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Im thinking of an animal. Its small, and furry.我正在想一种动物。它很小,而且毛茸茸的。It can be pretty cute. And it flies around at night.它非常可爱,在夜间飞行。Can you guess what animal it is?你猜到是什么动物了吗?Thats right! Im thinking about bats!没错,我想的就是蝙蝠。Some people think bats are scary.一些人认为蝙蝠很可怕。Maybe because they only come out at night.可能是因为它们只在夜间出来。Or maybe because sometimes they live in dark places.或者是因为有时它们生活在黑暗的地方。Or maybe its because some species of bats, called vampire bats, survive by drinking blood.或者是因为有一些叫吸血蝙蝠,它们靠喝血生存。But you probably wont ever run into a vampire bat.但是你可能从未遇到过吸血蝙蝠。Only three species of bat are blood drinkers.只有三种蝙蝠是吸血的。The rest of them, over 1,200 species, eat fruit, nectar, bugs, other small animals.其他的1200多种蝙蝠吃水果、花蜜、小虫子和其他小动物。If you ask us, bats are totally awesome!我们的意思是,蝙蝠总的来说还是极好的!Here are just three of our favorite things about them!对于蝙蝠,有三件事是我们最喜欢的。To start, some bats can hear their way in the dark!首先,一些蝙蝠能够在黑暗中辨路!Thats because they dont rely on their eyes, like we do.因为它们不像我们一样依靠眼睛,Instead, bats use sound to find their way around.而是通过声音来辨别周围的情况。Have you ever yelled into a big empty room, or a canyon, and heard your own voice shout back at you?你曾经对着一个空的大房间或者峡谷叫喊,并且听到自己的声音回响吗?Thats called an echo.那叫做回声。The sound of your voice moves across the room, to the walls, and then bounces back to your ears.你的声音穿过房间,到达墙上,然后反射到你的耳朵里。And as a bat flies through the night, it does something really similar.这和蝙蝠在夜间飞行非常相似。It makes a sound, and then carefully listens for the echo.它制造出声响,然后仔细辨别回声。And the way the echo comes back can tell the bat a lot about whats around it.回声返回的方式告诉它很多周围的情况。This special skill is called echolocation.这个特别的技能叫做回声定位。If the echo comes back quickly, that means there must be something pretty close to it,如果回声返回的快,意味着东西距离它非常近。because the sound only traveled a short way before bouncing back.因为在回声反射前,声音只经过了非常短的距离。But if the echo takes a long time for the sound to bounce back,但是如果这个声音反射的回声经过了很长时间才返回,then the bat knows that the object is further away.那么蝙蝠就会知道物体的距离比较远。Bats can tell not only how far away something is, but also how big it is, and how fast its moving,蝙蝠不仅能辨别物体的距离,也能辨别它的大小和速度。all from using echolocation!所有这些都通过回声定位来判断。And since bats are constantly using echolocation to figure out the world around them,蝙蝠经常通过回声定位来判断它们周围的世界,youll often see them flying around with their mouths open, to keep making sounds to bounce back.你也会经常看到它们张着嘴巴飞行,来保持声音的反射。Another thing we like about bats? They really like to hang out!我们喜欢蝙蝠做的另一件事是什么?它们非常喜欢倒挂!Bats hang upside down in quiet, dark, hidden places like the roof of a cave or the underside of a bridge.蝙蝠们在安静、黑暗、隐蔽的地方如山洞的顶部或者桥的下面倒挂。But how? When I hang upside down from the monkey bars,但它们是怎么做到的呢?我倒挂在单杠上,after a while I start to feel like my heads going to explode!不久就开始感觉我的头要爆炸了一样。Bats can hang for a long time, because their bodies are built for life upside down!蝙蝠能倒挂很长时间,是因为它们的身体生来就是能倒挂的!The little pathways in their bodies that blood moves through, called arteries,其血液流经身体的小通路,叫做动脉,have special valves in them that only let blood through one way.动脉有一个特殊的瓣膜能使血液单向流动。