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Shrek is getting his own overseas cable channel.洛杉矶——怪物史莱克(Shrek)要有自己的海外有线频道了DreamWorks Animation said on Tuesday that it would introduce a television network in 19 Asian territories, including South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The most coveted market, China, is not among them, however, in keeping with the difficulties other American entertainment companies — notably Disney — have had navigating that country’s government controls on media.周二,梦工厂动画公司(DreamWorks)称,该公司将在亚洲19个地区推出一个电视频道,包括韩国、台湾和香港不过,它最为觊觎的中国市场不在其中由于中国政府对媒体的控制,梦工厂公司和其他美国公司一样遇到了困难,特别是迪士尼公司HBO Asia, based in Singapore, will manage affiliate sales, marketing and technical services the DreamWorks Channel, which could be introduced to audiences as soon as June of next year, the studio said. The channel’s programming will include DreamWorks Animation series like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “VeggieTales in the House,” which is aimed at preschool children.新加坡的HBO亚洲分部将为梦工厂频道提高衍生产品销售、市场推广和技术持公司称,该频道将于明年6月开播,节目将包括梦工厂的系列动画片,比如《驯龙高手(How to Train Your Dragon)以及针对学前儿童的《蔬菜故事(VeggieTales in the House)Eric Ellenbogen, a DreamWorks International TV executive, said in a statement that “audiences in the region have always embraced our content.”梦工厂国际电视主管埃里克·埃伦根(Eric Ellenbogen)在声明中说,“这一地区的观众一直喜欢我们的内容”“Kung Fu Panda ,” instance, took in .1 million at the South Korean box office in — more than any other animated movie that year.例如,年,《功夫熊猫(Kung Fu Panda )在韩国获得了1万美元的票房收入,超过当年其他所有动画影片Television has been an expanding focus of DreamWorks Animation, which has been trying to stabilize its financial permance by relying less on big-budget movies, the success of which can vary widely. The studio — recently roiled by two failed mergers — notably has contracts to produce more than 1,0 episodes of original cartoon programming Netflix.电视成为梦工厂动画公司的扩张重点,该公司在努力稳定自己的财务状况,更少依赖大成本电影,因为这种电影能否成功变数很大最近,该公司因两次失败的兼并而有点动荡不过,值得注意的是,它与Netflix公司签署了多项合约,将为后者制作10多集原创卡通节目

Cinderella-style love stories always find their fans, and the recent hit “You Are My Sunshine” gives the old narrative a modern spin. He Yichen, the hero of the movie, is a handsome, competent and devoted lawyer while Zhao Mosheng, his lover, is cast as a relatively ordinary young woman.灰姑娘式的爱情故事永远都不缺捧场的观众正在热映的电影《何以笙箫默就是一部现代版《灰姑娘:男主角何以琛是一个颜值高、能力强、对爱情忠贞的律师,而他心爱的女主角赵默笙却是一个相对平凡的姑娘The story begins when He Yichen (Huang Xiaoming) and Zhao Mosheng (Yang Mi) bump into each other at a grocery store after a seven-year-long separation caused by misunderstandings and familial disapproval.电影从这对恋人七年后的重逢开始讲起七年前,何以琛(黄晓明 饰)和赵默笙(杨幂 饰)因为误会和家人的反对而分手;七年后,他们二人在超市偶遇(重启了未了的缘分) more than a decade, “My Sunshine”, the novel that the movie was adapted from, has dominated online romance novel rankings by depicting a woman supposed dream relationship.电影改编自同名网络小说这部小说十几年来一直高居网络爱情小说各大榜单榜首,因为它描述了一段令无数女生向往的爱情The movie remains faithful to its source material by keeping the main plot structure and dialogue, including this line from He: “If the one ever appeared, anyone else would just be a compromise. But I dont want to compromise.”电影版《何以笙箫默基本忠实了原著,保留了书中的主线情节和部分对白何以琛的经典独白:“如果世界上曾经有那个人出现过,其他人都会变成将就而我不愿意将就”自然也在其中Production company Le Vision said they intended to “satisfy audiences desires a story about pure romantic love that survives across time”.制作方乐视影业表示,他们希望能“满足观众想看一段跨越时间、初心不变的纯爱故事的愿望”The movie casts aside those “must-have” ingredients in young adult romance films like “Tiny Times”, “Fleet of Time” and “The Left Ear”– cheating, abortion and the third wheel.