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英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第33课:旅游Going places[00:06.90]481. Are you going to go anyplace this year?[00:10.12]今年你准备去什么地方吗?[00:13.35]482. If I have enough money, I'm going to take a trip abroad.[00:17.42]假如有足够的钱,我准备去外国旅行一次。[00:21.50]483. How are you going? Are you going by boat?[00:24.87]你准备怎么去?准备坐船吗?[00:28.24]484. It's faster to go by plane than by boat.[00:32.56]坐飞机比乘船快。[00:36.88]485. What's the quickest way to get there?[00:40.57]到那儿去,最快的办法是什么?[00:44.25]486. Altogether it will take ten days to make the trip.[00:49.83]这次旅行总共要十天。[00:55.41]487. I hope you have a good time on your trip.[00:59.23]祝你旅途愉快。[01:03.06]488. I'm leaving tomorrow, but I haven't paoked mv suitcases yet.[01:07.74]我准备明天出发,但是我还没有收拾好箱子。[01:12.41]489. I'm going by air, I like flying.[01:16.09]我乘飞机去,我喜欢飞行。[01:19.78]490. My brother took a trip to Mexico.[01:22.65]我的兄弟去墨西哥旅行了一次。[01:25.52]491. It was a six-hour flight.[01:28.62]这是一次六小时的飞行。[01:31.72]492. How many passengers were on the train.[01:35.18]火车上有多少旅客?[01:38.64]493. His friend was injured in an airplane crash.[01:43.31]他的朋友在一次飞机事故中受了伤。[01:47.99]494. Would you like to go for a walk?[01:50.65]你愿意去散步吗?[01:53.32]495. Let's go out to the airport. The plane landed ten minutes ago.[01:56.65]咱们到机场去吧,飞机十分钟前就着陆了。 /200604/6126。

A journalist with the biggest story of his life.还是一名记者 身负自己一生中最重磅的消息New technologies will harness the power of mass communication.新技术利用了大众传媒的巨大力量Information will travel further and faster than ever before.消息将比以往传播得更快更远A three-minute warning to disperse and go home.抗议者被命令在三分钟内解散 各回各家But the protestors won#39;t back down.但他们没有后退90 seconds later, the police attack.九十秒后 警方动手了40 cans of tear gas, 8 cans of nausea gas.动用了四十罐催泪瓦斯 八罐催吐瓦斯On the receiving end, activist Amelia Boynton.受害的一方 是激进分子阿米莉亚·因顿Imagine the courage and the fear that they have to confront想象一下 警方以警棍抽打 拳脚相加 一直把他们打趴在地上as club and foot and hand is smashed upon them,until they#39;re driven into the ground.他们所面对的是自己的勇气 以及恐惧Boynton, left for dead.因顿被打倒在地 奄奄一息She#39;ll be unconscious for two days.她将有两天不省人事But the world is watching.但世界正在关注Selma, Alabama.Police attack a non-violent protest.阿拉巴马州的塞尔玛 警方袭击了一群非暴力的抗议示威人员Civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Is one of 50 who are injured.民权激进分子阿米莉亚·因顿 是五十名伤员中的一名But key to any protest movement in the modern age:Television.但是在现代 任何一起抗议运动的关键则是 电视 Article/201606/447843。

