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Contrary to what fairy tales may tell you, relationships take work.和童话故事描绘的截然相反,感情是需要经营的。So we collected some of the best social science findings about what makes them last.我们收集了一些有关经营感情的最佳社科研究发现。1. If you wait until you#39;re 23 to commit, you#39;re less likely to get divorced.如果等到23岁再考虑结婚,离婚几率更小。A 2014 University of Pennsylvania study found that Americans who cohabitate or get married at age 18 have a 60% divorce rate, whereas people who waited until the more mature age of 23 have a divorce rate of about 30%.2014年宾夕法尼亚大学的一项研究发现,18岁就同居或结婚的美国人离婚率为60%,然而那些等到23岁更成熟的时候才选择结婚的离婚率约为30%。2. The “in love” phase lasts about a year.“热恋”阶段通常持续一年左右。The honeymoon phase with its “high levels of passionate love” and “intense feelings of attraction and ecstasy, as well as an idealization of one#39;s partner”, doesn#39;t last forever, according to Monmouth University psychologist Gary W. Lewandowski Jr.蒙莫斯大学心理学家盖里#8226;W#8226;勒万多维斯基表示,充满“高度的爱”、“强烈的吸引力和狂喜的感觉,同时对配偶理想化”的蜜月期并不会永远持续下去。3. Eventually you realize that you#39;re not one person.最终你会意识到你不是一个人。Once you start living together, you realize that you have different priorities and tolerances-like, for instance, what does or doesn#39;t constitute a mess.一旦你们开始生活在一起,你会意识到,你们有不同的优先级和容忍度,比如说对于脏乱的定义会有所不同。4. If you get excited for your partner#39;s good news, you#39;ll have a better relationship.如果你为伴侣的好消息感到振奋,你会拥有更好的婚姻。In multiple studies, couples that actively celebrated good news (rather than actively or passively dismissed it) have had a higher rate of relationship well-being.多项研究发现,相对主动或被动地不予理会彼此好消息的夫妻而言,积极地庆祝好消息的夫妻婚姻幸福感更高。5. The happiest marriages are between best friends.最幸福的婚姻发生在最好的朋友之间。A 2014 National Bureau of Economic research study concluded that friendship could help explain the causal relationship between marriage and life satisfaction.美国国家经济研究局2014年的一项研究显示,友谊能够解释婚姻和生活满足感之间的因果关系。6. The closer a couple is in age, the less likely they are to get divorced.夫妻年龄越相近,离婚的可能性越小。An Emory University study found that couples with a five-year age difference were 18% more likely to divorce, and ones with a 10-year difference were 39% more likely.埃默里大学的一项研究发现,年龄相差5岁的夫妻离婚几率比一般的高出18%,年龄相差10岁的夫妻离婚率则要高出39%。7. Resentment builds quickly in couples that don#39;t tackle chores together.没有共同承担家务的夫妻,心中怨恨积累迅速。Over 60% of Americans say that taking care of chores plays a crucial role in having a successful marriage. You#39;ll save a lot of collective time if each person specializes in the chores they#39;re best at.超过60%的美国人表示,在一段成功的婚姻中,照料家务起着关键性的作用。如果双方都专门负责各自拿手的家务,那么夫妻双方可以节省出大量的共同时间。 /201506/383227

Huaping Specialty— A Legend of Kapok in Panzhihua (the second version)华坪特色菜—攀枝花-木棉传说(版本二) In Zhuang culture, there exists the worship for several kinds of trees: camphor, maple, kapok, and banyan tree. In Zhuang myths, camphor trees were the first trees that appeared after the creation of the world, being the pillars supporting the sky. Maple trees were the origin where people got the seed of fire from, being meritorious for offering fire. kapok trees were the warriors of Bu Luo Tuo, the first ancestor of Zhuang ethnic group, fighting against the enemies bravely with torches in hand. Even when being killed, they still stood straight, finally transformed into kapok trees full of red flowers. The banyan tree, flourishing with luxuriant foliage, symbolizes the blessing of many descendants. Consequently, all of these trees are planted around the Zhuang villages, particularly around the shrines of their tutelary gods.在壮族民间中就普遍存在着崇拜几种树木,即樟树、枫树、木棉树、榕树。在他们的神话传说中,樟树是宇宙开辟时最早出现的树木,有顶天之功;人们从枫树身上找到了火种,它有献火之功;木棉是壮族始祖神布洛陀的战士,在与敌人战斗时,它们手执火把,英勇顽强,就连牺牲时也都站立着,变成了满身红花的木棉树;榕树则枝繁叶茂,象征子孙昌盛。因此, 在壮族的村寨边都种有这些树木,各村寨所建立的社亭(敬奉村寨保护神之地)周围,也要种植这些树木。 /201505/374440



  A:Doom and gloom,gloom and doom,all you write is doom and gloomA:失望不快、失望不快,都是失望不快。A:Just once why can’t you write about gloom and joy?A:为什么不写愉快不快呢?B:Because they don’t rhymeB:因为这样比较押韵。 /201504/371654

  No one doubts the value of confidence. In fact, research shows people often prefer confidence over actual expertise。自信的价值毋庸置疑。事实上,研究显示人们看重自信更甚于实际能力。G. Richard Shell teaches at the Wharton School and his book Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, out in paperback this week, has a great chapter on how to be more confident。理查·谢尔现任教于沃顿商学院 ,他著作的《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》一书的平装版于本周与读者见面,书中有很精的一章内容是关于如何变得更加自信。Here’s what you need to know。以下是大家需要知道的。1. Surround Yourself With People Who Believe in You1. 和相信你的人一起I’ve posted a lot about how the power of context can improve behavior. And people are a part of that。我发过很多关于环境的力量如何提升行为的论述。而人,也是这环境的一部分。When you’re told you’re good by someone you respect, you believe it. Partially it’s a placebo effect. But that’s perfectly fine。当你尊敬的人告诉你你很棒的时候,你会相信他。部分地讲,这也是一种安慰效应。但这种感觉真的很棒。This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you believe you can do it, you work harder. When others believe in you, they push you harder。这就创造了一个自我实现的预言。当你相信自己可以的时候,你会更加努力。当别人相信你的时候,他们会更尽力地推动你前进。Together, these things make you do better — so you have a reason to be confident. And then next time, confidence comes easier。所有因素一起作用都会让你做得更好—所以你有理由变得自信。然后下一次,自信来得更加容易。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:The phenomenon of transferred expectations, also called a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” occurs for a combination of two reasons. The person holding the expectation treats the other person differently, giving him or her more challenging work to do. This leads to more learning. At the same time, the person receiving the suggestion accepts it as an accurate assessment of his or her ability, and that in turn increases the level of effort the person gives。