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南海区妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱暨南大学附属顺德医院男科Step 1 Decide whereDecide beforehand where you want to take her, if youre lucky enough to get the date. To a fancy restaurant? A movie? Something more original? If possible, choose something that appeals to her interests.选好地点如果你够幸运能约她出来,那么提前想好要带她去哪。去一家有意思的餐馆用餐?去看一部电影?或者你有更有趣创新的想法。如果可能的话,选她喜欢的事情做。Step 2 Look your bestLook your best. You dont have to be Brad Pitt to get a date, but it will help if youre well groomed.Tip: Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Now is not the time to experiment with a whole new look that may make you feel self-conscious or awkward. 打扮精神点儿打扮好点儿。你不用打扮成布拉德皮特去约会,但打扮得精神点儿绝对没坏处。小贴士:选择舒适的衣。和女孩约会可不是实验新装的时候,穿新衣也许会让你看起来自私,笨拙。Step 3 Pick your momentPick your moment. Asking a girl for a date when shes rushed or with other people may torpedo your chances. Wait until its just you two and youre not likely to be interrupted.选择好的时机选择好的时机邀请女孩。在她赶时间或是和朋友在一起的时候邀请,成功几率将大大降低。等一等,等只有你们两个人,不会被打扰的时候。Step 4 Be yourselfBe yourself. A sincere geek comes across far better than a guy doing a poor imitation of James Bond.Tip: If you wear cologne, go easy on it: You want to date her, not knock her out. 做最真实的自己做你自己。一个真诚的怪胎远比一个表演拙劣的007要好得多。小贴士:如果你要用古龙香水,记得要喷得淡淡的,你是要和女孩约会,而不是熏晕她。Step 5 Compliment herWhen its time to make your move, begin by paying her a compliment. Shell feel good about herself and look kindly on you. But be sincere—no one likes to be patronized.Tip: A funny comment can lighten the mood—just make sure its not at her expense! Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh.学会赞美如果你要行动,一定先赞美她。这样她会自我感觉很好,也会对你感觉很好。但是记得要真诚些,没有人喜欢“名不副实”的赞美。Step 6 Ask her outTake the plunge and ask her out. Nervous? Remind yourself that she can only say ;yes; or ;no.;邀请她全情投入地邀请她。别紧张,她只会回答你是或否。Step 7 If she says noIf she says no, dont take it personally. Youre not attracted to everyone either, right? Plus, her rejection may have nothing to do with you. 如果她拒绝了如果她拒绝你了,别灰心。你对别人还是会很有吸引力的,对吗?另外,她的拒绝对你也不会造成什么影响。Step 8 If she says yesIf she says yes, set a date and time immediately. Now go home and get y for your date. And whatever you do, dont be late!Fact: The average single person will go on at least 100 dates in his or her lifetime.如果她答应了如果她同意了,抓紧确定时间地点。马上回家为约会做好准备。不管你做什么,千万别迟到!平均每个人一生中在单身的时候会约会100次。201208/193288顺德医院正规吗 TEXT:History has earned some inspiring look at how self-determination and innovation made America.Now,a special introduction from the President of ed State.Good evening.Over two hundred years ago,the world waited and watched to see if an unlikely experiment called America would succeed.It has,Not because the success was certain,or because it was easy,but because generations of Americans delicated their lives and the sacred honor to a cause greater than themselves. This has been especially true in moments of trial.when a ragtag group of patriots overthrew an empire to secure the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.when an lllinois rail splitter proved for all time that a government of,by and for the people would endure.when marchers brave beatings on the Alabama bridge in the name of equality,freedom and justice for all.Moments like these remind us that our American stories have never been inevitable.those made possible by ordinary people who kept moral compass pointed straight and true.when the way seemed treacherous,when the climb seemed step,when the future seemed uncertain.people who were recognized as the fundamental part of our American characters.We can remake ourselves,and our nation to fit our larger dreams. Tonight,thorough the series,I hope youd be inspired by these extraordinary men and women and think about how this generation write the next chapter in our great American story.Thank you and enjoy the show.美国全称美利坚合众国(英语:ed States of America),原为英国殖民地,后因种种因素逐渐兴起而成为一个强大的国家。本节目本着学习英语,了解美国历史的目的向大家讲述美国的历史。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景简史:两百多年来,美国历史一直是民主制度的试验。早年被提出的问题如今持续被提出并且获得解决;强大政府对抗弱小政府、个人权利对抗群体权利、自由资本主义对抗受到管理的商业与劳工以及参与世界对抗孤立主义。