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China is seeing a rush of divorces after new property curbs were announced over the weekend, as couples sought to dodge forking out more money to sell or buy homes.上周末中国宣布将出台新的房地产市场调控措施之后,为了避免在买房或卖房时多花钱,中国办理离婚的人数出现激增。At the Changning district marriage registration center in Shanghai, staff saw an increase in the number of people applying for divorces, according to a staffer interviewed by China Real Time. #39;There#39;s definitely an increase, but not a massive one. Usually there could be about 20 cases we handle a day, and after the new rules, it was about 30,#39; said its director, who would only give her surname Yu.《华尔街日报》“中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目在上海长宁区婚姻登记处采访的一名工作人员说,到该机构申请离婚的人数出现增长。登记处主管仅透露自己姓于(音),她说,申请数量肯定增多了,但规模不算特别大。通常我们一天处理20对夫妻的离婚申请,但是国家宣布了新的规定后,一天大约30对。#39;We end usually at 11:30 a.m., but today, it was extended to 12:30 p.m.,#39; she added.她补充说,我们通常中午11点半就能办完,但是今天延长到了12点半。Local media reported that marriage registrars in Shanghai and Nanjing saw record numbers of divorce applications after the new property curbs were announced.中国的媒体报道说,上海和南京的婚姻登记员发现,宣布新的房地产限制措施后,两地离婚申请数量都创下新高。At 5 p.m. Monday, Nanjing city recorded 294 divorce cases, double the usual number, said the Guangzhou-based Xin Kuai Bao newspaper.广州的《新快报》报道,周一下午五点,南京市共有294对夫妻办理离婚手续,比往常的人数多了一倍。The number of people applying for documents stating that they are single also rose in the last few days, Ms. Yu said. #39;Typically there are around 100 applications a day, we#39;re seeing close to 200 now,#39; she added.于女士说,过去几天,申请单身明的人数同样出现增长。她补充说,通常每天大约有100人申请,现在能有将近200人。China#39;s State Council, or cabinet, said late Friday it would strictly enforce a 20% tax on profits from the sale of the seller#39;s second or subsequent home. Currently, most sales are taxed at only 1% to 3% of the home#39;s value. China will also raise down payments and mortgage rates on second-home sales in cities where prices had risen too fast.中国国务院上周五晚间称,对出售自有住房应征收个人所得税,应依法严格按转让所得的20%计征。目前大多数销售自有住房的人仅需要缴纳1%到3%的税。在房价增长过快的一些城市,中国还将提高销售二套房的首付比例和按揭贷款利率。While details are still hard to come by, sellers appear to believe divorce is one potential way to dodge the tax. A couple with two homes, hoping to sell one, could get a divorce so that each apartment belongs to an individual, treating both as first homes. The sale of one of the homes will then be tax exempt.尽管目前还难以了解政策的细节,想要出售房屋的人们似乎相信,离婚可能是一种避税的方法。拥有两套房产的夫妻如果想要销售其中的一套,他们可以办理离婚,这样每人仅拥有一套房子,两套房产都是第一套住房。出售这样的房产将可以免税。The government hasn#39;t released additional information, and date of implementation remains unclear. In some cities, the announcement also triggered a rush among property owners to sell ahead of the policy#39;s implementation.政府还没有发布更多信息,新政实施的日期也还不清楚。在一些城市,房屋所有人同样急于在政策实施之前卖房。Long queues of owners, many of them with their property deeds in their hands, were in evidence at a government housing office in Shanghai when China Real Time paid a visit on Tuesday. Many were trying to register their home sales before the tax increase went into effect.周二,“中国实时报”栏目在上海的一个政府房地产交易登记中心看到,房屋所有人排起长队,许多人手中拿着房产。许多人试图在增税措施生效之前将已经卖掉的房产过户。Some observers have noted that the divorce rate could rise further when the tax is in force.一些观察人士指出,增税措施生效后,离婚率可能会进一步升高。Fake divorces aren#39;t new in China. In 2010, when cities rolled out restrictions limiting families to only one additional home purchase, many couples sought fake a divorce to bypass the rules.这并不是中国第一次出现假离婚的现象。2010年,一些城市推出了一户只能购买两套房产的措施后,许多夫妻为了避开规定也采取假离婚的办法。