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John Bellezza and Tsering Gyalpo have their own ideas, ideas that take them to the infamous cave of the dead, could the bodies of the Chinese army saw more than 50 years ago be the corpses of the last royals of Guge?约翰·贝勒查及和嘉波才让有他们的想法,他们前往恐怖的干尸洞五十多年前人民解放军所看见的尸骸是否是最后的古格王朝贵族。The only answer is the overwhelming stench of more recent decay.回应他们的只有洞内强烈的尸臭。The cave unfortunately has once again become a burial site, and in recent years it remains of Tibetans have once again been deposited there, and this is actually complicating the archaeology about determining what was really there originally, and whats come after.很不幸的 这座洞穴一度成为弃尸的地点,直到最近几年仍旧有藏民将尸首放在那里,这使得考古的工作更加的复杂,哪些是原有的,哪些又是后来放的呢。In Tibet the dead receive a sky burial, this means corpses are carried away by birds, skilled morticians cut up the dead body to encourage eagles and vultures to consume the flesh, local tales suggest that at one time the cave may have held as many as 400 skeletons,西藏采行天葬由鸟类吃食尸体,负责处理尸体的殡葬人员将尸体切块让老鹰及秃鹰吃食,传说干尸洞内的尸骸多达四百具。but over time, bandits, scholars and the curious have taken much, leaving but a few remains, Tibetan rituals of the dead forbid any possible DNA studies, but John Bellezza believes this could very well be the resting place of the last king of Guge.随着时间推移,盗匪,学者及好奇的民众拿走多数的尸骸,现在只剩下几具,西藏葬礼拒绝DNA检测,但约翰·贝勒查相信古格王朝的最后一位国王葬在干尸洞中。There are some evidence that lends credence to the idea that indeed the corpses in the cave are those of the royal family, most of them seemed to have been beheaded, to have undergone execution, so that probably would not have been the case with the common soldiers who had been, who had fallen on battlefield.那里有一些可采信的据能明,洞内的遗骸的确属于古格皇族,他们大多遭到斩首,全数判处死刑,所以应该不可能是,一般战死沙场的将士的遗骸。译文属201605/444015Possible Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee slammed the Obamas for letting their daughters listen to Beyonce.共和党潜在总统候选人 麦克·哈克比 抨击奥巴马夫妇让女儿听碧昂斯的歌Huckabee said might get chills to Nicki Minaj.Thats how they roll.哈克比说 我孩子都听麻辣鸡的 他们就喜欢这个The tea party congressman,probably heard about this guy,the tea party congressman who sent a tweet that compared president Obama to Adolf Hitler.Hes now apologized.一名茶党议员 大家可能都知道了 发了一则推文 将奥巴马总统与希特勒相提并论 他现在表示了道歉Not helping is that he apologized to Hitler.不过更过分的是 他是向希特勒道歉I think missed the point of that one.I think he did.Im sorry.Why did he suddently become Austrian.I dont know.Im sorry.我觉得他没懂 是啊 好抱歉 他怎么突然变成奥地利人了 不知道 抱歉Today in Srilanka,and I dont get to say that often.今天 在斯里兰卡 这话我可不常说Today in Srilanka,Pope Francis visited a Buddhist temple.今天 在斯里兰卡 弗兰西斯教皇去拜访了一家佛教寺庙When asked why he went to a Buddhist temp,the Pope said,just keeping my options open.被问及原因时 教皇说 留条后路嘛He said its a dicey job market.You never know.就业市场形势严峻啊 谁知道会怎么样For the first time since 2007,first time,the FDA has approved a new device to treat obesity.2007年来首次 食品及药物批准了一种新治疗肥胖的仪器This amazing breakthrough is called a vegetable.