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最近Catherine的一位同事很器重他的一位下属,据说那位下属以前工作不很积极,领导还曾打算辞了他。可今天那位同事还提拔了那位下属。Catherine和同事谈起这件事时,同事说:He scored a bull's eye with his last assignment. He scored a bull's eye with his last assignment.上次任务他完成的太棒了。bull's eye字面意思是“公牛的眼睛”,引申义为”靶心“;score是动词,意为”进球,得分“,例如:Hughes scored two goals before half-time. 休斯在上半场进了两个球。所以这里score a bull's eye意思就是”正中靶心,恰到好处“,指事情做得跟到位。 Todd: Your colleague Mike was promoted yesterday, why?托德:你的同事麦克昨天升了职,为什么呢?Shirley: Yeah, he scored a bull's eye with his last assignment.雪莉:是啊,上次任务他完成的太棒了。背景音乐:Black Black Heart◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201009/113490Offer出价A:How do you do? Nice to meet you, Diane.A:你好,见到你很高兴,戴安女士。B:How do you do, Jack. Nice to meet you.B:你好,杰克先生,见到你很高兴。A:Well, I think you ve reconsidered our proposal, Diane.A:哦,我想你已经重新考虑了我们的建议,戴安女士。B:Yes, you are right. After all, the quality of your air conditioner is good. The only problem is price.B:是的,毕竟你们空调的质量是不错的。唯一的问题是价格。A:I should not be surprised, many customers have the same opinion. Do you have any suggestion in mind? Our salesman told your secretary that the price could be negotiable.A:我并不感到惊奇,许多客户都有同感。你有什么建议吗?我们的销售员对你们的秘书说过价格是可以商量的。B:Thats why I came to your office today. We think for your model WE- 506 $ 590 would be reasonable, because air conditioners of the same kind sold by other companies are usually about 579-649.B:所以今天我到你们办公室来了。我们觉得你们公司的WE-506型空调的价格卖590美元比较合适,因为其他公司的销售价格一般在579-649美元之间。A:Thats true. But if you understand that quality is the most important aspect of a product, youll agree that 679 is not high, especially when we allow you a 10% discount.A:的确如此,但是如果你理解质量对于产品最重要,你会同意679美元的价格不算高,尤其是我们给你10%的折扣。B:I see your point. Thats to say s 611 each set. Still its much higher than the market price. Could you see your way to reduce the price, Jack?B:我懂你的意思也就是每台611美元但是这个价格还是高于市场平均价格你们有可能降价吗,杰克先生?A:Well, considering the quantity of your order we could further reduce the price to 600. Thats the best we can do. What do you think of that?A:好吧,考虑到你们的订购数量,我们可以再降到600美元。这是我们最大的让步了,你觉得怎么样呢?B:All right. We accept it. So $ 600 for each set.B:好,我们同意,每台600美元。A:Very well. Thank you.A:很好,谢谢。 /201511/407236



  公共关系——工业展览(1)  1.Displayed product 展览产品  A: Do you have any displayed product of your company?  B: Sure, let me show you.  A:你们公司有产品参展吗?  B:当然,我指给你看。  2.Dry run 预演  A: Did you have a dry run?  B: I did it twice.  A:你们预演过吗?  B:我排练两次了。  3.Free samples 免费样品  A: Are there any free samples that I can have?  B: You are looking at them.  A:有能拿走的免费样品吗?  B:你面前的就是。  4.Free souvenir 免费纪念品  A: You can have it. It's free souvenir.  B: Thank you.  A:你可以拿一个,是免费的纪念品。  B:谢谢你。  5.Fuel efficiency 能耗  A: What is the fuel efficiency of your new model?  B: It's about forty miles per gallon highway, and thirty miles in the city.  A:你们的新车型能耗怎么样?  B:在高速公路上大概是每加仑40英里,在市区30英里。 /200811/54827

