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The day shift is still here of course, its just hidden.当然白日帮也还在,只是藏了起来。But its difficult to find somewhere big enough to hide if you are the size of a turtle.像海龟这样的大家伙很难找到一个合适的地方暂时藏身。This green turtle has found himself a little ledge, and is tucking in for the evening.这只大海龟给自己找了块暗礁,暂时安顿过夜。Hello, big fella.你好,大家伙。Hes a bit drowsy and probably quiet grumpy.这只龟有点瞌睡,可能还有点床气。And we all get like that occasionally, dont we?这与我们人类的反应相似,不是吗?So Ill leave him alone. Lovely sight, sleep well big fella.我最好让它睡个好觉,真漂亮,晚安,大家伙。At night, many fish sleep, resting in safe nooks and crannies on the reef.晚上鱼儿栖息在礁石的缝隙和角落睡觉。Without eyelids, they enter a trance-like state, barely moving other than to keep water flowing through their gills.没有眼睑,它们看起来更像是在神游,除了呼吸用的腮外,它们几乎全身纹丝不动。But they do give off a scent, and that means they can be found.但气味依然会跑出来,而这意味着它们能被找到。This cone snail catches it prey in one of the most surprising ways imaginable, and specializes in killing fish.这只鸡心螺的捕猎方法是最难以想象的一种,尤其是杀死小鱼的方式。It sniffs them out whilst they are sleeping.鸡心螺趁鱼睡觉时循着味道找到它们。This goatfish may be asleep, but its aware of its surroundings.这只绯鲵鲣可能打着盹儿,但仍然对周围保持警惕。First, the snail must sneak close enough to bring its secret weapons into play.鸡心螺先悄悄地靠近猎物,它的秘密武器只有在近距离才能用得上。 201411/345029All right,so Mindy you planned a lot of weddings for a lot of peopleMindy 你为很多人策划了婚礼and I know that brides are difficult,right,sometimes,sometimes我知道新娘一般比较难应付 恩 有时 有时I mean its really stressful,I learn that,its a very stressful thing有时真的会有压力 我知道 这真的是一件非常有压力的事情How do we compare cause you have two brides than that other poeple you have done跟其他一个新娘的比起来 我们这有两个新娘 你怎么比较这两者呢Well I think if we had a big wedding it would have been a big problems我觉得如果我们举办盛大的婚礼 那将会有很大的麻烦But because it got really small,I mean truely I have admited that you did everything但因为你们的婚礼规模真的很小 而且我得承认你几乎计划了所有事情I just follow the directions,no,yeah,no,yeah我做的仅仅是执行你的计划 不会吧 是的 不会吧 是的But we did,we had a huge like 150 to 200 people originally,we were gonna do a huge wedding但我们原先打算邀请150人到200人参加我们的婚礼 我们打算举办盛大的婚礼and at the last minute we said please call and uninvited everybody,because we just cant do it,its too stressful但最后的时刻我们决定说请打电话给大家 我们决定不邀请那么多人了 因为我们不能做到 压力太大了and then we got the calls from the certain people thinking that they were the only one uninvited然后我们接到了一些人的电话 他们以为只有他们没受邀请So that they were offended,Im kept telling them,no you are still,you would have been there所以他们感觉被冒犯了 我不停的告诉他们 不 你是在邀请名单内的 你本来是要来参加的yeah,we did the right thing,we only had 21 people,so it was perfect我们做了正确的选择 我们的婚礼只有21个人 是的 这人数非常合适and even then it was so hard to decide the seating chart,cause the further away people get from you the more offended they are但仍然 你很难去决定座位表 因为离你坐得越远越会觉得他们被得罪they feel terrible,they analyze it,to see exactly who is next to you他们会感觉很糟糕 他们会试图分析 看看谁会坐在旁边Its a big deal,a political class but to see it.but we were pretty calm,right这可是件大事 看到才会明白是典型的官方反应 但我们都很冷静 对吧Very calm,from the minute I got there that morning,you were kind of flying around非常冷静 那天早上我到达场地的时候 你到处在那走来走去I was a little worried than I before,oh god here we go,not one我比之前想的还要紧张一些 哦 天啊 真的要开始了 不只一位新娘 /201608/460087

