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Hilton Humanitarian Prize Of .5 Million Goes To Bangladeshi NGO孟加拉国非政府组织荣获人道奖The world's biggest humanitarian prize has been awarded to BRAC, the largest non-profit organization in the developing world. The 2008 Hilton Humanitarian Prize of .5 million honors BRAC, a Bangladeshi-based NGO, for its achievements in helping to eradicate poverty in nine Asian and African countries.世界最大的人道主义奖颁给了孟加拉农村发展委员会(BRAC)这个发展中国家最大的非营利组织。2008年希尔顿人道主义奖的150万美元奖金颁给了孟加拉农村发展委员会这个总部设在孟加拉的非政府组织,因为孟加拉农村发展委员会在协助亚洲和非洲9个国家消除贫穷方面取得成就。Founder of BRAC, Fazle Hasan Abed, said he is particularly honored to receive the Hilton Humanitarian Prize on the International Day to Eradicate Poverty, a day to remember the billions of people living in extreme poverty. He said he and his organization have worked for 36 years for the alleviation of poverty.孟加拉农村发展委员会的创建人阿贝德表示,他觉得特别荣幸能在国际消除贫困日这一天获得希尔顿人道主义奖。国际消除贫困日是要提醒我们记得几十亿生活在极度贫困中的人。他说,他和他的组织已经努力工作了36年来缓解贫穷。He said BRAC, which was launched in Bangladesh in 1972, now reaches more than 110 million people in nine Asian and African countries with its holistic approach toward development.他说,孟加拉农村发展委员会1972年在孟加拉成立,现在以全面性发展计划向亚洲和非洲9个国家里1亿1千万人民伸出援手。He said BRAC will use the .5 million prize money to help poor people in southern Sudan.他说,孟加拉农村发展委员会将把这150万美元的奖金用来协助苏丹南部的穷人。"After 20 years of conflict in southern Sudan, the Sudanese peace, fragile peace is still holding and people have come back to their villages," he said. "We are now trying to organize them in providing them health care and education and micro-finance, particularly poor people having no access to education or health care. We are trying to provide that." 他说:“苏丹南部经历了20年的冲突,苏丹的和平是很脆弱的,而且仍然没有落实,苏丹人民已经返回他们自己的村落。我们现在将他们组织起来,尤其是对那些没有能力获得教育和医疗照顾的穷人,试图向他们提供医疗照顾、教育和小额信贷。我们正在试图提供这些务。”BRAC won out over more than 225 nominees. A member of the prominent panel of international jurors, Princess Salimah Aga Khan, said it was a challenge to select an organization that has accomplished something unique in the humanitarian field.孟加拉农村发展委员会从225个被提名的组织中胜出。国际评审小组的著名成员--萨丽麦公主表示,选出一个在人道主义领域完成独特成就的组织是很具有挑战性的。"BRAC filled so many areas of excellence. It would be hard to find another organization that has accomplished so much, in so many areas," she said. "Literally millions, 110 million people have been helped out of poverty. I, and the other jurors, were especially moved by the organization's emphasis on women. BRAC sees women as change agents, not for their families, but for their communities as a whole." 她说:“孟加拉农村发展委员会在这么多领域取得了杰出的成就。要找到另外一个在同样多领域拥有同样多成就的组织是很困难的。1亿1千万人接受帮助脱离了贫穷。我和其他评审人员对这个组织把重点放在妇身上尤其觉得感动。孟加拉农村发展委员会将妇女视为改变的动力,这不是指她们改变家庭,而是指她们改变了整个社区面貌。”Today, BRAC's programs reach three quarters of Bangladesh's population of 153 million people through the efforts of more than 110,000 micro-finance officers, teachers, health staff and enterprise managers.今天,在超过11万名的小额信贷职员、教师、医疗团队和企业经营者的努力下,孟加拉农村发展委员会的计划向孟加拉1亿5千3百万人口的四分之三伸出援手。In recent years, BRAC has expanded its programs globally and now has operations in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, southern Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.在最近几年中,孟加拉农村发展委员会已将计划向全球扩展,现在还在阿富汗、斯里兰卡、巴基斯坦、坦桑尼亚、乌干达、南部苏丹、利比里亚、塞拉利昂等国家运作。200810/53167。

Some Asian Economies Edge Out of Recession, Caution Remains亚洲开始摆脱衰退 经济学家警告莫急于欢庆After months of massive government spending, some economies in Asia have emerged from recession. But officials and business experts say it is not yet time for euphoria.经过几个月的大规模政府出项目,一些亚洲国家和地区的经济开始摆脱衰退。但是一些政府官员和经济专家说,现在还没有到欢庆的时刻。Japan - the world's second largest economy - grew about one percent in the three months ending in June, compared with the preceding quarter. That was a relief to Japanese economic officials who had feared a prolonged slump.世界第二大经济体日本今年第二季度的经济比上一季度增长了大约1%,令担心经济衰退持续恶化的日本经济官员松了一口气。