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Less a bid to measure up against other movies at the box office, Star Trek may actually be more in competition with itself, and its many incarnations preceding this latest voyage of the USS Enterprise into theaters everywhere. But what does distinguish Star Trek from the cookie cutter crop of futuristic fantasies, and what led to its legendary status, is its humor and the personality of its characters, who can knock off the self-serious posturing from time to time, to laugh at themselves and each other. Focusing on an intricate web of enduring family feuds, Star Trek traces James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) back to his birth, during which his dad met his demise at the hands of Romulan leader Captain Nero (Eric Bana). And Nero has long harbored his own festering grudge against the Enterprise, after the death of his wife. The occasional surprises materialize when all the noisy sci-fi machinery takes a break and allows the characters some quiet time to breathe through, especially comic relief provided by Anton Yelchin as the Russian accented know-it-all teen pilot Chekov, and Tyler Perry doing an admiral cameo in judicial punitive mode, as he cuts the cocky Kirk down to size. "Star Trek" was fashioned with obvious affection for the source material, but still offers something new. 07/79486淮安最好的无痛人流Riots in Britain英国骚乱Anarchy in the UK英国的乱局A bout of violent mindlessness that has shaken Britain’s sense of self—and may be exportable极端的无知动摇了英国的自我意识,并可能祸水外流Aug 13th 2011 | from the print editionSHAME was the first response of many people in Britain to the riots that started in the Tottenham neighbourhood of London on August 6th, skipped across the capital in the following days and nights and sp to Manchester, Birmingham and many other cities. Alongside the shame, there was a jolting bafflement. The law-abiding majority suddenly saw that some of their compatriots were happy to torch cars and buildings, loot shops, and attack firemen and ambulance crews. The confidence trick at the heart of the social order was violently laid bare: it turns out that if sufficient numbers of criminals want to create havoc on the streets, they can. In the absence of internal, moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.许多英国人对该国骚乱的第一反应是羞耻。这场骚乱8月6日始发于伦敦托特纳姆地区,在随后几天里掠过首都蔓延到曼彻斯特、伯明翰和其他一些城市。人们在羞耻之余,还深感困惑。那些守法的大多数突然看到,一些国人竟乐于焚烧汽车和房屋、劫掠商店以及袭击消防员和救护人员。社会秩序深层的骗局昭然若揭:原来,如果意图在街头制造大破坏的罪犯足够多,那么他们就能达到目的。当缺乏内在道德制约的情况下,外在制约的作用仅此而已。The world watched London in fascinated amazement. Other nations tend to regard Britain as enviably orderly and law-abiding, at least compared with many of its more excitable continental neighbours. That peaceable image is only partly justified: contagious rioting has broken out before, typically during the summer, including in the 1980s, when Tottenham and some of the other flashpoint areas this week last erupted. This time, however, the complexion of the trouble is different from those earlier flare-ups. In its sheer mindlessness, it was, in a way, even more depressing.全世界都惊异地看着伦敦。其他国家往往对英国的遵纪守法颇为羡慕,认为英国至少强于它的一些更易冲动的大陆邻邦。而它的这种平和形象只是部分才有正解:四处蔓延的骚乱先前已然爆发过,它们通常发生在夏季,其中就包括1980年代的那场骚乱,那是本周托特纳姆和其他一些“火药桶”地区最近一次骚乱。然而这次困局与早期的那些冲突不同,从其十足的无知一面来看,它在某种程度上更让人忧虑。201108/148945淮安前列腺增生治疗医院U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates flew out of Bahrain Saturday afternoon after meeting with the king and crown prince about political reforms, and just ahead of another demonstration in Manama.美国国防部长盖茨星期六下午飞离巴林。此前,他与巴林国王和皇太子就政治改革问题举行了会议。在盖茨离开后不久,麦纳麦爆发了又一次示威活动。There was a large protest on Friday in Manama and on Saturday thousands of protesters marched near the royal family's palaces. As the secretary headed home he said he believes the kingdom's leaders are serious about responding to the protests with real political reforms.星期五,麦纳麦发生了大规模抗议。星期六,几千名抗议者在皇家宫殿附近举行游行。盖茨部长在返回美国的途中说,他认为巴林领导人是认真地要以真正的政治改革来对抗议活动作出反应。