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在这个神秘的太平洋小岛上,究竟有着什么样神秘的故事……Life on an isolated Pacific island is eternally poised on a knife-edge. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the single most remote island in the Pacific-Easter Island. This tiny speck of land has an extraordinary story to tell, with new twists turning up still to this day.在太平洋的孤岛上,生命就像悬在刀刃上一样,总是朝不保夕。最典型的例子莫过于太平洋上这个最偏僻的孤岛——复活节岛。这一小片陆地有个奇特的故事,时至今日仍有新的转折。Just 20 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide, Easter Island rises like a fortress from the waves, surrounded by thousands of kilometers of ocean in every direction.复活节岛只有20公里长,11公里宽,它像一座堡垒从海面耸起,四周是一望无际的大海。People first arrived here less than one thousand years ago; most of what we know about their civilization can only be pieced together from the relics that remain. It is a strange and desolate place. The most striking features in this bleak and windswept landscape are the hundreds of giant stone statues, known as moai, thought to be carved in the likeness of chiefs or ancestors.不到一千年前,人类第一次到达这里。我们对他们文明的大部分了解只能从留下来的遗物拼凑起来。这是一个奇特且荒凉的地方,而在这片暴露在风中的荒野上最显著的特征就是数百座被称为“艾”的巨型石像,应该是照着酋长或是祖先的样子雕刻的。It#39;s difficult to believe that an advanced culture, capable of carving and erecting these monoliths, grew up in such a barren landscape. The truth is, it didn#39;t. When those first colonizers discovered Easter Island, this was a paradise.能够雕刻并竖立这些巨石的先进文明,却生活在这样贫瘠的地方,的确令人难以置信。事实确实并非如此。当第一批开拓者发现复活节岛时,这里是个天堂。These empty cliffs were once home to the largest seabird colonies in the South Pacific. Rich volcanic soils nourished a forest of giant palms that was home to many unique species, including Easter Island versions of herons, parrots, rails and owls. Today, they are all gone. The people ultimately didn#39;t do much better: the rise and tragic demise of the Easter Islanders, the Rapa Nui, is now legendary.这些空寂的峭壁曾是南太平洋最大的海鸟群栖息地。肥沃的火山灰滋养了一大片棕榈树林,那也曾是许多珍稀物种的栖息地,包括生长在复活节岛上的苍鹭、鹦鹉、秧鸡和猫头鹰,而如今他们都消失了。岛民最终的遭遇也好不了多少:经历了复活节岛的兴盛和悲惨的灭亡后,拉帕努伊人如今已成为传奇。This quarry once occupied the majority of the island#39;s workforce, thousands of people, with each clan trying to carve and raise a bigger, grander figure than those of their neighbors. Vast amounts of timber would have been required to transport and erect the giant moai, and slowly but surely, the forests vanished. As resources dwindled, Easter Island society descended into chaos and warfare. The giant statues were pulled to the ground, possibly acts of sabotage between rival clans.曾有数以千计的岛民在岛上的采石场工作,每个宗族都想把塑像雕得比邻族更大更高。运输和竖立巨型石像需要大量木材,于是渐渐地,森林消失了。当资源逐渐减少时,复活节岛的社会陷入了混乱和战争。很可能由于宗族之间的破坏行为,石像被推倒了。Houses were abandoned and the foundation stones used to construct fortified dwellings in caves underground. Some evidence even suggests that once everything edible had been consumed, the starving were driven to that most desperate of acts: cannibalism.房子被弃置,而房屋的基石则用来修建加固在地下洞穴里的居所。甚至有据显示当所有能吃的东西都消耗殆尽后,饥饿把岛民赶上了绝路:同类相食。Understandably this version of Easter Island#39;s history remains controversial because it suggests the Rapa Nui were incredibly short-sighted. As the trees dwindled, why did they do nothing about it?