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The EU has urged China to clamp down on the sale of inflatable dinghies which are falling into the hands of smuggling gangs and used to carry migrants on treacherous sea journeys to Europe.欧盟已要求中国减少充气艇销售,因为这些充气艇正落入偷渡团伙手中,用来从危险的海路运送移民。About 1.4 million refugees and migrants have made their way to Europe since 2015 many fleeing Syrias bloody civil war in the biggest wave of migration the continent has seen since World War Two.015年以来,已有超过140万难民和移民涌向欧洲,他们中的许多是为躲避叙利亚内战炮火,这是欧洲自二战以来经历的最大难民潮。Thousands have died often while attempting to cross the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in flimsy rubber boats.在乘坐脆弱的橡胶艇穿越爱琴海和地中海途中,数千人死于非命。Speaking at a press conference today Dimitris Avramopoulos the EU commissioner for migration home affairs and citizenship said: China can help and support the EU in its fight against migrant smugglers.He added: The rubber boats used by smuggler networks in the Mediterranean are fabricated somewhere in China.I requested the support and cooperation from the Chinese authorities in order to track down this business and dismantle it because what they produce is not serving the common good of the country.欧盟移民与内部事务专员Avramopoulos今天在记者招待会上说:“中国可以在对抗偷渡团伙上帮助欧盟”,他补充道:“偷渡团伙使用的橡皮艇是中国制造的。我请求中国官方协助调查并取缔这一交易,因为他们生产的不是通常意义上的商品(而是犯罪工具)。”来 /201705/508449。

to allude to something or someone 影射英文释义 To refer to something or someone indirectly.例句 When our boss was talking about how some people have problems with alcohol, we wondered if he was alluding to one of our colleagues.当我们的老板在谈论某人存在酗酒问题时,我们怀疑他在影射我们的一位同事。 /201409/328517。

