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The folks who successfully bid .3m for lunch with Warren Buffett can expect a convivial event filled with jokes, investment wisdom and life advice, according to those who have won in previous years — but they had better keep an eye on their soft drinks.成功投标230万美元与沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)共进午餐的人们,可以期待一段欢乐的时光,充满了笑料、投资智慧和人生建议,但他们最好盯紧自己的软饮料——这是往年的中标者介绍的“经验”。This year’s annual auction was won by a Chinese online games development company called Dalian Zeus Entertainment, which can take up to eight people to meet the legendary investor.中国网游开发公司大连天神(Dalian Zeus Entertainment)赢得今年的年度拍卖,中标者可以带至多8人会晤巴菲特这位具有传奇色的投资者。Since Mr Buffett began the tradition in 2000, his lunches have raised m for Glide, a San Francisco charity supporting the city’s poor and homeless.自巴菲特在2000年开启这一传统以来,这些年来他的“拍卖”午餐已为Glide(一家旧金山慈善机构,持该市的穷人和无家可归者)筹集了2000万美元。Monsoon Pabrai’s most vivid memory from her lunch was that Mr Buffett pinched her Cherry Coke, thinking it was his. She was 12 at the time. Her hedge fund manager father, Mohnish Pabrai, took his two daughters along after he and a friend won with their 0,100 bid in 2007.梦松#8226;帕波莱(Monsoon Pabrai)对那顿午餐的最生动记忆是,巴菲特拿起她的樱桃可乐(Cherry Coke)喝了起来,以为那是他自己的。那年她才12岁。当时,身为对冲基金经理的父亲莫尼什#8226;帕波莱(Mohnish Pabrai)和一个朋友在2007年以65.01万美元中标后,带上自己的两个女儿与巴菲特共进午餐。Now, partly inspired by that lunch, Ms Pabrai is doing an internship at the investment office at University of California, Los Angeles, and hoping to go into the world of endowments, but she also remembers Mr Buffett’s advice outside the sphere of investments.部分是在那顿午餐的激励下,如今帕波莱女士正在美国加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的投资办公室实习,并希望进入捐赠基金的世界,但她也记得巴菲特在投资范畴以外的建议。“He said the greatest decision we would make is who to marry,” she recalls. “Now every time my sister and I go on dates, that echoes in our heads.”“他说,我们一生中将要做出的最大决定是与谁结婚。”她回忆道,“现在,每当我和出去跟别人约会,那条建议就会在我们的脑海里产生回音。”Guy Spier, who bid with Mr Pabrai, recalls “the way the air vibrates” around Mr Buffett. Mr Spier has since written a book on what he has learnt from Mr Buffett, both personally and through following his value investment principles, and he puts some of his professional success down to the lunch.当年与帕波莱联合投标的盖伊#8226;施皮尔(Guy Spier)对巴菲特周围的气场记忆犹新。施皮尔后来写了一本书,介绍他从巴菲特那里学到的东西——无论是个人层面的哲理,还是因遵循巴菲特价值投资原则而得到的收获。他将自己的一部分职业成功归功于那顿午餐。“The world is not a fair place,” he said. “Who you hang out with counts. Hanging out with people better than you counts. Somebody knows that I had lunch with Warren Buffett, at the margin that makes it more likely that they will want to hang out with me.”“世界不是一个公平的地方,”他表示,“你跟谁打交道是重要的。与比你更优秀的人打交道很重要。有人听说了我曾与巴菲特共进午餐,至少这使得他们更有可能想要与我打交道。”The price of breaking b with Mr Buffett began rising dramatically after the auction switched to eBay in 2003, opening it up to fans from all over the world. This year’s winning bid is 838 per cent higher than that paid in 2003 by David Einhorn, the famed short seller, and the highest bid ever was .5m in 2012.自拍卖活动在2003年转至eBay进行、让世界各地的粉丝都能投标以来,与巴菲特一起吃饭的价格就开始戏剧性上涨。今年的中标价格比2003年知名卖空者戴维#8226;艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)付出的价格高838%。