深圳基本英语100句 Word N-S暂无文本相关专题: 新英语900句 /200708/17154。

And I need just grab the hold of another vine to stop my self falling down into the abyss.然后我正好抓住另外一根藤蔓 以防我掉到深谷中去More luck than good judgement.我能踩上岩棚是侥幸多于精准判断In the Dominican Republic,I face another grueling challenge with jungle vines.在多明尼加共和国 我在丛林藤蔓中遇到了另一个挑战Man, it#39;s killing,killing on the arms,This time I plan to climb up them.天啊 真是痛苦 我的胳膊快不行了 这次我打算顺着藤蔓爬上去But that will invole a 180 foot of pain.但是这高达180尺 真是痛苦The main camera will film the climb from the bottom of the ravine.主摄像机会从谷底部向上拍摄I will take a small camera with me to record the action.我会带个小摄像机记录我的行动But loose wire and the extra weight,just added to the challenge,Within minutes,I know this was gonna be an epic.但是松散的线路和多于的重量 无疑给我带来更大的挑战 几分钟之后 我就知道这次攀爬史无前例My arms absolutely scremning hard.But they are just on proper fire.我的双臂啊 绝对在哭喊 整只手 像着火一样Inch by inch I drag myself and that camera out the vine.一点一点 我慢慢向上爬 还带着摄像机After an hour, I was near the top.历时一小时 我终于快到顶了Okay, it#39;s over the lap of the thing One very tired,Bear!我已越过崖顶 太累了 就是我In Alabama,blocked by 200 foot cliffs,the only way to reach the valley bottom was to desend a tree.在阿拉巴马 我被200英尺的峭壁阻碍 到达谷底的唯一途径就是从树上滑下去This time camera man Simon wants to follow me.这次摄像师西蒙要跟我一同行动It was all ropes man, Dave#39;s job to get him down safely.这是绳索专家戴夫的任务 让他安全着陆 Article/201606/448698。

This,I think this is interesting.我觉得这是件有意思的事They did surveys three of the four children would rather spend time with有人调查表明四分之三的孩子 比起跟他们的爸爸相处their mom than their dad it#39;s maybe更愿意跟他们的妈妈相处 可能也是You know dad would check breast-feed everyone think a wondering thing but isn#39;t.就是爸爸要是时不时的喂个奶 但是并不能Americans spend 21 billion dollars on mother#39;s day gives美国每年在母亲节礼物上会花费210亿美元and only 125 billion dollars on father#39;s day gives.而父亲节礼物只有 125亿美元That means fathers make only 66% what mothers make for the same of mothers#39; work.这就是说爸爸们 爸爸们只得到了妈妈们得到的66% 即使他们的工作都一样Or maybe it#39;s not exactly the same as the mothers#39; work but呃 或许不是完全意义上的一样吧 但是呢I am always suspicious of polls like this.我一直很怀疑这样的调查So,I decided this to do it on our own today因此 我决定今天自己来做调查and we went out to the street and we ask kids who they are with their parents.我们去了街上 我们问了孩子们 他们跟父母一起的We ask them in front of their parents which of them they love more我们在他们父母面前问他们 他们更爱父母中的哪一个and here was what they said.下面就是他们的回答Who do you love more? Mom or dad? What#39;s your name? Iven老爸老妈你更爱谁 你叫什么 艾文Let me ask you, Iven. Who do you love more?Your mom or your dad?我来问问你 艾文 你爸和你妈 你更爱谁My mom. Mom. Why do you love mom more?我妈妈 你妈妈啊 为什么更爱妈妈呢Because she is nice, I think.我觉得是因为她很好吧And why can#39;t you stand your father?为什么就不能选你爸爸呢I don#39;t know.Sometimes he is rude I guess.我不知道 有时候他就是比较粗鲁嘛What#39;s your name? Mathew你叫什么啊 马修Mathew,who do you love more? Your mommy or your daddy? My mommy马修 你爸和你妈 你更爱谁啊 我妈妈Let me ask you.Who do you love more?Your mom or your dad? Both.我来问下你 你更爱老爸还是老妈 都爱Yeah.But you only have one more like to preserve through them好 但是你只能选出一个人哦Ok. Who do you get? Mom Can I ask you questions? Yes.好吧 会是谁呢 我妈妈 我能问你个问题吗 可以Who do you love more?Your mommy or your daddy? Mommy你妈和你爸 你更爱谁呢 妈妈Why? Daddy hahahaha. Now daddy.为什么呢 爸爸 哈哈哈哈 现在又说爱爸爸了Who do you love more?Your mommy or your daddy? Ah,mommy你更爱老爸还是老妈啊 呃 妈妈Why does he hate you? It doesn#39;t.He just为什么他讨厌你啊 我觉得他没讨厌我He does just love her mother more, love her more. Does true? Yeah.他就是更爱他妈妈 更爱他妈妈啦 是这样吗Let me ask you.Would you change your dad for spider man? OK我在问你哈 你愿意用你爸爸换蜘蛛侠吗 好啊Who do you love more?Your dad or your mom? Both你爸和你妈 你更爱谁 都爱啦OK.A Zombie is get coming,eat one of your parents.好吧 僵尸要来了 会吃掉你爸妈中的一个Which parent do you want the zombie to eat? Dad or mom?你希望僵尸吃掉谁呢 爸爸还是妈妈Who do you love more?Your mom or your dad? My dad. Your dad.你更爱老爸还是老妈啊 我爸 你爸啊Who do you love more?Your mom or your dad? Both Both?老爸和老妈 你更爱哪个啊 都爱 都爱吗Great, great. A perfect answer A magic piano would get to fall on one of them.很好 都爱完美的 假如有台钢琴要掉到你爸妈其中一个的身上Which do you want to the piano to fall on? You pick one.你希望钢琴掉到谁身上呢 选一个吧You have to pick one. Is mom or dad?你得选一个人出来 是选妈妈还是爸爸Er.Dad. Dad. Why? Why would you want the piano to fall on dad?呃 爸爸吧 爸爸啊 为什么 为什么你希望钢琴掉爸爸身上Sorry, Dad. He has better go back away.抱歉了 爸爸 你们躲开点吧Sorry, dad. Sorry. I am Jimmy Kimmel. If you like that.抱歉了 爸爸 抱歉啊 我是吉米 鸡毛 如果喜欢的话Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.请点击订阅我们的油管频道 在它们被埋没之前观看所有最新视频 快去油管感受天堂吧 Article/201707/515953。

