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What emerged from the battle, and the bloodshed, was a separate kingdom, Guge.古格王朝遂在这些内乱及杀戮中应运而生。Guge flourished at the geographical crossroad to some of the greatest civilizations of the time.位居地理要道的古格王朝繁荣发展,成为当时最伟大的文明。Tsaparang was the center of trade for the Guge kingdom in the autumn and spring, nornads would bring wool, skins and salt to trade in Tsaparang.札布让曾经是古格王朝的贸易中心,每逢秋季和夏季游牧民族会带着羊毛毛皮和食盐到札布让交易。And in the summer, people from the south side of the Himalaya would come down here to trade.到了夏天喜马拉雅山南部的居民也会下山来这里交易。Therefore the prosperity of the Guge kingdom depended on all this trade.古格王朝的繁荣全都仰赖这些贸易。The kings wealth came from gold mines.国王的财富来自金矿。And they are supplemented by arms given by the pilgrims traveling through the kingdom.来到古格王朝的朝圣者所捐献的香火钱更增加了国王的财富。None of these which is however, could ensure what the kingdom needed most, water.然而这些财富却无法担保古格王朝有源源不绝的水。Tsaparang lay admits a vast and arid desert.札布让位在一望无际的干漠中。In order to guarantee Guge’s survival, the king was forced to spend much of his resources transporting water to the city and to the farms that it depended on.为了让古格王朝千古流传,国王花大量的资源将水运到王城及农田。The ancient irrigation canals, wells and even a 20-kilometer-long aqueduct, stretching from the sit-lege river to the citadel, can still be seen amidst the ruins-evidence of the massive undertakings to keep this oasis alive.在古格王朝的遗址中,依然可以见到古老的灌溉沟渠,水井,甚至从象泉河绵延二十公里,将水送到札布让城。With their power and livelihood secure, the royal proceeded to live a life full of absolute opulence.一切显示国王花了多大的工程维持古格王朝这座沙漠绿洲。 译文属201602/426116。

Tsering recons these caves could have stored food and supplies to last a year.和嘉波才让认为这些洞窟用来储存食物及用品足够撑一年。So in theory, Guge could have held out for a while.因此理论上古格王朝应可撑住一段时间。Apparently, these secret passages also allowed the besieged people of Guge access to water.显然这些秘密通道亦让受困的古格人民得以取水。Some passages led to an exit near the Sutlej River.某些通道通往象泉河附近。With food and water available, Tsaparang held out for close to a month before the Ladahkis stepped out the offensive.有了食物及水札布让撑了将近一个月,之后拉达克人加快攻势。By now, the invaders had taken over the unprotected lower sections of the citadel and have gained a crucial bargaining chip in the process: thousands of Guge prisoners.拉达克此时占领札布让的底部掳获数以千计的古格人民。Halfway up the citadel stands a very peculiar stone partition, unlike anything else found in Tsaparang.拉达克利用这些战俘札布让中间耸立着一道非常奇怪的石墙。The wall is very interesting.这道墙的构造相当有趣。Its built of stone whereby most of the other buildings were built primarily of rammed earth or mud brick.它是以石头建造的,在当时其它建筑大多以泥土或者是泥砖兴建而成。It doesnt have any obvious habitational function.它并不具有任何特别的展示作用。It doesnt have any obvious defensive function.也没有任何明显的防御功能。So whys that wall there?那为什么会出现那道墙呢?If storming the citadel through the tunnels was impossible, then the only other option would be to build a siege tower.如果不可能从暗道攻下札布让,那么唯一的办法就是使用战俘兴建一座围攻高塔。And by the most ruthless means, on the backs of captured Guge prisoners.因此他们开始使用战俘。The royal precinct was virtually unassailable.要攻下王宫几乎不可能。The Ladahki army reached the shelf beneath the sheer summit.拉达克人到达陡峭山顶下的一块岩石。They were stuck here for sometime around one month, so they began to build a siege tower with pressed Guge labor.他们在这里受阻将近一个月,因此他们开始使用战俘兴建一座围攻高塔。They had to bring stones from a black mountain on the far side of the Sutlej River.他们必须从象泉河远处的一座山搬运石块。 译文属201605/442053。

