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《狮子王经典台词 -- 3::50 来源:kekenet lt;二gt;《狮子王The Lion King: 1. Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. 世界上所有的生命都在微妙的平衡中生存 . I laugh in the face of danger. 越危险就越合我心意 3. I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking trouble. 我只是在必要的时候才会勇敢,勇敢并不代表你要到处闯祸 . When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world. 如果这个世界对你不理不睬,你也可以这样对待它5. It’s like you are back from the dead. 好像你是死而复生似的 6. You can’t change the past. 过去的事是不可以改变的 7. Yes, the past can hurt. But I think you can either run from it or learn from it. 对,过去是痛楚的,但我认为你要么可以逃避,要么可以向它学习 8. This is my kingdom. If I don’t fight it, who will? 这是我的国土,我不为她而战斗,谁为呢? 9. Why should I believe you? Everything you ever told me was a lie. 我为何要相信你?你所说的一切都是谎话 . I’ll make it up to you, I promise. 我会补偿你的,我保 狮子王 经典台词。

旅游英语词汇:交通规则 -- :: 来源: 旅游英语词汇:交通规则1. 交通规则 traffic regulation . 路标 guide post 3. 里程碑 milestone . 停车标志 mark car stop 5. 红绿灯 traffic light 6. 自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light 7. 红灯 red light 8. 绿灯 green light 9. 黄灯 amber light . 交通岗 traffic post . 岗亭 police box . 交通警 traffic police . 打手势 pantomime . 单行线 single line . 双白线 double white lines . 双程线dual carriage-way . 斑马线 zebra stripes 18. 划路线机 traffic line marker 19. 交通干线 artery traffic . 车行道 carriage-way 1. 辅助车道 lane auxiliary . 双车道 two-way traffic 3. 自行车通行 cyclists only . 单行道 one way only 5. 窄路 narrow road 6. 潮湿路滑 slippery when wet 7. 陡坡 steep hill . 不平整路 rough road 9. 弯路 curve road ; bend road 30. 连续弯路 winding road 31. 之字路 double bend road 3. 之字公路 switch back road 33. 下坡危险 dangerous down grade . 道路交叉点 road junction 35. 十字路 cross road 36. 左转 turn left 37. 右转 turn right 38. 靠左 keep left 39. 靠右 keep right 0. 慢驶 slow 1. 速度 speed . 超速 excessive speed 3. 速度限制 speed limit . 恢复速度 resume speed 5. 禁止通行 no through traffic 6. 此路不通 blocked 7. 不准驶入 no entry 8. 不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead 9. 不准掉头 no turns 50. 让车道 passing bay 51. 回路 loop 5. 安全岛 safety island 53. 停车处 parking place 5. 停私人车 private car park 55. 只停公用车 public car only 56. 不准停车 restricted stop 57. 不准滞留 restricted waiting 58. 临街停车 parking on-street 59. 街外停车 parking off-street 60. 街外卸车 loading off-street 61. 当心行人 caution pedestrian crossing 6. 当心牲畜 caution animals 63. 前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead 6. 拱桥 hump bridge 65. 火车栅 level crossing 66. 修路 road works 67. 医院 hospital 68. 儿童 children 69. 学校 school 70. 寂静地带 silent zone 71. 非寂静地带 silent zone ends 7. 交通管理 traffic control 73. 人山人海 crowded conditions 7. 拥挤的人 jam-packed with people 75. 交通拥挤 traffic jam 76. 水泄不通 overwhelm 77. 顺挤 extrusion direct 78. 冲挤 extrusion impact 79. 推挤 shoved 80. 挨身轻推 nudging 81. 让路 give way 8. 粗心行人 careless pedestrian 83. 犯交通罪 committing traffic offences 8. 执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license 85. 危险驾驶 dangerous driving 86. 粗心驾车 careless driving 87. 无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor 88. 无驾驶 driving without license 89. 未经车主同意 without the owner's consent 90. 无第三方保险 without third-party insurance 91. 未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate 9. 安全第一 safety first 93. 轻微碰撞 slight impact 9. 迎面相撞 head-on collision 95. 相撞 collided 96. 连环撞 a chain collision 97. 撞车 crash 98. 辗过 run over 99. 肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver 0. 冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement 旅游英语词汇。