这个版本的复活节岛历史仍然具有争议性,这可以理解,因为如果这个版本是真的,那就意味着拉帕努伊人太鼠目寸光了。当树木减少时,他们怎么会坐视不理呢?But a new theory suggests the Rapa Nui were powerless to prevent their downfall, for when they arrived on this island, they were not alone. Rats traveled with people to every corner of the Pacific. On Easter Island, their impact may have been catastrophic: 1multiplying to plague proportions they would have devoured the wild fruits, the seabirds, even the nuts of the giant palms, so that the trees may have stopped reproducing long before the last one was felled. Perhaps the fate of Easter Island was not sealed by the human who felled that last tree, but by the rat that ate the last palm nut.然而,一个新理论认为拉帕努伊人根本无力阻止衰落,因为他们抵达小岛时,还带着伴。老鼠跟随人类到达太平洋每个角落。在复活节岛上,它们的影响可能是灾难性的:老鼠大量繁殖成灾,它们会吃光野生果实、海鸟,甚至棕榈树坚果,所以可能早在最后一棵树被砍倒之前,树木已经不再生长了。也许,复活节岛的衰败并非是由于岛民砍光了所有的树,而是因为老鼠吃光所有的棕榈树坚果。Other South Pacific islands have also seen civilizations rise and fall, though none have left such dramatic reminders of their passing as the giant statues of the Rapa Nui. Now re-erected, they#39;ve come to symbolize how precarious life can be on an isolated island. For this island has not been abandoned, a few Rapa Nui survived and now they#39;re thriving once more, entertaining visitors from the outside world. Trees have been planted, though it#39;s too late for the unique creatures that once lived here.其他南太平洋岛屿同样经历了文明的兴盛与衰落,但它们并没有留下拉帕努伊的巨型石像,这些石像成了复活节岛文明消失的引人注目的见。如今石像被重新竖立,它们象征着孤岛上的生命是多么难以捉摸。但这座孤岛没有被遗弃,很少一部分拉帕努伊人幸存了下来,如今再次兴旺了起来,他们接待来自世界各地的游客,也重新栽种了树木——尽管对那些曾生长在这里的珍稀动物来说已太晚了。 /201210/202946

Children born in August do significantly worse in exams than classmates born 11 months earlier at the beginning of the academic year, a landmark study shows. 据英国《每日邮报》11月1日报道,一项具有里程碑意义的研究显示,八月份出生的孩子比起那些年长11个月于九月份学年开始时出生的孩子,在考试中明显表现得要糟糕一些。 August-born boys are 12 per cent less likely than September-born boys to get good GCSEs and girls are 9 per cent less likely. 八月出生的男生比九月出生的男生在获得优秀的GCSE课程成绩的概率上低了12%,而女生则低了9%。 In addition, August-born youngsters are 20 percent more likely to ditch academic study and learn a trade from the age of 16. They are 20 per cent less likely to go to an elite university. 此外,八月出生的青少年有20%以上的几率在16岁时选择抛弃学术学习,转而去学习职业技能。而他们进入名校就读的几率也低了20%。 And it is not just their education that suffers as they are more likely to be bullied at primary school and have lower confidence in their academic ability. 在教育状况方面,这些孩子不仅仅是在上小学时更容易被欺负,也降低了他们在学术能力上的信心。 As a result as teenagers, they are also more inclined to smoke, binge drink and take cannabis and fewer are in control of their lives, according to a report published today. 今日发表的一篇报道中说,对于十几岁的青少年来说,这样的情况也导致他们更容易吸烟、酗酒、吸食大麻,难以掌控自己的生活。 Claire Crawford, of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), co-author of the report, said children face a penalty "simply because they are unlucky enough to have been born late in the school year". 这篇报告的合著者,来自英国财政学会(IFS)的克莱尔#8226;克劳德福说,孩子们面临着一种惩罚,“仅仅只是因为他们不幸地出生在学年末”。 To redress the balance, August-born children could spend a year longer at school under proposals put forward by the study's authors. 该研究的作者提出建议,为了匡正这种平衡,八月出生的孩子应该在学校多待一年。 Or they could sit tests only when they are deemed y, or have their test scores age-adjusted. 