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在青岛市市立医院生孩子需要多少钱青岛孕前检查那家好Early African American: Jumping the Broom In the times of slavery in this country, African American couples were not allowed to formally marry and live together. To make a public declaration of their love and commitment, a man and woman jumped over a broom into matrimony, to the beat of drums. (The broom has long held significant meaning for the various Africans, symbolizing, the start of home- making for the newlywed couple. In Southern Africa, the day after the wedding, the bride assisted the other women in the family in sweeping the courtyard, indicating her dutiful willing ness to help her in-laws with housework till the newlyweds could move to their new home.) Some African-American couples today are choosing to include this symbolic rite in their wedding ceremony.   Armenia: Two white doves may be released to signify love and happiness. The bride may dress in red silk and may wear cardboard wings with feathers on her head. Small coins may be thrown at her.  早期非洲裔美国人:跳扫帚在美国的黑奴时代,黑人男女是不允许正式结婚生活在一起的。为了向世人宣布他们的爱情和婚约,一对黑人男女和着鼓声的节奏,一起跳过一把扫帚。(扫帚对各种非洲人长期来都具有很重要的意义,因为它意味着新婚夫妇组成家庭的开始。在南部非洲,新娘在婚后的第一天要帮助夫家的其他女性清扫院子,以此表明在住进自己的新家前,她愿意尽职地帮助丈夫的家人承担家务劳动。)直至今日,一些美国黑人还在他们的婚礼上举行这种象征性的仪式。  亚美尼亚:人们放飞两只白鸽,以示爱情和幸福。新娘穿着红色丝绸的装,头戴饰有羽毛的纸翼。人们还可向新娘投掷硬币。  Belgium: The bride may still embroider her name on her handkerchief, carry it on the wedding day, then frame it and keep it until the next family bride marries.  Bermuda: Islanders top their tiered wedding cakes with a tiny sapling. The newlyweds plant the tree at their home, where they can watch it grow, as their marriage grows.  Bohemia: The groom gives the bride a rosary, a prayer book, a girdle with three keys (to guard her virtue), a fur cap, and a silver wedding ring. The bride gives the groom a shirt sewn with gold th blended with colored silks and a wedding ring. Before the ceremony, the groomsman wraps the groom in the bride‘s cloak to keep evil spirits from creeping in and dividing their two hearts.  比利时:新娘可以将其姓名绣在手帕上,在婚礼举行日随身带上它。婚礼后将手帕装入镜框保存,直到家里的另外一个姑娘结婚。  百慕大:百慕大岛民在他们的多层婚礼蛋糕的顶层插上一株小树苗,新婚夫妇要将这株树苗种在家中,这样他们可以目睹树苗伴随着他们的婚姻一起长大。  波黑人:新郎向新娘赠送一串念珠,一本祈祷文,一根上面串着三把钥匙的腰带(用以保护她的贞洁),一顶毛皮帽,一个银的结婚戒指。新娘则向新郎赠送一件用金线和色丝绸缝制的衬衣和结婚戒指。婚礼前,伴郎将新郎裹进新娘的斗篷里,以防恶魔侵入,拆散他们相爱的心。  Caribbean: A rich black cake baked with dried fruits and rum is especially popular on the islands of Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia. The recipe, handed down from mother to daughter, is embellished by each. It is considered a "pound" cake--with the recipe calling for a pound each of flour, dark brown sugar, butter, glace cherries, raisins, prunes, currants, plus a dozen eggs and flavorings. The dried fruits are soaked in rum and kept in a crock anywhere from two weeks to six months.  Croatia: Married female relatives remove the bride‘s veil and replace it with a kerchief and apron, symbols of her new married status. She is then serenaded by all the married women. Following the wedding ceremony, those assembled walk three times around the well (symbolizing the Holy Trinity,) and throw apples into it (symbolizing fertility).  加勒比地区:在巴巴多斯,格林纳达和圣卢西亚,用干果和朗姆酒制作的味道浓郁的蛋糕十分常见。蛋糕的制作方法,由母亲亲手传给女儿,并且各自对其加以修饰。人们把这种蛋糕叫作“一磅”蛋糕,因为制作这种蛋糕需要面粉、棕糖、黄油、糖霜樱桃、葡萄干、李子、红醋栗各一磅,加上一打鸡蛋和调味品。制作蛋糕的干果要在朗姆酒中浸泡并在瓦罐中保存两个星期至6个月。  克罗地亚:由已婚的女性亲戚摘下新娘的面纱,换上一块头巾和一条围裙,意味着新娘的已婚新身份。然后由所有的已婚妇女为新娘唱小夜曲。婚礼之后,所有来宾围绕着井走三圈(象征着圣三位一体),并向井中扔苹果(象征着生育)。  The Czech Republic: Friends would sneak into the bride‘s yard to plant a tree, then deco rate it with ribbons and painted eggshells. Legend said she would live as long as the tree. Brides in the countryside carry on the very old custom of wearing a wreath of rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance. The wreath is woven for each bride on her wedding eve by her friends as a wish for wisdom, love, and loyalty.  