉莫斯.霍尔塔第一次描述了他如何走进埋伏圈,看到伏击者举向他射击的情景。霍尔塔说,国际维和部队追捕袭击者的行动过于缓慢。Jose Ramos-Horta almost died when he was shot by rebel soldiers in East Timor last month. 东帝汶总统霍尔塔2月在东帝汶受到反叛分子袭击时几乎丧生。He is now recovering from surgery in the northern Australian city of Darwin and on Friday, he spoke about the attempt on his life. Mr. Ramos-Horta says he looked into the eyes of one of his attackers as the man prepared to fire at him, and then he turned to flee before being shot.他目前正在澳大利亚北部的达尔文进行手术后的疗养,他星期五谈到了针对他的刺杀事件。霍尔塔总统说,当刺杀者准备向他开的时候,他和刺杀者之一对视了一下后转身逃跑,但还是中弹。The president says help was slow to arrive as he bled in the street outside his home. He says he believes ed Nations police had obstructed those who were trying to rescue him.东帝汶总统说,当时他躺在住宅外的街道上流血,救援人员迟迟没有赶到。他说,他相信,联合国的警察部队阻拦了那些试图抢救他的人。There was criticism, too, for international troops, whom Mr. Ramos-Horta accuses of not doing enough to keep his attackers from escaping.国际维和部队也受到批评。霍尔塔指责国际部队行动不力而让刺客潜逃。"I would say that Australian-led forces could have promptly surrounded the entire town, closing all the exits, using helicopter, sending immediately elements to my house to get the information on the ground," he said. "They would have captured them within hours, because for many hours after the attack on my house they were still in the hills around my house."霍尔塔说:“我认为,澳大利亚领导的部队完全可以迅速包围整个城市,封锁所有出口,动用直升飞机,并派遣紧急部队到我家就地了解情况。这样他们完全有可能在几个小时里内拿获犯罪分子,因为这些犯罪分子在袭击后的好几个小时仍然在我家周围的小山上。”Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says that overall, Mr. Ramos-Horta was complimentary about the effort to protect him and his country. The defense minister noted that Mr. Ramos-Horta had acknowledged that the foreign troops can not act without coordinating with officials from the East Timor government or the ed Nations office there.澳大利亚的国防部长费兹吉本说,总的来说,霍尔塔总统对澳大利亚向他和他的国家提供的保护是满意的。这位国防部长还指出,霍尔塔总统曾经表示,国际维和部队在没有东帝汶政府或当地联合国官员的协调下不能采取任何行动。In addition, Fitzgibbon says, given the gravity of his injuries, the president could not objectively judge whether the response from peacekeepers was timely.Despite the criticism, Jose Ramos-Horta has been full of praise for Australian soldiers whose donated blood helped to save his life. 尽管提出了批评,但是霍尔塔总统仍然赞扬了为他献血挽救他生命的澳大利亚军人。The ambush was the work of rebels led by a former military police chief, Alfredo Reinado. He was killed in the attack but his key lieutenants escaped into the mountains that surround East Timor's capital, Dili.对霍尔塔的伏击是前军警领导人雷纳多领导的反叛分子所为。雷纳多在伏击中被打死,但是他的副手逃进了首都东帝汶周围的山区。So far eight fugitives have surrendered, and the hunt for others continues. 到目前为止,已经有8名逃犯自首,捉拿其余逃犯的行动仍在进行。The attack on Mr. Ramos-Horta coincided with an ambush on the home of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, who escaped unharmed.当袭击霍尔塔总统的同时,总理古斯芒的住家附近也发生了伏击行动,而古斯芒安然脱险。Clashes between army mutineers and units loyal to the East Timor government in 2006 prompted Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Portugal to send peacekeeping forces. 2006年,军队叛乱分子和效忠东帝汶政府的部队之间的冲突导致澳大利亚、新西兰、马来西亚和葡萄牙向东帝汶派遣了维和部队。Reinforcements sent since the February attacked have boosted Australia's contingent to about 1,100 soldiers and police officers. The assassination attempts in February on the tiny country's most senior leaders have highlighted East Timor's volatility six years after independence from Indonesia. 发生在2月的针对这个小国的最高领导人的刺杀阴谋显示,东帝汶从印尼取得独立的6年后,局面仍然动荡不安。200803/32674

