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Reshooting TV series has been a common topic in China in recent years. Overshadowed by the glamour of original TV productions, new versions of classic works, more often than not, have had audiences complaining about nonsensical plot points, poor acting skills and ubiquitous embedded marketing.近年来,电视剧翻拍已经成为一个常见话题。经典作品的翻拍版往往情节荒谬、演技糟糕且植入营销无处不在,新版作品在原版电视剧的魅力前黯然失色。A case in point is the never-ending reshooting of Lady White Snake, also known as the Legend of the White Snake, which mainly tells the love story between the White-Snake-turned Bai Suzhen, and Xu Xian.不断被翻拍的《白娘子》就是一个例子,这部剧主要讲述白蛇精白素贞和许仙之间的爱情故事。During the past two decades, new versions have constantly emerged. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and good-looking performers, the updated Lady White Snake has indeed offered a visual feast to audiences. But when it comes to love from the public, no version can hold a candle to the original.在过去20年间,该剧不断涌现出新的版本。凭借尖端科技和标致的演员,新版《白娘子》的确为观众带来了一场视觉盛宴。但是当提到观众的喜爱度时,没有任何一个版本能与原版相提并论。The legend was first adapted into a TV series in 1992 and performed by Hong Kong actresses Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip. The Taiwan-produced TV shows achieved huge success, leading to the constant reruns by domestic TV stations every year until now.1992年,这一传奇故事首次被改编为电视剧,由香港女演员赵雅芝和叶童出演。这部台湾制作的电视剧大获成功,以至于到现在国内电视台每年还在重播该剧。But this time, a group of young post-00s artists seem to receive more praises than doubts and criticism.不过,这一次一群00后小演员受到的赞美似乎比质疑和批评要多。;They are just incredible. When I see the little Xu Xian crying for the loss of Bai Suzhen, my heart broke,; said Weibo user Xraindays.微用户Xraindays称:“他们太棒了。当我看到小许仙因为失去白娘子而流泪时,我的心都碎了。”;Those so-called little-fresh-meat actors charging so much for their performances should really examine themselves. Look at these children, they are not second to anyone,; another Weibo user Quiesrter added.另一位微用户Quiesrter表示:“那些片酬极高的所谓的小鲜肉演员真应该自我反省一下。看看这些孩子,他们不逊色于任何人。”The children#39;s version of Lady White Snake was produced by a program called Xiao Xigu, which literally means small artists in English, and features children in the roles of classic characters from Chinese literature and folklore.儿童版的《白娘子》是《小戏骨》节目制作的,该节目让儿童出演中国文学作品和民间传说中的经典角色。Promoting Traditional Culture弘扬传统文化According to Pan Liping, general director of Xiao Xigu, all the performers are selected within an age range between 6 and 12 years old.据总导演潘礼平称,所有演员都是年龄在6到12岁之间的孩子。;Enhancing children#39;s interest in traditional Chinese culture and letting young artists set an example for a majority of children are the original intentions of setting up the program,; said Pan.潘礼平称:“这档节目的初衷是为了提高孩子们对中国传统文化的兴趣,让年轻演员为广大儿童树立榜样。”Meng Yu, the Chinese actress who starred in The White-haired Girl, said, ;Nowadays, it is a pity to see many children are totally addicted to pop culture and ignore our fine traditions. And children at this stage are accepters not makers. Xiao Xigu, to some extent, shoulders the responsibility of passing on fine traditional culture to children.;出演《白毛女》的中国女演员孟玉表示:“很遗憾看到如今许多孩子完全沉迷于流行文化中,对我们的优秀传统置之不理。孩子们在这个阶段是接受者而不是创造者,在某种程度上,《小戏骨》肩负了将中国优良传统文化传递给儿童的责任。”