或者是只有当他们认为准备好了以后再参加考试,要么就让考试成绩根据他们的年龄加以调整。 The shake-up would involve ending the arbitrary system which expects pupils to reach academic levels by the end of a "key stage" at school. 政策的大调整应该包括终止这种任意的系统,这一系统期望学生在学校生活的“关键阶段”结束时达到要求的学术水平。 They would instead be expected to achieve those levels by a certain age, for example the crucial "level four" by eleven-and-a-half rather than by the time they leave primary school. 取而代之的应该是期望学生在特定的年龄达到相应水平,比如说,要求学生在十一岁半时达到“四级”,而不是在他们从小学毕业的时候。 Another alternative, suggested by the authors, is to change the admissions process to ensure children only start school after a certain age. 作者还提供了另一种选择,就是改变学校的录取进程,以保只有适龄的儿童才能入学就读。 /201111/159754

The list was created after consultations with vets, dog behaviour experts and owners from across the UK.这是一份向兽医、行为专家以及英国各地宠物主人咨询之后得出的清单。The bucket list was compiled by MORE THgt;N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.这张愿望清单是由MORE THgt;N宠物保险公司以及电视兽医马克·亚伯拉罕搜集制作的。A survey found that 8% of dogs had not experienced any of the 50 activities although 7% had completed it in its entirety.一项调查显示,8%的从来没做过这50件中的任何一件,而只有7%的完成了所有这些事。The figures showed that 20% had never had the pleasure of bounding through the forest while 26% had not attended a family picnic.数据显示20%的从未享受到没有穿越森林的乐趣,26%的也从来未和家人野餐过。But they did show that 46.5% had known the simple joy of ;going mad; in the snow, while 39% had gone swimming in the sea and 33% had done the ;Beethoven shake;, soaking everyone around them.不过有46.5%的喜欢在雪地里打滚,39%的曾在海里游泳,还有33%的曾展示过标志性的甩身动作,甩得周围人一身水。Mr Abraham said: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut. Taking our dogs on morning and evening walks during the week and out to a park at the weekend has become the norm.亚伯拉罕先生说:“毫无疑问,我们(英国)是一个爱的国度,不过似乎主人们都陷入一种固定模式。每天早晚带出去散步,周末去公园已经成了常态。”;Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”“要充分理解并享受这些现在你可以和自己的一起做的事,它们会大大丰富你和你的动物朋友的生活。”50 things every dog should do before it dies汪星人死前必做的50件事1. Flop down in front of a morning fire1. 看日出2. Go for a swim in the sea2.去海里游泳3. Go mad in the snow3. 在雪地里撒欢4. Dig up a flower bed4. 在花坛里刨坑5. Do the #39;Beethoven#39; shake and soak everyone around you5. 做汪星人标志性的甩身动作,甩到周围每个人一身水6. Have your own spot on the sofa6. 在家中的沙发上拥有一个自己的专属位置7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride7. 陪主人骑自行车8. Attend a family picnic8. 参加一次家庭野餐9. Help your owner bad a date9. 陪主人约会10. Cheer your owner up when they are down10. 在主人郁闷的时候逗他们开心11. Visit a different continent11. 出国12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle12. 在泥塘打滚13. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes13. 毁掉一双鞋,拖鞋也行14. Sleep in your owners bed14. 睡主人的床15. Wake your owner with a big wet sloppy kiss15. 用舌头舔醒主人16. Chase a cat during a dream16. 在梦里追逐喵星人17. Learn the word for #39;sit#39; in another language17. 学习其他语言的“坐下”18. Join in a football game in the park18. 在公园里玩一场足球19. Meet a famous dog19. 拜访一只著名的汪星人20. Try your paws at dancing20. 舞动爪子试着跳舞21. Convince your owner you can howl English words21. 向主人表演说人话22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath22. 在洗完澡30分钟内弄得脏兮兮的23. Howl along with your favourite song23. 跟着最爱的歌一起嚎24. Ride in an open top car24. 