  The U.S. government is telling parents to not rely too heavily on rice cereal as a food staple for babies because it is a leading cause of arsenic exposure for infants. 美国政府告诉父母不要过分依赖米糊作为婴儿的主食,因为这是婴儿砷接触的主要原因。The Food and Drug Administration said in a news release that it is working to reduce the levels of inorganic arsenic in rice cereal for babies because of the concerns. 食品和药品在新闻稿中表示,正在努力降低婴儿米糊中的无机砷含量。FDA officials are requiring rice cereal to contain no more than 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic. 美国食品药品官员要求大米谷物中无机砷含量每10亿不超过100个单位。But, the agency also encouraged parents to not feed their kids too much cereal. 但是,该机构还鼓励家长不要给孩子喂过多的谷物。Exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to developmental issues for children, such as decreased performance on developmental tests. 接触无机砷可导致儿童发育问题,如发育测试性能下降。The FDA says the risk also applies to pregnant women.美国食品药品表示妇也有同样的风险。译文属。201604/435500

  I heard you were talking about books some stuff.So I am coming up with the book我听到你在讲书之类的事情 所以我就拿着书出来了I just coming up with the book,Its called First Step 2 Forever.I want give it to you我就这么拿着书出现了 名字是First Step 2 Forever 我想亲手送给你You know I was just telling everybody about it I was saying that Justin has a bookJustin我正跟大家讲这件事呢 我刚才在说 写了本新书Thats so fun you walked out,because I said if you could only buy one book,buy Justins你走出来的时候挺搞笑的 因为我刚刚说如果你只能买一本书的话 那就买贾斯丁的And so thats great,And is First Step 2 Forever,The typal they went 2 with the number instead the Oops dizzies来的正好 名字是First Step 2 Forever 印刷厂用2替代了to 看看是谁犯困了啊Have a seat he is here for a second So very exciting.Thank you大家坐吧 他只呆一下就走的 好兴奋 谢谢Who do you want me to make up to?Oh me make up to me -All right Whats it about Justin?你想让我签给谁 我 当然是给我啦 好的 讲的什么内容Basic about autobiography you know about my life and you know基本上就是自传 你懂的 就是关于我的生活经历的To Ellen,I love you,I-Love-You,Not hard I love you,I-Love-You给Ellen 我爱你 我-爱-你 别那么生硬嘛 我爱你 我-爱-你You are my best friend,leave a lot of room,My bestest friend in the whole wide world,in-the-whole-wide-world你是我最好的朋友 多留点空 你是我在全宇宙最最要好的朋友 在全宇宙I cant imagine life without you,I-cant-imagine-life-without-you.I remember when we first met我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我无法想象没有你我的生活会是怎样 我记得我们初次相识的那天I… dont have enough room,There is no room,It is all right You can add some more later我… 没位子啦 没位子写啦 没关系 你可以等下再继续写You want do someting with me right now?Yeah -You wanna dance through the audience room?All right lets go你想跟我一起互动一下吗 好啊 -你想在观众席间秀秀舞姿吗 好吧 开始 /201603/431617。

  Officials said on Sunday, flooding from torrential rain killed at least one person in Ellicott City, Maryland. 周日官员称,马里兰州埃利科特城暴雨引发的洪水已至少造成一人遇难。In addition, after floodwaters swept through the town’s historic downtown, at least two people were missing.此外,洪水席卷史悠久的小镇中心后,至少两人失踪。Officials said, Ellicott City was pounded by almost 6 inch of rain in two hours late on Saturday Sending the Patapsco river out of its banks.官员表示,周六晚些时候,埃利科特城两小时的降雨量达近6英寸,使帕塔普斯科河水溢出堤坝。The Howard County executive, Allan Kittleman, said the flooding in Ellicott City, about 35 miles north-east of Washington DC, was worse than that from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.霍华德县执行官艾伦称,位于华盛顿东北部约35英里的埃利科特城洪水比1972年艾格尼丝飓风更糟糕。The executive said the body of one woman was found in the Patapsco river overnight.这位执行官表示,夜间在帕塔普斯科河发现一名妇女的尸体。译文属。201608/458069