As the bats heart beats, the blood has to keep moving through its body in just one direction.随着蝙蝠心脏的跳动,血液不得不在身体里单向流动。That keeps the blood from getting stuck in the bats head when its hanging upside down.因此,当蝙蝠倒挂时,血液不会阻塞在头部。Thats a pretty neat trick.这是相当灵巧的技能。But you know another thing thats easy to like about bats?但是你知道另外一个蝙蝠吸引人的故事吗?They make really great moms.它们绝对是伟大的母亲。Bats usually have one baby, called a pup, in a year.一年里,蝙蝠通常只生一个宝宝,At the beginning of a pups life, it clings to its mothers belly all the time,宝宝刚生下来时,它会一直贴着母亲的腹部,While the mom wraps her wings around it.母亲会用翅膀裹着它。Maybe we should stop calling good snuggles ;bear hugs; and start calling them ;bat hugs;!或许我们应该停止称呼这种依偎叫做“熊抱”,而叫做“蝙蝠抱”!And thousands of moms and their pups can live together in a huge group, called a nursery.成千上万的妈妈和它们的宝宝们共同生活在一个叫温床的大团体里面。Even when its cold outside, the nursery stays warm, because of all those bats hanging close together.外面寒冷时,所有的蝙蝠都紧密的悬挂在一起,所以温床是暖的。Plus, when mom needs to go out to find food,另外,当妈妈需要外出觅食时,she can just drop her baby off at the nursery with the other moms and pups.它可以将它的孩子留在温床里,和其他的妈妈宝宝们待在一起。When she comes back, you might think itd be hard to find her baby again.当它回来时,你可能会认为它很难找到它的宝宝了。I mean, there are thousands of pups that look just like hers!我意思是,成千上万的宝宝看起来都像它的宝宝。But bats and their pups can recognize each other by their smells and their voices.但是蝙蝠母亲和它们的宝宝可以通过彼此的气味和声音来辨识出对方。So when a pup calls out, the mom can fly right to it所以当宝宝叫喊时,母亲能准确的飞向它。It would be like trying to find your family in the middle of a crowded amusement park,这就像是你在一个拥挤的公园里找你的家人,except all of the other kids at the park are calling out for their parents, too!除非公园里所有其他的孩子们也叫喊着寻找他们的父母,否则你很容易找到家人!So what do you think? Arent bats scary-cool?所以你怎么看?蝙蝠可怕冷酷吗?They have super sensing abilities, they can hang out upside down, and theyre marvelous moms.它们拥有超级感知能力,能倒挂,又是非凡的母亲。Do you have a question about animals, or anything else, that youd like to learn more about?你想知道更多的动物们或者其他东西吗?Get help from a parent, and leave a comment below or email us at kids@thescishow.com,请求父母的帮助,在下面区留言或者发邮件到Kids@thescishow.com,and well see you next time!让我们下期再见!201706/515707原味人文风情:Body Language Dos and Donts肢体语言注意事项Hi, Im Faye de Muyshondt of Socialsklz, here to teach you about body language basics. So many people say that your body speaks much more loudly than your words speak, and its probably—it has quite a bit of truth. Its really important that as you speak, you exhibit great body language. The most important aspects of your body language are, number one, your shoulders and where your shoulders are positioned as you speak to other people. So, your shoulders could be like this or they could be like this, and that slight change makes an enormous difference in what your body is saying about you. This little change could make me seem like Im insecure or dont have much confidence, but moving my shoulders up changes the entire dynamic of how Im coming across.嗨,我是 Socialsklz 的 Faye de Muyshondt,在这里教你一些关于肢体语言的基本观念。很多人说你的身体比你的话语表现出更多含意,而这或许--那其实颇有道理的。在说话时表现出良好的肢体语言是非常重要的。肢体语言最重要的面向,第一个是你的肩膀,以及在你对他人说话时肩膀的位置。