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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464431。

  • 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson40:Fear恐惧586. Dogs terrifyu me. 我很害怕。587. I’m scared of heights. 我恐高。588. He’s too afraid of getting hurt. 他太害怕受伤了。589. Something has given him a bad frightv. 什么东西让他很害怕。590. That man’s eyes frightenw me. 那个男人的眼神吓着我了。591. That movie was terrifying. 那部电影真恐怖。592. I’m still afraid of the dark. 我还是很怕黑。593. Drowningx is one of my greatest fears. 溺水是我最恐惧的事情之一。594. I’m not afraid to say what I think. 我不怕说出我的想法。595. Don’t be frightened by the noises. 别被这声音吓着。596. If you turn off the lights, the monster will come out from underneath my bed. 如果你关灯的话,怪物就会从我床底下出来的。597. It will come out and eat me if you turn off the lights. 如果你关灯,它就会出来把我吃掉。598. I freaky out every time I see a bug. 我每次看到虫子都会吓得发疯。599. Have you ever tried to overcome your fear? 你有没有努力克你的恐惧?600. One day you will have to face your fear. 终有一天你必须面对你的恐惧。【生词解读】1. terrify [5terifai] v. 使害怕,使恐怖 2. fright [frait] n. 惊吓,恐怖3. frighten [5fraitEn] v. 使惊恐,使骇怕4. drowning [5drauniN] n. 溺水5. freak out [fri:k] v. 行动反常 /200812/19263。
  • Bei Bei, the Smithsonian National Zoo#39;s resident baby panda, is recovering from lifesaving surgery. 美国史密森国家动物园的熊猫贝贝正从救命手术中恢复过来。The baby bear had to undergo surgery after a lemon-sized clump of bamboo got stuck in his bowel.这只熊猫宝宝的肠道淤塞一团“柠檬般大的竹子”,必须接受手术治疗。Zookeepers noticed Bei Bei was acting a little funky earlier this week — the cub was sleeping more, not eating and showed some signs of a stomach problem. 本周早些时候,动物园管理员注意到贝贝表现得有些古怪,睡眠时间多于正常情况,停止进食,并且出现肠胃不适症状。A doctor at the zoo gave the bear an ultrasound and found something lodged in his small intestine. And unfortunately there was no way it would fix itself.动物园的医生给贝贝进行超声波检查,发现他的小肠内有东西。不幸的是,这是没有办法自己修复的。So the zoo removed the mass and now Bei Bei is recovering. Eventually he#39;ll be back on a normal diet and reunited with his mother, Mei Xiang.因此,动物园通过手术将团块移除,现在贝贝正在恢复。最终他将回归正常的饮食,并与他的母亲美香团聚。译文属。 Article/201611/480750。
  • He had to drop out of the race because his leg was injured.因为他的脚受伤了,他不得不退出比赛。drop out有退出和退学的意思。He dropped out of school when he was fifteen.他15岁时退学了。如果drop out连成一个单词,写成dropout或drop-out,就变成一个名词,意思是退学生。His mother doesn't want him to be friends with those dropouts.他的妈妈不想他和那些退学生交朋友。 /200803/28579。
  • The literal and figurative images of wealth are gradually changing, and some of the newest members of the world#39;s billionaire club are ever younger. In fact, a new report from private wealth consultancy Wealth-X lists the top 11 wealthiest individuals under the age of 35, revealing some fascinating facts. Three of those worked at Facebook, and seven of them live in the U.S., and get this, three of the top 11 are women. Here are the five wealthiest people on the planet under 35.财富实际的形象和意象正在逐渐改变,而世界亿万富豪俱乐部的一些最新成员更是前所未见地更年轻化。事实上,一份来自私人财富顾问 Wealth-X 的新报告列出 35 岁以下的最富11人,展现出一些有趣的事实。那11人中有3位在 Facebook 工作,其中7名住在美国,还有接招吧,最富11名中有3位是女性。这里是地表上35岁以下最有钱的5个人。Number five is 32-year-old Scott Daniel Duncan, heir to Dan L. Duncan, who was co-founder of Enterprise Products company, the largest publicly traded energy partnership. The younger Duncan has a net worth of five billion dollars and is also American.第五名是 32岁的 Scott Daniel Duncan,他是 Dan L. Duncan 的继承人,Dan L. Duncan 是Enterprise Products 公司的共同创办人,那是最大的上市能源合资公司。小 Duncan 拥有的资产净值为50亿美元,他也是美国人。Number four is 33-year-old Eduardo Saverin, with a net worth of 5.3 billion dollars. A Brazilian who lives in Singapore, he#39;s a co-founder of Facebook.第四名是33岁的Eduardo Saverin,资产净值53亿美元。一名居住在新加坡的巴西人,他是Facebook的共同创办人。Thirty-four-year-old Yang Huiyan of China is number three, and she#39;s worth 5.9 billion dollars. Her wealth is inherited, as the daughter of Chinese real-estate mogul Yang Guoqiang.中国34岁的杨惠研排名第三,她的身价值59亿美元。她的财富是继承来的,身为中国房地产巨擘杨国强之女。Thirty-one-year-old Dustin Moskovitz is number two, with a net worth of 9.3 billion dollars. He#39;s an American and was Facebook#39;s third employee.31岁的Dustin Moskovitz是第二名,资产净值93亿美元。他是美国人,且是Facebook的第三名员工。And number one probably doesn#39;t come as a surprise, although his level of wealth just might be more than you thought. Thirty-one-year-old American Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is worth 41.6 billion dollars.第一名或许不太是个惊喜,不过他的富有程度可能比你以为的更高。31岁的美国Facebook共同创办人兼执行长Mark Zuckerberg身价值416亿美元。And there are also some other millennials whose names you might recognize. They haven#39;t quite made the list, but they#39;re not too far off. Twenty-five-year-old Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat, with a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars. And Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy is only 26, and he aly has an estimated fortune of 1.8 billion dollars.还有其他一些你可能认得他们名字的千禧世代。他们还不太算在名单中,不过他们也离不远了。25岁的Evan Spiegel是Snapchat执行长,资产净值十九亿美元。Snapchat共同创办人Bobby Murphy才26岁,而他估计已经拥有十八亿美元的财产了。Be sure to check out the full list of the 11 wealthiest people under 35 on marketwatch.com.务必到marketwatch.com 看看35岁以下最富有的11人的完整名单。 Article/201605/444027。
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