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天河做处女膜修复多少钱广州白云畸胎瘤微创手术多少钱Tu: So, I heard that Iran is very famous for its coffee?屠:我听说伊朗的咖啡很有名?Amir: Well, not coffee actually, the tea.埃米尔:嗯,实际上不是咖啡,是茶很有名。Tu: The tea? What is special about it?屠:茶吗?有什么特别之处?Amir: Well, we love tea. We have to drink tea. Some of the people, if they dont drink two or three glasses of tea, cups of tea, they have headaches.埃米尔:我们喜欢茶。我们必须要喝茶。有些人如果不喝两三杯茶,就会头疼。Tu: Headaches.屠:头疼。Amir: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they are very much picky about the color of the tea. Everybody orders differently. Some people say pour very colored strong tea. Some people say, ;No, No, I dont want it that strong.; The medium. Everybody has their own taste.埃米尔:对,没错。他们对茶的颜色很挑剔。每个人都会点不同的茶来喝。有些人希望茶的颜色深些。也有人会说,“不,不要,我希望茶的颜色不要那么深”。不深也不浅那种。每个人都有自己的口味。Tu: So, I guess you got a lot of tea shops.屠:那伊朗一定有很多家茶馆。Amir: Yeah, yeah, we have traditional one, which is very interesting for the tourists I believe, where you go in and you sit down, no chairs there, and its actually cushions just behind you, so you can lie on this cushions and you know, kind of like lying position. You can straighten your legs and the servant will bring you tea. Actually, the drinking tea in Iran is a little different from other countries.埃米尔:对,没错,我们的传统茶馆对游客非常有吸引力,你走进一家传统茶馆,坐下来,其实里面并没有椅子,你后面有垫子,你可以躺在垫子上,相当于卧姿。你可以把腿伸直,务员会给你上茶。实际上,在伊朗喝茶和其他国家有些不同。Tu: Different? How?屠:不同?哪里不一样?Amir: Well, we have a glass or a cup of tea, and beneath that we have something called estikan, which you put the glass or cup on that, and, well, the way you drink it is that you have to pick up the cubic sugar. It is a cubic. Its not like other powder of sugar. You pick it up and then you tip it inside the tea a little bit. When it gets the most, you put it inside your mouth, and you drink tea when the cubic sugar is in your mouth.埃米尔:我们会在茶杯的下面放个杯托,杯止放在杯托上,喝茶时一定要配方糖。是那种方形的糖。不是糖粉。喝茶时,拿起一块方糖,放到茶水里稍微一沾。然后把方糖放进嘴里,等于你喝茶的时候方糖在你的嘴里。Tu: It takes time.屠:这很花时间。Amir: Thats the way you drink it. You will get used to it. Just try once. Its actually good.埃米尔:这就是伊朗人喝茶的方法。你会习惯的。你可以试试。非常不错。Tu: Do you go there often?屠:你经常去茶馆吗?Amir: Once a year. Yeah.埃米尔:一年去一次。Tu: Once a year! Okay. Its interesting. I will try.屠:一年一次!好,这很有意思,我会尝试一下的。 译文属 /201606/448398广州那里宫腹腔镜 Nabeel: Actually, I remember that one time you had a party and you made that really nice pumpkin dip.纳比尔:我记得你有次办派对时,做过非常好吃的南瓜调味酱。Ginger: Oh, yeah, thats a popular one. Everyone loves that when I make it.金格:哦,那很受欢迎。所有人都喜欢我做的那个。Nabeel: What do you need for it?纳比尔:需要什么材料?Ginger: Its really easy. All you need is one can of canned pumpkin, one eight ounce block of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and few spices.金格:非常简单。你只需要一罐南瓜罐头,一块8盎司重的奶油干酪,糖粉还有一些调味料。Nabeel: Is it easy to make?纳比尔:做法简单吗?Ginger: It is. You just let the cream cheese melt a little, and then you blend it together with the pumpkin and the powdered sugar, and then after you get that really smooth and creamy, then you put in the nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon.金格:简单。你只需要让奶油干酪融化,然后和南瓜以及糖粉搅拌在一起,让它变得光滑细腻,然后加入肉豆蔻、姜和肉桂皮。Nabeel: Wow, that sounds yummy.纳比尔:哇,听起来好好吃。