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芜湖治疗包皮价格弋江区男科医院治疗早泄多少钱芜湖市芜湖县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 【视频讲解】Then worries about Uber’s culture mounted. A former employee wrote a blog post on how Uber’s human-resources department failed to act on her sexual-harassment complaint. Next, an Uber driver filmed Mr Kalanick arguing with him about fare cuts and uploaded the material, including the boss lamenting that “some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit”. The latest embarrassment was the revelation that Uber had secretly designed and used a software feature, called Greyball, to evade city officials attempting sting operations to catch Uber drivers violating local regulations.随后,针对优步企业文化的忧虑升温。一名前员工发表文称,优步人力资源部门对她遭性骚扰的投诉坐视不理。接着又有一名优步司机把自己与卡兰尼克就车费下调问题的争吵拍摄下来并上传到网上,卡兰尼克在其中哀叹“有些人就是不愿意为自己的屁事负责”。最新曝光的丑闻则是优步秘密设计并使用一款名为“灰球”(Greyball)的软件来逃避政府监管人员的执法钓鱼行动,使违反当地法规的优步司机得以逃脱。mount v.上升 (increase), 爬上(to climb up onto)- The troubles have continued to mount.- The cowboy mounted his horse.sexual-harassment complaint 性骚扰投诉lament v.叹息 (to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something)embarrassment n.尴尬evade v.逃避 (to avoid)- The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.sting n.圈套 (a clever plan to deceive someone in order to catch criminals)Two questions face the company. One is whether Uber will continue prospering under Mr Kalanick’s leadership. Silicon Valley and its denizens may celebrate his type, but his public words and actions have made people close to the firm squirm. Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist and early Uber backer who sits on the board, is helping direct a search for a chief operating officer to keep Mr Kalanick in check and bring experience and discipline to the firm. It is certainly hard to keep on top of the firm’s growth: last year, its headcount doubled.该公司面临两个问题。一是优步在卡兰尼克的领导下能否继续繁荣发展。硅谷及其科技精英们也许对卡兰尼克这类人赞赏有加,但他的公开言论及行为却令与优步有切身利益的人困窘难当。风险投资家、同时也是优步早期的投资人兼董事会成员的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)正协助物色一名首席运营官来制衡卡兰尼克,并希望藉此将经验和规矩引入该公司。公司增长迅速,管理难度必然大增:去年,其员工数量翻了一番。prosper v.蓬勃发展 (to become very successful usually by making a lot of money)denizen n.居民 (a person/animal/plant that lives in a particular region)- The polar bear is an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic.squirm n.不安 (show or feel embarrassment or shame)keep ... in check 约束discipline n.规矩headcount n.员工数量If Mr Gurley and the rest of the board cannot find an experienced candidate willing to work with Mr Kalanick, calls for him to step down may grow louder. But that is his decision to take. Uber is a prominent example of founders’ power at fast-growing tech firms. On its own, Uber’s board does not have the clout to change the CEO, because of his super-voting shares and those of his co-founder, Garrett Camp: together they control a majority of the voting stock.假如格利及董事会其他成员找不到愿意与卡兰尼克共事的资深人选,要求卡兰尼克下台的呼声可能会高涨。但这个决定却是要由他本人来做出。在创始人掌控高速增长的科技公司方面,优步是个突出例子。优步的董事会单凭自身力量是无权更换CEO的,因为他和另一创始人格瑞特#8226;坎普(Garrett Camp)都拥有超级投票权股份:两人控制了大部分的投票权股份。prominent adj.突出的clout n.影响力 (the power to influence)The second question concerns Uber’s longer-term business prospects. One of the firm’s early-stage investors says that recent events have been a series of “body blows”, but he worries that there could be a “knockout blow” that would permanently damage Uber’s momentum. So far, he says, it looks as if Uber is merely bruised.第二个问题事关优步的长期业务前景。该公司的一位早期投资者表示,最近的事件是一连串的“沉重打击”,而他担心优步可能会遭到“致命一击”,令发展势头受到永久性伤害。他说,目前为止,优步看起来还只是受了点皮外伤。concern v.关于(be about),使担心- The book concerns 3 soldiers.- Her health concerns me.prospect n.前景 (the possibility that something will happen in the future)blow n.打击knockout n.打晕momentum n.势头bruise v.擦伤- bruise n.淤青 Article/201705/510408栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451732芜湖市哪家医院治疗皮肤好