坐一次敞篷车25. Learn to skateboard25. 学滑板26. Have a personalised Christmas stocking26. 得到一双专用的圣诞袜27. Show the postman who#39;s boss27. 向邮递员示威28. Be a ring bearer at a wedding28. 在婚礼上当一回护戒使者29. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree29. 上树追松鼠30. Go to work with your owner30. 跟主人一块儿上班31. Have your own social media page31. 拥有自己的社交网站主页32. Bound through a forest32. 穿越森林33. Have a personalised kennel33. 有自己的专属窝34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs34. 坐船(不晕)35. Play frisbee on the beach35. 在海滩上玩飞盘36. Receive your own birthday card36. 收到生日贺卡37. Steal someone#39;s lunch when they#39;re not looking37. 趁人不注意偷吃某人的午餐38. Watch an entire episode of #39;The Washing Machine#39;38. 完整看一集《洗衣机》(英国电影)39. Eat doggy ice cream39. 吃汪星人冰淇淋40. Create a diversion and steal another dog#39;s dinner40. 制造恶作剧,偷吃其他汪星人的晚餐41. Rug a doggy marathon41. 在地毯上跑马拉松42. Receive a doggy birthday cake42. 收到汪星人生日蛋糕43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion43. 咬破枕头或靠垫44. Unwrap birthday presents44. 打开生日礼物45. Watch Lassie on TV45、在电视上看《神犬拉茜》46. Be in a family portrait46. 跟主人家一起拍全家福47. Have a stand off with your own reflection47. 在镜子前吓得跑掉48. Have a favourite local pub48. 有自己在当地最爱的酒吧49. Star in a YouTube 49. 有自己的YouTube视频50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel50. 住一次高级的汪星人旅店 /201210/205388Failure sucks. But if your planning on doing anything important you are going to have to get used to it. Embarrassment, frustration and even bad situations you can’t control are going to be part of life. What can you actually do about them instead of just having a “positive attitude?”失败的感觉糟透了。但是如果你打算做任何重要的事情,你就必须要习惯这种感觉。难堪、沮丧,甚至是一些你无法控制的糟糕的情况都会是生活中的一部分。只有“积极的态度”是不够的,你还应该做些什么呢?1. Find a Meaning1. 找到一种意义Ask yourself how you can use the bad experience. Here are some ways you can find a meaning in your situation to move past it:问问自己该怎样利用这段糟糕的经历。你可以通过下面这个问题来发现某段糟糕经历的意义,从而走出这段痛苦:What has it taught you?它教给你什么?Has it made you stronger/kinder/wiser?它是否让你更坚强/更善良/更睿智?Even simply enduring a bad moment has meaning in making your happy moments better.哪怕只是单纯地忍受一段糟糕的时间也有它的意义:让你的快乐时光显得更快乐。2. Keep a Failure Log2. 写失败日志Keep track of any failures, embarrassments or blunders. Using a failure log you can give yourself a little checkmark of accomplishment. It may seem odd to reward failures in this way, but rewarding your failures serves two main purposes:记录你经历的任何失败、难堪或错误。通过写失败日志你可以发现自己都犯过那些错误。这样对待失败似乎有些奇怪,但它有两个主要目的:It makes you more willing to take chances when the only risk is to your pride.当唯一的风险是你的自尊时,你会更愿意冒险。It causes you to focus more on learning and growth than external recognition.你会更专注于学习和成长,而不是外界的看法。I’ve even heard from other people that if they don’t have at least a few major failures each year, they don’t believe they were trying hard enough.我甚至听人说过,如果他们每年没至少犯几个大错误,他们都不相信自己已经足够努力了。3. Find a New Goal3. 寻找一个新目标Don’t dwell in the past. The best way to get out of a rut is to start building momentum again. Get a new goal or pursuit. A new challenge will get you to stop thinking about your failure and get you to focus on something positive. A new goal will also give the opportunity for future successes instead of dwelling on a current stumble.