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believe it or not ———— 信不信由你(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Expression of surprise about something happening in spite of seeming unlikely or impossible.例句 My young son cant stand the sight of blood, but, believe it or not, he wants to study medicine and become a doctor.我的小儿子看见血就不能忍受,但信不信由你,他想学医,去当医生。 /201606/448958President Bush says Congress should approve a free-trade agreement with Colombia in recognition of President Alvaro Uribe's fight against violence and drug trafficking. Mr. Bush says failing to approve that agreement this year would embolden U.S. adversaries, including Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. 美国总统布什说,国会应该批准与哥伦比亚签署的自由贸易协定,以表示对乌里韦总统制止暴力和毒品走私活动的肯定。布什总统认为,今年如果不批准这一协定,会让包括委内瑞拉总统查韦斯在内的美国的对手们更为嚣张。President Bush says time is running out for a free-trade agreement with Colombia. If the deal is not approved, Mr. Bush told the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that it would send a signal to Latin America that the ed States can not be trusted to stand by its allies. 布什总统说,批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定的时间越来越少。布什总统在出席美国西语裔商会的活动时说,如果协定不能得到批准,那将给拉丁美洲传达一个讯号,即不能相信美国能对盟国信守承诺。"The Colombia agreement is pivotal to America's national security and economic interests right now," he said. "And it is too important to be held up by politics." 布什说:“对美国当前的国家安全和经济利益来说,与哥伦比亚的协定至关重要。而且,这个协定太重要了,不能被政治给耽误了。“If approved, the deal would eliminate tariffs on more than 80 percent of U.S. exports of industrial and consumer goods and make permanent Colombia's preferential access to the U.S. market. 如果这个协定通过,美国8成以上工业和商业产品的出口关税将被免除。哥伦比亚将永久享受进入美国市场的优先准入待遇。President Bush says Colombia is one of America's closest allies in the hemisphere and President Uribe has proven to be a strong and capable partner in fighting drugs, crime and terror. 布什总统说,哥伦比亚是美国在西半球的一个最亲密的盟友。乌里韦总统早就是美国打击毒品、犯罪和恐怖活动的坚定而有能力的合作夥伴。Mr. Bush says the Colombian leader has spoken-out against anti-Americanism, making hard choices that the president says deserve the admiration and gratitude of the ed States. 布什总统说,这位哥伦比亚领导人呼吁反对反美主义,还作出过艰难的选择。布什认为这些选择值得美国敬佩和感激。President Bush is backing President Uribe in his stand-off with Ecuador and Venezuela after Colombian troops attacked rebels based across the border in Ecuador earlier this month. Bogota apologized for the raid, but said it is a necessary part of its struggle against the FARC rebels. 布什总统持哥伦比亚乌里韦总统与厄瓜多尔和委内瑞拉进行对峙。这次对峙发生在哥伦比亚军队本月初袭击了厄瓜多尔境内的反叛武装之后。波哥大已就越境袭击事件道歉,但说这是打击反政府武装哥伦比亚革命武装力量斗争的必要组成部分。Colombian officials say documents found during the fighting show that Venezuelan President Chavez paid 0 million to support those rebels. Venezuelan officials reject that claim. 哥伦比亚官员说,在袭击中发现的文件显示,委内瑞拉总统查韦斯付了3亿美元,持哥伦比亚反政府武装。委内瑞拉官员驳斥了这一指控。President Bush says Colombia is waging an aggressive campaign against terrorists who do not respect national sovereignty or borders. He says President Chavez's praise for the FARC and his decision to send Venezuelan troops to the Colombian border is the latest step in what Mr. Bush calls a disturbing pattern of provocative behavior. 布什总统说,哥伦比亚正在发动攻势,打击那些不尊重国家主权和边界的恐怖分子。布什说,委内瑞拉总统查韦斯对哥伦比亚革命武装力量的赞扬和出兵到哥伦比亚边境的决定,再次彰显出查韦斯令人不安的挑衅行为。"As it tries to expand its influence in Latin America, the regime claims to promote social justice," said Mr. Bush. "In truth, its agenda amounts to little more than empty promises and a thirst for power. It has squandered its oil wealth in an effort to promote its hostile, anti-American vision." 布什说:“委内瑞拉当局一边试图扩大在拉丁美洲的影响力,一边又宣扬说在推动社会正义。实际上,委内瑞拉当局的计划不过是些空洞的承诺和对权力的渴望。委内瑞拉当局挥霍其石油财富,为的是推动其充满敌意的反美目标。”President Bush says one of the most important ways the ed States can demonstrate its support for Colombia is approving the free-trade agreement to support security in the Western Hemisphere and ensure a level playing field for U.S. products.  布什总统说,美国向哥伦比亚表示持的一个最重要方式是批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定,来持西半球的安全和确保美国产品能够在一个公平的市场上竞争。200803/30321

jocular ------ 爱开玩笑的(形容词) 英文释义(adjective) Tending to make jokes often and to behave in a lighthearted manner. 例句My normally silent and serious relatives often become talkative and quite jocular at family birthday parties.在家庭的生日聚会上,我的那些一般不爱说话、很严肃的亲戚们经常变得健谈,很爱开玩笑。 /201610/471179

