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哈尔滨维多利亚妇产妇科医院彩超多少钱怎么样哈尔滨治疗重度宫颈糜烂好点的医院Bello贝洛A political FUTbol政治足球 智利税改Michelle Bachelets struggle to combine equity and growth in ChileMichelle Bachelet致力于在智利经济增长的同时促进公平“CHILE has only one great enemy and its called inequality,” declared Michelle Bachelet on March 11th as she returned to La Moneda, the presidential palace, just four years after leaving it. Following an interlude of rule by the centre-right, Ms Bachelet won by a landslide in last years presidential election on the most left-wing programme the country has seen since the ill-fated Marxist government of Salvador Allende more than 40 years ago. She argued that for all Chiles economic success of the past three decades, unless the state intervenes to foster a fairer and better-educated society, the country will moulder in what economists call “the middle-income trap”, never making the leap to developed status.3月11日,时隔四年重返拉莫内达总统府的Michelle Bachelet表示“智利仅有的强劲对手叫不平等。”在经历了中右翼的统治之后,去年在这个被大多数左翼控制的国家,Bachelet以压倒性的优势赢得总统选举。该国的总统选举从40多年前命途多舛的Salvador Allende马克思主义政府统治结束之后开始。她认为尽管智利在过去三十年间在经济上取得了成功,但除非建立一个更公平教育普及率更高的社会,否则国家将会陷入经济学家所说的“中等收入陷阱”,再也不会有飞跃性的发展。Her campaign platform contained three big proposals. The first was an education reform inspired by the notion that the state should offer free and equal education to all. Second was a new constitution to replace the existing one, which, though much amended, dates back to the dictatorship of General Pinochet. And the third proposal was a tax reform aimed both at raising revenue to pay for the education reform and at making the tax system fairer.她的竞选纲领包括三大目标。首先是以国家为所有人平等提供免费教育为理念的教育改革。其二,出台新宪法以取代自Pinochet将军独裁统治时期时推出的旧宪法(虽然该宪法已经过多次修订)。第三大目标就是进行以增加税收持教育改革并促进税收公平为目的的税务改革。Ms Bachelet is no mad populist. Chile is not Venezuela, nor even Argentina. In the humdrum reality of a Latin American liberal democracy, achieving the magical combination of greater fairness and greater prosperity means marrying political imperatives with complex technicalities.Bachelet并不是狂热的平民主义论者。智利不是委内瑞拉,甚至不是阿根廷。基于拉美自由民主程度不高的事实,要在增长的同时促进公平意味着将政治命令与复杂的技术相结合。The first test will be the tax-reform bill, which the president sent to Congress this week. It aims to raise an extra .2 billion (or almost 3% of GDP). It contains some sensible measures, including fuel taxes and one on sugary drinks. It proposes a gradual rise in corporate-income tax from 20% to 25% and a corresponding reduction in the top rate of personal-income tax from 40% to 35%. Chile has an integrated tax system in which shareholders receive a credit for corporate-tax payments; aligning the two rates more closely is intended to discourage individuals from setting up shell companies.首先试水的是税务改革,相关提案已经在本周由总统提交至国会。该局旨在额外增加82亿美元的税收收入(约为GDP的3%)提案中含有包括收燃料税、含糖饮料税在内的敏感措施。它旨在将企业所得税由20%逐步增至25%与之相对的是将个人所得税的最高税率由40%降至35%。智利有着一体化的税收系统。股东在缴纳企业所得税之后可免交个人所得税,拉近企业所得税与个人所得税税率是为了阻止皮包公司的建立。