  听力参考文本:Imagine, in the wake of a big snowstorm, city sidewalks and streets that never get caked with snow and ice. No salt, no slopping your way through slush or gingerly walking on ice.Thats a luxury people in Holland, MI have been enjoying for some time now, thanks to their heated sidewalks and streets.What started out as a daring idea and a monetary long shot seems to have paid off.Former Mayor Al McGeehan was a city councilman when the decision was made to install the heated streets and sidewalks.McGeehan tells us Hollands ;snowmelt; system takes heated water the nearby power plant would usually feed into an adjacent lake, and instead runs it through miles of piping laid under the surface of the citys streets and sidewalks.According to downtownholland.com, the system can melt about an inch of snow per hour at temperatures as low as 15 degrees.McGeehan says the idea first came up in spring 1988, when Hollands downtown area was aly undergoing a massive overhaul.;We had torn up our downtown from storefront to storefront. Sidewalks, curb, gutter, street—we were putting in all new infrastructure,; McGeehan says. ;A leading industrialist here in Holland by the name of Edgar Prince who had seen this kind of a system used in some piazzas and plaza areas in Europe, he said … why dont we dream? Could we, while the streets are torn up, could we put in a system that would use that heat energy to save us money from snow plowing and shoveling and all that?;Though it was inspired by similar setups in Europe, Hollands snowmelt system would be the first in America and presented a number of challenges.;Back in 1988, when the idea was first launched, it was rocket science to us,; McGeehan says. ;We didnt know anything about it. It had never been done before in the ed States. We had no idea, number one, how it worked, how we could hook it up to our power plant. We had no idea how much it was going to cost to create, and the biggest question was, how much is it going to cost to operate it and maintain it?;Despite these uncertainties, McGeehan tells us, ;The majority of the city council said, Lets dare to dream big, and lets give it a shot.;According to McGeehan, that gamble has paid off. He says the operating costs turned out to be ;much less than anybody had anticipated.; Holland continued to expand the system until all heat from the wastewater had been put to use.A new gas-fired power plant is being built in Holland, and McGeehan tells us that current city leaders plan to use hot water from the turbines there to quintuple the snowmelt systems coverage downtown.201603/432997

  You light up a room.You have those intense eyes.你照亮了整个演播厅 你目光如炬Yeah,you go with what you know.You got the Irish blues,you use them.是的 你要发挥专长 长了一双爱尔兰蓝眼睛 就要学会利用You call your eyes the Irish blues?Yeah,the Irish blues.你把自己的眼睛称为爱尔兰蓝眼睛吗 对 爱尔兰蓝眼睛You know Andy and I usually see each other with very little clothes on over at the gym at Warner Brothers Studios.安迪和我穿着裸露的健身 在华纳兄弟演播室的健身房遇到过Beautiful calves on Andy.I have noticed that over the years,Andy does have beautifu legs.Only human.安迪的小腿很健美 多年来我也注意到了这点 安迪有健美的小腿 我也只是个普通人You see Andy in the gym and you longing stare at his legs,is that what youre saying?你在健身房遇到安迪 你渴望地盯着他的小腿看 你是这意思吗I respect a man with beautiful legs.He does make me pose.我很尊重腿部健美的男人 他还让我摆健美造型了I mean,I do it.You do it,you got to do what you have to do.我摆了 你摆了 该做的就得做When I go,Andy,pose.Thats your pose?What is that?That looks like you have.Have to dissect everything.当我说 安迪 摆造型的时候 这就是你的造型吗 那是什么鬼啊 看着就像是你 你非得仔细剖析John,it is Thursday.Holiday coming up very fast and settle down,everybody.约翰 今天是周四 圣诞节很快就要到了 冷静点 各位They just get nuts at the holiday over here.一到圣诞节 他们就疯了But as I said,its Thursday,holidays coming up like a rocket ship.Are you looking forward to the holidays?我说了 今天是周四 圣诞节噌噌地就要到了 你期待圣诞节吗Im a gravy guy.What?Im a gravy guy.What is that?我这人喜欢肉汁 什么 我这人喜欢肉汁 什么意思I like gravy conan.Ok,thats sound weird.我喜欢肉汁 柯南 你说这话口气很奇怪I like gravy so much I dont use the other appetizers.Theyre space fillers.I like gravy.我太喜欢肉汁了 根本不需要其他的开胃菜 肉汁很充饥 我喜欢肉汁I get it all over me.I like gravy,Im a gravy guy.Do you like gravy? stop saying it that way.我会涂得浑身都是 我这人喜欢肉汁 你喜欢肉汁吗 别再用这种口气说了201610/471149It feels like all three of you have been living under there. Something that.感觉你们三个 一直住在那底下Melanie, if the stalactites grows from the ceiling of the cave,梅拉妮 如果说钟乳石是从洞穴的顶上长下来的what formation grows from the caves floor?什么东西是从洞穴的地上长上去的Do you... have you heard of the stalactites?你听说过钟乳石吗Yes, I have.So thats the one that grows from the ceiling.听说过 那么它是从顶上长下来的What grows from the floor?Theres another one that sounds like that. Right?什么是从地上长上去的 还有一个词听起来和它差不多 对吧Oh. Oh. Okay.Stalactite. Yes. Stalactite, and then the.哦 知道了 钟乳石 是的 钟乳石 然后是Stalag... Stalag...mite?Alrigt.Yes! Heather,A grown up is generally anyone over the age of 18.石 -石笋 答对啦 好的 希瑟 一般18岁以上就是成年人了What American General was born on December 5th, 1839.出生于1839年12月5日的美国将军是哪一位呢Americans General?Eh..Eh, General Lee?No.Custer?Yeah!!美国将军 是李将军吗 不是 是卡斯特吗 耶Thats all we have time for. You all win.Alrigt.时间到 你们都赢了 好了I have to drop you all in some points,but you cant all drop by once.我得跟你们;再会;了 不过你们不能同时掉下去So we are gonna start with you, Nicole.I will see you in a minute. Bye.妮可 我们先从你开始 待会儿见 拜 /201601/420909

