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2019年12月08日 01:47:33 | 作者:搜医卫生 | 来源:新华社
Forget cards, flowers and chocolates, most singles want a special experience rather than a gift for Valentine#39;s Day and although the economy is stagnating, most romantics will spend as much, or more, on the day this year than last.今年情人节,大多数单身者最想要的礼物不是贺卡、鲜花和巧克力,而是一段特别的经历。尽管经济停滞不前,多数追求浪漫的人在这一天仍然不会少花钱,甚至会花得比去年更多。Nearly half of single and divorced people questioned in a new poll said they view the day as an opportunity to show someone how much they care but a similar number without a significant other don#39;t feel any pressure to celebrate Cupid#39;s big day.一项新的民意调查发现,近半数单身者和离婚人士认为情人节是向某人表白的好机会,但也有数量相近的单身人士表示对过节丝毫没有压力。;People are really interested in experience gifts, rather than object gifts,; said Gian Gonzaga, a social psychologist with the dating website eHarmony, which conducted the online survey.开展这一在线调查的是约会网站eHarmony,该网站的社会心理学家吉安bull;冈萨加说:;人们确实对体验更感兴趣,而非物质礼物。;;The more you have experiences with someone, the more you are able to build memories and share histories that help to make the relationship more intimate.;;你和某人的共同经历越多,就能创造更多的回忆,拥有更多共同的过去,这有助于让两人的感情关系更亲密。;Unlike material gifts, he added, an experience, whether it is an outing, a vacation or a special meal, is something unique to the couple, especially if it reflects both people#39;s interests.他补充道,与物质礼物不同,一段经历,无论是郊游、度假还是一顿特别的晚餐,尤其是一起做两人都感兴趣的事情,才是情侣间独一无二的礼物。But not everyone questioned in the poll of 730 singles is making a fuss about Valentine#39;s Day. About a third of men and women think the holiday is just too commercial.不过,在接受调查的730位单身人士中,并非每个人都会花很多心思庆祝情人节。约三分之一的男性和女性认为这个节日太商业化。US consumers are expected to spend about 6 each this year for Valentine#39;s Day, an increase of 8.5 percent from 2011. Total spending for the day, which is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year, is expected to reach .6 billion.今年情人节,预计美国消费者将人均消费126美元,比2011年上涨8.5%。情人节是全年最大的送礼节日之一,全日总消费有望达到176亿美元。Traditional gifts will make up most of the outlay. About 20 percent of people will buy jewelry for their Valentine with the price tag for bling expected to exceed .1 billion. Gift cards are also primed to be a popular token of affection with 17.3 percent of people choosing them.传统礼物将占据花销的大部分。约20%的人会为情人买珠宝,珠宝消费有望超过41亿美元。贺卡也将成为受欢迎的爱情象征物,有17.3%的人选择了贺卡。Candy and flowers are still popular with nearly a third of people expected to opt for them and a similar number will dig deep into their pockets for an evening out.糖果和鲜花依然很受欢迎,有近三分之一的人将选择糖果和鲜花。还有数量相近的人晚上会出去玩,好好消费一下。Spouses, partners and sweethearts will not be the only ones receiving presents. Pet owners will dispense about .52 for their furry friends for Valentine#39;s Day, according to the NRF(National Retail Federation).据美国零售联合会称,不仅仅配偶、伴侣和爱人将收到情人节礼物,宠物主人也会在情人节为他们毛茸茸的朋友花费4.52美元。Although Valentine#39;s Day is eagerly anticipated by many, some singles d the day while others remain optimistic. Seventy percent of singles said they would even go out on a first or blind date on Valentine#39;s Day.尽管很多人热切期盼情人节的到来,有些单身者却害怕过这个节,不过也有些单身者保持乐观。70%的单身者称自己甚至会在情人节进行第一次约会或者相亲。 /201202/170959As you this I am in Zurich about to undertake the unique privilege of handing England's bid book for the 2018-22 World Cups to the president of Fifa, Sepp Blatter.This is an amazing honour for any Englishman or woman。  