不要活在过去。走出深渊的最好办法就是重新开始积累动力。寻找一个新的目标或追求。一个新的挑战会让你停止思考之前的失败,专注于积极的东西。一个新的目标还会为未来的成功提供机会,而不是纠结于眼前的失败。4. Remove Chronic Sources of Stress4. 消除长期的压力来源You ability to handle big stresses depends on how well you handle the little ones. If your life is constantly driving you crazy, you need to reconstruct it to better handle stress. There are aly many resources on handling stress, but here are a few quick tips:你处理沉重压力的能力取决于你应对较小压力的能力。如果你的生活一直让你感到崩溃,你需要重新调整一下,以便更好地应对压力。关于如何应对压力已经有很多方法,下面是一些快速减压小妙招:Keep your energy high by staying in shape.保持体形以确保自己有旺盛的精力。Fire people from your life who are a source of chronic negativity.把那些长期给你带来消极因素的人赶出你的生活。Find outlets for your stress that help you recover instead of intensifying the frustration.为你的压力找个出口会有助于减压而不会加剧沮丧情绪。5. Build a Support Base5. 打造一个后援团Building a support base of colleagues and mentors will help you when times are rough. This is definitely a situation where you need to prepare in advance. Even if you aren’t having to deal with a particularly difficult situation right now, you might need some reinforcement in the future.打造一个同事和顾问组成的后援团,会在艰难时刻为你提供帮助。你需要为此提前做好准备。哪怕你现在并没有面临什么棘手的问题,未来你也许会需要一些帮助。Have the right peers and mentors who will encourage you past your mistakes. Here are some tips for attracting the right people into your life:找一些能够鼓励你走出错误阴影的伙伴和顾问。下面这些建议告诉你如何把这些对的人吸引到你的生活中来:You give what you get. Be extra attuned to the needs of your friends and they will do the same.你给予什么就得到什么。更习惯于你朋友的需求,他们也会同样对待你。Spend less time on negative people. If you can’t eliminate them entirely, reduce your interactions so you can focus more on better relationships.离那些消极的人远一些。如果你不能把他们完全赶出你的生活,那就减少你们的接触,这样你就可以更专注于良性的关系。6. Be Humble6. 保持谦虚态度A sense of humility and humor can keep you moving forward when things are tough. I’m not a follower that says overwhelming confidence is the approach to success. Being humble in your abilities but confident in your chances to grow will let you shrug off failures. I never would have stuck to blogging unless I had cultivated the humility that told me it would be a lot of hard work.谦逊感和幽默感可以帮助你在艰难时刻继续前进。我并不相信压倒性的自信心就可以通向成功。在自己的能力上保持谦虚,但在自己成长的机会上保持自信,这会让你摆脱失败。如果不是我的谦逊感告诉我我要付出很多努力,我可能就不会坚持写客。Humility doesn’t necessarily mean you have low self-esteem. It just means you are focused more on doing things without expecting immediate success.谦虚并不意味着你就要自卑。这只是说你应该更关注做事情本身,而不是期待短时间内取得成功。Many Eastern philosophies emphasize goalless action. This doesn’t mean that you should not strive for anything, but that you should detach yourself from the outcome. If you win, great. If you lose, then you are one step closer.许多东方的哲学思想都强调无为而治。这并不是说你什么都不该争取,而是说你不要关注结果。如果你赢了,当然很好。如果你输了,你至少离成功又近了一步。7. Stop Analyzing and Start Doing Something New7. 不要再分析,开始做些新的事情There is a maximum limit to how much you can learn from an experience. That limit is actually fairly small with an isolated incident. If you give one speech and it fails, you might be able to learn one or two points of improvement. That’s it. Anything you “learn” after this threshold is just speculation which is often incorrect.你能从一段经历当中学习当的东西是有上限的。就一个单独的事件而言,其实极其有限。如果你发表了一次演讲结果失败了,你也许可以学会在一两点上做出改进。仅此而已。