美国对于民主制度有很高的期待,而现实有时不如人意。然而国家经过适应与妥协,已见成长与繁荣。(精美国史下期继续...)译文:回顾美国独立革新的历程让我们看到了历史鼓舞人心的一面。现在有请美利坚合众国总统做特别介绍。晚上好。两百多年前,全世界拭目以待,美国独立-这个看似不可能的尝试能否成功。美国终于独立了,不是因为必然,也并非轻而易举,而是因为几代美国人为了一个无比崇高的理想奉献出了自己宝贵的生命与无上的荣耀。在历史发生巨大变革时,这点尤为突出。当一群身处底层的爱国者为了争取生存,自由与追求幸福的权利而推翻帝国统治时。当一位伊利诺伊州的扳道工向我们明无论何时一个“民有,民治,民享”的政府才能长久。当游行队伍以人人平等,自由公正的名义用有力的步伐震撼亚拉巴马大桥时。这些历史时刻在提醒我们,美国的传奇从来不说必然。它们都是由平凡的人们创造出来,它们的道德罗盘始终指向正直与真实。纵然前途未卜,纵然山高路险,纵然凶吉难定。他们被誉为美利坚精神大厦的基石。我们能改善自己,改善我们的国家以实现更大的梦想。今晚,通过这部纪录片,我希望你能受到这群卓越的男人和女人的启发。并且思考一下我们这一代人将会如何书写伟大美国传奇的新篇章。谢谢,祝你观赏愉快。(精下期继续...)在《舌尖上的中国》这部纪录片赢得了界的广泛赞誉后,许多中国餐馆看到他们商业繁荣的前景。而食客们也不远万里前来品尝节目中的菜式。After the documentary ;A Bite of China; won critical praise, many Chinese restaurants saw their business boom. Diners have come from far distances, to try the food mentioned in the programme.This street gathers the most typical foods and snacks in East China’s Fuzhou City. Though it’s not the weekend, many stores and restaurants are still packed with food lovers from all over China. Trying the local delicacies themselves is not enough, many want to share the good taste with their relatives and friends.A tourist from Shanghai says, ;I want to bring some typical Fuzhou snacks to my friends.;A saleswomen says, ;The sales volume is 30 percent higher now.;This store sells pigs feet, which is quite popular in Fujian Province. These days, more customers are coming here thanks to ;A Bite of China.;Zheng Zexian, an operation manager says, ;Our store used to sell two or three hundred pigs feet each day, but now, the number has climbed to four or five hundred.;Some customers came to the store right after they watched the programme.;I’ve seen pigs feet in the programme, and I heard other dishes are good as well, so I come here today.;;A Bite of China; has opened a window allowing TV audiences at home and abroad to learn about Chinese food and its culture. For China’s countless delicious dishes, and its vast population of food-lovers.It proves that one bite is never enough.201206/185628佛山高明区龟头炎症

顺德中医院是公立医院么一年里最热的季节马上将至,而这似乎也是全球时尚设计师推出他们的夏季盛装的最完美时间。The hottest season of the year is fast approaching, and it seems to be the perfect time for fashion designers all over the globe to launch their summer collections.The keyword for Dries Van Notens new menswear spring-summer collection is camouflage. Prints are featured on shorts, pants, shirts and jackets. Theres no middle ground: silhouettes are either unstructured and loose or tight and tailored.One ensemble has it all: a see-through fencing shirt in blue and white branded with a horizontal strip of camouflage. To add to the symphony of confusion, this sheer shirt is paired up with thick check plaid trousers.Dries Van Noten, designer, said, ;Looking at mens prints I really asked myself what can I do which stays very masculine, really wearable for the guys. So I ended up with camouflage, a cliché, something very traditional but there are hundreds of different camouflages, so I looked at all of them and I selected the most graphic ones and by making quite elegant clothes, not like military stuff that youre used to seeing in it, it became something very graphic, something very abstract.;Kenzo holds a similar key philosophy: Clothes should be wearable. For spring-summer 2013, Kenzo designers travelled to the South Asian jungle, returning with one of the strongest and subtly vivid menswear collections of the season.Humberto Leon, designer, said, ;The brand ;Jungle; is something that Kenzo introduced in 1970 and it was a really important part of the brands history and so for us we wanted to really look at what to play around with jungle and so we decided to go and visit and really play around with it and its our interpretation of what we saw in the jungle that we’re reinterpreting into the brand.;The true strength of the show lies in its grounded and subtle working of tonal color, a trick that few designers manage to grasp. And the rare result is comfortable harmony. The intense, hazy patterns perfectly capture the rainforests dappled light, while referencing busy Asian fabric