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读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第50节兵势篇 NO.5:故善动敌者,形之,敌必从之;予之,敌必取之。以利动之,以卒待之。这句啥意思:善于调动敌军的人,向敌军展示一种或真或假的军情,敌军必然据此判断而跟从;给予敌军一点实际利益作为诱饵,敌军必然趋利而来,从而听我调动。一方面用这些办法调动敌军,一方面要严阵以待。英文这么说:Thus one who is skillful at keeping the enemy on the move maintains deceitful appearances, according to which the enemy will act. He sacrifices something,that the enemy may snatch at it.By holding out baits, he keeps him on the march;then with a body of picked men he lies in wait for him. 《古语智慧》 这是从战争心理上去讨论战术,“形”可以通过观察而得知,使得敌人通过“形”指导我方战术安排,然后做相应的应战准备。然而军情不可外泄,因此孙武提出一个观点“斗乱不乱”,即向敌人展示慌乱的阵势,一方面使敌人不得知我方战术安排,一方面可以将自己的实力隐藏起来,以造成轻敌的心理,然后伺机出兵。以灵活的作战方式应对敌人各种军情侦查,突破常规执行战术,以求敌方大意之时,重拳出击,一举击溃对方。因此将领要善于利用心理因素干扰敌人的行动。政治上,要善于利用“形”诱导对方,以假象迷惑对手,以调动对手,让对手按照自己的战术或意志行事。若是竞争状态,目的在于麻醉对方,使得政敌的警惕心降低,从而出手打击,挫败对手;若是单纯的利益关系,可以迷惑引导对手,以求在无形之中给与自己帮助。 Article/201307/248697Nearly thirty thousand voters took part in this election.

写作练习:美国人写的经典作文(6) -- :8: 来源: 英语四级写作长度范文非常重要,下面是小编为大家整理的大学英语四级写作练习:美国人写的经典作文,希望大家认真学习   6.Send Healing To Yourself  Most people, when given an opporty to aid someone in need, are eager to do whatever they can to be of service. Those of us who have chosen to make healing the world a vocation are grateful any occasion to send light and love to people in our immediate spheres of influence and beyond. As we apply our passion and our principles to this altruistic endeavor, we often get to send ourselves the same bountiful gifts of wellness, though we ourselves may be in dire need of it. We overlook ourselves, not because we get, but because we fear that focusing on the self is an indicator of selfishness. It is moreover much more difficult to heal oneself than to heal others because the seeds of uncertainty are more easily banished when we act on another's behalf. When we send healing light to ourselves, it is important that our intentions and our self-trust be stronger than ever to counteract doubt. As we bless ourselves in this way, we serve as both an active channel and a passive destination. This should not change the way we interact with the valuable energy we wish to receive, however. Though we may be tempted to consciously direct or influence the manner in which light impacts our lives because we know ourselves most intimately, we should not try to control its path. When we draw the white light of protection and purity to our bodies, taking it into ourselves with each inhalation, our belief in the fact that it will naturally move toward areas of dysfunction will ensure that it flows through every muscle and organ. And when we fill our spaces with this light, our environments are cleared of all the negative energy that can sap our strength and our spirit. Surrounded inside and out with healing light, we feel safe and protected, healthy, relaxed, and content just as those who regularly receive such loving gifts from us do. If you sincerely believe that there is a part of yourself that exists independently of upset and illness, the love and light you send yourself will help you connect with it. You will see the affirmative impact of this connection almost immediately when you include yourself in the recipients of your healing gifts, as life's frustrations become more tolerable and your bliss becomes ever more palpable.