Egypt: Families, rather than grooms, propose to the bride. In Egypt, many marriages are arranged. The zaffa, or wedding march, is a musical procession of drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers, and men carrying flaming swords; it announces that the marriage is about to begin.  England: Traditionally, the village bride and her wedding party always walk together to the church. Leading the procession: a small girl strewing, blossoms along the road, so the bride‘s path through life will always be happy and laden with flowers. /200803/29060青岛医院哪一家流产专业 Be Kinder To Yourself: Enjoy A Deeper Sleep:Did you know it requires more energy to “hold onto” stress in your body than it does to let it go? Blow the stress out with your next breath. A twitter rejuvenation note.Are you stressed and tense or soft and relaxed?Of course, you needn’t this article if you are aly getting a fabulous nights sleep. Ah, but if you’re having trouble sleeping and feel stress and tension hiding in your body, then a good dose of “softening up” therapy may be just what you need.Your personal mantra whilst ing this article and until your sleep improves is:“my sleeps get better and better”My Favorite Softening Up Therapy:I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night of late. Luckily I quickly spotted that my body had a few tights spots which I knew were trapped pockets of stress. Stress and an overactive mind are a sure fire way to stop a great nights sleep.What to do? The answer - I need to soften myself up ( for half an hour or so) before going to bed. Release the stress, loosen myself up and heh! presto, I’m relaxed and y for a good nights sleep.My favorite “softening up” therapy treatment is a self foot massage with warmed sesame oil and a few drops of the essential oil called vetiver. The thought of massaging your own feet might seem like a chore but in fact its not. The benefits are enormous. I guarantee your nervous system will thank you.Soften Yourself Up Daily:If feel stressed, tense and tight, then it may take a week or so until your body starts to respond and soften up.But don’t wait until its too late. Even if you are feeling great “softening yourself up” is a great well being habit to add to your daily routine.9 Delicious Ways To Soften Yourself Up For A Great Nights Sleep:1. Soften your face:Are you “holding in” stress by frowning, squinting, clenching teeth, tight jaw, tense tongue or tight breathing? Release your tongue from the top of your mouth and allow it to float, feel your cheek and forehead muscles relax, open your mouth slightly which will release tension in your jaw and neck area. Close your eyes and relax your eye balls, eye lids, eye brows, ears, hair and scalp. Spend at least 5 minutes imagining every part of your head, letting go then softening. This is bliss, baby and it works.2. Breathe into your belly to calm your nervous system:Your breath is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use anywhere, anytime. Short, quick, shallow breathes feed stress and stimulates your nervous system. Whilst breathing slowly from your belly calms your nervous system and relaxes you. In fact 70% of your breathing should be from your belly. It invites more oxygen into your body and removes old stale air from the bottom of your lungs. Breathing in and out from your belly will soften you up.3. Sedate your nervous system by massaging the souls of your feet:Reflexology tells us that certain parts of your feet relate to certain organs and energy channels in your body. Gently massaging both your feet (souls, ankles, toes) with a warmed organic sesame oil for five to ten minutes can soften and relax many parts of your