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Well, listen, what I just want to say to the reporters who are here:嗯,听着,我只想对在这里记者们说:Youve got three small businesses who are outstanding examples of American entrepreneurship, whether its food services, retail, construction. 无论是食品务、零售及建筑行业,你们有三个小企业作为美国企业家精神的杰出例子。All across the country, youre seeing examples of folks who have confidence in the economy and have confidence in America,遍布全国,你看到的例子中,人们对经济充满信心,对美国充满信心,and its their ingenuity and their hard work thats allowed them to be successful.而他们的聪明才智和辛勤工作让他们获得成功。But organizations like the SBA have also made a difference, because sometimes private financing isnt willing to take a chance on a couple of young guys who have an idea about starting a great hoagie shop. 但像SBA这样的组织也起到了作用,因为有时私人融资并不愿意为一些有想法,想开始一间伟大三明治店的年轻人们冒险。Sometimes, it may be that a smaller business like a construction business where its relatively capital intensive is going to have difficulty competing with some of the larger companies in terms of buying the equipment that they need.有时,它可能是一门小生意,就像一笔建筑业务,它的相对资本密集型在其需要购买设备问题上将很难同一些较大的公司竞争。And so actions by Congress and good execution by the Small Business Administration can make a big difference in helping these folks see -- its not going to do it for them, its not going to make up for bad service or a bad product, but when youve got a great service or a great product and people are willing to work really hard, then action by government and the SBA can help give them a hand up and get them started.所以国会的举措和小企业的良好执行会在帮助这些人上扮演关键角色,看——不会为了他们去做,不会因为劣质务或良莠不齐的产品弥补,但当你拥有一个不错的务或一个伟大的产品,而且人们愿意真的很努力工作,那么由政府和SBA的举措可以帮助他们,让他们开始。And this is the reason why we think its so important for Congress to act right now.这就是为什么我们认为现在国会采取行动是如此重要。The economy is recovering, but weve still got a long way to go. 经济正在复苏,但我们还有很长的路要走。Too many folks are still out of work. 太多的人仍然没有工作。We’ve got some headwinds, the situation in Europe, and still a difficult housing market.我们有一些不利因素,欧洲的情况不容乐观,房地产市场仍然非常困难。And so we want to sustain momentum. 因此,我们要维持这种势头。And one of the ways that we can sustain momentum is for Congress to take some actions right now -- even though it’s election season, even though there’s gridlock, even though there’s partisanship -- take some actions right now that would really make a difference. 我们能维持这种势头其中的一个方法就是国会现在采取行动——尽管是在选举季,尽管已经陷入僵局, 尽管存在党派之争——但现在采取行动将真正起到作用。And we’ve put together a handy “To-Do” list; it’s very short. I’ve been talking about it over the last couple of weeks.我们一起已经有了“待办事项”清单,它非常短。而在过去几周我一直在谈论它。One of the items on that “To-Do” list would be to provide tax breaks for companies like these that are hiring new employees or raising the wages and salaries of their existing employees. “待办事项”清单的其中之一是可以提供税收优惠给像这样招聘新员工或提高现有员工工资的公司。Either way, what that does is it gives them an incentive as their expanding to say, maybe we hire an extra two people. 无论哪种方式,它的作用是因为其扩大,给予他们一种激励,也许我们雇佣额外的两个人。Maybe we hire an extra three people. Maybe we hire an extra ten people.也许我们雇佣额外的三个人。也许我们雇佣额外的10人。And they will have additional resources to continue to grow and to continue to expand. 他们将有额外的资源继续增长,并继续扩展。It’s something that in the past has been an idea that garnered support from Democrats and Republicans.在过去这是一种获得共和党和民主党的持的想法。There’s no reason why we shouldn’t act on that right now, the same way that we should be allowing all families to refinance, because if they’ve got an extra ,000 in their pocket, then they can buy more hoagies or go shop for some outstanding organic foods.现在我们没有理由不采取行动,同样的方式,我们应该允许所有的家庭进行再融资,因为如果他们已经在自己的口袋里有了额外的3000美元,那他们就可以买更多的三明治或者去商店买一些杰出的有机食品。And it’s the same reason why all the other items on the “To-Do” list could really make a difference.而相同的原因是为什么“待办事项”清单的所有的其他项目真正能起到作用。For example, some of these small businesses may be interested in hiring a veteran, and we’ve aly done a lot of work on veterans hiring. 例如,有些小的企业可能会有兴趣雇佣一名退伍军人,而我们已经在美国退伍军人招聘方面做了很多工作。A lot of the items on the “To-Do” list is a Veterans Job Corps that could potentially put some veterans who are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan to work rebuilding America.“待办事项”清单列表的很多项目中有退伍军人公司可能会让一些从伊拉克和阿富汗回来的退役军人们重返重建美国的工作岗位上。So my message to Congress -- and I’m going to have a chance to see the congressional leadership when I get back to the White House -- I’m going to offer them some hoagies while they’re there -- is let’s go ahead and act to help build and sustain momentum for our economy. 所以我要告诉国会, 当我回到白宫的时候我将有机会看到国会领导人——当他们在的时候我要为他们提供一些三明治——是让我们继续采取行动帮助建立和维持我们经济的这种势头的时候了。There will be more than enough time for us to campaign and politick, but let’s make sure that we don’t lose steam at a time when a lot of folks like these are feeling pretty optimistic and are y to go.将会有足够的时间进行竞选政治宣传,但对于我们而言,我们要确保我们不失去动力,很多人对此感到相当乐观,并且已经准备好。All right. Thank you, everybody.好的。谢谢你们大家。201205/184191Out-Innovating, Out-Educating amp; Out-Building Our CompetitorsThe President discusses his visit to a company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and how it exemplified his agenda for America to “win the future” spelled out in the State of the Union AddressDownload Video: mp4 (125MB) | mp3 (3MB) 201101/124690Friday 12 May - Strategic Direction of Government You may have heard me and my colleagues talking over the last few days about the need to keep focussed on the long-term - warning of the need not to get blown about by day to day events. In Government there will always be up and downs and I'm sure there will be plenty more. The downs, in particular, make up the daily headlines in the news. But what's important is to stay focussed on what really matters, on the fundamentals - on economy and jobs, welfare reform, on health, education, crime and transport. On long-term change necessary to deliver opportunity and security for the many, not the few. I'm the first to admit we have got a great deal more to do. But by concentrating on these fundamentals, I believe we've been able to make more progress than anyone would have thought possible two or three years