考研英语 考研英语:阅读常见词汇() -- ::5 来源: 1、quality [’kw?liti] n. 品质,特质,才能;adj. 高品质的 、noticeable [’n?utis?bl] adj. 显而易见的 3、produce [pr?’dju:s] n. 产品,农作物;vt. 生产,提出,引起 、dose [d?us] n. 剂量,一剂,一;vt. 给 ... 5、affect [?’fekt] vt. 影响,作用,感动 6、explanation [.ekspl?’nein] n. 解释,说明 7、response [ri’sp?ns] n. 回答,响应,反应,答复 8、opporty [.?p?’tju:niti] n. 机会,时机 9、chronic [’kr?nik] adj. 长期的,慢性的,惯常的 、dealing [’di:li?] n. 经营方法,行为态度(复数)dealin 、exposed [iks’p?uzd];adj. 暴露的,无掩蔽的,暴露于风雨中的;v. 暴露 、observe [?b’z?:v] v. 观察,遵守,注意到;v. ,庆 、tend [tend] v. 趋向,易于,照料,护理 、capacity [k?’p?siti] n. 能力,容量,容积;adj.资格,职位 、stress [stres] n. 紧张,压力 、trap [tr?p] n. 圈套,陷阱,困境,双轮轻便马车;v. 设 、ownership[’?unip] n. 所有权 18、remote[ri’m?ut] adj. 偏僻的,遥远的,远程的,(感情等)距离很大 19、immune[i’mju:n] adj. 免除的,免疫的 、environment[in’vai?r?nm?nt] n. 环境,外界读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第69节写作的必用语法点是什么 --30 :: 来源: 为帮助各位考生迎战年,新东方网频道在此与大家分享新东方名师针对各位考生问题的解答本内容来自留学百问微信答疑,更多内容请参见微信答疑汇总  问:老师,写作中必须使用什么语法点是亮点呢?必用写作语法点是什么?  答:重要的是多样性一般来讲,最常见的是定状同位语从句,分词定语,分词状语,插入语  问:老师我在独立写作的时候 两个分论点可以很快想出来 但是论过程和编例子的时候就很慢 但是写的快了句间逻辑又不连贯 这种情况怎么解决?总感觉想的时候和写出来不太一样  答:写作论过程重要的是why和how即为什么这样好,以及具体怎么做例子最好提前准备,然后还是要多看多练思路,就会编了 语法

考研英语 年考研英语阅读终极通关之词汇题 -- :8:58 来源: 考研英语阅读理解中,年年必考的题型还包括一个:词汇题即通过指出原文中的一个单词或短语(往往用下划线标明),要求准确理解其意思,意在考察考生在不认识单词的情况下对上下文的理解能力对于这一题型,冲刺通关阶段必须要妥妥滴攻克  一、词汇题常见考查方式  词汇题常见考查对象有四种:对大纲内常见词汇的生僻含义的考察;对超纲词汇的考察;对代词所指代内容的考察;句子理解题(往往涉及对句中某一关键词或关键短语的理解)题干命题模式主要有:  The phrase (word, sentence) “...” (in line...) most probably means...  By “...”, the writer (probably ) means...  What does the author probably mean by “...” in... paragraph?  The phrase (word, sentence) suggests...  From the passage, we can infer that the word “...”is...  According to passage, what is “...” ?  When the author says that..., he means...  二、词汇题破解关键:上下文  词汇题的存在意义不是让你凭空去猜,而是让你理解文章,,破解关键就隐藏在上下文中大多情况下,要求解释的词汇或短语附近会出现一些提示词,通常会以同义词或者反义词的形式出现,只要在上下文中仔细寻找,不难找到此外,还可以根据句间关系来判断句间关系共有五大类:因果、比较、否定、转折,并列,有时句中的一个单词不认识,通过句间关系能够推断出作者想借它表达的意思  三、链接  Curbs on business-method claims would be a dramatic about-face, because it was the federal circuit itself that introduced such patents with is 1998 decision in the so-called state Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of pooling mutual-fund assets. That ruling produced an explosion in business-method patent filings, initially by emerging internet companies trying to stake out exclusive pinhts to specific types of online transactions. Later, move established companies raced to add such patents to their files, if only as a defensive move against rivals that might beat them to the punch. In , IBM noted in a court filing that it had been issued more than 300 business-method patents despite the fact that it questioned the legal basis granting them. Similarly, some Wall Street investment films armed themselves with patents financial products, even as they took positions in court cases opposing the practice. (年)  The word “about-face” (Line 1) most probably means:  [A] loss of good will  [B] increase of hostility  [C] change of attitude  [D] enhancement of dignity  :about-face 之前是curb“控制”,而之后是approving“赞同”,很明显两者是对立关系,选项A“好的意愿的消失”,选项B“敌意的增加”,选项D“尊严的提升”,表达的都是同一性,而不是相对性,只有选项C“态度的变化”,既然是变化就体现出来相对性,选项C为正确  词汇考察是表象,关键还是要读懂上下文掌握了这点,即便再难猜的单词也可以轻松图索骥,找出其隐藏在上下文的意思祝你阅读、词汇双通关,考试成功!