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The English We Speak是英国B电台为英语学习者量身打造的一档英语节目 今天,两位主持人骑着新买的托出去兜风了,让我们看看会发生什么有趣的事情Wang Fei: Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Wang Fei!Finn: And I'm Finn!Wang Fei: Finn has decided to take us out a ride on his new motorbike today and he's very proud of it.Finn: I am, very proud of it. I thought it would be good to get out of the studio. Look at all the beautiful, green fields around us, Wang Fei.Wang Fei: Yes, beautiful green fields. That's the word the day isn't it: green?Finn: Green, yes!Wang Fei: A bit easy, isn't it? Everyone knows the colour green!Finn: The colour green? No, not that meaning, Wang Fei!Wang Fei: So, what do you mean? Green as in good the environment?Finn: No, not that green either!Wang Fei: Oh, OK, maybe another green? Oh, OK, maybe, green with envy? I know that phrase, that means to envy somebody, doesn't it?Finn: Yes, that's right. But what are you envious about, Wang Fei? That's not what we're... oh! ... ahhh!FX - CRASHBoth: Ow!Wang Fei: Finn, you are a terrible, terrible driver!Finn: I know.Wang Fei: Will you tell me what this green means?!Finn: I'm sorry, Wang Fei. What I mean is I'm very green at riding motorbikes, that's what I wanted to say. Green means inexperienced or new to something.Wang Fei: Oh, I see. So when do we use it?Finn: Well, normally we use it to describe someone who is new to a particular job or skill.Wang Fei: Ooh, I see. But I'm not feeling good. So why don't we listen to some examples a moment?I'm a bit green at editing, so it takes me a long time to edit things.He's a bit green in this job so he's bound to need some help.My uncle's very green at searching the internet. He prefers to go to the library.Finn: OK, time to go again, Wang Fei!Wang Fei: (To himself) Hmm. But I'm still not feeling that great to be honest…FX - BIKE STARTS Finn: What was that, Wang Fei?Wang Fei: Oh nothing. Let's go.Finn: Wow, what beautiful countryside…Wang Fei: Gosh, I'm really feeling ill to be honest. I'm worried we're going to crash again.Finn: Wang Fei, what did you say? Are you ok?Wang Fei: Not really.Finn: Oh no, you look bad. You've gone green!Wang Fei: What?Finn: You've gone green – it means you look ill!Wang Fei: Another green phrase... Finn – can't you just concentrate on your driving!Finn: OK, sorry. OK then! Bye everyone…Wang Fei: And wish me luck. Bye. 赏析: 本期节目,两位主持人主要讲了和green有关的几个词组,让我来总结一些 Green有“生疏、没经验”的意思,be green inat something即对于某件事情或工作来说是新手,英语中也有词组a green hand,就是“新手”的意思Green还有“嫉妒”的意思,make somebody green with envy,就是“让某人非常嫉妒”的意思 You've gone green意思是“你被吓得脸色都变了” Green还有“环保”的意思,比如green food ,意思是“绿色食品” 当然,green还可以表示颜色“绿色” Green的本意是“绿色”,其他的意思都是它的引申义,比如植物的新芽都是绿的,所有green引申出了“新手”的意思;中国人说嫉妒是“眼红”,而英国人就理解成“眼绿”,所有green with envy有“嫉妒”的意思;中国人喜欢说的“吓得脸色变了”是变得“惨白”,而英国人喜欢说“变绿”;同样,绿色象征“环境好”,所有green又有了“环保”的意思 学习词汇时,应当联系其本意来理解其引申义,这样,往往会有意外的收获 8659。

  • Authorities in the southern Indian state of Kerala last Monday ordered a probe into allegations that an 18-year-old student was ced to remove her bra at an exam centre as part of stringent measures to stop cheating in a national-level medical entrance examination.本周一,印度南部城邦喀拉拉邦当局下令调查一项指控,作为一项国家级医学入学考试严格防作弊措施的一部分,一名18岁学生在考试中心被迫脱掉内衣The alleged incident took place at TISK English Medium School in the state Kannur district last Sunday, when hundreds of students went to there to appear the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) admissions to undergraduate medical courses across the country.该事件于上周日发生在喀拉拉邦坎努尔县的TISK英语学校,全国数百名学生去那里参加这项国家级医学本科招生考试;My daughter went inside the centre only to return a few minutes later to hand over her bra. As she entered the centre, the metal detector at the gate beeped due to the metal strap of the bra. She was told to remove the innerwear security, to prevent cheating,; her mother told the media.