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贵池妇幼保健院妇科华石台县医院哪个医生好Business商业报道Religious investigation services宗教审查务The Lords outsourced work上帝的外包工作The Vatican introduces price controls on the saint-verifying business罗马教廷在圣徒核查领域引入价格控制机制IF YOU came across an essay titled The Cost of Sainthood you might assume it was a homily on the self-sacrificing life of some heroic person.如果你偶然看到一篇文章题为《圣徒的代价》,你可能以为这是一篇关于某个英雄人物自我牺牲的道德说教。But it turns out that sainthood has a cost in a more literal sense—and it has been rising.但是事实上,作为圣徒还有一个实际意义上的花费,而且这个花费在不断增加。When Cardinal John OConnor ofNew Yorkstarted a campaign for the canonisation of Dorothy Day, an activist who toiled among the citys poor, some said this was a bad use of church funds.多罗西·戴是一名挣扎在纽约贫苦人群中的激进主义分子。纽约主教约翰·欧·康纳为其的圣徒册封仪式发起活动,而有人说这一行为滥用了教派基金。He retorted that the expense was not excessive: an initiative to canonise a Haitian-born New Yorker called Pierre Toussaint, aly well advanced, had cost less than ,000主教反驳道,此项花费并非多度:为一名出生在海地的纽约人皮埃尔·图森特发起的册封倡议已经花费超过4000美元,而这一活动进展非常顺利。But that was in the late 1990s. These days a successful canonisation campaign launched inAmericatypically costs around 0,000, and can go far higher, says the Catholic News Service, an agency editorially independent of the church.独立于教会的编辑代理机构《天主教新闻通讯社》称,但是那是在二十世纪九十年代末期。现在在美国,一项成功的圣徒册封活动大致需要花费25万美元甚至更高。The procedures for having somebody recognised as a saint are elaborate and bureaucratic.让某人受封成为圣徒的程序复杂精细而又庄严肃穆。They require an exchange of documents and expertise over many years between the persons home region and theVatican.需要主教奔赴候选人的家乡,调查相关文献,并将资料送到教会,获得相关专家的意见。All sorts of experts may be called in, including doctors, who are asked to comment on the two miraculous cures which are a prerequisite for full sainthood.这一过程将历时多年。各类专家将会被召集,其中也包括医生,他们将会对两种疑难杂症的治愈过程进行评价,因为这是完全成为圣徒的首要条件之一。And a key role is played by an expert, often a Rome-based canon lawyer, known as a postulator, who mediates between the candidates fan base and theVatican, and helps prepare a case for sainthood.另外,专家也将发挥重要作用。这个专家通常是一个来自于罗马的寺院律师,被叫做列圣申请官。To the dismay of Dan Brown fans, the role of devils advocate, who argued against a prospective sainthood, was abolished in 1983.他将会在候选人的持者基地和罗马教会之间进行调停,并协助候选人的受封仪式。令丹·布朗的追随者沮丧的是,扮演与候选圣徒唱反调的魔鬼辩护人的角色在1983年被取缔。The whole business will come under scrutiny this year, with two recentish popes—John XXIII and John Paul II—due to be proclaimed saints in April.今年,圣徒册封仪式将会在准教皇约翰二十三世和约翰·保罗二世两位的仔细审查下进行。This helps explain why, in a speech to postulators this month, Cardinal Angelo Amato, who oversees the Vaticans sainthood department, disclosed that it had introduced a reference tariff—in effect, price regulation—for the costs incurred in promoting a possible saint.这两位将会在今年四月正式宣誓上任。这也就是为什么本月掌管罗马教廷圣徒机构的主教安格鲁·阿玛托在致列圣申请官的讲话中提到的,他们将会针对提名一个圣徒候选人所产生的相关费用引进一项举荐关税。 这项关税实际上是一种价格规章。The department will also continue to ensure that candidates from poor countries, whose backers are less able to pay for elaborate verification services, get a fair hearing.这个机构也会继续确保来自贫穷国家的人们有机会成为候选人。这些人们的持者无力付详尽审查务的费用或举行一个公平的听会。Even that policy has its detractors.但这个政策仍然有反对的声音。Bill Briggs, author of a book on canonisation, has argued that the investigation system introduced by John Paul II, since it is less adversarial than before, was a marketing coup: it facilitated a wave of new saints in emerging markets, helping to recruit new souls to Catholicism.