这了不起的突破性产品是 蔬菜201609/466371Suicide in America美国自杀事件An awful hole令人发指地无底洞Why more Americans are killing themselves为何越来越多美国人自杀BEING depressed is like having a terrible headache, says one Atlanta businessman. Except that a few days of rest do not stop the pain: “Youre just expected to keep going.” Trying to “man up”, he sought little help for his condition, choosing to hide it instead. “It all gets so debilitating that you dont want to go on,” he explains.亚特兰大的一位商人觉得,压抑苦闷和剧烈头痛一样,这种痛苦休息几天都无法消失:“你只想坚持下去。”虽然他努力变“man”一点,但却没有想办法解决问题,反而想藏起来。他解释道,“所有的一切让人筋疲力尽,很想放弃。”He tried to kill himself more than once; fortunately, his attempts came to nothing. But the same cannot be said for a growing share of Americans. The suicide rate has risen from 11 per 100,000 people in 2005 to 13 seven years later. In the time it takes you to this article, six Americans will try to kill themselves; in another ten minutes one will succeed.他曾不止一次想要自杀;幸运的是,他的尝试都是徒劳的。然而,美国可没有那么幸运,因为自杀率攀升。自杀率从2005年10万人中的11%增加到2012年的13%。在你读这篇文章的时间里,6位美国人将会自杀,而且十分钟之后会有一个人自杀成功。Over 40,000 Americans took their own lives in 2012—more than died in car crashes—says the American Association of Suicidology. Mondays in May see the most incidents. The rates are highest in Wyoming and Montana, perhaps because guns—which are more effective than pills—are so common there (see chart). Nationally, guns are used in half of all successful suicides.据美国自杀协会研究,2012年,在美国自杀人数超过4万,多于死于车祸的人数。自杀多发在五月的星期一。怀俄明州和蒙大拿州的自杀人数最多,原因或许是的普及(开自杀比吃药来的快)。全国范围而言,开成功自杀的事件占到所有自杀事件的一半。What drives people to self-destruction? Those who suffer from depression are, unsurprisingly, most at risk. The suicide rate also rises when times are hard. During the Depression it jumped to a record 19 per 100,000. It grew after the recent financial crisis too. “Even just uncertainty over employment” makes people worry a lot, notes Yeats Conwell, a psychiatrist at the University of Rochester Medical Centre.究竟是什么原因让人自杀?毫无疑问,那些苦闷压抑的人正是自杀高危人群。日子不好过也会促使人自杀。大萧条时期,自杀率攀升至10万人19%,创历史新高。近期金融危机之后,自杀人数也增多。罗切斯特大学医学中心精神病专家叶芝·康威尔表示,“甚至就业难”也会让人们陷入烦恼中。The over-75s have historically been most likely to kill themselves, especially if they are lonely or ill. But now it is the middle-aged who are most at risk. In 2012 the suicide rate for Americans aged 45-54 was 20 per 100,000—the highest rate of any age group. For those aged 55-64 it was 18; for the over-65s it was 15. The middle years can be stressful, because that is when people realise that their youthful ambitions will never be fulfilled.一般说来,如果75岁以上的人孤苦伶仃、罹患疾病,则很可能自杀。然而,如今,自杀高危人群则是中年人。2012年,美国45-54岁的自杀率是10万人20%—成为美国国内年龄段之最。而55-64岁则是18%,65岁以上的则是15%。人到中年,压力大;因为人到中年才幡然醒悟,年少梦想永无实现之日。Women make nearly four times as many suicide attempts as men, but men succeed four times as often. Men favour bloodier methods: most use a gun, whereas less than a third of women do. Women may be better at asking for help; overall, they are two and a half times more likely than men to take anti-depressants. Whites are nearly three times as likely as African-Americans to kill themselves. Blacks are five times more likely to be murdered with a gun than to kill themselves with one; for whites it is the other way round.有自杀企图的女性人数是男性的四倍,但是男性自杀成功率确实女性的四倍之多。男性倾向更加暴力的自杀方式:大部分用(不到33%的女性也用)。