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男子拔火罐背上烧出7个大洞 -- :: 来源: 近日来自成都的一名男子因连续一个月拔火罐,背上竟然烧出了7个大洞 Horrifying images have emerged of a man left with seven holes in his back after undergoing cupping therapy which went wrong.这些可怕的照片显示,一名男子在拔了火罐之后,出了什么问题,背上留下了7个大洞63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his ’frozen shoulder’ feel better, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,63岁的李林(音)来自成都,治疗前他曾被许诺说拔火罐将使他“僵麻的肩膀”舒一些The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place around a month when large blisters started to appear.老李说他在近一个月的时间里,每天都在同一个地方拔火罐,后来他的背上开始出现了一些大水泡From May to June , Li underwent cupping in a small massage parlour to try and cure his frozen shoulder.在5月日到6月日期间,老李都在一个小房里拔火罐,希望能够治好他的肩周炎Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and in some extreme cases people are unable to move their shoulder at all.肩周炎这种病会导致肩膀疼痛和僵硬,在极端情况下,病人甚至完全不能活动肩膀He said: ’The clerk advised me to stick to cupping a month to cure my frozen shoulder’.老李说道:“店员建议我坚持拔火罐一个月来治疗我的肩周炎”Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body.拔火罐这种疗法是使用玻璃罐子的,点火排出空气后依靠吸力附着在人体皮肤上这种疗法被认为能够刺激人体内的能量流动During treatment, the man had the cups placed in exactly the same place every time.在治疗过程中,老李每次都在背上同一个地方拔罐Li said that during the last ten days, blisters began to m on his back from the locations the cups had been placed.据老李说,在疗程的最后天里,他背上拔火罐的地方开始出现了水泡Instead of stopping the treatment, he asked his wife to pop the blisters bee rubbing his back with oil.但是老李非但没有停止拔火罐的治疗,反而叫他的老伴儿把水泡扎破,然后涂上跌打油On June , the man went cupping treatment and during his walk home, he began to feel uncomtable and had a high fever.6月日那天,老李和往常一样去拔了罐,但是在回家途中,他开始感觉不舒,还发了高烧His family rushed him to the hospital.老李的家人将他紧急送到了医院Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a fever of 37.7 degrees and his back was completely swollen.外科医生谢亮(音)表示说,当老李被送到急诊室时,他高烧达到了37.7度,背上完全肿了On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection.在检查时,医生们发现老李有细菌感染的症状Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did as if he had continued then he would have developed sepsis.据医生们表示,还好老李到医院来了,否则任由病情继续拖延下去的话,有可能会恶化成为脓毒症Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections.据医务人员表示,拔火罐不应该每次都在同一个地方,不然的话会造成皮肤烧伤和感染Li’s situation is improving and is not considered life threatening.老李的病情正在改善,没有生命危险。

网红梳发髻美艳惊人 -- ::51 来源: 梳发髻走红网络,美艳惊人,圈粉数千人饰搭配和发型时尚新潮,网友自愧不如 A very well groomed dog from Korea is making waves on social media a her flowing hair, cute outfits and ever-changing repertoire of impressive hairstyles.韩国一只打扮精致的在社交媒体上走红它浑身毛发顺滑,装扮可爱,总是更换着会让人印象深刻的发型Miho, a Maltese pup from Seoul, has played a starring role on the Instagram of a pet store called Moelleux, which has over 8,000 followers.美惠是一只生活在汉城的马尔济斯犬,它是一家叫乐斯宠物店的INS账号上的明星现在它的粉丝数已经超过8000The adorable pooch has long and luscious white hair that can be tied up into a buns and pony tails.这只可爱的有着长长的洁白甜美的毛发,可以用来梳成丸子头和小马尾Little Miho has been pictured out and about the Gangnam area of Seoul modelling different clothes and accessories.小美惠经常在首尔江南地区为不同的衣和配饰做模特和拍照宣传The model dog has been dressed in an elegant bow and pearls, wearing cute jumpers and jackets, and in adorable little hats.这只模特常常装扮着优雅的蝴蝶结和珍珠,穿着可爱的毛衣和外套,带着好看的小帽子Social media followers have commented on the pup’s cute and stylish looks.社交媒体上的粉丝会它可爱时尚的造型One of Miho’s most popular posts has been of her hair up in a bun and wearing a pink ribbon which has 0 comments and close to ,000 likes.最热门的一个帖子中美惠梳着丸子头,系着粉色的丝带这篇帖子收到了0多条和00多个赞In another post the stylish dog poses towards the camera wearing a neon yellow jacket with her hair up in a bun.另外一篇帖子中这只时尚的穿着霓黄色的夹克,梳着丸子头在镜头前摆造型Another post sees the pup posing on top of her bed in a stripy black and white bottom, a grey and yellow top, and her hair tied up in cute pony tails.还有一篇帖子中,它坐在床上摆姿势它下半身穿着黑白条纹,上半身穿着灰黄相间的衣,头上梳着一个可爱的小马尾One commented: ’this dog is prettier than any girl I know.’一个说到:“这只比我见到的任何女孩都漂亮”Miho isn’t the only well-groomed pup people on the internet have been obsessing over.美惠并不是唯一一个受网友喜爱的打扮精致的网红Tori, the Bichon Frise, also from South Korea, has been making waves on Instagram? it’s adorable cloud-like hair.韩国的一只卷毛比熊犬托里,有着像云朵似的卷毛,它也在INS上受到了追捧。