历年来的最高出价是2012年的350万美元。The cost of the meal itself, now donated by steakhouse chain Smith amp; Wollensky, has risen more modestly. Restaurant food prices are up 41 per cent over the same period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But even at the highest price tag, winning the auction can be worth every cent.午餐——如今由牛排连锁餐厅“史密斯与沃伦斯基”(Smith amp; Wollensky)捐赠——本身的开销上涨更为温和。根据美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)的数据,同期餐厅食品价格上涨了41%。但是,即使以最高的价码中标,赢得这场拍卖也可能物超所值。Mr Buffett surprised a two-time winning bidder — a hedge fund manager from Virginia named Ted Weschler — by offering him a job at the end of their second meal. Mr Weschler is now in line to take over some investment duties at Berkshire Hathaway when Mr Buffett retires as chief executive.巴菲特曾给两度中标的弗吉尼亚州对冲基金经理泰德#8226;韦施勒(Ted Weschler)一个惊喜:在他们的第二顿午餐结束时向他提供了一个职位。如今,韦施勒将在巴菲特从首席执行官职位上退休之后,接手伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的一部分投资职责。Duan Yongping, the Chinese electronics entrepreneur turned investor, has stayed away from airline stocks after discussing Mr Buffett’s own disastrous foray into the sector with him at lunch in 2006. “I love to talk to him,” Mr Duan said. “He uses the most simple words to explain the most complicated things.”从中国电子行业企业家转型为投资者的段永平,在2006年与巴菲特共进午餐时,讨论了巴菲特自己投资航空公司的灾难性经历,自那以来段永平一直避开航空公司股票。“我爱与他交谈,”段永平表示,“他能用最简单的语言来解释最复杂的事情。”Glide’s co-founder Janice Mirikitani said at the launch of the auction last week: “The divides are getting bigger between the haves and have-nots. Mr Buffett inspires others who have the means to help bridge that divide.”Glide联合创始人贾尼丝#8226;美里木谷(Janice Mirikitani)上周在发起拍卖时表示:“富人与穷人之间的差距越来越大了。巴菲特激励其他有能力的人士帮助弥合这一鸿沟。”Mr Spier declined to put a figure on the return on investment from his winning bid, but he is certain of its value. “We could give that money to Harvard or Yale,” he said, “but it would not even buy you a plaque. It would only buy you lunch with the Dean.”施皮尔拒绝量化与巴菲特共进午餐的投资回报,但他对这个机会的价值确信无疑。“我们可以把那笔钱捐给哈佛(Harvard)或耶鲁(Yale),”他说,“但它连一块牌匾都买不到,只够你与院长共进午餐。” /201506/379805


  No textbook can prepare you for being in charge of people for the first time. All the plans you made in the glow of promotion to manager collapse in those early days with the realisation that people do not always do what you tell them to do.没有哪本教科书能让初为管理者的你做好准备。你在升任经理的欣喜中制定的所有计划都会在最初的几天轰然倒塌,因为你意识到,人们不会总是照办你的指令。There are two accepted ways to deal with this. You can try to enforce your will or you can accept that your team know their jobs and allow them to get on with it.处理这种情况有两种公认的方法。你可以尝试强制执行你的意志,或者你可以接受这一点:团队成员懂自己的工作,不如让他们放手去做。Douglas McGregor called these approaches Theory X and Theory Y. You may not have heard of McGregor or his book The Human Side of Enterprise. But whether you have heard of him or not, you probably manage, or are managed, according to one of his two theories.道格拉斯#8226;麦格雷戈(Douglas McGregor)把这两种方法称为X理论和Y理论。你可能没有听说过麦格雷戈或者他的著作《企业的人性面》(The Human Side of Enterprise)。但不管你听过还是没听过,你管理他人或者被管理的方式,很可能正是基于他的两种理论的其中之一。What are Theory X and Theory Y? Theory X assumes people do not particularly want to work and need to be “coerced, controlled, directed, and threatened with punishment”.