Still, recent data leave cause for concern. Japan's exports continue to plunge and unemployment is at record highs. Hideaki Hirata, an economist at Hosei University in Tokyo, says the bigger picture still looks daunting. 不过,最近公布的一些统计数字仍不能让人完全放心。日本的出口继续大幅下降,失业率连创历史新高。日本东京的法政大学的经济学家平田英明说,总体经济状况仍然相当严峻。"Quarterly comparison may not be appropriate in this kind of situation," Hirata said. "The level of GDP [gross domestic product] is extremely lower than the level in the last year. Yeah, it hit the bottom but it is a very deep bottom. So maybe the recovery needs at least two or three years." 他说:“在这种形势下,对季度进行比较也许并不合适。近年的国内生产总值大大低于去年。不错,这已经到了谷底,但这是一个深渊。所以,也许需要两到三年的时间经济才能复苏。”Fearing a deep recession, Japan's government last year gave billions of dollars in subsidies and cash to Japanese consumers, encouraging them to shop to compensate for the collapse of exports to the West.日本政府担心发生严重经济衰退,去年以补贴和现金的方式向日本消费者提供了大笔资金,鼓励他们多购物,以弥补对西方国家出口急剧减少造成的问题。Hirata says the subsidies appear to have worked as consumption rose, and so did China's purchases of Japanese goods. China surpassed the ed States as the top destination of Japanese goods in the first six months of the year. 平田英明说,看来,政府补贴有成效,消费增加了,中国从日本的进口也增加了。今年上半年,中国超越美国,成为进口日本产品最多的国家。"Japan was helped by [the] strong demand of China," Hirata said. "But if we look at exports data in detail, exports to U.S. and European countries are still weak." 他说:“日本得益于中国强劲的需求。但是如果我们详细的查看一下出口统计,对美国和欧洲国家的出口仍然疲软。”Some economists say China could drive the recovery in Asia. Beijing's 0 billion stimulus package helped the economy expand more than seven percent in the most recent quarter. The decline in Chinese exports has been slowing, and factory activity, as measured by electricity consumption, has started to pick up from the lows at the end of last year.一些经济学家说,中国可能带动亚洲经济复苏。北京的6000亿美元经济刺激计划导致中国第二季度的经济增长了7%以上。中国出口下降的速度有所减缓,根据电力消耗推算的工业生产也从去年年底的低水平上有所上升。Jing Ulrich is chairwoman of China equities and commodities at the investment bank JP Morgan in Hong Kong. 香港根大通的中国券市场部总监李晶说:"If you look around from Japan to Korea to Southeast Asian countries, China is their single largest trading partner," Ulrich said. "As China imports more commodities from resource-rich countries such as Indonesia, and China also imports capital goods from the likes of Japan and South Korea, intermediate components from Taiwan, from Thailand - I think China will absolutely play a critical role in a regional economic recovery." “从日本到韩国,再到东南亚国家,中国都是它们最大的贸易伙伴。随着中国从印度尼西亚等资源丰富的国家进口更多产品,从日本和韩国等国家进口资本产品,以及从台湾和泰国进口中级产品,我认为中国在地区经济发展上绝对将发挥关键作用。”The heavy government spending in some Asian economies that started last year is producing results. South Korea's economy expanded two-point-three percent in the last quarter and consumer confidence rebounded to a seven-year high in August. The government has budgeted more than billion since November to pump up the economy. 一些亚洲国家去年开始的大规模政府出项目正产生效果。韩国经济上一季度增长了2.3%,消费者信心8月份反弹至7年以来的最高点。韩国政府从去年11月以来为刺激经济制定了230亿美元的预算拨款。Lee Junkyu, senior advisor in international affairs at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in Seoul, says government spending has helped, but there could be some risks ahead. 韩国企划财政部的国际事务高级顾问李士说,政府出有所帮助,但是今后还有可能出现风险。"Government cannot continue its major role, it's not forever…. We need to see the private sector's vitality again," Lee said. "And also I may point [out], there are other risks to the outlook, another bout of global risk aversion and rising oil prices or commodity prices." 李士说:“政府不能继续发挥主要作用,它不能永远这样做。我们需要看到私营企业振兴。另外,我认为未来仍有风险,例如全球再次发生危机以及石油和商品价格上涨。”The global economic downturn has severely hurt Asia's export economies, because consumers from large markets like the U.S and Europe cut back on spending.全球经济滑坡严重损害了出口型亚洲国家,因为美国和欧洲等大市场的消费者减少了消费。Export-reliant Singapore and Thailand saw their economies expand slightly in the second quarter from the first quarter. But output for both economies is well below levels from last year.