After riding past the site of Friday's large protest and street battle with police, Secretary Gates spent nearly two hours with Bahrains' top leaders, including ten minutes alone with the king. On the flight home, the secretary said the region's leaders need to respond to the protests with more than what he called "baby steps."盖茨乘坐汽车经过了星期五爆发大规模抗议以及和警察进行巷战的地点后,与巴林最高领导人会晤了近两个小时,其中有10分钟是单独与巴林国王会面。盖茨在返回美国的飞机上说,这一地区的领导人需要迈出更大的步伐来回应抗议活动,而不是他所说的“婴孩似的步伐”。"I believe, based on the things that I've heard from the crown prince and the king, that they are prepared to do more than just, as I put it, baby steps," he said.他说:“根据我从皇太子和国王那里所听到的,我认为他们准备要做更多的工作,而不仅如我所说的‘婴孩步伐’。”Secretary Gates urged the Bahraini leaders to respond to their people's political and economic grievances with "real reform." He said they have aly made some changes and would like to move faster with what he called "more far-reaching steps." 盖茨部长敦促巴林领导人以“真正的改革”来对巴林人们在政治和经济上的不满作出反应。他说,他们已经做出了一些改变,并愿意以所谓“更深远的措施”更快地行动。But he said one problem is that some opposition elements have refused to join a dialogue offered by the crown prince, a frustration the prince also expressed to reporters at the start of meeting. Gates said U.S. diplomats have met with opposition leaders to try to convince them to participate in talks.但是盖茨说,目前的一个问题是,一些反对派分子拒绝参加皇太子提议的对话。皇太子在会议的开始也向记者表达了这样失望情绪。盖茨说,美国外交人员与反对派领导人举行了会面,试图说他们参加会谈。 201103/127939The cradle will rock摇篮将覆Lynne Ramsay has crafted an elegant adaptation of a tricky book 琳恩#8226;拉姆塞将一本难处理的书精心改编成了一部优雅的作品WHAT is more taboo than a woman who is repulsed by her own child? This is the genius of “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, a remarkable novel from Lionel Shriver (a former literary critic for this paper), which considers the life of a reluctant mother after her teenage son commits mass murder. The story unfurls as a stream of letters from Eva Khatchadourian to her husband as she retraces the steps of their lives together—the happy marriage that morphs into a toxic family, and the haunting event that casts everything in shadow. Yet even as Eva recounts evidence of her son’s malevolence at a young age, the er is left with a galling question: would Kevin have fared better if his mother loved him more?还有什么能比一个憎恶自己亲生孩子的母亲更令人忌讳的呢?这就是《凯文怎么了》一书的精髓。它是莱昂内尔?施赖弗(本报的前任文学家)的一部杰出小说,讲述了一位母亲在自己十几岁的孩子犯下屠杀大罪后勉强度日的生活。故事随着伊娃?卡查度瑞安写给丈夫的一连串信件展开,她追溯了他们共同生活的那些阶段——从一段美好婚姻走向了一个毒性家庭,还有那个让一切都变得灰暗的萦绕于心的事件。然而即使伊娃重新搜集了她儿子幼年时狠毒本性的据,读者仍然会被一个恼人的问题所困扰:如果他的母亲曾多爱他一些的话,凯文会不会好很多?It takes courage to adapt an epistolary novel for the screen, particularly one as psychologically complex as this one. Yet Lynne Ramsay’s film of the same name, starring Tilda Swinton as Eva, is excellent. The gift of this version is its visual rendering of Eva’s claustrophobic thoughts. With a minimalist screenplay written with Rory Kinnear, Ms Ramsay translates Eva’s clot of dark and messy words into a collage of evocative and mostly wordless scenes. These vignettes shift from the present—Eva living as a social pariah, a husk of her former self—to the past, and are jumbled with the non-chronology of memory. As in the book, Kevin’s big, violent moment is left until the end, but the bloody fact of it infects everything that comes before.将一部书信体小说搬上银幕需要很大的勇气,尤其当涉及复杂的心理学,例如本片。然而琳恩?拉姆塞的这部同名电影却很优秀。蒂尔达?斯文顿在片中饰演伊娃。该片的天赋表现在对伊娃的幽闭恐惧症想法那栩栩如生的描绘上。由罗里#8226;金奈尔创作的剧本风格极简。拉姆塞将伊娃那一团团模糊凌乱的文字转化成了一系列场景的拼贴,这些大都无言的场景能够唤起人们的回忆。这些小片段从当前——生活在社会底层的伊娃,仅剩下曾经的自己的一副躯壳——切换到曾经,并被那些不按年月次序排序的记忆搞得错乱拉杂。同书里一样,凯文重要的施暴时刻被留在了末尾,但它那血腥的事实感染了之前的一切。Still, something is lost in witnessing Kevin in the flesh instead of through Eva’s unreliable recollections. In the novel, Eva perceives her son’s cruelty from the start, though it goes unseen by his doting father Franklin (played here by John C. Reilly, everyone’s favourite pushover). On-screen, Kevin is quite obviously malicious, first as a nasty little boy and then as a spiteful, ink-eyed teenager. As the latter Kevin, Ezra Miller seethes with ruthlessness, his face impenetrable. Yet he is also distractingly attractive, with cheekbones any starlet would covet, making him an awkward choice for such an enigmatic role.尽管如此,在通过本人而非经由伊娃那不可靠的回忆来目击凯文的过程中,某些东西不见了。在小说中,伊娃从一开始就感觉到了儿子的残忍,但它随着宠溺凯文的父亲(由人人都爱的弱敌约翰?C?赖利饰演)而被漠视。