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泉州做无痛人流术到哪个医院较好泉州看妇科那家医院比较好There are many endurings mysteries about the great barrier reef,particularly at night,but this is one of the more enchanting ones.大堡礁有着无数的未解之谜,尤其是它的傍晚,而待会儿见到的则是最为魔幻的一个未解之谜。Watch this.注意看。This coral is fluorescing under ultraviolet light,its this amazing light show,and it covers pretty much the whole of the reef crest.珊瑚在紫外线照射下变得荧光闪闪,简直是奇妙的灯光节日。荧光基本上布满了整个珊瑚礁的顶部。Look at this,vivid,vivid colors,it doesnt look real,it looks like some bizarre,sort of is what it looks like.看看这个,多么生动鲜明的颜色呀。简直不像真的,感觉更像是某种奇异的西兰花。One theory is that this magical colors are in some way caused by the corals sunscreen.有理论认为这些魔幻般的色可能是珊瑚虫分泌的遮阳剂造成的。But dispite lots of very clever people looking into it,no one really knows why this happens.虽然许多专家在不断地研究这个问题,但至今还没有人确切地知道这是怎么一回事。And the same goes for much of the night time activities here.这里的夜生活也充满奇幻色。201411/343258泉州中医院可以用社保卡吗 With the tropical sun beating down, the exposed flat is one of the most hostile environments on the reef, for a fish caught out here, it should mean certain death.在热带炎日的暴晒之下,裸露出的平地是珊瑚礁最为残酷的地方之一。对于困在这里的鱼而言,无疑只有死路一条。But not for this one.但不包括这只。Its an epaulette shark, it cant breath out of water, but it survives here by shutting down some parts of its brain and increasing the blood supply to others.这是一只肩章鲨,它离开水就不能呼吸。但可以关掉一部分脑功能,以增加另一部分的血液供给。Not only that, it can walk on land.不只如此,它还可以用鳍行走。This abilities make it a speciallized reef-top hunter.这些技能使得它成为礁石顶部的狩猎专家。Manoeuvering around the confined space of a rock pool, its master of all it surveys.它游刃有余地在狭小的潮汐池中巡视,不放过任何一个角落。Nothing is safe, not even animals hiding under the sand.没有动物能逃脱它的搜捕,藏身沙子下面也是徒劳。It scans for smells and for tiny electric signals given off by the bodies of hidden creatures.因为躲藏者的味道和生物电出卖了它,肩章鲨也可以侦测到。Its detected a crab.它搜索到一只螃蟹。It doesnt need shark teeth, because it simply sucks up its prey.无需尖牙利齿,肩章鲨就可以直接将猎物吸入口中。The epaulette isnt the only shark able to adapt to a change of the tides.善于利用潮汐涨落捕猎的鲨鱼不只肩章鲨。201410/338087泉州无痛人流哪里做

泉州做个妇科体检需要多少钱Energy in Europe欧洲能源The gasman cutteth煤气工人面临裁员Europe could survive a cut-off of Russian gas, but only a short one短期内欧洲有能力应对俄罗斯天然气供应的中断,但也仅限于短期内NAPOLEON and Hitler both succumbed to the bitter Russian winter in their efforts at territorial expansion in Europe. Now, Vladimir Putin seems to be exporting a bit of Russian chill as part of his strategy to shift Europes borders in his favour. In recent days there have been ill-explained reductions in the flow of gas that Gazprom, a Russian state firm, supplies to Poland, Austria and Slovakia—possibly to warn them off re-exporting any of it to Ukraine.拿破仑和希特勒在拓宽欧洲疆土的战争中都败给了俄罗斯冷瑟的冬天。现在,弗拉基米尔·普京似乎又在利用俄罗斯寒冷的天气来控制欧洲疆土的。近日,俄罗斯过硬能源业巨头俄罗斯天然气公司莫名地削减了其对波兰、奥地利和斯洛伐克的天然气供应量,也许是在警告欧洲国家禁止向乌克兰再出口天然气。Russia provides one-third of the gas that other European countries rely on to heat their homes, generate electricity and feed industry. So far the assumption among western European governments and industrial gas users is that even if relations with Russia worsen further, there is little danger of a complete and long-term cut in supplies, since Russias government is so dependent on the revenues from gas exports.