期望传递,也被称为“自我实现的预言”。这种现象的产生是由两个原因共同引起的。心怀期望的人对待其他人的方式是不同的,他会给其他人更有挑战性的工作,从而让人可以学到更多。与此同时,接受工作建议的人会将这看作对自己能力的准确评估,反过来也会付出更多努力。The lesson here is plain: you should understand the power of being in a high-performing/ high-expectation social environment versus a low-performing/ low-expectation one. Your social setting can strongly affect what you believe is possible— and that will affect your confidence, the effort you expend, and the results you achieve。其中的道理很直白:要懂得高表现/高期望的环境与低表现、低期望相比所能赋予的能量。你所处的社交环境会很强烈地影响你的信念—而信念会影响你的自信,你付出的努力,和你获得的成果。2. Focus On Learning2. 专注于成长When you focus on learning, failure is just a part of the process and won’t shake your confidence。当你集中注意力在学习上时,失败只是过程的一部分,不会动摇你的自信。Tests are not a gauge of self-worth or unchangeable, innate ability. They’re a measure of how much improvement you’ve made。测试不是对自我价值或者固有天赋的评估,而是对你的进步的估量。Building on the research of Carol Dweck, you want to have a “growth mindset”: Measure yourself by effort, not by results。根据卡罗尔·德伟克的研究,你需要有一个“成长的心态”:用付出去评估自己,而不是用结果。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:…repeated experiments have demonstrated the value of praising effort rather than innate talent. If you are praised by others in the right way, this can lead you to praise yourself based on your genuine effort when you accomplish something significant and discount comments about the role of your natural ability. You should ignore any result— good or bad— that comes after you put in only a halfhearted effort. And you should be proud of any result that follows hard work— even when the result is not what you had hoped…。诸多实验反复实了肯定付出的努力而不是天赋这一做法的价值。如果其他人以正确的方式表扬你,这也会引导你在有了重大成就的时候肯定自己真实的努力,更少地去在乎他人对于你的天赋所起作用的评价。如果只是三心二意地付出了,那么你应该忽略由此带来的任何结果—无论是好是坏。而且对于努力付出后的任何结果,哪怕不是当初所希望的……你都应该为之自豪。3. Create A Ritual3. 开创让自己进入状态的仪式What gets you in the zone? What gets you feeling y? A cup of coffee? Preparation and review? Playing a game on your phone?什么能让你进入状态?什么能让你准备就绪?一杯咖啡?准备和回顾?手机上玩个游戏?Recent research from Harvard professors Michael Norton and Francesca Gino shows that rituals have the power to make you more confident。哈佛教授迈克尔·诺顿和弗兰切斯卡·吉诺的近期研究显示:固定的仪式有让人更加自信的力量。Francesca explained in my interview with her:弗兰切斯卡在我对她的采访中解释到:What we studied in this project was whether these rituals are really of beneficial effect in terms of bringing you confidence and potentially impacting your performance positively. That is actually what we found. What is interesting about the studies is that we also have physiological measures. What we find is that if you engage in a ritual prior to a potentially high anxiety task, like singing in public or solving difficult math problems, you end up being calmer by the time you approach the task, and more confident in what you’re about to do. As a result of that, you actually perform better。在这个项目中,我们研究的是这些让人进入状态的仪式是否真正有益于培养自信和积极地影响你的表现。而这正是我们所发现的。研究中很有趣的一点在于我们也有生理上的估量指标。我们发现如果你之前有参与让自己进入状态的仪式,那么在做类似在大众面前唱歌或者解决数学难题这种会让人产生潜在焦虑的事情的时候,你会更加冷静,对自己要做的事情也会更加自信。因为这样,你实际上也会做得更出色。4. Accumulate Small Wins4. 积累点滴的成功Some Olympic athletes train in a way that is designed to build confidence。有些奥林匹克运动员的训练过程也是设计成培养自信的模式。Rather than focusing on the gold medal, they set smaller achievable goals and build from there。他们不把目标集中在金牌上,而是设定更小的能够达成的目标,从小目标开始努力。By seeing themselves accumulate these little wins, their confidence grows and grows until they feel unstoppable。看着自己一点一滴地积累达成小目标的成功,他们会越来越自信,直到有了无可抵挡的感觉。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:In one of the best articles on Olympic training I have ever , Daniel Chambliss tracked the techniques used by USA Swimming to get its athletes y to compete in the Olympic games. One of the common ths in this training was to focus on a series of “small wins” in training rather than on the larger goal of winning a medal. As Chambliss summarized it, the swimmers “found their challenges in small things: working on a better start this week, polishing up their backstroke technique next week, planning how to pace their swim。” As a result, they got the satisfaction of “very definable, minor achievements,” which in turn gave them the confidence to attempt more small wins each and every day。在我读过的关于奥运训练最好的文章之一中,丹尼尔·钱布利斯对美国奥运游泳项目的训练方式进行了追踪。其中一个常见的训练要素就是集中注意在一系列“点滴的成功”,而不是赢得金牌的大目标。如钱布利斯所总结的,游泳运动员们“在细小的事情上发现挑战:这周有一个更好的开始,下周完善自己的仰泳技巧,计划着怎样有条不紊地游。”这样一来,他们在“非常明确的,点滴的成就”中感到满足,从而让他们每天都自信地去尝试积累更多点滴的成功。5. It’s Rational To Do The Irrational5. 即使看似毫无理性,也放手去做This is a very rational blog. You, however, are not a very rational creature. So do what works, even if it seems irrational。这是一个理性说理的客。而人本身,却不是非常理性的生物。所以,尽管看似毫无理性,但只要有用,就放手去做。Research shows good luck charms do inspire confidence. And this improves performance on a variety of tasks。研究表明幸运符的确可以激发自信,且在很多不同的活动中都能提升表现。Via The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver:以下来自于《胆商:科学如何让你更勇敢》:The researchers found that by activating good luck beliefs, these objects were consistently able to boost people’s self-confidence and that this up-tick in self-assurance in turn affected a wide range of performance. Lucky thinking, it turned out in this study, positively affected people’s ability to solve puzzles and to remember the pictures depicted on thirty-six different cards, and it improved their putting performance in golf! In fact, people with a lucky charm performed significantly better than did the people who had none. That’s right, having a lucky charm will make you a better golfer, should you care about such things, and improve your cognitive performance on tasks such as memory games。研究人员发现,一旦激发人们对幸运符带来好运的信念,这些幸运符便能够长久地激发人的自信,而这种对积极的自我肯定反过来也能影响很多方面的表现。研究表明,这种基于幸运的思维方式,能够积极地影响人们在猜谜,记忆36个不同图片的卡片,以及打高尔夫球时推杆的能力。实际上,有幸运符的人们比没有任何幸运符的人们表现明显更棒。就是这样噢,如果你在意幸运符一类的东西的话,它确实会让你高尔夫打得更好,还能提升你在诸如记忆游戏等活动中的认知表现。6. Get To Work6. 努力去建立自信Yes, some people are naturally superconfident. Others fake it。是的,有些人生来超级自信,其他人则需要假装。And you can, with some work, build confidence。而且,做些努力,你可以建立自信。What did Alfred Binet, the inventor of the IQ test, say about intelligence?智商测试的发明者阿尔弗雷德·比奈,对于智力讲过什么呢?Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:It is not always the people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest。最后智力超群的人,并不总是开始时候的那些聪明人。The same is true of confidence。自信也是如此。 /201506/381761

