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Katie Couric: At only 11 years old. Annasophia Robb adds in the second major film to her resume. You may remember her, from the heart warming tale because of Winn-Dixie, she stared as Opal, a girl whose life changes for the better, "he wins, Dixie", once she meets and adopts a free friend at a local grocery store, but now she plays a fierce gum chewing champion, Violet Beauregarde, who along with four other kids, finds a golden ticket in the new movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, she fails to hit a warning and starts feeling a bit blue. (From the motion picture--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)Stick the most amazing and sensational gum of the whole universe.Sounds like my kind of gum.I'd rather you didn't, there're still one or two things they are... erm..I'm the world record holder in chewing gum, I'm not afraid of anything.How is it honey?It's amazing! To make the soap I can feel banning down my throat.I'm just a little concerned about the..Little berry pie in ice cream.That part.What's happening to her nose?It's turning blue.Katie Couric: Annasophia Robb. Good morning! Nice to see you. how are you?Annasophia Robb: Good morning. I'm good, how are you?Katie Couric: Richard mentioned that we have been chewing gum, you put it behind your ear temporarily ... But the reason we are because we have little bubble blowing competition in a minute. And I have to say, first of all, I have the sugar free gum and that's not as good for bubble blowing, is it?Annasophia Robb: No, it doesn't have the right, consistency. It's the sugar.Katie Couric: So I'm working a way on the sugar, bubble gum right now, so I can compete adequately. But let me ask you about becoming a young actress. Because I understand you wanna to do this since you were 3 years old, it's that right?Annasophia Robb: Yeah I am.. I wanna to do it since I was three. I kept asking for my mom for an agent. And finally when I was 8, she said all right, and she found me an agent in Denver.Katie Couric: Is that where you are from?Annasophia Robb: That's where I am from. I'm from Colorado and then I did an acting class, that's for 3 months. And then after that, L.A. agents and managers came out, and I got picked up by one of them and I went out to LA.Katie Couric: And tell me about some of the roles you had, I mentioned Because of Winn-Dixie you were adorable in that movie, and in fact, you know, in many ways you remind me of the Cold Fenning. Do people tell you that, that you remind them of a little bit of her?Annasophia Robb: Sometimes, yeah, I guess I think it is the blonde hair.Katie Couric: Yeah what other movies have you done? What other roles have you had?Annasophia Robb: I did Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.Katie Couric: Oh, right, I love you in that, too. You know it's hard cause you had brown hair as Samantha.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, and this one. Which is, that was fun, I got the blonde hair..Katie Couric: I bet it was. Tell me a little bit about being involved in this movie. I mean, were you familiar with this story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as the book is called.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, I was.. I love the book. It's a great book, it's such a classic and I love all the characters in it. Katie Couric: Had you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which Wilder was in it? Annasophia Robb: Yes, I had. I love that movie, it's an old song. It's so much fun. And this one, it's a lot supposed to be the original book.Katie Couric: And the fact is really a lot darker, isn't it? And, I mean, a little more, a little darker when she say it's a little less happy, happy.Annasophia Robb: It is! Yeah, it's a Tim's version. Which is Katie Couric: So Tim Burton, right? You don't say, it is me to say more than that. Tim Burton. And Johnny Depp, his version of Willie Walker, is a bit cockier than Gene Walder's. Won't you agree?Annasophia Robb: Yes! He is. It's a little more cockier, a kind of odd, but I think it's exactly how Ronald Dahl, the feel of the book, is a kind of dark. And so I think Tim really captured that essence. Katie Couric: I'm excited about that movie. We are y to count down. Tell me a little bit about Violet Beauregarde and F in terms of her personality. She's one bratty little kid, isn't she?Annasophia Robb: She is, she's very competitive, and very selfish, too. And she'll do nothing to stop her er..to win. And so I have a lot from playing her because usually I don't play mean characters, except for this part. Katie Couric: Right, so you had a lot of fun with that, she goes wandering with the same light blue sweatshirt, sweatsuit rather, as her mom who's played by Missi Pyle, who's hilarious tooAnnasophia Robb: She's so funny, we had such a good time together, and we're wearing M track suits. So there're so much fun. I've got to repent and…Katie Couric: You got to …you go up, well, you've got chew gum which is supposing you are smarter according to a recent study, I'm not sure.