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First Badger Cull Under Way Amid Protests Campaigners vow to stop the operation despite High Court injunctions in place aimed at protecting farmers from being targeted.This is middle-England#39;s response to the badger cull,ordinary people out at night,trying to protect their local wildlife.As the sun set,the wounded badger patrol set off on its peaceful mission led by M.As you can see the very middle England people that are here today,they aren#39;t extreme activists.We are here to speak for the badgers and also to try to talk to people and explain to our members that the science is just not backing this cull.Over six weeks around 5000 badgers be shot by trained maskmen in W on west summerset,try and stop the sp of TB in cattle.Some groups have suggested they will take more direct action to stand in the way of those involved in the cull.The sound that will hear,it sounds and has been described like this many times,it is the sound like a woman being absolutely tortured and murdered.Yet for these campaingners finding and helping the endangered badgers is their priority.In terms of welfare,it#39;s just not right,not right for badgers and once we focus on shooting badgers,we are not actually addressing the issue of how BT sp within farms.Even if that means walking the countryside in the dark which shooting due to take place dark and dawn.Tonight this has been a practice for the wounded badger patrolers,but they know that over the next six weeks,they are gonna have to do all of these for real.For now they simply have to wait,aware that they can not stop this cull but not prepared to simply walk away. /201308/254779

  Sometimes it#39;s healthier to not apply yourself. Really.有时放纵自己更加有益健康。不骗你。You Will Need你需要Unmade bed不整理床铺Air-dried dishes自然晾干碗碟Less-than-clean home不要经常打扫Naps午睡Daydreams白日梦Doodling胡乱涂鸦Steps步骤Step 1 Leave the bed unmade1.不要整理床铺Leave the bed unmade. It#39;s more sanitary to pull back the covers and let the linens air out than to trap dust mites under the warm covers, where they#39;ll thrive.不要整理床铺。把被子重新拉回去,让不新鲜的空气排出来,比把尘螨裹在温暖的被子中更加卫生。否则细菌和尘螨将滋生。Step 2 Don#39;t dry the dishes2.不要擦干碗碟Don#39;t towel-dry hand-washed dishes. Air-drying is so much more hygienic that most restaurants are forbidden from using dishtowels.不要用毛巾把碗碟擦干。空气风干更加卫生,许多酒店禁止使用擦碟布来擦碗碟。Step 3 Clean the house less3.减少打扫卫生次数Don#39;t go crazy keeping your house spic and span, especially if you have children. Many researchers support the so-called ;hygiene hypothesis; – the theory that the bacteria, viruses and worms that enter our bodies via dirt are necessary to develop a immune system capable of fighting back against these invaders.不要无休止地把房间打扫得干干净净,尤其是有孩子的话。许多研究人员持所谓的“卫生假设理论”——通过灰尘进入我们身体的细菌和病毒是创建强壮的免疫系统,抵抗入侵者所必需的。Step 4 Take naps4.午睡Take half-hour naps a few times a week. People who do have lower rates of death from heart disease.每周午睡几次,每次半小时。这样的人死于心脏病的几率更低。Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night in addition to naps.除了午睡之外,尽量保障每晚七到八小时的睡眠。Step 5 Doodle5.胡乱涂鸦Go ahead and doodle as the boss drones on. Research shows that scribbling when you#39;re bored improves concentration and memory.老板喋喋不休说个不停的时候尽管胡乱涂鸦。研究表明,厌倦的时候胡乱涂鸦可以提高注意力和。Step 6 Daydream6.白日梦Don#39;t feel guilty about daydreaming. Scientists have discovered it#39;s actually a stimulating mental activity that prepares the brain for complex problem-solving.不要因为做白日梦而感到愧疚。科学家发现,做白日梦实际上是一种刺激性神经的活动,可以让大脑为解决复杂的问题做准备。Americans spent .5 billion on reclining chairs and sofas in 2008.2008年,美国人花费35亿美元来购买躺椅和沙发。视频听力译文由。 /201402/274715

  2013超级碗多力多滋幽默广告,一个霸占了小女孩玩具和多力多滋(Doritos)小,在只剩最后一个薯片时遭遇小女孩狠狠的报复。另一方面,说明这个玉米片,都爱吃。 以下是中英对照:女儿: That#39;s my toy! Bad.你是我的玩具。讨厌的坏。妈妈: What#39;s wrong? You want a Dorito?怎么了,要来片多力多滋(玉米片)吗?女儿:That#39;s mine!那是我的。(玉米片又被抢了。)妈妈:Here you go. Last one...给你,最后一片了啊....女儿:Jump. Not-chyo cheese (Nacho Cheese, Not Your Cheese)跳,烤干酪辣味玉米片(谐音,不是你的奶酪。) Article/201405/294343。