而在这之后你所“学到”的东西其实只不过是些推测,而且多半还不正确。I’ve seen people in failed relationships, goals that went sour or broken commitments, try to learn everything from just one failure. Unfortunately, the only way you can learn isn’t just to fail once but to fail dozens of times. Trying to scoop up too much information on a bad situation just leaves you feeling miserable with the false sensation that you are accomplishing something useful.我见过那些经历了情感破裂、目标失败或承诺破碎的人,他们试图从一次失败里学会一切。不幸的是,你想要学会,唯一的办法不是经历一次失败,而是无数次失败。试图从一次失败里总结出过多的信息只会让你感觉痛苦,让你误以为自己做了一件很有用的事。 /201301/222565

It’s rare, but experts say it’s definitely possible to die while sleepwalking.这种事情虽然罕见,然而专家称,梦游死亡是完全有可能的。“Of course it’s dangerous,” said Dr. Colin Shapiro, a University of Toronto professor and director of the Youthdale Child amp; Adolescent Sleep Clinic.多伦多大学教授兼Youthdale儿童和青少年睡眠中心Colin Shapiro士说,“当然,梦游很危险。”“People can essentially do anything,” he said. “They can walk in their sleep, they can talk in their sleep, they can eat in their sleep and they can drive their car in their sleep.”“人们基本上可以做任何事情,”他说,“睡眠中可以走路、说话、吃饭、开车。”And to fall and injure yourself, or die?可能会跌倒、受伤或者死亡吗?“It’s definitely possible,” Shapiro said.Shapiro说,“这是完全有可能的。”The plausibility of such a demise has come up in the wake of Chris Hyndman’s death this week. The popular television personality was found dead in an alleyway next to the east end apartment where he lived with his on-screen partner and spouse, Steven Sabados. Hyndman’s mother told the Star she believes her son died in an “unfortunate accident” while sleepwalking.本周Chris Hyndman死亡后,使得梦游死亡似乎有理。这一炙手可热的电视明星被发现死于紧邻他与其荧屏搭档和配偶(Steven Sabados)居住的伦敦东区公寓的一条街道上。Hyndman母亲告诉《星报》,她认为,儿子在梦游时,死于一场“不幸的事故”。Toronto Police repeated earlier statements on Thursday, with Const. Victor Kwong saying the investigation into Hyndman’s death is still open, but that no other information will be given because there is no suspicious or criminal element to the incident.多伦多警局一再重复先前在周二所做的陈述,Const. Victor Kwong称对Hyndman的死因仍在调查中,暂不做任何,因为这场事件没有牵涉到可疑或犯罪分子。Though he’s never personally encountered a story of someone dying while sleepwalking, Sunnybrook Hospital sleep neurologist Brian Murray said such accidents have “undoubtedly occurred.” People have been known to fall from ledges or tumble down stairs, and there have been media reports from the U.S. and U.K. of sleepwalkers freezing to death after ambling outside in the winter.Brian Murray是新宁医院的一名睡眠神经学家,他表示,尽管他从未亲眼见到有人在梦游中死亡,然而,这样的事件“确实发生了”。有人从窗台上跌落,或摔下楼梯;美国和英国媒体报道,有梦游者冬天在室外散步而冻死。“We have lots of patients who have injured themselves and then come to us for treatment,” including people with spinal and head injuries, Murray said.Murray说,“我们医院有很多病人因此受伤,包括脊柱损伤和脑损伤,之后到我们这里寻求治疗。”Murray said it’s not clear exactly how many adults repeatedly sleepwalk, because many people live with the tendency but never report it. The best estimate, he said, is “a few per cent” of the adult population would have episodes of sleepwalking, or somnambulation.Murray说,现在还不清楚有多少成年人经常梦游,因为很多人有梦游倾向,但还从未梦游过。最佳估计是“很少量”的成年人将患有梦游症。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201508/391922

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