什么是X理论和Y理论?X理论假设人们不特别想工作,所以需要对他们进行“强迫、控制、指示,并用惩罚措施威胁。”Theory Y assumes people want to do a good job. There is no need to order them about. They are naturally inventive and look for the best ways to get work done.Y理论假设人们想要做好工作。没有必要对他们发号施令。人们自然而然地富于创造性,会寻找完成工作的最佳方法。McGregor favoured Theory Y. His book appeared in 1960, at the beginning of a period of western belief in greater freedom and equality, and it found an eager audience.麦格雷戈更青睐Y理论。他的著作出版于20世纪60年代,正是西方对更大的自由和平等抱有信心的一段时期的开端,因此招来了一批热忱的受众。“Our biggest asset is our people” was a Theory Y-influenced slogan. But many employees saw through it. While many managers talked Theory Y, they practised Theory X.“我们最大的资产是我们的员工”就是受到Y理论影响而提出的口号。但许多雇员看透了这样的口号。尽管许多经理嘴上说着Y理论,他们实际做的却是X理论。There have always been exceptional workplaces – some, but not all, in the professional services or technology sectors – where managers gave their staff the freedom to set their own hours, work from home or find the best ways of serving customers.始终有一些例外的优秀工作场所(有一些,但不是全部,在专业务业或者科技业),经理允许员工自由设定工作时间、在家工作或者找到务客户的最佳方法。But there are many more companies where managers claim to believe in their people but micromanage, noting who leaves when, and insisting things be done their way.但是,另一类企业要多得多,这些企业的经理声称相信员工,但在实践中事无巨细,什么都要管,留意谁在什么时候离开岗位,并且坚持要按他们的方式完成工作。Why has it happened? McGregor did his research in the US from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, a period that culminated in a great rise in prosperity and work opportunities. People expected to have long careers with just one or two companies, as a 2003 paper entitled “A Kind Word for Theory X” pointed out.为什么情况会是这样?麦格雷戈的研究是在20世纪30年代中期到50年代中期的美国完成的。在这个时期,美国的繁荣程度和工作机会都大幅增长。一篇发表于2003年、标题为“为X理论说句好话”的论文指出,当时的人们期望在一家或者两家公司里度过漫长的职业生涯。Michael Bobic and William Eric Davis, the writers, accept that McGregor’s writings “revolutionised the field of management theory”, but argue that benign Theory Y management fell victim to today’s insecure working world, where companies offer their staff no loyalty and receive little in return.这篇论文的作者迈克尔#8226;比克(Michael Bobic)和威廉#8226;埃里克#8226;戴维斯(William Eric Davis)承认,麦格雷戈的著作“彻底改变了管理学理论领域”,但他们认为,在当今这种缺乏安全感的工作环境下,企业和员工彼此都谈不上忠诚,良性的Y理论管理模式缺乏合适的舞台。But there are other reasons things have not gone McGregor’s way. Many easy-going, creative workplaces rely on outsourced data processing and call centres. Like clothing sweatshops, these are not full of managers eager to let their employees decide their own working practices.事情没有按照麦格雷戈期盼的方式发展,还有其他原因。许多宽松和富有创意的工作环境依赖外包的数据处理和电话务中心。就像制衣业的血汗工厂那样,这两类工作场所没有多少热切希望员工自己决定工作方式的经理。Even in the most go-ahead offices, the human resources and legal departments increasingly insist on the dismal completion of online forms for the most routine activities. Managers who want to run grown-up departments are ground down. We need a different type of thinking about management. If we want to find an effective way of treating our staff like adults, perhaps we should turn to an expert in dealing with children.即使在最自由的企业里,人力资源和法务部门也越来越坚持员工对大多数日常任务填写令人厌烦的在线表格。想要以成年人的方式经营所在部门的经理受到压制。我们需要采取不同的管理思路。如果我们想找到一个把员工当做成年人看待的有效方法,或许我们应该向儿童专家求助。