Montreal 蒙特利尔 -- 18:5: 来源: Montreal 蒙特利尔  Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. It has a population of less than three million. It is also the world's second largest Frensh-Speaking city. It has been the cultural center of Canada more than two centuries. In the past ten years, many Chinese, Jewish and Italian have moved here.  Montreal is an international leader in art. St. Catherine is the main downtown shopping street. Montreal is also host to the sorld's largest flower exhibition. It is held every year. There are many theaters, museums, a lot of places of historic interest, and beautiful parks in the city. People enjoy skiing and skating in winter and picnic and jog in summer.  蒙特利尔是加拿大第二大城市,人口不到300万它也是全世界第二大讲法语的城市两个多世纪以来,它一直是加拿大的文化中心近十年来,许多中国人、犹太人和意大利人移居到这里  蒙特利尔是国际艺术的先驱圣凯瑟琳是最主要的商业街蒙特利尔还主办全世界最大规模的花展,每年一次这个城市有许多剧院、物馆,许多历史名胜,还有美丽的公园人们冬天喜欢滑雪、滑冰,而夏天乐于野餐和慢跑。

Hoy,Hoy范文 -- :1:5 来源: HobbyHobbies are very important to a person. Without having any hobby, life won't be as colorful as it should be. I have a variety of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, ing, and doing sport activities. When I am free, I will spend time on my hobbies. When I am in a blue mood, I will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. Hobbies can help us improve our moods. Many hobbies requires devotion. example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perm good music. After a period if you still enjoy it, gradually it will become a hobby of yours. But, remember: A hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself. If you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable. I hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them.Hobby英语作文。

Hong Zhanhui 洪战辉 -- :: 来源: Hong Zhanhui 洪战辉  Hong Zhanhui, a Chinese boy of , was born in a poor family. His mother left the family when he was very young. He had to look after his sick father, adopted sister and younger brother. He lived a hard life, but he never gave up his studies and went to college at last. He still worried about his sister, so he took her with him to the university.  Many people wanted to give him some help, but he refused. He found a job to make money his family. He knew he must depend on himself.    岁的中国青年洪战辉出生在一个贫困的家庭当他小的时候,他的妈妈离开了家他不得不照顾生病的父亲、领养的和小弟弟他生活很艰难,可是他从不放弃学业,最终考上了大学他挂念自己的,所以他把她带到了大学里  许多人想要帮助他,可是他拒绝了他找了一个工作赚钱养家他知道必须依靠自己。

越秀公园英文导游词 -- :9: 来源: 越秀公园英文导游词越秀公园越秀公园被认为是广州中央公园之一,最近又被列为广州风景名胜公园越秀公园和白云山一起被誉为保卫广州的天然屏障越秀公园海拔7000多米,历史上又称越秀山  Yuexiu park is considered to be one of the central parks in guangzhou city; recently it has been nominated as the scenic park of guangzhou. there are only eight certified scenic parks in guangzhou.it acts as a natural defense in the northern part of the guangzhou city together with bai yun mountain. with height of more than 7000m above sea level, it is also historically known as yue (guangdong) xiu mountain, yue wang mountain. during the ming dynasty, in the reign of yong le, guan yin temple was built on this mountain hence it is also called guan yin mountain.  during the early west han dynasty, yue xu mountain was known to offer pilgrimage to many people, but then in the early th century, dr sun yat sen, suggested that yue xu should be turned into a grand park which was only realized after the liberation of china in 199.  now, yuexu park is known providing immense and comprehensive cultural recreation. it consists of one main hill, yue jin gang, 7 small hills guihua gang, muhe gang, yu gang, etc. and baixiu, nanxiu, dongxiu artificial lake. its total area is 860,000 sqm. its afestation rate is at 9%. it is also a host to famous historical architectural site like zhen hai building, ming gu wall, square cannon site, dr, sun yat sen's monument etc. historical sites and ancient trees were also built and planted respectively around wu yang temple, hall of chinese idioms, a place of relaxation with trees, and bamboos, garden of flowers, art gallery, museum, recreational area, swimming pool, playground, restaurants, kiosk, states, building and pavilion etc. people to rest and relax, making it a pleasurable experience to visit the park. the park also provides other amenities, to complete the wonderful experience, visitors. there are many pathways people to use to visit the places within the park. every year it also hosts a flower market festival. about more than million people comprising of eigners and locals visit this park every year,  since the yuan dynasty, yue xu mountain is considered to be a good scenic park in guangzhou. recently it also has been nominated as one of the ten best scenic parks. its zhen hai building and five ram statues are nominated the ten best scenic sites. 越秀公园英文导游词。