年9月日口语小范围预测(8套题) -- :1: 来源: 年9月日的需要重点复习哪些题目?58英语网为大家带来年9月日口语小范围预测,包括8套口语题目,祝大家取得满意的成绩  预测一:  Task1:  How to deal with homesickness?  Task:  Some people like collecting old things such as newspaper.  Task:  【名词解释】exposure behavior,是说鼓励儿童反复做他们害怕的事,然后建立自信,最  终克恐惧【教授举例】听力中教授用它自己儿子Tommy 的例子,说他们家搬到LA,Tommy  原来不敢和新小朋友玩,只敢趴窗上看,后来教授借买冰淇凌之机鼓励他向小朋友们问好,  回来又问一次(两次间儿子表现已有所不同),回来后儿子甚至主动要求出去和他们一起骑  车,最终,Tommy 和其他小朋友过上了幸福的日子  Task5:  男生在spring break要去西班牙玩,准备拍照,但是数码相机丢了,女生让他买,但是他  说没有enough money,他自己说他朋友可以借给他,但是他不想用,女生说:对,万一 broken  或者stolen就不好了  Task5:  吃饭的问题男生暑假留在学校,因为要帮 professor 干活,于是在外面租了一间房子but he doesn't have access to the kitchen.有个 friend住在附近,他可以去他那儿做饭女生建议他可以去学校的cafeteria,有meal plan,不是很贵,一天三顿男生觉得有点远  预测二:  task 1 : your friend is going to work in an office bee going to the university? disagreeagree  task, is it more enjoyable to participate in an activity or watch others play?  你愿意参与sports,还是看别人play  task3 letters: no sports on dining hall lawn 1, 女生认为 dining hall lawn is in the central place; everyone is busy and want to walk through the lawn; 所以即使在草坪上不踢球,不运动也不会make lawn look nicer; , 女生认为everyone wants to play sports during the minutes between classes or play sports after lunch but bee afternoon’s class; if people need to walk a long way to other places, It takes a lot of time;  task阅读是natural passage way: a solution to connect the lands to compensate the damage caused by human activity; 听力: 给了一个one place in Canada, people built up a highway and divided the est into two parts; thus, bears have less food. The food seems to decease half. Scientists propose to build a bridge connecting the two small ests and put the soil, trees on the bridge. Then the bridge looks like a natural passage way, and bears can come across to another part and find food to survive.  task5: finish a paper tonight but he is invited to a concert; he plans to finish the paper tonight but he get the invitation  First solution is to finish the paper after the concert, but he almost has to stay all night. The professor will not accept paper after deadline.  Second solution is to tell his friend he will not go to the concert, but his friend will be disappointed and even angry. His friend has paid his ticket and almost all fees the concert.  task 6:  Professor talks about two ways to fill in the memory gap  First is to use assumption or guesses to fill in the gap: e.g. people witness a car accident will say that they see the drive talking on the cellphone or not turning on the signal light, but these details are not accurate  Second is to use the suggested inmation to fill in the gap. When people are asked how fast the car is. They almost say it is speedy and faster than the real speed.  预测三:  Task 1  人生最艰难的是哪段时间?