The bill also abolishes a mechanism known as the Taxable Profits Fund (FUT), under which shareholders do not pay tax on reinvested company profits. The FUTs detractors complain, correctly, that the system has been abused, via corporate credit cards and shell companies in tax havens, to allow the rich to evade taxes on profits that have actually been used for personal consumption—the skiing holidays and Ferraris of urban legend in Santiago. But the FUTs defenders point out, equally correctly, that the system has been a key factor behind Chiles investment-led economic growth.改提案同时废除了应税利润基金机制(FUT)。在该机制下股东无需为公司利润再投资纳税。FUT的反对者抱怨着公司行用卡和皮包公司的漏洞让富人可以用利润再投资的名义逃税,而实际上这些钱都用在了滑雪度假圣地亚哥的法拉利都市传奇等私人消费上。这的确是事实。但FUT的持者指出该体制是智利投资带动经济增长的关键因素,这也是事实。As compensation for abolishing the FUT, the bill allows instant depreciation of machinery and equipment. That may help miners and manufacturers, but not service businesses. Unless it is amended, the bill is likely to have two bad outcomes. Retained earnings are a big source of financing for corporate investment in Chile: companies may now have to rely on more borrowing, which for small firms costs up to 15% a year. Second, shareholders will now be taxed on profits they do not receive as dividends.作为对废除FUT的修正,提案允许机器设备的即时折旧。这可能有利于矿产主与工厂主,但对务业却没什么意义。除非它被再次修改。该提案可能会带来两种坏影响。留存盈余是智利公司经行投资的主要资金来源:但现在公司可能更多依靠借贷,这对小公司来说每年成本会增加15%。第二,股东分红之外的收益可能会被征税。It would be remarkable if the tax changes did not prompt some reduction in investment and share prices. The fact that the bill envisages ending the FUT only in 2018 suggests Ms Bachelets economic team realises this. To make matters worse, Chiles economy is now slowing sharply in tandem with a falling copper price (this weeks offshore earthquake, which killed at least six people, seems to have spared local mines). More government spending could give the economy a boost, but not if it comes at the expense of private investment.如果税收改革并没有使投资减少或股价降低,这将会意义重大。该提案仅设想了FUT在2008年被废除,Bachelet的经济团队需要意识到这一事实。更糟的是,智利经济增速在铜价下跌的影响下迅速放缓(本周发生在海岸附近的地震造成了至少6人死亡,当地矿产似乎得以幸免)。更多的政府投资能够促进经济繁荣,但缺少了私人投资繁荣很难真正到来。The new government could have chosen to close the loopholes in the FUT, rather than abolish it. That it didnt says much about the way politics is now conducted in Ms Bachelets coalition, whose main parties governed Chile from 1990 to 2010. Abolishing the FUT was proposed by a rival of Ms Bachelets in last years coalition primary election, and the policy was instantly adopted by all the parties in the grouping. In the past party leaders would have heeded their technical experts on such matters. In Chiles more populist political climate, that is no longer so.新政府本应弥补FUT的漏洞而不是废除该体制。这与Bachelet(其主要政党在1990年到2010年间执掌该国)的联合政府的施政方式并没有多大关系。废除FUT由Bachelet去年联盟初选时的竞争对手提议,然后该政策被联盟中的所有政党迅速接受。过去,政党首领需要在此类问题上参考技术性专家的意见。但现在,智利平民主义论盛行,这显然不可能了。The tax reform is simple compared with the governments plans for education. As for the task of replacing the constitution, no wonder the president has kicked this issue forward until later in the year. Ms Bachelet is right that Chile is in many ways an unfair country that needs to change. But she will need all her considerable political skills if she is not to sacrifice sound public policy on the altar of populism.税改被简单地与政府的教育计划对比。至于重新制定宪法,在今年的早些时候显然是不大会有进展了。智利在很多方面存在不公,这需要被改变。就这一点Bachelet是正确的,但是如果她不就关于名粹主义公共政策作出牺牲,那她就需要发挥巨大的政治才能 译者:严晓晴 译文属译生译世 /201601/423619哈尔滨超导微创无痛人流 I just did that to freak you out.Im sorry.