世界首座3D打印办公室亮相迪拜 --31 ::59 来源:chinadaily The City of Gold has turned to printing its latest showpiece building, using a giant industrial 3D printer to construct a futuristic office space in just days. 迪拜近日使用3D打印技术建造的办公室日前亮相,这座颇具未来感的办公室使用了一台巨型3D工业打印机建造,仅耗时天Government officials suggest the “world first” development in the Persian Gulf shows how 3D printing technology can usher in an era of lower cost and faster delivery construction. 迪拜政府表示,该地区所打造的世界首个3D打印办公室显示出,在追求更低成本和更快的建筑交付速度的当今时代,3D打印技术很有前景Dubbed the ‘Office of the Future,’ the TV-shaped space was built – or should we say, printed – using a special mixture of cement, according to a government statement. 根据政府声明,这间形似一台电视机的办公室名为“未来办公室”,是使用特制的水泥混合物建造的,或者应该说是打印的Erected in just over two weeks, the single-story, 50 square meter workplace will, rather fittingly, host the Dubai Future Foundation. 这座办公室的建造仅花费了两周时间,只有一层,占地50平方米,非常适合成为迪拜未来基金会的办公地But the most amazing element of city’s newfangled approach to architecture is that the large office was made using a massive printer measuring feet high, 0 feet long and 0 feet wide. 但迪拜新潮的建筑方式的最大亮点是,打印这间办公室的巨型3D打印机有英尺高,0英尺长,0英尺宽Advanced computer-aided design programs were used in the construction, while materials were sent to both China and UK safety testing. 建造中使用了先进的电脑辅助设计程序,材料被送往中英两国进行安全检测The creation was part of Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy, which will see the city roll out further new-age projects based in medicine and construction. 这座建筑物是迪拜3D打印战略的一部分,将见迪拜开展进一步的基于医药和建筑业的新新时代项目计划来源:雅虎新闻编审:yaning。

科技大牛“十角兽”公司 --31 :5: 来源: 现如今,科技公司的发展用“迅猛”已经不足以形容了创业没几年,市值十亿百亿,分分钟翻番的节奏(脑中飘过小米)Decacorn is a technology company that is less than ten years old and worth more than ten billion dollars.“十角兽”就是指这种创业不到年但市值超过百亿美元的科技公司Billion-dollar companies join a club of "unicorns", a term used to explain how rare they are. But there are more than 50 of them now. There's a new buzzword, "decacorn", those over $ billion, which includes Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Uber.之前,“独角兽”这个词用来指市值超过亿美元的公司,因为这样的公司太稀少了但是,现在“独角兽”公司的数量已经超过50个了于是“十角兽”应运而生,用来指市值超过百亿美元的公司,比如Airbnb、Dropbox、Pinterest、Snapchat和Uber等据说现在是这样衡量创业公司的:独角兽公司(Unicorn) 亿美元十角兽公司(Decicorn) 0亿美元百角兽公司(Centicorn) 00亿美元。

面对沙特威胁,联合国选择了妥协 -- :: 来源: 此前沙特曾威胁联合国,称将不再资助联合国的项目为此联合国做出妥协,潘基文宣布将沙特从儿童权利黑名单中移除 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has admitted he has removed Saudi Arabia from a blacklist violating child rights in Yemen after the Saudis threatened to stop funding many UN programs.联合国秘书长潘基文已经承认了这一事实,由于沙特威胁将不再资助联合国的许多项目,联合国被迫将沙特从也门儿童权利侵犯的黑名单中移除Ban said he had no choice because there was a ’very real prospect’ that millions of children in Syria, South Sudan and Palestine ’would suffer grievously’ if the UN programs had to be closed down lack of cash.潘基文说他别无选择,因为如果没有资金的话联合国的项目就不得不被迫停止,那么可以预见,叙利亚、南苏丹和巴勒斯坦等地数以百万计的儿童“必将”“遭受严酷的磨难”He said: ’This was one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make.’潘基文说:“这是我不得不做出的又一个痛苦而困难的决定”The ed Nations blacklisted the Saudi-led coalition after concluding in a report last week ago that it was responsible 60 per cent of the 785 children killed in Yemen last year.也门去年共丧生了785名儿童,而根据联合国上周发布了一份报告显示,以沙特为首的联盟要为60%的死亡儿童负责,联合国将沙特及其盟友列入了黑名单Ban is due to step down as Secretary-General at the end of the year, which could explain why he was a little less diplomatic than usual.今年年底潘基文将不再担任联合国秘书长,也许这也是为什么他现在显得有点缺乏外交手腕The South Korean - who is tipped to be replaced by a woman, possibly mer New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark - did not identify Saudi Arabia by name but said: ’It is unacceptable member states to exert undue pressure.’