你的肩膀可能会呈现这样或像这样,而那小小的变化会让身体呈现出的你有很大的不同。这小小的变化可能让我看起来像没有安全感或不太有自信,不过挺起我的肩膀会改变我整个给人的印象。Also, a really important part of your body language is your hands and what youre doing with your hands. Now, some people have a really hard time with what to do with their hands as theyre speaking. If you have a hard time with it, what I suggest is if youre sitting, just putting your hands in your lap, or if youre standing, just making sure that theyre at your sides or folded in front of you. A lot of people have a hard time with playing with things, with playing with bracelets, with playing with hair, fumbling with their pockets. So, be aware as you speak next time of what your hands are doing. Where are your hands? Are they stationary? Or you can ask someone else to make this assessment for you. Have a conversation with them and ask them to keep an eye on where your hands are during the conversation.此外,肢体语言很重要的一部分是你的双手和手的动作。现在,有些人在说话时很难知道手该怎么办才好。如果你有这困扰,我的建议是如果你人坐着,只要把双手放在大腿上就可以了,或你是站着的话,就确认双手在身体两侧或交叠在前。很多人因为这样遇到困难,摆弄东西、玩手环、玩头发、乱摸口袋。所以下次当你说话时,注意你的手在做什么。你的手放在哪里?它们有乖乖不动吗?或者你可以请别人替你作评估。和他们聊天然后请他们注意你的双手在对话期间的位置。Another important element of your body language is the fact that you need to be standing still. So, if youre moving during a conversation, thats gonna give off the impression that youre nervous or that youre uncomfortable during the conversation. So, be sure that youre standing stationary and that youre not moving around as youre talking. And your feet, as youre talking, you dont want to be moving your feet around or lifting up your knee or moving your feet around. You wanna make sure that those are stationary as well. The whole idea is that you dont wanna distract someone while theyre speaking or while youre speaking. Not only is it distracting, but it can make you come across as insecure, less than confident, or even uncomfortable during a conversation. You definitely dont wanna give off that impression.肢体语言的另一个重要部分是你需要立定站好这件事。如果你在交谈时动来动去,那会给人一种你很紧张的感觉,或你在说话时感到不自在。所以,务必确认你在说话时有站好然后没有乱动。而你的脚,在你说话的时候,你不会想要脚乱动或抬膝盖或把脚移来移去。你也要确认双脚是不动的。这整个概念是你不想在别人说话或自己在说话时让人分心。这样不仅分散掉注意力,还会让你在交谈时显得没有安全感、不够有自信,或甚至感到不自在。你肯定不会想给人那样的印象。So, your body language speaks a great deal. You wanna make sure that you have great body language as youre communicating and speaking with other people. Its probably one of the most important elements to making a good first impression.那么,你的肢体语言传达出很多意思。你会想确认自己在和别人交流时有很好的肢体语言。那或许是制造出良好第一印象最重要的元素之一。201706/513263I often talk about the use of reductions in everyday, casual conversation.我经常讲解日常对话中的弱读用法。In this American English pronunciation , were going to take a look at reductions in a more formal setting: important speeches.在这个美式英语发音视频中,我们来看一下在更正式的场合——重要演讲中的弱读。Yesterday, Barack Obama was reelected as the President of the ed States.昨天,巴拉克·奥巴马被再次选为美国总统。Were going to take a look at both his speech, and his opponent, Mitt Romneys speech, delivered at the end of the evening.我们来看一下当天晚上奥巴马和他的对手米特·罗姆尼的演讲。First, the word ;wanna;. Both men used this reduction in their speeches.首先是单词“wanna”。两个人都在演讲中用到了这个弱读。;Wanna; is a reduction of the words ;want to;.;Wanna, wanna.;“Wanna”是词组“want to”的弱读。