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th_Z|3v7_K+|1x2A.W[d_IS(kY8%;_f,%*vKijong-dong in North Korea is a propaganda town luring South Korean defectorsMXB1uixk3XhPykWw_机井洞为宣传村,诱使韩国人投诚n5I(EEq7MZF3;GWwP0 3PaDnKacZf1aG.fg9ibVh9TcZ~s[lb.cIs Kijong-dong just an empty village?5vFk*DqVZ^机井洞真的是一座空城吗?B71pfWF|_%A^EFROM the outside the North Korean village of Kijong-dong looks like any other town, brightly painted houses, schools, daycare, even a hospital.A+t5C(,z6JH)ZZlIP从外部看,朝鲜村庄机井洞和别的村庄别无二致,鲜亮的房屋、学校、托儿所、甚至有一所医院nD1,pilNzAs]~w4fWa。1|V[7^EPLRq7K5RS[@But on closer inspection all is not as it seems.5Q]Kp7x7-#hE.b0p@仔细观察就会发现一切并不像表面看上去那样简单%~r^J4DB|U)C3sR!x。h]-f!FFUVdl)*Sitting in the heavily guarded Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea, Kijong-dong is widely referred to as the “Propaganda Village” and is believed to be a decoy for luring South Korean defectors.stljgjbScU%Nc6i[机井洞位于南北朝鲜边境线上的非军事区,通常被称为“宣传村”,是用来吸引韩国人叛逃的诱饵gWlZ6~iB#svD9n_n。diwqdsLtWEhom!*NmWOdV6ZTJY,FUCAfOQsu]_stuQ60xQ6 /201407/314176

Sometimes it#39;s a great challenge to realize that there#39;s no way back to your ex-boyfriend. But, after a few cocktails and a sad romantic movie, you may start analyzing and imagine different scripts. So, try not to give way to your imagination and follow these rules to forget your ex.有时候,告诉自己绝不回到前任身边可能并不容易。但是独自借酒浇愁、观看伤感的爱情片之后,你可能开始分析和想像剧情发展的另一种可能。所以尽量不要向你的假想投降,参照以下建议忘记你的前男友。1. He was a womanizer1. 他是个It#39;s one of the most significant reasons to leave him alone. You should know that being a womanizer is a constant life habit. He says he loves you, and then he gets impressed on another girl and sometimes cannot even realize that he is cheating on you. After all, a cheating guy will certainly become a cheating husband.这是离开他最重要的原因之一,你应该知道的行为方式可不是一天两天能改的。他说他爱你,然后又被另一个女生迷住,有时甚至背叛了你还没有意识到。总之,一个背叛你的男友将来也能可能会是一个背叛你的丈夫。2. Casual thing2. 轻松的事When getting older and getting used to each other, sometimes it#39;s very unusual and difficult to make changes. It seems easier to follow true schemes than to start an active search for an adequate man. Don#39;t be afraid of sitting in bars again and hoping to start a new relationship. Remember, new dates provide you a great variety of chances. The main thing is to resist your desires to return to the source of your headaches. Maybe your next date will crush all the memories about your ex-boyfriend.随着我们年龄的增长和对对方的渐渐熟悉,有时改变可能是一件不寻常并且困难的事。似乎循着原来的轨迹慢慢向前,会比重新主动出击、寻找自己的白马王子简单得多。不要对又一次坐在酒吧里等待新的恋情心生畏惧。记住,新的约会会给你带来无数的机会。最重要的是,打消你要回到那个让你头疼的人身边的念头。也许你下一个约会对象会完胜你与前男友的回忆。3. You cannot reach common goals3. 你们没有共同目标Every person has some goals in life and most couples have some mutual goals as well. It#39;s better when you are able to reach your goals together. Unfortunately, something went wrong, so you couldn#39;t be with him anymore. You are to take into account all the rules. Try not to get confused. Consider all pros and cons of your past relationship. Remember, everything happens and changes for better.人人都有自己的人生目标,许多情侣通常还会有几个共同的目标。如果你们能够一起达成目标,那么一切都会比现在好。但很不幸,事与愿违,你不能再和他在一起了。那么你真的该想想。不要迷惘,冷静下来客观地想一想,想想这段已成往事的恋情所有的的好和坏。记住,每一件事的发生和改变都是为了一个更好的未来。4. An egotist who misses you4. 一个错过你的自大狂If you dated such a hero, you might know that there#39;s no way back to your ex. Being charmed, you fall in love with him, then he wines and dines you and pays addresses. Such young men always try to get their own life in order before starting a serious relationship with a lady. They give preferences to their job and career first, and then to a committed relationship with you.如果你约会了这样一位“英雄”,那么你应该知道真的没有什么理由再回到他身边了。被他吸引之后,你们坠入爱河,然后你们一起喝酒一起吃饭,整个过程中他都彬彬有礼。这种男人在发展一段认真对待的关系之前,都会先让自己的生活步入正轨。他们会优先选择工作和事业,然后再考虑给你承诺。 /201405/297791