  Laura Carmichael in Downton Abbey, which attracted an audience of 160 million viewers. Photograph: Nick Briggs/AP劳拉·卡尔迈克尔在唐顿庄园剧照,该剧吸引了一亿六千万观众。The fact that subtitled episodes of Downton Abbey are watched by160 million viewers shows just what a love affair the Chinese have developed with foreign television shows and formats remade for their market. With BigBrother and Educating Yorkshire the latest shows to be lined up for a Chinese makeover, it#39;s boom time for those exporting hit western programmes to the world#39;s most populous nation.《唐顿庄园》该加个副标题,一亿六千万收视的爱情剧,中国人已经开始为发展海外剧场重置节目和格式。《老大哥》和《约克郡教育纪事》最近排上了中国人的改编名单,这是西方节目出口到世界人口大国激增的时代。China is the fastest-growing market for the sale of Britishshows and formats, with growth of 40% last year. While it is still relatively small in revenue terms, the opportunity is immense. ;In the UK a top-rated TVshow may just get into double-digit millions (in audience size), but China has1.4 billion people and gets easily double, triple or quadruple that,; says PierreCheung, vice-president of greater China for B Worldwide. ;The market is amassive opportunity.;中国是不列颠秀和记录片销售增长最快的市场,去年高达百分之四十。虽然进账还不算高,但潜力巨大。在英国最好的秀收视率会达到千万级(在观众数量上),而中国有14亿人,收视会是双倍、三倍甚至四倍。B全球中国区副总Pierre Cheung说,这个市场潜力巨大。China#39;s Got Talent, a local versionof Simon Cowell#39;s ITV hit, has seen viewers top 400 million an episode. Locally produced versions of western franchises combine the sheen of the exotic withthe familiarity of local aesthetics. Singing competitions are especially popular: China#39;s Got Talent, The Voice of China and a version of The X Factor(China#39;s Strongest Voice) have all been major hits.中国达人秀,ITV本土西门克威尔电视秀的中国版,每集收视高达4亿。西方授权本土制作兼具异国情调和(中国)当地审美。歌曲比赛类尤其受欢迎:中国达人秀,中国好声音和X音素(唱响)均已登陆(中国市场)。Last month the B unveiled China#39;s take on Top Gear on national broadcaster Shanghai Dragon TV, featuring a double Olympic gold diving champion, the presenter of Chinese Idol and a pop star turned actor in place of British hostsJeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.据上月B报道《top gear》再次被中国上海东方卫视引进,他们用一个奥运会双项冠军,《中国偶像》主持人和一个流行歌手来代替大不列颠版的主持人Jeremy Clarkson, James May 和RichardHammond。These shows are strikingly different from their western counterparts. The Voiceof China, the most popular show in 2013, began the nearly three-hour finale ofits third season on 7 October with a soaring shot of the Great Wall; avoiceover praised China#39;s thousands of years of history. The show then cut to testimonials from fans and former contestants: an elderly man, a middle-classfamily, a farmer, a foreign tourist in Tiananmen square.这些秀和他们西方原版完全不同。中国好声音,2013年(中国)最火的秀,9月7第三季近三小时的结局篇开头拍了一堆长城镜头,画外音还赞美了中国几千年的历史。接着镜头切到了粉丝和前选手感言:一位老人,一户中产阶级家庭,一个农民兄弟,一只逛天安门广场的老外。;The Voice of China lets all of us music lovers bravely pursue our dreams,;said a man carrying a lute. Sentimental ballads are the order of the day.Judges are unwaveringly supportive.一只琵琶哥说“中国好声音给所有的音乐爱好者提供了追求梦想滴机会。”凄美悲凉的情歌扎堆,而评委们都毫不动摇地持。Next up are remakes of documentary Educating Yorkshire and the potentially tricky prospect of a Chinese Big Brother. The sometimes risqué content that comes with Big Brother territory frequently lands the show in hot water with UK watchdog Of com – which has nothing on China#39;s all-powerful State Administrationof Radio, Film and Television, a notoriously twitchy regulator that acts as acultural guardian.再下来是重制的中国版记录片《约克郡教育纪事》和潜力无限的《老大哥》.有时为了拯救收视老大哥频繁涉黄,这会招惹到英国通信监管部——比起天朝的广电总局的权限他很小儿科,仅仅是守护文化的调节器。It has pulled shows at the first hint of attitudes or depictions that show China or its people in a poor light. In 2011 it banned X Factor-style talentshow Super Girl, which has attracted audiences of up to 400 million, and announced last autumn it would stop satellite TV stations from broadcasting more than one foreign-format show a year. Stations have replaced these programmes with others the government deems more acceptable, such asdocumentaries about Communist party history. The problem is that nobody wantsto watch them.给中国观众的节目展示做的不怎么好。2011年,一个类似X音素模式叫做超级女声的秀被禁,它有4亿观众,去年秋天卫星广播电视宣布停播了至少一个外国秀。电视台用诸如共党史记录片这类可能被接受的节目填补砍掉的秀。问题是压根没人看。Fans of the talent show Super Girl in 2005. The hugely popular programme was banned by China#39;s broadcasting regulator in 2011. Photograph:China Photos/Getty Images.2005年超级女声秀粉,这具有庞大收视率的节目在2011年被中国电视台砍了。There have been reports that the B#39;s Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch, was banned from major channels. However the B#39;s Cheung denies this, saying itjust took time for the show to move from airing on a Chinese site to being broadcast on China#39;s state broadcaster CCTV.有报道说B家卷福的夏洛克在(中国)主要电视台被禁止。不过B的张否认了这点,解释说节目从国家视频站挪到中国国家广播电台CCTV后换了时间段。