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the subsidy rate value-preserved savings 保值储蓄补贴率首页>英语>英文歌词 亚瑟小子Usher前妻争取儿子的抚养权 -- :9:1 来源: 亚瑟小子Usher前妻争取儿子的抚养权RB 歌手亚瑟小子的一个儿子本周在亚特兰大一家游泳池发生事故住院后,其前妻提出要两个儿子的抚养权The ex-wife of RB singer Usher is seeking custody of their two young sons after one of them was hospitalized in Atlanta following a swimming pool accident this week, court papers released on Wednesday showed.In the documents filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia on Tuesday, Tameka Foster, , requested an emergency hearing and temporary primary custody of sons, 5-year-old Usher Raymond V and his younger brother Naviyd, .Usher, whose full name is Usher Raymond IV, is a -year-old Grammy-winning singer and coach on N's TV singing competition "The Voice." He won custody of the boys last year. He was not at his home on Monday when Usher Raymond V's arm got caught in a swimming pool drain when he tried to retrieve a toy.In the court documents, Foster said Usher had failed to personally exercise physical custody of the children and "continues to excessively travel, utilizes third-party caregivers to supervise the minor children rather than personally exercising parenting time and providing supervision the minor children."Attorneys Usher and Foster were not available to comment.The couple divorced in . A hearing on the emergency motion is set Friday afternoon.The boys' aunt, Rena Oden, and two other women tried to save the child but could not. Contractors working at the house jumped into the pool and rescued him.In a 9 call released by the police, Oden is heard telling an operator about the accident."I need an ambulance," she said. "My nephew was in the pool, and I couldn't get him. I tried."After the contractors got to the child she added, "They're doing CPR on him now."The boy is recovering in an Atlanta hospital.Last year Foster's older child and Usher's stepson, -year-old Kile Glover, died after suffering a brain injury during a jet-ski accident.

词汇学习:和贫穷poverty有关的词汇 -- 19:38:39 来源: indigence n. 贫穷------povertyBy hard work, many people have raise themseleves from indigence to wealth.economize vi. 节省开;节俭------cut down expense; be frugalHousewives can economize by buying their milk in gallin containers. impoverish vt. 使赤贫------make very poor; reduce to povertyThe increase in dues is only cents. It will not impoverish any member.destitute adj. 缺乏的; 穷困的------not posessong the necessaries of life such as food, shelter and clothing; needy; indigentThe severe earthquake killed hundreds of people and left thousands destitute. frugal adj. 1.不足的 .节省的------1. barely enough; scanty . avoiding waste; economical; sparing; saving; thriftyThe old man had nothing to eat but b and cheese; yet he offered to share this frugal meal with his visitor.An allowance of 《行尸走肉第四季预告: 卡罗尔变得有趣起来 --18 18:9: 来源: 《行尸走肉第四季预告: 卡罗尔变得有趣起来 热播美剧《行尸走肉第四季正式回归了,月号下半期开播,第集已经更新完了第集的预告片已经出来了美剧《行尸走肉第四季回归首集吸引了80万观众,收视率8.远远超过冬奥会!(冬奥会只有7)《行尸走肉第四季第9集收视率只比第四季第一集万少了一点,而这多少是因提前泄露(AMC认定是一场事故 )  据悉,第四季从四个方面进行了改进:第一是大反派“州长” 布莱恩?布莱克在第三季中实在让人感到厌烦,但看过第第四季后,观众将会明白他是可以在那样的世界中保护一群人安全的那种领导者第二是本季有更多引人注目的冲突和感情成分,而不光光是华而不实的动作场面第三是丢了女儿、胡思乱想的短发老女人卡罗尔变得有趣起来第四是丧尸再次迫近近日,AMC电视台头号热门美剧《行尸走肉 第四季发布了最新宣传海报,此次海报男主角和他的儿子成为了主角,而据悉此次的主题为“Don't Look Back”据悉,《行尸走肉 第四季将在北京时间月日回归,在下半季中将至少有1集或集是以弩哥为核心的特别集,此次第四季的剧情将会与漫画有些许不同,一名在漫画中仍然幸存的角色,在第四季中将会提前死亡 a week lunches and fares isn't much, but you can get by on it if you are frugal..beneficiary must certify on the invoice…have been sent to the ee 受益人须在发票上明,已将……寄交开人

The snow still hadn#39;t melted the next morning.第二天早晨,雪还没有融化。Want to play chess, Harry? said Ron.“想下棋吗?”罗恩问。No. Why don#39;t we go down and visit Hagrid?“不想。” “我们干吗不下去看看海格呢?”No... you go... I know what you#39;re thinking about, Harry, that mirror. Don#39;t go back tonight.“不去……你去吧……” “我知道你在想什么,哈利,你在想那面镜子。今晚别再去了。”Why not? I don#39;t, I#39;ve just got a bad feeling about it—and anyway, you#39;ve had too many close shaves aly.“为什么?” “我不知道。我只是有一种很不好的感觉——而且,这么多次你都是侥幸脱险。Filch, Snape, and Mrs. Norris are wandering around.费尔奇、斯内普和洛丽丝夫人正在到处转悠。So what if they can#39;t see you? What if they walk into you?如果他们看见你怎么办?What if you knock something over?如果他们撞到你身上怎么办?You sound like Hermione.“你说话的口气像赫敏。”I#39;m serious, Harry, don#39;t go.“我不是开玩笑,哈利,真的别去了。” But Harry only had one thought in his head, which was to get back in front of the mirror, and Ron wasn#39;t going to stop him.可是哈利脑海里只有一个念头,那就是回到镜子前面。罗恩是怎么也拦不住他的。 /201209/197749

B.as not substitutes at all  在交易日中,买入和卖出信息不间断地由成员刊登在交易所内的交换系统<牛人_句子>

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