女性或许更加善于寻求帮助;总体来说,女性用抗抑郁剂的几率是男性的2.5倍。白人自杀的几率是非洲裔美国的3倍。黑人用自杀的几率是被谋杀的五分之一(白人反之)。Military veterans are especially prone to suicide. Data from 48 states suggest that 30 out of 100,000 veterans kill themselves each year—a rate far higher than among civilians. Many find it hard to overcome the trauma of combat, or to adjust to civilian life. A survey by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, an advocacy group, found that 31% of veterans had considered taking their own lives. Congress is mulling a bill to overhaul how the Department of Veterans Affairs handles the problem.退役军人尤其倾向自杀。48个州的数据显示,每年10万名退伍军人中有30名自杀——其自杀率远高于平民。许多老兵很难从战争创伤中恢复过来,也很难适应退伍生活。一项由参加伊拉克和阿富汗战争的美国退伍老兵(一个倡导性组织)发起的调查发现,31%的老兵考虑过自杀。国会正在考虑一项法案,改革退伍军人事务部处理此类问题的方式。Activists say the government does too little to prevent suicide. Christine Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention complains that only m of federal funding will go to anti-suicide programmes this year. This does not include the billions the government spends on mental-health problems more broadly.激进分子称政府没有采取措施防止自杀。今年,联邦仅拨款4000万美元投入到自杀预防项目中,美国自杀预防基金会的Christine Moutier对此表示不满。款项不包括政府在精神疾病以及其他疾病的拨款。Some treatments, such as anti-depressants, are often quite effective. More than 20 studies have found that when anti-depressants are more widely available, fewer people end their own lives. For example, between 1991 and 1996 Swedes swallowed 240% more anti-depressants and the suicide rate fell 19%. But it is hard to prove a causal link. And other studies suggest that certain anti-depressants lead young people to think more about suicide.抗抑郁剂等疗法往往效果显著。超过20项研究表明,若抗抑郁剂更易购买,那么选择轻生的人会减少。例如,1991-1996年之间,瑞典人用的抗抑郁剂用量超过240%,自杀率下降19%。但是,很难明这是一个偶然。而且其他研究表明用某种抗抑郁剂让年轻人更加想轻生。Making it slightly harder to kill yourself is also surprisingly effective. American pharmacists still sell painkillers loose in pots, enabling people to pour the whole lot down their throats in one movement. This is unwise. After Britain switched to blister packs in 1998, which require you to punch pills out one by one, deaths from overdoses of paracetamol (the active ingredient in Tylenol) dropped 44% in 11 years.令人吃惊的是,让自杀变得更困难也是防止自杀的有效方法之一。美国药剂师依然在兜售液体止痛药,如此一来,人们只需一个动作就可以吃下一大堆止痛药。此举绝非明智。1998年,英国人使用罩板包装,这样一来,人们必须一个一个挤压药片,之后的11年间,因过量用对乙酰氨基酚(泰诺的主要成分)致死的人数下降了44%。Some who ponder suicide may be dissuaded by counselling. Behavioural therapies, alone or in family settings, allow sufferers to talk through their emotions and actions. A Danish study of 65,000 people who attempted suicide between 1992 and 2010 suggests that providing people with “a safe, confidential place to talk” during up to ten sessions saw repeat attempts and actual suicides drop more than 25%.考虑自杀的人可以通过咨询他人,打消自杀念头。独自一人行为疗法或者家庭集体行为疗法让困惑者说出自己的心情。丹麦,一项由65000名(1992年-2010年考虑过自杀的)人参加的调查显示,在一个“安全、保密的”场所畅所欲言,十场谈话下来,有过自杀想法的人数减少了逾25%。Three states have concluded that not all suicides should be prevented. In Oregon, Washington and Vermont “Death with Dignity” laws allow terminally ill, mentally competent residents to ask for prescription drugs to hasten their deaths. Such laws have no discernible effect on unassisted suicide: from 1999 to 2010 suicides among those aged 35-64 increased 49% in Oregon, which has allowed terminally ill patients to end their lives since 1997, compared with a 28% increase nationally.