Creating A New TV Show Model打造一种全新的电视节目模式Since its release, the program has successfully reshot many patriotic TV series including Liu Sanjie, Jiao Yulu, Red Guards on Honghu Lake and The White-haired Girl before triggering widesp concerns and praises on the internet. The film Liu Sanjie has aly received more than 100 million hits online so far.该档节目自开播以来,在网上引起广泛的关注和认可之前,就已经成功翻拍了多部爱国主义系列影视作品,其中包括《刘三》、《焦裕禄》、《洪湖赤卫队》和《白毛女》。目前,《刘三》的网络点击量已经超过1亿。Many people are curious about the classic TV series reshooting process, but there is more to Xiao Xigu than that. According to People#39;s Daily, the program consists of four parts, including open audition, TV shooting, professional teaching and behind-the-scenes.很多人对经典电视剧的翻拍过程都很好奇,但对于《小戏骨》来说不仅仅是翻拍。据《人民日报》报道,该节目由四部分组成,包括公开视镜、电视拍摄、专业教学和幕后故事。The selection process for performers follows the strict rule to provide the exact person for the exact role.甄选演员的过程严格遵循根据角色选择人的原则。Meanwhile, in contrast with the large budgets in TV, low production cost is a worthwhile aspect to be mentioned. According to Pan Liping, it only costs thousands of yuan to film each episode. But a small budget doesn#39;t mean poor quality. In terms of shooting scenes and props, careful research is done and the crew tries their best to restore the familiar scenes in the original version.同时,值得一提的是与电视节目的高预算相比,该节目的制作成本颇低。潘礼平表示拍一集的成本仅为几千元。但是预算低不代表品质差。工作人员在拍摄场景和道具方面做了仔细的研究,他们竭尽所能还原原版中的场景。The Burden of Popularity走红的负担Given the tremendous popularity of Lady White Snake, this group of little artists has led their lives in the spotlight.由于《白娘子》的超高人气,这群小演员已经生活在了聚光灯下。Ten-year-old Tao Yixi, the female lead in Lady White Snake, now boasts more than 50,000 followers in Sina Weibo. Each time she releases a message on her personal account, she receives many comments and likes.《白娘子》女主演陶奕希今年10岁,她的新浪微现在有5万多粉丝。每次她在私人账号上发消息都能收到许多和点赞。Many parents express their concern for these children as they are too involved in entertainment and think early fame may exert some negative influences on their growth.很多家长对这些孩子过早参与节目表示担忧,认为少年成名可能对他们的成长产生消极影响。;It really surprises me that the average age of these children is 7. Indeed, they have done a good job in the performance. But I wonder if they can really understand the complex emotions between a snake and a person,; commenter Chen Qiulin wrote in a passage online.家陈秋林在一篇网络文章中写道:“这些孩子们的平均年龄只有7岁,这真的让我很震惊。他们的表演的确很棒。但是我想知道他们是否真的能够理解人与蛇之间复杂的感情。” /201610/472503Thomas Child, a British engineer, traveled to China in 1870 for work but was so entranced by the scenery and culture that he stayed for nearly two decades. 1870年,英国工程师托马斯#8226;蔡尔德(Thomas Child)到中国工作,但是被那里的风光和文化迷住了,待了近20年。He imported cameras to set up a sideline business as a portrait and landscape photographer, and his works were published in magazines and books. 他进口了一些相机,干起肖像和风景摄影师的副业,他的作品发表在杂志和图书上。He also marketed them to tourists and dignitaries. 他还把它们推广给游客和达官要人。The accompanying texts were a mix of admiration and condescension for traditions that Westerners of the time considered primitive.配图文字交织着对中国传统的仰慕和屈尊俯就——当时的西方人认为有些传统很野蛮。The Stephan Loewentheil Historical Photography of China Collection, which belongs to photo dealers in Brooklyn, has reunited hundreds of Mr Child’s works and traced the descendants of people who posed for him. 