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广州长安做输卵管复通广州治疗男性无精那个医院最好Yahoo wants to make better products for you, so it#39;s going to try zooming in.雅虎想要为你们提供更好的产品,所以它将要尝试继续推进。The Internet pioneer has many popular services. There#39;s Yahoo Mail for email, Yahoo Screen for s, Yahoo Sports for scores and athletics news, and Yahoo Search for, well, searching the Web.作为互联网先锋,它拥有很多时下流行的务,包括雅虎邮件,雅虎屏幕视屏,针对比分和运动员新闻的雅虎体育还有雅虎搜索器。When you take a look at Yahoo#39;s overall line of products, however, you realize it#39;s kind of a buffet. It#39;s got a little bit of everything but no main dish.当你放眼看一下雅虎所有的产品线,很遗憾,你会发现它更像自助餐,什么都有,但是没有重点。The Sunnyvale, California, company has decided that narrowing in can provide a fix. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said Tuesday that Yahoo will soon reveal a plan to make sure the company is ;more focused; in the future. Finance chief Ken Goldman said Yahoo will look at which products are ;strong winners; for the company and ;disinvest; in others. The company said it will reveal more within three months.位于加州森尼维尔市的公司决定缩小产品线,这也许可以让它有所侧重。首席,执行官Marissa Maye在周四称,雅虎不就就会发布一份计划,这会使得公司更加“专注”于未来。财务负责人Ken Goldman说雅虎将会判断哪种产品对公司来说最有优势,并且撤销对其他产品的投资。公司称,将在三个月内公布更多讯息。;We ultimately need to work to improve our relevance to end users and how many times they come to us,; Mayer said during a conference call Tuesday. ;So we think it#39;s important going into 2016 to get very focused.;Mayer在周二的一次电话会议上说,“根本上讲,我们需要努力提高我们和终端客户的联系以及他们反馈我们的次数。所以我们认为2016年关注这方面很重要”。The new plan is part of Mayer#39;s attempt to make Yahoo a premier Internet destination again. Once one of the most powerful Internet companies in the world, it has been overshadowed by rivals. Google#39;s Gmail has become the de facto email service on the Web; Netflix is the leading -streaming service; ESPN is one of the best-known sports brands in the world; and ;google,; as a verb, is synonymous with search. Meanwhile, Yahoo#39;s pet projects, such as buying cult-favorite sitcom ;Community; and two other shows, ended up erasing million from the company#39;s accounts.这一尝试是Mayer企图把雅虎再次变为第一的互联网终端计划的一部分。过去,它是世界上最强有力的互联网公司之一,但是如今已经在竞争中黯然失色。谷歌的Gmail已经成为名副其实的网页邮件务系统;Netflix是领先的视频流媒体务;ESPN是世界闻名的体育品牌致以;就和它动词的含义一样,谷歌也是搜索器。与此同时,雅虎的子项目,比如购买情景喜剧和其他两个电视节目,使得公司账户里少了420万美金。Yahoo#39;s recommitment to focus isn#39;t without precedent. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was famous for bringing the Mac maker back to prominence through unrelenting pinpoint vision. Google has moved in this direction, too. Earlier this month, it reorganized itself under a holding company named Alphabet, filled with smaller, more nimble -- that is, focused -- companies. Yahoo#39;s new plan is all but an admission that its wide-ranging catalog has become unwieldy and that it needs a classic reset.雅虎的关注并非史无前例。苹果合伙人乔布斯以通过不懈而又详尽的想象力把Mac再次带回公众视野而闻名。谷歌也在这方面努力。本月初,它在控股公司Alphabet的名义下进行了重组,公司变得更小更敏捷。雅虎的新计划承认,它的大范围务项目已经变得很笨拙,他需要一项传统重组。Still, as Yahoo#39;s plan takes shape, it may not go over so well with some of its users. In a search for more sustainable profits, it may cut popular products that don#39;t make enough money, said Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research.同时,一旦雅虎的计划成型,这可能对很多用户产生冲突。研究所首席分析师Jan Dawson说,它可能会砍掉很多不怎么赚钱的流行产品以寻求更多的可持续利润。;It#39;s quite possible some of the things they cut will be surprising, from a user perspective,; he said.他说,“从用户角度讲,很可能它砍掉的一些产品会让人很吃惊”。 /201510/405742广州天河中山三院能做人流吗 Apple Pay has officially launched here in China.