Rafael de Cárdenas is a big fan of geometric patterns because they#39;re ;a good and relatively easy way to immerse a viewer in a space,; he said.拉斐尔·德·卡尔德纳斯(Rafael de Cárdenas)是几何图形的狂热粉丝,因为这些图形,是“能让观看者沉浸在空间当中的一个既效果良好又相对简易的途径”,他说。Mr. de Cárdenas, the 39-year-old founder of Architecture at Large, a design studio with offices in New York City and London, said he often uses the patterns on walls, but he has found that three-dimensional geometric forms used in multiples can have a similar effect.作为一家在纽约和伦敦两地都设有办公室的设计公司Architecture at Large的创始人,39岁的德·卡尔德纳斯说,自己常常在墙面上运用这种图形。但他已经发现,成倍地运用三维几何形状,也能达到一种相似的效果。;I like having a field of repeating things that produce a new pattern by their relationship to each other,; he said.“我喜欢有一大片重复的东西,那些东西通过彼此之间的关联,创造出一种新的图案,”他说。To illustrate the point, he met a reporter at the Moroso showroom in SoHo, where a wall of stacked squares lighted in various colors is used to display furniture.为了形象描绘出自己这个观点,他在苏豪区(SoHo)的莫罗索(Moroso)家具展览厅里约见了一位记者,那里有一面由方块堆成的墙,上面打着各种颜色的光,用来展示家具。The Pause bookcase by Aziz Sariyer was too big to fit in one of those squares but was itself an eye-catching creation of overlapping geometric shapes.一款由阿齐兹·萨勒耶尔(Aziz Sariyer)设计的Pause书架,因为体积太大而无法放入其中的任何一个方格中,但这个书架本身就是一件引人注目的、重复几何形的设计品。;It would look supercool if you lined every wall of a room with these,; Mr. de Cárdenas said, ;and completely filled them up.; On further reflection, he added, ;Maybe I#39;d fill up the whole thing, except the cross in the middle.;“如果你把这些书架沿着房间里每一面墙排列开来,”德·卡尔德纳斯说,“再把架上全部填满,那看起来就会非常酷。”他想了想又补充道,“也许我会把书架上除了中间的十字形区域外都填满吧。”Moving on to a set of Mark tables by Marc Thorpe displayed in a cube nearby, Mr. de Cárdenas said, ;We just specified these for a residential project,; adding that the pieces don#39;t take up much space, so they can be grouped together for dramatic effect.往前走,到陈列在旁边一个立方体中、由马克·索普(Marc Thorpe)设计的一套马克桌那儿,德·卡尔德纳斯说,“我们刚刚为一个住宅项目特别选用了这些桌子,”他还说这些东西不会占用太多空间,那样就可以放在一起,达到夸张的效果。At Matter, he liked the ;sexy and seductive; Stella Triangle lamp by Rosie Li, which used mirrors to produce an infinity effect. ;I#39;d love to have a wall of these,; he said. ;But it would probably be really expensive.;在Matter商店中,他喜欢上了一盏由罗西·李(Rosie Li)设计的“性感而诱人的”Stella Triangle壁灯。这盏灯用数面镜子缔造出了一种无限延伸的效果。“我喜欢把整面墙都装上这种壁灯,”他说,“但那样做可能真的成本太高了。”The Chen Chen amp; Kai Williams Square Stack box set, which he found at the Future Perfect, also appealed to him. ;It is geometric, organic, modular and also useful,; he said, ;especially because I#39;m a little bit of a pack rat.;他在Future Perfect商店找到的Chen Chen amp; Kai Williams方型堆叠盒套装,对他也非常有吸引力。“它不但具备几何形状、有机组织和模块化设计,而且还非常实用,”他说,“特别是因为我有点收纳控。”One of his favorite items, though, was the glass cube planter he found on Score amp; Solder#39;s website. ;I love geometric order with plants,; he said. ;I would get three or four of these, fill them with chunky, formal succulents and put them on my coffee table.;不过,他最喜欢的几样物件之一,是他在Score amp; Solder#39;s网站上找到的玻璃立方体花盆。“我喜欢用几何秩序排列植物,”他说,“我会买三、四个这样的花盆,并在里面种上矮胖、匀称的多肉植物,然后把它们放在我的咖啡桌上。”He found a fire pit by John Paul Plauché equally tempting, as he once had a house upstate and thought this one would ;look nice against an organic background, like grass.;他觉得一只由约翰·保罗·普劳切(John Paul Plauché)设计的火盆同样很有诱惑力,因为他曾在美国北部有一栋房屋,所以觉得这只火炉“在诸如草地之类的有机背景衬托下,看起来会很不错”。But in this case, Mr. de Cárdenas cautioned against multiples. ;You don#39;t need a field full of fire pits,; he said. ;That would be a hazard.;但这次,德·卡尔德纳斯谨慎了很多,并不打算多买几个。“你不需要一个全是火盆的地方,”他说,“那会很危险。” /201409/330093

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