Indian Government Prepares for Crucial Confidence Vote印度联合政府为信任投票作准备  There is hectic political lobbying in India, where the Congress-led coalition government is preparing to face a vote of confidence later this month. The government opted to hold the vote after angry leftist parties took back their support to protest a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 印度的政治游说活动正在紧张进行。联合政府正在为本月晚些时候举行的一次信任投票作准备。在愤怒的左翼政党为抗议印度跟美国达成民用核协议而撤回对联合政府的持后,印度政府做出举行信任投票的决定。The Congress-led coalition government says a special session of parliament will be convened to hold the confidence vote.  印度国大党领导的联合政府说,为了举行信任投票将召开一次议会特别会期。The government, which controls only 225 lawmakers in the 545 lower house of parliament, lost its majority earlier this week when communist allies took back their support.  在印度议会下院人民院的545个席位中,政府仅仅控制225个,本周早些时候,共产党联盟撤除对联合政府的持,使政府失去了多数党地位。The communist parties have vowed to do everything they can to stop the government from finalizing a civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. The deal will give New Delhi access to civilian nuclear technology, from which it is barred, because it has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.  共产党联盟誓言要竭尽全力制止政府最后敲定跟美国达成的一项民用核协议。因为印度没有签署核不扩散条约,它被禁止得到民用核技术,而这项协议将使印度得到民用核技术。The government says that it will only conclude the nuclear deal after proving that it has parliamentary majority. 印度政府说,只有在实它拥有议会多数地位之后,才会完成这项核协议。Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in New Delhi Friday, that the government is confident of passing the test in the lower house of parliament, known as the Lok Sabha. 外交部长慕克吉星期五在新德里说,政府有信心经受住在人民院的考验。"Parting company with the left is sad, but sometimes in politics it happens," said Mukherjee. "There is no bitterness among us. But at the same time we shall have to accept this challenge, with our courage and conviction which we are going to do. Everybody is prepared to face the vote of confidence in Lok Sabha." 克吉说,“跟左翼政党分手是件悲哀的事,但是在政治生活中,这样的事情会发生。我们没有心怀怨恨。不过与此同时,我们必须怀着勇气和对我们要做事情的坚定信心,接受这一挑战。每个人都在为人民院的信心投票作准备。”But the Congress Party is taking no chances, and is busy trying to cobble together parliamentary support to ensure its survival.  不过,国大党没有心存侥幸,他们为了确保胜利正忙于在议会活动,努力获得议员们的持。Party managers were closeted in meetings with small political parties on Friday to enlist the support of as many lawmakers as possible.  该党领导人星期五在跟较小的政党举行闭门会议,尽可能地争取更多议员的持。The Congress Party-led alliance has aly secured the vital support of a regional group, the Samajwadi Party. But it needs the backing of more lawmakers to ensure that it can win the confidence vote. There are also worries that some lawmakers of the Samajwadi party may rebel.  印度国大党领导的联合政府已经获得了来自一个地区性政党--印度社会主义党的关键持,不过它仍然需要更多议员的持才能确保赢得信任投票。也有人担心,一些社会主义党的成员有可能反叛。Both the fate of the nuclear deal with the ed States and the government will depend on the outcome of the crucial confidence vote. 不论是民用核协议,还是印度政府的命运都取决于这场至关重要的信任投票结果。If the government loses the vote, it will have to call early elections. It will also not be in a position to move ahead with the civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 如果政府没有获胜,那它将不得不提前举行选举;此外政府也无法处在一个推动跟美国的民用核协议向前发展的地位上。But a confident government says that will not happen.  但是印度政府有信心地说,上述情况不会发生。The government has aly taken the first step toward implementing the deal by submitting a draft plan for inspections of its civilian nuclear reactors by the International Atomic Energy Agency. That move has further angered India's leftist parties and other opposition parties, who say a government without a majority should not move ahead with an international agreement. The communist parties say the nuclear pact will bring New Delhi too close to Washington. The Indian government says it needs the deal to ensure future energy supplies for the country.200807/43907

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