欧洲国家依赖天然气供暖、发电、为工厂提供能源,这些天然气有1/3是由俄罗斯提供的。目前,西欧各国的政府和工业燃气商推测认为,即使欧洲和俄罗斯的关系进一步恶化,长期的彻底停气的可能性也是很小的,因为俄罗斯很需要燃气出口带来的收入。However, a short-term interruption in the coming months, as winter descends, is not so unthinkable. Fortunately, most European countries would be able to struggle through. Their gas-storage facilities are about 90% full, since last winter was mild and they did a bit of further topping-up over the summer. Last year Europe imported 155 billion cubic metres (bcm) of Russian gas; stocks currently stand at 75bcm. So European energy distributors would have a few months grace to find alternative supplies.然而,在未来几个月的冬天里出现一个短期的供气中断是完全有可能的。好在欧洲有能力平稳度过一个短暂的停气期。由于去年冬天比较温和,同时欧洲在今年夏天又进一步增加了储气量,现在储气设备的储气量大概已达到90%。去年,欧洲向俄罗斯进口了1550亿立方米天然气,到现在为止的剩余存量还有750亿立方米。所以欧洲的能源经销商在未来几个月内有充足的时间去寻找替代供应源。Norway, a big producer, could pump a bit more. Chinas slowing economy and Japans reopening of some nuclear plants will mean more liquefied natural gas (LNG) is available on spot markets, though it is costly. Europe has the capacity to import more than 200bcm of LNG a year, of which just 20% is in use. Contingency plans being drawn up by the EU are also said to include cutting gas to industry to preserve supplies for heating homes and generating power.挪威盛产天然气,它可以适量增加对欧盟的供应量。中国的经济增长放缓,日本核工厂开始重建,这些因素都会使得现货市场上天然气的供应量增加,虽然不是免费的。欧洲每年最多可以进口超过2000亿立方米液化天然气,但是其中只有20%投入使用。据说,欧盟制定的应急计划还包这样一项:为了保障家用暖气和电力的正常供应,会削减工业燃气的供应量。Half of Europes imports of gas come down pipes that traverse Ukraine, and Russia has cut their flow several times since 2006 over price disputes with the Ukrainians. If it did so again, it might pump more gas down pipelines that bypass Ukraine. Trouble is, these do not reach those countries most dependent on Russian gas, such as Hungary, Bulgaria, the Baltic states and Finland. The Finnish coalition government is at risk of falling because the Green party is threatening to quit over plans to buy a Russian nuclear reactor, which it says would increase, not reduce, dependence on Russia.欧洲的进口的天然气有一半是从横穿乌克兰的管道输入的,自2006年乌俄就天然气价格发生争执以来,俄罗斯曾多次中断过这条管道的天然气流。如果这次俄罗斯手段照旧,那么它应该会增加其他绕行乌克兰的管道的天然气流量。但是问题是,这些扰心管道并不能到达那些最依赖俄罗斯供气的国家,如匈牙利、保加利亚、波罗的海诸国和芬兰。芬兰联合政府正面临着垮台的危险,因为绿党威胁要撤销购买俄罗斯核反应站的计划,他们认为这个计划会加重而不是减轻芬兰对俄罗斯的依赖。EU countries are making some preparations for short-term cut-offs but almost nothing has been done to reduce long-term reliance on Russia. There is much that could be done: governments could encourage the building of more cross-border pipelines to connect customers to sources of supply, including the underused LNG import terminals; more storage capacity could be provided; and those countries with shale reserves could get fracking. So far all that has been produced is hot air, and not the useful kind.欧盟国家正在为短期供气中断做准备,但是目前并没有采取任何措施来减轻欧盟对俄罗斯的长期依赖。其实有很多可以做的:政府可以鼓励开通更多的跨境管道,开发利用率不高的液化天然气进口港,从而连接资源的供应方和需求方;增大天然气贮备能力;页岩储量丰富的国家可以加工油页岩以开发能源。目前为止,欧洲所做的仅仅是夸夸其谈,而并无实事。 /201409/331500泉州市做无痛人流 Japanese politics日本政坛To the district born出身很重要Political families are on the rise政治家族增多THERE is a saying in Japan that a monkey that falls from a tree is still a monkey, but a member of parliament who falls is a nobody. Apart from some opportunities in a tiny lobbying industry, there are few prospects for cast-aside politicians. So an approaching snap election on December 14th is sparking anxiety in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)—except, that is, among a swelling class of politicians who owe their positions in no small part to family connections.日本有句老话说,猴子掉下树后还是猴子,议员掉下来了,就什么都不是了。除了竞选游说中的少数工作机会,一个黯然退场的政客几乎没有出路。所以将在12月14日到来的换届选举在自由民主党内引发了一阵焦虑。不过,这其中并不包括那些依靠家族关系而平步青云的政客们,他们的阵容也在日益增大。Botchan, or well-born “brats”, are prevalent in Japanese politics. More than two-fifths of LDP legislators are occupying safe seats in the Diet, Japans parliament, that were once held by fathers, grandfathers, uncles or in-laws. The total number in both houses of the Diet across all parties is climbing again, after a recent sharp fall in the lower house. They have to compete for their relatives seats, but they are normally a shoo-in. Eight out of 19 members of the cabinet have relatives who were in the Diet or in local politics.太子党,或者叫做好命的“小鬼们”,在日本政界中非常盛行。日本国会中,超过2/5的自民党现任议员都有父亲、祖父、叔伯或者姻亲曾任议员。虽然下议院的家族议员人数在不久前大幅下降,但国会两院中各党派的家族议员总数又开始持续攀升。这些人同时也要为其亲属争取席位,不过正常来说都是十拿九稳。现任19名内阁成员中有8人都有亲属任职于国会或者地方政界。There are numerous advantages in taking up a family members position: a y-formed electoral machine of koenkai, or local supporters, and immediate name-recognition which makes it easier to win elections. If a hereditary politician is unfortunate enough to lose office, the familys clout in the constituency can secure a job in a local business to tide them over.继承家族成员的席位有数不清的好处:他们有已经成形的选举机器後援會,也就是地方持者,而且他们的名字容易被选民认出,这也能提高胜算。哪怕一个政二代不幸失去职务,家族的影响力也能保为其在地方的商界中找到工作,从而渡过失业的难关。The threat of ejection every few years holds little appeal for outsiders. It is one reason why the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), with fewer dynasties, is struggling to find enough candidates to stand in the coming election. Many Japanese had hoped that the DPJ, when it was in power in -12, would ban politicians from taking over from relatives in local party branches. But it did nothing (and its first prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, was a particularly hapless hereditary type). Now the public appears to regard the habit as a lost cause.隔几年就有离职威胁使得政界对外界人士来说吸引力有限。这也是为什么执政时间更短的反对党日本民主党甚至难以为即将到来的选举找到足够候选人。很多日本人曾希望民主党在-12年执政期间,能够禁止政客接班任职与地方党派分部的亲属。然而民主党并未这么做(该党首位总理鸠山由纪夫就不幸是个政二代)。如今,民众都已经对这种现象见怪不怪。There are still some critics, however, including among the many LDP legislators who had to claw their way up. Yuko Obuchi, a politician who took over her seat aged 26 from her father, Keizo Obuchi, a former prime minister, resigned from the cabinet in October after a storm of criticism over infractions of political-funding rules by members of her office. But the “princess”, as she is often known, is still likely to win a sixth term next month.然而,批评的声音仍然不少,其中还包括一些通过自己奋斗上位的自民党议员。