  柯南君请来比特币首席运营官Marcus Ortman(伪)给大家“科普”到底什么是比特币,柯南被他“通俗易懂”的讲解所“倾倒”。伪科普,真吐槽,最后一幕似乎“揭示玄机”。 Article/201403/282044

  I think a lot of the speed and timing that Bruce Lee had was,a, from the conditioning and strength and the way his body worked.我觉得吧 李小龙的速度是,身体力量训练以及身体机能的共同结果He was very, very concerned with his fast-twitch muscles.The one-inch punch that he developed, one of the fastest strikes and, and still use today.And that transfers over obviously into the boxing side.This ability to pack a punch has been acknowledged by some of the world#39;s best boxers.他热衷于锻炼快肌纤维,他所完善的寸拳就是最快的拳法 现在还在用。现代拳击也显然受此影响,这种拳法为一些世界知名拳王所承认。That was the most amazing thing about Bruce, was the fact that he could generate so much speed and velocity in his punches,short punches that he used his body and his... and his... the type of leverage he was able to gain because he knew... he understood the mechanics of the body.这就是李小龙令人惊讶之处,他速度奇快 出拳迅猛,短距离能聚集身体所有力量,因为他熟知身体机能。Bruce Lee didn#39;t just confine himself to exercising his muscles.He was also concerned with the fuel he was putting into his body.He began experimenting with high-protein drinks that he blended himself and supplemented with ginseng, royal jelly, and massive doses of vitamins.李小龙不仅仅局限于锻炼肌肉,他还注意营养的摄入,他尝试为自己榨高蛋白饮料,里面加有西洋参 蜂王浆 大量维他命。He was very known for taking vitamins and minerals and stuff like that,and he had to go on find these various difference ones and put them together,where now we can just walk into any store and be able to buy certain supplements like that.他吃维他命和矿物质什么的很出名了,但他得自己去尝试多种不同组合,而现在 我们只消到商店去买特定的营养品就可以了。So a lot of the things he was doing as an athlete back then is things that we incorporate now bodybuilding.Bruce Lee#39;s approach to high-protein drink was revolutionary and shocked some of his colleagues when he returned to Hong Kong.所以他当时作为运动员所选用的营养 就是现在健美所采用的,李小龙的高蛋白饮料令人耳目一新 甚至在回港后 还吓了同事们一跳。 Article/201402/275590

  China holds press conference on national economy.中国召开国民经济新闻发布会。 Article/201407/312287China not only has the world#39;s largest population, but also the best appetite for instant noodles. The country remained the world#39;s top instant noodles consumer last year, according to Osaka-based World Ramen Association in Japan.中国不仅拥有世界上最多的人口,而且是方便面第一消费大国。总部位于大阪的世界拉面协会称,中国去年依然是最大的方便面消费国。44-billion packets of instant noodles were eaten by people in China in 2012. Indonesia and Japan followed with over 14 billion packets and 5.4 billion. Another way of looking at the numbers in the number one consumer China—that#39;s close to 1,400 packets put away every single second. Among people living fast-paced city-life, the speedy meal has cemented its popularity. And being cheap, easy to carry and cook, its convenience also makes it a top choice to bring on long-distance travel, especially during the spring festival.2012年,中国 “吃掉”440亿块,印尼140亿块,日本54亿块。在方便面第一消费国—中国,每秒钟有将近1400 人在吃方便面。 随着城市生活节奏的加快,快餐站稳了脚跟。方便面廉价、便于携带和食用,成为长途旅行,特别春节假期旅游时的首选食品。It is also the choice hand out to relieve hunger under post-disaster conditions. As the pictures show, it was a staple for victims and rescuers after the Lushan quake during the past week.地震后,灾民也是靠分发的方便面来缓解饥饿。就如图片上看到的,芦山地震后的一周里,方便面成为地震受害者和救援人员的主要食物。 Article/201305/237928

  如果你和上千万的人一样,每天都要走一英里才能找到一罐水,估计你不会把如此珍贵的水用来洗澡。年轻的企业家Ludwick Marishane讲述了一个引人入胜的有趣故事,那就是他如何发明了一个廉价、清洁而又方便的解决方案:DryBath——全球首款洗澡替代乳液。 Article/201312/266112