苹果移动付务近日已在中国正式推出。Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of the contactless payment system today through his Sina Weibo social media account. The tech giant is teaming up with Chinese bankcard association UnionPay.苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克今天通过他个人的新浪微社交媒体帐户宣布,正式推出这种非接触式的付系统。这家科技巨头公司正式与中国银联强强联手。Nearly 20 Chinese banks have let their customers tie their bank accounts to Apple Pay, and UnionPay has provided compatible Point-Of-Sales terminals for users to complete the transactions.中国近20家已经让他们的客户将其账户关联到Apple Pay,而中国银联则为帮助用户完成交易提供了兼容的销售点终端。Users of the iPhone 6, certain iPads, and Apple Watches equipped with near field communication, or NFC technology, will be able to use the system to buy items in certain stores in China.使用iPhone6、某些型号的iPad以及Apple Watch且搭载近场通信的用户,将可以在中国指定的商店使用这套系统购买商品。McDonald#39;s said today that it will accept Apple Pay in its 1,700 restaurants in China. Apple also lists Lane Crawford, 7-Eleven, Burger King, and KFC among the merchants aly accepting Apple Pay in China.麦当劳今天宣布,在中国的1700家餐厅将会持Apple Pay务。此外,苹果公司还列出了包括连卡佛、7-11便利店、汉堡王、肯德基等在内的多个位于中国的商家已经持Apple Pay务。Chinese restaurant review and group buying services Meituan and Dazhongdianping and online retailer Dangdang.com have also made Apple Pay-compatible versions of their apps available to iPhone users.主打中国餐馆点评和团购务的美团和大众点评,以及在线零售商当当网,都已经为iPhone用户推出了兼容Apple Pay的最新版APP。 /201602/426965天河区长安医院做白带常规检查多少钱

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广州输卵管修复正规医院In an age of contactless cards and paying with your smartphone, the idea of getting cash out of an ATM machine may seem a little dated.在这个非接触式智能卡和智能手机付款盛行的时代,去ATM机取钱显得有点过时。But now a bank in Poland is trying to bring the cash machine into the 21st century by creating an app which lets you order one of the devices straight to your door.然而,波兰一家正力争让ATM机融入21世纪。他们推出了一款应用程序,你可以直接预约一台ATM机开到家门口。Customers choose a location and a time they want to use the ATM, and an electric-powered BMW pulls up with one of the machines fitted into a hole where one of the rear windows usually goes.顾客只需选择想要使用ATM机的时间和地点。随后,一辆后窗玻璃位置装有取款机的电动宝马车便会停在你预约的地点。The Idea Bank, which is running the fleet of cars, says the service is currently limited to business customers who want to deposit large amounts of money at the end of a working day.这ATM机车队由Idea运营。他们表示,这种务目前仅限于想在当天营业结束后把大笔现金存入账户的商业客户。Rather than walking with the cash to a machine, often at night, customers will now be able to make a deposit from outside their home or office.如此,这些客户就可以在家或办公室门口存钱,而无需在晚上带着现金去找ATM机。Dominik Fajbusiewicz, a board member of Idea Bank, said: #39;Entrepreneurs who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money.Idea董事会成员多米尼克#8226;法步兹维克兹说:“企业家亲自把钱存到或固定的自动存款机,是在浪费他们的时间和金钱。#39;Our service aims at lifting that weight off their shoulders.#39;“我们的务志在减轻他们的负担。”The bank said a survey of its members found that up to 80 per cent of them made bank deposits at the end of the day, many of them after dark.该称,他们的调查发现,高达80%的商业客户会在下班后存钱,而且大多是在天黑以后。On average, including walking times, these deposits took a little over an hour, so in order to make life simpler for them, the bank developed its new service.一般而言,包括走路时间在内,整个存款过程需花费一个小时多一点的时间。因此,为了让商业客户的生活更加便利,需要开发新的务。While the fleet of cars is currently only available in Warsaw, the company is taking suggestions for the next city they should offer it in.虽然这车队目前只在首都华沙务,但正在考虑把这一模式引入下一个城市。 /201505/376234 广州长安微管人流广州做人流要多少



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