比尔·布里格斯写了一本关于圣徒册封仪式的著作。在书中,他驳斥由教皇约翰·保罗二世引入的候选人调查制度是一个营销诡计,因为该制度不像以往那样具有反抗意识。它催生了新兴市场里一批新圣徒的诞生,为天主教注入了新鲜的血液。But sainthood is never just a matter of money.但是成为圣徒决不是只关乎金钱。Some see the canonisation of two popes—a Polish conservative and an Italian reformer—as a way to reconcile traditionalists and radicals.有人认为两位教皇的册封,是传统主义者和激进分子相互妥协的一种方式。And Meaghan OKeefe of the University of California,Davissees the promotion of Dorothy Day as a move by male bishops to neutralise the countrys left-leaning nuns.加州大学戴维斯分校的米根·欧·基夫认为男性主教对多罗西·戴的提名,旨在寻求国家重心的平均分配,而不是过度倾向于关注修道院。Politics comes into the picture, as well as Mammon.政治问题以及财富收入也成为成为需要考虑的相关因素。 /201402/275346池州二院在那 This is still our big season premiere week.And ... so were back to work and kids are back at school.Do any of you have kids? Kids?And kids who just started college?Andbody?今天仍是我们首映周 我们都上班了 孩子也上学了 你们谁有孩子呢 有没有谁的孩子上大学呢Yeah. Youre the happy ones,huh?Theyre gone. They are gone.I just an article about kids who started college this year.最开心的是你们吧 他们终于走了 走了 我刚看到篇关于新生入学的文章They are the class of 2017,which by the way is insance.The class of 2017.i graduated high school in 1976. And...thank you.他们是2017届 太让人难以接受了 2017届啊 我高中毕业的时候还是1976年呢 谢谢啊I graduated college in the...I didnt.But thats not the point.Doesnt matter.我大学毕业的时候也才 好像没毕业过 但不是重点啦 可以忽略Sometimes I dont think we realize how different our perspectives are from younger generations.These kids were born in 1995.有时候我们都意识不到 这些熊孩子们的三观和我们有多不同 他们1995年出生And theyre part of generation why.As in why you take so many pictures of yourselves.A question I have.他们是“为啥”的一代 为啥一天到晚都在自拍 这是个我不能解的迷Their world is so different than the world that I grew up in. You know, the news crawl, at the bottom of most of the news networks.They have never watched TV without that being there.他们的世界和我成长的世界如此不同 就比如说在新闻台下面的新闻滚条 打从他们看电视 这玩意儿就一直在To put that in perspective, when I was growing up,the only thing that crawled along my TV was a dust bunny,I named Kyle and referred to as my soul mate.相比而言 我小的时候 能滚过我家电视屏幕的唯有灰尘因子 灰尘因子凯尔 我的灵魂伴侣Kids...I was lonely.Kids starting college have always had internet and email.And theyve always had GPS.而现在的孩子们 我当年还真是寂寞啊 孩子们上大学都有网络和邮箱SAnd theyve always had GPS.Can you imagine that? Theyve always had GPS.So theyve never had to pull into a gas station to ask for directions.How crazy is that?而且他们入手一个定位系统 你敢想么 人手一只定位器 于是他们从不用去加油站问路 多疯狂啊I mean, if I never had to do that,I never would have met my first slim jim.Not the food.He was a drifter I met in Texaco.It was my first one.Means there were many.真的 如果我也这样的话 我就不会遇到我的第一只大麻 不是吃的啦 是我在加油站遇到的一个流浪哥 好吧 是我的第一 说明以后有很多And I just realized,if they were born in 1995.That means basically for their entire lives Ive been gay.Thats what I realize.So...its crazy.我突然意识到 如果他们是在95年出生 那打从他们记事起我就已经出轨了 我刚刚意识到呢 所以 多无厘头啊They...they text, they tweet, they twerk,they have names like Twitch,who is my guest DJ today.So,I say it to you, Twitch,make me twerk.他们发短信 推特 跳抖臀舞 还有诸如Twitch这样神奇的名字 他是我今天的代班DJ 那么 Twitch 让我扭起来吧注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260911Henry and Elizabeth were lucky. 亨利和伊丽莎白是幸运的。They would have more children, including another son. 他们会有更多的孩子,包括另一个儿子。