Martha Brass, chief operating officer at Big Brother producer Endemol, says careful collaboration with its partner Youku Tudou – China#39;s answer to YouTube – willsee a sanitised version make it past the censor. ;In any country you obviously have to look at the cultural and regulatory environment, and we are well awareof that in relation to China,; she says. ;Big Brother is actually a veryflexible format. In the Philippines it is very much a family show, and inAustralia we have run it in different time slots for different audiences. We feel confident about our ability to address the particular TV regulations inChina.;玛莎布拉斯,《老大哥》首席运营官说,跟优酷土豆——中国的油土鳖合作要小心翼翼——(中国)为营造一个干净的环境正在各种审查。“去任何国家,你都要注意它的文化和监管环境,我们跟中国相处的还不赖。”她说,“老大哥其实可以很灵活,在菲律宾他是个很棒的家庭秀;在澳大利亚,不同时间段我们满足不同观众。在中国的电视广播规则下我们也很有信心。”The rise of Chinese services such as Sohu TV, Tencent and iQiyi hasopened a huge new potential market for foreign programme rights ownersl.The third series of Sherlock has notched up more than 70 million views online,while US show The Big Bang Theory, the most popular foreign show in China, has been viewed more than 1.4bn times on sites.;New media platforms are just starting to get into deals for more and more foreign shows,; says Paul Sandler, managing director of Objective Productions.;That could have a massive impact on the market for content.;中国的视频行业正在崛起,诸如搜狐、腾讯、爱奇艺已经为外国节目版权开放了一个巨大潜力无限的市场。夏洛克第三季视频点击超过7亿,而生活大爆炸作为中国最受欢迎的美剧,点击次数超过14亿。“新媒体平台开始涉足并不断扩大外国节目交易量,”节目总监Paul Sandler说“这个市场的容量影响巨大。”However the rise in online viewing, and the popularity of foreign shows has been seen as a threat by the state regulator. In April, streaming websites were told to ;clean up; and stop showing The Big Bang Theory as wellas US shows The Good Wife, NCIS and The Practice. Shows that might be thought much more likely to outrage the watchdog – The Walking Dead, House of Cards and Breaking Bad – were unaffected.As recently as three years ago China was considered something of a ;Wild East; for foreign production companies, replete with tales of the impossibility of doing deals and a culture of ripping off hit foreign formats without paying for rights.然而在线视屏地崛起,英美剧的流行也让监管部门感受到了威胁。今年4月,网络视频掀起“整顿风”,生活大爆炸、傲骨贤妻、NCIS和律师本色被查办。而那些很大可能被监管部门认为不适合的——行尸走肉,纸牌屋和绝命毒师——都没事。三年前,中国还被某些外国公司认做是没有人权做不成事以及排斥外来文化的“野蛮的东方”。;If China wants to be taken seriously in the international market they have totreat intellectual property with proper respect,; says Sandler, who has donedeals for three series of a Chinese version of gameshow The Cube. ;There is awill from the government to have a proper IP protection structure; it isnowhere near as bad as it was a few years ago.;Sandler believes that for the Chinese TV industry the aim is to collaborate andlearn about how to develop hit shows that they can export.China has some interesting homegrown hits, including a nationwide competitionin the vein of Great British Bake Off but based on calligraphy; roughly translated, its title is Idiom Hero. But there is some way to go to make internationally appealing shows.“中国要想在国际市场受到重视,他们必须尊重知识产权,”刚同中方交易完三期游戏节目《魔方》版权的Sandler说,“政府现在很有意愿构造保护体制,远比几年前好多了。”Sandler认为中国电视业的合作目标很清晰,那就是要学习如何发展并出口。中国有一些好玩的本土流行玩意,像不列颠烘焙大赛那样的全国性竞赛,不过都是一些文字艺术,简单说点就是成语英雄啦这类。用些方法包装下也是有国际吸引力的节目。;The truth is the real aim of all the broadcasters and government in China isto develop homegrown Chinese shows and export them,; he says. ;The same way as(they have) with cars, computers, white goods, you name it. We are trying to collaborate to come up with some genuinely good formats.;“事实上中国电台和政府的真实目的是发展中国本土秀并出口,”他说,“同样的事已经有很多先例,汽车、电脑、你能想到的大个家用电器。我们正在努力合作并争取多想出些好点子来。”Not everyone is impressed. For a market of 1.4 billion people, a total of £17m in sales of British programmes and formats in 2013 seems like a ;long walk for a short drink;, says one senior UK TV executive. But Cheung counters that. He says it is a slow-burn culture about building relationships, and the real cash will follow: ;You have to get involved and engage the partners personally; proper trust takes time. It is challenging but at same time exciting. If you can crack China, it makes any other market easy.;当然也不是每个人都印象深刻。2013年,不列颠在这个14亿人口市场的节目和读物销售额总数是一千七百万英镑,看上去“功倍事半”英国某资深电视管理层说。但是张不同意他的看法。他说文化交流的构建是慢工细活,赚钱要循序渐进:“你必须要跟合伙人兼容,相互信任需要时间。这不仅是挑战同样也令人振奋。如果你能打开中国市场,进入其他市场会变得相当容易。” /201412/347265The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting in Beijing had barely concluded when copies of the outfits worn by the leaders at the event’s opening began appearing for sale in China.北京的亚太经济合作组织峰会还未终结时,领导人在峰会开幕式上所穿的装的复制品就已经在中国有售了。Several vendors produced copies of the mandarin-collared jacket and matching accessories and offered them Wednesday on Taobao.com, the online marketplace owned by the e-commerce giant Alibaba, for prices ranging from 320 renminbi, about , to 2,999 renminbi.几家销售商生产了那种中式领的外套和搭配的饰品,并于周三在由电子商务巨头阿里巴巴所有的网上市场淘宝网上以320元人民币(约合52美元)至2999元人民币不等的价格售卖。By midday Thursday, the items had disappeared from Taobao. Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Chinese media coverage of the items raised questions about whether the copied garments were a violation of the intellectual property rights of the original designers.截至周四中午,这些产品已从淘宝上消失。阿里巴巴未即对采访请求予以回复。中国媒体对这些产品的报道让人质疑这些复制的装是否侵犯了原设计者的知识产权。The outfits were part of an APEC tradition of dressing leaders in designs inspired by clothing from the host country. This year’s jackets came in a choice of brown, green or purple silk and were widely noted for their resemblance to “Star Trek” uniforms.这些装是亚太经合组织峰会用以主办国饰为灵感的设计打扮领导人的传统的一部分。今年的外套有棕色、绿色或紫色丝绸几款选择,并被许多人指很像电影《星际迷航》中的制。“What Xi Dada wears will definitely be hot,” one vendor said, using a nickname for the Chinese president that roughly means “Uncle Xi,” The Beijing News reported on Thursday, before the items were removed from Taobao. The vendor told the newspaper that the key to selling copied garments is to move quickly, adding, “If leaders can wear it, why can’t we?”“习大大穿的这款衣一定会火,”一位销售商说,《新京报》在这些商品被从淘宝移除之前于周四报道。这名销售商对该报说,卖这些复制装的关键是要趁热打铁,并补充说:“领导人能穿,咱们为啥不能穿?” /201411/342618

