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平度第一人民中医院做人流要多久In a few places, Like along riverbanks and cliffs.在某些地方,比如河畔和悬崖旁where the land slips away it exposes this, the permafrost.把雪扫开,就能发现它,永久冻土It#39;s nice to get my hands on it.把手放在上面感觉很棒If s just soil stuffed full of plants, stuffed full of carbon就是泥土充满植物,充满碳and frozen in ice.以及被雪冻住And although it might not look very interesting,虽然看起来不是很有趣this stuff is really important for our atmosphere.这种材料对我们的大气层很重要That#39;s because sealed in the permafrost is methane.因为这些被封住的永久冻土The danger is if the permafrost was to melt as a result of global warming,如果冻土因为全球变暖而融化it could release methane on a massive scale.释放出大量甲烷会导致危险This would dramatically accelerate global warming.会显著加快全球变暖Worryingly, here in Siberia,让人很担忧,在西伯利亚there are signs the permafrost is aly starting to melt.永久冻土开始融化的征兆开始显现Temperatures are rising faster here than anywhere else on the planet.在此地的温度上升速度比全球任意地方要快Although you#39;d never know it.尽管你之前从未见过 Article/201509/401251青岛畸胎瘤手术费用We must go back through time to the very first chapter我们必须让时间倒流回到第一章to learn how the universe began.讲一件关于宇宙起源的故事The scattered remains of dead star散布着死去恒星的残骸the Crab Nebula蟹状星云(隶属金牛座)Six thousand light years from home, deep inside a stellar graveyard我们距离地球6000光年,深入到一座星际坟墓We#39;ve learnt so much我们已经学到了很多seen things we#39;d never have believed possible看到一些本来不可思议的事情Now, sights like this, wonders once beyond imagination像这样的情景以前是无法想像的we take in our stride现在却是司空见惯了We#39;re y to face whatever lies ahead我们准备好了面对前方的一切Determined to reach the edge of the universe决心抵达宇宙的边缘This is the calm after the storm, after an massive explosion现在风暴过后的平静,大爆炸后的平静a supernova that turned a star into dust and gas超新星把一颗恒星变成一团尘埃和气体The eye of the storm.暴风眼A spinning pulsating star, a pulsar.是一颗旋转脉冲的恒星,脉冲星The gravity has squeezed the giant star#39;s core down to this重力把巨大恒星的核心挤压成这么小It#39;s just 12 miles across, unimaginably dense它的直径只有12英里,密度之高无法想像One pinhead of this would weigh hundreds一个针头大小的物质可能就有几百吨maybe millions of tons.甚至几百万吨重And as it shrank , like a figure skater spinning on the spot当它收缩时,就像花样滑冰运动员在原地旋转一样arms outstretched , then pulling them in展开双臂然后收缩回来it began to spin faster.它开始越转越快Two beams of light, energy, radiation, spinning 30 times a second两道光、能量和辐射束每秒钟旋转30次Powering the huge cloud of dust and gas推动着庞大的尘埃和云团There#39;s so much radiation here, more even than on the Sun.这里的辐射非常多,甚至比太阳的辐射还多That was easily the deadliest thing we#39;ve encountered so far这是我们到目前为止遭遇到的最致命的东西Once, it would have terrified us若在以前,它必定会让我们惊恐万状But now we realize that without the dangers但是现在我们知道,没有危险there#39;d be no wonders就不会有奇迹Without the nightmares, there#39;d be no dreams没有梦魇,就没有梦想 Article/201507/385819My name is Dillan and I am autistic.我是迪兰,患有自闭症。All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people.一直以来,我渴望能与人们沟通But they couldn#39;t understand because I had no way to communicate.但没有人懂我,因为我跟别人的沟通方式不一样I get to experience the world in a very unique way.我体会这世界的方式与众不同I could see the wind, hear the flowers,我能看见风的形状、听到花语I can feel incredible emotions, flowing from those I love.我能感受到我爱的人所散发出来的强烈情感Many. So many. So many, so many. So many. So many.很多。有很多。有很多。有很多。有很多。有很多So many people can#39;t understand that I have a mind.有很多人对我的内心世界视而不见All they see is a person who is not in control. But now you can hear me.他们只看到一个无法自我控制的人。但现在你们听得到我说话了The iPad helps me to see not only my words, but to hold on to my thoughts.iPad 不仅帮助我了解自己的语言,更让我表达自己的想法Having a voice has changed everything in my life. No more isolation.能够发声让我的生活有了一百八十度的转变。我不再感到隔阂I can finally speak with the people that love me.我终于可以跟爱我的人沟通。I can say what I think and let them know I love them, too.我能道出心中的想法、表达我的爱。Hi! Hi Dillan! Hello, my name is Dillan Barmache.嗨!嗨,迪兰!哈啰,我叫迪兰·巴马切.We are the reality of our thinking life and are capable of so much if we just open our minds.我们实践思想,若敞开心胸,将无可限量。 Article/201701/488079青岛胶州市宫颈疾病哪家医院好

青岛做引产医院青岛宫颈息肉手术费用栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201509/398726栏目简介:The art world has been buzzing for the last couple of years about another Mona Lisa painting. It#39;s known as the ;Earlier Mona Lisa; and some believe it#39;s an authentic da Vinci work that he painted before the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. However, other art experts still aren#39;t convinced it#39;s a da Vinci work. The ;Earlier Mona Lisa; is now in Shanghai and I had the chance to find out why exhibition organizers are convinced it is the Italian artist#39;s creation. Article/201703/492627平度妇幼保健医院公立还是私立栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201509/399032青岛妇幼保健医院妇科人流

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