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson60:Success成功经历886. His first book was a best seller. 他的第一本书很畅销。887. I’ve finally graduated from college. 我终于大学毕业了。888. I just got my dream job. 我刚刚得到了我梦寐以求的工作。889. You’re taken some incredible photographs here. 你在这儿照了一些很棒的照片。890. Sharon was first in her class at law school. 在法学院,雪伦是她班上的第一名。891. I finally got that promotionu I wanted. 我终于得到了我渴望的晋升。892. She just won the lotteryv. 她刚中了票。893. My dad was just voted in as the company president. 我的父亲刚被投票选为公司总裁。894. His paintings are some of the most famous in the country. 他的画在这个国家是最著名的。895. That was the fastest I have ever run a mile. 那一英里是我跑得最快的一次。896. I feel really flattered that out of all the students I was picked. 那么多学生当中我被选中了,我简直受宠若惊。 897. No matter what you do, you’ll make them proud. 不管你做什么,他们都会为你自豪的。898. I want to show everyone how successful I turned out to be. 我想让大家看看我有多成功。899. That’s quite a success story. 那真是一个成功的故事。900. It sounds like you have a lot to be proud of. 听起来你有很多东西值得自豪。【生词解读】1. promotion [prE5mEuFEn] n. 提升,晋级2. lottery [5lCtEri] n. 奖券,票;摸,抽签 /200811/19283。

Just draining, sapping,but what are so really difficult things is just about putting your head down,不停地流失水分 排除汗液 但是此时真正难以做到的事情 是你还能低着头and keeping focused,recharging, reassess,and aim for the next one.Just break it down into small bite-sized chunks.集中精力 一边恢复体力 继续判断方向 然后着眼于下一个落脚点 只需打破开来 一点点解决Bottom line is it doesn#39;t matter how good, smart or clever you are.Without water you are dead.现在看重的不是你有多强 有多机灵或者熟练 没有水你就死定了A vital part of survival is always trying to remain alert to what#39;s around you.荒野存活能成功的关键 是对你周围的事物时刻保持警惕That#39;s unusual.See that mound of earth?There#39;s a well.I took the camera.Okay. I#39;ve got it.这有点不寻常 看到那堆土了吗 这儿有口井 我来拿摄像机 好了 松手吧You can#39;t even see the bottom there.Let#39;s count this down.你几乎都看不到底 数一下时间One, two, two seconds.Yes, it#39;s a good 50 foot down there,but it#39;s also dry.This could be long abandoned, this well.一 二 两秒 大概有十五米左右 但这口井已经枯了 这口井应该已经废弃很久了Look. Trees over there and these wells are dug down to the water table. 看 那边有树 这口井应该挖至地下水位了Almost guarantee if I can get down there,dig into the sand there#39;s going to be water somewhere.也就是说如果我下去了 再往下挖就应该会有水了Let#39;s try to work out how to get down this thing without a rope.让我仔细想想 不用绳子怎么爬下去Acacia trees surviving of the deep underground water could provide the materials I need.靠地下水生存的阿拉伯胶树 能够提供我所需的材料I need a couple of long, straight branches.Look. This will be nice.我要两根长而直的树枝 看 这根就很好As long as these poles are longer than the width of the well,I can use them to get down.只要这跟树枝 比井的直径长一点 我就可以靠它们 下至井底I should be able to. It#39;s something I have never tried before.我应该可以 我以前也从没试过Just drag over the sand.I#39;m good to go with this.Okay.在沙子里一 这样就差不多了 好了 Article/201611/478276。