body. Of course you can use any organic oil you prefer such as coconut oil or almond oil. Adding a few drops of an essential oil like vetiver, sandalwood or lavender will add another therapeutic boost to your foot massage. To find out more my article - You deserve a daily self massage:4. Relax and soften your eyes with a yoga eye pillow:So much stress can enter your body via your eyes. What you see can easily disturb your internal energies. Staring for hours on end, at a computer screen can also stress your eyes and body. Treat your eyes to some deep relaxation by placing a yoga eye pillow over them for at least five minutes. Simply bring your awareness back into your body and breathe and let your body do the rest. Obviously you need to be lying down to do this. If you are keen to make your own yoga eye pillow here’s some tips.5. Rejuvenate your energies with hand yoga:Hand Mudra’s are so simple and have an amazing effect on the human body by activating certain energy channels in your body. Here’s the rejuvenation hand mudra to soften your thoughts and pressure in your head: Place your left palm on left ear and right palm on right ear. Gently move your hands as if massaging your ears in a smooth circular motion. Repeat this circular motion in a counterclockwise direction for at least 3 minutes in total. Listen to the sounds of the ocean, focus on long slow breathing. If your mind is having trouble staying focused then give it something to do” I am calm and relaxed”. This simple hand mudra withdraws your senses from the outside world and pulls your scattered energies back into your body.6. Think from your heart and not from your head with a heart mudra:Here’s a very simple way to get out of your head and back into your body. A heart yoga mudra. Push both palms of your hands together and place them over your heart area in prayer position. Make sure the thumbs are touching your heart chakra area. Now breathe into this area by bowing your head, closing your eyes and connecting to your quiet place inside. You will notice the longer you stay in this peaceful hand yoga posture the more energy will be directed away from your head and back into your body and heart. Never underestimate the power from something as simple as a heart mudra.7. Laughter is an excellent de-stressor:Laughter is a theraputic tool that can boost your nervous system. Laugh for no reason or watch a very funny movie. Certainly avoid watching anything on TV that is serious, sad, depressing, upsetting or stressful to your nervous system. If it doesn’t make you smile then don’t watch it. Laugh yourself healthy with youtube ’s. Laughter is contagious so simply by watching laughter you will soon be laughing yourself. You always feels lighter and softer after laughing. Give it a try.8. Breathe into your stressed bits.Where do you feel your stress? Stomach, neck, bottom or all over. Consciously breathe into your stressed bits and notice the stress dissolve with each exhale. Stress is tight and breathing into your stressed bits invites an openness which dissolves the tightness. Your body will become softer with each deep exhale. You can do this exercise sitting down or standing up. I also imagine the stressed energy leave my body out through the soles of my feet and back down into the earth.9. Sound therapy nourishes your nervous system:Did you know that by playing The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss 11, that it physically has ability to revitalize you after times of stress and fatigue. Scientists have proven that it nourishes your central nervous system. Yahoo! You can all about it right here if you don’t believe me: A simple solution for overburdened nerves: Soften yourself up with some soothing classical music. /200811/54705不同的文化往往有着截然不同的风俗习惯,然而古今中外的人对一样东西的企盼却是相同的,那就是好运。