(really?) that's true. You've also got to blow up like a giant blueberry.Annasophia Robb:I did, I did. That was quite a fun for me because we did this whole prosthetic thing and the performer may phase then I turn into this big blueberry.Katie Couric: I think we have actually, Joe, don't we have two Violets turning blue? So we can now actually show folks. (Big potato) All the sudden this is you and this is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but really you got a situation here. Are you y? Let's blow bubble.Annasophia Robb: Okay. I have to get my gum. I stuck it behind my ear, it's got to stuck. Katie Couric: OK! We have ten seconds, can you do it? …200707/15205Bush: Security Progress in Iraq May Enable US Force Reduction布什称可考虑进一步减少驻伊美军  U.S. President George Bush says enough progress is being made in Iraq to enable the Pentagon to consider further reductions in force levels and cut troop tours. 美国总统布什说,已经在伊拉克取得足够的进展,使得美国国防部可以考虑进一步减少驻伊美军人数和部队驻留的时间了。President Bush says July has been a month of encouraging news in Iraq. 布什总统说,7月份来自伊拉克的消息令人鼓舞。"Violence is down to its lowest levels since the spring of 2004 and we are now in our third consecutive month with reduced violence levels holding steady," the president said. 他说:“暴力降低到2004年春季以来的最低程度,而且迄今为止已经有连续三个月暴力活动水平保持稳步下降的趋势。”The president says the top Americans in Iraq - General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker - acknowledge these advances could be reversed. But he says they report a degree of durability in the gains of recent months. 布什总统说,在伊拉克的美国最高官员彼德雷乌斯将军和克罗克大使承认这些进展有可能逆转,但是,布什总统说,他们报告说,近几个月来的进展有一定程度的持续性。He says there has been enough progress to prompt the Pentagon to cut troop tours. 他说,已经有了足够的进展,从而国防部可以减短军队的驻留的时间。"Beginning tomorrow, troops deploying to Iraq will serve 12-month tours instead of 15-month tours," Mr. Bush said. "This will ease the burden on our forces, and it will make life easier for our wonderful military families." 布什总统说:“从明天开始,驻伊拉克美军每次在当地务的任期将是12个月而不是15个月。这不但减轻美军的负担,也将改善我们的可敬的军人家属的境遇。”Mr. Bush says it is another sign that the strategy of sending extra troops to Iraq last year has paid off. There are now about 147,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Combat units are at pre-surge levels, though the elevated number of support troops remains.  布什总统说,这显示去年我们向伊拉克增兵的策略取得了成效。目前约有14万7千名美军驻守伊拉克。战斗部队目前人数保持着在增兵前同样的水平,但是辅助部队人数的增加仍然继续。"The last of these surge brigades came home this month," he said. "And later this year, General Petraeus will present me his recommendations of future troop levels, including further reductions in our combat forces as conditions permit." 布什总统说:“这些增援部队的最后几个旅于7月回国。今年晚些时候,彼德雷乌斯将军将向我呈交他有关未来部队人数的建议,内容包括当情况许可时进一步减少我们战斗部队人数。”In an update to the American people, Mr. Bush made specific mention of improvements in the Iraqi security forces. He said Iraqi troops have increased their capacity to handle the nation's security needs. 布什总统在向美国人民作最新情况报告时特别提到伊拉克安全部队的改进。他说,伊拉克部队已经提高了他们在应付本国安全需要方面的能力。"Iraqi forces now have 192 combat battalions in the fight, and more than 110 of these battalions are taking the lead in combat operations against terrorists and extremists," President Bush said. 布什总统说:“伊拉克部队如今有192个战斗营可投入战斗,而且其中110个以上的营在针对恐怖分子和极端分子的战斗行动中起主导作用。”Mr. Bush spoke on the original target date for completion of an agreement governing the long-term U.S. presence in Iraq. 布什总统谈到了达成一项制约美军可以在伊拉克继续长期存在的战略框架协议的原定目标日期。White House officials have been warning for days that the July 31 target would most likely not be met, although there are reports a deal may be near. The president said the negotiations will go on. 白宫官员多天来一直警告说,很可能不能在7月31号这个最后限期前达成这项协议,但是有报导说,协议可能会在近期内达成。布什总统说,有关谈判将继续进行。"We are also making progress in our discussions with Prime Minister Maliki's government on a strategic framework agreement," the president noted. "This agreement will serve as the foundation for America's presence in Iraq once the ed Nations resolution authorizing the multi-national forces there expires on December 31."Congress is wrapping up its session for the year, and the two main political parties in the ed States are gearing up for their national conventions. Iraq is one of the biggest issues in the campaign to choose a new president, and should remain so until the election on November 4.200808/45268Zimbabwe Waits to Learn Outcome of Election津人等大选结果 总统争第六任期Zimbabweans are anxiously waiting for the results of four elections held Saturday. Election monitors in say tensions are rising as people wait for the release of official results. Political parties have been announcing the outcome at many individual polling stations around the country, but the results have not been confirmed, and the final outcome is not expected until late Sunday or early Monday. 