栏目简介:Dense fog covered Shanghai today and a light rain fell at times. Forecasters say the wet weather will hang around for the rest of the week. Wu Ying has more... Article/201705/507171。

【视频讲解】Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and there#39;s one question on everyone#39;s mind: How can I tackle a plate of chicken wings without adding yardage to my end zone?超级碗星期天马上就要到了,所有人都在想这样一个问题:我怎么能吃掉一盘鸡翅而又不会增加体重呢?Tackle1. 处理 gt; 抢断The first reason to tackle these problems is to save children#39;s lives.解决这些问题的首要原因是为了挽救孩子们的生命。2. 坦率地与某人交谈I tackled him about how anyone could live amidst so much poverty.我坦率地与他谈论哪有人能在如此的极度贫困中生活。Yardage 〔美式橄榄球中〕将球向前推进的码数End zone 〔美式橄榄球的〕球门区Well, Charles Platkin is the director of the New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College. And he thinks that to make smarter, more splurge-worthy snacking choices we should consider what it would take to burn off the calories we take in.查尔斯#8226;普拉特金是亨特学院纽约市粮食政策中心的负责人。他认为,为了在选择零食时做出更明智、更超值的决定,我们应该考虑一下我们要怎样消耗掉所摄入的卡路里。Splurge 挥霍We splurged on Bohemian glass for gifts, and for ourselves.我们花了很多钱买了波希米亚玻璃制品,用来送人和给自己用。splurge-worthy 超值For most people, the prices are still splurge-worthy, with, for example, a 0 purse running for 0对于大多数人来说,这个网站提供的价格简直是超值。 比如,600美元的钱包只卖200美元。To that end, Platkin has come up exercise equivalents for some of our favorite couch-side canapes and other nibbles.为了这个目标,普拉特金提出了等量运动的概念,即消耗掉我们喜爱的开胃点心和其他小吃所需要的运动。to that end 为了那个目的Canape 开胃小菜Nibble1. 名词,小吃2. 动词,小口地吃Linda lay face down on a living room couch, nibbling popcorn. 琳达趴在客厅的一张沙发上,小口吃着爆米花。3. 消耗:一点点地耗尽或减少:“If you start compromising too early . . . they nibble you to death”(People)“如果你过早妥协,他们会一点一点地把你吞噬”(民族)Let#39;s kick things off with a foot-long meatball sub. This marinara-soaked monster, which weighs in at around 900 calories, would take more than an hour-and-a-half of running up and down the stadium steps to work off.我们先从一英尺长的肉丸三明治开始说起吧。这种“大型”食物含有大量番茄酱,其热量值约为900卡路里,在体育馆的台阶上来回跑一个多小时才能消耗掉这些热量。Kick off 开球gt; 开始The concert was to kick off a nationwide voter registration drive.这场音乐会旨在开始全国性的选民登记运动。Marinara (意大利烹饪用的含西红柿、大蒜、洋葱等调制成的)海员式沙司Soak 浸泡Soak the beans for 2 hours. 把豆子泡上两个小时。And three pieces of KFC at 740 calories would take some 680 touchdown dances. Almost certainly leading to a celebration penalty. A single tortilla chip, a mere 20 calories, with a scoop of seven-layer dip, another 70 calories, would require a solid 25 minutes of boogying down to Lady Gaga!三块肯德基炸鸡的热量值为740卡路里,需要做680个触地得分后的庆祝动作才能消耗掉,这就是“冲动的惩罚”!吃一片只有20卡路里的墨西哥玉米片,加上一勺70卡路里的7层蘸酱,消耗这些热量需要坚持跳25分钟的Lady Gaga舞蹈!Penalty 罚球Referee Michael Reed had no hesitation in awarding a penalty.裁判迈克尔#8226;里德毫不犹豫地判了罚球。Tortilla 玉米粉薄烙饼Boogie (合着摇滚乐)跳舞 》 boogyingAt night, a good place to boogie through till sunrise is the Pink Panther Bar.到了晚上,一个快舞到天明的好去处是粉红豹酒吧。