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泉州新阳光妇科医院泉州省第一医院检查多少钱Start of winter has China preparing for Lunar New Year冬至到来 人们准备迎接农历新年Monday is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.周一就是冬至了,这是北半球一年中白昼最短的一天。The sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, resulting in the fewest hours of sunlight.太阳到达南回归线造成日照时间最短。In Northern China, it is traditional for people to have dumplings filled with meat and vegetables to celebrate.在中国的北方人们传统上会吃包有肉和菜的饺子庆祝这一节日。Those in the South typically eat sweet dumplings to mark the occasion.而南方则会在这个特殊的节日吃甜汤圆。The solstice marks the official start of winter.冬至标志着冬季正式开始。Chinese will start preparing for the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.从现在开始中国人将准备迎接春节农历新年。The Year of the Ram begins February 19.羊年将于2月19日开始。201412/350108福建省妇女儿童医院好不好网址 Many people grab snacks without considering food quality. But there are healthy vending options.许多人选择零食时不考虑食品质量。但是自动贩卖机中也有比较健康的选择。You Will Need你需要A vending machine一台自动贩卖机Nutrition information营养信息Good judgment良好的判断力Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose a snack1.选择小吃Do you want something salty? Crunchy? Sweet? Decide which type of snack youre craving to make sure your choice will satisfy you.想吃一些比较咸,比较松脆,还是比较甜的食品?确定自己比较渴望哪种类型的小吃,确保你的选择能让自己满意。STEP 2 Pick a slim salty2.选择微咸食品If its salt youre after, go for peanuts or beef jerky. Though high in calories, nuts provide the good kind of fat,monounsaturated, and their protein will make you feel fuller longer. Beef jerky is also high in protein. Just be aware that that both treats are also high in sodium.如果你想吃咸的东西,选择花生或牛肉干。尽管热量比较高,坚果却可以提供比较优质的脂肪,单一不饱和脂肪,而且坚果中的蛋白质可以让你更长时间内感觉比较饱。牛肉干的蛋白质含量也比较高。但是要记住,这两种食品的钠含量都比较高。STEP 3 Munch this crunch3.拒绝松脆的食品Want something crunchy? Pretzels are a low-fat, low-calorie choice, though they may not keep you feeling full for very long because of their high carb content. Or get a single-serving bag of light popcorn or a package of cheese crackers; the former contains fiber and the latter has no trans fat. If you cant live without potato chips, look for baked ones.想吃一些比较松脆的食品?椒盐卷饼是低脂低热量的选择,不过由于碳含量较高,不会让你饱腹很长时间。或者吃一小袋爆米花或者一袋芝士饼,前者含有纤维,后者不含反式脂肪。如果没有薯片你就过不下去,选择烘烤的薯片。STEP 4 Select a sweet4.选择甜食To satisfy a sweet tooth, look for low-fat cookies, licorice, fruit-flavored candy, or a fruit snack. Though high in sugar,theyre low in fat. Avoid the chocolate mini-doughnuts; theres nothing mini about the 600 calories and 36 grams of fat some brands are packing!要满足想吃甜食的渴望,可以寻找低脂饼干,甘草糖,水果口味的糖果,或者水果小吃。尽管含糖量比较高,然而脂肪含量比较低。避免巧克力迷你炸面圈,一些牌子的炸面圈中含有大约600卡路里的热量和36克脂肪,热量一点都不迷你。Trail mix, which combines nuts and dried fruit, is a good choice if youre craving salty and sweet.干果中包含了坚果和烘干的水果,如果你既想吃咸的又想吃甜的,这是不错的选择。STEP 5 Sink your teeth into a ;candy bar;5.棒棒糖Craving a candy bar? See if theres a Payday, one of the few candy bars that gets a thumbs-up from some nutritionists because its loaded with nuts. If not, go for an energy or protein bar. Though most are little better than candy bars, they do offer a slight nutritional advantage.想吃棒棒糖?看一下是否有Payday,这中棒棒糖受到一些营养专家的称赞,因为其中含有很多坚果。如果没有的话,选择能量棒或蛋白质棒。尽管大部分并不比棒棒糖好多少,最少营养方面稍具优势。If you want Mamp;Ms, choose peanut over regular so you get some of the good fat in the nuts.如果你想吃Mamp;M糖果,选择花生口味而不是常规口味,这样你就可以从坚果中获得好的脂肪。STEP 6 Look for 100-calorie packs6.热量控制在100卡路里Not sure what you want? Try one of the 100-calorie pack options so that, whatever you choose, youll limit the damage to your waistline.不确定自己想吃什么?尝试热量为100卡路里的小包装零食,这样,无论你选择什么,都可以限制对腰围造成的影响。STEP 7 Advocate healthy snacks7.拥护健康零食If your workplace has a vending machine, ask the employee in charge of ordering refills to consider providing more healthy choices, like dried fruit or whole-wheat chips or pretzels.如果你工作的地方有自动贩卖机,补充货物时让雇员自己负责,考虑提供更加健康的选择,比如干果或全麦薯片或椒盐卷饼。Americans eat 2 billion pounds of potato chips annually.美国人平均每年吃掉20亿磅炸土豆片。视频听力译文由。 /201407/308969Theres bad blood historically between China and Hong Kong and Japan.中日在香港问题上积怨颇深His mother used to tell me他妈妈曾告诉我how Bruce would hang over the side of the balcony布鲁斯如何在阳台上来回踱步and shake his fist at the Japanese planes并对着香港上空飞过的日本飞机coming to land in Hong Kong.挥舞着他的小拳头If anyone said a word against the Chinese, he would rebel.他不允许任何人说他祖国的坏话And you work in motion pictures in Hong Kong?你在香港演过电影吗Yes, since I was around six years old.是的 六岁左右就开始了Bruce became a child actor under his fathers influence,在父亲的影响下布鲁斯成为了一个童星his father being an actor in the Chinese opera,他的父亲不仅是一个粤剧名旦and then in Cantonese films as well.也出演过一些粤语电影And tell the crew what time they shoot the pictures in Hong Kong.给我们说说在香港都什么时间拍电影吧Well its mostly in the morning大多选在早晨because its kind of noisy in Hong Kong,因为香港聚居了三百万居民you know, around three million people there,平时较为喧闹so every time when you have a picture,所以平时拍电影its mostly say, around 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. in the morning.都选在凌晨十二点到上午五点这段时间A lot of people dont touch on this,很多人并不清楚but he was the biggest childhood star in Hong Kong.不过他确实是当时香港最出名的童星He made 20, 20-something movies as a child star.他当时大概出演了二十余部电影吧He was like the Macaulay Culkin of that era.他就是那个年代的麦考利·卡尔金And then you have the fact在日本战败后that Hong Kong was governed by the British.香港被英国政府统治They sort of targeted the British.人们也多多少少有些针对英国人You are crazy.你疯了But theres a lot of competition当时生活在香港的between the British people living there and the Chinese living there.中英居民之间也发生过一些冲突201311/263129泉州治疗月经不调哪里好