在东方文化中,红色、数字8、貔貅等常被视为好运的象征。而在西方英语文化中,又有哪些代表好运的文化符号呢?   People in most cultures believe in superstitions. From earliest times, the English, for instance, have believed in certain symbols and customs which could bring good fortune as well as ward off evil spirits. Old customs seldom die, so don't be surprised because some of these customs are still practiced daily in today's society.   大多数文化背景下的人都信一些迷信。比如,从古代开始,英国人就一直认为某些符号和习俗会带来好运、驱除邪灵。旧习俗很少会消亡,因此,如果当今社会仍然日复一日地遵循着这其中的一些习俗,也没什么好大惊小怪的。 Horseshoe 马蹄铁    The horseshoe is considered a lucky symbol in English customs. It resembles the other symbols associated with good fortune in other cultures such as the crescent, half circle or "U". Crescent or "U" shapes are often said to be the symbol of fertility and also possesses power to ward off evil spirit. As it is made of iron and used for horses, horseshoes are also linked to strength and power. As such, combining all these signs of good luck, the horseshoe is regarded as a powerful device to bring fortune and keep evil spirits away. It is usually nailed to the front door to protect the household from uninvited visitors like witches and evils. However, the horseshoe must be placed in an upright "U" position so that the good fortune will be retained6) by the household.   在英语文化中,马蹄铁被看做是一种幸运符。它类似于其他文化中与幸运有关的标志,诸如新月、半圆或者是“U”形。新月或者“U”形往往被认为是丰饶肥沃的象征,并且还具有驱除邪灵的魔力。而马蹄铁由于是用在马身上的铁制品,因而又被人们看作与力量和权力有关。因此,集所有幸运象征于一身的马蹄铁就被人们看做是能招福辟邪的利器。人们通常将马蹄铁钉在房子的大门上,保护家人免受诸如巫师或者邪灵等不速之客的打扰。不过,钉的时候马蹄铁的U形口一定要朝上,只有这样,这家人才能留得住好运。  Rabbit's Foot 兔脚    In the old English custom, the hare (not rabbit) was said to have an evil eye), whose glance can only be countered by people who own a hare's hind foot. In the olden days, it was said that the warrior Queen Boadicea of Norfolk, East Britain, brought a hare with her to ensure luck in battle against the Roman Empire who had invaded her kingdom. This brought people to believe that the hare had miraculous) powers. However, the pagan) practice of worshiping the hare eventually stopped after most Britons were converted) to Christianity in the 6th century by the first Archbishop) of Canterbury. Nevertheless, many Britons carried hare's feet in their pocket or purse. Later, rabbits were introduced in Britain from the other European countries, and since rabbits can be caught more easily than hares, the rabbit's foot replaced the hare's foot as a lucky charm).   在古代的英语文化习俗中,据说野兔(不是家兔)长着一只邪眼,只有拥有一只野兔的后脚的人才能正视它的目光。据说,很久以前,来自英国东部诺福克的勇士阿迪西亚女王在与入侵其王国的罗马帝国军队打仗时,就随身带着一只野兔来确保逢战必胜。这个传说令人们相信野兔具有不可思议的魔力。然而,到了公元6世纪,随着大多数不列颠人在坎特伯雷大主教的教化下改信基督教,这种异教徒对野兔的膜拜行为最终停止了。尽管如此,还是有很多英国人的口袋或者钱包中放着兔脚。后来,家兔从别的欧洲国家被引进到英国,由于家兔比野兔更容易获取,所以家兔的脚便取代野兔的脚成了幸运符。 Wishbone 如愿骨    Wishing upon a wishbone is an ancient custom. It involves two people who would break the wishbone and the one with a bigger piece makes a wish. The wishbone is actually the forked bone from a fowl's breast, better known as the "furcula". In many cultures, fowls are regarded as special creatures which can bring luck and good fortune. The wishbone shape itself is good luck symbol of life and fertility.  向如愿骨许愿是一项古老的习俗。这个习俗是指两个人各执如愿骨的一端将其折断,得到较大块骨头的那个人就可以许个愿。其实,如愿骨就是取自家禽胸部的分叉状骨头,也就是人们所熟知的叉骨。在许多文化中,家禽被看做是能够带来吉祥与好运的特殊生灵。如愿骨的形状本身也是表示生命和多产的幸运符号。 Old Boot 旧靴子     In ancient days, old boots or shoes were said to hold the good spirit and courage of their owners. Therefore, it was a common belief that an old boot was a good luck charm. For instance, if a fisherman caught himself an old boot instead of fish, it is believed that at the end of the day he would be able to catch and take home a huge amount of fish. In north England for instance, the wives of sailors would usually toss old boots or shoes at the departing ships to ensure their husbands' safe journey. Old boots were also left on the roofs of old houses to fend off evil spirits.   很久以前,据说旧的靴子或鞋子能够留存住其主人的美德和勇气。因此,过去人们通常认为旧靴子是一种幸运符。比如,如果一个渔夫钓上来的不是鱼而是一只旧靴子,人们就会认为,过完这一天的时候,这个渔夫将会捕获大量的鱼,满载而归。再比如,在英格兰北部,水手的妻子们通常会朝离港的船只扔旧靴子或者旧鞋子,以保佑自己的丈夫平平安安。人们还将旧靴子放在老房子的屋顶上来驱除邪灵。 /201108/150483青岛做引产那家医院好

