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广东广州长安医院检查胎停广州治精液异常哪个医院最好A new flexible smartphone design could change the way users interact with their devices. ReFlex, developed by researchers at Queen#39;s University, uses #39;bend sensors#39; to control app interactions, and simulates physical forces through detailed vibrations.一款柔性智能机能改变用户与设备的交互方式。由加拿大皇后大学研究人员开发的ReFlex柔性手机就是采用弯曲传感器来控制应用程序,并通过不同的振动级别来模拟物理力度。According to its creators, consumers might be able to get their hands on the bendy smartphone within the next five years.据该手机开发者称,消费者有望在未来五年内接触到这款可弯曲的智能手机。If you hold a book open and bend it in the middle, the pages will begin to turn. A deeper bend will flip the pages more quickly. ReFlex works on a similar principle, explains Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab at Queen#39;s University, where the phone was created.如果你手中拿着一本打开的书,从中间弯曲,页面就开始翻动,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度就越快。皇后大学人类媒体实验室主管洛尔·维特加尔解释道,ReFlex的运行原理与之相似。The design combines multitouch with bend input, allowing a user to control actions on the phone by bending it. This means that a person can flip through pages on a virtual book just by bending the phone, and it will produce feedback that mimics the real sensation.该手机设计结合了多点触摸与弯曲输入功能,允许用户通过弯曲手机屏幕实现手机的操作控制。这意味着一个人可以通过弯曲手机来实现虚拟书本翻页,而手机能产生仿真的反馈。#39;This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones,#39; said Vertegaal. #39;When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document.#39;“这代表了柔性智能手机与物理互动的全新结合方式,”维特加尔说道,“当智能手机从右边向下弯曲时,页面将从右至左从手指间划过,就像我们看书那样,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度越快。用户可以通过手机振动感受到页面在指尖划过的感觉,这样用户在看文档时就允许眼睛自由游览,看到哪里只需弯曲屏幕翻动即可。”The phone has a high definition 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touchscreen, and uses an Android 4.4 KitKat board mounted on the side. In the back, bend sensors detect the forces applied to the screen, and a voice coil produces tactile feedback through vibrations.该款手机采用了720p高清分辨率LG柔性OLED触摸屏,操作系统是安卓4.4,主板被安装在屏幕的两侧。而在手机的背部,弯曲传感器负责监测施加在屏幕上的力度,还有一个音圈能通过振动产生触觉反馈。When a user plays the #39;Angry Birds,#39; game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot.当使用者玩儿《愤怒的小鸟》的时候,他们可以通过弯曲屏幕来完成弹射。 /201602/428126广州天河处女膜修复术价格 The Use of Negative Numbers负数的使用The introduction of negative numbers is a great contribution to mathe-matics by ancient Chinese mathematicians.In Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art(Jiuzhang Suanshu),negative numbers were used in the eighth chapter on solving systems of simultaneous equations. For instance, revenue num-bers are considered positive,while expense numbers are deemed negative;or sur-plus amounts are viewed as positive,while deficit amounts are seen as negative.In a problem calculating grains,the increased grains are considered positive,and the lost grains,negative. At the time,calculation was done by the method of Suan Chou(counting rods)Red rods were used to denote positive coefficients,and black ones to denote negative ones. Or in another case,the normal position of Su-an Chou denoted positive,while an inclined position denoted negative.负数的引进,是中国古代数学家对数学的一个巨大贡献。在《九章算术》的第八章“方程”中,就引人了负数解联立方程组。如负数出现在方程的系数和常数项中,把“卖(收人钱)”作为正,则“买(付出钱)”作为负,把“余钱”作为正,则“不足钱”作为负。在关于粮谷计算的问题中,是以益实(增加粮谷)为正,损失(减少粮谷)为负等。当时是用算筹来进行计算的,以红筹为正,黑筹为负;或将算筹首列作正、斜置作角。Rules for the calculation of signed numbers were also given in Jiuzhang Suanshu.According to the book, the deduction(or subtraction)of two numbers with the same sign(from another number) equals the deduction of the absolute values of the two numbers,while the deduction of two numbers with different signs equals the addition of the absolute values of the iwo numbers. Also一a positive number subtracted from zero gives a negative number,whereas a negative num-ber subtracted from zero gives a positive number. The addition of two numbers with different signs equals the deduction of their absolute values,while the addition of iwo numbers with the same sign equals the addition of their absolute values.Zero plus a positive number is still a positive number,and zero plus a negative number is still a negative number. Until the 17th century,it was the most complete depiction on the rules for adding and subtracting positive and negative一 numbers in the world.