All right, we love this school and so do our friends at Target.好了 我们喜欢这所学校 塔吉特百货也是For years,Target has has committed giving a billion dollars towards education so far,近些年 塔吉特一直致力于向教育事业捐款 目前已达到10亿美元They know its important for kids to have the right school supplies.他们知道孩子们能拥有学习用品至关重要So Target is 700 backpacks to fill the school supplies each student up academy.所以塔吉特为UP小学的700名学生每人提供一个装满学习用品的书包That is amazing.Also, also Genie.Yes, Ellen.All right.太棒了 还有 吉妮 怎么了 艾伦 好的Also Genie, every student is also gonna get a 100 Target gift card.还有 吉妮 每位学生还将获得一张100美元的塔吉特礼品卡Make sure they know that.I would take a break, could be right back.告诉他们这个消息 广告过后 马上回来Thank you vey so much.It’s a big day for those kids in Up Academy.非常感谢大家 今天对于UP小学的学生们而言是美好的一天We are back with Nicole Bohlmann.How many um teachers are there?我们继续采访妮可·波乐曼 你们学校有多少位老师There are 70 teachers. - 70 teachers.Yes.70位 -70位老师 对Well, we have learned that the average teacher spends at least 0我们了解到每位老师平均花500美元 都是他们自己的钱out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right?来付教室的费用 是吗 /201601/419235。

Ypsilantis Sue Webster visited the Detroit Masonic Temple twice (once for the Theatre Bizarre masquerade, and once for a lecture). Her visits piqued her curiosity, so she posed her question to our MI Curious project.;There must have been a huge presence at the Masonic Temple in Detroit at one time. What was it all about?;Detroits Masonic Temple is a gray stone building that towers over Cass Park.Inside, it is decadent.The ceilings are painted, the bathrooms are overflowing with marble and the are wooden phone booths decorated with swirling hand carved flourishes. They dont have phones in them anymore though.Finding our way inside the Masonic Temple Sue and I went to the Masonic Temple to meet with John Snider, the Temples docent. We found him in the Temples library, sitting comfortably in plush armchair, smoking a cigar.On either side of him were two large windows with red curtains, the rest of the room filled with stacks of flaking maps and books. The other worldliness of the scene was interrupted only when his cell phone pinged.He told us to pull up a chair, and then let us pepper him with questions.How many rooms are there in this building? Is there really a pool? What even is a mason? And how did they have enough money back in the day to pay for this place?;Its not a simple answer,; he began. ;Youre assuming traditions that apply now, that did not apply then.;Thats kind of how all of John Sniders answers start, and then they wind through history, astrology, geometry, philosophy. He questions your assumptions and pulls out obscure historical knowledge about the Michigan-Ohio border dispute. Basically it comes down to thisThere were a lot of freemasons in the 20s because it was just the thing to do. ;It was something people did before we had radio, before we had television,; said Joel Stone, chief curator at the Detroit Historical Society. ;People would go out and talk to each other.;He said there were a bunch of these kind of social clubs in Detroit back in the day. Some were secretive like the freemasons, some werent. Men were usually part of a couple different groups, so obviously many big Detroit names (Lewis Cass, Augustus Woodward, Henry Ford) were all freemasons.This was also Detroit at its prime, so there was a lot of money in the city. Just like today, the temple was always open to the public to host events.They knew they had to in one way or another pay for this building so they included the ballrooms where lots and lots of big events have been held,; said Stone.At least, until the depression hit After that, particularly in the 50s and 60s, people stopped coming to the Temple as much. Stone says the Cass Corridor became Detroits skid row after the Black Bottom neighborhood was bulldozed to make way for I-75.He said the Temple ;suffered badly from that.;Today the area is on an upswing, but the Masonic temple has rumors floating around it. Mostly that its haunted.Part of that probably has to do with the mysterious organization that built it.Sue told me shed heard of the Masons, but never really knew what it was they did or do. She knew they were maybe kind of secret. There were movies about them.But heres the thing: the masons arent exactly hiding.As Alex Lundberg, a freemason who wrote a book about the Temple, puts it: they ;are a vastly secret organization with a fourteen-story building on Temple avenue.;Snider says theyre not secret, theyre just private. Hell answer most anything, you just have to ask. Its just that not many of us think to.And the questions they wont answer? Its mostly about the specifics of their lectures and teachings … but it sounds like the gist of it is just how to be an upstanding dude.;The secrets are more mundane than you would think,; Lundgren said. ;There is no weather machine.;Sometimes the idea of a secret is just a lot more exciting than the secret itself.201602/426646。