  what do you have in your rider?Theres water你巡演都随身带些社么东西 水When I was on tour they would stand up我巡演的时候都得站着My rider first started like that,just water,thats all I needed我刚开始也是带水就足够了Then it developed into a hammock.You should ask for hammock.How do you suspend that后来慢慢的 我开始带吊床 你也应问他们要一个吊床 你要怎么把它吊起来Well you have people do it,Taylor.You dont do it,you know你得让别人去做Taylor 你不用自己动手 你懂的or you can have two really strong guys just hold it and rock you generally like a baby或者你也可以让两个猛男撑着它 就像摇摇篮那样Also this,its a ice scrlpture of a swan还有这个 它是一座天鹅冰雕If you dont have some kind of demand that people are gonna talk about,you are nobody如果你总是不向别人提要求 让他们谈论你 那你就只能是无名小卒what do you do with it?well just end that in melt and you go to your next venue这东西要怎么处理呀 你就等它自己融化了 然后继续巡演到下一站呗The next night you just forget about it到了第二天晚上 你就忘了它就行了What about for the cold?It wouldnt be good for my throat.Well you dont lick it.What are you thinking about?Right.它温度这么低 这对我嗓子不好吧 你又不舔它 你在想什么呢 对哦I dont know what your thoughts were just now,but lets not,were gonna edit that out,guys,ok我不知道你刚才在想什么 我们别 我们把刚才那段剪掉 好吗Lets not let anybody see that part of her.我们不能让任何人看到那一面的她Out of the way everyone.American sweetheart is coming through and Taylor Swift is with me大家都让一让 美国甜心来啦 Taylor Swift也跟我一起哦We can rehearse the Jason Mraz song.Lets rehearse the Jason Mraz song我们可以排练那首Jason Mraz的歌 我们一起排练Jason Mraz的歌吧Not a good turn out.I know,I know.we are working on it,sorry.I mean you should have more fans in this感觉不太好 我知道 我知道 抱歉了 我们正在解决这个问题 我是说你应该让更多的歌迷进来 /201610/471491




  Sarah Price is the choir teacher at Saline High School, and this week she is releasing her debut CD, SarahTonin.Price studied vocal performance and music education at Michigan State University. She tells us that her musical background is mostly choral and classical, but through singing with different groups around the Ann Arbor area she has been experimenting with funk and jazz and that side of her voice.SarahTonin is a collection of original songs, save for the final piece on the album, George Frideric Handels ;Oh People.;She says she included that track as a nod to her roots. ;I love singing classically,; Price says. ;Choir has made me the musician that I am, so I wanted to feature that side of myself.;Price tells us that while shes excited to be performing and sharing her art, she isnt leaving teaching behind.;The students just inspire me every day,; she says. ;I often think you teach what you want to learn, and I push myself as a songwriter and a creator while I do that with them.;Visit Sarah Prices website to learn more, and listen to some of her music in our interview above.201506/381172

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