Diana Baumrind is a US psychologist known for her research on good parenting. Unlike McGregor’s two management styles, Ms Baumrind came up with three ways of dealing with children: permissive, authoritarian and authoritative.美国心理学家戴安娜#8226;鲍姆林德(Diana Baumrind)因其对好的育儿方式的研究而闻名。不像麦格雷戈的两种管理风格,她提出了3种对待儿童的方式:宽容型、专制型和权威型。“The permissive parent attempts to behave in a non-punitive, acceptant, and affirmative manner,” she wrote. This is like McGregor’s Theory Y.“宽容型父母试图表现出不惩罚、接纳和肯定的样子,”她写道。这与麦格雷戈的Y理论类似。The authoritarian parent tries “to shape, control, and evaluate#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;She values obedience as a virtue.” This is the parenting version of Theory X.专制型父母试图“塑造、控制和评估……她认为从是一种美德。”这是X理论的育儿版。Then there is the authoritative parent, who “attempts to direct the child’s activities in a rational, issue-oriented manner”. This is the parent who “encourages verbal give and take”. She exerts control only at points of real divergence “but does not hem the child in with restrictions”.还有权威型的父母,他们“试图以一种理性、问题导向型的方式引导孩子的行为。”这种父母“鼓励言语上的公平交换。”她只在真正的分歧点施加控制,“但不会用各种限制来束缚孩子”。There are differences between parenting and management. Children cannot resign. But the authoritative parent, who sets clear parameters yet allows freedom within them, who reasons rather than rules (and makes the numbers), strikes me both as an excellent model for managers and a realistic middle route between Theories X and Y.育儿和管理存在差异。孩子可没法辞职。但权威型的父母设定了清晰的界限,在界限之内允许自由,他们讲道理,而不是发号施令(以达到预期数字);对我来说,这既是经理们的好榜样,也是X理论和Y理论之间一条切合实际的中间路线。 /201502/357440。


  Available in varying lengths, styles and fabrics, a skirt can work on any occasion, whether it’s a date or a weekend trip. For girls, skirts change your look, keep everyone’s eyes on you and can boost your confidence. But with fashion trends always changing, choosing the right skirt for you is tricky.裙装以其不同的长度、多样的风格以及多元的材质,得以适应各种场合,不论是去约会还是周末去旅行都没有问题。对女孩而言,裙装不仅能一改你的整体风格,吸引众人眼球,而且还能增强自信。不过,时尚潮流变幻莫测,选对裙子并非易事。Here we run through this summer’s hot skirt trends so you can add new pieces to your wardrobe.下面就为大家奉上今夏最热的裙装时尚趋势,新装添起!Vintage 70s A-line maxi skirt70年代复古风A字长裙A-line skirts are versatile and look good on any woman. Its flattering cut cinches at the waist but gracefully glides away from the hips and thigh area. With 70s-style fashion sweeping the fashion world this year, A-line skirts, especially those with a slit up the front filled with patchwork or an insert, are popular, fashion magazine Vogue notes. Whether they are made with suede or denim, they give you a folksy feel. You can match them with a pair of knee-length boots to fully embrace the 70s vibe, Vogue suggests. If you still feel the maxi fit is hard to handle, shorter mid-length versions are also available.百搭的A字长裙似乎适合所有女性。腰部系带的设计十分讨巧,臀部到大腿的流畅线条则令它更显优雅。今年,上世纪70年代的时尚风格再次席卷全球。如时尚杂志《Vogue》所言:通过拼接或是内嵌设计将裙装上下分开的A字裙尤为流行。不论它们的材质是翻毛皮革还是牛仔布,都能让你更接地气。《Vogue》还建议想要完全走70年代复古风的人士搭配一双及膝长靴。如果你觉得长裙太难驾驭,中长裙也是不错的选择。 /201506/379989YOUR co-worker brought in brownies, your daughter made cookies for a holiday party and candy is arriving from far-flung relatives. Sugar is everywhere. It is celebration, it is festivity, it is love.同事带来了布朗尼,女儿为假期的聚会做了曲奇饼,八杆子打不着的亲戚也送来了糖果。到处都是糖。糖代表了庆祝,代表了节日,也代表了爱。