南安市人民医院电话多少泉州中医院妇科怎么样 Whats a holiday without a feast or a few. Chengdu city clearly had this in mind with its International Food and Tourism Festival. This years event brings a taste of the world to southwest Chinas Sichuan province.没有盛宴的节日怎能被称为节日?成都——这座城市深谙此道,其举办的国际美食节便成为国庆黄金周的一大亮点。Ready for a gourmet sampling from around the globe? Chengdu really is living up to its UNESCO-given title of gastronomic capital. At least 3 million people have come here this national holiday, to satiate their senses and stomachs.准备好开始这场世界美食之旅了吗?被联合国教科文组织授予“美食之都”称号的成都市真是名符其实。在国庆节期间,至少300万人的感官和味蕾在这里得到了满足。Hey, what type of food do you like? Take your pick from Italian, Spanish, Thai, South Korean, Indian and more,and of course.嘿,什么小吃是你的最爱?意大利,西班牙,泰国,韩国,印度等地的小吃随你挑。Remember to arrive hungry. Its a treat for food afficionados, but is also an opportunity to showcase local cuisine.记住一定要饿着肚子来哦!对吃货们来说,这里绝对是个不二选择,同时这也是展示当地特色菜的机会。This years festival has attracted more than 600 exhibitors. Therell also be an array of special events, such as exhibitions on food cultures, a food summit and online attractions.今年的美食节吸引了超过600家参展商前来参展。这里还会举办一系列的特别活动,如美食文化展,美食峰会等等。This is what we Chinese call “Flying b”. The best part of making it, is to toss and spin it in the air and then land it back in the same spot. I am telling you it is pretty hard.这是被我们中国人称作“会飞的面包”的面包。制作这种面包最关键的部分是,将它抛向空中并让其旋转,然后让它在原位着地。Organizers say the event has raked in over 1.9 billion Yuan. And local authorities say its a great way to boost the local economy, and another fun place to spend the national holiday.主办方表示该旅游节带来了超过19亿元的收入。而且地方政府表示这是驱动地方经济的绝好形式,也是欢度国庆的好地方。201310/259138泉州微创无痛人流费用

福建泉州市第一医院在线QQ 林肯2013年超级碗最新广告,广告创意取自神话,将新车命名为凤凰,意为浴火重生的凤凰。 以下是双语文本:Its not what you think.它不是你想象的那般。Its a Phoenix with four wheels.它是一只踏了四个车轮的凤凰。Its a hawk with night vision goggles.它是一只拥有惊人夜视力的鹰。Its marching to the beat of a different drum, and where beauty meets brains.它行驶时,随着与众不同的鼓的节拍;所至之处,无不赏心悦目。Its big ideas with smaller footprints, and knowing theres always more in the world to see.它胸怀大大的梦想,小步向前行进,它知晓这世上还有太多事物还未见识到。Its the all new Lincoln MKZ.这就是全新的Lincoln MKZ。201405/301094福建省泉州市人民医院在那里泉州做堕胎



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