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赣县区人民医院阳痿早泄价格上犹医院包皮手术多少钱Amid a sharp increase in sexual assault cases in Hong Kong in recent months, a top city official drew criticism this week for warning that women should drink less to avoid becoming victims.最近几个月香港的性侵案件急剧增多,本周,香港的一名高级官员因为警告妇女少喝酒以免成为性侵目标而招致了批评。#39;Some of these cases...involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol,#39; Hong Kong security secretary Lai Tung-kwok said on Tuesday during a press briefing, in describing this year#39;s jump in sexual violence. #39;So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much.#39;香港保安局长黎栋国周二在一个新闻发布会上提到了今年性侵案件急剧上升的情况,他说,一些案件中的受害者都是在大量饮酒后被强奸的,因此我呼吁年轻的女士们不要喝太多酒。In the first quarter of 2013, government statistics show, the city#39;s number of rape cases rose 60% from the same period last year, up to 35. Incidents of indecent assault also rose by 18%, up to 367. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say the crimes are likely to be significantly underreported.政府数据显示,2013年第一季度,香港的强奸案数量达到35起,同比增长了60%。性骚扰事件达到367起,同比增长了18%。性侵受害者维权人士说,此类犯罪的数量可能被严重低估。#39;There#39;s a lot of stigma that#39;s given to the victims,#39; said Liu Si-si, director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers. She cited the security chief#39;s remarks on rape as one prime example. #39;The remarks he made are proof of a culture that blames victims for doing something #39;wrong,#39; like drinking.#39;香港妇女中心协会(Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers)的董事刘思思(音)说,很多耻辱被强加给受害者。她认为保安局长有关强奸案的话就是一个突出的例子。她说,黎栋国所发表的言论是责备受害者文化的据,这种文化认为受害者做错了事情,比如喝酒。Other women#39;s advocates also criticized Mr. Lai#39;s remarks. #39;People aren#39;t being raped because they#39;re drunk or wear a sexy dress,#39; said Linda Wong, executive director of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women.还有一些维护女性权利的人士也谴责了黎栋国的言论。关注妇女性暴力协会(Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women)的总干事王秀容(Linda Wong)说,人们不应该因为喝酒或者穿着暴露就被强奸。#39;Maybe he has good intentions, and he did not intend to blame the women or be unfriendly to them,#39; said Ms. Liu on Wednesday. #39;But if he continues to say things like this, I worry women will be less likely to report crimes because they#39;ll be worried about being blamed,#39; especially if they were drinking when victimized. Mr. Lai#39;s office did not respond to a request for comment on such concerns.刘思思周三说,也许黎栋国的意图是好的,他没有打算责备女性或对她们不友好。但是如果他继续说这样的话,我担心女性在受到侵害之后会不愿意报案,因为她们担心会受到指责,尤其是如果她们在受害时喝了酒的话。黎栋国的办公室没有回复记者就上述担忧寻求置评请求。It wasn#39;t clear whether this year#39;s rise in sexual assault cases was due to greater incidence, or more frequent reporting. Ms. Wong said that the number of rape cases in the city had held #39;quite steady#39; in recent years, and that the work of women#39;s groups and events such as the city#39;s recent #39;SlutWalk#39; might be helping encourage more victims to feel comfortable reporting crimes.目前还不清楚今年性侵案件数量增多是因为发生概率增加,还是因为举报比例上升。王秀容说,香港强奸案的数量最近几年一直保持平稳,一些妇女权益组织的工作,以及香港最近的“游行”(SlutWalk)一类活动让更多受害者有勇气坦然地举报性犯罪。Launched in Canada in 2011, SlutWalks--which aim to challenge the idea that rape victims were #39;asking for it#39; by drinking or wearing provocative clothes--have since been held around the world. During the so-called SlutWalks, women march through cities carrying placards with slogans such as #39;My clothes are not my consent#39; and #39;Shame rapists, not victims.#39;“游行”2011年起源于加拿大,目的是挑战一些人的看法,即强奸案的受害者是因为喝酒或衣着暴露才使自己成为性侵目标的。此后,这种做法蔓延到了世界各地。在所谓的“游行”中,妇女们在城市中游行,她们举着的标语牌上写着“我的穿着不代表我同意”或“可耻的是强奸犯,不是受害者”等标语。 /201305/240317赣南人民医院治疗早泄哪家医院最好 赣县男科专家