Jay Chou 周杰伦 -- :3: 来源: Jay Chou 周杰伦  He is quite and shy. He doesn't smile very often, but he is friendly to others. When you talk to him about music, he will have a lot to say. This is Jay Chou, my favourite Taiwanese POPsinger.  Chou grew up with his mother. He didn't talk much and did badly in many school subjects. When he was only three, his mother sent him to learn piano, and he loved it.  Chou is not very handsome. But he is really good at music, he can write his own songs, and he never follows others.  I like Longquan best of his songs, and is moves my heart.他很安静,很害羞,他也不常晓,可是他待人友好当你同他谈论音乐,他就有好多话说这就是周杰伦,我最喜欢的台湾歌星周杰伦是同母亲一起长达的他说话不多,学校的许多都学得很好当他年仅3岁时,他妈妈送他去学钢琴,二他就喜欢上了钢琴周不算太英俊,可是他擅长音乐,他能自己作曲,也从不追随别人在他所有的歌曲中,我最喜欢《龙拳,它使我感动。

旅游英语:辽宁英文介绍 -- ::39 来源: 旅游英语:辽宁英文介绍辽宁与黄海、渤海、鸭绿江交界,和朝鲜仅一江之隔,其地理位置优越,有“金三角”之称Liaoning Province, often called 'the Golden Triangle' because of its superior geographical location, includes boundaries on the Yellow Sea, the Bohai Gulf, and the Yalu River, which makes Liaoning the closest gateway to the Korean Peninsula. As the southernmost province of the three provinces in northeast China, Liaoning Province's proximity to the sea has given it commercial and strategic advantages throughout its history.HistoryArcheological evidence establishes that commy life existed in Liaoning 5,000 years ago. From its early beginnings through to the mid-th Century, Liaoning has been sought after as an important trade center, an area that contains rich, untapped resources, and its strategic position as the Golden Triangle. Liaoning has been the birthplace of warlords and the cradle of the Qing Dynasty. Lasting from to the 19 Revolution, this feudal dynasty was set up by invading Manchus. Untunately, the Manchus were not the last people to invade this area. Liaoning's often troubled history has given us an interesting legacy of architecture and artifacts, as well as archeological treasures, which combined with its transcendent natural beauty, makes Liaoning Province an area you will want to visit many times. Below are a few highlights.What to seeIn Shenyang, Liaoning's capital city, there is a Manchu version of the bidden City known as the Shenyang Imperial Palace. Built on the same principles as the bidden City in Beijing, although much smaller in scope, it was completed by Huang Taiji in 36. Second only to the bidden City, it is the most intact imperial building in existence in China. The Imperial Palace is a museum that features extensive exhibits of jade, ivory, artworks of Ming and Qing dynasties (including paintings, sculpture, enamels and ceramics), musical instruments, and a large display of th and 18th Centuries military equipment. It was in this palace in that Shunzhi became Emperor bee he crossed the Great Wall to invade China.The emperors that built the Imperial Palace also built their burial sites in Shenyang: Fuling Tomb also called the East Tomb; and Zhaoling Tomb, also called the North Tomb. Emperor Nurhachi and his mistress are buried in Fuling Tomb. Nurhachi's son, Huang Taiji (the father of Emperor Shunzhi) and his empress are buried in Zhaoling. The large and beautiful Zhaoling tomb has been compared to the Ming Tombs in Beijing and is located in the enormous Beiling Park. A third tomb, Yongling Tomb, completes the famous tomb group known as the 'three tombs outside of the Great Wall'.In some very ancient time, a fairy goddess decided to bring spring to Earth by embroidering clouds on lotus leaves. During a fight with the gods who were trying to stop her, the beautiful cloud embroidered leaves fell to earth at Shenyang and became green hills that the people named Qianlianshan (Thousand Lotuses Mountain). This mountain is now known as Qianshan. People love to come here to walk along the splendid trails to its lofty peaks and ancient temples. A walk around Qianshan can give you the memory of a perfect day.Southeast of Shenyang is Benxi, which has the largest water cave in Asia. Within 5 square kilometers ( square miles) of Benxi Water Cave National Park, there are six areas of particular interest: Mount Miaohou, Mount Tiecha, Mount Guanmen, the Spa Temple, Tanggou Valley, and the Water Cave. The Water Cave has an underground river with water so clear that the