此刻我在苏黎世,正准备向国际足联主席布拉特先生呈递申请2018或2022世界杯主办权的竞标书,这是我的荣幸,也是每一名英国公民至高无上的荣耀。  As a player nothing could possibly beat playing in front of your own fans in your own country at the World Cup and I hope our players of the future will be fortunate enough to experience this。  对一名运动员来说,能够站在自己国家的赛场上,在本国球迷的喝中为世界杯而战,是他最大的梦想。我由衷的希望在不远的将来,我们的队员能够有幸经历这种无与伦比的感受。 /201005/10419110 Reasons Not to Buy Students an iPad不能给学生买ipad的10个原因While an increasingly number of people are replacing computers with iPads, Jeff Somogyi, an editor at deal news, has a list of compelling reasons why an iPad isn’t a better gift than a laptop for a college student — even if the pupil insists.越来越多的人开始抛弃电脑而使用ipad,不过来自#39;交易新闻#39;的编辑杰弗·索默吉却有一长串的理由,论述作为送给大学生的礼物,ipad并非一定比平板电脑好。As the young are about to matriculate, they’ll come at you with all sorts of ;reasons; why the iPad is a ;valuable tool; for ;learning.; Are you prepared to fight back? Are you armed with the knowledge you need to protect your dollars? You better be, because — as we’ll show you — the iPad just isn’t a suitable replacement for a laptop, in terms of meeting your student’s needs.当这些即将踏入大学门槛的年轻人向你列举一连串的理由,说明ipad是“有用的”“学习工具”,你准备用什么反击呢?你最好有所准备,因为—我们随后将向你展示—就满足学生的学习需求而言,ipad并不能替代笔记本电脑。His main gripes:主要原因如下1. It’s expensive. Factor in data plans for higher-end models, and you could be spending more on an iPad than some full-fledged laptops.1.太贵。花同样的钱完全可以买到配置更高功能更齐全的笔记本电脑2. It’s not great for taking notes or editing documents.2.记课堂笔记和撰写文档的效果不明显。3. It’s ultra portable and ultra droppable. ;There will even be more of a chance that your kid will forget completely that it’s in their bag and, as kids will, fling their satchel across the room — only to be rewarded with a gut-wrenching crack, followed by a cold-sweat-inducing tinkle of broken screen glass. Just try forgetting you have a 5+ lb. laptop in your bag!”3.移动性更佳,更换起来也更划算。;学生可能会忘记自己书包中还有这么贵重的东西,而把书包在教室里扔来扔去的,这会给ipad造成不可挽回的损坏,而如果换成笔记本电脑,则很可能只会留下一些擦痕。”4. It makes them a target of criminals. Too easy to steal.4.容易被贼惦记,太容易被偷。5. It’s too distracting. Will Angry Birds be the end of this student’s academic career?5.容易分心。愤怒的小鸟玩的再精通,也不是期末考试内容。6. There’s no secondary textbook for eTextbooks. Though eBooks are generally cheaper than new textbooks, there’s no option to buy a ;used; eBook.6.电子书代替不了教科书,虽然电子书更便宜,但是却是重复使用的,教科书可是崭新的。7. It’s meant for one person. Encourage the kid to socialize.7.可以鼓励学生参加更多的社交活动。8. It’s just a status symbol.8.只是一个无意义的身份符号。9. It’ll be old technology by the time you buy one. New models are always abound.9.技术更新太快,买到手就已经过时了,不划算。10. They’ll also want a laptop.10.他们还会想要一台笔记本。Never forget: There is no end to the amount of money a kid can or will ask for.不要忘了:孩子们的欲望是无止尽的。 /201208/194336

We like to think the reasons for seeking wealth are universal. Humans, by nature, like to be comfortable, like to have power and like to have the choices and freedoms offered by lots of stuff and money.人们总爱认为世界各地的人们追求财富的原因是一致的。按天性,人们喜欢过得舒适,喜欢拥有权力,喜欢由大量的物质和金钱而带来的选择和自由。Yet it turns out there are some regional variations in the meaning of wealth around the world.然而事实上,对于财富的意义,世界各地的人们有不同的观念。 /201006/105238

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