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?25 million Americans have some form of diabetes. 2500万美国人都有某种糖尿病。It#39;s true. 这是真的。Experts estimate that of the 25.8 million Americans with diabetes, 7 million haven#39;t been diagnosed.专家估计,美国2850万糖尿病患者中,有700万人没有诊断出来。AZUZ: Today is World Diabetes Day. 今天是世界糖尿病日。This year#39;s theme is education and prevention. 今年的主题是教育与预防。We mentioned there different form of diabetes. 我们提到了有不同类型的糖尿病。All of them involve how the body uses blood glucose or blood sugar. 它们都与身体如何利用血糖有关。Glucose is a main source of energy for your cells. 葡萄糖是你细胞最重要的能量来源。When it enters your body, your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin that helps break the glucose down. 当它进入你的身体时,你的胰腺会释放一种叫做胰岛素的激素来阻止葡萄糖的分解。In diabetics, the body either doesn#39;t make enough insulin or it doesn#39;t use it as well as it should.对糖尿病患者而言,他们的身体要么胰岛素不够,要么不能充分利用胰岛素。Diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, blindness. 糖尿病会导致高血压,心脏病,肾病和失明。It#39;s the 7 leading cause of death in America. 它是美国排在前七位的死亡原因。There is no cure, but there are treatments. 这病没法根治,但是可以缓解。Doctors recommend eating well and exercising to help control or prevent diabetes.医生推荐通过好好吃饭、加强运动来控制或预防糖尿病。And a diagnosis doesn#39;t mean the end of an active life.诊断出患病并不代表活跃生活的结束。 /201311/265011

  Our journey starts at the very heart of China, Beijing. China#39;s capital is a vast metropolis, home to 15 million people.我们的旅程将从中国的心脏北京启航。中国的首都是一座巨大的城市,供养着1500万人口。This bustling modern city seems an unlikely place for traditional beliefs and customs. But beneath the contemporary veneer, it#39;s possible to see glimpses of a far older China.这座熙熙攘攘的现代都市似乎与传统信仰和习俗无缘,在现代的浮华外表之下依稀可以窥探到远古中国的身影。Every morning, people head to the parks around the Forbidden City, to continue a custom which is centuries old.每一个早晨,人们汇聚到紫禁城附近的公园里,延续一种保持了数个世纪的传统。Many Chinese keep birds as companions, specifically a type of laughing thrush from southern China.许多中国人把鸟儿当作自己的伙伴,尤其喜欢一种来自中国南方的画眉鸟。But they know that cooped up indoors, birds may become depressed.养鸟的人知道把鸟关在笼子里,鸟儿也许会变得消沉So they try to brighten their day by meeting other birds. This surprising scene in the heart of modern Beijing is a clue to China#39;s oldest spiritual ambition, the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.因此他们试图让鸟儿们也高兴起来。通过让鸟儿们聚会的这种方式,北京的中心上演了出人意料的一幕。从中可以发掘到远古中国心灵的渴望,那就是——人与自然注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201408/318092

  Bike commuting keeps you in shape, saves money, and helps the environment. Get the best bike for a hassle-free ride.骑自行车去上班可以让你保持身材,节约金钱,保护环境。购买最好的自行车,没有烦扰地上路。You Will Need你需要Consideration of terrain考虑地形Comfortable seat and handlebars舒适的座位和把手Storage and safety add-ons储物箱和安全的附加装置Reputable bike store有信誉的自行车售卖商店Test ride试驾Brake extensions (optional)刹车延长线(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Consider terrain1.考虑地形Consider the terrain you#39;ll be riding on. Look for extra gears for hill climbing and good suspension for bumpy rides. Opt for road tires instead of mountain bike tires unless you#39;re commuting on dirt roads or trails.考虑骑自行车的地形。如果是在山地爬坡,添加额外装置,如果地面崎岖不平,安装良好的减震装置。选择道路轮胎而不是山地车轮胎,除非上班的路途是泥泞的羊肠小道。Step 2 Think about chainless2.考虑无链自行车Think about buying a chainless bike if you ride in snow or slush. You#39;ll have less chain maintenance.如果你是在雪地或融雪上骑行,考虑购买无链自行车。这样就不需要经常维修链子。Step 3 Opt for a folding bike3.选择折叠自行车Opt for a folding bike if you need portability or combine riding with other mass transit options.如果你需要携带方便,或者需要和其他交通方式结合,选择折叠自行车。Step 4 Get a comfy seat and handlebars4.舒适的车座和把手Get a comfy seat with plenty of padding and shock absorbency, and dropped handlebars that allow you to drop down in windy conditions.选择有充足的气垫和减震的舒适的车座,安装可以下调的车把手,这样遇到刮风的天气身体可以趴下去。Step 5 Add extras5.安装其他装置Add a cargo rack and removable baskets for storage. Install lights in the front and back and consider a bell for safety.添加货物架和可移动储物篮。前后都装上车灯,为了安全起见,考虑安装车铃。Step 6 Go to a reputable bike store6.在有信誉的商店购买Shop for your bike at a reputable bike store in order to get the right size bike and personal adjustments.为了购买最合适的款型和最个性化的配置,选择有信誉的商店。Step 7 Test ride7.试驾Take your bike on a test ride to make sure you#39;re comfortable on it and to ensure you get the proper fit.上路试驾一下,确保比较舒适,设置合理。Only 1.67 percent of Americans commute to work by bicycle, compared to 15 percent in Japan. 美国只有1.67%的人骑自行车去上班,而日本有15%。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237532

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