#39;The reason that they give is that they#39;ve lost mutual affection for each other, but we don#39;t know what the actual reason is,#39; Ms. Yu said.于女士说,他们给出的理由是两人之间没感情了,但是我们不知道真正的理由是什么。The Shanghai Daily reported that in the past two days, a pregnant woman had also sought a divorce at a registration center in Yangpu district in Shanghai. #39;She told me she came here to avoid possible loss in the property transaction, and I could say nothing,#39; the paper said, citing an official at the center.《上海日报》报道说,前两天,一名怀的妇女也来到上海杨浦区婚姻登记处办理离婚手续。报纸援引登记中心的一位工作人员的话说,这名妇告诉我她来办离婚是为了避免在房产交易中受到损失,我不知道说什么才好。 /201303/230685One of the less great things about being president -- all those old photos that surface publicly.即使贵为总统,也有些事情防不胜防,比如,昔日老照片会被公开就是其中之一。President Barack Obama, who has had to deal with public comments from past girlfriends, now has to endure pictures from his high school prom night in 1979, back when the future president was 17 years old.据美国媒体5月23日报道,美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马在应付完前女友的公开后,现在又不得不忍受其1979年高中舞会照片被曝光,那时他17岁。Time magazine also published a high school yearbook salutation to classmate Kelli Allman, the girlfriend of a pal: ;You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don#39;t know why Greg would want to spend any time with me at all! You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes!;美国《时代周刊》23日刊登了奥巴马昔日同学凯利#8226;奥尔曼提供的老照片,展现了17岁的奥巴马的风采。;Tucked away in someone else#39;s shoe box of adolescent artifacts, there might be a picture of you in garish clothes and with an outdated #39;do, your arm around a high school squeeze.奥尔曼还介绍说:“巴里(奥巴马高中时代的昵称)在夏威夷普纳候(音译)学校读书时,经常和朋友们一起打篮球和闲逛。篮球队队员格雷格#8226;奥玛是奥巴马形影不离的伙伴,他们就像兄弟一样。”;The President of the ed States is no different. These previously unpublished photos, obtained exclusively by TIME from Obama#39;s schoolmate Kelli Allman (née McCormack), show a 17-year-old Barack Obama on the night of his senior prom. ;Barry spent in his days at the Punahou School in Hawaii studying, shooting hoops and goofing off with his friends. Greg Orme, a fellow varsity basketball player, was Obama#39;s constant companion. #39;They were like brothers,#39; says Allman.舞会那晚,奥巴马身穿白色外套,舞伴是附近夏威夷女子中学的梅根#8226;休斯。在舞会和晚宴前,他们和奥玛齐聚奥尔曼家,畅饮香槟酒。;On prom night, the pair double-dated. Obama and his date Megan Hughes, a student at the Hawaii School for Girls at La Pietra, joined Orme at Allman#39;s house, where the two couples sipped champagne before going to the dance and then an after-party. #39;It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling,#39; says Allman. #39;It was pretty typical from there out as far as what happens at prom: the dinner and the dancing and the photos.#39;“那真是一个有趣而美好的夜晚,我们都很开心,每个人都面带笑容。晚宴、跳舞、还有拍照,那个晚上发生的一切都让人难以忘怀。”奥尔曼说。;Millions of American teenagers will go to proms this year. Their photos are more likely to be stored on Facebook than in a shoe box. But it#39;s fun to imagine that in one of those pictures, there#39;s a girl in a pastel dress or a lanky guy in a white sport coat who will end up becoming the leader of the free world.;《时代周刊》还刊登了奥巴马给奥尔曼的留言:“你是如此温柔迷人,我真不知道为什么格雷格会愿意花时间和我呆在一起!你理应找到比我们这些小丑们更好的朋友!听了我的笑话,你竟然开怀大笑!” /201305/241726虽然告别圈已有三载,但王菲在各类媒体和组织上的曝光率和关注度就好像她从来没有离开过。全球最大的保护动物的组织---善待动物组织一个月以前发起了一场票选最性感素食艺人的评选,王菲最终战胜多位亚洲素食美人,当选亚洲最性感素食艺人。