美国3个州认为,并不是所有的自杀都应该阻止。在俄勒冈州、华盛顿和佛蒙特州,“尊严死”法律允许身患绝症而心智健全的居民寻求处方药物安乐死。诸如此类的法律对于无助的自杀事件来说毫无意义:在俄勒冈州,1999年到2010年35-64岁之间自杀的人数增加了49%,该期间全国范围自杀人数增加了28%。俄勒冈州自1997年便通过了“尊严死”法案。And what of those left behind? A suicide deeply affects six people close to the deceased, research suggests. Since 1988 some 5m Americans have suffered the loss of a loved one in this way. Christy Simpson, a counsellor in Georgia, knows it can be difficult for families to discuss a loved ones suicide; her mother asked her to tell friends that her sister died in a car accident after she jumped to her death.那么剩下的人该怎么办呢?研究显示,一场自杀,关联了与死者相关的6个人的命运。自1988年以来,500万美国人因自杀而失去了另一半。乔治亚州的咨询师克里斯蒂·辛普森深知很难启齿自己爱的人跳楼自杀,她的母亲要她告诉朋友,自己的是死于一场车祸。Ms Simpson believes that eroding the stigma around suicide would help. “My parents could never talk about [it]. My mother went from perfect health to her grave within seven years,” she says. “The message I got was that what had happened was extremely shameful and that we had failed as a family.”辛普森女士坚信,她补充道,“我父母绝口不提。七年后,母亲安然离世”“我从中认识到已经发生的事情令人羞耻,而且作为家人,我们很失败。”译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201502/359308Britain in Iraq英国,在伊拉克Camerons confusions卡梅伦的困惑The government flip-flops between belligerence and caution政府在交战和警告间犹豫不决HOW seriously does the British government take the threat from Islamic State (IS), an extremist group which has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria? Despite a flurry of pronouncements from the prime minister and from Michael Fallon, Britains defence secretary, it is growing increasingly hard to judge.英国政府究竟对来自伊斯兰国(IS)这一占领了伊拉克和叙利亚的极端组织的威胁有多认真?尽管有首相和英国国防部长迈克尔·法伦的一系列声明,这一事态还是变得越来越难以琢磨了。Writing in a newspaper on August 17th, David Cameron warned that Britain faces a “generational struggle” against a “poisonous ideology”. Striking a Churchillian tone, the prime minister argued that Britains very security depended on the country using all its resources, aid, diplomacy and “military prowess” to vanquish this enemy. Tough stuff—perhaps the toughest from any Western leader so far.大卫·卡梅伦于8月17日在报上撰文警告说,英国面临着“代际斗争”和“有毒思想”的抗衡。这位首相带着惊人的丘吉尔语气争论说英国的安全取决于国家能否使用全部的资源、援助、外交和“军事力量”来击溃敌人。手段强硬—这可能是到目前为止西方领导人中最强硬的了。Yet before leaving on holiday the following day Mr Cameron assured journalists that this fiery rhetoric did not mean Britain was returning to war in Iraq, and that he had no intention to put “boots on the ground” against IS. That was before the release of a horrific on August 19th showing the beheading of a captured American journalist, James Foley, by an IS militant who appeared to have a British accent. Mr Cameron rushed back from his break in Cornwall to confer with ministers in London.然而第二天,在外出度假前卡梅伦向记者保说这种激烈的言辞并不意味着英国要在伊拉克重燃起战火,他并没有“派兵”对抗IS的意图。这是在8月19号美国记者詹姆斯·福利被一疑似有英国口音的IS成员斩首的恐怖录像发布之前了。卡梅伦立即结束了在康沃尔的度假,返回与伦敦的大臣们协商。