潘基文(他的继任者将是一名女性,很可能是新西兰前总理海伦·克拉克)并没有提及沙特的名字,但是他说道:“成员国家不应该施加过多的压力”Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, Abdullah al-Mouallimi denied his government had put pressure on the ed Nations to reverse its decision by threatening to cut off millions of dollars in funding.沙特驻联合国大使阿卜杜拉否认了外界对于沙特政府的猜测,表示沙特没有通过威胁减少百万美元资金的手段,来迫使联合国改变其决定He said: ’We did say that such a listing and such unfair treatment would obviously have an impact on relations.他说道:“我们是这样表示的--把沙特列入这样一个名单和对沙特的不公平待遇将很明显地影响双方的关系”’But we did not use threats or intimidation and we did not talk about funding,’ he added.他补充道:“但是我们没有威胁或者恐吓,我们根本就没有谈论资金的事情”Human rights groups accused Ban of caving in to Saudi Arabia but he admitted the conflict in Yemen had led to ’horrors no child should have to face’ but said he had no choice because the UN programs were so important.人权组织指责潘基文向沙特屈潘基文承认也门的冲突使得该地发生了“孩子们不应该面对的恐惧”,但是他又说他没有其他选择,因为联合国的这些项目非常重要The Saudi-led coalition launched an air campaign in support of Yemen’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi in March to push back Huthi rebels after they seized the capital Sanaa and many parts of the country.年三月,为持也门总统曼苏尔,以沙特为首的联军对也门进行了空袭当时也门胡塞武装控制了首都萨那和国内许多地方,联军帮助也门政府军以求击退叛军The war has killed some 6,00 people, with more than 80 percent of the population in desperate need of humanitarian aid, according to the UN.据联合国透露,这场战役已经导致了600人死亡,也门80%的国民在绝望地等待着人道主义救援。

500万Gmail账号密码曝光 谷歌否认邮箱被黑 -- ::1 来源: Millions of Gmail users are being advised to change their passwords after a database with usernames and passwords was hacked and exposed on an internet site.谷歌邮箱遭黑客攻击,上百万谷歌账户的用户名和密码被泄露目前谷歌公司已建议用户尽快更换密码Hackers revealed nearly 5 million Gmail details and passwords on Bitcoin Security – a popular Russian website devoted to cryptocurrency.黑客是在一家俄罗斯知名网站—“比特币安全”上公布了近500万个谷歌账号的信息和密码的The leak became known after a user posted a link to the log-in credentials on Reddit frequented by hackers, professional and aspiring.一名用户在社交新闻网站Reddit(黑客、专业人士及年轻人经常光顾的一家网站)上贴出了“比特币安全”网登陆凭的一个链接后,此次泄露事件才曝光But the text file was published on Bitcoin on Tuesday night by a user called tvskit according to C News, a Russian news outlet.据俄罗斯媒体称,该账户文件是在9日晚上被一名叫tvskit的用户公布的The person who leaked the details said the holders were English, Russian, and Spanish and 60 percent of s were active.泄露信息者称账户拥有者包括英国人、俄罗斯人、西班牙人,而且60%的账户是使用状态The passwords not only give access to Gmail, but other Google services such as Drive and the mobile payment system Google Wallet.这些密码不仅仅可以用来打开谷歌邮箱,还能使用其他谷歌务,如Google Drive云储存务、移动付系统谷歌钱包等Svetlana Anurova, a Google representative said Google is aware of the security breach and has advised users to change passwords.谷歌发言人斯韦特兰娜称,谷歌意识到了存在安全漏洞,而且已经建议用户更换密码They also advise users to enable a two-step verification, a security measure where users are required to provide a passcode sent to their mobile devices bee any changes can be made to their .他们还建议用户使用二次确认的安全措施,即在修改账户时必须提供系统向用户的手机等移动终端发送的校验码A Google spokesman confirmed to The Next Web that many of the passwords in question were likely taken from a website other than Google.发言人还确信,多数存在问题的密码可能都是通过谷歌之外的网址获取的‘The security of our users’ inmation is a top priority us,’ the company told The Next Web.“用户的信息安全问题是我们的头等大事”谷歌公司表示‘We have no evidence that our systems have been compromised, but whenever we become aware that s may have been, we take steps to help those users secure their s.’“我们还没有发现任何系统被盗的据,但是无论何时发现了账号被盗,我们都会采取措施帮助用户确保账户安全”The hacker has not been found.目前泄密者还未找到But hackers from Russia and Eastern Europe have been involved in a number of recent high-profile security lapses.但是此前来自俄罗斯和东欧的黑客都曾涉嫌泄露大量高度机密文件The Gmail leak comes soon after two other major security breaches leaked on the same Bitcoin um, which targeted Russian email service prodiver Mail.ru and search engine Yandex.在此次谷歌账户信息泄露事件之前,俄罗斯著名的互联网务商Mail.ru和Yandex的用户信息也曾在同一个比特币网站上被泄露Those two breaches affected nearly six million Internet users.当时泄露的信息涉及到约600万因特网用户。