我就是想吓唬你们 抱歉了Welcome to tonights show.I think we have a great show this evening.Well see.欢迎来观看今晚的节目 今晚的节目真棒啊 走着瞧吧Whats that terrible tone?Oh,Im sorry.什么口气啊 抱歉了Youre supposed to back me all the way out here.we will,well have a great show.你应该绝对挺我的 说真的 节目肯定很棒A lot of fun stuff.Excellent show tonight.Oh,yeah.很多好玩的东西 今晚节目很棒 好耶That was a waste of time.What if I started doing that up top?Thats my new thing.真是浪费时间 如果我一开场就那么做呢 这是我的新表演Lots to talk about.Big,big day for Angelina Jolie today.很多话题可谈 今天是安吉丽娜·朱莉的大日子Did you hear the news?Ok,thats what Im here for.A woman over here went no,please tell me.大家听说了吗 好吧 所以我来给你们说了 那边有个女士 没有呀 说吧Today,Angelina jolie met with pope Francis at the Vatican.Thats cool.今天 安吉丽娜·朱莉在梵蒂冈觐见了弗兰西斯教皇 多酷啊After she left,Pope Francis was overheard saying damn!He said that,his eyes came out.她走之后 有人听到教皇说“美得冒泡啊” 他真这么说 眼睛都瞪出来了His pope hat spun around and came back down.Came back down again.Fun.教皇去嘚瑟了一圈 然后才回来 然后又回来了 好好玩Its true,Angelina Jolie met with Pope Francis.Long story short,she adopted him.真事哦 安吉丽娜·朱莉觐见了教皇 长话短说 她领养了他Yeah,true.she had everything but a pope.Now shes all set.真的哦 她什么样的孩子都有了 就差教皇了 这下全了201609/468183Its a strange,almost alien world.这是个奇特的,近乎外星般的世界。And if the place is strange,many creatures living here are even stranger.如果说这个地方奇特,那生活在这里的许多生物就更加奇特。These oasis are created not by plants, but by animals,the corals,but not the normal reef building ones.这些绿洲是由动物而非植物创造的。它们是珊瑚,但却并非普通种类。Unlike their hard coral cousins, they dont have chocky skeleton,and they thrive at the depth where light is less intense,capturing food from water current with 8 ferthery tentacles.与它们的硬珊瑚表亲不同的是,它们没有灰质骨骼,在光线昏暗的深水区艰难生存用8条柔弱的触手从水流中捕捉食物。These soft coral gardens are important, because baby fish hide amongst them.Nearly half of all adult fish on the reef--Proper,grow up in the nursery of lagoon.这些软珊瑚花园非常重要,因为小鱼藏身其中,珊瑚礁里几乎半数的成鱼都是在环礁湖托儿所里长大的。 201501/355094哈尔滨哪家医院人流术做的好

哈尔滨流产哪家比较好Social workers社会工作者First, care关爱为上A new initiative could revive a beleaguered profession一个新尝试可以让一个饱受诟病的职业重获新生ON AUGUST 2nd Magdalena Luczak and her partner, Mariusz Krezolek, were jailed for life for the murder of her four-year-old son, Daniel. The pair starved him for months. They beat him, locked him in a small unheated room, and left him there to die. As with the deaths of Victoria Climbié in 2000 and Peter Connelly in 2007, the boy’s fate has prompted questions about how the authorities missed the abuse. Attention has again focused on social workers.8月2日,马格德莱娜和她的情人玛瑞斯因涉嫌谋杀自己的4岁儿子丹尼尔,被判处了无期徒刑。由于数月没有食物可吃,这个孩子最终被他们活活饿死。他们还殴打他,将他关在一个没有暖气的小房间里,让他自生自灭。反观2000年维多利亚·克里比以及2007年皮特·康纳利的虐儿案件,又一个孩子的悲惨命运使得人们迅速将矛头指向当局政府,为什么他们让这样的惨剧再次发生。民主关注的焦点再次聚集到社会工作者的身上来。Recent years have seen numerous attempts to reform and revitalise the profession. In May a new fast-track training programme, Frontline, was launched in the hope of improving things. It is inspired by Teach First, which sends bright graduates into tough schools for at least two years.近些年,社会各界一直尝试着做一些改革,以此使该职业获得重生。今年5月份,一场名为“前沿”(Frontline)的快速培训项目开始启动,旨在让这份职业有所改善。这个项目是受到一个名为“教为先”(Teach First)的慈善组织的启发,该慈善组织将杰出毕业生送往教学较为落后的学校,进行为期两年以上的教活动。