“Wanna, wanna.”It has the ;UH; as in ;BUTTER; vowel in the stressed syllable, and the schwa in the unstressed syllable.它的重读音节是单词“BUTTER”里的“UH”元音,非重读音节是弱读音。Here are ;wanna; examples from the speeches.下面是演讲中的一些“wanna”范例。;I wanna thank every American who participated in this election.;“我要感谢每个参与这场选举的美国人。”;I wanna thank Paul Ryan for all that he has done for our campaign.;;I also wanna thank Ann.;“我要感谢保罗·莱恩为我们这次运动的付出。”“我还要感谢安。”;I wanna, I wanna.; Listen to these clips again, repeat in the pause.;I wanna, I wanna.; 再听一下这些片段,在录音停顿的时候重复它们。;I wanna thank every American.; (loop three times);I wanna thank Paul Ryan.; (loop three times) ;I also wanna thank Ann.; (loop three times);I wanna thank every American.; (循环三次)......I wanna thank Paul Ryan.; (循环三次)......;I also wanna thank Ann.; (循环三次)The reduction of the word ;to; was also frequently used.单词“to”的弱读也很常用。;To; can either be reduced to ;to;, with the True T, schwa sound, or ;to;, with the Flap T/schwa sound.“To”可以被弱读为“to”,轻音T加弱读音,或者是“to”,闪音T加弱读音。Lets see some examples.让我们来看一些例子。;The best is yet to come.;;By the way, we have to fix that.;“最好的即将到来。”“还有,我们要解决这个问题。”;To the best campaign team.;;Just for a chance to argue.;;To the furniture workers child in North Carolina.;“感谢这个最好的竞选团队。”“只是为了一次争辩的机会。”“还有北卡罗莱纳州家具工人的孩子。”;And his commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation.;“他对于原则的付出将会继续为我们整个国家谋利。”;To, to;, listen to these clips again.“To, to”,再听一下这些片段。;The best is yet to come.; (loop three times);We have to fix that.; (loop three times);To the best campaign team.; (loop three times);The best is yet to come.;(循环三次);We have to fix that.; (循环三次);To the best campaign team.;(循环三次);To argue.; (loop three times);To the furniture workers child.; (loop three times);And his commitment to principle.; (loop three times);To argue.;(循环三次);To the furniture workers child.; (循环三次);And his commitment to principle.; (循环三次)Will continue to contribute.; (loop three times);Will continue to contribute.; (循环三次)Also, both men reduced the word ;have; to simply the schwa sound, ;uh;.此外,两个人都把单词“have”读成了弱读音,“uh”。Mr. Obama said ;may-uh, may-uh; for ;may have;, and Mr. Romney said ;would-uh, would-uh; for ;would have;.奥巴马先生把“may have”读成了“may-uh, may-uh”,罗姆尼先生把“would have”读成了“would-uh, would-uh”。;We may have battled fiercely.;;She would have been a wonderful first lady.;“我们可能竞争得很激烈。”“她本可以成为一名出色的第一夫人。”;May have, may have, would have, would have.;;We may have battled fiercely.; (loop three times);May have, may have, would have, would have.;;We may have battled fiercely.; (循环三次);She would have been a wonderful first lady.; (loop three times);She would have been a wonderful first lady.; (循环三次)There were lots of other reductions in these speeches.这些演讲中还有很多其他的弱读。For example, reducing ;for; to ;fer;.;But for the ed States of America.;比如说把“for”弱读为“fer”。“而是为了美利坚合众国。”;I thank my sons for their tireless work.;Reducing ;can; to ;kun;.“感谢我的儿子们不懈的工作。”把“can”弱读为“kun”。;Thats what politics can be.;;That can compare with what you have done.;“这就是政治。”“这可以与你们的所作所为相比。”And use of contractions.;And youve made me a better President.;还有缩略形式的使用。“你们让我成为了一名更好的总统。”;Because Im concerned about America.;Watch the speeches in full and study them.What reductions do you notice?“因为我关心美国。”观看一下完整的视频,学习这些视频。你注意到了哪些弱读呢?Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516329