riverbed is always visible. Take a ride on the sightseeing boat and enter into the magic and mystery of the stalactite mations that have med over millions of years. It is common to see artists at the various mountains and Tanggou Valley drawing and painting the mountains and the innumerable flowers and trees that are nurtured by the mountain streams. Benxi Water Cave National Park is a unique wonderland of pastoral beauty that has captured the imagines and hearts of its visitors throughout the ages.Surrounded on three sides by the Yellow Sea, Dalian is a charming coastal city that has become a popular resort town. This is hardly surprising when you experience the garden-like downtown streets that are bordered by Japanese and Russian style buildings, all of which provide the perfect backdrop a leisurely stroll. With mountains on one side, and fabulous bathing beaches all around the city, Dalian is a great place to escape the summer heat, have a refreshing vacation, and enjoy the feeling of romance that is in the air.Liaoning Province is opulent in natural beauty as well as interesting attractions. Aside from the ones noted above, there are also: Fenghuang Mountain; Shenya Aquarium in Xinghai Bay Resort has more than 7,000 fish; Dalian's Nest Cliff and Tiger Beach, which has the largest aviary in China (18,000 square meters or 6,950 square miles) and possibly the largest animal sculpture in the world; the 300,000-year-old Yingkou Jinniushan Relic, Phoenix Mountain, and Bingyu Valley. We must mention Tiecha Mountain, which is located east of Benxi. Because its eastern, southern and northern peaks can be seen from three sides, it is also known as Jiu Ding (Nine Tops). Among this mountain's many caves is Yunguang Cave, which houses eight treasures: stone dragon, stone toad, stone fish, stone bed, stone lotus, stone longevity and 'the wind that calms the pearl'. This mountain, which is considered the birthplace of Taoism in Northeast China, has a great amount of interesting, ancient calligraphy carved into its rocks.Liaoning Province has frequent and quite special festivals that are not to be missed. Among them are: Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival, Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs, Dalian International Fashion Festival, and Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival. Consider planning your trip to include one of Liaoning's wonderful festive events.Population: Approx. 0 millionArea: 0 thousand square kilometers (about 57,918 square miles)Ethnic Minority: Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, Xibe and KoreanWhen to goContinental climate characterized by long and cold winters, warm and rainy summers and comparatively short and windy spring and autumn. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -Cto -5C, and July is the hottest with an average temperature of 1C-5C. Annual rainfall of this province averages from 50 millimeters to millimeters. Liaoning is the province in northeast China having the most sunlight, heat, and rainfall. The best time to visit is from May to October, but winter is also a pleasant time to enjoy the ice and snow scenery and winter festivals. 旅游英语 辽宁英文介绍。

圣诞节 My Christmas Day -- :3: 来源: Today is ChristmasDay. It’s a western holiday, but it’s popular in our country, too. Today, our Englishteacher buys chocolates to us. They are very sweet. And then, she teaches us asong, Jingle Bell. It’s a lovely song and easy to sing. We learn it quickly. Atnight, my mother cooks some delicious western food. I love this Christmas Day.。

我喜欢奥运(I like Olympic) -- ::5 来源: 我喜欢奥运(I like Olympic)  my name is dongliang. i have two bright big eyes and long hair. all my friends said that dongliang is the most lovely girl in our class.  i am very young, but i like the olympic games very much. in ,i was just six years old, i often watched olympic games on the tv-set and often talked about competition with my parents. my favorite sport is table tennis. ma ling, guo yue, zhang yining, they are all my favorite sportsman, because they wins a lot of gold medal. i’m very proud of them and i’m much proud of china!this is the first time to make an olympic, i think we can make it very wonderful.  believe it! we’re the best!。