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"Happy birthday! This is your dad calling," Dad said. Dad always identified himself, as if after 60 years Joel didn't recognize his own dad's voice. "Well, you're getting pretty old, aren't you?" Dad asked."I sure am," Joel said. "In fact, I'm the same age you were 20 years ago!""Yes, who'd ever think that they wished they were 60 again," said his dad. "This aging process is certainly no fun.""You can say that again," Joel said. But as they say, it's a lot better than the alternative. As long as you're reasonably healthy in mind and body. They both agreed.His dad and mom were still quite active. They lived together in their house. They both drove. They both played golf regularly and were active volunteers in the community.But, such independence would not last forever. Both of them would eventually need part-time or full-time nursing assistance at home, or maybe even have to be moved into a nursing home.What a quiet end that will be, Joel thought, to such fun, productive, and eventful lives. Lying in a bed in a nursing home, waiting for relatives and friends to come visit. Waiting for the nurse’s aide to bring medication, dinner, or an extra blanket. Waiting for help to use the bathroom.Much of that time spent waiting would also be spent in thought. What do people think about when they know their time is almost up, Joel wondered. Article/201104/132816PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SIXTEENThe Wedding"Is that all you want to know?! All right, I shall have to tell you, but you might be angry with me, Jane--just like last night! I pretended to love Miss Ingram to make you jealous. I want you to love me as much as I loved you.""But didn't you care about poor Miss Ingram's feelings?""[-----1-----]. Were you jealous, Jane?""Never mind, Mr. Rochester." I have one more thing to ask you. Please explain everything to Mr. Fairfax. She was so surprised last night when she saw us! I'm sure she doesn't know what to think."When I visited Mrs. Fairfax later that day, I knew she was amazed by the news that I was going to marry Mr. Rochester. [-----2-----], but I did not understand why."Miss Eyre, I can't believe it!" she said. "You are a wonderful young lady, and any young man should be happy to marry you. But Mr. Rochester is a gentleman, from one of the best families in this area! And he's twenty years older than you. What will people say? He could be your father!""Oh, certainly not, Mrs. Fairfax!" I said. "He looks much younger than that!""Does he really love you?" she asked.[-----3-----] and a little angry. I turned around to look at her."Mrs. Fairfax, don't you think he could love me?" I said."Oh, yes, Miss Eyre! I didn't mean to upset you. I only mean to say, you must be careful of what people will say. I think you and Mr. Rochester should not see each other too much, until you are married." 填空 :1、She only has one feeling--pride她只有一种感情——傲慢。2、When I saw her, she looked upset我看见她时,她看上去很不安。3、Her question made me hurt她的疑问刺痛了我。 Vocabulary Focusupset:此处用作动词,表示使……不安。也可用作形容词,意为“不安的”,例如:You needn't be so upset.(你不必那么不安。) Article/200905/70885

他带着挑剔的眼光,发觉她的身段这儿也不匀称,那儿也不匀称,可是他到底不得不承认她体态轻盈,惹人喜爱;虽然他嘴上一口咬定她缺少上流社会的翩翩风采,可是她落落大方爱打趣的作风,又把他迷住了。Occupied in observing Mr. Bingley's attentions to her sister, Elizabeth was far from suspecting that she was herself becoming an object of some interest in the eyes of his friend. Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she hardly had a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness. Of this she was perfectly unaware; to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable nowhere, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with. Article/201012/121329

21Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem fifty-five years. His mother's name was Hephzibah. 2He did evil in the eyes of the Lord , following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. 3He rebuilt the high places his father Hezekiah had destroyed; he also erected altars to Baal and made an Asherah pole, as Ahab king of Israel had done. He bowed down to all the starry hosts and worshiped them. 4He built altars in the temple of the Lord , of which the Lord had said, "In Jerusalem I will put my Name." 5In both courts of the temple of the Lord , he built altars to all the starry hosts. 6He sacrificed his own son in the fire, practiced sorcery and divination, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the Lord , provoking him to anger. 7He took the carved Asherah pole he had made and put it in the temple, of which the Lord had said to David and to his son Solomon, "In this temple and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I will put my Name forever. 8I will not again make the feet of the Israelites wander from the land I gave their forefathers, if only they will be careful to do everything I commanded them and will keep the whole Law that my servant Moses gave them." 9But the people did not listen. Manasseh led them astray, so that they did more evil than the nations the Lord had destroyed before the Israelites. 10The Lord said through his servants the prophets: 11"Manasseh king of Judah has committed these detestable sins. He has done more evil than the Amorites who preceded him and has led Judah into sin with his idols. 12Therefore this is what the Lord , the God of Israel, says: I am going to bring such disaster on Jerusalem and Judah that the ears of everyone who hears of it will tingle. 13I will stretch out over Jerusalem the measuring line used against Samaria and the plumb line used against the house of Ahab. I will wipe out Jerusalem as one wipes a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down. 14I will forsake the remnant of my inheritance and hand them over to their enemies. They will be looted and plundered by all their foes, 15because they have done evil in my eyes and have provoked me to anger from the day their forefathers came out of Egypt until this day." 16Moreover, Manasseh also shed so much innocent blood that he filled Jerusalem from end to end-besides the sin that he had caused Judah to commit, so that they did evil in the eyes of the Lord . 17As for the other events of Manasseh's reign, and all he did, including the sin he committed, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? 18Manasseh rested with his fathers and was buried in his palace garden, the garden of Uzza. And Amon his son succeeded him as king. 19Amon was twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem two years. His mother's name was Meshullemeth daughter of Haruz; she was from Jotbah. 20He did evil in the eyes of the Lord , as his father Manasseh had done. 21He walked in all the ways of his father; he worshiped the idols his father had worshiped, and bowed down to them. 22He forsook the Lord , the God of his fathers, and did not walk in the way of the Lord . 23Amon's officials conspired against him and assassinated the king in his palace. 24Then the people of the land killed all who had plotted against King Amon, and they made Josiah his son king in his place. 25As for the other events of Amon's reign, and what he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? 26He was buried in his grave in the garden of Uzza. And Josiah his son succeeded him as king. Article/200809/51143

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