儿时,青年还是成年  Task   是不是该要求富人出钱帮助别人  Task 3  学校要建个休息室给不住学校的学生用,可以放书,有locker,放一些bus schedule男生不同意一:住学校的同学也需要,因为宿舍很远图书馆已经有locker,不需要再建二:没必要专门为放bus schedule建休息室,网上电话都可以查  Task   priming:人们早先的经历会影响他们对事物的interpret  例子:如果一个男生,上车并且打开notebook 然后写东西:  一个女人早上遇到大学同学,就回想起大学生活所以她认为这个男生是学生并且在work classes 或work due paper  一个女人刚刚读完诗歌,所以她认为男生是诗人  Task 5  问题:audition 和 concert同晚  1 go to the first part of the concert and go to the audition  :花了很多钱买门票,但是会准时到达   go to ad. at another day  :另外的ad只选小部分演员  Task 6  蛋孵出之前的交流:  (1)宝宝之间的交流:(鸭子)保每个蛋同时孵化,所以每个宝宝不会被妈妈left over ,生存的几率大  ()baby 与妈妈之间的交流:(鳄鱼)保妈妈把蛋上方的泥土剥掉,使得宝宝容易生存  预测四: Question 1 Describe a subject that you enjoy studying Question Should children be required to help with household chores as soon as they are old enough to do so? Question 3 Readingpart Listening part 学校在考试复习期间举办什么活动,期间取消校内公交车,有人感到不满给校长写信,原因一是噪音影响在宿舍复习的人,原因二是取消校内公交车对要乘车的人很不方便 对话中女生认为这两个理由都没有说力首先要看书的人可以去图书馆看,不一定非要在宿舍,图书馆很安静其次学校很小,去哪里都可以步行,不行横穿学校只要30分钟,况且公交车只取消几个小时而已,no big deal 然后题目是女生的观点理由是什么 Question:Explain the woman’s opinion towards the letter of complaint send by the student to the school and why she is against it Question:用听力的例子来解释aggressive recruiting的策略 Question 5 【学生困难】:一个女生请了一个speaker来组织的business club做报告演讲可是以前住的地方突然不能住了 【解决方案】: 1.住女生家,但觉得自己的家太乱了,没时间收拾,不想给speaker不好的印象 .住酒店,但太贵了,本来club的钱就不多 【问题】:Briefly summarize the problem and the solution given by the woman and which solution do you think is better? Why? Question 6 关于鸟类迁徙的教授讲了为什么有的鸟类能飞那么远 原因一,多吃!举例:比如B鸟,可以储存能量,它迁之前一直吃啊吃,体重增了0%,就有力气飞那么远了原因二,少动!举例:H鸟,懂得怎么节省能量,它减少翅膀扇动还涉及到thermal的原因,此处没太明懂   预测五: Question 1 What type of music do you enjoy most? Explain why you enjoy this type of music. Include reasons and details in you explanation. Question 3 Reading part Listening part 【大学通知】:美国大学要求参加西班牙Spain留学交换项目的美国学生到西班牙以后住校live on campus 好处1、住宿费便宜cheap 好处、可以和native Spanish speaker住在一起,有利于学习西班牙语learn language(Spanish)和西班牙文化 【学生议论】:女生反对此计划 理由1、其实学生在校园周边也能找到便宜的房子她举了她sister home stay的例子她已经找到一个本地家庭local family,房租相当便宜 理由、和美国学生住在一起,大家都说英语,没法学习improve西班牙语言和文化,所以要搬出去住 Question:Explain the woman’s opinion towards the school announcement and why she holds that opinion. Question Reading part Listening part 【课文要点】:心理学的一个概念subject expectation effect大意是:人的想法容易被事先知道的内容左右 【教授举例】:教授举了一个例子:找一组人officers,告诉他们要做更多的工作,让他们更卖力但实际上工作量不变,结果那些人都以为自己做了更多的工作 药物的心理效果教授举例说公司有职员感到工作压力大,然后给他们一种药,跟他们说是可以提高精力的维生素,实际上就是一般的药片,但结果显示这些workers工作更energetic,更有效率了 Question:用听力的例子来解释对阅读概念的理解 Question 5 【学生困难】:女生要在校报发表一篇paper,但文章写得too long to publish 【解决方案】:男编辑给她两个方案: 方案1:cut off the paper, and make it shorter就能立即发表了但女生觉得每个部分都很重要,不愿意cut,要弄短就只能Summarize了 方案:到暑期版summerissue上再发表女生不太愿意,因为暑假大家都放假了,教授和朋友们都不太可能看到 【问题】:Briefly summarize the problem and two possible solutions. Then state which solution you recommend and explain why.   预测六: Question 1 What kind of gift do you like to send to whom and why? Question Is it easier to be a teacher than to be a student? Question 3 Reading part Listening part 阅读有个学生建议1把剧院Assistant作为有薪的,对他们培训 听力同意,并且给了例子,说一个朋友就是有个REAL WORK 无法集中精力去做A,还有就是如果培训的话可以使剧院变好 Question:Explain the their opinion and why she holds that opinion. Question Reading part Listening part BEHAIVORAL EXPOSURE,是说一个人如果小时候有阴影,就需要用一个积极的行为帮他消除这种阴影 听力中,教授举了自己孩子的例子,说他们搬了新家,小孩想跟别的小孩玩,但是不敢去他就让孩子带了个冰激凌出去散步,路过外面小孩的时候就让他孩子say hi ,回来的时候再跟那些小孩讨论自行车的事情结果过了些日子这些孩子都跟他成了好朋友 Question:用听力的例子来解释对这种方法的理解 Question 6 蝙蝠倒吊的原因:(1)方便随时起飞抓虫虫,因为它们无法像鸟类一样take-off ()躲避predators,因为倒着易被惊醒,且挂着predator也够不着 (3)消费者物价指数(CPI)不断上涨,不得已以脑溢血骗保   预测七:  Task:  Should the government spend money on projects which can encourage its citizens to lead a  healthier lifestyle?  