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At the time there was no oral treatment当时 并没有可以治疗for erectile dysfunction.勃起功能障碍的口药物No-one even really knew what caused the problem, but甚至没有人知道是什么引起了这一问题suddenly Pfizer had a potential treatment on their hands.忽然 辉瑞公司找到了潜在的治疗方案When this data was shared with the experts in the field,当与此领域的专家分享这一数据时the urologists, they were astounded.那些泌尿科医师惊诧不已I remember a meeting in America at我记得是在美国泌尿医学会的一次会议上the Urological Association where the room was packed这一数据被公布于众when this data was released当时房间里挤满了人because no-one had seen anything like this before.因为从来没有人看过这样的结果UK 92480 was renamed Viagra,UK92480被重新命名为伟哥and within weeks of going on sale,进入市场短短几周之内tens of thousands of prescriptions每天都会开出were being written every day.成千上万的伟哥处方You would never have been able to你一定不会预料到predict that this was going to have beneficial effects这种小小的药丸on millions and millions of men throughout the world,会成为全世界广大男性的福音a little bit of science having一个小的科学发现就可以对effect on self-esteem, anxiety, depression levels人们自尊 焦虑和抑郁程度产生影响and ultimately creating enhanced relationships.并最终改善伴侣之间的关系201502/360421

英语非常道 第4期:锐词发布-给力 微笑 神马都是浮云英语这样说(下)201507/385179

You see quite a lot of all of this sort of stuff,and really its from all the fishing vessels that use these very northerly shipping lanes out there.遍地都是有用的东西 都是从航行于 那边极北航道的 渔船带过来的80% Of the worlds whitefish comes from arctic waters.全球八成的银鳕鱼 都产自北极水域Its the superhighway of fishing if you can get out to it.能走出这个渔船密集的航线 就看你的本事了Theres probably enough of all this sort of thing to improvise some sort of raft.这些东西 足够建造一艘简易的救生筏I could make one thats gonna float and can then get out to some of these outer islands,make a signal fire.我应该可以做一个 慢慢漂到那些外海岛屿 然后燃起火堆求救Thats probably your best chance of being spotted from the shipping lanes.那可能是你被航船发现的 最好办法All this has been dumped off the ships out at sea.这些都是船上丢下的的废弃物Its buoyant and tough.And even something as simple as this.浮力不错 还很结实 这些破东西也有用Just this ...lashed on the top of the raft,and then attached to these balls is gonna give us some stability.比如这个 就可以绑在筏子上面 再栓上这些浮球 会更稳定些The sea up in the arctic is freezing.北极地区的海水 冰冷刺骨I do not want to be getting wet if I can avoid it.我要尽量不被打湿I only have an hour before the tide turns,which would pull me back to shore.再有一小时海潮就要转向 潮水会把我冲回海岸Well, Im afloat. But the problem is this end barrel.好了 浮力还行 可问题是 筏尾这个油桶Its got a crack or something in it,cause thats now filled up with water.大概是漏了 现在里面进水了It means this whole raft is leaning at quite a dodgy angle.整个筏子都 倾斜得 很厉害And its also a bit rougher out here,which isnt kind of helping me.另外 这里的浪也有点大 这下就困难了201601/423647

First thing, youd see dust and wind.一开始你会看到扬尘和大风and youd feel rumbling.周围隆隆巨响An enormous flood quickly followed.紧接而来的就是湍急的洪水Lake Missoula s water had begun a fast and furious journey across the American continent.密苏拉湖水滚滚而来 以及快的速度肆虐过美国的陆地It would be moving very fast.速度一定非常快Were driving at just about the same speed as the water.我们现在的车速和洪水速度差不多It would have torn through the landscape洪水肆虐过陆地with the energy equivalent of 60 Amazon Rivers.那能量相当于六十条亚马逊河的能量It would have ripped up everything in its path.洪水将冲走面前的一切You can imagine water a hundred metres above your head,你可以想象下高你百米的洪水all dark, filled with sediment and all kinds of debris, large rocks,天昏地暗,带着沉淀物,各种碎片,大石块trees, woolly mammoths, anything.树木,猛犸象般的巨物,等等I think it would be absolutely terrifying.那绝对太可怕了The water cut into the land up to 650 feet deep,洪水冲过陆地,冲刷出二百米深的大沟excavating billions of tons of solid rock.挖出了几十亿吨的岩石It would probably be described as a kind of giant monster.说是巨大的怪兽也毫不过分201510/404664

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Not everyone in Germany is offering the arriving refugees a warm welcome.不是每一个德国人都热烈欢迎到来的难民。In Dortmund far-right extremists staged a protest at the city’s central station.在多特蒙德,右翼极端分子在中心站发动抗议活动。Police kept those who came to greet the train and the neo-Nazis apart.警察把迎接火车的人和新纳粹分子分开。Still three officers and a bystander suffered injuries.但仍有三名警员和一名旁观者受了伤。Four people have been taken into custody.四人被拘留。German security forces are currently combating far right networks that are carrying out coordinated arson attacks on refugee hostels.目前德国安全部队正在对向难民旅社纵火的极右派网络进行打击。In recent months the fire bombing of shelters and individual acts of violence against refugees are on the rise.近几个月来,对避难所纵火及个人暴力反对难民的行为正在上升。In one week in late August five arson attacks on refugee hostels were reported in Germany.8月底的最后一个星期,德国难民营里发生五起纵火案。After far-right groups clashed with police outside an asylum centre in Heidenau near Dresden last month Chancellor Angela Merkel said the full force of the law would be deployed against those who insulted or attacked refugees. 上月在德累斯顿附近的海德瑙庇护中心外,极右翼分子与警方发生冲突,之后总理安吉拉·默克尔表示将采取法律手段对付那些侮辱或袭击难民的人。译文属。 /201509/397381

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