依赖出口的新加坡和泰国的第二季度经济比第一季度略有上涨。但是这两个国家的总体产出都大大低于去年。The Chinese territory of Hong Kong slipped out of recession in the second quarter. Hong Kong handles a significant amount of exports being shipped out of China. But government economist Helen Chan remains cautious. She spoke through a translator. 中国的香港特区在第二季度摆脱经济衰退。有很多的中国产品都转借香港出口。香港政府的经济学家陈女士持审慎乐观态度。"This is the initial stage of an economic rebound. We are not yet going to have a sound basis for an overall improvement, investment remains slack and swine flu has dealt a blow to tourism. Unemployment will remain serious and is a deteriorating situation in the coming months. We should remain vigilant to [about] our economic situation in the coming months." 她说:“这是经济反弹的初期阶段。我们还不具备经济全面改善的牢固基础。投资仍然疲软,H1N1甲型流感打击了旅游业。失业仍将是一个严重问题,今后数月将会进一步恶化。我们应该继续密切关注今后几个月的经济状况。”Patrick Low, the chief economist of the World Trade Organization, says the recovery seen in Asia is still "tentative". 世界贸易组织的首席经济学家劳乌说,目前在亚洲看到的经济复苏仍然是暂时的。"We're not quite through the woods yet," Low said. "Unemployment is still rising pretty much everywhere. And looks like it will continue to rise through next year." 劳乌说:“我们还没有走出(经济衰退的)密林。基本上所有地区的失业率还在上升,看来这种状况会持续到明年。”He says the massive government stimulus spending could bring inflation. Rising prices could discourage consumers from buying, and that, he says, could again undermine economic growth.他说,大规模的政府出项目会带来通货膨胀。价格上涨会导致消费者减少消费。他说,这就会影响经济成长。09/83041。

Wisconsin’s recall vote威斯康星州的罢免End of a fantasy幻想的终结A backlash against the state’s feisty conservatives fizzles out对本州暴躁保守派的反抗终于失败Aug 13th 2011 | FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN | from the print edition IN A neighbourhood of double garages and tightly cropped lawns, a woman stops her car in the middle of the road and leaps out to tell Randy Hopper, her state senator, how strongly she supports the reforms he and other Republicans legislators have championed in Wisconsin. There were not enough such voters to save Mr Hopper, who was turfed out of office in the middle of his term in a recall election this week. But there were enough of them to deny Democrats the majority they were seeking in the state Senate, and to dampen hopes on the left that aggrieved public-sector workers could restore their electoral fortunes nationwide next year.在有两个车库、草坪修剪非常整齐的街区,一位妇女将车停在马路中间,从车中走出来,告诉州参议员Randy Hopper,她是多么坚定地持他和其他共和党立法人拥护的威斯康星州的改革方案。像这样挽救Randy Hopper的选民并不多,本周的罢免选举中,Randy Hopper在任期内被扫地出门。但是否决民主党的选民到处都是,民主党是州参议院寻求的大多数,而且抑制左派希望,权利受损的公共部门的员工可以帮助民主党明年在全国范围重获多数选民持。In February the Republicans who control the state legislature had tried to push through a “budget repair” bill which aimed to reduce spending in part by severely restricting collective bargaining for the public sector. Government employees were to be stripped of any say in their benefits, while their pay, in future, would rise no faster than the consumer price index. The Democratic minority in the Senate, lacking the votes to block the bill, instead fled the state, depriving the chamber of a quorum. It was only after the Republicans worked out a parliamentary manoeuvre to get around the quorum requirement and pass the collective-bargaining reforms, three weeks later, that they returned, vowing to use every means at their disposal to avenge the Republican assault on labour.二月,控制州立法机构的共和党试图促成一项“预算修复”的法案,该法案是通过严格限制公共部门集体协商工资达到减少开的目的。政府公务员将被剥夺对福利的任何要求,而将来工资增长速度将没有消费者物价指数增长的快。参议院的民主党少数派缺乏阻止该法案的投票人数,反而离开了该州,使投票不能达到法定人数。三周后共和党采用议会策略绕过法定人数的要求,并且通过了集体协商工资改革。直到这时民主党才回来,发誓将使用一切手段报复共和党对劳工的剥削。201108/149655。