In mid-afternoon,the commander of the parliamentary army, the Earl of Essex,下午三点左右 议会军指挥官埃塞克斯伯爵下令began to cannonade the Royalist infantry.炮击保皇党步兵团Balls thudded and hissed in the grass,taking a life here, a limb there.炮弹在草地上炸开弹片横飞 到处是尸体和残肢Then Prince Rupert led his cavalry forward down the hill.随后鲁珀特王子率领骑兵冲下山坡For the men in the parliament lines,议会军前线的士兵watching a distant trot turn into a canter and then a charge,眼看骑兵从远处一路冲锋到近前and seeing their own muskets have no effect on the suddenly terrifyingly hurtling horsemen,the moment of truth had arrived.而他们的火对那些 疾如闪电气势骇人的骑兵毫无作用 关键时刻来临了War slammed into them.Big dark horses, bright, deadly steel.战局急转直下 满眼是高大的战马和夺命的刀光剑影 They panicked and broke,Ruperts horsemen following fleeing troopers all the way to the baggage train.他们惊慌失措不堪一击 鲁珀特的骑兵穷追不舍 一直追到后方的辎重运输车驻地Rupert must have thought this was going to be easy.鲁珀特一定认为胜利会来得轻而易举But by now the parliamentary infantry had crawled forward,但此时议会军步兵正在缓缓前行the two great phalanxes of pikemen heaving and pushing at each other amidst the musket fire until they dropped of exhaustion.双方方阵中的长兵 在林弹雨中向着对方前进 直到有人精疲力竭倒地不起Somewhere amidst the smoke, fire and steel was Sir Edmund Verney.埃德蒙·瓦内爵士就站在硝烟弥漫的战场中The royal standard clenched in his hand made him an obvious target.他紧握在手中的王旗 使他成为了靶子They never even found his corpse.人们最后连他的尸首也无法找到 /201703/498706

Initially there is this enormous let down.开始的时候非常失望He cant quite believe now that he has no connection with Pittsburgh or his mills.他还无法相信自己跟匹兹堡跟工厂都没有关系了That there is no Carnegie Steel anymore and I think its hard for him to get used to that.卡内基钢铁也不复存在了 我估计他很难习惯这点If somebody accepts the ask too quickly, then you think there was more room there.如果有时决定做得太快 往往会觉得应该有更多的余地But I never like to look back.但我从不喜欢回头Im a very forward thinking person and a very positive thinking person, and the transactions that I did, or did not do, I very rarely have any remorse over a situation.我喜欢朝前看 我思想很积极 那些做了或者没做的交易 我都鲜有悔恨的时候I like to move on.过去的就过去了J.P. Morgan calls his new company, U.S. Steel.J·P·根称他的新公司为美国钢铁公司Its instantly the biggest corporation in the world.它瞬间成了世界上最大的公司The first company in history to be worth more than one billion dollars and it will dominate the steel business for almost one hundred years, virtually unchallenged.是历史上第一家价值超过十亿美元的公司 近一百年的时间里 它在钢铁行业的主导地位 都没有受到挑战But the creation of U.S. Steel is only possible in this new era of unchecked monopolies.但美国钢铁公司的创立 也只有在这垄断不受限制的新时代成为可能An era Morgan helped create when he and his rivals put their President in the White House.这一时代也是根及其对手通过扶植总统入住白宫而创造出来的They may have helped to buy the President, but they cant avoid politics forever.虽然他们一时购买了总统宝座 但他们终究不能永远回避政治Their power over the nations biggest industries soon catches the attention of an emerging politician, Theodore Roosevelt.他们在国家最大的一些行业里的权势很快受到一位政治新星的关注 他就是西奥多·罗斯福201607/453028


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