网络走红!男子将一名脱鞋睡觉旅客的鞋子扔垃圾桶 --5 1:53: 来源: 近日,一段视频在中国社交网络上走红视频中,这名男子将一名脱鞋睡觉旅客的鞋子给扔了这份视频在中国社交网站上引起了一片热议The , uploaded to the popular web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in southern Xiamen province picking up the travellerrsquo;s shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这份视频被上传到了网易视频拍摄于厦门机场,视频中一名愤怒的男子捡起了另一名旅客的鞋子,并将其扔进了附近的垃圾箱里;I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off,; the man says. ;What will eigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoplesrsquo; standards are.;这名男子说道:;我看见一个男人躺在座位上,把鞋和袜子都脱了如果外国人看到这种恶心的行为,他们会怎么想?他们会惊讶于中国人素质之低;Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . A further ,000 have posted on shares of the on Sina Weibo by state media China Daily and China National Radio.有超过7000名社交媒体用户在这份视频下方留言随后《中国日报和中国国家广播电台在新浪微上转载了这份视频,又有了000多条相关The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.尽管未被提及姓名,但是这名男子拍摄的视频在中国引起了一场轩然,因为它对中国人打赤脚的行为给与了藐视Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人们认为打赤脚是不卫生的,而且在公共场合打赤脚是一个极度不文明的现象But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在自己家里打赤脚也不是太好人们(包括客人)在家里的时候一般都穿着拖鞋The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.在网上,一些人对这名男子扔掉光脚旅客鞋子的做法表示了尊敬Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the ;handsome; man his actions.在网易和新浪微上许多受欢迎的都赞扬了这位;帅气;男子的行为Many comments said he ;did the right thing; and that the shoeless man was ;breaking public order and morals;.许多都说这名男子;做得对;,而那名不穿鞋的旅客;违反了公共秩序和道德;;His approach is certainly right;, user ;Qing Agoin; says, but she asks whether his behaviour is ;a little extreme?;用户;情Agoin;表示;他的行为肯定是正确的;,但是她又质疑是否该名男子的做法;有点极端?;Many said that the shoeless manrsquo;s behaviour was ;uncivilised;, but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that ;throwing away someonersquo;s belongings is illegal;.许多人都说这名不穿鞋的旅客的做法;不文明;,但是其他人用一个平等的视角来看待这名男子的做法,指出主;丢弃别人的财物是违法的;Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to ;get his name out there.;还有人指责这名主只不过是想要搞个大新闻,然后借此出名罢了;Marong; accused him of ;grandstanding;, asking why he wasnrsquo;t ;able to first talk with the man;.;马蓉;指责这名男子;哗众取宠;,质问他为什么不能;先和那么旅客谈一谈;And ;TristaBXGE; asked whether China needs to do more to improve its image which has been tarnished by badly-behaved tourists abroad.而;TristaBXGE;则表示,在中国形象已经被海外游客严重损害的情况下,还是否有必要来提升中国的形象;Why is everything linked to rsquo;overseas?rsquo;; she asked. ;Is rsquo;improving qualityrsquo; all eigners?;她质问道:;为什么每一件事都要和lsquo;国外rsquo;联系到一起呢?lsquo;提高素质rsquo;仅仅只是为了取悦外国人吗?;。

李娜退役:娜公布退役告别信 --5 :00:5 来源: Tennis star Li Na sends farewell to fans  China's first and only Grand Slam winner Li Na mally announced her retirement on Friday, leaving the Chinese tennis yearning the next superstar.  Following is her farewell and retirement letter:  My dear friends,   close to fifteen years, we’ve been a part of each other’s lives. As a tennis player representing China on the global stage, I’ve trekked around the world playing hundreds of matches on the WTA tour, China’s Fed Cup team, at the National Games and at several Olympic Games. You’ve always been there me, supporting me, cheering me on, and encouraging me to reach my potential  亲爱的朋友们:  近年来,我们都是彼此生活的一部分作为一名代表中国在国际赛场上征战的网球运动员,我经历了上百场的比赛,其中包括WTA巡回赛,作为联合会杯中国队队员,我也参加了全运会和几届奥运会这期间有你们一直陪在我身边,持我,鼓励我,激励我发掘自己更多的潜力  Representing China on the tennis court was an extraordinary privilege and a true honor. Having the unique opporty to effectively bring more attention to the sport of tennis in China and all over Asia is something I will cherish ever. But in sport, just like in life, all great things must come to an end.  我能够拥有这样非同寻常的机会,在网球赛场上代表中国,是我至高无上的荣誉通过这样的机会,我希望能够吸引更多的关注到中国甚至全亚洲的网球运动中, 这也将会是我一生的事业但是,即便如此,职业生涯就像是人生,它们都会有终点   has become one of the most significant years in my career and my life. This year was full of amazing highlights, which included winning my second Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open and sharing the extraordinary experience with my country, my team, my husband and my fans. It was also a year filled with difficult moments, such as having to deal with the inevitable - making the decision to end my professional tennis career.  