  A small number of very premature babies are surviving earlier outside the womb than doctors once thought possible, a new study has documented, raising questions about how aggressively they should be treated and posing implications for the debate about abortion.一项新研究提出据表明,少数极度早产儿能在子宫外存活,而医生过去认为这是不可能的。这一发现提出了究竟应该怎样努力护理这些早产儿的问题,也可能会影响有关堕胎的争论。The study, of thousands of premature births, found that a tiny minority of babies born at 22 weeks who were medically treated survived with few health problems, although the vast majority died or suffered serious health issues. Leading medical groups had aly been discussing whether to lower the consensus on the age of viability, now cited by most medical experts as 24 weeks.这项对数千早产儿的研究发现,极少数在妊娠22周时出生的婴儿,经过医疗护理后存活了下来,而且几乎没有影响他们健康的后遗症。虽然绝大多数如此早产的婴儿死亡,或有严重的健康问题。一些知名的医学团体已经在讨论是否要降低公认的可独立存活胎龄,目前绝大多数医学专家引用的是24周。The Supreme Court has said that states must allow abortion if a fetus is not viable outside the womb, and changing that standard could therefore raise questions about when abortion is legal.美国最高法院曾表示,如果胎儿不能在子宫外存活,各州必须允许堕胎。因此改变可独立存活胎龄的标准可能会催生何时堕胎合法的问题。For most parents and doctors, the new study will intensify the agonizing choices faced about how intensively to treat such infants.对于大多数家长和医生来说,新研究将使他们面临的究竟要在多大程度上特别护理这些婴儿的选择变得更加艰难。The study, one of the largest and most systematic examinations of care for very premature infants, found that hospitals with sophisticated neonatal units varied widely in their approach to 22-week-olds, ranging from a few that offer no active medical treatment to a handful that assertively treat most cases with measures like ventilation, intubation and surfactant to improve the functioning of babies’ lungs.这项研究是对极度早产儿护理的最大范围也是最系统的考察之一。研究发现,有先进新生儿病房的医院在对22周出生婴儿的护理方法上差异很大。有为数不多的医院不提供任何积极的医疗护理,也有极少数的医院果断地治疗大多数早产儿,对他们使用呼吸机、气管插管,以及表面活性剂来提高婴儿的肺部功能等措施。“It confirms that if you don’t do anything, these babies will not make it, and if you do something, some of them will make it,” said Dr. David Burchfield, the chief of neonatology at the University of Florida, who was not involved in the research. “Many who have survived have survived with severe handicaps.”“研究实,如果你什么都不做,这些早产儿不可能活,而如果你做点什么,其中一些能活下来,”佛罗里达大学新生儿科主任医生大卫·伯奇菲尔德士(Dr. David Burchfield)说,“但许多活下来的早产儿有严重的身体障碍。”伯奇菲尔德士没有参与这项研究。Results of the study, published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, are likely to influence a discussion taking place among professional medical associations about how to counsel parents and when to offer treatment to such tiny babies.该研究的结果周三发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》(The New England Journal of Medicine)上,很可能会影响专业医学协会就如何为家长提供咨询、以及在什么情况下该对这些特别早产的婴儿提供医疗护理的问题所进行的讨论。The study, involving nearly 5,000 babies born between 22 and 27 weeks gestation, found that 22-week-old babies did not survive without medical intervention. In the 78 cases where active treatment was given, 18 survived, and by the time they were young toddlers, seven of those did not have moderate or severe impairments. Six had serious problems such as blindness, deafness or severe cerebral palsy.这项研究涉及近5000名在妊娠22周到27周出生的婴儿,研究发现,22周出生的婴儿在没有医疗干预的情况下不能生存。在进行了积极治疗的78个病例中,有18个活了下来。他们长到两、三岁时,有七人没有中度或重度身体障碍,有六人有严重的问题,如失明、失聪或严重脑瘫。Of the 755 born at 23 weeks, treatment was given to 542. About a third of those survived, and about half of the survivors had no significant problems.在23周出生的755个早产儿中,有542个得到了医疗护理。其中大约有三分之一存活,约一半存活者没有明显的健康问题。As techniques for keeping babies alive improve, parents face wrenching choices that are sometimes based on whether the estimated age is 22 weeks and one day or six days. The study found that hospitals tend to “round up,” with babies closer to 23 weeks more likely to receive treatment.随着让婴儿能存活技术的改善,父母面临着痛苦的选择。有时这种选择是基于对可独立存活胎龄的估计是22周零一天还是零六天。这项研究发现,医院往往会“四舍五入”,接近23周出生的早产儿更有可能得到医疗护理。But the authors and other experts also noted that gestational age is an educated guess, based on women’s recollection of their last menstrual period and estimated fetal size. Other factors, including prenatal care and the fact that girls are often a week more mature than boys, should also influence decisions, experts say.但是,论文作者和其他专家也指出,胎龄只是一个有根据的推测,根据的是妇对自己最近一次月经来潮日期的回忆,以及所估计的胎儿大小。专家说,其他因素,包括产前检查,以及女胎儿往往比男胎儿早成熟一周的事实,也应该影响决定。“It’s very difficult to say to a mother, ‘If you deliver today, I’m going to do nothing, but if you deliver tomorrow, I’m going to do everything,’ ” said Dr. Neil Marlow, a neonatologist at University College London.伦敦大学学院(University College London)的新生儿专家尼尔·马洛士(Dr. Neil Marlow)说,“很难对一位母亲说,‘如果你今天生,我会什么都不做,但如果你明天生,我会尽一切努力。’”The study, which evaluated cases from 2006 to 2011 at 24 hospitals in a neonatal network supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, found that four of the hospitals intervened for no 22-week-olds, five intervened for all 22-week-olds and the rest varied. In all, about a fifth of the 357 babies that age were treated. The reasons could include family preferences and hospital policy, the authors wrote.这项研究评估了由美国儿童健康和人类发展研究所持的24家医院参与的新生儿网络中,从2006年至2011年期间的病例,发现四家医院对22周出生的早产儿没有进行医学干预,五家医院对22周出生的婴儿进行了干预,其他的医院视情况而定。总的来说,所有接受医疗护理的357名22周出生的婴儿中大约有五分之一接受了护理。是否治疗的原因可能包括家庭的选择和医院的政策,作者写道。