patterning. On their sophomore outing in menswear, Kenzos design duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim pass with flying colors!201207/189055大良医院网上预约咨询 Since your dishwasher is doing all your dirty work, it needs to be cleaned. Soap buildup can leave streaks on your glassware and old food will stick to the inner workings of your dishwasher. Its a good idea to clean your dishwasher every month. Follow these easy steps to find out how to clean your dishwasher with vinegar – natures biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner. Please note: it is advised to consult with your manufacturer before attempting this procedure to ensure that it is safe to proceed for your appliance.洗碗机需要清洁。肥皂泡有可能在玻璃器皿上留下印记,而食物残渣也可能黏在洗碗机上。每个月清洗一次洗碗机不失为是一个好主意。遵循这些简单的步骤,来找出怎样用醋—大自然的生物降解和无毒清洁剂—来清洁你的洗碗机。注意:请在尝试过程中先咨询你的制造商,以确保其安全。Step 1: You will need1.材料#8226;A dishwasher洗碗机#8226;1 cup white distilled vinegar一杯蒸馏白醋#8226;Measuring cup测量杯Step 2: Cup-Of-Vinegar 22.醋Pour one cup of vinegar into a measuring cup and pour it into the bottom of your dishwasher. Using white distilled vinegar is safe, highly effective and very inexpensive.往洗碗机中倒入一杯醋,使用蒸馏白醋是出于安全高效的考虑,而且也很便宜。Step 3: More Heat, Baby3.加热Set your dishwasher heat on the highest heat level possible and run a full cycle. Any temperature above 140 degrees and above will disinfect everything and leave your dishwasher sparkling clean.设置到最高温度,然后运转一个周期。140度或者以上能保消灭一切细菌,而且使洗碗机变得锃光瓦亮。Step 4: Done.4.完成。Thanks for watching How To Clean Your Dishwasher With Vinegar谢谢收看本期“清理洗碗机”节目。201208/195517顺德新世纪医院公立的么

顺德人民医院男科专家挂号How to Take Great Winter Pictures on HowcastStep 1: Put on layersPut on several layers of warm clothing before heading out to photograph Old Man Winter. Make sure you have warm, waterproof boots, gloves, a hat, and a coat — you can’t take pictures with frostbite.多穿些衣在出去拍冬景前腰多穿些暖和的衣。确保你有暖和且防水的靴子,手套,帽子和大衣——如果挨冻,你是拍不出好照片的。Tip:Wear thick mittens over thin gloves, so when you’re y to shoot your pictures, you can pull the mittens off to get a better hold on the camera.小贴士:在手套外面戴厚的连指手套,这样当你准备拍摄时,你可以摘下连指手套来握紧相机。Step 2: Get equipmentUse a camera that can withstand cold temperatures. Keep your camera in a camera bag until you’re y to shoot and carry extra batteries in the camera bag.准备好拍摄设备找一个能经受低温的相机。要将相机一直放在相机包中,直到你准备好拍摄,将备用电池放到相机包中时再取出相机。Step 3: Use the magic hourUse the time just before sunrise and just after sunset, also known as the “magic hour,” to your advantage. These beautifully lit times of day are longer in the winter, giving you more time to capture winter’s beauty.第三步:利用好的时间利用日出前或刚刚日落的时间,也被称作“神奇的时刻”,要利用好这段时间。冬季白天美丽的时间较长,你有充分的时间来捕捉冬季的美丽。Step 4: Find colorFind splashes of color in the often gray winter landscape. This will help brighten your photos and draw the viewer’s eye to them.第四步:找到合适的色在总是灰色的冬季景色中要寻找飞溅的色。这会令照片增,吸引观者的眼球。Step 5: Adjust exposureAdjust your camera’s exposure to help it capture the bright whiteness of the snow. If you are using a standard digital camera, look for a sand and snow setting.第五步:调整曝光调整相机的曝光来捕捉雪的亮白。如果你用标准的数码相机,使用“沙地和雪地”设置。Step 6: Find winter scenesFind interesting subjects, like people engaging in winter activities, ice, and surviving plant life to make your photos the most wintry, wonderful frozen moments.第六步:寻找冬景寻找有趣的景物,比如人们进行冬季活动。拍摄时,冰和存活下来的植物能记载冬天最漂亮的冰冻时刻。201012/121010 Be very careful with how you behave and act when you want to get out of the friend zone and when you are getting serious with a girl.当你跟某个女孩正式交往的时候,如果想走出所谓的“朋友区”,你就要在平时的举动上特别小心。Today, Im going to talk about how to get out of the friend zone. If youre in the friend zone, it means that youre a great companion, youre someone a girl likes to hang out with but youre not coming across the sexually attractive. So, this is about how you can subtly come across as sexually attractive.今天我们来讨论一下怎样才能摆脱“朋友区”的命运。如果是一个恋人未满的身份,那么起码说明你还有一定的重要性,要么是一个很好的朋友,或者是一个很好的帮手。女孩们可能会愿意跟你一块儿出去玩,但不会轻易越过那道“最后的防线”。所以这期节目是关于如何成功“越线”的教程。