赣州治疗尖锐湿疣需要多少费用Global gold demand hit its lowest level in more than two years in the second quarter amid a weakening appetite for the yellow metal in India and China. 随着印度和中国黄金需求的下降,今年二季度全球黄金需求降至两年多以来的最低水平。 Demand in the period fell by 7% to 990 metric tons from the second quarter of 2011, according to the World Gold Council, an industry group. This is the lowest since the first quarter of 2010. 根据行业组织世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)提供的数据,二季度全球黄金需求降至990吨,同比下降7%,为2010年一季度以来的最低水平。 India and China, the world#39;s heavyweight gold consumers that together accounted for 45% of second-quarter gold demand, both cut back their purchases of the precious metal amid concerns about growth, according to the council#39;s quarterly report on the gold market, which was released Thursday. 世界黄金协会周四发布的黄金市场季度报告显示,作为全球主要的黄金消费国,印度和中国二季度黄金需求占全球黄金总需求的45%。由于经济增长放缓引发的担忧,两国都减少了黄金这种贵金属的购买量。 The demand from exchange-traded funds that buy gold bars on behalf of their investors was flat, according to the report. 报告显示,交易所交易基金(ETF)的黄金需求与去年同期持平。 #39;When you have two out of the three pillars of gold demand wobbling, then you can have potential problems#39; in the form of lower prices, said Jon Nadler, senior analyst with at Montreal bullion dealer Kitco Metals Inc. 位于蒙特利尔的金银交易商Kitco Metals Inc.的高级分析师纳德勒(Jon Nadler)说,当撑黄金需求的三根柱有两根已经摇摇欲坠时,你可能要遇到价格下跌的潜在问题了。 Gold futures for August delivery gained .40, or 0.8%, to settle at ,616.10 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Gold prices are up 3.2% on the year, but off 14.4% from a record ,888.70 hit Aug. 22, 2011. 纽约商品交易所Comex分部8月交割的黄金期货合约涨12.40美元,至每盎司1,616.10美元,涨幅为0.8%。黄金价格8月同比上涨3.2%,但较2011年8月22日的1,888.70美元的历史最高水平下跌了14.4%。 Excluding central banks and industrial users, gold demand was down 13% to 721.1 tons. Central banks continued their bullion buying spree as they diversify their reserves away from dollars and euros, purchasing 157.5 tons in the second quarter, a record. 剔除央行和工业使用者的需求后,全球黄金需求下降了13%,至721.1吨。为了减少美元和欧元储备、使储备多样化,全球央行仍然在大举购买黄金,第二季度的购买量创下157.5吨的历史新高。 India recaptured the crown as the world#39;s top consumer in the second quarter, after losing out to China for two consecutive quarters. However, India#39;s consumer demand for gold, a metric that combines sales of jewelry, coins, and bars, is down 38% to 181.3 metric tons. 二季度印度重新夺回了世界第一大黄金消费国的地位,此前两个季度,印度的黄金需求皆落后于中国。不过,印度消费者的黄金需求下降了38%,至181.3吨。消费者的黄金需求包括珠宝、金币和金条的销量。 The decline was attributed to the persistently weak rupee, which has kept gold in rupee terms near record highs despite declines in global gold prices. 卢比的持续疲软导致印度消费者黄金需求的下降。尽管全球金价下跌,但卢比的疲弱导致以卢比计价的黄金价格保持在接近历史高点的水平。 #39;India will continue to be out of the market for a while,#39; said George Gero, senior vice president with R Wealth Management. He said the dry monsoon season has cut into farmers incomes, leaving many buyers with little disposable income. 加拿大皇家财富管理公司(R Wealth Management)高级副总裁格罗(George Gero)说,印度消费者对黄金的需求将继续保持低迷状态。他说,干旱的季风季令农民收入减少,许多买家可配收入都微乎其微。 There were bright spots in the demand data. Excluding India and China, global retail investment demand for gold, mostly from Europe, actually rose 16% to 195.2 metric tons. 黄金需求数据中也不乏亮点。除印度和中国外,全球黄金零售投资需求上升了16%,达到195.2吨,其中大多数来自欧洲。 /201208/195700瑞金市中医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Archie KarasArchie Karas, a Greek Gambler and is considered to be one of the greatest gamblers of all time by most people; Archie Karas came to USA having only $ 50 in his pocket and within days he turned this amount into $ 17 million by playing poker and pool; but he lost his gambling glory after losing $ 13 million in 1995 while playing dice in Vegas.Archie Karas,高手。他在上用三年的时间将50美元变成了4千万,然后在短短的3周里输光了这4千万,若干年后他卷土重来,又用200美元赢得了1百万。我们不用像Archie这么穷折腾,打好爱情的一手牌,就可能幸福一辈子。 /201003/98386赣州哪里治疗阳痿早泄好