One of the sons of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew has announced that he is leaving the country “for the foreseeable futureafter he and his sister said they had lost confidence in the leadership of their brother Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s prime minister.新加坡国父李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)次子李显扬(Lee Hsien Yang,上图左)已宣布会“在可预见的将来”离开新加坡。此前,他和李玮玲(Lee Wei Ling,上图右)表示,他们已对新加坡总理、兄长李显龙(Lee Hsien Loong,上图中)的领导力失去信心。In an extraordinary public statement, Lee Hsien Yang said that he, his wife, and his sister Lee Wei Ling feared “the use of the organs of stateagainst them following the death of their father in 2015. “We feel big brother omnipresent,they said.在一份非同寻常的公开声明中,李显扬表示,2015年父亲李光耀逝世之后,他和妻子、以及李玮玲曾担心“国家机关被用来”针对他们。他们表示:“我们感到老大哥无处不在。”The two siblings accused their brother Lee Hsien Loong of nurturing political ambitions for his son, Li Hongyi, who works as a consultant for a Singapore government agency.弟俩谴责兄长李显龙在其子李鸿毅(Li Hongyi)身上的政治野心越来越大,后者是新加坡一政府机构的顾问。The family rift is a rare display of public acrimony at the top of the tightly-controlled city-state, where the boundaries of free speech are vigorously policed.这一家族分歧,是这个受到严密控制的城市国家最高层公开论战的罕见展示。在新加坡,言论自由的边界一直受到严厉管控。It also draws attention to the closely held nature of power in a society where the current prime minister is the son of the country’s first leader, while his wife Ho Ching is chief executive of the state investor Temasek.这一分歧还让人注意到权力在新加坡受到的严密把持。新加坡现任总理是该国首位领导人之子,而现任总理的夫人何Ho Ching)则是新加坡政府投资机构淡马锡(Temasek)的首席执行官。In a response on Facebook, Singapore’s premier said: “I am deeply saddened by the unfortunate allegations that they have made. Ho Ching and I deny these allegations, especially the absurd claim that I have political ambitions for my son.”李显龙在Facebook上回应道:“他们做出的不幸指控让我很难过。我和何晶否认这些指控,特别是关于我在我儿子身上有政治野心的荒谬指责。”The feud in Singapore’s first family became public last year after the prime minister’s sister accused him of abusing his political power over anniversary commemorations for the death of the elder Mr Lee.新加坡第一家族内部的仇怨首次曝光于去年,起因是李显龙的指控他在李光耀逝世周年纪念活动方面滥用了政治权力。In an escalation of that feud on Wednesday, the prime minister’s siblings said their brother had misused his position in government to drive a personal agenda.周三,不和进一步升级,李显扬和李玮玲表示,李显龙滥用在新加坡政府的地位推进个人议程。The immediate trigger for the family clash is a dispute over their father’s house in Singapore.这场家族冲突的直接导火索是围绕李光耀新加坡故居的争端。Singapore’s founding father wanted the family home, a bungalow in the Orchard district, to be demolished after his death as he was averse to it becoming a monument.由于讨厌旧居变成“供人崇拜的遗迹”,新加坡国父李光耀希望在他逝世后拆除其住所——位于Orchard区的一栋平房。The prime minister’s siblings said in their statement: “Hsien Loong and his wife, Ho Ching, have opposed Lee Kuan Yew’s wish to demolish his house, even when Lee Kuan Yew was alive.李显扬和李玮玲在声明中表示:“显龙和夫人何晶反对李光耀拆除故居的愿望——甚至在李光耀生前就是如此。“Hsien Loong’s political power is related to being Lee Kuan Yew’s son and thus he has every incentive to preserve Lee Kuan Yew’s house to inherit his credibility.”“显龙的政治权力与他身为李光耀之子的身份有关。因此,他有极大动机保留李光耀故居,以继承他的公信力。”Mr Lee, chairman of Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority and a former chief executive of telecoms provider Singtel, told the Financial Times: “I am not an anti-establishment, opposition figure.李显扬是新加坡民航局(Civil Aviation Authority)主席,还曾担任电信务提供商新加坡电Singtel)首席执行官。他向英囀?金融时报》表示:“我并不是反建制的反对派人士。“I have a long record of public service. It is heart-wrenching for me to leave this country. It’s not something I would do lightly, if I didn’t have reasons to do it.”“我拥有长期的公共务履历。离开新加坡令我十分痛心。如果没有理由,我不会随随便便这么做。”Mr Lee, whose wife Lee Suet-Fern is a corporate lawyer, said he had not yet decided where he would move to.李显扬表示,他还未决定会搬往何处。李显扬的妻子名叫林学芬(Lee Suet-Fern),是一名企业律师。In his initial response, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “I will do my utmost to continue to do right by my parents. At the same time, I will continue serving Singaporeans honestly and to the best of my ability. In particular that means upholding meritocracy, which is a fundamental value of our society.李显龙在最初的回应中表示:“我会继续尽我全力无愧于父母,与此同时,也会继续竭尽所能忠诚地为新加坡务,特别是坚持唯才是用,而这是我们社会的基本价值观。“As my siblings know, I am presently overseas on leave with my family. I will consider this matter further after I return this weekend.”“我的弟弟们都知道我和家人在国外度假,这个周末回国后我会考虑后续的处理。”Authoritarian Singapore has long prided itself on being Southeast Asia’s most prosperous and arguably most successful post-colonial nation, and analysts are watching the divisions in the Lee family with intense interest. The late father Lee Kuan Yew was credited with transforming Singapore from a strategically located but resource-poor state into a thriving high-tech Asian business hub.长期以来,威权统治的新加坡一直以身为东南亚最繁荣、也可以说是最成功的后殖民地国家而自豪。目前,分析人士正以极大兴趣关注李氏家族的分歧。新加坡从一个战略位置重要但资源匮乏的国家,变为繁荣的高科技亚洲商业中心,被归功于兄三人的已故父亲李光耀。Michael Barr, associate professor of international relations at Flinders University in Adelaide, said: “This is the first time that someone inside the family inside politics is acknowledging that we could be looking at a third generation of Lees.”阿德莱德弗林德斯大Flinders University)国际关系学副教授迈克巴尔(Michael Barr)表示:“这是该家族内部——政治圈内部——首次有人承认大家可能会看到一个‘李三代’。”The family dispute has become intensely vitriolic because of the growing importance of the Lee family brand in Singapore, Mr Barr added, saying that it had become closely identified with the “Singapore modelof professionalism, planning and incorruptibility in public life.巴尔还表示,由于李家这块招牌在新加坡日益增大的重要性,这一家族争端已变得极为有害。他说,这块招牌已变得几乎可与公共生活中代表专业精神、规划及清廉的“新加坡模式”划等号。Mr Barr said: “The projection of the Lee brand onto Singapore has now become an industry. It is a brand but has to be protected.巴尔表示:“李家这块招牌在新加坡的投影如今已成为一个产业。它虽是块招牌,但必须得到保护。“[The prime minister] is protecting his own turf. Of all the people he would be in danger from in terms of protecting the brand, the danger would have to come from his own family.”“(李显龙)在保护自己的地盘。在所有会对他保护这块招牌构成威胁的人当中,最危险的肯定来自他的家族。”来 /201706/513976。

1.Legal issues 法律问题 A: Who is going to help us if there are any legal issues?B: We have a company lawyer to deal with that.A:如果遇到法律问题,谁来帮助我们啊?B:会有公司的律师来处理。2.Notarize 公A: This contract needs to be notarized. B: I will get it done tomorrow.A:这个合同需要进行公。B:我明天把公完成。 3.Patent 专利A: What if we use a patented technology in the program?B: You still have the right to your patent.A:如果我们把专利技术用在项目中会怎么样?B:你仍然拥有专利权。4.Loan 贷款A: What kind of loan do you plan to apply for?B: How about the 30-year loan?A:你准备申请哪种贷款?B:30年按揭怎么样?5.Part A/Part B 甲方/乙方A: Who are the Party A and the Party B in contracts?B: Part A is usually the buyer, and Party B is usually the vendor. A:合同的甲方和乙方都是谁啊?B:甲方一般是买方,而乙方一般是卖方。 /200810/51790。

说明:本书的MP3经过剪辑,去掉了无用的过渡音乐.简介:本书是一本专门为英语专业教师与学生,外企白领和外贸从业人员编写的商务口语学习指南.全书分为四部分:简单的日常交往对话可以帮助你了解接待外国客人的礼节和恰当用语;公司常用会话则侧重公司内部的上下沟通与协作,让你对外企内部运作了然于心;商务往来会话是由与外国人建立商务合作关系,实现拓展市场获得双赢局面的会话实践范例组成;进出口业务会话部分综合了外贸领域具体操作的各个方面. /200705/13289。