年是我职业生涯乃至人生中最重要的一年之一,充满了亮点在澳大利亚公开赛上,我取得了女单冠军,赢得了个人第二座大满贯我很高兴我能够把这份特殊的喜悦和经历与我的祖国,我的团队,我的丈夫及我的球迷共同分享但同时,这也是艰难的一年,需要面对很多不得不面对的事情,例如做出结束我网球职业生涯的决定  The amazing moment in Australia was filled with joy, happiness and extraordinary sense of accomplishment. The task of finally making a decision to hang up my racquet felt a lot more difficult than winning seven matches in a row in the Australian heat. It took me several agonizing months to finally come to the decision that my chronic injuries will never again let me be the tennis player that I can be. Walking away from the sport, effective immediately, is the right decision me and my family.  在澳大利亚的时光固然充满了喜悦、幸福,以及一种特殊的成就感但做出放下球拍的决定,比在澳大利亚的高温中连续赢下7场比赛要艰难许多在之前我苦恼了几个月,最终,长期以来的伤病让我不能再像以前一样尽管我做出了0%的努力去争取参加第一次在我家乡举办的比赛,但是,作为一个职业的网球运动员,现在离开赛场对我来说是最正确的决定  Most people in the tennis world know that my career has been marked by my troubled right knee. The black brace I wear over it when I step on the court has become my tennis birth mark. And while the brace completes my tennis look, the knee problems have at times overtaken my life.  很多朋友知道我右膝的伤病一直“伴随”着我的职业生涯,每当我踏入赛场时,人们都会看到我右膝处的黑色护膝,它就像我胎记一样尽管我对它已习以为常,但膝盖病发还是会时不时让我疼痛难忍  After four knee surgeries and hundreds of shots injected into my knee weekly to alleviate swelling and pain, my body is begging me to stop the pounding. My previous three surgeries were on my right knee. My most recent knee surgery took place this July and was on my left knee. After a few weeks of post-surgery recovery, I tried to go through all the necessary steps to get back on the court.  我的双膝已经经历四次手术,前三次手术都是在我的右膝,最后一次在7月份的手术是我的左膝同时,为了减轻膝盖的肿胀和疼痛,我每周还需要接受注射治疗,至今已经有上百次了而现在,我的身体再也承受不起任何重创最近那次手术之后,即使经历了几周的术后恢复,我也用尽了每一丝的力气,试图回到赛场  While I’ve come back from surgery in the past, this time it felt different. One of my goals was to recover as fast as I could in order to be y the first WTA tournament in my hometown of Wuhan. As hard as I tried to get back to being 0%, my body kept telling me that, at 3, I will not be able to compete at the top level ever again. The sport is just too competitive, too good, to not be 0%.  但是,和以前术后重回赛场相比,这次不一样了哪怕我用尽自己全部的力量,我的身体却一直告诉我,3岁的我,再也不会在行业的最高水平中竞争了网球这项运动的竞争激烈,对运动员要求完美,而我,再也不能回到从前百分之百的状态了  Winning a Grand Slam title this year and achieving a ranking of World No. is the way I would like to leave competitive tennis. As hard as it’s been to come to this decision, I am at peace with it. I have no regrets. I was not supposed to be here in the first place, remember? Not many people believed in my talent and my abilities, yet I found a way to persevere, to prove them (and sometimes myself!) wrong.  赢得大满贯,获得世界排行第二名,这是我选择带着这样的荣誉离开网球赛场尽管做出这一决定的过程非常艰难,但是我对发生的这一切都很平静,不会后悔我甚至从一开始就不应该出现在这里,你们记得吗?最初有很多人不相信我的天赋和能力,但是我最终明了他们(有时甚至是我自己)是错误的  I’ve succeeded on the global stage in a sport that a few years ago was in its infancy in China. What I’ve accomplished myself is beyond my wildest dreams. What I accomplished my country is one of my most proud achievements.  网球这项运动这些年在中国发展的非常快,而现在我已经在这项运动的世界舞台上取得了成功我所获得的成就远远超出了我的梦想,为国家获得的荣誉也是我个人最骄傲的成绩  In , there were two professional women’s tennis tournaments in China. Today, there are , one of them in Wuhan, my hometown. That to me is extraordinary! Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams – with thirty Grand Slam singles titles among them - are coming to my hometown to play tennis the fans of China! Just as I didn’t think I could ever be a Grand Slam champion, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that some of the best female athletes in the world could play tennis in Wuhan, in my backyard.  