Participants will attend an intensive five-week summer school before embarking on two years of closely supervised work in local-authority children’s services. If they measure up, they will qualify as social workers at the end of the first year and gain a master’s degree after the second. Funding will come from private donors, the Department for Education and local authorities (though Frontline will remain independent of the government). Recruitment for a pilot scheme, targeting leading universities, begins in September.该项目的参与者在为期五周的暑期集训营后,将会在当地政府性的儿童务中心任职两年,并接受上级的严密监督。假如他们的表现合格,将会在第一年的年底转为正式的社会工作者,第二年的年底会拿一个硕士学位。该项目由私人,教育部和当地政府共同赞助完成,但是该项目仍旧是独立于政府而存在的。目前该计划仍旧处于试点阶段,将会于九月在高等学府里展开招募工作。Its founders want to boost the status of a much-maligned profession. “We are dealing with a crisis,” says Lord Adonis, a former Labour minister and chair of Frontline’s board. Recruitment is a problem, but so is retention: the expected working life of a social worker is eight years, compared with 14 for nurses. Last year some local authorities reported that a third of their positions were unfilled.这个项目的组织者想要借此机会来提升这个饱受诟病的职业的社会地位。前劳工部长,目前任“前沿”董事会主席的阿多尼斯表示他们正在处理一场人力资源危机。能否招到人是一个问题,而如何留住人也是一个难题:一名护士的工龄是14年,而一名社工的工龄预计是8年。去年,一些地方政府的报告称三分之一的职务是处在空缺阶段。Unsurprisingly, given the opprobrium often heaped on the profession, ambitious graduates tend to steer clear. Of the 2,765 people who began master’s courses in social work in 2011, just five had completed undergraduate degrees at Oxford or Cambridge. And too many courses fail to give sufficient practical grounding in hard child-protection work, says Josh MacAlister, Frontline’s chief executive and himself a Teach First alumnus. Many placements are in schools or Sure Start centres, which provide basic education and health care in poor areas. Frontline recruits will work in small teams with dedicated supervisors in council children’s services.鉴于这份职业背负着许多骂名,充满抱负的大学生对它敬而远之的态度也是不足为奇的。2011年有2,765人开始了他们社会工作的研究生课程,而其中仅有五人是在牛津或者剑桥大学完成了本科学业。“前沿”的首席执行官,同样也是“教为先”组织的校友的乔希·麦卡利斯特认为,儿童保护工作具有高难度,而很多课程却无法为学生提供充足的实战经历。许多人员被分配在学校或是起点(Sure Start)儿童中心(该中心为贫困地区儿童提供基础教育和卫生防护)。“前沿”所招募来的人员将以小组形式展开工作,每个小组均配备一名热衷于地方儿童务事业的监管人员。Reactions to the initiative have been mixed. Some in the profession are piqued that it has been set up by outsiders. Boosters, such as Donald Forrester of Bedfordshire University, thinks the newcomers will bring in much-needed fresh thinking.对于这个创新项目,社会反响不一。有些社工对此有些不满,因为这个项目是些门外汉创办起来的。对于像来自贝德福德大学的唐纳德教授这样的持者而言,他们认为新人会更有新想法,而这正是该行业所急需的。Another worry is that the programme is too specialised and too short. Focusing just on children’s services is like training doctors only in paediatrics, says John Carpenter of Bristol University. Lord Adonis, who was himself taken into care as a child, disagrees: “Social work has been too unfocused in the past,” he says. As for the scheme’s length, David Shemmings of Kent University reckons that Frontline students will get about the same amount of face-to-face lecturing as they would on a university course.对于该项目的另一个担忧是:这个项目会不会太过单一并且时长是不是太短了?来自布里斯托大学的约翰·卡朋特教授认为,该项目只专注于儿童务就好像培训医生却只专注于儿科知识的传授。在教养院长大的阿多尼斯对此持反对意见,他表示“之前的社会工作就是太没重心了”。关于这个培训的时长,来自肯特大学的大卫教授认为,“前沿”集训营里的学生都将会得到和在校大学生课程一样时长的面授课程。