Henry was building a myth that he and his family were the true and rightful royal blood of England, 亨利创造的是一个神话,他和他的家人是真正合法的英国皇室血统,but there were those who just didnt buy it. 但有些人就是对此不买账。In fact, they would do their own rewriting of history to expose Henry for the usurper he was.事实上,他们会重写历史揭露亨利的篡位者身份。What we have here is a logical roll. 我们有这里有一本历史书卷。These family trees are owned by kings and noble men to describe and sometimes invent their glorious ancestries. 这些家谱属于国王和贵族人士,有时用作炫耀他们的光荣的祖先。And it is this part that we are interested in in particular and which tells us why Henry was so very afraid and what he was afraid of. 而这部分,我们特别感兴趣的是告诉我们为什么亨利非常害怕,他自己害怕的原因。We start here with Edward III, the Plantagenet king, from whom both Yorkers and Lancastrians trace their lines of descent. 我们从在这里的爱德华三世开始,金雀花王朝国王,从尤科斯和兰卡斯特两人追寻他们的血统后裔。We can see here the Lancastrian line coming down through Henry IV, Henry V, Victorian call and Henry VI, 我们可以看到这里的兰开斯特线下降到亨利四世,亨利五世,亨利六世,维多利亚和亨利四世,and then it stops, because the Lancastrians are exterminated. 然后它就停止了,因为兰卡斯特被灭绝。And this secret line is what this roll believes to be the main line of royal descent and it goes to the Yorks king, to Edward IV and his wife Elizabeth Woddfield. 而此卷认为这条秘密线是主要王室后裔,而且它经尤科斯王,爱德华四世和他的妻子伊丽莎白。The main line of descent carries on to Richard III, but as we can see, the line runs out. 下降的主要线路,通过理查三世,但正如我们所见,线就断了。Its actually unfinished. 它实际上是未完成的。Henry is notably absent. 其中就是不见亨利踪影。201311/263935东至县输卵管再通术哪家医院好的

池州市九华医院是私立的吗Todays program is about an effect that not only have we all witnessed, but have participated in. Havent we all been on an elevator and noticed that just about everyone stops talking when they get on? Why do we do that? You can be having a perfectly pleasant conversation with someone, and as soon as you get on an elevator, you just feel like youd better shut up. Then, as soon as the doors open, everyone resumes conversation.今天的节目是关于一个我们不仅曾经目睹过,而且亲身体验过的现象。当我们都在电梯上的时候,你有没有注意过电梯上升时所有人都停止了说话?为什么我们会这么做?你或许正在和某人进行非常愉快的交谈,而当你走上电梯的时候,你立刻感觉到你最好闭上嘴。随后,当电梯门打开的时候,大家又恢复了交谈。Primatologists, or people who study primate behavior, have a term for this. Its called the “elevator effect,” though it doesnt occur only on elevators. It happens whenever a group of primates, like humans, is brought into a situation where escape is temporarily impossible.研究灵长类行为的灵长类动物学家有一个术语来描述这个现象。它被称之为“电梯效应”,尽管它不仅仅发生在电梯上。它常常发生在一群灵长类动物身上,比如人类,当他们被带入一个暂时不可能逃脱的位置时。Its thought to be a kind of safety mechanism: as long as nobody talks, nobody is going to risk getting in a fight when theres no way to sp out. The elevator effect keeps a lid on potential problems before they start.这被认为是一种安全机制:只要没有人说话,就不会有人在无处可逃时试图冒险卷入一场战斗。电梯效应使得潜在的问题在爆发之前得到抑制。Even though they rarely if ever ride elevators, chimpanzees demonstrate the elevator effect as well. When chimps are temporarily crowded together into small areas, they will minimize their vocalizations–that is, nobody speaks–and avoid eye contact. The amount of scratching the chimps do, however, goes up.尽管黑猩猩几乎从来不乘坐电梯,它们也同样验了电梯效应。当黑猩猩们暂时拥挤在一个很小的空间时,它们会使它们的声音最小化--也就是说,没人说话--并且避免眼神的接触。然而,黑猩猩抓挠的次数却增多。Since scratching is a sign of stress in chimps, we can imagine what they are feeling: something like what we feel in a crowded elevator, with everybody carefully staring at the lighted numbers and no one saying a thing. I havent noticed if we scratch more.