Task3:  A student proposal suggests the university creating a lunge commuter students.学生可以  放书,有locker,放一些 bus scheduleBoy 说没必要,因为不只是 commuter students,大  部分学生的dorm也很远,他们也随身带着所有要用的东西  而且 commuters 学生不用去 lunge 看 bus schedule 什么的,他们可以用电脑上网到 station website获取schedule  Task:  Reading:Anticipated emotion Listening:professor自己的例子一次给他 sister过生日,要买礼物但是到了商场一逛,看上了一件jacket,如果买了这件jacket就没有那么多钱给  sister 买礼物了,所以就买了一个 smaller and cheaper 的礼物送给sister后来回想了一下,  feel guilt,最后把jacket退了,给sister 买了个better present  Task6:  讲eggs communication bee hatched对他们survival的重要性,一是宝宝之间的交流:保每个蛋同时孵化,所以每个鸭子宝宝不会被妈妈 left over ,不被left behind,二是 baby  与妈妈之间的交流,让他们的妈妈能够发现他们,举了鳄鱼的例子,鳄鱼的卵被heavy mugs  cover着,要被他们的妈妈发现才能存活下去  预测八:  口一:你认为养宠物是有益的事吗?  口二:是在进大学之前有个很好的职业规划好, 还是在进入大学以后,经过一段时间的学习再决定自己的职业规划  口三:学校要在建酒店,一方面在宿舍旁边方便亲戚朋友来访,一方面价格便宜,0美元每晚对话里面女生认为是这是个很好的方案一方面现有的酒店离学校太远,举自己母亲为例,上次母亲来访,来回酒店开车要花很长时间同时,如果没有车的话,坐公车太麻烦了另一方面价格确实很合理,现在的酒店很贵举自己的舍友的朋友为例,上次本来要来,可是酒店90美元一晚,太贵,就没来  口四:Creeping Normalcy(专有名词)是说,事情的发展有两种,一种一下都发展,突然性的,一种渐渐的发展,就叫creeping normalcy. 往往人们更愿意接受这种渐渐发展的模式教授举例子,自己曾经在大学打工,给历史教师做助理工作任务帮他检索书籍,往返于图书馆帮忙取书送书第一周的时候,个小时完成任务可是之后事情开始变化,每周的书单越来越长,每个星期要多出一个小时工作到期末的时候要工作-个小时但是教授本人那个时候还是接受了但是如果一开始就说是-个小时,当时是不会接受的  口五:学生困难:一个男生要带一群孩子去museum,然而那天他答应了他的朋友去图书馆帮他卖书,时间重了解决方案:有两个解决办法:1、早上带孩子们去museum,下午帮朋友去买书,但是museum下午有个什么活动来着,没听清楚,这样孩子们去看不了了、让朋友再找个人代替他去帮忙卖书 问你选择哪个solution   口六:教授讲昆虫在水下呼吸的方法一种是有一个特殊的通道,这个通道或者管道一端连着昆虫的身体,另一端连着空气water scropin是个例子,靠这种通道来链接空气,进行水下呼吸另一种是利用身体的某个部分把空气带到水下beetle是个例子,它有很强壮的翅膀,要下水之前,翅膀聚集了空气,进水以后,空气变成了气泡,以此来呼吸 口语人名(地名)+主料

  1. 她来得正是时候图表型万能模板 -- 1::3 来源: 六级英语写作所占分值较大,对广大考生提出的要求也相对较高从考查要求来看,写作部分不但考查了考生对词汇、语法、搭配和句型的运用能力,还要求考生 从审题、列提纲、句子创作到组段成篇都具有很高的掌控能力对于写作基础不太好的考生,背诵模板可以助你快速提分  图表型作文模板  The past years have witnessed a mounting number of Chinese scholars returning from overseas. As is lively illustrated by the column chart, the number of returnees climbed from a mere 69.3 thousand in to over 7.9 thousand in , at an annual increase rate of around 50%.  A multitude of factors may have led to the tendency revealed by the chart, but the following are the critical ones from my perspective. First and emost, along with the development of Chinese economy and society, the number of Chinese studying abroad has been soaring in the past years, which has provided an expanding base the number of returnees. In the second place, the government has enacted a series of preferential policies to attract overseas Chinese scholars back home. Last but not least, the booming economy, science and technology in this country have generated more attative job opportes scholars returning from overseas.  The waves of returnees will definitely contribute to this nation’s development, since they have brought back not only advanced science and technology but also pioneering concepts of education and management. With more scholars coming back from overseas, and with the concerted efts of the whole nation, we have reasons to expect a faster rejuvenation of this country.译题一:Why Men Have a Harder Time Making Friends

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