Predictably, some criticise the “elitist” focus on the better universities. Supporters point to Teach First, which does the same, but in which a third of new trainees this year were the first in their family to go to university and a quarter were eligible for free school meals when they were children: hardly blue-bloods.不难预料,一些人会批评这些招聘来的“精英”只关心如何进入更好的大学。而持者指出,“教为先”也是在招募杰出毕业生为其工作,而该组织今年的培训生中,三分之一的人是家里第一个上大学的,四分之一的人是在幼年时就开始领学校的免费餐食:他们中间很少有人是富裕的贵族。Teach First was (as the name suggests) set up on the basis that participants would teach first and then go on to other jobs. In fact, over half stay in education. There is no “first” at Frontline. At the end of their course, recruits will be offered the opportunity to pursue further professional training, or encouraged to move up the ranks. Those who want to leave will get help to move on. But Mr MacAlister hopes that many will stay. This year 9% of all final-year students from Oxbridge applied for Teach First. Frontline hopes to pull off a similar feat for social work.正如它名字所昭示的那样,“教为先”的工作流程是将招募来的人员先投放到教育岗位,然后他们才会去尝试其他的工作。事实上,有超过半数的人仍旧会呆在教育行业里。“前沿”项目里没有强制的先后顺序。在课程接近尾声时,这些营员可以自由选择是继续求学还是从业升职。今年,9%的牛津大学毕业生申请了“教为先”的教岗位。“前沿”期待着“教为先”的成功先例可以他们为社会工作领域的新尝试带来同样的喜讯。译者:沈晓旭 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201512/417648哈市武警医院医生的QQ号码 木兰县做无痛人流医院

哈尔滨医院无痛人流所有费用Spains economy西班牙经济The worst may be over最糟的情况即将结束Mariano Rajoy predicts economic joy, but Spain still has a long way to go马里亚诺·拉霍伊预测经济形势可喜,但是西班牙仍然任重道远。THE Prado museum, lined with works by Goya, Velázquez and El Greco, is a sanctuary of peace in busy centralMadrid. When the museum advertised for eleven gallery attendants recently, it also seemed the perfect refuge fromSpains job-starved economy: 18,700 people applied.陈列着戈雅,委拉兹开斯,格列柯等人作品的普拉多物馆无疑是喧闹的马德里市中心最宁静的天堂。尤其是当18700人申请它登出的11个画廊务员招聘广告时,在导致西班牙大面积失业的经济危机中它似乎也成为了完美的避难所。 AsSpaintimidly emerges from a double-dip recession that has ripped 7% out of GDP over five years, job-seekers remain desperate. Unemployment is stuck at 26% and emigration is picking up. So will the recovery create jobs and sendSpaininto a virtuous cycle of increased domestic consumption, a higher tax take, healthy public finances and more jobs?由于在过去5年的双底衰退中“胆怯”的西班牙国内生产总值已经降低了7%,求职者们仍然显得非常绝望。失业率达到了26%,而且移民的人数也在持续增长。所以经济复苏是否会带来更多工作并且将西班牙送入一个良性循环?——持续增长的国内消费,更高的税收,公共医疗资金和更多的工作岗位。Presenting next years budget on September 30th, Cristobal Montoro, the budget minister, did not offer rapid relief. Projected growth of 0.7% next year falls short of the governments own estimates for job creation. And with a planned deficit of 5.8% of GDP adding to an aly worrying debt pile, stimulus spending is impossible.9月30日在报告第二年财政预算时,预算部长克里斯托 瓦尔蒙托罗并没有送出让人迅速解脱的消息。预期的0.7%的增长将会低于政府自身对明年增加就业机会的估计。而且随着一个有计划的占GDP5.8%的财政赤字增添到一堆已经很让人担忧的债务上,刺激消费已经是不可能的了。Civil-service pay is being frozen for a fourth year in a row and pensions will not keep up with inflation, yet the public debt will still reach almost 100% of GDP. Spanish companies and households are busy trying to pay off their own debts. After taking a 41 billion (.6 billion) bail-out last year,Spains banks find it safer to lend to the government than to business.