Thank you kindly.Thank you everybody.Say hello to Twitch.There is Twitch over there, everybody.谢谢 谢谢大家 和特维奇打个招呼吧 他在那儿哦 大家I was watching you dance with a lovely women out here before the show.节目开始前 我看见你在那边跟个美女跳舞呢That was nice.That was amazing. - Yeah.不错嘛 太赞了 -是啊She was very interested in dancing with you.她很享受跟你跳舞啊Absolutely. Tell you, you can buggy forever.必须的 保准让你心神荡漾 一辈子回味无穷Did you watch the football the play-off game this weekend?Yeah. For sure.你看了这周末的橄榄球季后赛吗 当然看了Now we finally know whos gonna be in the Super Bowl.现在终于知道哪些队能进超级碗大赛了The team that won the first game, then the team that won the second game.赢了第一场和第二场的球队Absolutely.Speaking of people tackling each other on television,是的 说到电视上大家互相掐架撕逼Are you watching ;The Bachelor;?你看过;单身汉;吗If youre not familiar with the show,Its what would happen if tequila built a theme park.可能你不熟悉这个节目 活脱脱是个现实版;龙舌兰酒主题公园; /201512/415834。

Voting habits投票习惯Movers and voters搬家与选票Why moving house makes people more right-wing为何搬家会让人更右翼DO PEOPLE move to Conservative bastions in shires and small-town England because they tend to vote Tory? Or do they vote for David Camerons party because they live in Tory strongholds? A forthcoming paper by Patrick Sturgis of Southampton University, Frank Buscha of Westminster University and others examines how peoples political views change as they move house.人们是因为想投票给保守党才搬到郡下和英格兰小镇上的保守党据点,还是因为他们居住在保守党据点所以才投票给大卫· 卡梅隆所在的政党?在一篇即将发表的文章中,英国南安普顿大学的帕特里克·斯特吉斯以及威斯敏斯特大学的弗兰克·布施等人对民众政治观点变化与住所迁移的关系进行了研究。Mr Sturgis and his colleagues are particularly interested in the effect of moving to safe Conservative or Labour seats from any other kind. They found that the longer people live in bits of Britain that overwhelmingly vote Conservative, the more likely they are to support that party (see chart). People who move to safe Labour seats do not become more left-wing, though.尤其令斯特吉斯和他的同事们感兴趣的是,从其他地区搬到保守党或工党稳定持地区(对民众政治观点)所产生的影响。他们发现,人们在英国一些压倒性持保守党的地区居住的时间越长,就越倾向于持该党。而搬到工党稳定持地区的人们并不会变得更左翼。Social and economic factors such as income, age and marital status affect peoples decisions about where to move, and also influence the way they vote. But the researchers tried to control for this. They still found that people tend to grow more right-wing the longer they live in Tory seats.诸如收入、年龄和婚姻状况之类的社会与经济因素都会对人们想搬到哪里的决定产生影响,同时也会影响到他们的投票方式。研究者尝试对这些因素进行控制,但他们依然发现长期居住在保守党据点的人们会变得更加右翼。One explanation is that Conservatives are better at nudging newcomers to join their tribe. Safe Labour seats tend to be urban, mobile and socially diverse, so people who move to them may feel less compelled to fit in. Another possibility is that people who move to Labour strongholds are aly so left-wing that it is difficult for them to become stronger supporters of the party.一种解释是保守党更擅长吸收新来者加入他们的阵营。工党稳定持地区多为流动性更强且社会多元化的城市,搬至此地的人们或许觉得并不需要完全融入其中。另一种可能性是,搬到工党据点的人们已经很左翼,很难让他们进一步持该党。Safe seats do not determine the outcome of elections, so this pattern matters little in the short term, suggests Peter Kellner, head of YouGov, a polling firm. But it will matter eventually. Britain may be succumbing to a process known in America as “the big sort”, which has been blamed for growing political polarisation in that country. A Conservative victory in 2015 that secures few seats in northern England or Scotland, or a Labour win that leaves the south coloured deep blue, would not be healthy for democracy.民治调查机构(YouGov)的负责人彼得·科尔表示,稳得席位并不代表选举稳操胜券,因而这种模式在短期内影响甚微,但最终仍将(对选举结果)产生影响。英国或将步美国“大类”之后尘,后者因日趋严峻的政治两极化而备受指责。2015大选,若保守党胜利则能保北英格兰或苏格兰的一些席位,若工党获胜则将使南部着上深蓝色,这都不利于民主的健康发展。译者:朱大素 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201508/395508。