Confusion aly surrounds the work Britains armed forces are presently performing in Iraq. Tornado bombers, helicopters, a spy plane, and some special forces are all operating in the north of the country—in particular near the city of Mosul. The government has said these efforts are merely humanitarian, intended to help refugees besieged by IS fighters (see picture). Yet on August 18th Mr Fallon was reported to have said that British forces were performing reconnaissance missions for Kurdish soldiers battling the jihadists. Some think Britain is also supplying the Kurds with communications equipment and training.关于英国武装力量目前在伊拉克的工作已招致了不少疑问。旋风式轰炸机、直升机、间谍机和一些特殊武力正在伊拉克北方—尤其在苏尔附近—进行操练。政府表示这些行为仅仅是人道主义的,目的是为了帮助被IS分子围困的难民(见图)。然而在8月18号,有报道称法伦曾表示英国武装力量在帮助库尔德士兵进行侦察任务以对抗圣战者。一些人认为英国也在为库尔德人提供通讯设备和训练。What explains this prevarication? Mr Cameron is doubtless eager to avoid a repeat of the fiasco last year, when the House of Commons voted against his urging that British forces intervene against the murderous regime of Syrias President Assad. As well as shattering Western resolve, the episode was a personal humiliation for the prime minister. If the government sounds too bellicose pressure will grow to recall parliament, currently in its summer recess, for a full debate.这种搪塞该如何解释?卡梅伦毫无疑问急于避免重复去年的惨败,当时众议院投票反对他催促英国军方介入叙利亚总统阿萨德恐怖统治的要求。正如粉碎西方的决心一样,这一插曲是对首相的个人羞辱。如果政府看起来过于好战,那么过大的压力会召回目前正处于夏季休会的议会成员来进行一次完整的辩论。Another risk is that Mr Camerons pronouncements outstrip Americas eagerness to act, leaving Britain isolated should the Obama administration commit itself no further. And the prime minister also has a war-weary public to contend with. Polls suggest that a large minority of Britons would support taking some limited action against IS, such as arming the Kurds. But winning public support for a larger scale conflict, however worthy the cause, looks almost impossible at present.另一风险是卡梅伦的声明超过了美国作战的热情,若奥巴马政府不愿进一步行动,便会使英国处于孤立地位。卡梅伦还需应对厌战的公众。投票显示大部分英国人持对IS采取有限的行动,比如说为库尔德人提供武装。但无论理由看起来多么值得,要赢得公众持大规模战争在目前看起来几乎还是不可能。Mr Foleys murder may change this. His hooded killers London accent has focused attention on the thousands of European—and particularly British—Muslims which IS has drawn to its banner. Thomas Hegghammer of the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment argues that this represents the “largest European Muslim foreign fighter contingent” that has gone to any conflict in modern history. As many as 500 of them are thought to be British. The clear risk is that these callow, inexperienced volunteers will return home as hardened and skilful jihadists, y, as Mr Cameron puts it, to “target us on the streets of Britain”.福利的谋杀一事可能改变这一情况。这位带有头罩的杀手的伦敦口音引起了成千欧洲—尤其是英国—穆斯林的注意,这些穆斯林已被IS招至旗下。挪威国防研究院的托马斯·黑哥海默称这代表着“最大的欧洲穆斯林国外战斗队伍”已参与现代史中的每一次冲突。其中多达500人被认为是英国人。很明显的风险是这些初出茅庐、毫无经验的志愿者们将成长为久经沙场、技巧纯熟的圣战者归来,如卡梅伦所说,这些人已做好准备“在英国大街上对我们开”。Experts disagree on the scale of that threat. But even a very small number of returning extremists could cause considerable harm. After haring back to Whitehall, the prime minister said authorities would redouble efforts to track down British jihadists, and that the grisly would not lead Britain to ramp up its involvement in the conflict. There is a limit to how long Mr Cameron can keep his options open.