Obama Faces 100 Days Test奥巴马白宫百日:善于与民众沟通 President Barack Obama is going through a rite of political passage this week - he is marking his first 100 days in office. The significance of the 100 days marker goes back to the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, who assumed power at the height of the Great Depression in 1933, and his first priority was reassuring the public that better days were ahead.这个星期是奥巴马总统上任100天的重要日子,这是政治历程中的一个重要阶段。100天这个标志的重要性是从富兰克林.罗斯福总统开始的。富兰克林.罗斯福是在1933年大萧条最严重的时期担任总统的。当时他的首要任务是向公众保,前途是光明的。"You people must have faith. You must not be stampeded by rumors or guesses. Let us unite in banishing fear," he said. 他说:“你们必须有信心,绝不要被流言和猜测所吓倒。让我们团结起来驱散恐惧。”Roosevelt was a master communicator and the first president to make effective use of the radio to build public support.罗斯福很善于和民众沟通,他是第一位有效地利用广播来获取公众持的总统。Roosevelt's ambitious legislative program aimed at reviving the economy and his decisive leadership style remain the gold standard for how a new president takes charge in the first 100 days in office.罗斯福雄心勃勃的振兴经济的立法项目和他果断的领导作风,至今仍然是衡量一位新总统如何在就职100天里行使权力的最高标准。Other presidents had to cope with domestic and foreign policy stumbles in their first 100 days.有的总统不得不在就职后的100天里应对国内和外交政策上的失误。In 1961, President John Kennedy took responsibility for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion involving U.S.-supported Cuban exiles trying to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro.1961年,约翰.肯尼迪总统为猪湾入侵的灾难性后果承担责任。那次事件涉及在美国持下的古巴流亡者企图推翻菲德尔.卡斯特罗的政府。For Kennedy, it was an early political setback for a president untested on the world stage.肯尼迪当时是一位在世界舞台上还没有受到考验的总统,这一事件是他早期遭遇的政治挫折。"On that unhappy island, as in some many other arenas in the contest for freedom, the news has grown worse instead of better," he said.肯尼迪说:“从那个不幸的岛屿上传来的消息,就像为争取自由而斗争的许多其他地方一样,越来越糟,而不是越来越好。”President Barack Obama faced an incredibly daunting economic situation in his first 100 days in office.巴拉克.奥巴马总统在就职后的100天里面临一个极为棘手的经济局面。In some ways, Mr. Obama has modeled his initial approach in office on that of Franklin Roosevelt, mindful of Roosevelt's ability to communicate with the public and convey harsh realities and hope at the same time.从某些方面来说,奥巴马上任初期的做法是以富兰克林.罗斯福为表率的,他注意到罗斯福与公众沟通的能力,在向他们指出严酷现实的同时也让他们抱有希望。"By no means are we out of the woods just yet. But from where we stand, for the very first time, we are beginning to see glimmers of hope," he said.奥巴马说:“我们现在还没有走出困境。但是就目前的情况来说,我们头一次开始看到了希望的曙光。”Journalists and political experts are spending a lot of time evaluating Mr. Obama's first 100 days in office, even though many of them acknowledge the 100 days mark is an arbitrary number.新闻记者和政治专家花了很多时间来评估奥巴马就任总统后100天内的政绩,尽管他们中的很多人承认,用100天来衡量是很武断的。Stephen Hess is a political scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington:史蒂芬.赫斯是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会的一位政治学者。"It is a useful way to assess each individual president, not in historical terms, but just looking back and saying how have they gotten off the ground," said Hess.他说:“这是评估每一位总统行之有效的方法,不是从历史的角度来评估,而只是回顾一下他们上任后是怎么开始执政的。”Political analyst Stuart Rothenberg says the president's early and continuing popularity is in large part due to Mr. Obama's ability to convince voters that he is willing to tackle the nation's economic problems head-on.政治分析人士罗腾伯格说,奥巴马总统之所以能在早期,以致持续深得民心,主要是因为他能让选民相信他愿意毫不含糊地处理美国的经济问题。"You have to say the one thing that he has done is he has brought a fresh spirit to the American public, a sense of at least partial relief that the government is trying to turn the economy around, is hands-on, understands people's problems, and that is really important," Rothenberg said.他说:“你不得不承认他做到了一件事情:那就是在美国公众间振奋人心,至少让公众的情绪放松了一些,使他们感到政府正在努力扭转经济局面、正在着手处理问题,而且政府理解人民的难处,那的确相当重要。”Opposition Republicans accuse the president of wanting to follow a far-left economic and social agenda, and they warn that his government spending plans will result in a huge jump in the national debt.反对党共和党人指责奥巴马总统遵循极左的经济和社会方针,他们还警告说,奥巴马的政府预算计划将导致国家债台高筑。But analyst Rothenberg says so far, Mr. Obama has been able to deflect some of the partisan criticism.但是分析人士罗腾伯格说,迄今为止,奥巴马一直能转移反对派对他提出的批评。"