不同于《小时代、《匆匆那年、《左耳等青春爱情片,《何以笙箫默中并没有青春电影“必备”的欺骗、堕胎、三角恋等元素A TV series based on the same novel starring Wallace Chung and Tang Yan topped audience ratings in January, proving the story still has the steam to sell. But when making the big-screen version, directors seem to have put a lot of eft into bringing out something new.早在今年一月,由钟汉良和唐嫣领衔主演的电视剧版《何以笙箫默就已经掀起收视高潮,也说明这个故事依旧有卖点但是,电影版的导演们却过于着力于拍出新意They attempt to pull viewers in by combining love and humor. And many Internet catchphrases have entered the movie script, like “Dont get to take your pills”. But with so many bits of humor peppered throughout the film, audiences may have a hard time justing the more touching scenes that follow.他们给爱情故事中加入了很多幽默元素,希望可以吸引观众许多网上的段子也出现在电影台词里,比如“别忘了吃药”但是影片中太多的幽默段子,也让一些观众在接下来的感人场景中难以入戏Then, to cater to fujoshi culture, the movie introduces a new character, an assistant played by Huang Zitao (whose stage name is Tao), mer member of South Korean band EXO. The guy cares about He so much that one might think he has feelings him.为了迎合腐女文化,电影中还新添了一个角色——何律师的助理William,由韩国组合EXO前成员黄子韬(艺名:Tao)扮演他对何律师无微不至的照顾可谓“基情满满”Efts to experiment and do something different should always be appreciated. But maybe this film would have been better if it were just a love story, not a hodgepodge.努力实验、敢于创新的态度本应受到持,但是比之现在的“大杂烩”,如果只是讲述一个单纯的爱情故事,这部电影也许会更好 373

“You are only quite a little fellow in a wide world, after all,” Gandalf reminds his companion at the end of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” The avuncular line has a cozy feel that evokes the bedtime-storytelling of J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 children’s classic — now better known as the trilogized prequel to a 1st-century fantasy phenomenon. Gandalf’s sentiment is also all too apt Peter Jackson’s vexing conclusion to his oddly apportioned adaptation: Bilbo Baggins is indeed quite a little fellow in Mr. Jackson’s wide world here — less a central hero on a quest than a supporting player in a film bookended by destruction and war in gray, grim lands.“在这广大的世界上,你毕竟只是个小家伙,”在《霍比特人:五军之战(The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies)结尾处,甘道夫(Gandalf)这样提醒他的伙伴这句长辈般慈爱的台词带给人一种舒适安心的感觉,感觉就像J·R·R·托尔金(J. R. R. Tolkien)在床边讲起这部1937年的童书经典如今这个故事已经被改编为1世纪奇幻电影现象级大作的三部曲前传而甘道夫的情绪也适用于彼得·杰克逊(Peter Jackson)这部改编作品令人恼火的结局,它的比例有些怪异地失调——在杰克逊宏伟的世界里,比尔·巴金斯(Bilbo Baggins)的确是一个小家伙,在这部发生在阴郁冷酷国土之中,以破坏开始,以战争终结的电影里,他不像是一个探险的英雄,更像是里面的一个小配角“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” follows hot on the heels of last year’s film, with the dragon Smaug giving Lake-town its promised end by fiery devastation. It’s a rip-roaring opening spectacle of burning buildings and refugee villagers, with Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch with baroque cruelty) thundering over streets like a runaway bomber, until he is felled by Bard the bargeman. Bilbo (Martin Freeman) watches from a distance beside the dwarfs he traveled with to Erebor.《霍比特人:五军之战的情节紧跟去年的前作,巨龙史矛革给长湖镇带来了命中注定的大破坏影片开头是喧闹的大场面,建筑被烧毁,村民成为难民,史矛革(本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇[Benedict Cumberbatch]配音,带着奇异的残忍)像失去控制的轰炸机一样咆哮着飞过街道,最后被船夫巴德射杀比尔(马丁·弗里曼[Martin Freeman]饰演)身在孤山,和矮人们在一起,他从远处目睹了这一幕There, the headstrong leader Thorin Oakenshield will install himself in hoarding splendor, a slave to “that terrible need” treasure. And so on, and so th. Mr. Jackson returns to the variably hirsute action figures of Middle-earth the latest, and presumably last, adventure. Gandalf (Ian McKellen) makes his way back to center stage from imprisonment, with Cate Blanchett and Christopher Lee swooping in to lend supporting gravitas. The Elves and the Orcs converge on Erebor, as seemingly everyone — though especially Thorin — feels the pull of the dragon’s riches, which seem to attract all possible conflicting parties to the Lonely Mountain and neighboring Dale in dire preparation the film’s title.