Even two handfuls of Chex Mix, which racks up a surprising 280 calories, calls for 30 minutes of jumping up and down after your team scores. And a 450-calorie slice of pizza? Do the wave 2,194 times. But you could get called for interference—by others trying to see the TV.甚至两把Chex Mix饼干的热量都有惊人的280卡路里,要消耗这些热量,需要在你持的球队得分后,上下跳30分钟。那一片450卡路里的批萨呢?要做2194次人浪。但是,其他人可能会觉得受到了干扰而要求你停下,因为他们要看电视。rack up 大量获得 (利润); 严重遭受 (损失); (体育中) 多次赢得 (比赛)Lower rates mean that firms are more likely to rack up profits in the coming months.更低的费率意味着各公司更有可能在未来的几个月里获得大量利润。calls for 需要To be a nurse calls for endurance and patience. 作一名护士需要有毅力和耐心。Now, if you#39;re still thinking about piling on those wings, each one weighs in at a hefty 95 calories. Add blue cheese dip and 10 wings can hit 1,400 calories. Which would take 149 trips up and down the field to run off.现在,如果你还想吃一堆鸡翅,你要知道,每个鸡翅的热量值高达95卡路里。加上蓝纹奶酪蘸酱,10个鸡翅可达到1400卡路里。这些热量要绕赛场跑149圈才能消耗掉。Pile on 把…堆上;成群地挤上:Pile more coal on the fire; it is going out.在火上多添点煤,它要灭了。Hefty 庞大的; 沉重的She was quite a hefty woman. 她是个相当高大的女人。up and down上上下下;到处;前前后后;来来往往But before conceding defeat, Platkin does offer some pointers to help you beat the Super Bowl sp. Stock up on popcorn, and skip the butter. Drizzle hot sauce on the wings instead of dollops of dip.但是,在承认失败之前,普拉特金提供了一些帮助大家对付超级碗小吃的建议。准备一些爆米花,但是不要加黄油。在鸡翅上放一点儿辣椒酱,而不是涂抹厚厚的一层蘸酱。stock up on 大量贮备;囤积;The authorities have urged people to stock up on fuel.当局已经敦促人们储备燃料。Drizzle 毛毛雨 》 蘸一点The drizzle had now stopped and the sun was breaking through.细雨已经停了,太阳露出了脸。Dollop 一大勺的量 ...a dollop of cream. ...一大勺奶油。And do not huddle with your snacks—keep them far enough away so that getting at them makes you put your backfield in motion.不要把零食放在身边,把它们放得远一些,远到你想拿点零食吃就得起来活动一下。Huddle1. 挤在一起的一群人或东西We lay there: a huddle of bodies, gasping for air. 我们躺在那儿,挤作一团,大口地喘着2, (悄悄地或秘密地) 凑在一起商讨The president has been huddling with his most senior aides.总统一直在和他的顶级高级助理们秘密地聚到一起进行商谈。Backfield 后卫区 Article/201706/515763。

[5] Thinking about possible future activities. 考虑将来可能从事的活动661. If it doesn't rain tomorrow,I think I'll go shopping. 662. There's a possibility we'll go,but it all depends on the weather. 663. If I have time tomorrow,I think I'll get a haircut. 664. I hope I remember to ask the barber not to cut my hair too short. 665. My son wants to be a policeman when he grows up. 666. If I get my work finished in time,I'll leave for New York Monday. 667. Suppose you couldn't go on the trip.How would you feel? 668. What would you say if I told you I couldn't go with you? 669. If I buy tha car,I'll have to borrow some money. 670. If I went with you,I'd have to be back by six o'clock. 671. One of these days,I'd like to take a vacation. 672. As soon as I can,I'm going to change jobs. 673. There's a chance he won't be able to be home for Christmas. 674. We may be able to help you in some way. 675. If you were to attend the banquet ,what would you wear? /200604/6138。