  Last Tuesday, The Ten O'Clock News looked at serious allegations made in the B's Panorama program about the Football Premiership. Three football agents claimed the Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has taken illegal payments, he's firmly denied the claims. Adam Parsons reports.Sam Allardyce arrived at Walsall tonight with some problems ahead of him, not so much the challenge of inspiring his Bolton team in the Cup game, but the fact he was about to be accused of corruption. In tonight’s Panorama program, three football agents, each of them filmed secretly, separately claimed Allardyce accepted illegal payments, known in football as “bungs”.First was Teni Yerima, an agent based in France.I tell you with Sam Allardyce it's wonderful. You can do everything with him.Yerima now says he made up his comments.Charles Collymore was the second agent filmed commenting on Allardyce.It might be that I give Sam a call and say, “Listen, I got something. You wanna hear about this, 'cause he likes a deal. Collymore too, claims he fabricated his comments.Peter Harrison was the third and best-known agent shown. He was filmed saying that he bribes Allardyce by offering to pay money to his son Craig, also an agent. His son, who’s thirty, I say. “Listen Sam, we'll give Craig some money,”Okay.And, and he'll say, “Yeah, okay, we’ll do a, we’ll do a deal”Allardyce was not the only manager implicated by the B’s research. Eighteen past and present Premiership managers, not all of them identified in tonight’s program, were named as corrupt by people who had dealt with them directly. So, what is a bung? Well, let’s say, this football manager wants to sign a new contract with this player. He will do it by contacting the player’s agent and they'll discuss the terms of the deal. The agent will then have to ask for fee for his part in fixing up the new contract but an unscrupulous manager will only sanction that if he gets a slice of the fee for himself, and that secret, illegal payment is known as a “bung”.Tonight's investigation did sp into other areas though.This is Frank Arnesen, the man in charge of youth football at Chelsea. He was filmed proposing a deal to sign a 15-year-old registered with another club, an illegal approach known in football as “tapping up”.150,000 pounds, sp in three years, and we can do it like a royalty bonus and this and this, spilt it up in salary. We can talk about that. Chelsea denied that Arnesen's meeting broke any official regulations.Tonight Bolton's fans were able to celebrate victory, while Allardyce told the B he'd never requested or received a bung. Yet, football is now facing some awkward questions, ones it will finally have to confront.New Words and Expressionspanorama n.全景:包括周围所有区域的全部画景,详尽的描述;综合评述;概观:一系列事件的印象Football Premiership 英格兰足球超级联赛fabricate vt.制作, 构成, 捏造, 伪造, 虚构unscrupulous adj.肆无忌惮的, 无道德的, 不谨慎的 200805/39453

  VP Candidate Biden Takes Center Stage at Democratic Convention民主党大会将转向外交拜登演讲  Democratic vice presidential pick Joseph Biden will take center stage on the third day of the party's National Convention in the western U.S. city of Denver. The veteran senator from Delaware will be one of the headline speakers Wednesday night, along with former President Bill Clinton. Democrats will turn their attention to foreign policy and national security issues Wednesday. 民主党副总统候选人拜登将在美国西部城市丹佛举行的全国党代会的第三天成为会议的中心。除了前总统比尔·克林顿以外,这位代表德拉瓦州的资深参议员将是星期三晚上主要演讲者之一。民主党星期三晚上将把他们的注意力转向对外政策以及国家安全问题上。Joseph Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama's choice for running mate, is highly regarded by many lawmakers from both parties for his first-hand foreign policy knowledge and experience. 拜登是即将被民主党提名为总统候选人的奥巴马挑选的竞选夥伴。拜登因其具有第一手的外交政策知识和经验而受到两党的高度尊重。Ted Kaufman is a charter member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees Voice of America and other U.S. international broadcasting agencies. He is a close friend of Joseph Biden, and was his chief of staff in the Senate for 19 years. Kaufman told VOA that Biden brings decades of foreign policy expertise to the table, but that is not all. 泰德·考夫曼是广播理事会的成员,广播理事会负责监管美国之音以及美国其他国际广播机构。考夫曼还是拜登的亲密朋友,并且在美国参议院任拜登办公室主任长达19年。