在孤山,刚愎自用的领袖索林·橡木盾置身财宝之中,成了对财富“狂热渴求”的奴隶之后发生了诸如此类的情节在这部最新,或许也是最后的中土故事中,杰克逊再次回到头发胡须蓬乱的角色大打出手的场面甘道夫(伊恩·麦克凯伦[Ian McKellen]饰演)从囚困中脱身,返回舞台中央,凯特·布伦切特(Cate Blanchett)和克里斯托弗·李(Christopher Lee)也加入进来,为影片增色精灵与半兽人汇聚孤山,似乎所有人——特别是索林——都感受到巨龙财富的诱惑,它吸引着一切有可能产生冲突的各种势力来到孤山和附近的河谷镇,以便凑齐影片标题中的“五军之战”Part of the problem with Mr. Jackson’s accordion-expanded “Hobbit” is just that gravitational pull: At the film’s core is not really the engaging Mr. Freeman as Bilbo, ever twitchingly alive, as you might expect. Instead, the story insists upon the hoary sentiment of filthy lucre’s overriding all reason and friendship, like an opera without song. Erebor is an imposing castlelike (or cathedral-like) stronghold, containing Thorin like a crazed Macbeth in the labyrinth of his desire, but outside, the gathering of armies feels like a hurry-up-and-wait stage setting by another cast of computer-generated thousands.《霍比特人被杰克逊大大加长了,它的问题可能有一部分是来自于其重心:影片的核心并不是集中在弗里曼饰演的比尔身上,尽管如你所料,这个角色更加生动鲜明了相反,这个故事建立在一种古老的情感之上:不义之财战胜了所有理性与友谊,就像一首没有歌咏的歌剧威严的孤山像是一座城堡(或教堂)般的要塞,把索林拘禁在里面,就像麦克白被拘禁在自己欲望的迷宫之中;但在外面,由电脑创造出来的成千上万名“演员”汇聚为一军队,形成迫不及待、跃跃欲试的场景When the Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs — those dumpy, evil ces that appear constantly to need the direction from their rabble-rousing leaders to go th and “slay them all” — finally engage, Mr. Jackson’s massed set pieces shift between stirring visual salvos and general panoramic swarming. It’s only as individual good guys peel off death-defying face-offs with Orcs on ledges that the routine violence crackles again with genuine danger and deft showmanship.半兽人是一股身材矮小的邪恶势力,通常需要在蛊惑人心的领导指引之下,才能集结起来“杀掉所有人”,如今,它们终于同矮人和精灵们开战了杰克逊的大场面景象在纷乱的视觉场面与拥挤的全景之间切换只有当个别的正面角色挺身而出,蔑视死亡,与半兽人在矿脉中对峙的时刻,例行公事的暴力中才会再度闪现出真正的危险与精湛的演技What this adaptation of “The Hobbit” can’t avoid by its final installment is its predictability and hollow foundations. It’s been said bee, but Mr. Jackson himself is still haunted by the past: all the craft, there’s nothing here like the y and ce of “The Lord of the Rings,” which is positively steeped in mythology and features (wonder of wonders) rounder characterization than the scheduled revelations on display here. At times Mr. Jackson expects too much audience investment, whether in a perfunctory bidden love between the elf Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) and the dwarf Kili (Aidan Turner), or in the weak comic relief of a grabby Lake-town deputy who illustrates further venality.改编版《霍比特人的最后一部无法避免可预见性与空洞的基础这一点以前也曾被指出过,但杰克逊仍然沉浸在过去之中:虽然影片有着种种精湛的技巧,但不像《指环王(The Lord of the Rings)那样鲜明地浸淫在神话学之中,有着性格丰满的人物(这堪称奇迹中的奇迹),《五军之战只是在堆砌照计划展示的东西,也就没有《指环王的统一性与力量有时杰克逊对观众投入感情的程度期待过高,不管是精灵陶瑞尔(Tauriel,伊万杰琳·莉莉[Evangeline Lilly]饰演)和矮人基利(艾丹·特纳[Aidan Turner]饰)之间肤浅的禁忌之恋,抑或贪婪的长湖镇副镇长薄弱的喜剧穿插(他在这部影片中展示出更多的腐败)It’s especially a shame since Mr. Jackson’s original knack world building (not to mention the sense of humor in his early films) is often missing in the ever-proliferating superhero-franchise worlds that his own vastly successful endeavors no doubt helped encourage. Bilbo may fully learn a sense of friendship and duty, and have quite a story to tell, but somewhere along the way, Mr. Jackson loses much of the magic.特别遗憾的是,杰克逊原本具有构建世界的技巧(更不必说他早期电影中的幽默感),却往往迷失在不断繁衍的超级英雄大片世界里,而他自身的巨大成功对这个商业大片世界的形成又不无助益比尔或许学到了友谊与责任的意义,有了一个好故事可以讲述,但在这个过程之中,杰克逊却损失了很多原有的魔力“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” is rated PG- (Parents strongly cautioned). Extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, per the title.《霍比特人:五军之战被标记为PG-级(强烈建议家长注意),如片名所言,有大量强烈的奇幻暴力场面 7

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