斯蒂芬#8226;洛文希尔中国历史摄影收藏公司(Stephan Loewentheil Historical Photography of China Collection)是布鲁克林的几个照片交易商办的。An exhibition of part of the Loewentheil holdings, Qing Dynasty Peking: Thomas Child’s Photographs, opens Friday at the Sidney Mishkin Gallery at Baruch College in Manhattan.它收集了成百上千件蔡尔德的作品,追踪采访了一些拍摄对象的后裔。周五,展示洛文希尔部分收藏的展览《清代北京:托马斯#8226;蔡尔德的照片》(Qing Dynasty Peking: Thomas Child’s Photographs)在曼哈顿巴鲁克学院(Baruch College)的西德尼#8226;米什金画廊(Sidney Mishkin Gallery)开幕。Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil, a father-and-son team, own about 15,000 photographs of China taken before the 1910s. 斯蒂芬和雅各布#8226;洛文希尔(Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil)这对父子组合拥有约1.5万张在1910年之前的中国拍摄的照片。The show’s curator, Stacey Lambrow, and Jacob Loewentheil are writing a book about Mr Child. 该展览的策展人斯泰西#8226;兰姆布罗(Stacey Lambrow)和雅各布#8226;洛文希尔正在写一本关于蔡尔德的书。(It is partly based on Mr Child’s diaries, which were preserved by Terry Bennett, a British historian who has long specialized in photos of 19th-century China.)(它部分基于蔡尔德的日记,这些日记由英国史学家特里#8226;贝内特[Terry Bennett]保管,他长期致力于研究19世纪中国的照片。)Mr Child, a Shropshire native, left England at 29, leaving behind his wife, Ellen, and three children, though they eventually joined him. 蔡尔德来自什罗普郡,离开英格兰的时候为29岁,留下了妻子埃伦(Ellen)和三个孩子,不过他们后来还是跟他团聚了。His assignment was to inspect gasworks for a government agency at a time of conflict between the Chinese and foreign powers. 在中国与外国列强冲突不断之际,他的任务是为一家政府机构检查煤气厂。It is not known how he trained as a photographer. 他如何学会摄影则不得而之。In China, the technology was so unfamiliar that people gathered when he took pictures.在中国,这项技术当时相当罕见,当他拍照的时候会有人围上来。Mr Child photographed the Great Wall as well as pagodas, temples, bridges, crowded harbors, roadsides lined with stone sculptures and humble storefronts. 蔡尔德既拍过长城,也拍过高塔庙宇、桥梁、拥挤的港口、布满石像与简陋店面的街边。He documented the practice of dismantling palace walls damaged by decay or war and recycling the stones for other construction. 他记录下了宫墙因风化或战争分崩离析,而其中的石块继而用于其他建筑的做法。In his captions, letters and journals he complained about dirty streets, insects and rat infestations. 在他撰写的图片解说、信函与日记里,他抱怨街道肮脏、虫鼠成灾。He gently mocked local superstitions, the sound of temple bells that rang in harmonious discord and funeral rituals that excel in pomp and expenditure.他还略开玩笑地谈起当地人的迷信行为、庙里传来的和谐的不和谐钟声,以及长于排场与花销的葬礼。He photographed peddlers, beggars, religious leaders, and a young aristocratic bride and groom named Zeng Ji Fen and Nie Ji Gui on their wedding day. 他拍过小贩、乞丐、宗教领袖,还在曾纪芬与聂缉椝结婚那天拍下了这对年轻的贵族新娘和新郎。Raymond Watt, a descendant of that couple, is a retiree living in Queens. 二人的后代雷蒙德#8226;瓦特(Raymond Watt)如今生活在纽约皇后区,退了休。He said in an interview that he did not know the photo existed until the Loewentheils showed it last year in London. 他接受采访时称,直到洛文希尔父子去年在伦敦展出这张照片时,他才知道了它的存在。He is scheduled to attend the exhibition opening and meet some of Mr Child’s descendants.他计划出席这次展览的开幕式,并与蔡尔德的后人见面。With the portrait, Mr Watt said, we get back the memory and refresh the history.通过这幅人物照,瓦特表示,我们找到了回忆,更新了历史。In 1889, Mr Child returned to England. 到了1889年,蔡尔德返回英格兰。He remained infatuated with China, and he gave his family home at the outskirts of London a Chinese name that has been roughly translated as Studio of Everlasting Tranquillity. 他依然痴迷于中国,给伦敦郊外的自家房屋起了一个中文名叫永宁居。