考夫曼对美国之音说,拜登所能贡献的是其数十年的外交政策才干,不过,这并非拜登的全部才能。"The biggest thing he brings to the ticket is he is qualified to be president of the ed States," Kaufman noted. "Everybody when they talk about potential vice presidential candidates, they put them in different categories - here is one that can help the ticket by delivering a state, here is one that can help the ticket by delivering an interest group. But they always talk about Joe Biden. He is the one, who, if something happens to Barack Obama, he is qualified. And I think that what is says about Barack Obama, he is not in this thing to win this. He is in this to make America a better place, and a better place in the world."  “拜登为总统竞选带来的最重要的东西是,他本人成为美国总统也是合格的。在谈到可能谁将是副总统人选时,大家往往将这些人归入另一个类型,例如这个人能够给竞选带来一个州啊,这个人能够给竞选带来一个利益集团啊。不过人们总是谈到拜登,认为拜登在奥巴马出现不测情况时,他是合格的人选; 我认为,不管怎么说奥巴马,他不是为了赢得这种地位,他是为了使美国变得更美好,使美国成为世界上更好的地方。”What tone will Biden speech adopt?Some analysts say the vice presidential candidate needs to take on the role of "attack dog" - to relentlessly go after the opponent from the other party. Larry Sabato, a political analyst and Director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says the tone of this convention so far has been too "warm and fuzzy", and that Democrats need to use their four days in the spotlight to attack the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain and to tie him to President Bush. 某些分析人士认为, 副总统候选人需要像“猎犬”一样,无情地追击另外一个政党的反对派。拉里·萨托是政治分析人士,同时兼任维吉尼亚大学政治中心主任。他说,这次民主党代表大会的调子目前太过于“热烈和模糊”。民主党需要利用他们受人注意的四天时间,攻击有望成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩,并且将麦凯恩和布什总统挂起钩来。"Biden should, and probably will go after John McCain and the Republicans hard. The convention delegates are expecting some red meat and they have gotten very little. So, he may in a sense help to rescue the convention, if he does a good job,' Sabato said. "If he does not, and it's a mild-mannered presentation, I think the delegates will leave very disappointed." “拜登应该,而且可能会猛烈攻击麦凯恩和共和党。代表大会的代表们期待能够见到撕杀的局面,而目前却没有见到。因此,如果拜登表现出色,从某种意义上他能拯救这次会议;假如拜登的表现不好,在会上的演讲举止温和,那么我认为,代表们离开大会时会很失望。”Bill Clinton also scheduled to speak, WednesdayAlso in the spotlight will be former President Bill Clinton, the husband of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost the nomination fight in a long, tough race to Obama. Sabato says Bill Clinton has made clear he has not liked the way he believes the Obama campaign has treated his wife."Everyone is going to be measuring every word that Clinton says because it is very well known that he has been unhappy with Obama, some have said that he has been pouting," Sabato said. "He and his people have certainly been leaking quite a number of crucial comments from Clinton about Obama. So, his words will be weighed carefully. And, he will come through. He knows he is under the microscope. He will be very enthusiastic - while the cameras are on."Senator Hillary Clinton issued an emphatic call for unity in the Democratic Party Tuesday night, and gave her disappointed supporters their marching orders to get behind Barack Obama. 参议员希拉里·克林顿星期二晚上发出了强有力的号召,呼吁全党团结起来,并且向她的那些失望的持者们下达了持奥巴马的进军令。"Whether you voted for me, or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. We are on the same team and none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines," said Clinton. “无论你投我的票,还是投奥巴马的票, 现在是全党团结一致,目标一致的时候了。(鼓掌) 我们是一队伍中的成员,谁也不能袖手旁观。”The former first lady also hit John McCain, saying voters cannot let him take the White House, and "squander the promise of our country." Next week, it will be the Republicans turn to go after Democrats at their National Convention in Minnesota. 这位前第一夫人还攻击麦凯恩,她说,选民们不能让麦凯恩占据白宫的宝座,希拉里说,“不能荒废我们国家的前程”。下个星期该轮到共和党在明尼苏达举行全国代表大会上攻击民主党了。200808/46850

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