安徽芜湖治疗男性不育多少钱芜湖治疗早泄要用多少钱 Then there was just the murderous smashing and crashing of horses,之后就是对人马凶残的杀戮the slicing and thrusting of weapons,the screams, cries of the wounded and dying.兵戎相见 肆意砍杀 战场上充斥着死伤者的叫喊声If the axeman stood firm against the oncoming horse he#39;d still only get one good swing. If he missed,如果斧头兵站定位置面对奔来的骑兵 他只有一次机会挥斧攻击 如果没打中he was left open to the slash of the sword from the rider above.他必将毙命于骑兵自马上落下的剑下The initial success of the English also threatened their downfall.是英格兰人最初的胜利导致了他们的落败On the left flank of William#39;s army,horses stumbled and retreated.在威廉军队的左翼 马匹磕绊着撤退The right flank of Harold#39;s army,many of them inexperienced fyrdmen,decided to chase them down the hill.而哈罗德军队的右翼 大多是没有战斗经验的民兵 冒失的决定下山追击对手But Harold, always conservative in his tactics,refused to allow others to follow.但是贯以保守著称的哈罗德 下令禁止其余的士兵一同追击So this point, he seems to have lost momentary control of his troops,在这个时刻 他似乎对他的军队失去了掌控who couldn#39;t resist following the horsemen,elated by the thought that the Duke of Normandy was lost.他的手下忍不住杀欲 前去追赶骑兵 满心鼓舞 以为诺曼底公爵打了败仗But William threw back his helmet to prove he was very much alive.但威廉重新带上头盔 明自己还活着He rallied the ranks of the Norman centre round the rear of the pursuing Saxons and set about slicing them to pieces.他率领诺曼士兵 包围了追击出来的撒克逊士兵 将他们全部歼灭The battle wasn#39;t over yet.It was going to take at least six hours to decide.战斗尚未结束 还将进行漫长的六个小时 /201608/460086芜湖男性哪家最好

芜湖鸠江区男性男子男科医院治疗生殖感染价格As soon as he cuts into the stomach contents,that is when you get this rotting stench an aroma of whatever it#39;s been eating in the last 24 hours.一旦他切开胃的时候 你就会闻到一股腐臭味 一天之内都不会忘掉那股味道Got a load of a stench of camel digested food straight up my nostrils. 一股子 骆驼吃掉的食物的腐臭味直冲鼻子The fluid in this half-digested pulp is drinkable,and it can save your life.半消化的浆状物中的液体是可饮用的 能救人性命it was rancid.You know, I couldn#39;t believe it.The smell is terrible.And then he just drank this water.那完全是变味了的 简直令人难以相信 气味可怕极了 接着他就喝挤出来的水And there he turns it into a shelter.然后 他钻进骆驼里就可以遮阳了I guess I am in And I#39;ll be 100% protected from the sun.我估计能钻进去 我完全不会被太阳晒到The crew we were nearly throwing up, actually, at the smell.所有组员闻到这味道都想吐This blackie,this whole camel,Just stinks.苍蝇 这头骆驼 都很恶心Any animal carcass smells bad,but there#39;s a clear winner for the worst smell the crew and I have ever experienced.任何动物尸体的味道都不好闻 但是我和摄制组 还遇到过臭中之臭smell that?That is truely terrible!闻到了吗 实在是 太臭了Making the show,the crew and I have had to endure some pretty foul smells,but it was in Mexico that we experienced the worst.拍摄《荒野求生》 摄制组和我都得忍受一些极端诡异的味道 但是在墨西哥那次绝对是最最难受的一次Got it, man. I can smell it!There we go. he#39;s caught in the noose.到了 我都闻到了 在那儿 它被猎捕器抓住了Ugh! Absolutely stinks.The worst smell that I#39;ve endured, so far, in four years of this show, is skunk.真是太臭了 黄鼠狼这次 绝对是我四年做这个节目以来 遇到过的最最最臭的一次If you smell it, it#39;s like --like a hundred burning tires all at once.这味道就像 像是烧了一百年的轮胎味儿I have never smeltanything so bad in my life.我这辈子都没闻到过这么臭的味道That is truely terrible!And then he started cooking the meat.实在是 太臭了 紧接着他就把它烧来吃了 Article/201611/476161 芜湖治疗前列腺炎哪个医院好芜湖一院割包皮手术价格



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