这位女孩的妈妈告诉媒体:“我的女儿走进考试中心几分钟后就返回来把内衣交给了我当她走进去时,由于内衣上有金属扣,大门处的金属探测器发生感应,为了确保没有作弊,她被要求将内衣脱下”;Many others were ced to undergo the same ordeal,; she added.她补充说道:“还有很多人也被迫脱下了内衣”Kannur District Collector M.M. Ali said that he would look into the allegations. ;I have heard about the allegations. We will look into the matter,; he said.坎努尔地区调查员M.M. Ali表示,他会跟进此事他说道:“我已经听闻了这起指控我们会跟进调查的”State Human Rights Commission has condemned the incident and also sought a report from the district authorities. ;We have asked the authorities there to submit a report into the serious allegations,; commission member J. Premeela Devi told the media.国家人权委员会也对此事进行了谴责,并要求当地政府提交一份报告委员会成员J.Premeela Devi在接受媒体采访时表示:“我们已经要求那里的政府提交一份报告来对这起严重的事件进行说明” 5697。
  • Beijing Palace Museum has stirred discord among the social media masses with its new marketing campaign featuring whimsical portraits of Chinese emperors and other historical figures striking modern-day poses.北京故宫物院新的营销活动引起了社会媒体的广泛舆论它把中国古代帝王和其它历史人物的画像设计出了当今新潮的姿势,打破传统的严肃观念,创造了古灵精怪的人物形态特色The once stoic emperors and poets now flash ;V; signs, sport sunglasses or cutely cradle their smiling faces as part of the Sina Weibo campaign kicked off in November aiming to push the museum latest line of souvenirs on its Taobao store.曾经一本正经,不苟言笑的皇帝、诗人们,现在却摆着闪亮的“V”字剪刀手,戴着时髦的太阳镜,或者用手托起可爱的笑脸----这是都是月在新浪微上启动的故宫营销活动的一部分,旨在推销“故宫淘宝店”最新的纪念品系列Chinanews.com reports that the museum, widely known as the bidden City, has taken in more than 700 million yuan ( million) during the first half of with their new product line, boasting more than 7,000 different souvenir items such as custom jewelry priced up to 68 yuan.中国新闻网报道称,故宫物院,也就是众所周知的紫禁城,随着它的最新系列产品里7000多种纪念品的推出,比如高达68元一件的定制珠宝饰品,仅年上半年就收入了7亿多人民币(约1.亿美金)Despite its commercial success, the series was met with mixed reviews on social media. Some argued that spoofing historical figures is inappropriate, calling the pictures ;toxic.;尽管它在商业上获得了成功,社会媒体对它的评价却褒贬不一有些人指责戏弄历史人物是不适宜的,称这些图片是“有毒的”However, many applauded the designs. ;These pictures are so adorable. Im using them as my phone wallpaper,; wrote a Net user.然而,它们还是获得了许多人的赞许某网友表示,“这些图片太可爱了,我把它们设为了我的手机壁纸”Looking to cash in on the bidden City success, other museums across China are following suit. The Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, example, sells smartphone cases and mouse pads bearing the likeness of its namesake Tang Dynasty poet (618-9).看到故宫物院这种营销模式取得了成功,国内一些其它的物馆也纷纷效仿比如,位于四川成都的杜甫草堂,销售着与唐朝著名诗人杜甫(618年-9年)同名的智能手机套和鼠标垫 9。
  • He might be almost 1 in cat years, but the world oldest moggy has proved its never too late to get to grips with social media.它是全世界最高寿的猫,以猫的年龄换算他已经1岁了,然而它却明了一件事:想要掌握社交网络,永远都不晚At 6 years old, pet cat Corduroy, who lives in Oregon, has racked up thousands of followers after his owners set up his very own Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat s.这只6岁的宠物猫名叫“灯芯绒”,住在美国俄勒冈州,其主人为它在Instagram图片网站,脸书网和Snapchat聊天网站上注册了个人账号,自此之后,它已经积攒了数以千计的粉丝Fans log on daily to @oldestlivingcat to keep up-to-date with the elderly animal, who holds the Guinness World Records title the oldest living cat and is still in remarkable good health.粉丝们每天都查看 @oldestlivingcat这个账号的更新信息,追踪这只高寿猫咪的最新动态,它已经被载入世界最长寿猫的世界纪录,并且仍保持着非常好的健康状态Corduroy lives with entrepreneur Mrs Reed Okura and her 37-year-old husband Aaron Masusru Okura, who owns a ranch restaurant.“灯芯绒”与企业家Reed Okura太太,及她37岁的丈夫Aaron Masusru Okura住在一起,两人共同拥有一座牧场餐厅 Mrs Reed Okura said she believes the secret to her pet longevity is the time he spends outdoors.Reed Okura称自己相信,这只猫长寿的秘诀是它长期呆在户外He was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting. Corduroy still catches critters but is not as good as he once was, thankfully.“过去它通过捕猎小动物来实施自卫,同时也锻炼筋骨,灵活头脑,不过它现在狩猎的本领已经没有过去好了,真是谢天谢地”He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life many more years.“它是我们的好伴侣我希望能让他过上幸福而健康的生活,很久很久” 6。
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