He was killed in 1898 when his horse-drawn carriage overturned. 他在1898年死于马车倾覆事故。His family kept some of his paperwork, but few other records survive. 他的家人保存了他的一些文字档案,但没有多少其他记录留了下来。His photos sometimes turn up unlabeled at auctions; properly attributed, they can sell for thousands of dollars. 他拍的照片有时会无名地出现在拍卖会上;如果有了正确署名,便能卖出数千美元。They have also ended up in institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass.; and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.它们还出现在艺术机构中,包括大都会艺术物馆(Metropolitan Museum of Art)、马萨诸塞州塞勒姆的皮迪艾塞克斯物馆(Peabody Essex Museum)及洛杉矶的盖蒂物馆(Getty Museum)。Collections of early photos of China at the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. 史密森尼学会(Smithsonian Institution)设在华盛顿的弗瑞尔艺廊(Freer Gallery of Art)与赛克勒画廊(Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington will be covered in a book due out early next year, Painting With Light: Photography at the Freer/Sackler. Sackler Gallery)收藏的中国早期照片将集结到一本名为《光之画作:弗瑞尔-赛克勒摄影集》(Painting With Light: Photography at the Freer/Sackler)的著作中,定于明年初问世。David Hogge, one of the authors, said the photos are treasured partly as documentation of buildings and artworks that were later destroyed by looters or warfare, or taken to American or European museums.作者之一霍大为(David Hogge)表示,这批照片颇为珍贵,一部分原因是它们记录的一些建筑与艺术品后来因掠夺或战争而遭到损毁,或者是被带去了美欧的物馆。The art historian Roberta Wue, who is an editor of a coming book about early photographs from China and Japan, said scholarship in the field has burgeoned in recent years despite the widesp destruction of archives in China. 艺术史学者伍美华(Roberta Wue)在编辑一本有关中国与日本早期照片的书,即将出版。她表示,尽管在中国的档案遭到普遍破坏,但该领域的学术研究近年来呈爆炸之势。Evidence has surfaced that Chinese photographers quickly adapted the equipment brought in by Westerners, and that their clients, including prostitutes, began commissioning photos of themselves as advertisements.有据显示,当时的中国摄影师很快学会了西方人带来的设备,而包括娼妓在内的顾客开始委托他们拍摄照片来做广告。The Loewentheils have been building their collection partly through auctions. 洛文希尔父子一直在通过拍卖会来扩充收藏。In 2014, at Cordier Auctions amp; Appraisals in Harrisburg, Pa., they paid about 0,000 for an album of China images from 1860 by the Italian-born photographer Felice Beato. 在宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡的科迪尔拍卖与评估行(Cordier Auctions amp; Appraisals)于2014年举行的拍卖会上,他们花了大约50万美元拍下意大利出生的摄影师费利切#8226;贝亚托(Felice Beato)于1860年拍下的一本中国影集。In November, at the China Exchange in London, the Loewentheils will exhibit hand-tinted 19th-century photos of Shanghai by William Saunders, a British engineer. 今年11月,在伦敦的中国站(China Exchange),洛文希尔父子将展出英国工程师威廉#8226;桑德斯(William Saunders)拍摄的19世纪上海的手工上色照片。Stephan Loewentheil wrote in an email that his family’s holdings are still growing and are not for sale. 斯蒂芬#8226;洛文希尔在电子邮件中表示,他们家族的收藏还在不断扩充,不会出售。I hope to place my collection into a worthy location intact, he wrote.我希望把自己的收藏完好无损地放到一个好地方,信中写道。 /201609/468701