Ginger: It is. Its great. And then I usually put a few cinnamon sticks in for appearance and serve it with ginger snaps and with green apples cut into slices. Its good with both of those.金格:没错,味道非常棒。然后为了美观,我一般会放一些肉桂棒,搭配上姜汁饼干和绿色的苹果切片食用。非常美味。Nabeel: Cool, Im gonna try that sometime. What else can you make?纳比尔:太酷了,有机会我一定要做试试。你还会做什么?Ginger: Well, like I said, Im not much of a cook, so I dont cook much. I put things together. You know what, I have a blender and I do a lot of smoothies. I love making smoothies. I buy the fruit. And then keep the fruit in the freezer. Thats the trick. Youve got to freeze the fruit, and then you dont need ice so it doesnt taste watered down. So you take the frozen fruit. Put it in the blender, and then you just mix it with yogurt, or fruit juice and its delicious.金格:我说过,我不太擅长做饭,所以我不常做饭。我就是把一些食物混合起来。我有一个搅拌器,我经常做冰沙吃。我喜欢做冰沙。我把水果买回来以后放进冰箱里。这是个小诀窍。你要把水果冷冻起来,这样不用加冰块,水果尝起来也不会缺少水分。要把水果冷冻起来。然后把冷冻的水果放进搅拌器里,和酸奶或果汁一起搅拌,味道好极了。Nabeel: What kind of fruit do you like to use?纳比尔:你喜欢用什么水果做冰沙?Ginger: Well, my favorite is just really simple. Its just frozen strawberries, frozen banana, orange juice, and a little honey if you want, but you dont even need the honey, and then I have another I like with mango and papaya and pineapple and yogurt.金格:我最喜欢的非常简单。就是冻草莓、冻香蕉和橙汁做的冰沙,还可以加一些蜂蜜,不过不一定要加蜂蜜,我还喜欢用芒果、番木瓜、菠萝和酸奶做的冰沙。Nabeel: Well, between you smoothie and pumpkin dip and my eggplant curry we can throw quite a party.纳比尔:有了你的冰沙和南瓜调味酱,还有我的茄子咖喱,我们可以开个派对了。Ginger: Lets do it. Well have it on your rooftop with your cats.金格:我们这么做吧。我们可以在你家屋顶开派对,你的猫也可以参加。Nabeel: Sounds like a good idea.纳比尔:这主意听起来不错。 译文属 /201608/457827广州市长安医院靠谱吗

广东省广州计划生育医院服务怎么样Conversation对话Where did you get your mobile?你的手机是在哪里买的?Its really cute.好可爱。Oh, this?哦,这个吗?I got it in Singapore.我在新加坡买的。Here, do you want to take a look?你要看看吗?Thanks. Gee, its really light!谢谢。哇,好轻!Yes, it is, isnt it?是啊,A bit too light, really.它的确很轻。说真的,它太轻了一点。What make have you got?你用的是哪一款?Ive got an old Ericsson.我用的是老式的爱立信。Here. Take a look.你拿去看看。Wow, thats really old.哇,真旧啊。Yes, I like collecting antiques.是啊,我喜欢收集古董。Why dont you get a new one?你为什么不换一款新的?I dont know.我也不知道。I like this one, and I dont have any need for all the bells and whistles you get on the new ones.我就是喜欢这款,而且新手机的功能五花八门,我根本用不到.Really, what makes you say that?是哦,你为什么这么说?Well, I just need to make and receive calls, and its quite reliable.哦,我只需要接打电话而已,这款手机在这方面很可靠。I find that the more fancy stuff they put into these things, the more likely they are to break bown or go wrong, you know?你知道吗,我发现功能越花哨的手机,就越容易坏掉或出故障。I mean, this camera function, for instance, how often do you use it?我的意思是,就拿这种照相的功能来说,你有多常用到?Sometimes, but I guess not very often.有时候会用到,不过我想不会常用,Its more for fun.而是以好玩为主。Sometimes when Im on a trip, for example, I can take a picture and send it to my kids.例如有时候在旅行时,我可以拍照,然后把它传给我的小孩看。Or I can send a picture of a sample back to my office and get it costed up immediately.或者我也可以把样品的照片传回办公室,以便立刻估价。Well, thats nice I guess.嗯,还不错。So how many kids do you have?你有几个小孩呢?Three. Two boys and a girl.三个,两个儿子一个女儿。 /201601/420303广州医院网上挂号预约平台 本期内容:There is nothing permanent except change唯有变化才是永恒的首先,我们来学一个单词 permanent P-E-R-M-A-N-E-N-T 形容词 长久的 永久的 它的反义词是temporary T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y暂时的 临时的再来学一个单词 except E-X-C-E-P-T 连词 除了there is nothing permanent except change除了变化,没有什么是永恒的,所以唯有变化才是永恒的关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201704/505981番禺哪家医院做人流比较好