专家对这一威胁的规模持有异议。但即便归来的极端主义者 数目非常小,也能造成严重的伤害。在急忙赶回白厅后,卡梅伦表示当局将付出双倍努力搜查圣战者,这一可怕的录像也不会使英国进一步介入冲突之中。卡梅伦能保持选择权多久是有限度的。译者:王颖 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201507/386230Welcome back.Thank you.All right,So,Kinda thrilled to be here.欢迎回来 谢谢 现在感到很兴奋吗Just a little bit.So you are just back from Afghanistan,first of all是有点兴奋 你们都刚从阿富汗回国 首先呢Im so happy to that all of you are so safe and welcome back,how do you feel很高兴看到你们都安全地回来 欢迎回来 现在感觉如何OMG,this is like the most amazing thing,I cant even believe Im standing here right now天哪 我感觉这是让我感到开心的事情 我都不敢相信我正站在这里I saw and I was kinda we have to have them on the show for sure我当时在网上看你们时就觉得你们要出现在我们的秀场上When you are there any close calls for anybody你们在那里时有没有发生什么意外This is my 7th time.7th time.Yes,7th time in the middle east这是我第七次 第七次啊 是啊 是我第七年在中东and we didnt have close calls this time这次我们没有发生意外But in when I was there we did get rocket fire on our base,about 500 yards from where we were sleeping and we were asleep不过年我在那里时我们基地遭到发射的火箭 大概离我们500码的距离 我们都已经在睡觉But there some procedure in the place for when It happens,thats kinda make us feel safer但是当时我们有躲避的地方 让我们有安全感Putting on our gear,go get in the banker and kinda wait,we always have 9 mil strapped to our legs.Me too,I got one too,just in case我们会穿上防护衣 钻进坦克里 就在里面等着 我们也总是随身带着我们的9mil步 我也有一个 以防万一I wanted to see you everybody when I saw all of you.This is amazing我早就想看到你们 这感觉真的很棒 /201610/472000

Bello贝优Lessons of a footballing Armageddon足球大决战的教训Brazil needs new ideas, on and off the pitch巴西需要新的想法,无论是场内还是场外THE only previous time that Brazil hosted the World Cup, in 1950, it famously lost the final 2-1 to Uruguay, after shipping two goals in 13 minutes late in the second half. So deflated were Brazilians that Nelson Rodrigues, a playwright and journalist, described the occasion as a “national catastrophe…our Hiroshima”.1950年,巴西第一次也是此前唯一一次举办世界杯,经历了非常著名的一次失败,2:1输给了乌拉圭,比赛下半场乌拉圭在13分钟内进球2个。灰心的巴西剧作家兼记者Nelson Rodrigues把这次失败形容为“国家灾难。。。我们的广岛”。If that is the benchmark, then the 7-1 semi-final thrashing on July 8th at the hands of Germany in Belo Horizontes Mineir?o stadium was Brazils Armageddon. It was not just the scale of defeat—the worst since 1920. It was also the manner in which Germanys fast and technically superior players cut through the home defence, as easily as a machete through cassava. To rub salt in a gaping wound, it is Argentina—Brazils arch-rivals—who will face Germany in the final on July 13th.如果以那次失败作为标准,那么7月8号在贝洛奥里藏特体育场举办的对德国的半决赛,7:1的比分无疑是巴西世界末日。它不仅是自1920年以来在比分上最大的一次惨败,更体现在风格上,德国速度技术俱佳的球员穿过巴西的主防线轻松地亦如用大刀割木薯。巴西的主要竞争对手阿根廷将在7月13号的决赛上面对德国,这无疑是伤口上撒盐。This humiliation has left Brazilians shell-shocked. No other country in the world has a closer identification with football, as Rodriguess hyperbole highlights. That may partly be because Brazil has no real Hiroshimas to fear: apart from brief engagement on the Allied side in Italy in 1944-45, it has not fought a war since the 1860s (against Paraguay). Through good fortune and tolerance, it faces neither military threats, nor terrorism, nor ethnic or religious tensions.