青岛哪个医院治疗宫颈糜烂好不要让我改变饮食,有一次我吃了一个胡萝卜,但没有发生任何变化。青岛学生流产医院 Three pastors Three pastors in the south were having lunch in a diner. One said, "You know, since summer started I’ve been having trouble with bats in my loft and attic at church. I’ve tried everything----noise, spray, cats----nothing seems to scare them away. "Another said, "Yes, me too. I’ve got hundreds living in my belfry and in the attic. I’ve been had the place fumigated, and they still won’t go away. "The third said,"I baptized all mine, and made them members of the church...haven’t seen one back since!"三个牧师的故事三个南部的牧师在一家小餐馆里吃午饭。其中的一个说道:“你们知道吗,自从夏天来临,我的教堂的阁楼和顶楼就被蝙蝠骚扰,我用尽了一切办法----噪音、喷雾、猫----似乎什么都不能把它们赶走。” 另外一位说:“是啊,我也是。在我的钟楼和阁楼也有好几百只。我曾经请人把整个地方用烟熏消毒一遍,它们还是赶不走。” 第三个牧师说:“我为我那里的所有蝙蝠洗礼,让它们成为教会的一员……从此一只也没有再回来过。” /201105/135945青岛哪家妇产科比较好

青岛治疗妇科病那家医院好The average Briton can make 10 meals from scratch without having to look at a recipe, a survey suggests. 调查显示,多数英国人不看菜谱就能直接烹制的佳肴共有十道。 Spaghetti bolognese is the most popular dish, with 65% of people saying they know the recipe by heart. 最受追捧的当属意大利肉酱面,65%的英国人表示这个菜谱已经烂熟于心了。 The traditional roast dinner comes in second place with 54% of people able to prepare it unaided. 排在第二位的是英式传统烤菜,54%的人可以轻松烹制这道美味。The survey, commissioned by the UKTV Food channel to mark the return of its Market Kitchen show, involved questioning 3,000 people. 这项由UKTV食品频道委托进行的调查共走访询问了3,000多人,调查结果在该频道的“市场厨房”节目播出。The survey suggests the average cook is more comfortable preparing foreign dishes than British classics at home. 调查发现,英国人居家做的多半是外国美食,而非本国佳肴。 /200904/67890 La Nina seen gradually weakening in 2009: NOAAThe La Nina weather anomaly will persist into the spring of 2009 but should gradually weaken during that period, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center said on Thursday.In a monthly update, the CPC said "a majority of the model forecasts ... indicate a gradual weakening of La Nina through February-April 2009, with an eventual transition to neutral conditions."CPC is an office under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The body said La Nina will last into spring of this year.La Nina literally means "little girl" in Spanish. It results in cooler-than-normal waters in the Pacific Ocean. The more famous El Nino weather phenomenon has the opposite effect.Scientists believe La Nina spurs hurricane formation in the Atlantic basin by hindering wind shear that breaks up storms as they form.CPC said the potential impact of La Nina during February to April 2009 include above average precipitation in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and below average rainfall in the southwestern and southeastern ed States.It said the other impacts are below average temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and above average temperatures in much of the southern ed States.Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia and a major producer of coffee, cocoa, palm oil and other agricultural products, could get above average precipitation, the CPC added.El Nino -- which means ' little boy' in Spanish -- wreaks havoc in weather patterns across the Asia-Pacific regions. The most devastating struck in 1997/98 when it caused withering drought in Australia and Indonesia while spawning floods in Peru and Ecuador.It was named after the Christ child by Latin American anchovy fishermen in the 19th century who first took note of the weather anomaly. /200902/62066青岛治疗不孕不育青岛最好的妇科医院是哪里



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