年,中国只有两项专业女子网球赛事今年,中国已经举办了个专业女子网球赛事其中一场就在我的家乡--武汉届时会有包括威廉姆斯、莎拉波娃等球星参赛,她们将带着赢得过30座大满贯单打冠军的荣誉来到我的家乡,为中国球迷们带来精的比赛就像我从来没想过能获得大满贯一样,我也从来没有想到有一天,世界最著名的女子运动员能够来到武汉,来到我的家乡,为大家带来精纷呈的网球比赛  My contributions to the growth of the sport in China are very special to me. But I don’t want to stop here. Together with IMG, my management company, we are putting together various plans on how we will continue to grow the sport of tennis in China. These plans include opening the Li Na Tennis Academy, which will provide scholarships the future generation of Chinese tennis stars. I will also stay involved in the Right to Play, an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children overcome challenges through sport. My philanthropic work will expand in scope as I continue to dedicate myself to helping those in need. What was once just a dream in China today is a reality.  能为中国体育发展做出微薄的贡献,对我自己而言也有特殊的意义就此,我不会停歇,我将和我的经纪公司一起,制定各项促进中国网球发展的计划包括开办 “李娜网球学校”,学院将会为下一代的中国网球明星提供奖学金另外,我也会参与“Right to Play”儿童乐益会公益组织,致力于帮助生活贫困和身处困境的儿童和青少年,帮助他们通过体育的力量战胜挑战随着我从事的慈善事业的继续,涉及范围也会扩展,曾经的梦想如今也会成为现实  On a personal side, I look ward to starting a new chapter of my life, hopefully having a family and reconnecting with those I did not have the luxury of spending a lot of time with while playing. I can’t wait to revisit all the amazing places I played tennis in and see the world through a new set of eyes. I look ward to slowing down and living my life at a new, slower, relaxed pace.  个人方面,我非常期待开始我人生新的篇章我希望能多花一点时间和家人在一 起,以前打球的时候这些事件都是很奢侈的,现在我想尽力去弥补我的家人我很想再去一遍那些我曾经打过球的地方,这一次不用比赛,而是用一双不同的眼睛看看这些可爱的地方我愿意在一个让人放松的地方安静的开始和家人的新生活  Tennis is an individual sport and as players, our job is to spend a lot of time focusing on ourselves. But no player can ever become a champion alone and nobody knows this better than me. There isn’t enough space here to thank everyone who has travelled on my journey with me and contributed to my success. But I must thank those that have stuck with me through the highs and the lows and have helped me become the person that I am today.  网球是一项个人运动,作为网球运动员,我们的工作就是花很多时间关注自己的状态但是,没有人比我更清楚,没有一个运动员能够只靠一个人的力量成为冠 军这里由于篇幅有限,不能对陪伴我走过职业生涯、对我的成功付出汗水的人们一一表示感谢,但是我必须感谢那些无论高潮还是低估都陪伴着我的人,是你们成就了今天的我  THANK YOU TO:  感谢你们  ? My mother – your never-ending support. Through the laughs and the tears, you’ve always been there me.  我的母亲-感谢您无限的帮助和持不管是欢笑还是泪水,您永远都陪在我身边  ? My father – you were taken away from me way too early and I haven’t been the same since. You’ve remained the sunshine in my life and I am who I am because of you.  我的父亲-您太早前就离开了我的生命,这完全改变了我整个人生您是我生命中的太阳,因为您我才成就了今天的我  ? Jiang Shan – you’ve been by my side years. You are my everything and I am grateful to have shared my life with you.  姜山-你陪伴我已经年了你是我的全部,我也很感激能和你共享人生  ? My first coaches Ms. Xia Xiyao and Ms. Yu Liqiao - putting me on the tennis path.  启蒙教练-夏溪瑶教练和余丽桥教练,是你们把我带上了网球之路  ? Madame Sun and the Chinese Tennis Association - thank you being trailblazers tennis in China.  中国网球协会,孙晋芳女士-感谢你们为中国网球事业做出的开拓性的贡献  ? Mr. Hu Dechun and the Hubei Sports Bureau – understanding me and supporting me through the years.  湖北省体育局,胡德春局长-感谢体育局多年来对我的理解和持  ? Women’s Tennis Association – your passion women’s tennis and hard work growing it around the world.  女子网球协会-感谢你们对女子网球的热情,以及为全球女子网球的发展做出的辛勤努力  ? Mr. Chan Hongchang – supporting me when I first decided to become a professional tennis player in . You helped me make up my mind.  香港的陈鸿昌先生-感谢您在年当我最初决定要成为一名职业的网球运动员时给予我很大的帮助,是您让我坚定了我的决心  ? Thomas Hogstedt – introducing me to professional tennis.  Thomas Hogstedt(托马斯-赫格斯泰德)-是您把我带入了职业的网球运动  ? Michael Mortenson – helping me win my first Grand Slam.  Michael Mortenson(迈克尔-莫特森)-感谢带我拿到第一个大满贯  ? Carlos Rodriguez – pushing me beyond the limits I thought I could reach.  Carlos Rodriguez(卡洛斯-罗德里格斯)-你引导我超越极限  ? Alex Stober – taking care of me all of these years and pulling me together when I was falling apart.  Alex Stober(阿历克斯-斯托贝尔)谢谢你这么多年对我的照顾,以及在我最低谷的时候给我鼓励  ? Erich Rembeck and Johannes Wieber – finding a way to make me pain free, over and over again.  Erich Rembeck(埃里希-罗密贝克)和Johannes Wieber(约翰尼斯-维贝尔)-感谢你们帮助我一次又一次的远离伤病和痛苦  ? Fred Zhang and the Nike team – you’ve been my guiding light, my support system and my biggest cheerleader. I will never get it.  张楠和耐克团队-你们是我的指明灯、我的持力量和我最强大的啦啦队长我永远不会忘记你们  ? To my agent Max Eisenbud and the entire IMG Team - being the best management company in the world and taking care of me every day.  