在《九章算术》中,除了引进正负数的概念外,还完整地记载了正负数的运算法则:同号两数相减,等于其绝对值相减;异号两数相减,等于其绝对值相加;零减正数得负数,零减负数得正数。异号两数相加,等于其绝对值相减;同号两数相加,等于其绝对值相加;零加正数得正数,零加负数得负数。直到公元17世纪以前,这还是正负数加减运算最完整的叙述。Negative numbers appeared very late in the West.Many noted mathemati-clans did not admit negative numbers,because they consider zero as“nothing”and could not understand that something could be even less than“nothing,”and so considered negative numbers“absurd.”It was only in the 17th century when Descartes invented the coordinate system,which gave a geometrical explanation and an actual meaning for negative numbers,that negative numbers began to be accepted gradually.在西方,负数出现得很晚。许多著名数学家一直不承认负数。他们把零看作“没有”,他们不能理解比“没有”还要“少”的现象,因而认为负数是“荒谬的”。直到17世纪,笛卡儿创立了坐标系,负数获得了几何解释和实际意义,才逐渐得到了公认。The introduction of negative numbers is an important contribution of Chinese mathematicians to world mathematics. With the introduction of negative numbers,the whole numbers and rational numbers became complete.负数的引进,是中国古代数学家贡献给世界数学的一份宝贵财富。负数概念引进后,整数集和有理数集就完整地形成了。 /201512/410705东莞人民医院结扎复通

佛山哪间医院治不孕The US has been handed a proposal that would end the last vestiges of its control over the internet, sparking a potentially contentious political debate in Washington over the future of cyberspace. 美国接到一项提议,该提议将结束其对互联网域名的管控权,这可能在华盛顿引发围绕网络空间未来的激烈政治辩论。 Under the proposal put forward yesterday by ICANN, the international body that oversees the internet’s addressing system, the US would hand over its role as the ultimate authority for internet naming. ICANN’s governance arrangements would be overhauled to protect it from government meddling in future. 根据监管互联网域名系统的国际机构——互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)——昨日提出的建议,美国将让出其在管理互联网域名方面的最高主管角色。ICANN的治理安排将被彻底整改,以保护其未来免受政府干预。 Washington offered two years ago to give up its remaining internet oversight, in response to the international outcry over the Snowden revelations about illicit US internet surveillance. 两年前,华盛顿方面提出放弃手中剩下的互联网控管权,以回应国际上针对斯诺登(Snowden)爆料的、美国对互联网进行非法监听的强烈抗议。 It had promised full privatisation of the internet in 1998, but the idea was put on hold over concerns in Congress that ICANN could become captive to repressive governments. 美国曾在1998年承诺对互联网进行全面私有化,但由于美国国会担忧ICANN可能受制于专制政府,这一想法被搁置。 Stirrings in Washington suggest that such opposition could resurface. Ted Cruz, one of the Republican presidential candidates, and two other senators fired a shot across ICANN’s bows last week with a letter questioning its contacts with China and the risks if it was cut free from US control. 华盛顿方面的迹象似乎表明,此类反对声音可能将重现。上周,共和党总统竞选人之一特德#8226;克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)与另外两名参议员通过一封公开信向ICANN开火,他们质疑该机构与中国的接触以及脱离美国控制可能带来的风险。 Approving a Chinese internet registrar was a sign of the body’s “desire to build a close relationship with the Chinese government which could continue to move in a troubling direction once the US government ends its oversight”, they wrote. 他们写道,批准中文网络域名注册标志着该机构“渴望与中国政府建立密切关系,而一旦美国政府不再进行控管,中国可能继续朝着令人不安的方向前进”。 ICANN has clashed with several countries over how much control they should have over its operations. But despite worries that China and Russia would lead a push for more government control, opposition centred on a wider group of countries that included Argentina, Brazil and France. ICANN曾与好几个国家就后者应在多大程度上对其运营进行管控发生过冲突。但是,尽管人们担心中国、俄罗斯将带头推动更多的政府管控,但反对态度实际上集中于一个更广泛的国家集团,包括阿根廷、巴西和法国。 /201603/431229广州白云市妇科医院专家 SEATTLE — Microsoft is serious about making its most lucrative business, Office, relevant to mobile users. What is less clear is how much money it will be able to make from them.西雅图——让Office这个公司最赚钱的业务对移动用户构成吸引力,是微软(Microsoft)十分看重的。至于能从他们身上赚多少钱,就不得而知了。On Monday, the company announced partnerships with nearly a dozen makers of tablets based on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. The most prominent of those deals is with Samsung, the largest maker of Android devices, which plans to ship Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, on some of its tablets during the first half of this year. Just recently, Microsoft cut a similar deal to load Office onto Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. Microsoft said Dell would also put Office on its Android tablets. Nine other companies, mostly regional hardware makers in other countries, will do the same.