Well, I guess its, its nice, cause it means a lot to you.是啊 这一定很棒 因为这对你意义重大Because you are a big fan, watched the show. - I am a huge fan.因为你是我节目的粉丝 -我是狂热粉Yeah, I know that you my book when you were in the hospital. - I have three of them.是啊 我知道你在医院时 都在看我的书 -我有三本你的书Yeah.You have all my books. Well, thank you so much.是的 你全都读了 非常感谢你的持And you have all my swag.Youre wearing my stuff, my socks. - Yeah.你还有我的范儿 你一身都是我的品牌 包括袜子 -是的My...hopefully my underwear.I will give you whatever you want. Now you are here.可能还穿着艾伦牌内裤 既然你来了 你想要什么我都送给你So you were diagnosed with cancer four years ago.你在四年前被确诊为癌症 对吗Yeah, just about three half, four.Just out of nowhere,是的 大概三年半或四年前 就是突如其来的you just all of a sudden got the diagnoses.突然就被诊断为癌症Yeah, its wired, I was having headaches, uh...是的 有点奇怪 我那时有些头疼...And, with the brain cancer that I have to type,This was like have seizures, or anything.我患的这种脑瘤 应该有癫痫或者类似症状的But I didnt. So It was very unusual.但是我没有 这很异常Right, and at the time, four years ago.How long did they give you那么 在那时 四年前 他们告诉你 你的生命还剩多久My private nurse says its for eighteen months.我的私人护理人员告诉我说 我还能活十八个月Right, and four years later, here you are.Smiling right here.然而 四年后 你依然面带微笑地 坐在这里I love that I make you happy, and that make you smile.Cause I do think that counts for a lot of things,能让你微笑 让你开心 我很欣慰 因为那很有意义I think that helps people feel good in many many ways.我觉得那能给人们带来很多正能量Thats true.So what did you say to your doctor when they said Cause you used to play soccer and everything, right的确 你的医生那么告诉你时 你怎么说的 因为你以前是足球运动员Yeah, I still do. Um, play, well, at least I try.是的 我还在踢球 或者说 试着踢 /201510/403018。

Many Germans were certainly anti-Semitic at the time,but there was no evidence that the majority of ordinary people,like these holidaymakers,approved of murderous attacks on German Jews.当时很多德国人是反犹分子,但没据显示大部分普通居民,例如度假的这些人都如此残忍地对待犹太人Nor that they had any desire to fight another European war.也更不想在欧洲挑起新的战争But large numbers of them did certainly have faith in Hitler.但大部分德国人的确信任希特勒They called him General Bloodless-someone who had achieved great things for them and their country without the need to spill any blood.人们称他为;不流血的将军;因为他为人民和国家立下丰功伟绩而不流一滴血We had adopted an attitude whereby one said that the Fuehrer would manage.我们已形成共识认为无论如何元首定能成功The Fuehrer would do the right thing.元首会作出正确决定Hitler knew that this attitude of trust,that he would ;do the right thing,was based on these peoples faith in his charismatic leadership.希特勒知道人们之所以相信他会作出正确决定是基于人们对他领袖魅力的肯定So he faced the difficult task of trying to get ordinary Germans to accept military conflict,without them losing their faith in him.所以他现面临的问题是如何让普通德国人接受军事行动,同时对他保持信任We can get an idea of just how Hitler had been working at turning around public opinion from a secret speech he gave here in Munich to leading German journalists.这是希特勒在慕尼黑对德国一些主流媒体记者发表的秘密演说,从中可看出他如何操纵公众舆论。On 10th November 1938, Hitler said...1938年11月10日,希特勒说... 译文属201605/441046。