公务员薪金已经连续第四年被冻结而且养老金即将跟不上通货膨胀的势头,但是国债仍然将接近国内生产总值的100%。西班牙企业家和民众都忙着还清他们自己的债务。在去年得到了410亿欧元(556亿美元)的经济援助之后,西班牙的发现借钱给政府比借钱给商人更安全。Even so,Spains story is now one of hope. Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister, says the third quarter will show a return to growth. Deep in the real economy, exciting things are happening. Car plants are humming, taking work from less competitive factories inEurope. Retail sales figures are improving elsewhere. Even consumer credit has crept up in recent months. Recession inflicted a brutal cull on businesses, but those still standing are more efficient and productive than ever. Exports, spurred bySpains new competitiveness, should grow more than 5% both this year and next, doubling their pre-recession weight in the economy. With exports booming, the current account has swung into surplus.即使是这样,西班牙的形势现在仍然是存在希望的。首相拉霍伊表示第三季度将会呈现出恢复增长的态势。深入到现实经济中,一些令人激动的事正在发生。汽车工厂都是非常活跃的,并且正从欧洲那些缺少竞争力的工厂手中争得业务。在其它方面零售数据也正在改善。甚至是贷款消费在最近几个月也在缓慢增长。经济衰退对企业进行了一次残酷的淘汰,但是那些依然坚挺的企业比以往任何时候都更有效率和创造力。由于西班牙新的竞争环境的鞭策,它的出口业在今明两年会得到超过5%的增长——这是经济衰退前的两倍数值。随着出口业的蓬勃发展,往来账户已经开始变得有盈余。Recovery in the European Union,Spains main export market, will help further. The stockmarket is soaring, with the Ibex-35 indicator gaining 11% in September. After a bruising 21 months in office, Mr Rajoy predicts economic happiness next year. His Popular Party (PP) has even seen a bounce in opinion polls.同时随着西班牙主要出口市场——欧盟的经济好转,将进一步地帮助西班牙经济复苏。股市也在疯涨,9月Ibex-35指数上涨了11%。在办公室中度过了21个月“难熬”的日子之后,拉霍伊预测明年经济将大为好转。民意调查显示他的人民党持率甚至出现反弹。But Javier Díaz-Giménez, of the IESE business school, warns that the recovery is anaemic, fragile and unlikely to create jobs. Average GDP growth of 1%, he points out, would not seeSpainreturn to pre-recession levels until 2021. The IMF sees 25% unemployment through to 2018.但是IESE商学院的哈维尔·迪亚斯—希门尼斯警告说这种复苏是无力的和脆弱的并且不太可能去创造更多工作。他指出平均国内生产总值只增长了1%,不太可能在2021年之前看到西班牙经济恢复到经济衰退前的水平。国际货币基金组织(IMF)认为25%的失业率将持续到2018年。The danger, warns Angel Laborda of the Funcas think-tank, is relaxation. Aly he worries that this years 6.5% deficit target will be missed. Overall fiscal pressure is relatively low for a country that wants a sophisticated welfare system. Structural reforms are still needed, he says, butSpainenters a two-year period of elections in 2014, sapping political courage. Overconfidence threatens to slow the fall in house prices, making it even harder to sell the 700,000 new homes left by the housing bubble that pitchedSpaininto recession. Fitch, a ratings agency, warns that at current rates of selling it will take six years to clear the overhang. Prices have fallen 30% or more from the peak, but Jesús Encinar of idealista.com, a property portal, sees a further 20% drop.智库储蓄联合会的安格列 拉发出警告说政府的松懈是危险的。他已经开始担心今年6.5%的财政赤字会被人们所忽视。总的来说一个国家的财政压力与它复杂的福利体系相比相对较低。他表示体制改革仍然是有必要的,但是西班牙在2014年即将进入一个为期2年的选举阶段,这有可能会削弱政府的勇气。过分的自负预示着房价下调将会变慢,这让由房地产泡沫遗留下来的70万余套房屋更难售出,这也是导致西班牙经济衰退的主要原因。来自评价机构的菲奇警告说以当前的水平要将房屋的过剩量全部售出将需要6年。房价比顶峰时期已经下降了30%,但是来自idealista网站的房地产专家Jesús Encinar认为将来还会有20%的降价。