津巴布韦人急切地等待星期六举行的四个选举的结果。各政党在津巴布韦全国各地很多独立的投票站宣布投票结果,但是这些结果还没有得到实。预计在星期天下午或星期一上午还不能公布最终的投票结果。With the exception of the presidential election, the outcomes of the parliament, senate and local government polls have to be collected at the regional level and then transmitted to the Zimbabwe Election Commission in Harare. 除了津巴布韦的总统选举以外,国民议会、参议院和地方政府的选举结果必须在地区范围内集中起来,然后呈交给在哈拉雷的津巴布韦选举委员会。Some rural telephone lines are not working and mobile networks are barely functioning. Some results in remote mountainous areas will have to be taken by foot or vehicle to the nearest urban center. 一些农村地区的电话线不通,移动通信网络也不太管用。偏远山区的一些投票结果只能通过步行方式或乘汽车到最近的城市中心才能获得。The results for the presidential vote go directly from the polling stations to Harare. 津巴布韦总统的选举结果则是从各投票站直接送到哈拉雷。The opposition Movement for Democratic Change claimed victory early in the day, based on what the party says was a clean sweep in the second city, Bulawayo, and in the urban areas of the three Mashonaland provinces in central Zimbabwe, traditional strongholds of the ruling ZANU-PF.In elections in 2002 and 2005 the party also claimed victory early on, but lost in the final outcome. International observers ruled both of those elections flawed. It is still unclear how many people voted. 目前还不清楚投票的人数。Many commentators believe that even though there were more polling stations than expected, voter turnout was low. The Zimbabwe Election Support Network says it believes there was a fair turnout, but is still busy compiling its statistics. 许多人士认为,虽然投票站的数量比估计的要多,但是投票的人数却不多。津巴布韦选举持网络说,他们认为,投票踊跃程度适度,但是目前他们还在忙于统计数据。Founding MDC legal secretary, David Coltart, who was standing for the senate in Bulawayo, says he recorded 16,000 people turned up to vote in a constituency of more than 40,000 registered voters. 争取民主变革运动创建时的法律秘书、代表布拉瓦约竞选参议员的科尔塔特说,他的记录表明,在这个有4万多名注册选民的选区里,只有1万6千人参与了投票。And Tendai Biti, secretary-general of the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the M.D.C., says the voter rolls have been heavily padded, creating rich opportunities for rigging the poll. The Election Commission has denied such allegations. 争取民主变革运动的茨万吉拉伊派的秘书长比蒂说,选民的登记名单被严重夸大了,这为操纵选举制造了很多机会。津巴布韦选举委员会否认了这种指责。On the eve of these crucial elections, with Zimbabwe's economy in collapse and inflation soaring beyond 100,000 percent, security services warned they were on high alert, and would crush any protests against results. 由于津巴布韦的经济处于崩溃之中,通货膨胀率飞速上涨到百分之十万以上,因此在举行这些关键性的选举前夕,保安人员警告说,他们处于高度警戒状态,将对选举结果的一切抗议示威活动进行镇压。Most election observers from African countries have said that so far their impressions on election day were that the process had gone reasonably smoothly. 非洲国家的大部分选举观察员说,目前他们认为选举当天的进展是相当顺畅的。President Robert Mugabe who is now 84, is seeking a sixth term in office. He is challenged by the M.D.C.'s Tsvangirai, in his second attempt to win a majority of the presidential vote; and newcomer, Simba Makoni, formerly a ruling ZANU-PF party insider and finance minister. 现年84岁的穆加贝总统正寻求他的第6次连任。穆加贝的竞选对手是争取民主变革运动的领导人茨万吉拉伊和第一次参加竞选的马科尼。茨万吉拉伊是第二次参加总统竞选,马科尼曾经是执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的高层人士,并且担任过财政部长。Some observers say Makoni's entry to the presidential race demonstrated the ruling party is deeply divided; and some analysts say votes for him and candidates supporting him, will have robbed Mr Mugabe and his party of crucial support.  一些观察人士说,马科尼参加总统竞选表明执政党内部的分化严重。一些分析人士说,持马科尼的选民和候选人会从穆加贝总统及其政党那里抢走关键的持。200803/32855Individual income tax个人所得税A: This is the Foreign. What can I do for you?A: 你好,这里是国际税务所,请问有什么帮助的吗?B: This is Tom Black and I am from England. I have something to inquire abou the income tax.B: 我是来自于英格兰的汤姆·布莱克,我想咨询一些关于个人所得税的问题。A: Sure, go ahead.A: 好的,请说。B: Heres the thing. I am a sales representative in China and my company is based on my income in England?B: 事情是这样的,我是我们公司在中国的销售代表,我们公司总部设在英格兰。那么请问一下我需要交纳个人所得税吗?A: Well, it depends.A: 这得根据不同情况而定。B: On what?B: 那么是根据什么情况呢?A: It depends on how many years you have been in China.A: 是根据你在中国居住的时间的长短而定的。B: Well, I have been in China for only six months.B: 我刚刚到中国六个月。A: You are quite welcome. Bye.A: 很高兴为您效劳,再见。 /201603/429974

8 保险费用3句英文任你选The extra premium insured is to be paid by the buyer.额外保险费由买方承担。The premium is calculated according to the premium rate or rates for risks to be covered.保险费是根据投保险别的保险费率计算的。The premium for insurance covering All Risks and War Risk will natura11y be higher than that covering WPA.投保综合险和战争险的保险费当然比投保水渍险的保险费高。半个句型要记牢premium(保险费)Tip:premium作名词时,有;溢价,过高价值;的意思,表示额外费用具体指保险,红利等,所以在保险业就指保险费,短语有pay a premium for (付…佣金)。还可作形容词,意思是;高级的,优质的,特级的,高价的;。If you are employed , your employer will pay most of the premium. (假如你有工作,你的雇主将承担你的大部分保费。) /201605/434147

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