The number one aphrodisiac for girls is confidence. If youre confident in who you are, confident in the way that you look, confident in what you do, youre going to come across as very attractive. Now, this isnt confidence point of arrogance, this is confidence where you believe in yourself but you dont have to boast too much about it.对于女性来说,最有效的归化剂是自信。如果你能对你自己的身份和面相、对你所从事的事业都是自信满满,那么你将会成为一个非常迷人的男人。不过自信不是自大,相信自己并不是到处招摇的自大。Now, if you want to show that actually you are a bit different and youre not just a friend, do something to get yourself noticed and so that that girl sees you. So, it could be that you run a marathon, you win a competition, you do some voluntary work, you do something that really gets you noticed. In terms of being desirable, it can be something which makes you look different so you might lose weight or you could change your looks slightly going from a smart to a more casual look or you could have a completely different wardrobe.如果你想被人认为并非普通人等,不想仅仅当一个可有可无的朋友,你需要做些引人注目的事情,这样你心仪的女孩才可能注意到你的存在。你可以参加马拉松,赢得一场比赛,或者参加一些志愿者工作,这些事情可以让你显得不平凡。如果你想有效地摆脱掉友达以上的标签,你可以做些大的改变,比如减肥、洗心革面,或者对自己的行头做一番迥异的改变。The second thing about being desirable is that should be desirable to the opposite sex. So, to do this, you really want to show that as one of your friend, you have people of the opposite sex around you. So, it could be that you have girls around you that are also friends.其次有效的方法是使自己变得招异性喜欢。你要让你心仪的女孩明白,即使她是你的女神,你还是有其他的异性朋友的,并且很受她们待见。而且,你身边的这些异性,同样可以成为自己的第二情人When you want to step up, should be getting out of the friend zone, you need to do some physical things. So, one thing that can be really good to get out of the friend zone is to go on a non-date. Now, a non-date is different from a date because its not the same as the traditional things you do like going for dinner.当你想走的更进一步时,你需要做些实事,坚持非正式约会是个不错的选择。非正式约会严格意义上讲并不算是约会,因为在这样的约会里传统的约会要做的事情,如共进晚餐,都不会发生。Its something which doesnt feel so pressured. So, you might invite your friend out for coffee or you might do an activity together like going shopping or going to an exhibition. Now, once youve done this, you want to make it more obvious that you want to get out of the friend zone.通常都是一些相对轻松的事情。你可以邀请对方出去喝一杯咖啡,或者一起出去购物,或者一起去参加展览。通过这些途径,你与对方更进一步发展的冤枉将表达的更加清楚无疑。So, make sure youre flirting. Now, the number one reason why guys do stay in the friend zone is because girls are getting messages. So, flirt, make it actually conscious that youre flirting so compliment her.确保自己的状态。男孩子们停留在“友达以上,恋人未满”的状态,最主要的原因就是:除了过度的一本正经,女孩子们接收不到其他的信息。所以,大胆的谈情说爱吧,去表露自己的心意,去赞美她的魅力。Maybe say how nice her dress is but then maybe take that flirting a bit further as you build more trust. Make it sound a bit more sexual, a bit more risky. So, it could be something like, “I like the way that dress hugs your figure”.也可以用衣很有品这样的话获得她更多的信任,然后在此基础上更进一步:“这衣在你身上提别合身。”Something which girls really want to see is that they want to see that mans side of you so you dont just come across as a friend. So, this could be taking control of situations, ordering when you go to a restaurant, doing all the chivalrous things like opening doors, opening the car door, making sure that her coats on when you leave the restaurant. When youve done all of this and youve actually got some confidence, youve got some feedback, the girls flirting back, shes noticing you, shes admiring your achievements, then its the time to make your move.女生大多喜欢看到男性身上男人的一面,所以在作为备胎的时候也不能仅仅以一个朋友的身份行事。在任何情况下都要hold住场面,去饭店时候为她点菜,做所有体现骑士风度的事情,无论是刚到达的时候开车、开门还是离开时替她披上外套,所有这些都会收到丰硕的回报:对自己的满意,对方的青眼有加,对你的仰慕加暧昧。所有这些之后,就可以采取下一步的动作了。Now, when I say make your move, I mean going for that kiss. Now, when you do your first kiss on the lips, you dont want to go over the top and be overly passionate but do a subtle kiss and it might be that you want to do the kiss with some words like, “I just want to kiss you” or “Could I kiss you?” So, this is how to get out of the friend zone. .现在该再进一步了,也就是到了我所说的定情一吻的时候了。第一次接吻的时候,不想毁了这个机会就不要过分用力,当然也不要热情过头,只要轻轻的一个吻,再加上几个字就更好了,比如说“我只想吻你一下”或者“我可以吻你吗?”这样,你就不再是一个可有可无、无关紧要的人了。Thanks for watching How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone欢迎收看本期“走出朋友区”,祝广大朋友能走出一片新天地。201207/191291佛山最好的男性健康医院佛山市顺德区人民医院治疗阳痿哪家医院最好



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