The strengths are clearly his personal ability to communicate with people, to communicate with the American public and to motivate and to change the mood in the country. And he has done a good job, I think, in trying to reach out to all Americans and not running a particularly partisan presidency, at least in rhetoric," he added.他说:“显然他个人的人际交流能力是力量的源泉,也就是他和与美国公众的交流、调动积极因素并改变国内民众情绪的能力。他干得最出色的是设法和各界美国人民接触,不单纯从党派立场来执政,至少在口头上是如此。”But Republicans also complain that Mr. Obama has so far failed to follow through on his campaign promise to change the political tone in Washington and reach out to the opposition party.但是共和党人仍然在抱怨奥巴马到目前为止还没兑现自己改变华盛顿政治气氛并联合反对党的竞选承诺。That complaint may be highlighted in the next 100 days and beyond as the president moves to tackle politically divisive issues like health care reform and energy independence.那种抱怨可能在今后的100天或者更长的时间里更为突显,因为奥巴马总统要采取步骤处理具有政治分歧性的医疗改革和能源独立问题。Brookings Institution expert Stephen Hess says Mr. Obama should push as much of his agenda as he can early on to maximize his political leverage.布鲁金斯学会的专家赫斯说,奥巴马应当及早全力以赴地推动自己的议程,以便充分利用他的政治优势。"This is a good way to proceed because a president is never as popular and never has as much public support as when he first gets elected, otherwise it's like an hourglass with the sand running out, so take advantage of that honeymoon knowing full well that you are not nearly going to get all that you propose," he said.他说:“这是取得进展的好办法,因为一位总统在刚当选时期往往最深得民心、他的公众持率也是最高的。反过来说,就像一个沙漏,随着时间的推移沙子逐渐漏失,所以务必抓紧蜜月时机,而且要明白你所提出的建议不会全部通过的。”President Obama enjoys solid public support as he marks his first 100 days in office. The latest New York Times-CBS News poll shows his approval rating at 68 percent, while a Washington Post-A News poll registered his approval at 69 percent.奥巴马总统上任100天,他享有相当高的公众持率。最近纽约时报和哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目的民调结果显示,他的持率为68%,而华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司新闻节目的民调结果是,他享有69%的持率。04/68367。

How The Downturn Affects Students Students are traditionally low on funds, but how will the recession affect their immediate futures? A report out last week suggests badly, with a fall in graduate vacancies. David Bowden meets the next generation reconsidering their career options. There is a chill wind blowing through the campus of Keele university these days and it's nothing to do with the weather. Students fear the recession and the downturn in graduate recruitment, may mean their studies lead them nowhere, but a dole queue. Students' Union president Talah Omran Al Rubaie aly has her degree, and will give up her union post this summer, but she's not looking forward to launching herself onto the jobs market. The fact that, you are graduating today and tomorrow, you might not be able to get a job, is a very very scary prospect, I think it also has an impact on the students that have just graduated from high school, or leaving at 16, and they're thinking “Is it worth coming to university, is it worth getting a degree.”In the Union cafe, student life goes on as it always has. But these undergraduates know the bubble of academia will not protect them from the recession for long.Particularly over Christmas and Easter when you're only home for months, no one's got any jobs to give out for a few weeks.My dad works for HBOS which obviously he knows, has just gone under,so that's a fact that means he is gonna be made redundance by probably at least an hour, and he was one of the main offers of money for helping with bills and he's used to paying my tuition fees.As the recession deepens, some students find themselves with a dilemma: do they stay at university, continue their studies, and hope the graduate job market improves by the time they leave, or do they bailout now and take a job, any job, so they don't get left on the employment shelf.Keele’s performance in the graduate jobs market has been good so far. The latest figures available show 95% of students leaving do get a job, but that was before the economy fell off a cliff , and the university is working hard to equip its students with the skills to compete in an ever gloomier employment field.I think the important thing for us is actually to give them tools and ability to actually respond to the environment, I think our students are well enough, aware of the external circumstances.It's been a long time since the degree guaranteed a job when you left university. But never in the living memory of these students have their job prospects looked so bleak.02/63084。