Chinese singer and actress Faye Wong was Wednesday named Asia's sexiest vegetarian(素食者) woman in a poll run by animal rights group PETA.Wong, often called the "heavenly queen" or the "diva of Asia," beat last year's winner Maggie Q, star of "Mission: Impossible III," in the vote organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).Beijing-born Wong starred in "Chungking Express," directed by internationally acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. She has also graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachan won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man in the month-long poll.PETA has a history of using celebrities to attract public attention to its campaigns, notably persuading supermodels including Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to pose naked for posters bearing the slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." /200806/42590

On paper, Japan is a pacifist nation. It ranks 6th on the Global Peace Index, a list tabulated by peace activists at Vision of Humanity. Japan#39;s constitution makes illegal a traditional standing army. But a recently published defense white paper shows the extent to which the country has one of the most well-equipped ;invisible; armies in the world.从名义上说,日本是和个平主义国家。根据人道视野组织(Vision of Humanity)编制的全球和平指数(Global Peace Index),日本在世界最和平国家中排名第6。根据日本宪法规定,拥有传统意义上的常备军是不合法的。但最新发布的国防白皮书显示,日本已经到了拥有世界上装备最精良的“隐形”军队之一的程度。Japan#39;s armed forces are euphemistically dubbed the ;Self Defense Force; (SDF) -- officially it#39;s an extension of the police.日本的武装部队被委婉地称为“自卫队”(简称SDF),从官方来说它是警察的延伸。But with the world#39;s 6th best-equipped troops and a nearly billion defense budget last year, the SDF is not composed of your average beat cops. ;Japan enjoyed an isolationist status until now,; says Narushige Michishita, a past adviser to Tokyo on defense and now director of the security and international program at Tokyo#39;s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. ;It was very convenient; we didn#39;t have to get involved in conflicts. But now the U.S. wants Japan to be more proactive,; he says.但日本自卫队的装备精良程度在世界排名第六,还在去年获得了近600亿美元国防预算,绝不是由一般的防卫警察组成。“至今,日本仍享受着孤立主义者的身份,”日本前防卫顾问、现任政策研究大学院大学(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)安全和国际项目主任的道下德成说。“这非常便利,我们不需要卷进任何冲突。但现在美国想让日本扮演更加主动的角色。”Japan#39;s ruling party, the LDP, acknowledge this. ;They know we have to be commensurate with our stature as an economic superpower,; he adds. ;The U.S. is asking us to be more proactive in, not rearming, but making use of those arms.;日本的执政党自民党(LDP)承认了这一点。“他们知道我们必须和日本经济强国的身份相匹配,”他补充说。“美国要求我们能更主动,不是去重建军队,而是把现有部队用起来。”Now that the LDP#39;s conservatives are returned to power, including their hawkish prime minister Shinzo Abe, they are demanding a change in the pacifist constitution which would chime in nicely with the U.S.#39;s desires in the region. Not that Japan is truly pacifist, or ever has been -- not with one of the best-trained forces in the word says Michishita. ;We are not passive in that sense. We supported all the U.S. wars, contributing billion to the Gulf war. Japan isn#39;t remilitarizing -- we are aly there.;由于自民党的保守派重掌政权,其中包括鹰派首相安倍晋三,他们要求修改和平宪法,刚好迎合了美国在这个区域的意图。日本拥有世界上训练最有素的军队之一,并不是、也从来不是真正的和平主义者。道下德成说:“我们在这方面并不被动。我们持了美国所有的战争,为海湾战争贡献了300亿美元。日本并不是在重新军事化,我们早就军事化了。”What the U.S. and the new rulers in Tokyo want is a Japan willing to fight as part of a pivot away from Europe toward Asia, by which they mean China.美国和日本的新统治者们想要的是一个愿意作战的日本,配合美国军事轴心从欧洲向亚洲的转移,而它们在亚洲的目标直指中国。Prime minister Abe will have little trouble with such a containment policy, promising a ;stronger; Japan in the face of ;harassment; from China over a territorial dispute near Chinese waters. He also wants Japan#39;s military to be able to fight alongside its allies. Something the current constitution, written by the US after WWII, prohibits.