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More and more Chinese rich now hide their wealth under their clothes. According to the Wall Street Journal, lingerie stores in China are seeing strong sales of expensive bras and other pricey underwear, defying a broad drop in luxury sales in the vast domestic market.《华尔街日报近日一篇文章称,在奢侈品消费在中国市场总体下降的情况下,价值不菲的高档内衣仍然热销 3651。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Trying to make him jealous让他忌妒If you were content in your relationship, flirting with other guys to make your man jealous wouldnt even cross your mind.如果你对感情状况还满意,那与男人调情让他吃醋就实在是个馊主意So if you find yourself making eyes at the bartender just to make him sit up and notice you, ask yourself why? 如果你和酒吧务员在他眼前眉来眼去,只会让他提防你,为什么要这样做呢?If it because he acting non-committal or notpaying you enough attention tell him how you feel. 若是因为他缺乏责任感或对你不够关注,直接把想法告诉他Flirting sets a bad precedent – if you can that means he can too. And that no use to either of you.你调情只能为他起到表率作用——你能,他也能这对双方都不好 be content with 对...感到满意flirt 调情jealous 嫉妒bartender 吧台侍应生attention 注意力[本节目属] 575。

热门科幻美剧:Sense8《超感八人组热播 --30 :: 来源: 从《黑客帝国开始,沃卓斯基弟执导的影片经常让人觉得酷到没朋友今夏弟俩转战电视银屏,携《超感八人组归来八线叙事,大片剪辑,酷炫配乐,开播便以脑洞大开的设定和烧脑剧情“燃”足几周  Everything the Wachowskis create is inevitably compared to"The Matrix" (1999), their cyberpunk masterwork. "The Matrix"set the bar high what the directing duo is capable of, and ever since their output has driftedfurther and further beneath that mark. So it’s with great relief that they’ve now turned theirattention to television. The new sci-fi drama series "Sense8" proves to be a pasture a bit morefertile the two.  作为网络朋克的杰出代表作,沃卓斯基弟执导的《黑客帝国总是不可避免地被拿来与他们的其他作品相比《黑客帝国为这对导演二人组接下来的创作设定了高标准,但自这一系列影片后,作品离他们设定的高标准越来越远但令人欣慰的是,现在他们把注意力转移到了电视银屏新的科幻剧集《超感八人组充分的创作空间,让这对弟有了更广阔的用武之地  Sense8 turns eight people from across the globe into telepaths who can communicate with oneanother remotely through feelings, words, and thoughts. Confused and disoriented by theirmysterious abilities, each character sets out to uncover the origin of their powers while dodging thedeadly villain trying to capture them.  在《超感八人组里,来自世界各地的八位陌生人实现了通感,他们能远程交流彼此的情感、言语和思想这八个人对自己的超能力感到茫然困惑,在躲避致命反派追捕的过程中,每个人都开始去探寻自身超能力背后的秘密  The mechanism weaving the story together, typically just one character suddenly switchingplaces with another in a scene, takes some getting used to. But once you can feel out the show’sseams, most of the confusion falls away. What you’re left with are characters who might mattermore to you than the link between them.  在《超感八人组中,一个角色在某个场景里突然附身于另一个角色身上,从而将故事整合起来,这一编剧方式让人有点不适应但是,一旦你摸清了剧情的接合点,大部分疑团也就烟消云散那时你更关心的将是剧中的人物,而不是他们之间的关联  Each "sensate" has a charm of their own, lives of their own and troubles of their own. They aren’tthe most complete-feeling characters, and the show might be more enjoyable without one or two,but in a pinch they’ll keep you entertained. One sensate, however, stands firmly above the rest.Nomi, a transgender woman, feels like she actually exists in the real world. Expect to sometimesfind yourself wondering about her while other cast members are getting screen time.  每一位“通感者”都有他们独特的魅力,拥有属于他们自己的生活,同时也有一堆自己的麻烦事他们不是最完美的通感人物,而且也许少一两个人物,这部电视会更有趣;但在紧要关头他们会让你感到开心愉悦其中一个通感者在这八人中更引人注目她就是Nomi, 一个变性女子,她感觉自己真真切切地存在于真实的世界有的时候,你会和局中人一样,对Nomi感到疑惑  The Wachowskis’ post-Matrix work demonstrates they’re not the best at gluing things togetherwith story alone. Luckily, they know how to use a camera. There are moments in Sense8 that areso well shot you’ll remember why executives keep writing checks these two to experiment.When the story starts to languish, just focus on what you see. You’ll feel better soon enough.  沃卓斯基弟的后《黑客帝国作品表明,他们并不只是擅长用剧情把事件粘合在一起幸运的是,他们还知道如何巧妙利用摄像机在《超感八人组里,有些情景拍摄得非常好,这也是为什么电影公司高管一直出资让他们俩在拍摄中尝试新东西的原因当剧情开始变得无趣时,只要将注意力放在你所看到的场景上,你就马上感觉好多了  So Sense8 isn’t perfect. It’s good at being human, better at looking pretty, and not the best atachieving its ambitious goals. Still, it all evens out into a series you should commit a few hours tobee writing off.  《超感八人组并非尽善尽美它很好地表现了人性,制作也更精良,却未能很好地实现它的宏大目标即便如此,在你一票否决这部电视剧前,你还是应该花上几小时来观看它  重点 Key PhrasesWords  1. pasture n. 牧草地,牧场,牲畜饲养,放牧  . telepath n. 精神感应,心灵感应  3. in a pinch 必要时, 如果有必要  . languish vn. 憔悴,潦倒,失去活力, 惹人怜爱的感伤模样[倦态等],脉脉含情  5. even out 变平,平稳, (使)均衡(使),铲平 八人 科幻。