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ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeStarted by Charles Kennedy, a golfer from Florida, later taken over by the ALS association, the challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation. The purpose of the ALS ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness as well as money for the ALS disease, more commonly known as the Lou Gehrigs disease-- A neurological disease that consists of a progressive neurodegeneration which affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. This disease eventually leads to deaths of motor cells in the patients body and leaves the patient totally paralyzed. The ALS ice bucket challenge went viral this summer on social media websites all around the global, billions of people have done this challenge, and billions more are being or about to be challenge. The powerful influences that social medias can bring to our world nowadays in this high-tech era is incredibly significant. If you get challenged by someone to do the ice bucket challenge, dont be scared. Having a bucket of ice water poured down your head is actually not that bad. Ive aly done it, it was refreshing! Just do it for charity. /201412/350529。

Mr. Smith is an American China trader.(误译)史密斯先生是一个美籍华裔商人。(正译)史密斯先生是一个做对华贸易的美国商人。1. 美籍华裔:Chinese AmericanSome of these children are Chinese American, while others hail from Hong Kong.这些孩子有些是美籍华人,有些来自香港。Through these stories, it explores the identity issue of Chinese American women.通过这些故事,它探究了华裔女性的身份问题。If nominated, he would become the second Chinese American in a US administration.一旦当选,他将成为第二个美国政府中第二个华裔。或者:Chinese descendant in America2. 对华贸易 trade to /with ChinaArgentinas trade balance with China swung into a deficit in 2008.阿根廷对华贸易差额在2008年转为逆差。But net importers from China are gainers.但在对华贸易中,即使是净进口国也是受益者。Through the early trade with China, the ed States to earn a great deal of business profits.通过早期对华贸易,美国商人赚取了大量利润。 /201205/180612。

Settle for sb/sth 将就某人/某事大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,有时候由于实在没有更好的选择,我们会将就,勉强去接受一些东西,比方说,嫁不了高富帅,经济适用男将就;上不了一本,二本将就。那么,“将就”用英语怎么说呢?settle for sb/sth。比如说:Virginia was a perfectionist. She was just not prepared to settle for anything mediocre.弗吉尼娅是个完美主义者。她就是无法勉强接受任何平庸的东西。再如:Would you ever settle for someone who you are not in love with but loves you?你会不会勉强选择你不爱但是爱你的人?这期我们学习了将就,勉强接受某人某物的说法——settle for sb/sth。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201409/331470。

Todd: Now, Mike, youre from Canada but you lived in America for a good period of time.托德:迈克,你来自加拿大,但是在美国生活了很长一段时间。Mike: Right!迈克:对!Todd: How would you compare the two counties?托德:那你会怎么比较这两个国家呢?Mike: Well, the most obvious difference is Canada is a lot colder, I think than the ed States in general, thats cause were north of the U.S., but culturally, I think that the US has a lot, many more culturally different areas within the country than Canada does. Canada as a culture, even though its different from east to west, for people in Atlantic Canada are quite different from, lets say, Ontario, or Quebec, different from the West Coast. In the U.S., there are many more of those cultural pockets like New York for example is very different from Florida, which is very different from Louisiana, or Georgia, which is very different from Texas of course and all of those are very different from California and all of those, again, are very different from the North West part of the U.S., Seattle and that area, so the U.S. has many, many more sort of culturally diverse areas, very, unique, and thats one, I think one significant difference between Canada and the U.S. Another difference is, Canada is obviously, one thing that many tourists point to, is a reason for going to Canada, Canada is safer than the U.S. Again, I think partly cause of gun laws and things like that, but just in general, I think the history of Canada sort of is a lot more, is a lot less, I guess, it was a lot less, there was no revolution really in Canada and there was in the U.S. so I mean I think the roots are a little bit less, more subdued, Id say, so that makes a difference culturally. However, I think that because Canada is more safe, its also more boring than the U.S., so the U.S., it’s maybe a little bit riskier but its a lot more fun. Canada is safer but, again, more boring.迈克:嗯,总的来说,显然最主要的不同点就是加拿大比美国冷得多,这是因为加拿大在美国北边。我认为相比于加拿大,美国有更多文化不同的区域。加拿大的文化是一个整体,虽然东部和西部的文化有所不同,来自加拿大大西洋区的人们和来自安大略省或是魁北克省的人们非常不同,和来自西海岸的人们也有很多不同点。而美国有许多文化区域,像纽约同佛罗里达州的文化就非常不同,同路易斯安那州或是乔治亚州的文化也不同,当然得克萨斯州也有不同的文化,而这些地区同加州的文化也大不相同,当然美国北部地区也有独特的文化,比如西雅图,所以美国有许多文化多样性的地区,它们都拥有独特的文化,我想这就是加拿大和美国其中一个重要的不同点。另外一个不同点就是,显然有许多游客前往加拿大旅行的原因是,加拿大比美国安全。我想部分原因是法律,总体来说,我认为加拿大的历史比美国短得多,其实加拿大没有真正意义上的革命,而美国则经历了革命时期,加拿大的血脉要更温和,所以这就造成了文化上的不同。而且,我想这也是加拿大更安全的原因,当然这样也使加拿大比美国枯燥,在美国生活也许风险更大,但是那里有更多的乐趣。加拿大更安全,但是同样也更枯燥。Todd: Thats interesting, I mean, I dont know. I havent been to Canada but I would like to go.托德:这很有意思,我是说我并不知道这些。我从未去过加拿大,不过我很想去看看。Mike: Definitely come up and visit and youll know why you enjoy the States so much.迈克:你一定要来游玩,这样你就知道你为什么这么喜欢美国了。Todd: Im not so sure about that. All right, thanks, Mike.托德:这点我可不能确定。好吧,谢谢你,迈克。Mike: Sure.迈克:不用谢。 /201407/316603。