“We can’t really say whether the differences revolve around differences in values, that for some physicians or parents the risk of impairment might outweigh the decision for treatment,” said Matthew Rysavy, a medical student at the University of Iowa, who led the study with Dr. Edward Bell, a pediatrics professor there. At Iowa, Dr. Bell said, treatment is offered to most 22-week-olds, and he considers 22 weeks a new marker of viability.“我们确实不能说,治疗选择上的差异是否是价值观上的差异。对一些医生或家长来说,(孩子存在)身体障碍的风险可能在做治疗决定时起较大作用,”艾奥瓦大学医学院学生马修·莱萨维(Matthew Rysavy)说,他和医学院的小儿科教授爱德华·贝尔士(Dr. Edward Bell)一起领导了这项研究。贝尔说,在艾奥瓦州,大多数22周的早产儿都得到医疗护理,他认为22周是独立存活的新标准。“That’s what we think, but this is a pretty controversial area,” Dr. Bell said. “I guess we would say that these babies deserve a chance.”“我们这样认为,但这是一个非常有争议的领域,”贝尔说。 “我想我们会说,这些婴儿应该得到一个机会。”Dr. Jeffrey M. Perlman, medical director of neonatal intensive care at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center, takes a different view. He said it was important to consider that long months in neonatal units can be “like riding an obstacle course or flying in a plane with bad turbulence, and each of these down spirals can have an impact on the brain.”纽约长老会医院威尔康奈尔医学中心(NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center)负责新生儿特别护理的医务主任杰弗里·M·佩尔曼(Jeffrey M. Perlman)则有不同看法。他表示,很重要的一点是,要考虑到新生儿待在特护室的长达数月的时间里,可能会“像参加障碍赛,或是坐飞机时遇到了严重的气流,每一次下降都可能会影响大脑”。At his hospital, “we go after the 24-weekers,” he said. “If it’s 23, we will talk to the family and explain to them that for us it’s an unknown pathway. At 22 weeks, in my opinion, the outcomes are so dismal that I don’t recommend any interventions.”在他所在的医院,“我们会救治24周出生的早产儿,”他说。“如果是23周,我们会和家人沟通,向他们解释,我们不知道未来会发生什么。如果是22周,我个人认为,结果非常悲观,我不建议进行任何干预。”Dr. Bell pointed to success stories, including Chrissy Hutchinson, 32, of Manchester, Iowa. Her water broke in 2010 when she was 21 weeks and six days pregnant. The first hospital she went to “said there really was no chance of survival, and if the baby was born not breathing that they weren’t going to resuscitate or anything,” she said.贝尔医生列举了一些成功的例子,比如艾奥瓦州曼彻斯特的克丽茜·哈钦森(Chrissy Hutchinson)。哈钦森现年32岁,2010年,她在怀21周零六天之后羊水破了。她去就诊的第一家医院“说不可能存活,如果胎儿出来之后没有呼吸,他们也不会采取复苏措施,”她说。The Hutchinsons called the University of Iowa, and there, at 22 weeks and one day, Alexis was delivered, weighing 1.1 pounds. Alexis was treated and stayed in neonatal intensive care for almost five months. Now, Ms. Hutchinson, a pharmacy technician, said, aside from being more vulnerable to respiratory viruses, Alexis is a healthy 5-year-old.哈钦森一家给艾奥瓦大学打了电话,在那里,亚力克西丝(Alexis)在育22周零一天后诞生了,当时体重之有1.1磅(约0.5公斤)。她在新生儿重症监护室待了近五个月,并接受了治疗。如今,从事药剂师工作的哈钦森女士说,亚力克西丝五岁了,除了呼吸系统比较容易受到细菌侵袭之外,她很健康。Some of the study’s results suggest that among 22-week-olds who are treated, experiences like the Hutchinsons’ would be exceedingly rare because Ms. Hutchinson delivered so close to 22 weeks and did not have time for corticosteroids beforehand.这项研究的一些结果显示,在接受治疗的22周的胎儿中,哈钦森家这样的例子极其罕见,因为哈钦森女士分娩时期才刚过22周,产前也没来得及给她用皮质类固醇激素。 /201505/374477

  If you get these signs from your man, then you should know he wants it tonight. Pay attention...如果你发现你的男人有这些迹象,那么你应该明白他今晚想要。你要注意了······Sometimes direct ways are not that much and subtle hints, even though involuntary, can be fun if you can decode them. Guys sometimes will never tell you that they want to get down and dirty with you directly. But there are certain hints that they will throw away and if you can catch them, then you know where it is all heading.有时他不会直接要求而是含蓄的暗示,甚至无意识的,如果你能发现其中的奥秘就会很有趣。但是那些可能被错过的暗示,如果你能抓住他,那么你就会找到前进的方向。Its all in the eyes: When a certain part of the brain gets excited, it shows in the eyes. So ladies, keep looking into his eyes and if they are dilated, you know there is something going on. Plus, he will play the staring game. Men tend to get visually excited and thus stare at their partner and so if you find him staring at you with dilated eyes, that your cue.眼睛:当大脑的某一部分被激发时,信息就会显示在眼睛里。因此女士们,看着他的眼睛,如果他的眼睛变大,你就会知道有些事情要发生。另外,他也会看着你。男人往往倾向于视觉上的兴奋,所以他会盯着自己的女朋友,所以,如果你发现他用大大的眼睛盯着你时,说明他需要你。Gets all cleaned up: Of course, he would want to smell attractive when he comes close to his woman. So if you see him cleaning up his act and taking special care of how he smells that particular evening, you should know there is something exciting coming up.洗澡:当男人接近女人的时候他希望闻到诱人的香水味。所以,如果你看到他在那个夜晚把自己洗的干干净净,你应该知道有一些令人兴奋的事情要来了。Gets touchy and personal: The build up starts early. So if he brushes past you, gently touches your face or simply gets touchy and physical, it means he is preparing the ground. And the touch can really be stimulating, both for men and women. So if he asks for a head massage or any other form of help that requires physical contact, that is a perfect hint.触摸:如果他与你擦身而过,轻轻触摸你的脸或者身体,这意味着他已经准备好了。无论对于男女来讲触摸都是令人兴奋的。所以,如果他要求你做一个头部或者其他的,这就是一个完美的暗示。Helps you out: Some days he will be extra nice and will switch on your favorite channel instead of insisting on watching a game or will help you in your daily chores. Being extra nice means there is something building up. Be y.帮助你:也许那些天他会格外照顾你,帮你做家务-打开你最喜欢的电视节目。格外照顾你意味着有些事情要发生了。你要做好准备。 /201503/363630。