It’s also dangerous. In a recent study, we showed that sugar, perhaps more than salt, contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Evidence is growing, too, that eating too much sugar can lead to fatty liver disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and kidney disease.但糖也是一种危险。在最近的一项研究中,我们明了糖分对心血管疾病的发展有推动作用,而且其影响或许比盐分更大。也有越来越多的据表明,吃太多糖会引发脂肪肝、高血压、二型糖尿病、肥胖症和肾病。Yet people can’t resist. And the reason for that is pretty simple. Sugar is addictive. And we don’t mean addictive in that way that people talk about delicious foods. We mean addictive, literally, in the same way as drugs. And the food industry is doing everything it can to keep us hooked.然而人们无法抗拒。原因也相当简单,糖分是有成瘾性的。我们所说的「成瘾」并不是人们谈论美味时的那种意思,而是实实在在的,像毒品一样的成瘾性。而且食品工业正在竭尽所能,试图把我们勾住。Up until just a few hundred years ago, concentrated sugars were essentially absent from the human diet — besides, perhaps, the fortuitous find of small quantities of wild honey. Sugar would have been a rare source of energy in the environment, and strong cravings for it would have benefited human survival. Sugar cravings would have prompted searches for sweet foods, the kind that help us layer on fat and store energy for times of scarcity.直 到几百年前,浓缩糖实际上在人类的饮食中还不存在,除非偶然间找到少量野生蜂蜜。糖分在环境中是一种罕见的能量来源,对其产生强烈的渴望,对于人类的生存 是有利的。对糖分的渴求会促使我们寻找甜味的食物,也就是帮助我们堆积脂肪、积蓄能量,以备匮乏时期的那种食物。Today added sugar is everywhere, used in approximately 75 percent of packaged foods purchased in the ed States. The average American consumes anywhere from a quarter to a half pound of sugar a day. If you consider that the added sugar in a single can of soda might be more than most people would have consumed in an entire year, just a few hundred years ago, you get a sense of how dramatically our environment has changed. The sweet craving that once offered a survival advantage now works against us.今 天,添加的糖分随处可见,在美国买到的包装食品中,有大约75%含有添加糖分。普通的美国人平均每天消耗的糖分在四分之一磅到半磅(约合110克至220 克)之间。如果我们思考一下,今天一听碳酸饮料里含有的添加糖分,可能高于几百年前多数人一整年消耗的糖分,就能明白我们周围的环境发生了多么巨大的改 变。渴求糖分曾经是我们的生存优势,但现在却对我们不利。Whereas natural sugar sources like whole fruits and vegetables are generally not very concentrated because the sweetness is buffered by water, fiber and other constituents, modern industrial sugar sources are unnaturally potent and quickly provide a big hit. Natural whole foods like beets are stripped of their water, fiber, vitamins, minerals and all other beneficial components to produce purified sweetness. All that’s left are pure, white, sugary crystals.天 然的糖分来源,如完整的水果和蔬菜,糖分浓度通常并不高,因为其中的甜味有水分、纤维和其他成分来缓冲。然而现代工业生产的糖分来源,却浓重得不自然,很 快就能提供巨大的冲击。就说甜菜这样的天然完整食品,其水分、纤维、维生素、矿物质,乃至其他所有有益成分都被剥离,用来生产纯化的糖。剩下的就只有白色 的、纯粹的糖晶体。A comparison to drugs would not be misplaced here. Similar refinement processes transform other plants like poppies and coca into heroin and cocaine. Refined sugars also affect people’s bodies and brains.在这里与毒品相提并论并不过分。将其他植物,如罂粟和古柯转变为海洛因和可卡因的提纯过程,与上述程序是相似的。纯化的糖分也会影响人的身体和大脑。