这次羞辱让巴西人身心俱疲。正如罗德里格斯强调的一样,世界上没有一个国家对足球这么近的认同感。部分原因可能是因为巴西没有像广岛那样真的恐惧感:除了1944—1945年简单的接触了盟军中的意大利,自1860年代以来就没有战争(对症乌拉圭)。得益于好运和容忍,巴西既不需要面临战争威胁,也不需要面对恐怖主义,更不用说宗教和种族的紧张局势。But this identification with football is also because the sport has provided a national narrative and a social glue. In a country that for long periods has failed to live up to its potential, prowess at the game provided “a confidence in ourselves that no other institution has given Brazil to the same extent”, as Roberto DaMatta, an anthropologist, wrote in the 1980s. Brazil has won five World Cups but no Brazilian has won a Nobel prize.但是对足球的这种认同感也是因为这个运动为国家和社会提供了一种凝聚力。人类学家Roberto DaMatta在19世纪80年代写到,在一个长时期未能发挥其潜力和威力的国家,从足球游戏中得到了一种自信,这种自信的程度是其他任何机构都不可能给予的。巴西曾经5次获得世界杯冠军但没有一个巴西人获得过诺贝尔奖。In winning the right to host this years World Cup (and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazils then president, wanted to highlight that the country now has other reasons for confidence beyond football. The tournament would showcase the planets seventh-largest economy, a vibrant democracy and remarkable social progress that has seen poverty and income inequality fall steadily in this century.通过成功获得今年世界杯和2016年里约热内卢奥运会的举办权,巴西前任总统路易斯?伊纳西奥?卢拉?达席尔瓦试图强调现在的巴西在足球之外有其他的理由值得自信。世界杯将展示这个星球的第七大经济体,一个充满活力且有显著进步的民主社会,一个在本世纪贫穷和收入不平等稳步下降的社会。But the tournament has taken place just as Brazilians are feeling less confident about their countrys course. The economy has slowed to a crawl; inflation is at 6.5%, despite a succession of interest-rate rises. The 11 billion of publicly financed spending on stadiums helped to trigger huge protests last year over poor public services, corruption and the misplaced priorities of politicians. The last-minute rush to complete the stadiums, and the tragic collapse of a newly-built flyover in Belo Horizonte this month, have highlighted Brazils difficulties with infrastructure projects.但是本次世界杯恰逢巴西人对于国家进程感到信心不足的时候举办。经济滞缓,尽管一连串利率上浮通货膨胀仍达到6.5%。耗资110亿美元公共出用于场馆建设推波助澜了去年针对糟糕的公共务、腐败、和不知轻重缓急的政治家的大型抗议活动。最后时刻才匆忙完成场馆建设,本月贝洛哈里桑塔新建的立交桥发生悲剧性的坍塌,凸显了巴西基础设施项目的困难。Contrary to some forecasts, the event itself has gone smoothly, without transport breakdowns or significant protests. Predictably, most fans have had a great time. Polls showed that Brazilians were warming to the idea of hosting the tournament. Despite being booed at the opening ceremony, Dilma Rousseff, Lulas successor and protégée, had felt emboldened to announce that she would attend the final.和一些预测相反,比赛顺利进行,没有发生交通崩溃和大型的抗议活动。可以预见的是,大部分球迷有了一个欢乐的时光。民调显示巴西人对于举办世界杯的想法正在变得缓和。尽管在开幕式的时候被喝倒,卢拉的继任者迪尔玛·罗塞夫大胆宣布她将出席决赛。Brazils shattering defeat has robbed Ms Rousseff of any hope she might have nurtured that the World Cup would provide her with a boost in an election in October at which she will seek a second term. But in itself it will not help the opposition either. Things are not as simple as that. Brazilians were always going to have other matters on their mind when they vote in three months time. The incumbent president won in 1998 when Brazil lost badly in the World Cup final, after all; and his chosen successor lost in 2002 when Brazil won.