10月份时,26岁芳龄就接班父亲、前首相小渊惠三成为议员的小渊优子从内阁辞职。其原因即是对她办公室成员违规使用政治资金持续不断的批评声。不过这位被称作“公主”的政客极有可能在下月的选举中赢得第六个任期。Are the botchan bad for Japan? Shinzo Abe, Japans prime minister, has inherited the eagerness of his grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, who was prime minister soon after the second world war, to revise the countrys American-written constitution that renounces the use of war. Many regard Mr Abes focus on this as a political weakness. Apart from being trapped by family preoccupations, hereditary politicians have difficulty challenging the interest groups that chose them.太子党对于日本是利是弊?日本首相安倍晋三就是继承了他的外祖父、二战后不久上任的日本首相岸信介的意志,力图修订美国为日本撰写的放弃发动战争的宪法。很多人把安倍对此的执着看做是他的政治弱点。除了被家族成见所掣肘之外,政二代还难以挑战选择他们的政治团体的权威。Yuji Tsushima, a retired LDP politician whose son, Juji Tsushima, is the fifth generation of MP in his family, attributes his familys influence to a decision after 1946 by his wifes uncle, the governor of Aomori prefecture, to hand over land to grateful farm labourers. But he sees flaws in the system. Having too many hereditary politicians, he admits, “is not good”.津岛雄二是一位已经退休的自民党政客,他的儿子津岛淳是家族中的第五代国会议员。他认为自己家族的影响力要归功于他妻子的舅舅的一个决定。1946年后,时任青森县知事的这个舅舅做出决定将土地分给了农场的劳动者,这些人非常感激,一直持津岛家。但是他认为这种体制中有一些问题。他承认说,有太多的政二代“不是好事”。翻译:胡靓 校对:戴京涌译文属译生译世 /201412/348704惠安市中医院正规

惠安人民医院的费用And your hosting.And how is...okay还有你的主持工作 进展得怎么样了So where are you right now?Since its a week away in the motion place.那现在你们进行到哪一步了呢 因为只有一周时间了Where are you?For the Oscar spectacular?进展如何 奥斯卡盛宴吗We are right in the thick of it.They started loading in the theater.目前是最紧张的阶段 他们已经开始装饰剧院了They are doing all of the stuff now there.At the theater.已经开始在剧院 布置现场了And my team of writers are thinking about jokes and its a tricky process with the content.我的团队正在准备笑话和串词 这真的是个技术活As you well know.I should really ask you.How was it like for you a week.You know, 6,5 days out.你很了解 我该向你请教下 距离开始还有一周 五六天时 你是怎么做的Well, you write as much as you possibly can and up until that day youre changing jokes.你要尽可能多写 并且一直修改and timing it in rehearsal.And really until that day.排时卡时间 直到正式演出那天I mean, I was changing things an hour before it started.我是说 直到开始前一小时 我都在改稿Cause Im finding that good jokes that we have they were solid.我发现 很多时候我们选用的梗 确定用的梗They were... we think its funny and strong.那些我们觉得很棒的梗Then I will watch a Late Night Talk-Show and they will say the same joke.随后我在夜间脱口秀节目 看到他们用到同样的梗You go ah!You scratch that one out.So thats been happening.就抓狂了 只能划掉它 这种事一直在发生The Grammys. Ah!Saturday Night Live did it. Ah!;格莱美上也有 周六夜现场;也这样Well, you start... - Ijust want everyone to stop talking until Monday.没错 -我 我只希望周一前所有人都别再说话了I know. But it starts with the Globes You watch Tina and Amy and you are like hoping they dont do something that you have in mind.我懂 这是从金球奖开始的 你看着蒂娜和埃米 并且你希望 他们千万别做你想做的But um, but itll be so much fun.Are you... are you excited? Are you.但 这会很有趣 你呢 你激动吗 还有Where... are you scared?Where are you?Im sort of all of it.是不是有点害怕 什么感觉 都有一些吧Im calm and I feel good about the content we are doing.我还算平静 我对我们的内容很自信 /201511/407297 泉州打胎前检查需要多少钱泉州市第一医院人流价钱表



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