在影片中,凯文的恶毒颇为明显,起初是一个险恶的小男孩,然后变成一个目光阴沉的刻毒少年。饰演后者的埃兹拉?米勒爆发出了残忍,他的面部表情不可测知。而米勒同时也令人走神地引力十足。他有着任何小明星都觊觎的颧骨,这使得由他来扮演这样一个谜一般的角色显得不尴不尬。This is not a problem that affects Ms Swinton, who carries this film. Not unlike a praying mantis, her odd and otherworldly beauty takes time to notice. Her face, powerful in its spareness, registers emotion with subtle ticks and justments. As Eva, she conveys the desolation of a life made meaningless, first by the lonely challenges of motherhood, then by tragedy. Driving in her car to the chirpy strains of Buddy Holly’s “Every day seems a little longer”, her ghost-eyed stare keeps us locked in her nightmare.但这不会对携领全片的斯文顿产生任何影响。她就像一只螳螂,需要时间才能体会出她那奇特脱俗的美。她的脸,瘦弱之中充满力量,将情感在微妙的运转与调整之中。她饰演的伊娃传达了生活在丧失其意义之后的荒芜,先是由于身为人母的孤独挑战,接着是因为这出悲剧。她开车步入了不断叫嚣着巴迪?霍利笔下“每一天都变得更加漫长”的语境之内。她那幽灵般双目的凝视也将我们深锁在她的噩梦之中。201111/160494淮安包皮系带手术费用

淮安妇保院做流产多少钱淮安5个月可以人流吗The Post Office 邮政局Neither snow nor rainNor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will鹅毛大雪 倾盆大雨 炎炎烈日,昏暗夜色都无法使邮差停止送信。但因特网能。Aug 20th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionTHE US Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire’s stalwart messengers. Its own history is impressive too, dating to a royal licence by William and Mary in 1692, and including Benjamin Franklin as a notable postmaster, both for the crown (which dismissed him in 1774 for his revolutionary leanings) and then for the newly independent country. Ever since, the post has existed “to bind the Nation together”.美国邮政务有条非正式的信条。这一信条的出处要回溯到希罗多德,他对波斯国王忠实可靠的信使大为赞赏。美国邮政,历史悠久,于1692年得到威廉国王和玛利皇后的皇家许可,开始邮政务。本杰明.弗兰克林出任邮政总长更是值得一提:他曾先后为英国皇家(因他的革命倾向,于1774年被解雇)和刚刚独立的美国务,出任此职。从此以后,邮政的存在象征着“整个国家连在一起”。But as ever more Americans go online instead of sending paper, the volume of mail has been plummeting (see chart right). The decline is steeper than even pessimists expected a decade ago, says Patrick Donahoe, the current postmaster-general. Worse, because the post must deliver to every address in the country—about 150m, with some 1.4m additions every year—costs are simultaneously going up. As a result, the post has lost billion in the last four years and expects to lose another billion this fiscal year.自从越来越多的美国人选用网络而不是用邮政收寄信件,邮政的递送量便直线开始下降。现任邮政总长,帕特里克.多纳霍谈到,十年前对邮政事业持悲观态度的人都没预料到衰退会如此之快。更要命的是,邮政务必须送抵全国每一个邮政地址——美国现有邮政地址约一亿五千万个,每年都会多增加一百四十多万个——这使得邮政出同时增加。结果一目了然,邮政局在近四年损失合计二百亿美元,本财政年度预计损失为八亿美元。201108/150683Changes in the Asian markets CNN's Kaushal Patel talks to an economic expert about how long good news will last in the Asian economy. We've heard about the government helping out Citigroup yesterday. Today the US Federal Reserve announced that they are going to help infuse 800 billion dollars, (Right. ) what else is going to be changing the markets in the coming weeks? Well, certainly the efforts that have been most recently announced are aimed at trying to get mortgage rates down. Because although we've seen interest rates cut significantly over the last year or so, mortgage rates stay stubbornly high, so the Fed s latest action is aimed at trying to get borrowing cost down for households. And as we get closer to short term interest rates getting to zero, you are gonna to see more and more, I guess, unorthodox measures being taken by the Fed. In addition, I think what analysts are looking for, what investment managers are looking for, are more fiscal stimulus and we are probably gonna see some sort of package announced in Europe, um, today or later this week and we expect to see fiscal stimulus in the US as well. And another big headline is the big merger, they have been talking about it for months, BHP and Rio Tinto, obviously not going to merge, where the commodities stand right now? Well, certainly commodities had a fantastic run, and we ve seen a lot of heat taken out at that market. Partly as a result of investors believing that the economic slowdown is gonna lower the demand for commodities, but also because commodities have really emerged yet again as being a financial asset with a lot of speculation in that market, and a lot of the heat has been taken out has been a