Substance use disorders, defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, exist when at least two to three symptoms from a list of 11 are present. In animal models, sugar produces at least three symptoms consistent with substance abuse and dependence: cravings, tolerance and withdrawal. Other druglike properties of sugar include (but are not limited to) cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, reward, opioid effects and other neurochemical changes in the brain. In animal studies, animals experience sugar like a drug and can become sugar-addicted. One study has shown that if given the choice, rats will choose sugar over cocaine in lab settings because the reward is greater; the “high” is more pleasurable.按 照《精神障碍诊断与统计手册》(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)的定 义,列明的11项症状中存在至少两到三种,就构成了物质使用障碍。在动物模型中,糖分至少产生了三种与物质滥用和依赖相吻合的症状:渴求感、耐受性、戒断 症状。糖分其他与毒品相似的特性还包括(但不限于)交叉敏化、交叉耐受性、交叉依赖性、奖赏效应、阿片效应,以及大脑中的其他神经化学变化。在动物实验 中,动物对糖的感受就像一种毒品,而且可能会对糖产生依赖。一项研究显示,如果提供了选择,大鼠在实验室的环境中会选择糖而不是可卡因,因为前者的奖赏效 应更强,即糖带来的「兴奋感」有着更高的愉悦度。In humans, the situation may not be very different. Sugar stimulates brain pathways just as an opioid would, and sugar has been found to be habit-forming in people. Cravings induced by sugar are comparable to those induced by addictive drugs like cocaine and nicotine. And although other food components may also be pleasurable, sugar may be uniquely addictive in the food world. For instance, functional M.R.I. tests involving milkshakes demonstrate that it’s the sugar, not the fat, that people crave. Sugar is added to foods by an industry whose goal is to engineer products to be as irresistible and addictive as possible. How can we kick this habit? One route is to make foods and drinks with added sugar more expensive, through higher taxes. Another would be to remove sugar-sweetened beverages from places like schools and hospitals or to regulate sugar-added products just as we do alcohol and tobacco, for instance, by putting restrictions on advertising and by slapping on warning labels.对 于人类,这些情况可能也并没有多大不同。就像鸦片类物质一样,糖分也会刺激大脑回路,而研究发现,糖分会影响人类习惯的形成。糖分产生的渴求感与可卡因和 尼古丁等成瘾性物质所产生的渴求感可以相提并论。而尽管其他的食品成分也会让人愉悦,但是在食品当中,糖分可能具有独一无二的成瘾性。例如,对饮用奶昔的 人进行的功能性磁共振成像(fMRI)检测显示,让人产生渴望的是糖分,而不是脂肪。食品企业在食品中加入糖分,目的是调整产品成分,使其尽可能地难以抗 拒、成瘾性尽可能地强。我们怎么才能戒除这个习惯?一种途径是通过提高税收,让含有添加糖分的食品或饮料更昂贵。另一种途径则是要求学校、医院等地,停止 提供加糖增甜饮品,或者像监管烟酒一样监管添加糖分的产品,例如对广告加以限制,或者加注警示提醒。But as we suggested in two academic papers, one on salt and sugar in the journal Open Heart and the other on sugar and calories in Public Health Nutrition, focusing narrowly on added sugar could have unintended consequences. It could prompt the food industry to inject something equally or more harmful into processed foods, as an alternative.但 就像我们在两篇论文——一篇发表在《开放心脏病学》(Open Heart)上,主题是盐和糖,另一篇发表在《公共健康营养学》 (Public Health Nutrition)上,主题是糖分和卡路里——里提出的,只是狭隘地关注添加糖分可能会产生始料未及的后果。这样做可能 会促使企业在加工食品中,加入同样有害,甚至危害更大的其他物质作为替代。A better approach to sugar rehab is to promote the consumption of whole, natural foods. Substituting whole foods for sweet industrial concoctions may be a hard sell, but in the face of an industry that is exploiting our biological nature to keep us addicted, it may be the best solution for those who need that sugar fix.摆脱糖分的更好途径是,推广食用未经加工的天然食品。用完整的天然食品替代工业生产的甜食,或许很难让人接受,然而面对这样一个利用我们的生物天性让我们成瘾的产业,这对那些渴求糖分摄入的人,或许是最好的方法。 /201412/351197







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