Max Eisenbud(麦克斯埃森巴德)和IMG公司-你们是最棒的团队,感谢你们对我的照顾和帮助  ? To all the sponsors that have supported me through every stage of my career.  我所有的赞助商们-感谢你们在我职业生涯的每个阶段给予我的持  ? To my relatives, friends, and everyone who has helped me throughout my career – always being there me and your never-ending support.  我的亲属、朋友以及每一位给予我职业生涯帮助过的人们-感谢你们长期以来的陪伴和持  ? To my fellow tennis players – being a part of my journey all of these years. I have so much respect all of you.  我的同行球手们-你们是我职业生涯的一部分我非常感激和尊重你们所有人  ? To everyone in the media who’s covered my career and helped the growth of tennis in China and around the world.  媒体朋友们-感谢你们关注并且报道我的网球生涯,促进网球在中国及全世界的发展  ? To the amazing tennis fans around the world – your unyielding support of our sport and playing every tennis match along with me.  全球的网球粉丝们-感谢你们对网球这项运动坚定的持,也感谢你们陪伴我每一场比赛  ? And lastly, to tennis fans in China – getting on the bandwagon and staying on it! I am grateful to each and every one of you pushing me to be my best, embracing me and loving me unconditionally. There is no limit to how far we can take the sport of tennis in China, together.  最后,感谢中国的粉丝们-感谢你们追随网球的潮流并不离不弃我非常感谢你们每一个人无条件地给我爱和力量让我达到一个又一个顶峰有了你们,中国网球的发展将永无止境  When I started playing tennis, I was just a neighborhood kid with an after-school hobby, not realizing what magical journey lay ahead of me. If I only knew what a vehicle the sport of tennis, along with my success, would become my beloved China. While my journey hasn’t been easy, it has been rewarding. I’ve seen change happening in front of my eyes, young girls picking up tennis racquets, setting goals, following their hearts and believing in themselves. I hope that I’ve had the opporty to inspire young women all over China to believe in themselves, to set their goals high and pursue them with vengeance and self-belief.  我最开始打网球的时候,只是一个邻家小女孩,打网球只是我的课余爱好,我完全没有想到我面前有如此神奇和美好的网球之旅当时谁能想到网球对于我挚爱的祖国意味着什么呢?即便我的职业旅程并不是一帆风顺,但是它还是值得的我看见变化就在我眼前发生,小女孩拿起网球拍,制定目标,跟随她的内心并且相信自己我希望我的经历和故事能够激励更多的中国年轻女孩,让她们相信自己,为自己设立目标并永不言败  Whether you want to be a tennis player, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or a business leader, I urge you to believe in yourself and follow your dream. If I could do it, you can too! Be the bird that sticks out. With hard work, your dreams will come true.  无论你想成为网球运动员、医生、律师、老师还是一个商人,我都希望你相信自己,追随自己的梦想,坚持到底我能做到,你也可以只要努力,最终一定会实现自己的梦想!  LI NA  李娜。

小龙虾凭什么制霸夜宵界?(双语) -- 18:55: 来源:chinadaily 小龙虾(学名:Procambarus clarkii,俗称crawfish),夜宵界的实力霸主Chinese people love eating crawfish (小龙虾), nothing compares with washing down the delicacy with a glass of ice cold beer on a hot summer night. 带大家随便溜达一圈: 盱眙 Xuyi 在这里,吃小龙虾不是以只计,不是以盘计,而是以吨计 6月日晚,第十六届中国;盱眙国际龙虾节万人龙虾宴正式开席活动当天0吨小龙虾被3万人一扫而空 About 30 thousand people finished eating 0 tons of crawfish within one night at the international crawfish festival. 因为小龙虾,这个有着生僻名字的江苏小县城成了中国人耳熟能详的地方 Xuyi County in Jiangsu Province is called the hometown of crawfish. 武汉 Wuhan 在这里,最火爆的虾店门口有专业黄牛排号挣钱,据说可以月入上万在武汉,脾气火爆的当地人说:没有什么事是一顿小龙虾解决不了的,如果有,那就两顿 local people in Wuhan, there's not a problem that cannot be solved by a meal of crawfish. If there is, then have two meals of crawfish. 数据显示,武汉有超过一万家小龙虾餐厅,吃货们仅在小龙虾这一项上的消费就可以达到0亿元为了一顿好吃的小龙虾,痴痴等上一两个小时那根本不叫事儿 According to the statistics from Wuhan Crawfish Association, there are over thousand crawfish restaurants in the city, and it’s estimated that the city will earn over billion yuan in crawfish catering. 北京 Beijing 在这里,小龙虾有个特别的名字叫“麻小”,透露了帝都人民最热爱的口味说到麻小就不能不提到簋街请注意,是“簋街”,不是“鬼街” Maxiao, or spicy crawfish, has become the representative of Beijing's most famous gourmet street Guijie and night life. 说到簋街就不能不说到“胡大”要不要去排队随你,不过,如果路过的话,至少可以当旅游景点看一看 Huda Restaurant, the most famous restaurant in Guijie, sells at least 3000 kilograms of crawfish (about 70 thousand crawfish) every day. The daily sales can even jump to 5000 kilograms during the May Day Holidayor National Day Holiday. Why so popular?现在,问题来了:小龙虾为什么那么火? 