  Financial Questions to Settle Before You Get Married婚前搞定钱,婚后更轻松There are only two kinds of people in this world, spenders and savers, and for better or worse they tend to marry each other.这个世界上只存在两类人:花钱篓子和存钱罐子。好巧不巧的是,这两类人结合在一起的概率往往很大。So says longtime financial writer Terry Savage, who has co-written a new book on how to discuss and negotiate key money issues with your spouse-to-be, to give your relationship the best chance for success (#39;The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On!#39;)资深财经作家特里·萨维奇(Terry Savage)如是说道。她与人合作撰写了一本新书,讨论如何与准配偶讨论并协商处理一些重要的金钱问题,为双方的结合创造更大的成功机会。(新书名为《爱情新论:在结婚、同居或分手前必须知道的一切!》(The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On!))While you probably can#39;t change your mate#39;s basic money personality, you can avoid arguments and hidden resentments by talking honestly about your finances and putting certain plans in place before you head down the aisle. With wedding season around the corner, here#39;s an Investing Basics checklist for people about to tie the knot:虽然你可能无法改变伴侣对金钱的基本态度,但在步入红毯前,坦诚讨论彼此的财务状况并提前制定一些合理的财务计划,可能帮助你们避免日后的一些争吵和隐怨。在婚庆旺季即将到来之际,本文总结了一份供准新人们参考的投资常识(Investing Basics)清单:Take inventory盘点资产#39;The most important thing is to talk about your debts and to take an inventory of what assets each of you has, #39; says Holly Kylen, a financial adviser with Voya Financial in Lititz, Pa.宾夕法尼亚州提兹市(Lititz) Voya Financial公司的财务顾问霍利·凯伦(Holly Kylen)表示:“重中之重是讲明各自的债务,对各自名下的各项资产都盘点清楚。”One way to start the conversation is to swap credit reports, preferably over a nice bottle of wine, says Ms. Savage. If your spouse-to-be is on the hook for student loans or child support, discuss whether and to what extent you#39;re willing to help bear the cost.萨维奇表示,切入这个话题的一个办法是相互交换信用报告,最好是在有美酒相伴的气氛下。如果另一方需要偿还学生贷款或付子女抚养费,与之坦诚相告你是否愿意以及在多大程度上愿意与对方分担这些义务。Credit scores are a source of stress in one in five marriages, but spouses who discuss credit scores before marriage are more likely to agree on how to use credit as a couple, according to a study about to be released by Experian Consumer Services.Experian Consumer Services即将发布的一项研究报告显示,在各种婚姻危机中,信用记录导致的压力占到了两成。而婚前讨论过信用记录问题的夫妻,更容易就如何使用信用达成共识。Systematize制度固化Next, decide how you#39;re going to handle the money. While it#39;s understandable that some couples, particularly older ones, prefer to keep separate accounts, at least at first, many financial advisers recommend working toward paying all joint expenses out of a joint account.下一步,需要确定今后如何处理财务问题。有些夫妇尤其是大龄的夫妇,至少在最初的时候更倾向于保持各自独立的资金账户,这种做法当然是可以理解的,但很多财务顾问的建议是,最好是能设一个联名账户,通过它付应当共同承担的费用。#39;Marriage is complicated anyway, #39; says Michael Eisenberg, an accountant and financial adviser in Los Angeles. #39;This is one easy way to simplify things.#39;洛杉矶会计师兼财务顾问迈克尔·艾森伯格(Michael Eisenberg)说:“婚姻毕竟是很复杂的,这么做可以轻松简化一些事情。”If you each earn an income, consider having your paychecks direct-deposited into separate accounts, then automatically transferring a certain amount--perhaps proportional to your income or to other obligations--into a joint checking account from which you pay your bills online, recommends Ms. Savage.萨维奇建议,如果双方都有收入,可以依旧将工资打入各自的账户,然后设置自动转账,以收入或其他义务为参考设定一定的比例,固定将一笔钱转到两人的活期联名账户,再通过这个联名账户在线付家庭费用。Set common goals设定共同目标From there you might set up additional joint accounts for short-term (one to two years) and medium-term (three to five) goals, such as saving to buy a car or a house. This requires doing a little budgeting.接下来,可以根据一两年的短期目标或三五年的中期目标,另外设立几个联名账户,例如为了买车或买房而进行的储蓄。这需要小小地合计一下。#39;Both people need to be flexible, #39; Mr. Eisenberg adds. Say you#39;re used to saving 0 a paycheck for a rainy-day fund, but your partner thinks that#39;s overkill. You might agree to instead save 0 plus part of any tax refunds or bonuses that come along. #39;The key to this is dialogue, #39; he says.艾森伯格补充道:“双方都需要适当变通。”例如,你习惯从工资中拿出200美元存作应急资金,但你的另一半觉得这笔钱有点多。或许你可以同意减到100美元,外加今后可能获得的退税或奖金的一部分作为备用金。艾森伯格说:“关键在于沟通。”Save for retirement存钱养老#39;Make sure no one makes a dime without putting something away for retirement, #39; says Ms. Kylen. You and your partner don#39;t necessarily have to save identical amounts. #39;Equal is not synonymous with fair, #39; says Ms. Savage.凯伦说:“要确保花销不会影响退休计划。”夫妻双方不一定非要按对半的比例存钱。萨维奇指出:“均等不一定意味着公平。”But you should coordinate how much you#39;re going to save and what savings vehicles you#39;re going to use. If one partner#39;s employer offers a 401(k) matching contribution, it probably makes sense for that person to contribute at least enough to qualify for the employer match.但双方应当就储蓄金额以及计划使用的储蓄工具进行沟通协调。如果一方的雇主提供401(k)匹配缴费计划,这一方最好能够提存足够多的钱,以达到这个计划的标准。Manage risk控制风险Consider whether you#39;ll need insurance, and if so factor the premiums into your budget. #39;If you#39;re buying a home together you need life insurance, #39; says Ms. Savage. Disability insurance can#39;t hurt either, says Mr. Eisenberg.考虑是否需要购买保险,如果是肯定的,则需要把保费合计到预算中。萨维奇说:“如果双方要组建家庭,就需要考虑购买寿险。”艾森伯格表示,买份伤残险也没什么坏处。And don#39;t forget to change the beneficiaries on any existing insurance policies, as well as retirement accounts and so-called pay-on-death accounts, which supersede your will and go directly to the named beneficiaries.此外,别忘记更新现有保单、退休账户或所谓“生后取”账户的受益人,因为这些账户安排可以无需遗嘱,在既定条件满足的情况下直接付给指定受益人。Gay married couples need to be especially careful when naming their spouse beneficiary of an annuity. Since insurance is state-regulated, #39;same-sex couples today should not assume a spousal benefit [known as a #39;spousal lifetime income benefit rider#39;] will work, #39; says Ms. Kylen, who recently married her partner of 20 years. #39;It would be best to have it in writing or to see same-sex language in your document just to cross your T#39;s.#39;同性夫妇在指定配偶作为年金保险受益人时需要特别留意。最近与其相处了20年的同性伴侣完婚的凯伦指出,在美国,保险业的监管职责是由各州承担的,“因此在目前,同性夫妇不能想当然地认为配偶津贴(即‘配偶终生收入给付附加条款’)政策对他们也有效。审慎起见,最好以书面形式写入文件,或者确保有关文件中有对‘同性’进行说明的条款”。Consider a prenuptial考虑婚前协议If neither you nor your partner is equipped to talk about financial matters, enlist the help of a close friend, relative, financial adviser or lawyer, says Mr. Eisenberg.如果两位准新人都不擅长讨论财务问题,艾森伯格建议可以向某位亲近的朋友、亲戚、财务顾问或律师求助。 /201412/349153