Girl, 22, With #39;Sleeping Beauty Syndrome#39; Falls Asleep For Several Months at a Time现实版睡美人:22岁美少女每天须睡足22小时This 22-year-old is the modern Sleeping Beauty — but the bizarre disorder is not quite as glamorous as the fairy tale.22岁的美少女成了现实版睡美人,但患上“睡美人综合征”可没有童话里那么美好。Beth Goodier, of Stockport, England, was diagnosed with Kleine-Levin syndrome when she was 16 years old.这位名叫Beth Goodier的女孩来自英国斯托克波特。她16岁时,被查出患有克莱恩-莱文综合症。Her mom, Janine Goodier, told InsideEdition.com she had just recovered from tonsillitis when she started coming home from class complaining of extreme fatigue and inability to focus.她妈妈Janine Goodier告诉InsideEdition网站,最早发病那次,她扁桃体炎刚恢复,那段时间放学后总是抱怨在学校特别累,精力很难集中。;She was struggling to stay awake,; Goodier said. ;That continued for about two weeks. One day, she fell asleep on the sofa downstairs, and didn#39;t wake up.;Goodier说,“她努力保持清醒,但坚持了2周。突然有一天,她在沙发上睡着后,就再也不醒了。”Panicked, Goodier said she eventually shook her daughter awake, but as she regained consciousness, Beth started babbling incoherently, as if she were a child again.Goodier说她当时被吓了一跳,赶紧把女儿摇醒。但女儿有意识后,却开始跟几岁小孩一样胡言乱语。Beth was taken to the hospital, where she remained for the first several months on and off, until a neurologist recognized the symptoms and diagnosed her with KLS.随后,妈妈把Beth送到医院。在那里的数月里,她经历了各种各样的检查,直到有个神经学家发现了她的症状跟克莱恩-莱文综合症吻合。Although seven years have passed since her diagnosis, ;It#39;s never nice. My heart always sinks, but it is what it is. We have to get on and cope with it,; her mom said.现在据诊断已经有7年,但她妈妈说:“我们过得一点都不好。我对此很担忧,但又无计可施。我们只能选择去接受这个现实。”Goodier explained when Beth is awake, anywhere between two and six hours a day, her 22-year-old daughter reverts back to her 5-year-old self when she is ;asleep.; Beth is often confused and frustrated by the world around her. She often asks, ;Am I dead, mummy?; and speaks in a child-like voice.Goodier说,Beth每天只有2-6小时保持清醒,“睡着”时意识就像5岁孩子。Beth对周围的世界感到困惑而沮丧。她经常用童稚的声音发问,“妈妈,我是不是死了。”When Beth wakes up, she has no recollection of the episode. Her mom spends the first few moments catching her up on major events. 当Beth醒来时,她总忘记从前的事。她妈妈不得不先花时间帮她回忆重要的事情。;She doesn#39;t remember her 17th year at all, and she probably won#39;t remember much of this year either,; Goodier said. Beth is currently ;asleep,; and has been for the last two and a half months.“她记不起17岁的那年的事情,今年的事情估计也没什么印象了,”Goodier说。Beth现在还在“睡眠”状态,而且已经持续2个半月了。According to doctors, people often get KLS in their youth years, and grow out of it in an average of 13 years. But because the disease is so rare, most people go several years before they are diagnosed.据医生讲,患者通常在幼年就患上克莱恩-莱文综合症。13岁后,症状会越来越明显。但这个病很罕见,许多人得了数年才会被诊断出来。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/483875

Half of fathers want less stressful job to help more with child-rearing一半的父亲都希望减轻工作压力,从而有更多的时间带孩子More than half of millennial fathers want to be demoted into a less stressful job in order to be better fathers, according to a report released on Monday. As experts warn of a “fatherhood penalty” for men who want to be more involved in the upbringing of their children, 53% of millennial fathers told researchers they wanted to move to a less stressful job, while 48% would take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.星期一发布的一项报告表明:一半多的千禧一代父亲都希望自己被降职到压力更小的岗位,以成为更好的父亲。专家警告:对于想要更多参与到孩子教育中去的男性而言,有一种“父亲惩罚”,但53%的千禧一代父亲都告诉研究员,说他们想要调到压力更小的职位,48%的父亲愿意减少薪资,以更好的平衡生活和工作。One-fifth of fathers said their employer was unsympathetic about childcare, expecting no disruption to work, while 44% had lied to their employer about family-related responsibilities that “get in the way” of work.五分之一的父亲说他们的老板都对看孩子没有兴趣,仍期待他的员工不停歇的工作,而44%的父亲不得不就“打断”工作的家庭责任问题对他们的老板说谎。