Political conferences政治会议Revving up the bases发动群众Auditions down south and tactical debates up north, as activists on both sides plot a course for the coming election南部轮流试镜,北部战术辩论,两边的积极分子都在为即将到来的选举设定路线图Fired up, y to blog一气呵成,准备贴出A DEMOCRAT sits in the Oval Office, preparing to run for re-election. Barack Obama is a formidable campaigner and fund-raiser. In 2008 his campaign raised a record 5m; this time his haul may exceed billion. Gearing up to oppose him are a squabbling bunch of Republicans, united in relative obscurity save for the front-runner, Mitt Romney. By rights the left-leaning Netroots Nation gathering should have been jubilant, and the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) doleful and panicky.一位民主党人坐镇椭圆办公室,准备竞选连任。巴拉克#8226;奥巴马是一个可畏的活动家和筹款人。2008年,他的竞选活动筹集到创纪录的7.45亿美元;而这次,这一数字可能超过10亿美元。准备迎战的是一群内讧的共和党人,暂时以隐约的领跑者米特#8226;罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)为首。按理说,这时左倾的草根网民大会(Netroots Nation)应该喜气洋洋,而共和党领袖大会(Republican Leadership Conference,RLC)则愁闷惊慌。But that would overlook the left’s capacity to rain on its own parade. Despite the big Democratic reforms of the past few years, the left—or at least the roughly 2,400 lefty bloggers who attended Netroots Nation—often sees the Obama administration as hesitant and incrementalist. Joan McCarter, who moderated a panel called “What to Do When the President is Just Not That Into You” (the title comes from a popular romance/self-help book), said that Mr Obama has been “not necessarily as progressive as we hoped he would be”.然而这种想法忽视了左派的内部分歧。尽管民主党在过去几年进行了重大改革,但左派(或至少参加草根网民大会的近2400名左派主)常常认为奥巴马政府不够果决,是渐进主义者。琼#8226;麦卡特(Joan McCarter),一个名为“当总统其实没那么在乎你时该做什么”(What to Do When the President is Just Not That Into You,标题来自一本流行浪漫/励志图书)的座谈小组的主持者,表示奥巴马先生“没有我们所希望的那么进步”。201107/143693。

Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674。

Putin Says Russia Can Weather Global Economic Crisis普京:俄罗斯能经受经济危机考验  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the global economic crisis tests the stability of all countries, including his own. Mr. Putin is expressing confidence that Russia has adequate financial resources but Russia may now be spending money faster than it can save it. 俄罗斯政府总理弗拉基米尔.普京表示,全球经济危机对所有国家的稳定,包括俄罗斯在内,都是一个考验。普京表示,他相信俄罗斯有足够的财政资源。不过,俄罗斯现在花钱的速度要比它能存钱的速度快得多。Speaking as head of Russia's ruling ed Russia Party, Prime Minister Putin laid out a long-term vision for his country to delegates at the party's annual congress in Moscow. He blamed the ed States for jeopardizing his hopes for an expanded Russian middle class, increased life expectancy, improved health care, adequate pensions, better housing, and lower levels of corruption.  俄罗斯总理普京在向俄罗斯执政党统一俄罗斯党发表的讲话中向代表们描绘了俄罗斯的长远规划。统一俄罗斯党正在莫斯科召开年度代表大会。Mr. Putin says abuse of cheap credit and mortgage troubles in the ed States created a chain reaction, which has paralyzed the global financial system and sown general distrust on markets. 普京说:“美国廉价的信用贷款和抵押贷款所引起的麻烦导致连锁反应,已经瘫痪了全球金融体系,并且对市场播下不信任的种籽。”Nonetheless, Mr. Putin told party members that Russia will avoid steep inflation and sharp declines in the value of its currency. He said the country will also maintain its reserves and budget stability regardless of falling global oil prices. Those reserves were accumulated through taxation of profits when the price of oil soared in recent years. Russia is a major oil exporter.  普京告诉对与会党代表说,俄罗斯将避免通货急剧膨胀和货币价值的大跌。他说,尽管全球石油价格下跌,俄罗斯仍将能保持其储备并稳定预算。