  On a mild autumn day about three months ago, the head of China’s main sovereign wealth fund visited an office on Place Vend#244;me in Paris, just across from the Ritz Hotel. Accompanied by his staff — but with no attendant fanfare — Ding Xuedong, chairman of China Investment Corporation, had come to pay his respects to Dominique Senequier.大约3个月前一个风和日丽的秋日,中国主要财富主权基金负责人来到巴黎旺多姆广场的一个办公室,对面是丽兹酒店(Ritz hotel)。中投公司(CIC)董事长丁学东在工作人员的陪同下,低调拜访了法国私人股本基金经理多米尼克#8226;塞内基耶(Dominique Senequier)。The meeting, captured by a photograph now sitting on the marble mantelpiece of Ms Senequier’s 18th-century wood-panelled office, is testament to the international clout of the French private equity fund manager.此次会晤明了塞内基耶在国际上的影响力。在她的18世纪风格实木装饰办公室的大理石壁炉台上,摆放着两人会面的相片。The 61-year-old executive oversees bn of assets — the largest and most diversified platform of its kind in Europe — after spinning off her employer , Ardian, from French insurer Axa a year ago.一年前,这位61岁的首席执行官完成了让Ardian从法国保险商安盛集团(Axa)剥离的工作,如今管理着500亿美元的资产——Ardian是欧洲最大、最为多元化的私人股本投资平台。The creation of Ardian, previously known as Axa Private Equity, turned out to be one of the greatest challenges in Ms Senequier’s three-decade career in the sector, not least because French politics lurched to the left at a crucial time for the deal.Ardian的前身是安盛私人股本(Axa Private Equity)。它的诞生是塞内基耶在该领域30年职业生涯中最大的挑战之一,尤其是因为法国政治在交易的关键时期突然向左转。Ms Senequier recalls how drastic tax increases on capital gains and high earners announced by President Fran#231;ois Hollande jeopardised the planned spin-off. For months, the fund manager was unable to estimate its costs.塞内基耶回忆道,法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)宣布大幅提高资本利得税税率和针对高收入人群的税收,一度危及剥离计划。在长达几个月的时间里,这位基金经理无法估算其成本。“We didn’t know what measures parliament would pass. Investors willing to back us in the spin-off were not able to predict our cash flows. That was very complicated,” she says.她表示:“那时我们不知道议会将投票通过何种举措。愿意持我们剥离的投资者无法预测我们的现金流。情况非常复杂。”That experience has helped to feed a general frustration with the way her business and industry is treated in France — in spite of all the attention lavished on it by foreign dignitaries. Ms Senequier would even go so far as to say that being a woman in this male-dominated world has been less of a burden than being French.这种经历让人们普遍对她的企业乃至私人股本业在法国所受的待遇感到沮丧,尽管外国政要对该行业极为关注。塞内基耶甚至说道,在这个男性主导的世界里,做法国人比做女人还要烦。“We get absolutely no support,” she snaps. “France does not really understand what we do. We are one of the biggest in our field, which means something abroad, but not in France. Private equity is not part of the country’s culture.”她突然提高声音说道:“我们得不到任何持。法国不太明白我们是做什么的。我们是私人股本领域中最大的公司之一,这在国外意义重大,但在法国并非如此。私人股本不是这个国家文化的一部分。”Unlike the US, home of the world’s biggest buyout firms, such as Blackstone, KKRand Carlyle, France does not have any significant pension funds that are able to provide private equity groups with a local base for growth.与黑石(Blackstone)、KKR和凯雷(Carlyle)等全球最大收购公司所在的美国不同,法国没有可以为私人股本集团提供本土增长基础的大型养老基金。In addition, politicians do not fully grasp the role of finance in the economy and have consistently sought to undermine it, she says. Mr Hollande, for instance, identified the world of finance as his “true adversary” during his 2012 campaign.此外,塞内基耶表示,政客们并不充分理解金融在经济中的角色,而是一直在寻求削弱这种角色。例如,奥朗德在2012年竞选期间曾将金融世界视为他“真正的对手”。The hostility at home obliges her to do a lot of explaining when raising money from North American pension plans and sovereign wealth funds in Asia and the Middle East. “For about 15 years, our political leaders have launched attacks against finance. When you travel, you have to answer a lot of questions about that,” she says.由于国内的这种敌意,塞内基耶在从北美养老金计划以及亚洲和中东主权财富基金筹集资金的时候,不得不进行大量解释工作。她表示:“大约15年来,我们的政治领导人对金融发起了攻击。当你出差的时候,你不得不回答大量的相关问题。”About 80 per cent of its assets are invested outside France, largely in the US, and its fund of funds team, which invests in buyout funds and is the company’s largest unit, has recently moved to London — not for tax reasons she insists, but to comply with new European legislation.该公司大约80%的资产投资于法国境外,大部分在美国,其“基金的基金”团队最近搬到了伦敦,她坚称这并非是为了避税,而是为了遵守新的欧洲法规。“基金的基金”团队投资于收购资金,是Ardian最大的部门。She says she will not relocate her company’s headquarters elsewhere. “France is going through a lot of instability but it is a big, resilient economy,” she says.塞内基耶说,不会将公司总部搬到其他地区。她表示:“法国正在经历许多动荡,但它是一个庞大的、具有弹性的经济体。”Ms Senequier was born in Toulon; her father was a marine engineer. One of the first seven women to graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, France’s elite engineering school, she spent five years in the finance ministry as an insurance commissioner, then set up insurer GAN’s private equity arm in 1985.塞内基耶出生于土伦,父亲是一名航海工程师。她毕业于法国一流工程院校——巴黎综合理工学院(Ecole Polytechnique),是该校首批7名女性毕业生之一。塞内基耶毕业后在财政部当了5年的保险事务专员,随后于1985年在保险公司GAN创办了私人股本部门。A decade later, she attempted to spin off the unit, securing funding from London-based investment firm Electra Fleming. But her bid was rejected in a highly political process that involved a bailout of GAN by the French state.10年后,她试图将该部门剥离出去,并从伦敦投行Electra Fleming筹得了资金。但在一个高度政治化的过程(涉及法国政府纾困GAN)中,她的出价被拒绝了。Forced to leave, she turned to Claude Bébéar, Axa’s then chief executive and a fellow Polytechnique alumnus. Called the “godfather of French capitalism” for his influence over France’s corporate life, Mr Bébéar offered to help her start Axa’s private equity business, pledging to match half of what she raised from other investors.被迫离开GAN后,她求助于时任安盛首席执行官的克洛德#8226;贝贝阿(Claude Bébéar)。同样毕业于巴黎综合理工学院的贝贝阿,因其在法国商界拥有的影响力而被称为“法国资本主义的教父”。他提供机会,让她开创安盛的私人股本业务,他还承诺贡献资金,数额为她从其他投资者那里筹得资金总额的一半。 /201503/362720

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