考虑到靠近中国海域的中日领土争端,首相安倍会欣然接受这样的围堵政策,因为这意味着在中国的“骚扰”面前承诺一个“更强大”的日本。他还希望日本军队能够和它的同盟国一起作战,而美国在二战后制定的现行日本宪法禁止这一点。The U.S.#39;s posture rebalancing, or ;pivot; toward the Asia-Pacific region, was flagged up by President Obama#39;s extraordinarily lengthy tete-a-tete with the Chinese premiere recently. Behind the smiles are deep anxieties over China#39;s rising economic and military strength that challenge U.S. power in the Pacific. Obama had also personally urged Xi Jinping to ;de-escalate, not escalate; tensions over territorial disputes with Japan.近期美国总统奥巴马和中国新一届领导人进行了时间格外长的首次促膝交谈,彰显了美国战略重心向亚太地区转移的背景。微笑的背后,是对中国的经济和军事力量的崛起威胁到美国在太平洋地位的深深焦虑。奥巴马也亲自敦促习近平“缩小、而不是扩大”和日本的领土争端。Aly Australia and Vietnam have voiced an interest in purchasing some of Japan#39;s more advanced military technology. The country#39;s submarines are especially admired, says Wallace, and will be particularly appropriate for the types of contingencies we are likely to see in the Western Pacific. Small skirmishes, not nuclear war. ;Japan#39;s most recent diesel-electric E submarine, the Soryu, is considered one of the best non-nuclear submarine systems around,; he says.作为美国的同盟国,日本的现役军队规模比英国还大。一旦习近平拒绝顺从奥巴马,日本也会比英国更有准备地投入作战,这一点让美国很满意。“日本真的极其关键,既充当着美国的战略前哨,又是它的客户,而且还是美国利益的战略行动国,”奥克兰大学(University of Auckland)亚太国际关系讲师和日本军事技术专家科里#8226;华莱士说。Japan has a taste for pricey defense hardware which shows in its high-spec armaments. Typical are the Japanese first-class destroyers, with the latest advanced technology developed combat system (ATECS) that spent 20 years in domestic development. Add to this the knowledge that Japan could be nuclear capable given six months (something a few believe it has secretly achieved aly) should its rulers wish it. Japan could quickly become one of the top military powers in the world. All it would take for the planet#39;s third-richest nation is to stick its collective head above the parapet and cease being, well, invisible.一个适当再武装的日本可能也会帮助它跳出目前的经济大坑。去年日本松动了自行规定的武器出口禁令。这项和平外交政策的终止为它的国防承包商开辟了新的市场,给三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)和石川岛播磨重工(Ishikawajima-Harima)这些苦苦挣扎中的军用技术巨头公司带来了大好消息。据说,几十年来它们都不得不依赖在费用上做手脚或收过高的费用来维持。出口会成为这些公司新的生命线。The U.S. is content to have Japan, with an active military larger than the U.K.#39;s, prepared more ily to fight in its corner should Xi not heed the President. ;Japan is truly essential, as both a strategic outpost for the U.S. military and customer for the U.S., as well as a strategic actor in its own right,; says Corey Wallace, lecturer at the University of Auckland on Asia-Pacific international relations and a Japanese military technology expert.澳大利亚和越南已经表示有兴趣从日本购买一些更先进的军事技术。华莱士说,日本的潜水艇尤其受到青睐,而且将特别适合在西太平洋可能发生的那类意外事件中使用——应对一些小规模战斗,而不是核战争。他说:“外界认为日本最新的柴电潜艇苍龙号(Soryu)是目前最好的非核潜艇之一。”A properly remilitarized Japan might also help the nation out of its current economic hole. Japan last year eased its self-imposed ban on arms exports. This end of pacifist foreign policy opens up new markets for its defense contractors -- good news for struggling military tech sector giants such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ishikawajima-Harima. For decades they had allegedly relied on billpadding and overcharging. Exports could be a new lifeline.日本喜欢昂贵的国防硬件,这一点在它的高科技军备中也有体现。最典型的是日本顶尖的驱逐舰,搭载国内研发了20年的最先进技术作战系统(ATECS)。此外,一旦日本领导人需要,它能在6个月内能拥有核武器(有些人相信日本已经秘密地做到了这一点)。日本能够迅速成为世界顶级军事力量,只要这个世界第三大经济体把头从土垛里探出来,不再隐身。 /201308/252848

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