赣州一般包皮手术多少钱Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday it found some problems with working conditions at the plant of one of its suppliers in China but no evidence of the use of staff under the legal working age of 16. 三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)周一说,发现该公司一家中国供应商的工厂在工作条件方面存在若干问题,但没有据表明该工厂非法雇佣16岁以下童工。 Samsung said it is conducting checks to ensure all its facilities in China comply with the company#39;s labor policies, including on underage labor, and added it will terminate its contract with any of its Chinese suppliers if they fail to meet the company#39;s guidelines. 三星电子说,公司正在进行调查,以确保所有中国工厂遵守该公司的劳动政策,其中包括不得使用未成年劳工。三星电子还说,如有任何一家中国供应商不遵守公司的规章制度,将与之解除合同。 Audits conducted in August at the manufacturing facility of subcontractor HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co. found #39;several instances of inadequate management and potentially unsafe practices,#39; Samsung said in a statement. It cited excessive overtime and inadequate health and safety measures. 三星电子在一份声明中说,今年8月对其代工厂海格国利电子(惠州)有限公司(HEG Electronics (Huizhou) Co.,简称:海格国利)的调查发现,该工厂存在管理不善和潜在不安全操作等若干问题。此外,三星电子还提到了过度加班以及不健全的健康和安全措施等。 #39;Samsung has demanded that HEG immediately improve its working conditions,#39; it said. 三星电子说:我们已要求海格国利立即改善工作条件。 HEG Electronics had no immediate comment. 海格国利没有立即置评。 #39;Samsung investigators did not identify any underage workers during the site audit at HEG Electronics in Huizhou, but we identified workers under the age of 18 on site. These workers are over the age of 16 and are student workers or interns, and their presence is legal.#39; 三星电子的声明说,三星调查人员在惠州海格国利现场调查期间没有发现童工,但我们在现场看到有未满18周岁的工人,这些工人已年满16周岁,属打工学生或实习生,雇佣他们是合法的。HEG Electronics assembles mobile phones for Samsung. 海格国利为三星电子组装手机。 The latest audits were conducted last month in response to a report by a non-governmental organization Child Labor Watch that three investigations it conducted during June and July found child labor in use at the factory in southern China. Its first investigation found seven children under the age of 16 working at the plant, it then said. 三星电子上月展开的最新调查是对非政府组织Child Labor Watch一份报告的回应。报告称,该组织在6月和7月共对海格国利进行了三次调查,结果发现该工厂存在雇佣童工现象。报告说,第一次调查发现,海格国利有七名16岁以下的童工。 Samsung said it will dispatch a team consisting of 100 Samsung employees at its headquarters to China to complete on-site inspections of all 105 supplier companies there by the end of the month. 三星电子说,将派遣一由100名总部员工组成的队伍前往中国,计划在9月底之前完成对中国所有105家供应商的现场检查。 /201209/198345 In between running the home and taking care of children, almost half of stay-at-home mothers use the internet and emails to raise some extra cash, a study found.  研究发现,有将近一半的全职妈妈在料理家事和照看孩子的间隙利用网络和电邮等方式赚取外快。  The average mousewife spends six hours and eight minutes a week on computer-based jobs in make-shift home offices.And it is clearly paying off with one in 20 earning at least £200 a month from the using a computer mouse at home.  在她们临时的家庭办公室里,“鼠标主妇”平均每周用在电脑上的时间为6小时8分钟。这番努力的回报也很明显。每20个“鼠标主妇”中就有一位每月至少能在鼠标滑动中获得200英镑的收入。  Mousewives top ten jobs:   1. Online market research  2. Selling books, DVDs or CDs online  3. Mystery shopping  4. Reviewing events or items online  5. Typing  6. Setting up websites  7. Catalogue sales  8. Party plan  9. Accounts for other businesses  10. Childminding/babysitting  “鼠标主妇”常做的十类工作:  1. 在线市场调查  2. 在线销售书籍、DVD或CD  3. 神秘购物(测评务的质量、为商家提供客户需求报告)  4. 在线评估活动或产品  5. 打字录入  6. 创建网站  7. 目录销售(消费者通过查阅购物目录,拨打电话订购,再由专业快递公司提送货上门)  8. 晚会策划  9. 管理帐目  10. 小孩看护 /201102/125240于都县人民医院电话号码赣州哪个男科医院好



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