俄罗斯的储备是近年来原油价格上涨期间通过对利润征税而积累起来的。 俄罗斯是一个重要石油出口国。Mr. Putin says the reserves will allow Russia to maintain the salaries of civil servants, pension payments, and social benefits. He adds that the system of social support will continue to work normally.  普京说:“外汇储备将允许俄罗斯保持公务员的薪金和养老金的付以及其它社会福利。”他补充说,社会保障系统将继续正常工作。Nikolai Petrov, a political analyst at the Moscow Carnegie Center, told VOA that Mr. Putin's plan assumes the global economic crisis will end soon.  莫斯科卡内基中心的政治分析家尼古拉.彼得罗夫在接受美国之音记者采访时说,普京的计划是在假设全球经济危机即将结束的概念下制定的。Petrov says the situation in the country is reminiscent of a doctor who thinks about the mood of his patient and fears any radical measures, and instead of treating a serious disease, spends all of his efforts lifting the sick person's spirits. 彼得罗夫说:“俄罗斯当前的局势让人想起一位医生,这位医生考虑到病人的情绪,而不敢对病人采取任何激进的治疗措施。这位医生不是去设法治疗严重的疾病,而是尽力来振奋病人的精神。”Russia's national media report extensively on U.S. economic troubles, and do not dwell on negative domestic financial news, including a 70 percent drop in the Russian stock market since May. According to Bloomberg News, Russian currency reserves have fallen by nearly 3 billion since early August. On Wednesday, Russian Central Bank Chairman Sergei Ignatyev said the institution spent more than billion in the last two months to support the declining market value of the ruble, which has dropped to its lowest level since April 2006. 俄罗斯国内媒体广泛报导了美国经济的问题,而对俄罗斯国内的负面财经新闻视而不见,包括俄罗斯股票市场自5月份以来已经下降了70%。据彭新闻社报导,俄罗斯外汇储备8月初以来已减少了近1千230亿美元。周三,俄罗斯中央行长伊格纳季耶夫说,该机构在过去两个月里已经花掉了570亿美元以扶持市值下降的卢布。卢布已经下降到2006年4月以来的最低水平。With an estimated 5 billion in the reserve fund earlier in November, Nikolai Petrov notes that Russia can continue tapping its currency reserves at the present rate for about six months.  尼古拉彼得罗夫指出,俄罗斯估计在11月早些时候有4千750亿美元的储备基金,以目前的速率,俄罗斯可以继续利用其外汇储备6个月左右。Russia's 2008 budget assumed revenues based on oil prices of per barrel. Next year's budget was set for . The current price per barrel has fallen below . 俄罗斯2008年预算收入是在假定石油价格每桶70美元的基础上制定的,年的预算是在假定石油每桶95美元的基础上制定的,而目前的价格为每桶低于60美元。200811/56765。

上一期风河的谜团,在这一期中能否得到解决?听听下文吧。还有我们也许说不定会深入怀俄明州的盆地,看看里面有什么东西等待着我们。 ... in the west. When they came to the area around the Owl Creek Mountains, they assumed there were two rivers. North of the mountain flowed a river which they named Bighorn, thinking it was different to Wind River in the south. But later survey showed that the Bighorn and Wind River are in fact one river that channeled through the mountain. Recently, geologists have come up with a possible answer, an answer that could also explain what happened to the once towering peaks of the Rockies. They proposed that millions of tons of rock eroded away, filled in the valleys and covered the lower parts of the mountains. It completely changed the terrain. "At one point in ancient history, the basins in Wyoming were filled with sediments that had eroded off the mountains. This allowed the river to be at a higher plain and meander wherever it wanted to be on its course." As the water flowed, it carved deep into the sediments and rock underneath. "Eventually it cut down a channel into the mountain and eventually excavated right through the mountain." But this is just a theory. Now geologists needed to find proof on the ground. The search is on for the rock that eroded from the early Rockies. The investigation moves to a series of thousand-foot-tall hills in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. Known as the Pumpkin Buttes, they stand tall in an otherwise wide, empty landscape. Hidden behind the horizon are the Bighorn Mountains - the nearest range of the Rockies. These hills are not formed from solid rock, but a collection of rubble. "This rock, we find all over the top of Pumpkin Buttes in Wyoming, is a granite, the closest granite we find to the series of the Bighorn Mountains nearly 100 miles to the West."小编有约:在一次又一次的猜想和论下,咱们和记者一起发现谜团,然后解开谜团。我想说当福尔斯的感觉还真不差。但似乎本期的问题记者并没有解答论出来,所以Daisy很期待这个。你呢?课后题目:这次Daisy要考察考察大家的地理知识,请问在本期文章中出现了Wyoming的哪些地名?听一听找一找吧。201111/159837。