因为抓挠是黑猩猩感受到压力的标志,我们可以想象它们的感受:就像我们在拥挤的电梯中的感受一样,每个人都小心的盯着亮灯的数字,没有人说话。我从未注意过我们是否也挠来挠去的。 /201305/240660池州中医医院妇产科医院 Yaeuml;l: Hey Don, whatcha doing?嘿,Don, 你在干什么?Don: Booking a trip to Glacier National Park. I want to go there before the glaciers disappear.订张去冰川国家国家公园的票。在冰川融化之前我想去那儿一趟。Y: What do you mean?你是什么意思啊?D: Scientists predict that within twenty years the parks remaining glaciers will melt away.科学家们预测20年之内这个公园内的冰川将渐渐融化。Y: Why?为什么啊?D: Whether its because of human industry or natural cycles, temperatures are rising. And when temperatures rise, glaciers melt.不管是因为人类工业还是自然循环,气温都在逐渐上升。而当气温上升时,冰川就会融化。Y: Forgive me for sounding insensitive, but so what? Glaciers are nice to look at, but what difference will it make if they melt?原谅我的后知后觉,但是那又如何?冰川看起来很漂亮,但是如果它们融化又会有什么不同呢?D: Glaciers are more than just pretty pictures. Theyre the main sources for many rivers that people depend on for drinking water, irrigation, and hydroelectric power.冰川不只是壮美这么简单。它们是许多河流的源头。人们的饮用水、灌溉和水力电气的能源都需要依赖这些河流。Y: So are rivers drying up?那么,河流会变得干涸吗?D: Not yet, but the amount of glacier water affects a rivers flow volume. 还不确定,但冰川水的量会影响河水的流量。The lower the flow volume the less water there is for drinking, power, and everything else people depend on rivers for. 流量越少,供人们饮用,发电以及做其他一切事的水就会越少。Also, greater water volume helps dilute a rivers chemical content. 另外,丰富的水量可以帮助稀释河流内的化学物质。The less water a river has, the higher the chemical concentration, which can pollute a lake fed by the river.一条河的水量越少,其内的化学物质浓度就会越高。这会污染这条河注入的湖泊。Y: I didnt know that. But how about this...Higher temperatures mean that more water will evaporate from the oceans, which means more precipitation, including snow. 我倒不清楚那个。但这个呢?温度越高就意味着海洋的水将会有更多被蒸发,也就是说降水量也会增多,包括雪。So maybe some glaciers will actually grow even though its getting warmer.所以说尽管气候是在变暖,但冰川的数量还可能会增加。D: Some scientists make that argument, but most dont buy it. 有些科学家做出了那样的论断,但大部分人并不认同。Sure, some glaciers are growing temporarily thanks to unusual amounts of snow, but theyre the exception to the rule. 确实,一些冰川的暂时性生长是因为不寻常的降雪数量,但这只是冰川生成过程中的例外情况。Generally, glaciers grow when the amount of snow that melts in the summer is less than the amount that falls in the winter. 一般来说,夏天雪融化的数量少于冬天降雪的数量时才会生成冰川。Right now, more snow is melting than falling.现在,融化的雪量比降雪量多。Y: I guess you should book that trip. 我想你该订下这趟旅程。201308/251506尧渡仁里蓉城镇医院官网

安徽池州市妇幼保健院网上预约 Science and technology科学技术Military camouflage军事伪装That old razzle dazzle旧式迷魂战术How to confuse the enemy about how quickly you are travelling如何让敌方无法判断己方的前行速度Go-faster stripes?船身高速伪装线?IN THE second world war, many Allied ships were painted with dark and light stripes,and other contrasting shapes, making them look a bit like zebra.二战期间,许多盟军军舰船身都被喷涂了黑白条纹及其它迷图案,这让它们看上去有些象斑马。The idea was to distort an enemy submarine commanders perception of the ships size, shape, range, heading and speed, so as to make it harder to hit with the non-homing torpedoes of the period.这样做的目的是为了迷惑敌军潜水艇指挥官,使其无法判断盟军船舰的尺寸,形状,距离,航向和速度。由于当时的鱼雷还不具备制导系统,因此想要击中目标愈加困难。These had to be pointed not at the target directly but, rather, at the place where the commander thought the target would be when the torpedo arrived.因此敌军指挥官不再让鱼雷直接对准目标发射,而是将它们发射到他认为盟军军舰可能会驶向的位置。At the time, though, it was only an educated guess that this so-called dazzle camouflage would work.