The 2017 Modern Families Index, published on Monday, found that while nearly half of working fathers (47%) want to downshift to a less stressful job because they cannot balance the demands of work and family life, and just over a third would be willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance, those figures increase for younger fathers – indicating a seismic change in workforce mentality.周一发表的2017年登家庭指数发现:虽然近一半的上班族父亲(47%)由于无法平衡工作需求和家庭生活而想要降职到压力更小的工作岗位,而三分之一以上的父亲愿意减少薪资以更好的平衡生活和工作,但这些增加的人数都是年轻父亲——这就表明劳动力心态发生了天翻地覆的变化。Among the 2,750 parents across the UK who contributed to the Modern Families Index, men were twice as likely as women to think that flexible working would have a negative impact on their career. Experts warn that if companies do not change working practices to suit both men and women, they risk losing out on the best talent of future generations.登家庭指数的数据来自英国2750位父母,在这些人当中,认为弹性工作会对职业生涯造成负面影响的男性是女性的两倍。专家警告:如果各公司不改变工作方式以更好地适应男员工和女员工的要求,那么这些公司可能就会失去后代的最佳人才。The women and equalities select committee has launched an inquiry into the treatment of fathers in the workplace, amid fears that they are more likely to face discrimination if they ask for part-time or flexible working than mothers.女性和平等委员会已开展了职场中父亲待遇的调查,因为委员会担心如果这些父亲要求兼职或弹性工作时间,那么他们可能会比母亲更易遭受歧视。“The Modern Families Index shines a much-needed light on the experiences of British fathers in the workplace,” said Maria Miller MP, chair of the select committee. “Many fathers want to take a more active role in caring for their children and our committee’s inquiry into the gender pay gap last year found that sharing caring responsibilities equally between mothers and fathers is the key to reducing the gender pay gap.”“登家庭指数强调:在职场中,需要加强对英国父亲经验的重视,”委员会主席玛利亚#8226;米乐议员说道。“许多父亲想要在照顾孩子中扮演更积极的作用,去年委员会在调查性别收入差距中发现:父母同等共享育儿责任是降低性别收入差距的关键。”译文属 /201701/489787This is the ultimate event in wrestling! Joe The Grizzly versus a jar of Granny#39;s homemade strawberry jam!这是摔跤比赛中的终极事件啊!乔,外号灰熊对阵一罐奶奶自制的草莓酱!What a fight! It seems impossible to open!?战斗太激烈啦!草莓酱的盖似乎无法打开!? /201702/490977

New product from LEGO for the more mature consumer.面向更成熟消费者的乐高新产品。 /201610/473358Time was when being single was considered failing in life - but society has changed and it#39;s now something to celebrate.在过去,单身被看做是人生的失败;如今,时代已经变了,单身变成了值得庆贺的事。Not only is singledom no longer pitiable, but for a lot of people it#39;s preferable.单身生活不仅不再是可怜的事,反而很多人开始有所偏爱。Being single allows you to be selfish in the best possible way - you can focus on yourself, your goals and what really makes you happy.单身允许你自私地选择对自己最好的方式生活--你可以只关心自己的生活、目标以及真正使你开心的事。In recent years, science has proven that there really are many benefits to being single, just as society has realised not all singletons are tragic Bridget Joneses, crying into our wine glasses, desperate for a boyfriend to complete us.近年来,科学研究明单身真的有很多优点,正如这个社会所意识到的,不是每个单身的人都是悲惨的布里吉特·琼斯(《单身日记》女主角),只能对着酒杯哭泣,渴望一个男朋友围绕身旁。Increasingly, research is suggesting that some of us just aren#39;t suited to relationships - a New Zealand study from 2015 found that people who tend to avoid conflict and confrontation were happier single than in a relationship.越来越多的研究表明一些人的确不适合谈恋爱--2015年,一项来自新西兰的研究发现,极力避免矛盾冲突的人,过单身生活比谈恋爱更快乐。