India's Home Minister Resigns Following Mumbai Attacks印度内政部长因孟买袭击辞职 The political fallout from the Mumbai terror attack is beginning to take its toll on the administration of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. As Mr. Singh convened an all-party meeting to discuss security, his home minister submitted his resignation. 孟买恐怖袭击的政治后果开始对印度总理辛格的政府产生不利的影响。就在辛格召开一次所有党派参加的会议,讨论有关安全问题之际,他的内政部长提出了辞职。India's home minister has resigned. The unpopular Shivraj Patil is the first political casualty in the wake of the unprecedented terror attack on the country's commercial capital. 印度内政部长帕蒂尔宣布辞职。这位不得人心的内政部长是印度商业中心孟买发生前所未有的恐怖袭击事件之后第一个政治牺牲品。Even before Mumbai was struck, Patil had been a target of opposition parties for his allegedly poor performance as the cabinet member tasked with domestic security. He is to be replaced by the respected finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram. 即使是在孟买恐怖事件之前,帕蒂尔也是在野党攻击的目标,在野党指称这位负责国内安全的内阁成员表现不佳。他的职务将被受到尊重的财政部长奇丹巴拉姆所取代。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was previously finance minister for five years, is taking over that portfolio. 曾经担任印度财政部长五年的印度总理辛格将接过财长职务。The resignation of the home minister came as Prime Minister Singh convened an all-party meeting Sunday evening to obtain a consensus on comprehensive action against terrorism.  在此同时,印度总理辛格星期天晚上召开了一次所有党派参加的会议 ,目的是在全面打击恐怖主义的行动方面取得共识。"In the face of this national threat and the aftermath of this national tragedy all of us from different political parties must rise above narrow political considerations and stand united," Mr. Singh said.  辛格说:“在全国面对这样的威胁,以及全国发生这样的悲剧之后,我们大家虽然来自不同的政党,但必须超越狭隘的政治分歧,团结一致。”The prime minister has also announced the formation of a new federal investigative agency, stepped-up air and maritime security and is boosting the primary counter-terrorism unit, the National Security Guard. 印度总理还宣布成立一个新的联邦调查机构,加强空中和海上安全,扩充主要的反恐部门--国家安全卫队。A senior leader of the opposition BJP party, Arun Jaitley, says the resignation of the home minister does not adequately address the government's security failures.  反对党印度人民党的高级领导人阿伦.贾特利说,内政部长的辞职不足以解决政府在安全工作方面失职的问题。"This government has no moral right to survive now," Jaitley said. "It is this weak policy of this government where the entire intelligence network had collapsed, the security responses were poor, the legal framework dealing with terrorism is non-existent. I think the prime minister must address the right questions, he'll find the right answers."  贾特利说:“这届政府在道义上已经没有继续存在的权利。政府实行的软弱政策表现在整个情报网土崩瓦解,安全应急反应不力,对付恐怖分子的法律框架荡然无存。我认为,印度总理必须正视这些问题,他会找到恰当的。”With a series of state elections concluding, both the government and the opposition now have their eye on parliamentary elections to be held in eight to 12 weeks.  印度各邦的选举陆续结束,政府和反对党都都把注意力集中在8到12周内举行的议会选举上。Some of India's major media outlets are blasting the entire political establishment. The Times of India published a front page comment in its Sunday edition titled "Our politicians fiddle as innocents die." A Hindustan Times columnist blasted what he called incompetent politicians for using "terrorism as an excuse to win votes."Television news channels criticized politicians for showing up at the scene of the terror attacks to make public comments while commandos were still battling the gunmen. The terrorist siege of Mumbai left more than 170 people dead, including at least 18 foreigners, at ten locations. The well armed gunmen, estimated to number ten to 15, kept at bay one thousand commandos and elite combat troops for two and a half days. Mumbai police are pinning responsibility on Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based militant group. 孟买恐怖袭击事件在10个地点造成超过170人死亡,其中包括至少18个外国人。大约在10到15名武装精良的恐怖分子和1000名印度突击队和精英作战部队相持了两天半的时间。孟买警方目前把这次事件的责任归咎与以巴基斯坦为基地的激进组织“虔诚军"。200812/57603。