  FAX REP: So that' s fine. 传真机代表:这样就没问题了。 You can sign the contract when we deliver the machine. 你们可以在我们送传真机时再签合同。 JENNY ROSS: How soon can we expect delivery? 詹妮.罗斯:要等多久能送到? FAX REP: Well, would next Tuesday be convenient? 传真机代表:下周二方便吗? JENNY ROSS: No, we really need it today. 詹妮.罗斯:不,我们今天就很需要。 FAX REP: I' m afraid that' s just not possible. 传真机代表:恐怕,这是不可能的。 JENNY ROSS: Well, what is the earliest you can deliver? 詹妮.罗斯:那么,你们最早什么时候可以送到? FAX REP: We can' t do it before Friday afternoon. 传真机代表:我们在周五下午前不可能送到。 JENNY ROSS: Well, I' m afraid we really need the machine by tomorrow at the latest or I' m going to have to look elsewhere. 詹妮.罗斯:恐怕我们最迟明天就要,不行我去找别家了。 FAX REP: Okay, I' ll see what I can do. 传真机代表:好的,我会看看我能做些什么。 JENNY ROSS: I' m sorry but that just isn' t good enough. 詹妮.罗斯:对不起,不过这还不够。 I must have a guarantee of delivery by tomorrow. 我必须有明天交货的保。 FAX REP: I' ll need to speak to my boss. 传真机代表:我要跟老板说。 Can I call you back in ten minutes? 我10分钟后再打回给你,好吗? MS WONG: I' m sorry. 黄女士:对不起。 This is a very difficult situation. 这是个很难的形势。 I understand your problem, but you must see our position. 我能理解你们的问题,但你也要看到我们的处境。 We think this is a very exciting project, 我们认为折射个很令人激动的项目, but because we cannot find a compromise I' m afraid we can go no further. 但因为我们不能找到这种的办法,恐怕无法再谈下去了。 CLIVE HARRIS: We cannot go higher than 14 for 30,000 units. 克莱夫.哈里斯:我们生产3万件的成本不能高于14。 That is our final offer. 这是我们最后的报价了。 MS WONG: But you must realise that at this price our margin is unacceptable. 黄女士:但你要认识到,我们的利润是无法接受的。 So, I think we have covered all the items on today' s agenda, 我想我们已经谈过了所有议程上的项目, I am sorry that we have reached no solution on the final item which is the Mark 2 project. 很抱歉未能在最后 马克二世这个项目达成解决方案。 Could I suggest that we adjourn for today and meet tomorrow morning at ten o' clock? 我建议今天的会议延期,我们明天上午10点再开,好吗? JENNY ROSS: Is Clive back yet? 詹妮.罗斯:克莱夫回来了吗? GERALDINE: He phoned about twenty minutes ago--said he was on his way. 杰拉尔丁:他大约20分钟前打过电话--他说在路上了。 He didn' t sound very happy. 听起来,他不怎么高兴。 JENNY ROSS: Oh dear. 詹妮.罗斯:哦,天啊。 I wanted to ask him about taking a couple of days off. 我还想向他请几天假呢。 GERALDINE: I' d suggest that you wait. 杰拉尔丁:我建议你还是等等。 I don' t think that... 我认为,不该…… GERALDINE: Oh, Mr. Harris there' s a message from... 杰拉尔丁:哦,哈里斯先生有你的留言,来自…… CLIVE HARRIS: Geraldine, I' m in a meeting with Derek. 克莱夫.哈里斯:杰拉尔丁,我在和德里克开会。 Hold all my calls. 我不接任何电话。 JENNY ROSS: I see what you mean! 詹妮.罗斯:明白了! GERALDINE: I' ve never seen Derek look so angry. 杰拉尔丁:我还没看过德里克这么生气过。 What' s going on? 发生了什么事? JENNY ROSS: I don' t know. 詹妮.罗斯:不知道。 Have they had an argument? 他们争吵了吗? KATE MCKENNA:Well! That was an interesting journey! 凯特.麦凯纳:好啊!!真是有趣啊! Twenty minutes of total silence. 总共沉没了20分钟。 JENNY ROSS: What' s going on? 詹妮.罗斯:发生了什么事? KATE MCKENNA: I think the word to describe the situation is"eadlock". 凯特.麦凯纳:我想现在的情况可以用“僵局”来形容。 CLIVE HARRIS: Derek, you are being unreasonable. 克莱夫.哈里斯:德里克,你是在无理取闹。 DEREK JONES: Me? Why won' t you move on fourteen? 德里克.琼斯:我?你为什么不提到14? CLIVE HARRIS: Derek, we have been through this. 克莱夫.哈里斯:德里克,关于这一点我们已经谈过了。 We have agreed our negotiating position. 我们已经同意了谈判的立场。 DEREK JONES: I have never agreed to this position. 德里克.琼斯:我从未同意过这个立场。 We aren' t offering any flexibility. 我们不做任何调整。 They have to protect their margins. 他们一定要保护他们的利润。 CLIVE HARRIS: Then we can' t do the project. 克莱夫.哈里斯:那么我们就不能做我们的项目了。 DEREK JONES: That' s your decision, is it? 德里克.琼斯:这是你的决定,是吗? CLIVE HARRIS: Derek, I have no choice. 克莱夫.哈里斯:德里克,我别物选择。 DEREK JONES: I'm sorry Clive. I can' t accept that. 德里克.琼斯:对不起,克莱夫。我不能接受。 CLIVE HARRIS: What are you saying? 克莱夫.哈里斯:你说什么? DEREK JONES: I' m giving in my resignation. 德里克.琼斯:我要辞职。 CLIVE HARRIS: That' s ridiculous. 克莱夫.哈里斯:太荒谬了。 You' re tired. Sleep on it and we' ll talk in the morning. 你累了。先睡一觉,我们明早再谈。 /200703/10784