Because as many singletons know, you can be totally fulfilled and happy without having an #39;other half#39; - in fact, many of us feel completely whole in our single state.因为很多单身的人都知道,没有另一半你能够感到完全的满足和快乐--事实上,我们很多人在单身阶段都会感到完全的充实。Here are four very real benefits to being single.接下来是单身的四大真实好处。You#39;ll have closer friendships你会有更亲密的朋友关系Ever had a friend basically fall off the face of the planet when they get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, only to come back into your life once they break up? Exactly. Research shows that singletons have better relationships with their families, friends and neighbors.是不是当一个朋友一旦有了男/女朋友时,他/她的脸就像从这星球上消失了一样,只有当他们分手了,他/她才会重新回到你的生活中?是这样的,研究表明单身的人有更好的家庭、朋友、邻里关系。You#39;ll be fitter你会变得更健康A study found that 73 per cent of Brits who fail to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week are married - whether divorced or never married, singles are much more likely to keep fit. A 2013 study also found that happily married newlyweds are more likely to gain weight in the four years after tying the knot.一项研究表明73%没有完成所推荐的每周150分钟锻炼时间的英国人都是已婚人士-然而离婚或未婚的单身人士更可能保持健康。一项2013年的研究也发现幸福结婚的新婚夫妇更可能在结婚四年后增重。You#39;ll be more satisfied at work你会变得更满意自己的工作When you#39;re single, you#39;re free to put as much time into your career as you like without feeling guilty, and if that#39;s what makes you happy in life, that#39;s great. Research even suggests that single people may enjoy their work more because they tend to value meaningful work more.当你单身的时候,你对于按照自己的意愿自由地投入大量时间到工作上不会有负罪感。如果这样能使你感到快乐,那便是极好的。研究结果甚至表明单身的人会更享受工作,因为他们更倾向于从有意义的工作中寻找价值。You#39;ll have more disposable income你会有更多供配的收入Whether it#39;s train fares across the country to visit your significant other, presents for the in-laws or just more money spent on dinners out, being in a relationship can be a lot more expensive than being single. What#39;s more, a study has found that singletons tend to have less debt.无论是去看望重要伴侣的跨国旅费、买给亲属的礼物或仅仅是外出晚餐的开销,谈恋爱会比单身时花费的更多。此外,一项研究还发现单身族有更少的债务。译文属 /201702/492531

This Chinese couple have proved that love is not about physical appearance.这对中国夫妻明:爱与外表无关Lin Zhouqiang 23 and his wife Xu Qinqin 21 have melted millions of hearts in China with their extraordinary love story.据中国的媒体报道,23岁的林舟强和他21岁的妻子徐沁勤用他们不平凡的爱情故事融化了数百万颗中国人的心。Qinqin had been ridiculed by her neighbours colleagues and even family members for her disfigurements until she met Zhouqiang who was deeply attracted to her kind heart according to Chinese media.徐沁勤由于生理缺陷一直受到周围邻居甚至家人的嘲笑,直到她遇到了被她那颗善良的心深深吸引的林舟强。The couple live in Yuechi County south-west China#39;s Sichuan Province reported Chongqing Morning Post.锯重庆早报报道,这对夫妻生活在中国西南部的四川省岳池县一个叫郑家坝的村子里。Their story has been widely discussed by residents in the village of Zhengjiaba after the couple got married last month.自从上个月结婚以后,这对夫妻成了当地村民们热议的话题。According to the report some locals are frightened by Qinqin because of her looks; while others praise the couple for their true love.报道说,当地人在赞美他们纯真的爱情的时候,也表示沁勤的样子的确很可怕。Qinqin was said to be disfigured when she was 29 days old after a rat bit off her nose as well as the flesh around her eyes.传说她的面容被毁的时候,她只有29天大,老鼠咬掉了她的鼻子和眼睛周围的皮肤。 /201703/499057

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