ago. The overall goal is clear. It's to build a Britain that is strong modern, and fair. It's an ambitious task. Of course will take time. And it can't be done without change, without hard choices, keeping our eye firmly on the long-term. Because unless something works for the long term, it doesn't really work at all. Tough decisions like giving the Bank of England independence or keeping a tight control of public spending in our first two years which meant saying no as well as yes to a lot of spending plans made to us. But the result today is a Britain with a strong economy where inflation is lower for longer than for decades, public borrowing has been cut by pound;40 billion and as a result of the stability of the economy, nearly 900,000 more people in work than three years ago. Tough decisions like making work pay ensuring we offer more than just a benefit cheque to those out of work. So we have brought in the minimum wage, the Working Families Tax Credit and the New Deal which has helped cut youth unemployment aly by 70%. Tough decisions on pensioners as well. And I know that many people are angry at what they say is simply the 75p rise in the basic state pension. And of course we could have taken the opportunity to put all the money into the basic state pension and win some short-term popularity. But it would have been the wrong decision. Because had we given the pension rise across the board the same for everyone, no matter what they had been given it would have gone exactly the same way to better off and poorer pensioners alike. But the poorest pensioners would hardly have seen a penny of this because their other benefits would have gone down as their basic state pension rose. So what we've done and done deliberately, is to target help first on those poorest pensioners in a way which delivers the most help to those who need it most. So for example the pound;150 winter allowance and the free TV licences for those aged over 75. They have been introduced in a way which means they're not affected by other benefits that people have. And for those above the benefit levels, there's an increase in capital limits and the 10p tax rate. And of course for the very poorest pensioners the new minimum income guarantee means that for a million pensioners, those who are the very poorest pensioners they will get income rises and have got income rises of in some cases up to pound;15 or pound;20 a week. The package together adds up to pound;6.5 billion - that is more than if we uprated the basic pension in line with earnings. So we made some tough choices but we made them from the right values - fairness, helping those that need it most. We have made tough choices too on Education. We need far more investment in education, and we're doing it. An extra investment of an extra pound;300 per pupil over the three years up to 2001. But it's investment tied to reform. Reform of course hasn't always been popular. There was opposition to the literacy and numeracy hour, for example. There's opposition now to reforming pay so teachers can earn extra money without having to leave the classroom for management roles in schools. But as a result of these reforms we are seeing standards improve. The eleven year olds' results for literacy and numeracy were the best ever. The new specialist schools are raising their results quicker than any other schools in the country. So we've taken the long-term view, we've made our reforms and we're going to stick to our guns with them. And it's the same on the health service. We've had to put in place the right strategy for the long-term heath of the National Health Service - backed by the biggest ever sustained increase in funding the Health Service has seen. Not just for one year as used to happen in the past, but now for the next four years we know that the Health Service is going to get the money that we need. And this aly means that we are getting more doctors and nurses into our hospitals. More are now being trained. There are thirty eight new hospitals being built in England alone. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be drawing up the plan to ensure that every penny of the extra investment goes to the Health Service in a way that really brings about a decent improvement in health care. And this plan, the first of it's kind, is not just about spending money, but allying it with change and reform and will I believe deliver a step change in patient care to match our step change in investment and resources. So I know, of course, there are frustrations at the speed of progress, at how much hasn't been done for years, over how much remains to be done. But in fact an immense amount has been done aly, it's just we have a lot more to do. But I've not come across many people who say we are wrong in what we are doing, or disagree with the big decisions we've made or believe we are taking the country in the wrong direction. They agree with us on the destination, they simply want us to get there faster. And so do I. But to get there faster means doing it for the long term. For there's no use doing it fast if it can't be sustained. So on Monday. Gordon Brown will set out how we meet the goal of abolishing child poverty in 20 years. By the end of this month aly one million children will have been lifted out of poverty. On Tuesday at the Confederation for British Industry, I'll set out how we will meet the goal of delivering stability and prosperity for people in a world of rapid economic and technological change. On Wednesday at the Police Federation conference, Jack Straw, the Home Secretary will set out how we take forward the next phase of our programme to tackle crime. So we're going to keep concentrating on what needs to be done to strengthen our economy and our society to deliver opportunity and security for all. Britain's always worked well for the top ten per cent. Our task is and remains to make the changes necessary to make it work for all our people. 200705/13858



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