当时, 对于这种所谓的迷伪装术的有效性判断还只是基于经验上的考量。Now someone has actually tested it and the short answer is that it does work—but not in the way that Allied navies thought it did.而如今已经有人对此进行了真实测试,结果验这种迷伪装的确有效—但并不是按照盟军海军所设想的那种方式发挥作用。Ships move too slowly for dazzle camouflage to be effective.迷伪装无法保护航行速度过慢的船艇。However, it might well have a role in protecting faster-moving vehicles, such as military Land Rovers.但它对于军用路虎这样快速行驶的车辆却能起到很好的保护作用。Nicholas Scott-Samuel, of the University of Bristol, and his colleagues, came to this conclusion by asking volunteers to watch patterned rectangles cross a computer screen.以上结论是由布里斯托尔大学的Nicholas Scott-Samuel和他的同事通过实验得出的。Some of the rectangles had horizontal stripes inside them.他们让志愿者观察在电脑屏幕内横向移动的长方形物体,这些物体内部被喷涂了不同图案,Some had vertical stripes.图案形式有横纹,Some had zigzags.竖纹,And some had checks.锯齿纹和方格纹。Others, acting as controls, had no internal patterns.而作为参照的物体则未喷涂任何图案。Each test involved a jazzy rectangle crossing the screen either before or after a plain one.每次实验志愿者在观看了迷图案的长方形横过电脑屏幕之前或之后,还被要求观看一个没有条纹图案的物体横过屏幕,Volunteers had to estimate which of the two was travelling faster.之后志愿者需要估计这两个物体哪个移动速度较快。In fact, in all cases, the two rectangles travelled at the same speed.实际上,在所有实验中,这两个长方形物体移动的速度都相同。But the researchers varied the conditions in other ways, without telling the participants.但研究人员通过其它方式改变了实验条件,志愿者对此却一无所知。Sometimes both rectangles travelled slowly, at just over 3o of arc a second from the observers point of view, as a ship might.有时两个长方形物体移动速度都很慢,从志愿者的观察角度看,就象一艘船以每秒驶过3度的距离在航行,Sometimes they travelled much faster, at 20o a second, mimicking the way a land vehicle moves.有时它们都模仿陆地车辆行驶方式以每秒走过20度的距离快速移动。The jazzy rectangles also came in different flavours. Some were low-contrast and some high-contrast.长方形物体的迷图案也不尽相同,有些图案对比度不强烈,有些图案的对比度则很强。The upshot, as Dr Scott-Samuel reports in the Public Library of Science, was that participants were not fooled by slow-moving rectangles, nor by low-contrast ones.实验结果如同Scott-Samuel 士在公共科学图书馆报告所说,志愿者对慢速移动或图案对比度不强的物体移动速度判断较准确。Fast-moving, high-contrast shapes, however, did befuddle them.而对于快速移动和图案对比度强烈的物体,他们的判断常常出错。On average, an observer reckoned that such a fast, jazzy rectangle was going 7% slower than was actually the case.志愿者对于有迷图案和快速移动的正方形物体的速度估计要比它们的实际速度平均低了7%。Ships, therefore, travel too slowly for dazzle camouflage to work.因此喷涂迷伪装的军舰航行速度过于缓慢是起不到迷惑敌军作用的。In any case, modern torpedoes and missiles are guided to their target electronically.在任何情况下,现代的鱼雷和导弹都采用了电子制导来跟踪目标。But 20o a second corresponds to the perceived movement of a vehicle 70 metres away that is travelling at 90kph.但是从视觉角度看,每秒20度的移动速度相当于在70米外看到一部车辆在以90公里/小时行驶。That is precisely the sort of distance from which an unguided rocket-propelled grenade might be fired at a lightly armoured military vehicle, and just the sort of speed such a vehicle might be travelling at.在与此相同的距离和速度条件下,一个非制导火箭推进榴弹能够击中一辆轻型装甲军车。Perhaps the answer, then, is for modern armies to buy their Land Rovers second-hand from game parks, which often paint them in zebra stripes for effect.如果果真如此,那么现代军队可以考虑在狩猎公园买个涂有斑马条纹的二手路虎车了。Whether real zebra got their own jazzy stripes to confuse predators has yet to be determined.至于斑马身上的条纹能否让其躲过掠食动物的捕杀则还有待实。 /201304/235805池州医院治疗阳痿多少钱池州包皮过长医院哪里最好



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