3月12日,在十一届全国人大五次会议记者会上,央行副行长刘士余表示,各家对居民个人首套自住普通商品住宅的贷款必须予以保。请看新华社的报道:The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, said Monday that commercial banks should put in place a differentiated credit policy to guarantee housing loans to qualified first-home buyers.央行称,各商业应该制定差别化的信贷政策,保首次置业者的房贷需求。文中的first-home buyers就是指;首次置业者;,央行今年将全面落实differentiated credit policy(差别化信贷政策),在信贷实行总量管理的前提下,各家对个人居民first ordinary commercial housing units(首套自住普通商品住宅)的mortgage loans(按揭贷款)必须予以保。对于interest rate(利率)水平,央行鼓励各家financial institutions(金融机构)在央行的benchmark lending rate(基准利率)和首套普通商品住宅prime mortgage rate(贷款优惠利率)的下限之间,根据financial conditions of borrowers(借款人的财务状况)权衡定价。此外,央行还鼓励property market(房地产市场)上的financial innovations(金融创新),如securitization of mortgage loans(抵押贷款券化),引入real estate trust funds(房地产信托资金)等。 /201203/176023。

Popular American Fast Food受欢迎的美国快餐David:Why are KFC and McDonalds so popular here in China?为什么肯德基和麦当劳在中国这么受欢迎?You:I think many people like the ambiance in this kind of restaurants.我觉得是因为人们很喜欢快餐店那种气氛。David:People in the US usually describe fine dining restaurants as having ambiance, but not fast food joints.美国人通常认为只有在上档次的饭店才会有气氛,而在快餐店里是找不到什么气氛的。You:But maybe they are only considered fast food restaurants in foreign countries. In China, many young people feel a modern ambiance when dining in McDonalds, KFC and other western fast food restaurants.在西方国家,肯德基和麦当劳只被认为是快餐而已。而在中国,许多年轻人觉得能在肯德基,麦当劳或是其他的西式快餐馆吃饭是挺现代的事。David:But the food is very different from Chinese food. Do people think it really tastes good?西式快餐和中餐完全不同,人们真的觉得西式快餐好吃吗?You:Some people think it is tasty, but some dont.有些人觉得好吃,另外一些人就不觉得好吃。David:It is a different style of eating also. Most fast food comes packaged for individual consumption. Although you may go with friends to a fast food restaurant, people usually order for themselves and do not share food. Sharing food over dinner is the typical custom in China. Do people mind?快餐的吃法也与中餐不同。多数快餐都是独立包装供个人消费的。你可以同朋友一起去快餐店,但都是各点各的,各吃各的。中国人已经习惯了同吃一桌菜,分开的话他们不介意吗?You:People get used to it. However, to appeal to this Chinese custom, many of these places are also offering family meal packages for groups of people. By the way, Im curious about something. Could you tell me, does the food at KFC in China taste the same as the ones in the US?习惯了。但有些地方为了迎合中国的饮食习惯,也提供一些家庭装的快餐。另外,我想知道中国的肯德基和美国的肯德基味道一样吗?Divid:I would have a guess. It would be the same, since it is the same company. But now as I think about it, I think the KFC tastes better in the U.S.要我说,味道应该是一样的,因为它们隶属于同一家公司。但是现在就我的经验来看,美国的肯德基味道更好。words: ambiance ambience气氛,氛围,环境by the way另外,此外 /201208/197075。

9. How much is the cosmetology?美容要花多少钱?还能这样说:How much money will the cosmetology cost?How much should I pay for the cosmetology?应用:cosmetology 美容业,美容术;cosmetologist 美容专家,美容师10. Men are recognizing the power of a groomed brow to frame the face.男士们开始意识到整洁的眉毛对于提升面部轮廓的重要性。还能这样说:Men are increasingly realizing the importance of a groomed brow to frame the face.Men begin to realize that a groomed brow is important to decorate the face.应用:well-groomed 被小心照顾的;look neat and well groomed 整洁的仪容仪表11. What kind of make-up cosmetics do you use?你用哪种美容产品?还能这样说:What sort of skin-care products do you use?What type of skin-care products do you wear?12. The cucumber juice is of effectiveness of cosmetic skin care and clean-skin.黄瓜汁具有美容、护肤、洁肤的效果。还能这样说:The cucumber juice has a great effect on the cosmetic skin care and cleansing the skin.The effect of cucumber juice is to protect and cleanse the skin.应用:be of no effect 无效的,无用的;have an effect on 对……有效果;with effect 有效地 /201404/290002。

Im shocked.我震惊了。一个简单的shocked就可以表达“震惊,吓到了”这样的意思。。