reaction to the deleverage in the financial system, which is not only affecting commodities but it's also affecting liquidity in the financial system. And talking about forecast, IMF is cutting its GDP for Asia to 6%. And the International Monetary Fund basically has said, you know, it's pushing more countries to do push for economic stimulus plans, and you said, you know we might hear one for, uh , out of the European, (Yes. ) who else could we? Well, we have aly seen a massive package in China which amounts to sort of 17, 18% of GDP. Whether or not the mainland can actually spend that amount of money, it takes time to transmit the money into projects, into fiscal stimulus programs, there remains to be seen, but we are gonna say need to see a more coordinated effort, particularly in the US and with Europe to try and stimulate demand, trying to get that money into the markets in terms of supporting the consumer, particularly in the US, before we are gonna see business confidence come back. And that's really what investors are looking at now. They are looking through next year's earnings really, at the macro numbers. Weak job data, you know, prices, CPI reducing, so you are looking at prospects of deflation, you know, weaker wage growth which is really not supportive of growth as we look out into 09 and 10. Let s concentrate on the confidence, ah, you know, there are some companies that are doing well, (indeed) ah Gold miners, pharmaceuticals, (Yes. ) which are the companies? Well, there're plenty of companies with strong cash flows, particularly in this region, you ve got companies both here in Europe and selectively in the US on very high yields as a result of the strong cash flows, and it's pretty much across most sectors. You ve got to be pretty selective. Because in this financial downturn, there are / few analysts out there covering companies, because the investment banks are pulled back from some of their core activities, so you ve gotta get down and rescrub the data and understand what's going on. But there are opportunities, but at the moment it's basically, you know, one brush across the whole market. The markets are being derated. There are opportunities there, but until confidence returns, until we see some of these measures take hold, we are not gonna see markets move up in a substantial way.200812/57779淮安妇幼保健医院挂号World's costliest cities 世界上生活成本最高的城市 Moscow tops the list, while American cities drop on Mercers' 'Worldwide Cost of Living' survey for 2008.A new survey finds Moscow is the most expensive city to live in for the third year in a row. This has the ruble strengthen against other currencies. Tokyo, it moved up two spots to second place. That pushed London down to third place and Oslo it jumped six spots to fourth, Seoul South Korea it rounded out the top five. Now the top ten European and Asian cities actually led the pack. The latest annual survey by research firm Mercer measures the cost of living for expatriates in 143 cities in countries on six continents. The trend this year shows the gap between the most expensive cities in the world and the least expensive, it actually appears to be widening. As far as American cities on the list New York is still the most costly city in the ed States, but it comes in at No. 22 on the global list. Los Angeles clocks in at No. 55, Miami No. 75, while Washington D.C. fell a whopping 22 places to 107th. The soft of US dollar led to an overall drop in the cost of living in 19 American cities compared to other major cities around the globe. For the six years in a row Asuncion Paraguay, it is the cheapest city to live in. For CNNMONEY.COM I'm Stephanie Elam. 参考中文翻译:最新调查显示莫斯科已经连续第三年成为生活成本最高的城市。因为卢布比其他货币更强劲。东京上升两位跃居第二,使得伦敦下滑到第三位。奥斯陆上升六个名次,跃居第四,韩国的首尔进入前五。目前前十位都由欧洲和亚洲的城市领导。调查公司Mercer根据六大洲143个城市的外国移民的生活成本来进行这个一年一度的调查。几年的数据显示,世界上生活成本最高和最低的城市之间的差距在逐渐加大。但就榜上的美国城市来看,纽约仍然是美国生活成本最高的城市,然而在全球榜上列居22位,洛杉矶第55位,迈阿密第75位,而华盛顿骤降22个名次下滑到第107位。美元的疲软导致美国19个城市的生活成本相对于世界上其他主要城市普遍下降。六年来,巴拉圭首都Asuncion一直是生活成本最低的城市。200811/57388江苏淮安中山医院挂号

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