The next test for Mr Rajoy is pensions. A diet rich in olive oil, wine and fresh vegetables helps make Spaniards among the longest-living people inEurope. The baby-boomers will retire over the coming decade. By 2050, the number of pensioners will have leapt from just over 9m to 15m; and the social-security system aly loses the equivalent of 1.4% of GDP. The previous government hiked the retirement age to 67, but that is not enough. “To claim that the current system is sustainable is like saying smoking does not cause cancer,” says Mr Díaz-Giménez. The government has made bold proposals to calculate pensions according to life expectancy and the size of the state pension pot. But Mr Rajoy is under pressure to backtrack. Even the employers federation has warned of pensioners lost spending power.对于拉霍伊的下一个考验就是养老金。既节制的又富有的包含着橄榄油,酒和新鲜蔬菜的饮食习惯帮助西班牙人民成为欧洲最长寿的人之一。在接下来10年生育高峰期即将过去。到2050年,领取养老金的人数将从900万猛增到1500万;但同时社保体系却已经失去了相当于1.4%的国内生产总值的资金。早先政府将退休年龄提高到67岁,但这并不足以解决问题。吉姆表示“如果宣称现行体系是可维系下去的就像宣称吸烟不会导致癌症一样可笑。”政府已经开始根据平均寿命和国家养老金的余额去分配养老金了。但是拉霍伊依然承担着走老路的压力。即使雇主联合会已经警告过已经丧失消费能力的养老金领取者。Labour reforms have helped to boost productivity, allowing employers and unions to opt for wage moderation rather than sackings. More may be needed if jobs are to be created. Lowering, or scrapping, the minimum wage might help. Taxes could also be cut, but only if public spending is cut. Luis de Guindos, the finance minister, says jobs will come when growth reaches 1%. Until then, the Prado museum remains a safe harbour.劳务改革确实对提高生产效率有帮助,允许雇主们和公会去自行调整工资水平而不是一刀切。但如果有可能还是需要更多地工作机会。降低或者废除最低工资标准可能会有效果。税收也应该降低,但仅仅在公共花销也降低的情况下。财政部长Luis de Guindos 表示当经济增长达到1%时将会有更多地工作。在那之前,普拉多物馆依然是一个安全的港湾。译者:曾擎禹 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201511/412328 Were back with Justin Bieber.回到现场我们正在对话贾斯丁比伯。And uhh so it must be very hard for you cuz youre very busy to have time to date.呃,那么,这对你来说很难 因为你太忙了以至于没有时间去约会Yeah.Very hard.Yeah.But you know it happens.It does?恩,是挺难的 恩 但是我还是和女孩子约会过的。 是吗Yep,You know I like to,hang out with girls and date and stuff like every other 16 year old boy.是的,我就像其他16岁男孩一样, 喜欢和女孩子们约会啊出去玩什么的Yeah. Now what do you get to do, where can you go to have a date,那你能做什么呢 你能去哪儿约会呢like a football game or something like that?Well I...比如说去看一场足球比赛之类的 恩...我...Could you go like, just a regular football game.你能很平常的就是去看场足球赛么?Football game and stuff..Im like...yeah Yeah.足球赛什么的..恩,可以的 是嘛..Will that be weird if you go to a football game and nobody bothers you?你去看足球赛而没人过来打扰你,你会不会觉得有点怪异?Yeah,it was weird that no one bothered me at all.恩,确实有点怪,根本没人过来打扰我。Just you? and who do you go with?I went with Jaden.Jaden? Jaden Smith?你自己一个人去看么?你和谁一起去? 我和贾登一起去过 贾登 贾登史密斯Yeah, and Will. You know we are.And wheres your girl?恩,还有威尔史密斯。 就我们。 那有没有女孩儿?Yeah there was.Who was it?Her name is Selena.Selena Gomez?Yeah.有啊。 是谁啊? 她叫Selena。Selena Gomez? 恩,是的。She just happens to be the same game you were at?她就刚好和你在看同一场比赛It was weird you know, we were at a high school game,I mean she just, she came to it.当时挺奇怪的,我们在看一场高中联赛, 然后,然后她就来了Wow, so you just run to her in there.Yeah哇 所以你就是碰巧在那里遇见了她。恩。So you happened to sit next to each other?Yeah, it was the weirdest thing.Yeah.然后你们就碰巧坐在了一起 恩,这才是最诡异的事 是的。 /201604/435571克山县无痛人流医院哈尔滨维多妇产医院正规的吗




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