好吃的那么多,为什么只有它能红遍全中国,制霸夜宵界?即使是“侵华日军引入中国,用来处理尸体”这样的谣言也无法阻止它征男女老少! 1. Low cost, good taste 这些年小龙虾越卖越贵,就快吃不起啦!不过,总的来说,虽然名为“龙虾”,但是其价格还是比较亲民的特别是每年五六月间,小龙虾大量上市,恰好赶上天气渐热大家相约去户外吃夜宵的季节,什么叫生逢其时?这就是! Crawfish has a strong adaptability to the environment. It's easy to breed it, and there's sufficient supply of crawfish. Theree, compared to other seafood like lobster(龙虾), crawfish(小龙虾)is much cheaper. Although the price increased after it became popular, it's still afdable most people who love it. . Way to relieve pressure 结束了一天忙碌的工作,三两好友坐下来,红亮诱人的小龙虾加上冰爽的啤酒,大快朵颐之后,感觉一天的生活从这一刻才刚刚开始好吗? The popular night market culture also promotes crawfish. After a day of hard work in the big city, eating spicy crawfish with ice beer seems to be a good way to relieve the pressure. In addition, it's a good way to eat crawfish with friends since you cannot play mobile phone with oil fingers. 3. Promotion 当小龙虾生意渐火,商家甚至地方政府齐上阵,他们对于小龙虾的流行也起到了推波助澜的作用 High profit also attracts restaurant owners, and they try every means to promote their crawfish, like crawfish festivals, or hiring beautiful girls help you get rid of hard shell of crawfish. These means increase the publicity of crawfish. 话说小编托某朋(lan)友(ren)的福,也享受过一次剥虾务结论是,还是要亲自剥,剥到手指油汪汪再舔舔,才是吃小龙虾最幸福的瞬间啊 Crawfish does not taste so good when you cannot lick your fingers after eating it. 由此引出了另一个问题:约会时候你会点小龙虾吗?吃完之后你会舔手指头吗?。

办公室上班族注意!每天一小时运动减少健康隐患 --30 18:: 来源: 刊登在《柳叶刀上的一项新的研究建议,久坐办公室工作的人应该每天活跃地运动一小时,以抵消掉早期死亡的风险 A new study recommends that people who work in a sedentary, office situation should get an hour of “brisk exercise” every day to offset the risk of early death.一项新的研究建议,久坐办公室工作的人应该每天活跃地运动一小时,以抵消掉早期死亡的风险The recommendations were published in the journal Lancet, which also reported that heart disease, diabetes and some cancers caused by a sedentary lifestyle cost the global economy .5 billion every year.这些建议刊登在《柳叶刀期刊上,同时也报道,因为久坐而引起的心脏病、糖尿病和某些癌症每年要花掉全球经济的675亿美元Lack of activity is also linked to some 5.3 million deaths each year, even more than smoking.缺乏运动也与每年530万例死亡有关,甚至超过了吸烟The U.S. Centers Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get 0 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week in addition to two hours of muscle strengthening per week.美国疾病控制与预防中心建议成年人除了每周两小时的肌肉训练以外,还要做0分钟中等强度的有氧运动" many people who commute to work and have office-based jobs, there is no way to escape sitting prolonged periods of time,” said lead author Professor Ulf Ekelund, of the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Norway and the University of Cambridge. “ these people in particular, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting exercise, whether it’s getting out a walk at lunchtime, going a run in the morning or cycling to work. An hour of physical activity per day is the ideal, but if this is unmanageable, then at least doing some exercise each day can help reduce the risk."“对很多坐通勤上下班、坐办公室的人来说,久坐是无法避免的”本研究的第一作者、挪威运动科学学院和剑桥大学教授伍尔夫·艾克路德说,“对这些人,我们尤其要强调运动的重要性,不管是午餐时间出去散步、早上跑步还是骑自行车上班都可以每天一小时的体育运动是理想状态,不过如果做不到的话,起码每天适当做些运动,可以降低风险” the study, researchers looked at previous studies on the impact of inactivity. Study subjects were classified according to the amount of activity they reported, with some reporting less than 5 minutes a day to 60 - 75 minutes a day.为了做这项研究,研究人员看了个此前关于缺乏运动的影响的研究研究对象根据各自报的运动量进行分组,从每天运动少于5分钟到每天运动60-75分钟都有They found that those who sat 8 hours a day, but got the recommended amount of exercise reduced their chances of a premature death compared even to those who sat less but were not active.他们发现,每天坐8小时、但是照建议每天做运动的人,其早死的几率甚至比那些坐得时间少、但是不怎么运动的人要低"There has been a lot of concern about the health risks associated with today’s more sedentary lifestyles," says Ekelund. "Our message is a positive one: it is possible to reduce - or even eliminate - these risks if we are active enough, even without having to take up sports or go to the gym."“随着现在久坐的生活习惯越来越普遍,关于健康的忧虑也越来越多”艾克路德说,“我们的建议是乐观的:如果运动得足够多,减少甚至消除健康风险是有可能的,你甚至都不用特意去体育馆进行锻炼”。