周一,微软宣布将与十几家基于谷歌(Google)移动操作系统Android的平板电脑制造商合作。这批交易中最引人注目的就是它与最大的Android设备制造商三星(Samsung)之间协议。该公司计划于今年上半年,在公司的一些平板电脑上装载Word、Excel、PowerPoint和OneNote等Office软件。前不久,微软刚刚达成了一笔相似的交易,要在三星的新款Galaxy S6和S6 Edge手机上装载Office软件。微软称,戴尔(Dell)也会在其Android平板电脑上装载Office。另外还有九家公司,其中大多是其他国家的地区性硬件制造商,也会这样做。The deals are yet another illustration of how Microsoft has changed its philosophy about mobile. The old Microsoft fought the mobile technology duopoly of Android and Apple’s iOS by withholding its Office applications from them. The new Microsoft is doing everything it can to get Office into the hands of people with those devices.这些交易也再次说明,微软关于移动设备的观念发生了何种转变。原来的微软,为了对抗Android和苹果(Apple)iOS对移动科技的垄断,一直不肯在相关设备上安装Office应用。而新的微软,却在尽一切可能,让使用这些设备的人们能接触到Office。“It goes to show we are truly reinventing ourselves,” Peggy Johnson, executive vice president for business development at Microsoft, said in an interview.微软商业发展执行副总裁佩吉·约翰逊(Peggy Johnson)在采访中说,“它会表明我们真的在重塑自己。”Microsoft’s top priority at the moment is clearly more use, not sales. The company is letting mobile users run Office on their phones and tablets free, in the hopes of eventually luring them to buy premium features available through an Office subscription service. Ms. Johnson said there had been 80 million downloads of Office on iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads.微软目前的首要任务无疑是更多的使用量,而非销售量。微软正在让移动设备用户在他们的手机和平板电脑上免费使用Office,希望最后能诱使这些用户通过Office订阅务,购买相关的高级功能。约翰逊表示,在用于iPhone和iPad的iOS系统上,Office的下载量达8000万次。This so-called freemium approach to making money is the standard for countless app start-ups today. It is, however, a bit riskier for a company like Microsoft with a colossal, mature software franchise like Office, one that brings in billions of dollars in revenue a year.这种通过所谓的免费增值模式来赚钱的方法,是当今无数应用程序初创企业的惯用手段。不过,对于拥有Office这样大型而成熟的软件的微软而言,风险就会大一些。Office每年可以带来数十亿美元的收益。Microsoft does not seem worried that giving away a functional version of Office for mobile will kill its business. And it certainly does not seem to be slowing the pace of its efforts to make Office a mainstay for Android and iOS users.微软似乎并不担心,为移动设备提供一个可用的Office版本将对其业务造成致命危险。而且它无疑还会继续努力,让Office成为Android和iOS用户的首选。“We’re comfortable with the model as it stands,” Ms. Johnson said.约翰逊说,“目前来看,我们对这种模式挺满意。” /201503/366480广州做人流手术哪家医院好

揭阳妇幼保健院人工受孕 The Large Water-driven Spinning Wheel水力大纺车The ancient spinning wheel usually had two to three, or even five, spin-dIes.At the juncture of the Song and Yuan Dynasties when the society experienced substantial economic development, on the basis of various kinds of spinning wheels at the time, a new kind of large-size spinning wheel with dozens of spindles gradually appeared, with the prominent features different from the previous spinning wheels in that it had dozens of spindles and was powered by water. These features, which resembled those of modern spinning machines, made the waterwheels suitable for large-scale professional production.The large water-driven spinning wheel also greatly improved the efficiency of the textile industry. For in-stance,one hand-driven spinning wheel could weave l. 5 kilos of hemp ( fiber from the hemp plant which is used to make textiles) at most each day, while a large water-driven one could weave more than 50 kilos daily. In this way, once the wheel began to work, there had to be enough hemp for constant production. The large water-driven spinning wheel was an important invention that applied natural power in textile manufacturing in ancient China. The water-driven spinning wheel in China precedes its Western counterpart by more than four centuries.古代纺车的锭子数目一般是2—3枚,最多为5枚。宋元之际,随着社会经济的发展,在各种传世纺车机具的基础上,逐渐产生了一种有几十个锭子的大纺车。大纺车与原有的纺车不同,其特点是:锭子数目多达几十枚,及利用水力驱动。这些特点使大纺车具备了近代纺纱机械的雏形,适应大规模的专业化生产。水力大纺车还大大提高了纺织业效率。比如,通用纺车每天最多纺纱3斤,而大纺车一昼夜可纺100多斤。纺织时,需使用足够的麻才能满足其生产能力。水力大纺车是中国古代将自然力运用于纺织机械的一项重要发明,如单就以水力作原动力的纺纱机具而论,中国比西方早了四个多世纪。 /201601/419345广州白云治妇科炎症的医院广州做清宫手术大约多少钱



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