  来自中国的雇员Penny跟同事Robert聊天儿。Penny Liu: Hey, Robert! I was listening to you speak Chinese at the presentation yesterday! Youre fluent!Robert: Oh, thats kind of you to say, but in reality Im just able to hold a conversation.P: You are too modest. Seriously, I was really impressed. I actually wanted to know how you did it because I really want to take my English to the next level.P: But your English is fantastic.P: Yeah, its pretty good. But Im aiming to become completely fluent. Do you have any tips?Penny称赞美国同事Robert中文说得流利,fluent,给她留下了深刻印象。I was really impressed. Penny问Robert 学习语言有什么窍门,那么Robert有什么建议呢?R: Well, I studied at a major university in Taipei before coming to Beijing. And I lived in Hong Kong for over a year as well.P: So youre saying Ill have to live in an English-speaking country?R: It certainly doesnt hurt. But there are some things you can do if that is not an option.P: For example?R: When I first began studying Chinese, I found that watching Chinese movies was a really big help. Turn off the subtitles and watch and listen closely.原来,Robert在中文环境中生活过一段时间。可如果没有这种条件,if that is not an option, Robert说,看电影会有很大帮助,并建议关掉字幕,turn off the subtitles, subtitles is spelled s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s, subtitles是字幕的意思。P: But they speak so fast in movies! Will I be able to understand?R: You could watch a movie you have aly seen before...but no subtitles. That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech.P: What about vocabulary? Should I just try to memorize more words?R: Memorization cant hurt, but its sometimes hard to learn words that have no context. Many times when I learn a new Chinese word, I dont really understand it until I hear or see how its used in a sentence.P: So I need to find a context for the words.R: Right!电影对白说话太快,跟不上怎么办。Robert建议Penny选择以前看过的电影,然后关掉字幕。That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech. 这样就能慢慢找到语言的节奏。单词量vocabulary 不够怎么办?Robert说,死记硬背固然没有害处,可有时候少了上下文,单词的意思是很难准确理解和掌握的。Robert对提高英语水平还有哪些好的建议,我们下次继续听。 /201202/171241

  澳洲广播电台商业英语教程 17:商业谈判Negotiating(1)澳洲广播电台商业英语教程全套文本 /200706/14581。



  Jane找上司Vincent, 可不是为了工作。Jane: (knock knock) Hi, Vincent...got a second?Vincent: Sure, Jane...come in. Grab a seat. Whats on your mind?J: Well, I know this doesnt fall under your responsibilities, but I really need some advice. Do you mind?V: Not at all. Shoot.J: Ok...Ill just say it: Im quite heavily in debt and I need advice on how to get out of this hole Im in.Jane问Vincent有没有时间,got a second? 请别人坐,可以说grab a seat. Vincent让 Jane - shoot. Shoot在这儿不是开,而是“说吧”。原来,Jane是因为债务缠身,heavily in debt, 让Vincent帮她出主意,to get out of this hole,摆脱困境。V: I see. Is this mainly credit card debt?J: Yes. But theres a mortgage and car payments as well.V: You know what? Im going to ask Anna Wang to join our conversation. Shes our companys financial expert.(Picks up phone) Anna? Would you mind joining me for a second? Thanks.J: Oh. I dont want to be a burden.V: No...its really no problem. Millions of people have fallen into debt and its great that you are trying to take positive action. Oh, hi Anna. This is Jane.Anna: Hi Vince. Hi Jane.Jane不光信用卡欠了很多钱,还有房贷和车贷。Vincent请公司的财务专家Anna来咨询。注意听,Jane欠了多少钱。V: Jane wants advice on how to get out of credit card debt.A: Ah. Thats a popular problem these days. Can I ask how much you owe?J: Um...its kind of embarrassing...but Ok...25,000 dollars.A: Jane, Im going to be blunt: if I were you, Id cut up all my credit cards today.J: All of them?A: Well, you might keep one for emergencies, but the point is: stop using the cards.Jane一共欠了两万五千美元。Anna说,Im going to be blunt,我直话直说:要是我,今天就把信用卡都剪碎。The point is: stop using the cards,关键是:不能再刷卡了。V: I never used to pay attention to the fine print, but one day I looked up the details from my bank and I discovered I got charged 14% interest!A: Yes, you really have to the fine print. In Janes case though, Id recommend actually canceling the cards.J: Cant I get the bank to lower my interest rates?V: Sure, but you also want to stop new spending. When you buy something with a credit card, you think you are paying what the price tag says. But really there are a lot of extras.消费者一定要注意信用卡的fine print,合同细则,Vince的就收他14%的利率。刷卡购物,你以为付的是商品标价,the price tag, 可实际上有很多额外收费, a lot of extras。Jane具体该怎么做?我们下次继续听。 /201212/213603

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