广州越秀市做人流Language Pointsfoodie 吃货I always want to things: lose weight and eat.Ways to my heart: buy me food, make me food, be my food.Im not hungry, but Im bored.I wont be impressed with technology until I can download food.Theres no we in food./Joey doesnt share food.When someone says I forget to eat, I think they must be a special kind of stupid. Eh... I plan my whole day around eating.It may look like Im having really deep thought, but 99% of the time Im just thinking about what food Im going to eat later.I eat pizza because you are what you eat.And I want to be the best thing ever.I want to lose weight but I hate losing. /201611/475630 Feifei has to give a big presentation at work, and shes feeling a bit nervous. She plans to deal with her fear by slowing down and drinking water... but this doesnt help. Learn a phrase involving bottles that describes when youre too afraid to do something.菲菲要在公司做一个重要的报告,她感到有些紧张。她计划通过放慢速度和喝水来缓解她的不安,但是这并没有什么用。我们来学习一个与bottle有关的短语,这个短语用来形容某人太害怕以致于不敢做某事。Neil: So, big presentation today, Feifei! How are you feeling?尼尔:菲菲,今天你要做一个重要的报告!感觉怎么样?Feifei: Yeah, Im ok, Neil. All prepared. I do feel a bit nervous... I just need to remind myself to slow down and take a sip of water when I feel anxious!菲菲:对,我还好,尼尔。一切准备就绪。不过我确实感觉有一点紧张……我感到紧张的时候,我要提醒自己放慢速度,喝口水!Neil: Good plan! OK, Ill see you later. Good luck... Hey! So how did it go?尼尔:这计划很好!好,稍后见。祝你好运!嘿!报告进行得怎么样?Feifei: Not great.菲菲:不太好。Neil: What happened? You lost your bottle?尼尔:怎么了?你失去勇气了?Feifei: Actually, I took a glass of water.菲菲:实际上,我喝了一瓶水。Neil: Oh right. You know the phrase to lose your bottle means to lose your confidence and fail to do something, or decide not to do it.尼尔:哦,好吧。你知道lose your bottle这个短语的意思是你因为失去信心而未能做某事,或是决定不做某事。Feifei: Thanks for teaching me this phrase when Im feeling awful.菲菲:谢谢你在我感觉很难受的时候教给我这个短语。Neil: Yes, sorry. You can also simply say to bottle it which also means to lose your courage and fail to do something. Err, examples time?尼尔:抱歉。也可以简单地说“搞砸了”,意思也是“失去勇气,做某事没能成功”。呃,现在来看例句?Examples例句He was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him but lost his bottle at the last minute. She asked him instead.他本打算向女友求婚,但是他在最后一刻失去勇气没能求婚。反而是他女友向他求婚了。I thought about painting my front door bright green but I bottled it. I went for a conservative grey instead.我本想把我的前门涂成亮绿色,但却因为没勇气,没有涂。我把它涂成了保守的灰色。Feifei: Anyway Neil, arent you giving a presentation this afternoon?菲菲:不管怎样,尼尔,你今天下午不是要做个报告吗?Neil: Err... I was going to.尼尔:呃……我本来是要做的。Feifei: Oh? You mean, youre not going to do it now?菲菲:哦?你是说你现在不打算做了?Neil: Well, you see, I just had so much work on this week, and Ive not really had time at all...尼尔:嗯,你看,我这周有很多工作要做,我真的完全没有时间……Feifei: Yeah, yeah, I get it. You bottled it.菲菲:是的,是的,我明白了。你没勇气,所以决定不做了。Neil: You got me. I just hate presentations!尼尔:你懂我。我只是讨厌做报告!Feifei: Well, that makes two of us! Bye.菲菲:嗯,我也一样!再见。Neil: Bye.尼尔:再见。 译文属 /201702/490271广州越秀人流哪里比较好广州白云私立妇产科医院



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