巴西的惨败剥夺了罗塞夫试图通过世界杯帮助她在11月的总统连任竞选上获得人气提升的任何希望。但是它本身也不会有利于反对派。事情并不那么简单。巴西人在三个月的投票期总是会有其他事情干扰他们的想法。毕竟,现任总统在1998年赢得了选举,那时巴西在世界杯决赛中输的很惨。但是在2002年他的继任者输掉了选举,那时巴西拿到了大力神杯。At a deeper level, however, the humiliation of the Mineir?o is likely to reinforce the countrys negative mood. And that is potentially dangerous for Ms Rousseff. Though polls still make her the favourite, the campaign will only now start in earnest. Her approval rating hovers barely above 40%, and polls consistently show between 60% and 70% of Brazilians wanting change. With her centre-left Workers Party having been in power for 12 years, can she offer it? Her appeal is in essence to past achievements—to a huge rise in employment and real wages, both of which are only just starting to move into reverse.但是,在更深的层面,米内罗体育场的羞辱很有可能加强国家的负面情绪。这对罗塞夫来说是潜在的危险。尽管民调显示她仍然是最受欢迎的,但是战役现在才开始真正打响。她的持率勉强在40%以上徘徊,民调持续显示60%到70%的巴西人希望改变。左翼工人党已经执政12年,她还能续写它吗?她的最大竞争力本质上是过往取得的成功—就业和实际工资水平的大幅提升,而这两项恰巧开始反转。Similarly, the Mineir?o disaster showed that Brazilian football is no longer a source of national confidence. It too needs changes that go far beyond building shiny new stadiums. Its officials are corrupt and its domestic league poorly run. Living on past glory, it is inward-looking and tactically outdated. Brazilians may end up concluding that they need new management and new ideas, both on and off the pitch.同样,米内罗灾难显示巴西足球不再是国家信心的来源。巴西足球太需要改变,这种改变远远超出建造崭新的体育场。官员腐败,国内联赛经营不善,活在过去的荣光中,短视于国内,战术早已过时。巴西人最后可能会总结出,他们需要新的管理和新的思路,不论是在球场内还是球场外。译者:王意 译文属译生译世 /201507/384622

Here she is now, Ellen Degeneres.Thank you very much. I appreciate.Thanks a lot.Thats good.Thank you very much. Wow.Bye.All right. Have a seat everybody. Thank you.有请艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 谢谢 非常感谢 太好了 谢谢 拜 好了 大家都坐下吧 谢谢That was exactly the right amount of waving that I wanted today.要的就是这种欢呼That was... and right back at you.I send them all back to you.And thank you for being here.欢呼声也送给你们 送给大家 感谢大家来现场看我的节目It is ah.. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day It is a good reminder for everyone to be nice to one another.今天是马丁·路德·金纪念日 在这要提醒大家善待他人Here is a question for you.Who here likes learning?Who likes watching TV?有个问题要问大家 在座的有人喜欢学习吗 有谁喜欢看电视呢Good for you. Listen to this.Theres a new way to combine learning with watching television.你们走运了 来听听这个 有一种新方法能够把学习和看电视结合起来Because...Lets be honest, doing anything without television is stupid.因为 老实说 不边看电视边做事真是太蠢了There is a professor in New Jersy.新泽西州有位教授And he is using old episodes of ;Seinfeld;to teach medical students About psychiatric disorders.他用经典电视剧;辛菲尔德;的老梗来教医学生 学习精神疾病的知识The class is called;whats the deal with psychiatric disorders?;他这个班叫;如何治疗精神疾病;This is... Its a real thing.And its actually ah... He is calling it ;Psy-feld;这是真事哦 其实 他把这个叫做;精菲尔德;And as in psychiatry plus Seinfeld.I put that together.In under two days, I figured it out,是精神病和辛菲尔德的结合 我把这两个词结合了 花了两天终于研究出来了 /201512/415352

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